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Published by Charybdis Press 405 E 82nd Street New York, NY 10028 © 2012 Charybdis Press All rights reserved Printed and bound in the USA 15 14 13 12 4 3 2 1 First Edition No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner without written permission from the publisher, except in the context of reviews. Image Copyright © 2012 Jason Blasso Text Copyright © 2012 Jason Blasso Layout & Design: Jason Blasso Photographs: Susan Alzner ISBN 978-0-9860027-0-0 Cover: Detail of “In the Beginning” For more information regarding paintings: Please visit or e-mail For more information regarding publication: Please visit or e-mail Jason Blasso would like to thank his mother and father for their love and support, Kristen Youngman for her guidance, Jacky Yoon for the first purchase, the Twohig Brothers for their encouragement, Susan Alzner for the photographs and Professor William Campbell and Dr. William Provine for showing the way.

Conflicting Cosmologies  

Paintings & Essays by Jason Blasso

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