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PreUpper students and teachers visit Glacier National Park.

PreUpper Students Visit Big Sky


his fall, nine PreUpper students accompanied by MSA teachers, Karen Kaiser and Bryan Sellers, participated in an eight-day experiential learning trip to Big Sky. With 2016 being the centennial of the US National Parks, it was a perfect opportunity to visit 3 national parks—Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, and Grand Tetons National Park. The trip provided students with a plethora of opportunities to learn firsthand about the natural environment as well as gain valuable life skills. A few of the trip’s amazing highlights included learning about the four geothermal features while visiting Yellowstone, viewing some of the world’s best fresh water fossils at Fossil Butte Monument, and rafting down the Snake River while visiting Grand Tetons National Park. PreUpper student, Ethan Bell Channing Allen at Mound Spring in Yellowstone.

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Alumni News The group participate in a discussion on conservation efforts and the impact of the US National Parks system lead by Grand Classroom guide, Jake Slade, overlooking the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. Continued from page 1 was awestruck by the beauty saying, “The Grand Tetons almost don’t look real. So many things had to go right for these mountains to form so beautifully. It took millions of years of erosion and everyone should know how special they are to us and to nature.” On their way back to the airport to catch a departing flight back home, the group took a slight detour and visited the Winter Olympic Village from 2002. The facility showed the history of the 2002 Olympic Games and allowed students to get a glimpse of athletes training to compete in sports such as bobsledding and ski jumps for the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Early College Acceptances MICHAEL ANTONUCCI | Savannah College of Art and Design ANDREW BALOG | Kennesaw State University CONNOR BOLLINGER | Oglethorpe University RICHARD BROOKS | College of Coastal Georgia JACK BUCK | Lynn University RAY COBB | Valdosta State University SCOTT COLLINS | Reinhardt University CORINNE DAVENPORT | North Greenville University, Young Harris College RACHEL FISHER | Savannah College of Art and Design ELLI FLAGG | University of Tennessee-Knoxville, Auburn University, Belmont University, Coastal Carolina University, Kennesaw State University, Mercer University MORGAN GRAVES | Arizona State University, Utah State University, University of North Georgia ALEXIS HERRINGTON | Kennesaw State University SAM LYNCH | Belmont Abbey College BRETT PARKS | University of North Georgia EVAN SMITH | Brevard College CHARLOTTE SUMNER | University of North Georgia VICTORIA TOSCANO | Kennesaw State University EMILY WRIGHT | University of the Ozarks

2 Mill Springs Academy Matters

Johnny Ray (2016) Congratulations to Johnny Ray who was named “Spring House Resident of the Month” at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Johnny is a freshman and member of the SCAD ATL Cross Country team. The Residence Director at Spring House, David DeVillier, had this to say about Johnny, “…this freshman from Roswell displays admirable traits. Being a member of, and having moved in early with, the SCAD ATL cross country team, Johnny Ray exudes politeness, courtesy, and helpfulness. During the hectic time of move-in, Johnny Ray offered his assistance to family and staff alike, well beyond the athletic volunteer hours. Gracious, hospitable, disciplined...exemplary... enter Johnny Ray.” Wow, Johnny! Everyone at MSA is super proud of you. Keep shining!! Adam Bramski (2010) Adam currently attends Georgia State University and was named to the Dean’s List for Spring 2016. To be eligible for the Dean’s List at Georgia State, students must earn a 3.50 GPA for the semester and complete at least nine semester hours of academic credit with no incompletes. Michael Palmer (2012) Congratulations to Michael who attends Georgia Southern University and was recently made the Spring 2016 President’s List. To be eligible for the President’s List, a student must have at least a 4.0 grade point average and carry a minimum of 12 hours for the semester. FALL 2016

Students Use BreakoutEDU Games to Strengthen Skills


iddle School students excitedly explored a different way of learning this fall by using games from BreakoutEDU. If you’ve ever been to an ‘escape room’, you are familiar with using clues and hints to escape from a locked room. BreakoutEDU is like an escape room, but in a box. BreakoutEDU games offer players a fun and exciting way to strengthen skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, logic, creativity, communication, and collaboration. Here’s what 6th grader, Adriano Hagedorn, had to say about the experience. “The escape boxes are a fun activity with locks attached to a box. You must look for clues and find keys to unlock the box. When we play as a class, it helps us solve problems and put clues together to open the box which usually contains a prize. I enjoy it also because it brings the group together.”

PreUpper Science Teacher, Martha Muir, and MSA Student, Robert Lake at the 2016 Atlanta Maker Faire.

Atlanta Maker Faire


early two-thirds of the students in the PreUpper School attended and were involved with the 2016 Atlanta Maker Faire. Held in Decatur on October 1 and 2, this event, attended by 20,000–30,000 visitors, featured over 100 booths of different ‘makers.’ The majority of the booths focused on electronic and technology based projects. Among the booths located on the Decatur High School football field was one representing the “Georgia Section of the American Radio Relay League,’ which was partly staffed by MSA students, James Maichle, Ben Groff, and Colin Bechtel, who helped guests investigate various aspects of the booth.

Middle School students enjoy solving a BreakoutEDU game.

Trey Reid followed a fellow student’s instructions on how to make a PB&J. Notice he was told to put the bread on the table and not on a plate.

Who Needs Details?


his fall, students in the Upper School’s Computer Coding class got a taste of why it’s important to write detailed instructions for algorithm design. Students were to pretend they were writing instructions for a robot to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. They then exchanged instructions with a partner and each had to follow one of their peer’s instructions. The lesson showed the importance of detailed instructions and what steps can be taken for granted. After the lesson students began to work on algorithms they would then code in C# (C-Sharp) language. Mill Springs Academy Matters 3

From the Oceans of MSA

C The egg case of the banded cat shark was attached to the side of the tank in the hopes of increasing its chances of surviving.

oral Lab students kicked-off classes this fall by getting an upclose introduction into the life cycle of one of the most feared and misunderstood creatures in the ocean—the shark. MSA’s Coral Lab had been selected to participate in a program sponsored by Southern Aquatics, a local fish wild-life store. Students attempted to incubate and subsequently hatch, a banded cat-shark from an egg case for the purpose of tracking the animal’s growth and health over a period of several weeks before returning the shark to Southern Aquatics, where it could be housed in an appropriate habitat. The shark did hatch from its egg case, although it appeared that its gills were not fully developed and therefore expired. While Coral Lab students were disappointed, they knew it was going to be a difficult task and were pleased to have had the opportunity to raise an egg that successfully hatched.

Upper Student to Star in Elf, Jr.


ongratulations to Upper School student, Cartwright Ayers, who starred as the lead role, Buddy, in Act3’s production of Elf, Jr. Cartwright has had many roles in MSA productions, including the lead in Little Shop of Horrors last April. He has also participated in several One Act Play competitions and represented MSA in GISA Literary Festivals and in the Junior Theater Festival.

Ninth grader, Caitlyn Lago, creates a ‘Boxzilla’ for a cardboard town named MSA Central, by fifth grader, Seth Horwitz.

MSA Celebrates National The Big Thank You Arts Education Week his fall, Lower School


ational Arts in Education week is a national celebration recognizing the arts’ importance to a well-rounded education. Designated by Congress in 2010 through House Resolution 275, the celebration is designated to bring attention to this cause for elected officials and educational decision makers across the country and to support equitable access to the arts for all students. This year Mill Springs’ Fine Arts Department put their own spin on the event by focusing on creativity in general to include both students as well as staff and faculty. This year’s event took place during the week of September 11–17. The occasion was celebrated through various public displays of art such ornamenting the campus with a wide variety of colorful decorations, holding a drum circle in the school’s new outdoor amphitheater, and constructing a cardboard city in our new outdoor amphitheater.

4 Mill Springs Academy Matters


students participated in the Bert Show’s Big Thank You by writing letters to our troops overseas. The Bert Show is a nationally syndicated talk radio show. This activity has become an annual tradition for the students as they wish these heroes a happy Thanksgiving and thank them for their service to our country. Every troop who will not be able to be with their family for the holidays will Pre Upper student, Mia Nemesh’s “Big Thank You” letter. receive a letter. FALL 2016

Upper student, Bryce Zimmerman, directs the MSA Chorus in singing the Star Spangled Banner at the Founder’s Day.

Founder’s Day is a great fun for the whole family with kids enjoying attractions such as laser tag, giant hamster balls and a combination rock wall/spider jump.



his fall’s Founder’s Day celebration was another huge success! Over 300 people came out for the annual event which honors Mill Springs’ Founder, Tweetie L. Moore. This year’s program was kicked-off with an invocation from Senior, Michael Martin, in both Lakota and English; followed by MSA’s chorus singing the Star Spangled Banner, which was impressively directed by Upper student, Bryce Zimmerman. It was great to see the many alumni and former faculty and staff who joined us for this year’s festivities which also included a yummy Chick-fil-A lunch, games and bouncies for the kids, and PVA-led drawing for a $50 gift card to Toys ‘R Us. After an early afternoon of food and fun, the program was concluded with a beautifully-written benediction by Senior, Morgan Graves.

MSA Students Visit China


his past summer MSA’s teachers, Chas and Jojo MacNeill, headed up a summer trip to China with four MSA students. The program was designed to help students develop an understanding of the Chinese culture and greatly improve their fluency in Chinese. It proved to be an unforgettable experience into the Chinese culture and language as students were taken to places in Fujian province where the only mode of verbal interaction with others was by using the Chinese they learned at MSA. The group visited many beautiful sites, including many that are famous in China but not known to the outside world where no English is spoken. Highlights included visits to the port where Marco Polo landed and some of the oldest temples in China, spending the night in an 800-year old mountain fortress, exploring the beautiful Chinese island city of Xiamen, and touring the city of Shanghai. Chas and Jojo MacNeill teach in tandem to bring a melding of the Chinese and American teaching style to MSA’s Chinese program. Students have experienced much success through the class as evidence by two recently passing the HSK, which is the Chinese

Students stand in front of the statue of the famous General Zheng Cheng Gong, on the island of Gu Lang Yu. The statue is considered the protector of Xiamen, a major city on the southeast coast of China. National Language Proficiency Test. The Chinese program has also grown this year with 14 students in Chinese I and our first student in Chinese IV. Mill Springs Academy Matters 5

National Hispanic Heritage Month


Students in Maria Gonzalez’ Spanish II classes shared biographies in English with their fellow classmates, answered a few questions in Spanish, and posted their work on a bulletin board within the classroom for all to see.

ach year, MSA students observe National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15, by celebrating the histories, cultures, and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. President Lyndon Johnson first approved Hispanic Heritage Week in 1968, and was expanded to a full month by President Ronald Reagan in 1988. In recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month, Maria Gonzalez’ Spanish II classes participated in a project that celebrated the achievements and accolades of notable Hispanics in the United States. Students were encouraged to leverage their individual interests to research an individual who has contributed to society in their selected category. Students’ research resulted in notable findings in politics, science, sports, and art.

Grandparents’ Day 2016


ach November, hundreds of grandparents descend on MSA’s campus for a special Grandparents’ Day program. This year was no exception with nearly 250 grandparents in attendance. The special event started at 9:00 a.m. with a delicious, catered, hot breakfast that grandparents enjoyed as they took in a full program of student performances including MSA’s chorus, men’s quartet, girl’s trio, concert and symphonic bands, the cast of this year’s Junior Theater Festival, as well as a number by Lower School students. Grandparents particularly enjoyed a testimonial given by Upper student, Casey Purser, who shared with the entire crowd how MSA has changed his life. Another highlight of the program that morning was a special display of student artwork which was used as centerpieces on the tables. These beautiful pieces were extra special this year as they included impressive ceramic pieces which were made possible through a generous grant MSA received during the 2015–2016 school-year from the Bright Wings Foundation. “The grant from the Bright Wings Foundation allowed us to finally purchase a new kiln and re-incorporate pottery classes into our art programs,” said Fine Arts Director, Janet Ford. “We are so excited to finally be able to offer these classes again since they are so beneficial to students with learning differences and ADHD.” During this year’s program, Headmaster, Robert Moore addressed the group about MSA’s new Lower/Middle School building which was completed in the spring of 2016. He encouraged them all to visit the new building as well as look at a mockup of a special display that is currently in production that will honor our grandparent donors. After the program, grandparents were transported via golf carts to join students in their classroom buildings for additional programs and displays of student work and art. Two photo stations were also set up on campus where students could take a professional photo with their grandparent as a special keepsake. 6 Mill Springs Academy Matters

It was a packed house at this year’s Grandparents’ Day program with over 250 in attendance.

Many beautiful ceramic pieces made by student artists adorned the tables as centerpieces. FALL 2016

Communication Arts Takes Field Trip to Mars… Via Chattanooga, TN, that is!


ourteen Communication Arts students successfully traveled to Mars and brought their mission back to earth at the Challenger Space Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The center, which is affiliated with the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, provides a realistic and hands-on experience for aspiring astronauts. Each student was assigned a job on the mission. “I was the Communications Coordinator and I had to make all the announcements about contamination coming into our spaceship,” said Zack Peppers. Other students served on medical, exploration, navigation, air quality, and engineering teams. After successfully landing their module on the surface of mars, students put their hands-on skills to the test, building and testing their own rockets. While in Chattanooga, students also braved the rapids of the Hiawassee River for three hours as part of their river ecology curriculum and visited the Red Wolves located at the Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center. The trip to the Nature Center afforded students with the opportunity to hike through the beautiful fall foliage, making their way to an animal recovery center located within the Arboretum where in addition to wolves, students encountered owls, hawks, a bobcat, and a bald eagle. “I was really surprised at the bald eagle call,” said Lilliana Coco. “It sounded more like a choking chicken than the call you hear in the movies!”

Upper student, Mat Campbell, and his mom Jennifer spend some quality time together on Mini Day.

MSA Mini Day


n September 16th, parents of students in PreUpper, Communication Arts and Upper flooded the Mill Springs campus to spend the day with their child and their community. Parents followed their child’s schedule; attended their classes; learned about point sheets; and had an opportunity to meet and experience their child’s teachers and classmates first-hand. The event ended with families congregating at outdoor tables to enjoy the beautiful sunny day while eating lunch.

Josh Drew performs tests to check the health and safety of the Mars crew at the Challenger Space Center in Chattanooga, TN. Finally, a trip to Chattanooga would not be complete without a caving adventure, and this year’s Raccoon Mountain excursion did not disappoint! The students spent 4 hours traversing the underground tunnels and caverns in the Raccoon Mountain cave system. In addition to learning about cave formations and ecology, students also learned a bit about facing their fears, encouraging one another, and overcoming challenges. Overall, the trip was a welcome respite from sitting in a classroom. As student Sean Brinkley said, “Can’t we have all of our classes outside?”

Lauren Scobee and Parker Borden write about their first day of school at Mill Springs.

New Laptops!


ne of the great things about fourth grade at Mill Springs Academy is introducing students to their new laptops. At the beginning of the school year in August, students learned how to set up a Microsoft Word Document and use it to create their “daily journal.” This is just one of the ways MSA students use technology in class to become better writers. Mill Springs Academy Matters 7

PreUpper ACE Students Learn Basic Programming


his fall, students in PreUpper Science teacher Martha Muir’s ACE class worked at building circuits and writing programs using an Arduino and a breadboard. Arduino is an opensource electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. Arduino boards read inputs such as light on a sensor, a finger on a button, or even a Twitter message, and turn it into an output by activating a motor, turning on an LED, or publishing something online. ACE students built and programmed several Arduino projects to demonstrate to the other students from the metro Atlanta area who also participated in the Student Shack at the Stone Mountain Hamfest in November. (See article on pg. 11)

Eighth grader, Iris Dunn, edits her program to change the rate at which her LEDs blink.

MSA River Savers from left to right: Bryce Dickerson, Anna Patrick, Lilliana Coco, Chris Carey, and Alex Orred.

An admissions representative speaks with a prospective student.

MSA Hosts College Day Fair


ill Springs hosted a College Day Fair in early November, which was put on by MSA’s Counseling Department. In addition to MSA students, the event was also open to other schools in the area. “Students and their parents were able to meet with representatives from over 30 colleges such as Georgia State, Ohio State University, and Piedmont College,” said MSA Counselor, Brandi Smallwood. The event offered a great opportunity for high school students to speak directly with admissions counselors about academic programs, admissions criteria, and financial aid, and scholarship opportunities.

8 Mill Springs Academy Matters

MSA River Savers


ommunication Arts science students have decided to participate in the Georgia Adopt-A-Stream effort; a volunteer water quality monitoring program. As part of the effort, students will monitor the 2 streams we have on the MSA campus, the Cooper Sandy Creek and the Little River. This fall, students completed the visual stream survey which included turbidity, color, smell, depths, water speed, and some other physical parameters of the Cooper Sandy Creek. Their monitoring and related studies on water quality will continue throughout the year.

FALL 2016

MSA Senior, Brandon Carr, holds his framed, Eagle Scout certificate.

Upper Student Earns Eagle Scout Badge

ONE Word


his fall parents, students, staff and faculty were invited to come up with ONE Word to describe MSA. This exercise resulted in the word cloud graphic included above— the bigger the word, the more frequently it was submitted. So many nice words were shared along with more lengthy explanations as to why a word was chosen. For example, a Middle School parent responded back with the word “life-changing” and elaborated with, “From the moment we were introduced to MSA, I knew this was where we were meant to be. It has been life changing for us to be in an environment that celebrates differences, teaches to the child instead of the curriculum, and helps each student learn important skills that will help them not only be active and successful members of society, but leaders as well.” As you can see by the size of “life-changing” in the graphic, it was one offered up by many respondents.


ongratulations to Senior, Brandon Carr, who recently earned his Eagle Scout badge. A member of Scout Troop 226, Brandon earned his badge by completing a garden at the Swift School. “We are all really proud of Brandon and hope he will continue to use the leadership and life skills he has learned to become an Eagle Scout,” said Upper School Principal, Cynthia Traylor. “What a great experience to help prepare him for college and the real world.”

Wrestling Coach—Athlete of the Week


SA’s very own wrestling coach, John Hanrahan, was recently selected by Team USA as Athlete of the Week after winning the UWW World Championships. A great big congratulations Coach John, we are very proud of you! John Hanrahan hoists the American Flag following his win at the 2016 Veterans World Championships.

Mill Springs Academy Matters 9

Mock Election


rior to the election in early November, PreUpper 8th graders participated in a Mock Election during their Georgia History classes. Students were checked in to vote and given a ballot to take to a polling station which listed the top four political parties for President and Vice President. After submitting their ballots, students placed their votes in a ballot box and received a voter button from student, Griffin Middleton, to show who had voted. The results of our Mock Election were:

Donald Trump and Mike Pence = 44% Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine = 35% Gary Johnson and Bill Weld = 12% Griffin Middleton (center) and Drew Horton watch over the ballot box as Mia Nemesh casts her vote.

Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka = 9%

Clifford the Big Red Dog visits the Lower School to get the kids excited about the Scholastic Book Fair.

Book Fair


hank you to the entire MSA community for supporting our annual, fall Scholastic Book Fair. All totaled, over 1,100 books were sold beating last year’s stats and making the event a huge success. This year’s event raised over $2,000 in a combination of cash and “Scholastic Dollars” to spend on the library. “Additional thanks to Lori McCullers and Angela Nanney for helping set up the fair, Middle School student Zach Weiss for helping keep the fair organized during the week, and our awesome Grandparents’ Day crew: PreUpper student Michael Fisher, Middle School students Isabelle King and Olivia Wallace, CommArts student Jose Olivieri, and Lower School student Katie McCullers were amazing rotating throughout the day,” said Media Center Coordinator, Brittany Emge. “And thank you to Nell Sutlive and Jenn Cloy for helping manage the crowds, and Lori McCullers for coming back and staying all day. We are so grateful for you!” 10 Mill Springs Academy Matters

PVA volunteers planted beautiful flowers in pots around campus.

PVA Beautification Day


huge thank you to MSA’s Parent Volunteer Association (PVA) and Beautification Day Chairperson, Cindy Kraft, for coordinating another successful service day. Many volunteers gathered on Saturday, November 12 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. to add to the school’s natural beauty by performing additional planting, pruning, trimming, and cleaning beyond normal daily maintenance. The entire MSA community is so grateful for your hard work. Beautification Day has become an annual event and this year, was timed to get the campus in tip top shape prior to Grandparents Day on November 18. FALL 2016

PreUpper student, James Maichle (right), presents his Arduino project at this year’s Hamfest.

Stone Mountain Hamfest


reUpper Science teacher, Martha Muir, and her ACE students were fully involved in the recent Stone Mountain Hamfest. Eighth graders James Maichle, Ben Groff, Colin Bechtel, and Iris Dunn, along with 10th grade student and ACE alumnus, Josh Drew, were among the student leaders at the Hamfest. During one session students presented the Arduino projects they have been working on in their ACE class. They also spoke with hams in other states using the radio equipment in the Student Shack, worked with Teletype equipment, built projects with SnapCircuit kits, practiced their Morse code, and learned about Lenz’s Law. They also made several tours of an area called the Boneyard, where they picked up things like a popcorn machine, a server, old radio tuners, and many other miscellaneous items for free or little cost. “The event gave students valuable experience in presenting their work as well as meeting and working directly with their peers from other schools that have an Amateur Radio program,” said Martha. “It was a fun but busy day of experiential learning!”

Upper students and Patrick Rose (left) work together to enhance their learning experience in Anatomy.

Skin Deep STEAM


SA’s art and science departments have been successfully collaborating to enhance course learning throughout the school’s curriculum. For example, during the second period of Vaidehi Rallapalli’s Anatomy Class, Patrick Rose of the Technical Theater Department brought a unique lesson with him. The Anatomy Class had been learning about the skin system and recently had delved into the topic of skin injuries and diseases. Vaidehi wanted to collaborate science with art (STEAM) and make it a fun learning experience so she invited Patrick to assist in the process. Since he is experienced in recreating injuries with makeup, Patrick assisted by demonstrating his skills on three students while quizzing them on what symptoms showed up on each. The three injuries that Patrick recreated were a thirddegree burn, a stab wound, and a road burn on the arms of three volunteers. The third-degree burn had swelling, charring, bone showing, and congealed blood on it. The stab wound had raised skin with a bruised incision filled with blood in and dried around it. The road burn was swollen and bumpy in its texture while being faintly sticky to the touch.

Middle School Student Does Community Service


SA 6th grader, Zachary Zachary happily stocks the pantry at Jewish Schneiderman, has been very busy Family and Career Services of Atlanta. this fall working on his community service hours. All Middle School students are required to perform 5 hours of community service before asking the community for a vote to get to Level R. So far, he’s worked with HomeStretch to prepare a home in a transitional housing neighborhood in Roswell for homeless families, and helped sort food and stock the pantry at the Jewish Family and Career Services of Atlanta. “Volunteering provides both physical and mental rewards and we know Zachary will benefit greatly from these experiences,” said Middle School Principal, Margaret Brito. Mill Springs Academy Matters 11

SPORTS deserving player of this award! This season the girls on the team were, Seniors Morgan Graves and Victoria Toscano, Juniors Sara Edge and Emma Harris, Sophomores Alli Kogoy and Emily Kane, Freshmen Samantha Benjamin, Emily Cowart and Hannah Rae, as well as the youngest player on the team, 8th grader Mia Nemesh.

MSA’s 2016 AAC Volleyball Conference Champions.

Varsity Volleyball


he Lady Mustang volleyball team completed a very competitive season by winning their FIRST EVER AAC Conference title this season!! This is also the first season they have played both an AAC schedule and a GISA schedule. The girls started out the first half of the season playing against teams with 2–3 times more players in their programs. They played schools such as Dominion Christian, Atlanta Girls School and Holy Spirit and held their own on the court. This was the toughest season the Lady Mustangs have ever had. This competitive schedule was challenging and had the team playing much better teams, but it also facilitated the growth of character and teamwork, especially in times of being down in a match. The tough GISA competition gave the team the extra push they needed to dominated their AAC competition. The Lady Mustangs only lost 1 AAC match, at Howard, this season. The season was a real roller coaster with many ups and downs. During the home match against Howard, the team suffered a big loss when we had a serious injury to one of our starting Seniors. Even though this was a detrimental blow to the team, they refocused and ended up pulling off a huge victory at home against the number one seed. We had several injuries from that point on, and at one point had 4 of 11 players injured. Going into the AAC tournament as the second seed was a turning point for the team. This is when the players realized that all the hard work in those GISA loses were going to be the difference in who would become the AAC Champions of the 2016 season. The girls were transformed from individual players to one unified team. During the conference games, the team played their 2 best matches of the season. Every member of the team was essential to winning the championships. The final score of the match was 3–1. Not only did we win the AAC this season, but Freshman Samantha Benjamin was named the MVP of the tournament!! The MVP is chosen by the coaches of the AAC conference and they felt she was the most 12 Mill Springs Academy Matters

2016 Varsity Soccer Team. Bottom row from left to right: Coach Mike Smith, Coach Phil Hanson, Athletic Director/Coach James Sampson, Coach Greg Bodeep. Middle row: Yates Smith, Jake Garrett, Brendan Nemesh, Evan Smith, Trevor Murr, Brent Roepe, and Ethan Stroup. Top row: Kyle Moffitt, Michael Healy, Michael Flanigan, Sean Nemesh, Jack Buck, Tyler Harrell, Reid Cohen, Tommy Ray, Richard Brooks, and Christian Kelm, (Sean Roberts–not pictured).



he Mighty Mustangs Soccer team had another great season, winning their third consecutive AAC regular season championship with an overall record of 7–1. But their quest for a fourth consecutive AAC Tournament Soccer Championship fell short with a 2–0 loss to the Cottage School. “Granted we are disappointed with the outcome,” said Coach Phil Hanson, referring to their loss of the AAC Tournament. “But our foundation is solid and our future is bright. We can either experience the pain of discipline or the pain of disappointment, and you can have no great victory in life unless you can overcome adversity.” The Mustangs will now focus on their off-season workout program and Summer Soccer Camp on Tuesday, May 30–Thursday, June 1, 2017. Special thanks to all the parents, families, administration, faculty, students, friends, and fans for all their endless support this year. “Our fans our truly the best,” added Phil. “We can’t wait to get back to the process and our next mountain to climb!”

FALL 2016

Cross Country


MSA’s JV Volleyball team practice their skills.

he 2016 Varsity Cross Country Season began with our annual trip to Brevard College in North Carolina for the annual Running Camp sponsored by Adidas. Runners from all over the country joined us for a week of training, education, team building, and of course, a lot of running! The Mustangs faced fierce competition this season after moving from GISA AA to AAA, but the team pulled together, and worked hard to produce some impressive results! We had many new and enthusiastic runners join the Varsity team this year including Connor Gluth, Mitchell Ryer, Griffin Kraft, Collins Losson, Mat Campbell, Grace Gersack, Jordyn DeNardo, and Emily Van Aken. Matthew Wenger ran his second year as a Mustang, and our veteran, Senior Sam Lynch completed his final year. The team set many personal records and season best in their running times and Sam Lynch finished the season taking 6th place in the GISA AAA State Meet. Coaches Angela White and Katie Winokur could not be prouder of these Mustangs and are excited to continue working with the young team next season.

JV Volleyball


SA’s JV Volleyball team concluded its second year of competitive play. They faced some tough teams this season ending with an overall win/loss record of 1–4. “We had some brand-new team members who really stepped up and committed to working hard at practices,” said Coach Lisa Imsand. “This was really inspiring and I know will make a big difference as the girls continue to learn and grow together as a team. We’re really looking forward to next year and continuing to build on our efforts.”

Middle School Soccer


SA’s Middle School soccer season was filled with triumphs as well as growth experiences. Coaches Courtney Downs and Elke Silva are very proud of all the improvements made by the team over the season whose main goals are to gain basic soccer skills and hone them in preparation for their transition to the more competitive, Varsity team. “Our team cooperated and were versatile in many positions,” said Coach Elke. “We look forward to another great season with Channing Allen, Cameron Braner, Andrew Buchberger, Garrett Burroway, Bradley Dore, Ben Groff, Jack Holt, Taylor Malady, Alec Robinson, Ben Shlanta, Ethan Stroup, Max Weiss, Zach Weiss, and Sebi Wise.” Coach Courtney added, “a huge thank you also to the supportive parents for their time, dedication, and wonderful snacks.”

MSA hosts AAC Championship meet.

JV Cross Country


welve boys and three girls participated in this year’s JV Cross Country team for an awesome season. Team members participated in four meets, including three hosted by MSA, and two running events in the community for charities. “I’m so proud of this group,” said Coach Kate McElliott. “Every single runner on the team improved their times substantially…several minutes per mile for most over the course of the season, which is much greater than is typical in one season. “This was the result of hard work and great willpower,” added Coach Brandi Smallwood. Congratulations to the entire JV Cross Country Team and their coaches on a fantastic season.

Mill Springs Academy Matters 13

Annual Fund 2016–2017

Annual Fund 2016–2017

The Annual Fund is the most important gift our parents, board, and faculty/staff are asked to make to the school each year. THIS YEAR’S GOALS ARE: • Raise $275,000 • Receive 100% participation from our entire school family (parents, board, faculty/staff )

Staff/Faculty Board of Trustrees

Michael and Kim Adams Samuel Adams Sandra Ahern Winston Ali Ivan and Blain Allen Mary Allen Susana Allen Mike and Courtney Antonucci Xavier and Leah Ashe Tim and Leigh Ann Ayres Heather Bailey Turpin Ballard and Cindy Nolan Sandra Banks Paul and Mary Barkley Joe and Mallory Bear Al and Jan Beaupre David and Jennifer Bechtel Gretchen and Peter Beck Patsy and Firman Beckwith Jim and Julia Belk Chris and Tressa Bell James Benjamin Bonnie Bergstresser Perry and Bridget Binder Greg and Amy Bodeep Sam and Judy Boghosian Jon and Liz Bolander Russell and Jill Bonds Wilson and Marianne Borden Jim and Jodie Braner Rich Breitkopf and Judith Wellen Adam and Suzanne Bressler Margaret Brito Peter and Toni Brookner Lee and Edita Brooks Charlie and Olga Brown

Current Current Parents Parents

New Parents

Jeff and Traci Brown Yvonne Buchberger Rob and Lynn Buck Erin Buice Tyler Buice Robert and Carolyn Bullard Joan Burns Oliver and Karel Burns Christopher and Alexandra Burris William and Cynthia Burroway Derek and Mindy Bush Darryl Butler and Karen Ferguson Jacob and Molly Caines Michael and Erin Callahan Grier and Ashley Campbell LaVerne Cantrell Wayne Carey and Yvonne Satterwhite Michael and Bre Carlson Carlyle Fraser Employee Benefits Fund Kevin and Donna Carroll Edward and Barbara Cassity Nicholas and Margaret Ceto Don and Bev Chapman Heidi Chisholm John Chisholm Choate Construction Company Claire and John Christerson Tom and Belle Christerson David and Mary Anne Clapp Bruce Clayton Jennifer Cloy Raymond and Devonda Cobb Ed and Jill Coco Frances Collins Richard and Leslie Collins William and Rita Collins

14 Mill Springs Academy Matters

Please join the following list of families and individuals who have already shown their support to the school by making your cash gift or pledge today by logging onto REMEMBER … participation means a gift of any size! Frances and Greg Connor West Connor Astrid Cortez Charlie and Laura Covert John and Cheri Coyle John Crisp and Sharon Odell Robert and Penny Daigle Angela Davis Elizabeth Davis Jeff and Elaine Davis John and Valerie Davis Doug and Janis Day Susan Day and Jonathan Easterling Donna and Patrick Moore Jorge Diaz and Karen Hallock Larry and Karen Domenico Jennie and Joseph Donaldson Mike and Kim Dore Courtney Downs Jodi Easter-Smith and Bruce Smith Brittany Emge Frederick and Anna Erdle Mark and Leslie Everett John and Rebecca Falco Jamie and Valerie Fambrough Sheila and John FitzGerald Mike and Kathy Flagg Janet and Scott Ford Jim and Laura Foster Henry Franklin Jean Fraser Jill Fredo Lance and Susan Friedland Carolyn M. Thornton Sue and Gerry Garrick

Colleen Garrick-Bisacca and Paul Bisacca Dan and Nancy Garrison Jerry and Pat Ginger Maria A. Gonzalez Leonard and Deborah Goodelman Leigh Goodwyn Todd and Lauren Gordon Michael and Meredith Griffeth Bradley and Kerstin Groff Jaime Gutierrez Katie Hadaway Paul Hagedorn Brad and Tracy Hahn Robert and Barbara Halbert Hampton and Rosanne Hale Joyce Hale Lamar and Arista Hall Blake and Jennifer Hall Phil Hanson Billy and Whitney Harper Ann Hartin Jack Hartrampf Jeanne Harvey Cheri and Jim Harwood Kris Hawksworth Paul and Dawn Hazzard Tom and Lee Healey Todd and Terri Hecker David Helsper and Jamison Jeffers Charles and Amber Henderson Joey and Wendy Henslee Brenda Herrington Josh Hersko Ken and Libby Heskett Kevin and Lisa Heskett FALL 2016

Mana Heyward Michael and Vicky Holt David and Merle Horwitz Sasha Horwitz Jay and Vicki Hudson Branigan and James Hughes Jim and Liz Hughes Jim and Christine Hurtsellers Barry and Sylvia Hyman Lisa and Michael Imsand Nellie Jackson David Jenkins Jo and Michelle Jenkins Steve and Wendy Jensen Lynne Jimenez Juliet Jones Laurie and Will Jones Taniah Jones Karen Kaiser Katy Kane and Keith Rateliff Stuart and Beth Kane Shilpee Kathuria David Katz Kode and Susan Kaufman Jeffrey and Melissa Keane Christopher and Leah Kemple Steven and Nicole Kennedy Eric Khong Mark and Erika King Nina King Martin and Bobbie Kite Andy and Lori Kogoy Michael and Chari Kornheiser Daniel and Cindy Kraft Steve and Deb Kushnick Kyu and Yvette Kwak Pete and Christy Lago Michael and Susan Lake Joe and Becky Lamp’l Andy and Helaine Lasky Yueh Fang Lee Mark and Nancy Lesser Jill Levenson-Smith Diane Lewis Eva Lewis José López-Zeno and Nora Sandoval Hunter and Laura Losson Greg and Deborah Low Martha Low Jason and Stephanie Mack Charles and Gale MacNeill

Michael and Lisa Mallady Barry and Suzanne Mansell Brian and Clare Martin Earl and Gretchen Martin Michael and Ashley Martin Mike and Nancy Mattox Glenn and Chrysan McCoin Walter and Sammye McCreary Hershel and Carolyn McCroan Toby and Lori McCullers Kate and Don McElliott Patrick and Tammy McHugh Kenneth Meyers and Sandra Lopez Steve Micham Chelsea Michelson Tom and Shelley Middleton Alicia Miller Bob and Addie Ann Monette Robert W. Moore Thomas Moore Robert and Laurie Morella Kay and Cliff Morrison Reuven Moses and Susan Reingold Erin Muehlhausen Gordon and Sally Muir Martha A. Muir Keith and Kathy Muma Dan and Angel Murr Daniel and Judy Murr Stuart and Laura Murray Narayan and Laxmi Naik Van and Angela Nanney Richard and Lynn Naszcyniec Carissa and Kevin Nelson John and Angela Nemesh Sid and Regina Newman Judy and Jim Norris José and Rosemar Olivieri Tom and Amy Olney Randy and Andi Oppmann Adam and Amy Orkin Dale and Gwendolyn Orred Bill Otott and Amy Allison Tom and Mary Lou Padgett David and Shelley Padgett Jim and Kathy Papasidero Matt Parkey John and Liz Parks Milan and Desa Pekez Phil and Angie Peppers

Ed and Diane Phillips Steven Pifer Bill and Martha Porter Glenn and Joanne Prince Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc. Shawn and Tracey Rae Vaidehi and Murthy Rallapalli Mary and Felipe Ramirez Gil and Betsy Ratcliff Steven and Julie Rau Timothy Ray Eric and Chrissie Reed Elizabeth Regas Wayne and Rubye Reid Ed and Eileen Reitler Russell and Lisa Reynolds Tony and Sara Rich Mary Rinaldi-Winn Lavone Rippeon Dean and Gail Robb Adam Robinson Al and Becky Robinson Cliff and Stacy Robinson Craig and Angelia Robson Ron and Gail Robson William and Marlene Romero Patrick and Heather Rose Eric and Stacey Rothberg Ruth Rothchild Carol and Rick Rothschild Mike and Ruth Rousseaux Jeffrey Ryer James and JoAnn Sampson Brett and Louise Samsky Errol and Susan Sanders Brian and Jody Schiltz Nick and Susan Schiltz Dana Schneiderman Bryan Sellers Nimesh and Regina Shah Pat and Patricia Shannon Carolyn Shapiro Elke and Manny Silva Kaylee Simmons Helen Singer Bob and Beryle Slayden Frank and Judith Slaymaker Stephen and Susan Slifer Brad and Brandi Smallwood Aaron and Robyn Smith

Geoff and Brenda Smith Dan and Rhonda Smith Leila and Rusty Smith Michael and Tove Smith Courtney and Russell Smith Stephen and Melisa Smith Jason Soriano and Hikaru Sahara Diane Sprous Christopher and Christine Stanley Richard and Lauren Stormont Todd and Lisa Stroup Charles and Nell Sutlive Kathleen Swift Mitchell and Carol Taplitz Greg and Liz Taylor Peggy Thieriot Cindy Thorne Roberto Tijerina Cynthia Traylor and Daniel Deleveaux William and Molly Turner Hector Turrado Michael and Sheryl Van Aken Robert and Jan VandenHeuvel Bruce and Ellen Varnum Ray and Jane Vaughters Meggie Velasco Ron and Laura Vladick Jon and Estelle Vore Howard and Kathy Waits Al and Wilma Walker Johnny Walker Brenda Wallace Betty Wallace John and Caroline Wallace Robert and Eleanor Walls Shannon Warchalowsky Jerry and Sharon Weicken Jörg and Tiffany Weiss Bob and Anita Wellen Rodger and Michelle Weyant Angela White Clay White Kathleen White Chip and Stormy White David and Vanessa Williams Katie Winokur Jeff and Laura Winston John and Kimberly Wright Jan Zant Sandra Zelley

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