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SENIOR ADULT XYZ MINISTRY p R O g r A m & L U N C H , T U E S D A Y , a U g ust 6

This month the program will begin at 11:00 am with Tom Barrett leading the group in hymns. Following the music, we will have a program by Janet Hankins & the Kids. As usual a great meal will be served free. Come and join us for a great time of fellowship and ministry. Invite a friend to come with you and join us!

Promotion Sunday ~ August 4 Sunday, August 4, all of our preschool, children, and youth Sunday School classes (birth through 12th grade) will promote up to begin the new Sunday School year. Children will attend the Sunday School class that corresponds to the class they will attend at public school this fall. If you need any assistance in locating your child’s new classroom, please come by the Welcome Center in the Atrium and we will walk you to their new classroom.

YOU ARE INVITED! AWANA @ First Baptist Oxford A Ministry to Children & Families Focusing on Memorizing God’s Word, Learning, Singing & Playing Together

Leader Orientation

August 4


August 7

1st Night of Club

August 14

What Kids Need is the Gospel!

For Kids aged 2 through 6th Grade

August 2013 Vol. 55 No. 8

Im pacting Li v es - Bui lding Com m Good Thoughts

August 2013 When the Apostle Paul writes about the church, he often turns to metaphors to capture the essence of an entity so complex that it defies prosaic, propositional definition. His favorite word pictures for the church are a body, temple, and people. Thinking of the church as a body emphasizes unity-indiversity. The church as temple highlights her call to be a beacon of truth to the wider world, the one place to which the surrounding culture can look to find what is real. As a people, the church is to be a definable, distinctive, and interdependent group, a family always looking for new brothers and sisters to welcome out of the loneliness of sin into the fellowship of saints. When the church functions according to these metaphors, then her calling to be unified, sanctified, and word-wide (long ago, we used to say “one, holy, catholic”) is fulfilled. The fourth mark of the church is “apostolic,” which means, loosely, that she is founded on the teachings of Christ to his first disciples who have handed them on to us through His Word. It means that our unity, sanctity, and reach are not ends to themselves; we are not a social club committed to mere self-perpetuation. We exist for the glory of God alone; we exist to make that glory known to everyone in all the earth. To each of the images described above, Paul attaches a descriptive prepositional phrase: the body of Christ, the temple of the Spirit, and the people of God. The Trinity itself, the non-contingent community of Divine Persons in their unified diversity, grounds the existence of the church. The Fatherhood of God makes possible the family of faith, who live distinctly before the world. The Headship of Christ gives connection and direction to all the members of the body who walk as Christ did in the world. The Power of the Spirit holds the bricks of the temple in place; the temple, in turn, is the launch

pad for the Power of the Spirit in the world. The Trinity at work in redeeming creation has caused you to be a building stone, a son or daughter, a body part. Do you know who you are? Do you know how you fit? Do you know what you cost? Bro. Eric ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Becoming A Disciple... Living Inside Out Life University Classes Begin S u n da y , A u g u s t 1 1 @ 5 : 0 0 p m

- The Origin & Ordering of The Bible

led by Dr. Eric Hankins. Where did the Bible come from? Why are there 66 books and who decided what was in and what was out? How do all these books fit together? We will be answering these questions and many more. Room 309 (5 sessions) No cost for materials. - Becoming a Woman of Influence led by Janet Hankins. Discover the power you have in Christ to influence others as Jesus did. See how your struggles and triumphs can inspire others. Whether you are a growing Christian or a trained leader, prepare to live intentionally and become a valued mentor who leaves an eternal mark on others. (9 sessions) Fellowship Hall Cost $15.00 for book. - Romans An in-depth study of Romans led by Jim Propes. No other letter in history has affected individual lives more than Paul’s letter to the Roman believers. Paul writes about the core expressions concerning salvation, justification, and personal righteousness fo that believers could understand the “what” and the “why” of their life in Christ. (14 sessios) Room 303 Cost $6.00 for study guide. - Gathering Cloud Part III led by Bobby Clanton. The third part of a series on how current events relate to End Times. Come to know more about what God is showing us today about the future. (14 sessions)Room 312 No cost for materials.

m m unity - Chanaing the W or ld Youth Stuf f

DNow 2013 -

August 9-11. Stuart Hall - Speaker, Jason Lovins Band - Music, Dr. Richard Ross - Parent Conference. $50.00 per person. Sign up TODAY!!!

DNow Parent Meeting -

Wednesday, August 7 @ 6:00 pm in the Youth Room. This meeting will be for parents of participants, Host Homes, & small group leaders.

Campus Prayer Walk -

Sunday, August 4. An opportunity to cover our Middle Schools and High Schools in prayer as the new school year begins. Details coming soon.

Breakfast Club -

begins on Tuesday, August 13. Location & details coming soon.

Youth Worship - begins Wednesday, August 14 @ 6:00 pm. Invite friends and don’t miss it! Life University Brochures available for details on all the classes offered this fall.

Mr. and Mrs. Rives B Lowrey request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter Sara Elizabeth to Mr. Andrew Mullen Scott son of Mr. and Mrs. William J. Scott Saturday, the thirty-first of August Two thousand thirteen at four o’clock in the afternoon First Baptist Church Oxford, Mississippi Reception immediately following

Our Fam i ly

Budget Report-July 2013 Budget Building Designated T o t a l Building Funds to date:

$173,833.48 $ 12,952.93 $ 15,335.11 $202,121.52 $5,496,006.19

Family Bible Study

July 7-612, July 14-576, July 21-620, July 28-588


of the


July 28-August 3: Mitchell Diggs, Rick Mize, Breese Quinn, Eddie Aune August 4-10: Anthony Hart, Bubba Morgan, Scott Kendricks, Michael Meurrier August 11-17: Mark Moore, Kevin Bain, Gary Carter, Thomas Herrington August 18-24: Greg Brewer, Martin Locke, Paul Hale, Matt Moore August 25-31: Jamie Hopson, Walter Locke, Jim Vinson, Hal Davis

New Members



June 30 - Katherine Davis, Beverly Boromisa, John & Holly Powell; July-Willa Sanders, Harold & Ann Wilson, and Ryan Dunn.

Our Sympathies

To Mrs. Bettye Butler and family in the loss of her husband, Mr. Jim Butler. To Mr. Lance Butler and family in the loss of his father, Mr. Jim Butler. To Mrs. Shela Roberts and family in the loss of her husband, Judge Ed Roberts. To Mike, Scott and Lisa Roberts and their families in the loss of their father, Judge Ed Roberts. To Mrs. Bonnie Clark & Mrs. Becky Christman and families in the loss of their mother, Mrs. Joan Miller Bowen. To Mrs. Mary Ann King and family in the loss of her husband, Mr. Bill King.

Women’s Explorers led by Beth Fitts begins Wednesday, August 21, at 6 pm, studying the book of Mark. Explorer’s

is a conservative, Bible-based study of the Bible that teaches us how to study God’s Word daily. The weekly session includes a devotional, group Q&A time and a teaching lecture on the week’s scripture passage. (15 sessions, book is $30) Room 309

4 - 8:30 & 11 am Worship Services - 9:45 am Bible Study Classes - 5:30 Awana Leader Orientation 6 - Senior Adult XYZ Program and Lunch - Noon Time Prayer 7 - 5:00 Fellowship Meal - 5:45 A.W.A.N.A. Registration - 6:00 Choir Rehearsal - 7:00 Worship Band Rehearsal 9, 10 & 11 - DNow 2013 11 - 8:30 & 11 am Worship Services - 9:45 am Bible Study Classes - 3:30 pm Deacon’s Meeting - 5:00 pm Life U. Classes Begin - 5:00 pm Children’s Choir - 5:00 pm The Way

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