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The Hotels in Mahabaleshwar and Lavasa Summary: In Maharashtra, the terrain is adorned by the majestic Western Ghats and the Sahyadri Mountains. These places are a delight to watch and a great place to spend some quality time away from the hustling and bustling of the city. Let’s have a look at the hotels in Mahabaleshwar and Lavasa in order to get an insight of their features and immaculate services. Content: Mahabaleshwar the Hill Station One of the crowning hill stations is that of Mahabaleshwar. This is equivalent to Shimla. In North India, the summer capital of the British Empire is the hill station of Shimla. In the west coast of India, this hill station was built as a site for the hot summers. Mahabaleshwar today ranks as one of the major tourist attractions in the Western coast as well as the whole of the country. The hill station is located on the Western Ghats and home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. It is known for the large squirrel which is now protected. Hotels in Mahabaleswar Since Mahabaleshwar is approached both from Mahad and Panchgani, hotels in Mahabaleshwar are located on both routes offering a wide choice of accommodation. Hotels in Mahabaleshwar near the market offer easy access to shopping and eating while those in the area near Panchgani or Pratapgarh are for relaxation and good view of the ravines. Hotels in Mahabaleshwar range from old wooden roofed cottages built by British for their summer retreat to modern concrete ones with swimming pool, sauna, hot and cold running water. Some hotels in Mahabaleshwar are located close to Strawberry fields and small eating joints offering corn patties, strawberry slushes, candies and ice-creams topped with strawberry pulp. Larger Hotels in Mahabaleshwar have internet booking or operate through agents located in major cities while smaller hotels and motels in Mahabaleshwar operate by word of mouth. Many hotels in Mahabaleshwar offer huge discounts in off-season, weekdays and usually in winters to attract tourists. Hotels and motels in Mahabaleshwar, during lean season, can be booked on arrivals in the hill station, and a number of touts can be seen chasing cars and buses on entering the town for luring tourist to get the best deals. Mahabaleshwar hotels sometimes offer a package deal with both ways bus transportation either from Mumbai and Pune being a distance of 280kms and 100kms respectively. Most hotels in Mahabaleshwar offer a half day taxi service at a cost for tourists to see the different spots of the hill station, like Monkey Point, Echo Point, Sunset Point and other attractions. The Hotels in Lavasa Lavasa is a hill station in Maharashtra. It is now on its way to be built as a planned city. While clouded in controversy, some hotels and motels in Lavasa are major attractions. A few hotels in Lavasa are located near the Lavasa Lake. Thus, these hotels and motels in Lavasa offer a spectacular view of the glistening. So, this was an overview of hotels in Mahabaleshwar and Lavasa.

The Hotels in Mahabaleshwar and Lavasa  

In Maharashtra, the terrain is adorned by the majestic Western Ghats and the Sahyadri Mountains. These places are a delight to watch and a g...

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