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Designing Your Page Step 1: Design for a Computer and laptop and mobile 

A computer screen is not a printed page

Readability changes depending on colour, and format

Different browsers, can change how a page looks From Principles of Web Design By charu kumar

How user Read Text ? The users eye moves from left to right

How users View Screens? The users eye scans in a more clockwise pattern

Questions to Ask Yourself  What is the aim of my website?  Who is my customer and visitor?

Designing Your Site Step 2: Make a strategy for your site 

your pages linked together?

How many links exactly?

Where does the user go next?

Best Designing for Your Content Step 3: Good web design  Keep file name according keyword  Keep look and feel in your design  Use colors that are high in contrast  Design for computer,mobile,and for mac

Designing Your Content More do’s  Use active white space  Design for interaction  Use hypertext linking effectively  Design for accessibility

Designing Your Content  Don’t forget to title everything: images and

pages  Don’t forget alt tag 

Don't use frame

Initial Analysis  Select a best web design tool  See page layout  Re-read assignment  Analysis how best to represent “you”

Examples The worst: For information please visit this site:....

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