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July Preserving an unique indian The auspiscious inception of new concept ‘jugaad’ through series of year.Celebrating every moment of competetions and new merchandise the new beginning. range. February Scattering the fragnance of love all August around.Making love bloom with red. September Celebrating the arrival of ganpati March to the city and the hearts of people. The festival of colors and Never-ending festival in Mumbai. fun,celebrated in style with The October bombay store. Dancing th the runes of captivating April beats and conquering all the evils on The constant rain splashing all around,filling the mood with joy and the occasion of navaratri. November happiness.Enjoyed with hot chai,a plate of pakodas and The bombay Pampering is always welcome in any form.So,giving people a reason to gift store. and spread smile.Diwali,season of gifts May celebrated with joy and enthusiasm. A month dedicated to Indian mothers, and housewives.Dedicated December Mumbai-being a melting point of to their love for cooking.A way of infinite cultures and relegion.Giving tribute to them. Mumbaikars to share their stories/ June Reviving the old tradition of sending experiences about the city and the happenings. hand-written letters in a new style. A tradition which never looses its beauty.

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