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Nirvana Nomads is a travel company that strives towards bringing alternate travel to the forefront and in doing so builds a strong community of like-minded and right-minded travellers. Our focus is on the thought, initiative and details that go into the holistic travel and life experiences we create for you and how thoroughly happy you are after travelling with us. We want travel to truly change the way people see and interact with the world.

Nomads is a family of like-minded travelers, wanderers, thinkers, and seekers. Traveling to us has always been more than typical destination check-listing. Travel is about people, places, cultures, the journeys, the chai that you sip enroute, that one quiet moment of solitude that you experience while away. It is so much about what happens within you, over anything else you do. It is about finding yourself in sometimes the most unfamiliar surroundings. It is an intensely personal experience‌ one that we have dedicated ourselves to share with fellow travelers.

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.� Nomads has a strong and genuine sense of community that goes beyond all else that we do. At heart we are travellers ourselves who happen to run a travel company and yes, we love what we do. So building Nomads into a foundation for a strong and growing community of like-minded travellers has always been part of the bigger picture. We believe in creating compelling life experiences that changes people’s perspectives, especially about how one experiences places, other people, culture, nature and adventure. When you travel with us, you become one of us. Nirvana Nomads is your company and when you think of anything related to travel, you always know who to call.

Beyond our core ideal of creating better life experiences that open people’s minds and souls to the joys of travel, adventure and nature, Nomads is also a community. We are a growing tribe that has not only bonded over shared travel experiences but also in a holistic, more deep and powerful mannerthat of resonance through all our independent yet inherently collective life experiences. This is strengthened by the fact that the tribe gets together from time-to-time and shares stories, enjoying a cultural pursuit be it words, music, food, visuals or a celebration of life (fun!!!). The idea is to create a lively real-world community of like-minded people, travellers and otherwise, in this increasingly fragmented virtual world. And that’s how the Mehfils for the Nomads began. When the Nomads come together, we revel in the connection that all our different journeys have brought us all together on.


The Mehfil-e-Nomad is a coming together of our great big tribe of amazing people who have travelled with us so far, and is open to all other likeminded people to join us for an evening of interconnections and interactions.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Mehfil is an Urdu word that signifies a traditional gathering of people. The Mehfil-e-Nomad happens one evening, every month. It is open to all those who have travelled with us and other like-minded people who would like to attend. We do a variety of activities when we get together- from simple, plain fun to organizing talks or performances and meets, steeped in culture, stories and conversations. In the past we’ve done jam sessions, film screenings, paintball, dinners and celebrated festivals together. The Mehfil-e-Nomad is a non-ticketed event held at open cultural spaces or other avenues, as befitting to the schedule or occasion. All are welcome to our cultural events and jams, but do call us ahead to confirm your attendance.

Nomads does weekend trips every month – to distant, beautiful, often unknown and more often virgin places. Each of these trips have been carefully conceptualized and designed to facilitate a very intimate experience. One weekend, every month, we invite all our travelers to come together and spend time over coffee and conversations, music , films, poetry etc as a Mehfil-e-Nomad. We also do walk tours around Bangalore focused on history, heritage, photography and storytelling. If you like our thought and approach to travel – we can also design experiences for your private group of friends or family or partner or even a team of office colleagues. Do feel free to connect should you think you need to do something different.

Travel differently.Call us, Big Nomad +91 80887 09731 Mad Nomad +91 77600 47947


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