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Chartwell School Summer Edition


Nora Lee

Head of K-8 School



Because Not All Great Minds Think Alike


Nora Lee from the Board of Trustees, to the faculty and staff of Chartwell, and to the many parents and students I have had the pleasure to meet and build relationships with, you inspired and challenged me to give my best effort everyday. It has been my honor to work with you, and I will always remember my time at Chartwell with immense pride and satisfaction.


fter reflecting on these past 31 years, I know that I am one of the fortunate ones, as not everyone loves the work they do and the people they come in contact with...

To the Board of Trustees, thank you for your service, commitment and dedication to Chartwell School. You are to be commended for generously giving your time and your unwavering loyalty and support to protect and nurture this school. Chartwell was founded by two amazing individuals, Nicki McMahan and Judy Lewis, who had the foresight and passion to build it, but this school has grown to what it is today because of all the people, like yourselves, who have contributed to its success. Thank you for your leadership, vision and safekeeping.

very hard working. Many parents have said to me throughout the years that Chartwell saved their child’s life and turned their family’s lives around. Teachers, you are more than educators, you are lifesavers and life changers, and I count it a blessing that I had the opportunity to work alongside you. Students, you have a lot of energy, intellectual curiosity, strengths and talents, but mostly you have large reserves of untapped potential. From the first time you come to visit Chartwell, to the day you leave to go on to high school, then college and careers, an amazing transformation takes place. You often arrive a bit scared and mistrusting, sometimes disliking school because it is such a struggle, and over time you begin to morph into stronger, more confident, independent learners and thinkers who are willing to take on more risks and challenges in the classroom. This metamorphose is a beautiful, rewarding change for your teachers, your parents and for me to witness, and you have enthralled me for 31 years. Chartwell will always have a very special place in my heart, my memories and my soul. Thank you for your support, your friendship and for being a part of my Chartwell family. It has been a privilege of great magnitude.

Faculty, you are giants among people and the real superheroes of the world. The work you do is vitally important and what you are able to accomplish is extraordinary. I have deep respect for you. You are mindful, caring, creative, dynamic people and so

COVER: Alumnus Kent-Harris Repass (‘09) with Nora Lee, Head of Lower & Middle School at her Retirement Celebration.


Chartwell Newsletter – Summer 2016

Nora Lee

Chartwell Newsletter – Summer 2016




n the occasion of Nora Lee’s retirement after guiding the students of Chartwell for 31 years, it is appropriate to reflect on her impact not only on the current students of Chartwell, but also on the alumni. Nora Lee alluded to the “amazing transformation” that takes place as students gain confidence in their abilities while coming to understand that school and classrooms and academics can indeed be rewarding and joy-filled. It was not always that way as the following Alumni Profiles illustrate. Nick Lombardi, who will be attending UC Santa Barbara in the fall, arrived at Chartwell’s doors as a struggling fourth grade student reading at a first grade level. Nick remembers that, as a result of his struggles, he was constantly being pulled out of classes to work in special programs and, consequently, “the kids picked on me and called me all sorts of names.” Nick credits his parents with their determination to help their son and after researching the available options, Nick was enrolled at Chartwell. Nick writes, “In Chartwell I found a place to breathe and mature. I learned new strategies to cope with my learning differences… I learned to advocate for myself.” He recognizes that all of these small steps accumulated; that he gained confidence and learned communication skills. Ready for a greater challenge, Nick transitioned to public middle school for Grade 8 and from there to high school. Relying on the skills and foundation that Chartwell provided, Nick worked hard - very, very hard - to achieve his dream of graduating from high school and going on to college. Along the way, Nick discovered high jumping and, with the same grit and determination that he applied to his studies, Nick trained and achieved fourth place among all sophomores in the nation! This 5’10” young man, who thought he would never learn to read, jumped 6’6” and earned a 75% athletic and academic scholarship to the college of his dreams.


Chartwell Newsletter – Summer 2016

Mia Michael’s story is her own but reminds us again of the devastating toll language-based learning differences exact on young minds. As early as fifth grade Mia “knew” that she would never go to college; after all, she could barely write her name much less sound out words. Mia continued to struggle, staying up all night to read assignments which she did not understand and which convinced her that she was “dumb.” Mia’s mother found Chartwell School and told her daughter that the school “teaches special people like you.” And so, for the next two-and-a-half years, Mia attended Chartwell. She writes, “Before Chartwell, I truly thought I was so stupid that I could only write my first name. But Chartwell changed that for me and gave me hope that there was a chance for me to succeed in life. I learned that dyslexia was what I had… I’m so grateful that I had the chance to go Chartwell. It makes me feel really good that I could finally fit in and make friends there.” Mia also went on to attend public high school where she learned that she enjoyed reading, especially about art history. Mia discovered that she had a talent for drawing and after high school graduation went on to Sage College of Albany where she majors in Graphic and Media Design. Mia’s mother proudly wrote that Mia has made the Dean’s List each semester and this most recent semester, she achieved High Honors. These glimpses into the lives of two young people who attended Chartwell remind us of the importance of our mission: Chartwell School empowers bright students with language-based learning differences. Our world is enriched by talented educators like Nora Lee and the faculty of Chartwell and their unwavering belief in a better educational world for these students.

Nick and Mia, along with other alumni who have passed through Chartwell’s doors since 1983, are a testament to this vision. Please click here to make your donation to help Chartwell make this vision a reality for other deserving students.


Steve Henderson, former Head of Chartwell High School, has been selected as the new Head of Lower and Middle School. Steve brings an extensive background in elementary and secondary education, most recently at McClymonds High School in Oakland where he was the Site Administrator and Principal. His appointment follows an extensive search that began in October after Nora Lee announced that she would be retiring from her role at the end of the school year. Our search yielded interest from over 40 very well qualified candidates from schools across the United States.

Importantly, Steve is a student-centered and charismatic leader, bringing a passion to his work that is evident to all who meet him. Steve, who has a deep belief in students who learn differently, spent nine years at Chartwell before leaving in 2012 to complete his Master’s Degree in Education at Harvard. During his time at Chartwell, Steve was teaching in the Lower and Middle School before working as Dean of Students. After assisting with the development of the High School program, he also served as the Head of High School. While completing his graduate work, Steve served as a Principal Intern at the Community Charter School of Cambridge. He then went on to become Head of School at San Francisco Flex Academy before accepting the position at McClymonds. In accepting this new position, Steve said he was honored to have the opportunity to serve the Chartwell School community once again. He is also inspired by the vision for Chartwell as laid out in the new Strategic Plan and looks forward to working with the Chartwell community in implementing that vision.

Steve Henderson presenting Austin D’Orsay his High School Diploma at the School’s first graduation, June 2012



strong opportunity for professional development underlies Chartwell’s commitment to our faculty and staff. A number of our faculty members have recently been involved with a variety of programs and initiatives.

Billy Swift, Carolyn Kelleher and Steve Henderson have been accepted into the 2016 Anchors of Emotional Intelligence Institute at Yale University in July. This training is the first step in bringing RULER social emotional learning curriculum to Chartwell which will be introduced into our Middle and High School programs this fall.

Randy Postadan, Dan Gurska, Jessica Gentry, and Marika Anderson have been accepted into the Connecting with Marine Science Teacher Institute. This five day event is sponsored by the Monterey Bay Aquarium and focuses on examining the role that humans have played in the stability and change of Monterey Bay. Topics of study include climate change science, physics, chemistry and biology of the kelp forest, plastic pollution, and sustainable seafood.

Congratulations to Steve Garvey who has been admitted into CSUMB’s Master of Arts in School Psychology Program. This three year program provides candidates with the knowledge and skills needed to promote personal, social, and academic development of all students, including those who are culturally and linguistically diverse. The program prepares effective school leaders, change agents, problem solvers, consultants, and advocates for children and youth.

Chartwell Newsletter – Summer 2016



Emily Hogans joins the High School faculty. She was a substitute teacher last year at Chartwell. She graduated from Carmel High in 2009 and then earned her B.S. in Chemistry/Mathematics from Northern Arizona University. After leaving Arizona, she tutored at Highland Elementary and Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary in Seaside working with students who struggled with math and English. She believes Chartwell is a very supportive and friendly community that is built around helping students succeed and she is looking forward to becoming a part of it.

Jessica Gentry joins Chartwell as a

High School teacher. She recently moved to the Monterey area from Portland, Oregon; although she spent the majority of her life in California. She began her teaching career at The Frostig Center in Los Angeles. She received her specialist credential from CSUN and was later trained as an educational therapist; working throughout Los Angeles for various schools and families for 8 years. She also worked as the learning specialist for Synergy School in San Francisco and then at Bridges Middle School in Portland, Oregon.

Tracy Earle is the new Middle School teacher at Chartwell. She recently moved from St. Louis, Missouri to the Monterey area. She has 15 years of experience working with students with various special needs and holds her Masters Degree in Special Education from Fontbonne University in 2011. For the past year and a half Tracy was a Special Education 7th grade English Language Arts teacher before relocating to Monterey. Her interests include art, golf, and hiking. She looks forward to joining the Chartwell team and being an active member of our school community.

Helen Ruisi joins the staff of Chartwell as the new Grants and Communications Manager. The move to Chartwell fulfills a life-long dream of living in the Monterey Bay area. Helen’s work in independent schools originally found her in the classroom but the last 20 years she served as the CFO at Seacrest School in Naples, Florida. Helen has two grown daughters, both of whom work in education. In her free time she is an avowed gym rat as well as enjoying time outdoors, cooking, gardening, and painting furniture.

Nena Prakash joins the Chartwell Business Office as the new Executive Assistant. She is an Administrative Professional with over 15 years of work experience with local Non-Profit and For-Profit organizations on the Monterey Peninsula. Nena’s recent work was with Languageline Solutions as Vendor Analyst Consultant managing departmental contracts, special projects and global centers. Nena enjoys acrylic painting, dancing, and coaching softball as well as spending her free time with her husband and three children.

Crissy Maras is the new Academic Executive Assistant. She is an administrative professional with over 15 years of experience gained through her work in public service. The primary focus of her career has been the Monterey Bay region’s economic recovery and reuse planning following the closure of the former Fort Ord. A lifelong Monterey County resident, she brings her thoughtful and caring support for her community to Chartwell School. Crissy lives with her partner, two daughters, and their Yorkie.


Chartwell Newsletter – Summer 2016

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Chartwell Newsletter – Summer 2016




Chartwell Newsletter – Summer 2016

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or one day each year, the population at Chartwell School more than doubles. This year, the Lower and Middle School welcomed over 150 visitors for Grandparents and Special Friends Day; an event that has grown every year since its inception more than 20 years ago.

Many guests time their visits to coincide with the event and some grandparents, who come year after year, have become friends with the other grandparents they see each year. The goal of this event is to give students a chance to bond with their grandparent or special friend at school. Teachers provide guests with a glimpse of a traditional school day but with additional special activities. Children who don’t have a grandparent available are welcome to invite any “Special Friend” while the school also recruits board members and former teachers to serve as stand-ins, especially for families whose grandparents live too far away.

Guests often say their favorite part of the day is seeing what goes on inside their grandchild’s classroom. Another popular part of the day is when the students This annual event is a collaboration entertain guests by playing musical between the school and the parents. Proud instruments and singing. The festivities grandmas, grandpas and special friends ended with a delicious sit-down luncheon have flown in from as far as the east coast catered by Classic Catering and Chartwell and the central part of the United States. parents.


Chartwell Newsletter – Summer 2016




CORPORATIONS With a hands-on approach, students ran three corporations: Fijjy, Outside/ In and HipTins. Each corporation was made up entirely of students who filled roles such as CEO, CFO, VP of Research & Development, VP of Advertising, VP of Sales, and a number of positions within those divisions. During the project, students encountered the authentic struggles of the corporate world and they were supported to navigate the challenges in real time. Students also benefited from several guest speakers and corporate wellness.

“I liked being able to put my vision for our product and our goals into reality. I learned how it can be fun

and also difficult to run a company and to take charge of a community of people.”

10 |

Dominique, CEO of Outside/In Corporation, grade 11

Chartwell Newsletter – Summer 2016

“As an advisor, seeing student successes,

from innovative advertising methods to creating and selling quality products, was incredibly rewarding. Our teachers created meaningful, cross-cutting curricula that supported the weekly goals, and gave students the tools they needed to be successful. Subject matter experts from the corporate world enriched our learning by guest lecturing weekly, and Corporate Wellness activities provided team-building and fun! This project prepared students for the workforce in a genuine, engaging, and interdisciplinary way.” Ms. Anderson



JC Fambrini Dominican University of California

Nathaniel Griffin Western Washington University

Maisie Mader Columbia College Chicago

Abea Moshin Fort Lewis College


n June 10, against the backdrop of brilliant blue sky, the Chartwell School community gathered to celebrate the school’s fifth graduation ceremony. And indeed, it was a celebration recognizing the accomplishments not only of the four graduating seniors, but also of the 25 freshman, sophomores, and juniors. Each of the graduating seniors had the opportunity to address the gathered guests. They approached the podium individually with confidence and grace. Doubtless, inside they were quaking, but to the audience, they were poised and articulate young people ready to leave their beloved school and head off to college. Each story was a bit different but there were common threads as each student spoke of struggles and disappointments prior to enrolling at Chartwell. To them, school was something to be endured and each day represented new frustrations and failures.

The students spoke of the lessons learned at Chartwell: the power to advocate for oneself while asking questions as many times as necessary; the freedom to make mistakes, sometimes many mistakes, in the journey to discovering the answers; and the joy that comes as the natural result of succeeding in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. These four young graduates are all heading to college well prepared for the next step in their educational journey. They each are armed with the tools for success because each has worked hard during the years at Chartwell. Their success is further evidenced by the fact that the four graduates were accepted at a combined 22 colleges and awarded over $550,000 in scholarships at the schools they will be attending. As graduate Abea Moshin wrote, “For all the lessons I’ve learned, I am grateful. I want to say thank you to my family, teachers, friends, and mentors.” It was an emotional ceremony evidenced by tears of joy, beaming smiles, and enthusiastic embraces. In closing, graduate Maisie Mader spoke for all saying that she wanted to end her high school years with a quotation from Maya Angelou that perfectly summed up the experience, “We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated.” Inspiring words to all assembled and powerful and thoughtful words carrying the graduates from the school’s hilltop location to college and beyond.

Chartwell Newsletter – Summer 2016



BOARD OF TRUSTEES Mary Ann Leffel President Katrina Maestri Vice President

Chartwell School is pleased to introduce the newest member of our Board of Trustees, Hakan Erdinc. Hakan Erdinc is Senior Vice President and Regional Manager at Rabobank North America. He is responsible for managing the Food and Agribusiness Lending Division of the Bank for the North Central Coast California Region. He has 26 years of outstanding and progressive professional career history with heavy emphasis in commercial lending. Hakan brings to the Chartwell Board a passion for philanthropy and enthusiasm for making a difference in our school community.

Ralph Bailey Treasurer Carrie Miles Secretary Jonathan Beck Robert Egnew Hakan Erdinc Robert Hernandez Hunter Lowder Michael McMahan Robert Melton Art Pasquinelli

TRUSTEES EMERITI Thomas deRegt Judy Lewis Nicki McMahan Marsha Zelus

COURAGEOUS SPIRIT AWARD Honoring Students of Character and Spirit

Shary Farr established the Courageous Spirit Award to honor her longtime friend, Nicki McMahan, Co-Founder of Chartwell School. “The ability to continue doing the right thing when nobody is watching,” is how Shary described courage at the 5th annual Courageous Spirit Awards held on the 13th of May in McMahan Hall. Nine students were recognized for showing special qualities of character and spirit despite learning differently. These students maintained a positive attitude, were respectful, kind to others, and had the courage to persevere. The nominated students were not notified prior to the event causing seventh grade student Chiara to remark, “I kept wishing my name would be called, and when it was, I kept telling myself to be calm and be natural.” Everyone left the event feeling inspired by the courage, spirit, and humility demonstrated by these students.

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Chartwell Newsletter – Summer 2016



here are many reasons for the strength of Chartwell School, but one of the most important ones is the leadership and oversight by our volunteer Board of Trustees.

Nicki & Michael McMahan Trustees

Robert Hernandez Trustee

Ralph Bailey

Board Treasurer

Our twelve Board Members are extraordinarily generous with their time and wisdom ensuring that the administration remains committed to the school’s mission and guiding principles. We benefit greatly from their experience, skills, knowledge, and education to move our organization forward.

Robert Egnew Trustee

These outstanding volunteers also offer their financial support by participating in many of the school’s fundraising events, such as the annual gala, Party in a Pear Tree, to raise much needed funds for our financial aid program and academic programming. A special thank you to Trustee Carrie Miles, our Party in a Pear Tree Chair, and to her volunteer committee as well as everyone who attended our annual gala fundraiser. Chartwell is very grateful for the service of our Trustees and their dedication to our community.

Mary Ann Leffel Board President

Carrie Miles

Board Secretary & Event Chair

Robert Melton Trustee

Katrina Maestri

Board Vice President

Save the Date


in a Pear Tree


03 2016





he 2014-15 fiscal year saw Chartwell continue to have steady growth in enrollment, offer financial aid so that students from all walks of life could attend the school, and strengthen operations.

Continuing our vision to help even more students realize their artistic talents, the Marti Mulford Ceramics Studio opened in January 2015. This space, made possible by the estate of a local ceramic artist with dyslexia, is a wonderful addition to the visual arts program at Chartwell. Another major accomplishment was the creation of Strategic Plan 2015. Chartwell’s Board of Trustees provided valuable leadership and completed the year-long strategic planning process, resulting in a clear and actionable plan for guiding our school into the future.

Chartwell finished the fiscal year in sound financial condition. Tuition income continued to provide just over three-quarters of total income. Grants and donations accounted for 17 percent of income and totaled $655,000 for the year. From these donated funds, a total of $495,000 in tuition assistance and financial aid was provided to families.

To our Chartwell Community, we celebrate you and thank you for your contributions and investments of time, talent, and treasure ensuring the strength and success of our school. Working together, we continue to provide children with dyslexia and other learning differences the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and great potential.


DONORS Memorial Gifts In Memory of Leland Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. McMahan Mr. and Mrs. Jon Raggett Mrs. Selby Scalberg Mr. and Mrs. Philip Teal Ms. Marsha M. Zelus In Memory of Lonnie Voogd Mr. and Mrs. Rick Antle Mr. and Mrs. Patterson Gaughf Mr. and Mrs. Gan H. Pong Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Voogd Jr. Ms. Barbara A. Wilfahrt In Memory of Marjorie P. Love Ms. Kathryn D. Aaroe Mr. W. H. Dunning Mr. and Mrs. Patterson Gaughf Ms. Bess Gurman and Mr. Peter Miller Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Klausner Ms. Nora Lee

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Mrs. Judy Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. McMahan Ms. Jean Parker Dr. Patricia Qualls and Dr. Douglas Adams Mr. Robert E. Ryan and Ms. Marianne H. Gillette Mr. and Mrs. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery S. Wright Schwab Charitable Fund

In Memory of Florence Woodman Mrs. Judy Lewis

Honorary Gifts In Honor of Marti Mulford Ceramics Studio Mr. Robert Mulford In Honor of Reid-Hann Wedding Mr. Robert Mulford Ms. Nora Lee Mr. John Littleford Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. McMahan Mr. and Mrs. Graydon Mitchell

Chartwell Newsletter – Summer 2016

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Stornetta Mr. and Mrs. John Trapani

Donor List GRANTORS Amazon Smile Foundation Arts Council for Monterey County Benevity Big Sur International Marathon Carmel Valley Kiwanis Foundation Community Foundation of Central Illinois The Yeomans Fund Community Foundation for Monterey County CFMC Organizational Development Grant The Grover Hermann Foundation Fund F. Robert Nunes Family Fund Frances Elgan & Werner Kunkel Fund of the CFMC MC Gives! MC Weekly Community Fund of the CFMC Marjorie McNeely Fund Daniels-Houlton Family Foundation Emilie S. Welles Foundation eScrip

ANNUAL REPORT 2014-2015 Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Jason & Melissa Burnett Robert & Peggy Alspaugh Harden Foundation Jack Kent Cooke Foundation John Spadaro Youth Foundation Kiwanis Club of Monterey McNeely Foundation Monterey Peninsula Foundation Nancy Buck Ransom Foundation Newman’s Own Foundation Pebble Beach Company Foundation Quest Foundation Rotary Club of Monterey S.H.A.R.E.S. Samson Foundation Schwab Charitable Fund Austin Cary Eadie Memorial Fund Schwab Charitable Fund Tanimura Family Foundation Target: Take Charge of Education The Bellini Foundation The Green Foundation The James Irvine Foundation The Packard Humanities Institute The Repass-Rodgers Family Foundation, Inc. The Robert and Audrey Talbott Foundation The Wollenberg Foundation TRUiST Upjohn California Fund Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign William McCaskey Chapman and Adaline D. Chapman Foundation Woolpert Family Foundation Yellow Brick Road Benefit Shop ORGANIZATION GIFTS

A Taste of Monterey Adventures by the Sea Aquablue Skin & Body Spa Ariel Theatrical Bay Belles Bella’s Studio Bernardus Lodge and Winery Bistro Moulin Blair Estate Wines Byington Winery & Vineyard Cafe Sparrow, Inc. California Rodeo Salinas Campos Land Company Carmel Art Association Carmel Bay Co. Carmel Belle Carmel Realty Brokerage Services Castroville Artichoke Festival Chardonnay ll Sailing Charters Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose Chris’ Fishing & Whale Watching Trips Constellation Wines Inc. Cooper Garrod Estate Vineyards Cos Bar of Carmel Crazy Horse Restaurant Cypress Coast Mazda-Subaru - Service Dept. Devan Inc. Edward Jones Office of Javier Bolante Ensemble Monterey

Fish Hopper Gabriella’s Cafe Griggs Nursery Hahn Family Wines Heaven, A Child’s Boutique Heller Estates Organic Vineyard History San Jose Hyatt Regency Monterey In-N-Out Burger Kris Kringle of Carmel Le Petite Cottage Chic Lloyd’s Shoes Lugano Swiss Bistro Carmel Marina Beach Inn, Inc. Martin Ranch Winery Monterey Bay Aquarium Monterey Bay Restaurant Equipment Monterey County Symphony Monterey Fish Company Monterey Museum of Art Monterey Peninsula Dental Group Monterey Plaza Hotel and Spa Monterey Sports Center Morgan Winery National Steinbeck Center Natural Selection Furniture Nepenthe Nicklaus Club - Monterey NRO Designs Old Fisherman’s Grotto On The Beach Surf Shop Oswald Restaurant Pacific Grove Antiques Pacific Repertory Theatre Paloma’s Home Furnishings Parducci Passionfish Restaurant Pat Huber Fine Art Pebble Beach Company Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy Photography West Gallery Poppleton’s Precision Nails Princess Monterey Whale Watching Rancho Canada Golf Club Rheim Dermatology-Cosmetic Laser Center Robin’s Jewelry San Jose Sharks Sanctuary Rock Gym Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History Scheid Vineyards, Inc. Scott Campbell Photography Sea Mist Farms Seymour Marine Discovery Center at Long Marine Lab Skinovation Skin Care and Massage Soquel Vineyards Stone Creek Kitchen Sunset Cultural Center, Inc. Sweet’s Wood Furniture Swenson & Silacci Tanimura & Antle Tantara Winery The Hat Company of Santa Cruz The Western Stage UBS Employee Giving Programs Venture Art Gallery

Will Bullas Studio Winchester Mystery House

INDIVIDUALS Mr. John M. Abel The Honorable and Mrs. Nat A. Agliano Mr. and Mrs. Bob Anderson Anonymous Ms. Jane C. Anthony Mr. David V. Arellano, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Wolfgang Baer Mr. Ralph A. Bailey Ms. Larisse Baker Mr. and Mrs. Gay F. Baldwin Mr. and Mrs. Ted J. Balestreri, Sr. Mrs. Sigrid S. Banks Ms. Magna Barcelo and Mr. Larry Barcelo Mr. and Mrs. John Barisone Ms. Mary Ellen Barr Ms. Ann Michael Barrabee Mr. Quinn Barrabee Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bassian Mr. and Mrs. Lee Bassian Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Beck Mr. and Mrs. Scott T. Becker Mr. and Mrs. Masoud Beheshti Mr. and Mrs. Marc Beique Dr. Sara Liu and Dr. James W. Bennett Mrs. Susan D. Blois Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bloxom Mr. and Mrs. Mark Boen Mr. and Mrs. Ryan G. Boerema Mr. and Mrs. Richard Borda Mr. and Mrs. Peter K. Brooks Drs. Clifford and Carolyn Brothers Mr. Frank Brunings and Ms. Kristine Edmunds Mrs. Dorothy Budlong Mr. Richard Bufkin Mr. Cord Bynum and Ms. Alyse LeValley Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Campos Mr. and Mrs. Tony Campos Col. and Mrs. John W. Carley Ms. Phyllis Chinn Ms. Rose Cole Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cole Dr. Carolyn L. Compton Ms. Alexandra P. Connell Mr. Ray Corpuz Ms. Christina Courcier Mr. and Mrs. Nick Craft Mr. Dan Crockett Mr. and Mrs. Ray Cuenca Mr. and Mrs. Denver Dale Mr. and Mrs. Philip Daunt Mr. and Mrs. G. Gervaise Davis III Mr. Griffin Davis Ms. Joanne De Paola Ms. Irene Deaver Mrs. Edwina E. DeLong Mr. and Mrs. Roderick L. Dewar Mr. and Mrs. William Difu Mr. and Mrs. Bob Ditmore Mrs. Lynne White-Dixon and Mr. Robert Dixon Mr. and Mrs. William G. Doolittle Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dost

Chartwell Newsletter – Summer 2016


ANNUAL REPORT 2014-2015 Mr. Nolan Dost Ms. Susan Draper Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Duffy Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dunnion Mr. Allan J. Dyson & Ms. Susan C. Cooper Mr. Clint Eastwood Ms. Margaret J. Eastwood Ms. Laura A. Edwards Dr. John Eisinger Mr. and Mrs. Tim Ellington Mr. and Mrs. David Elliott Mr. and Mrs. Richard Elster Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Epperson Capt. Eugene J. Erner Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Ewen Mr. Dale Fahrion Congressman and Mrs. Sam Farr Mr. Sam Felix Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Finnell Mr. and Mrs. Per-Arne Fladager Mr. and Mrs. Bill Flanagan Ms. Carol Flint Dr. and Mrs. James H. Flippen Ms. Jane Flury Mr. and Mrs. Scott F. Fosmark Ms. Julia Foster Mr. and Mrs. Stewart J. Fuller Mr. and Mrs. John S. Gaglioti Mr. and Mrs. Todd C. Ganos Mr. Gregory D. Gaon and Ms. Michelle A. Beckstrom Mr. and Mrs. Matt Garcia Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Garibaldi Mr. Earl Garthwait Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gaver Mr. and Mrs. James Giuffre Ms. Lynn Goldstein Mr. Kurt J. Gollnick and Mrs. Janet P. Rodgers Mr. and Mrs. Jay Gomez Mr. and Mrs. Luis Gomez Ms. Sue A. Goodnow Mr. Thomas D. Greene Mr. Dan R. Griffin and Ms. Robin Garthwait Ms. Nancy P. Griffin Mr. Prashant Gupta and Ms. Kym Shenton Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hale Dr. Christian L. Hansen Mr. and Mrs. Terry Hansen Ms. Susan Harding Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Hart Mr. Fredric Hartzell and Ms. Janet M. Wilson Mr. Art Haseltine Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hawley Ms. Catherine Hawley Mr. and Mrs. Steve Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Shawn L. Hennessy Ms. Adrienne S. Herman Mr. Robert L. Hernandez and Ms. Susan J. Matcham Mr. Robert Hernandez Ms. Bonnie A. Hill Mr. John H. Hinrichs, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Hittner Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hogan Mr. and Mrs. Darren Huber Mr. Wayne Hunneman and Ms. Alice Daubenbis Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hursey Mr. Dale D. Huss and Mrs. Mary Jane Gonzalez-Huss Mr. and Mrs. David B. Jackson

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Mr. and Mrs. Hans W. Jannasch Mr. and Mrs. Colby Jones Ms. Alicia Jones Mr. Brooks Juhring Mr. and Mrs. Austin Kaye Ms. Mary Kay King Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Kirk, Jr. Ms. Kelly A. Kissee and Ms. Auddrena A. Mauga Dr. and Mrs. Robert Kurtz Mr. Erling Lagerholm Ms. Erin Laidler Mr. John Langrill and Ms. Jordan Turetsky Dr. Carol R. Lark Mr. John Laughton Mr. and Mrs. John A. Lavagnino Mr. Reynolds Lave and Ms. Margaret Campodonico Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Leburg Ms. Nora Lee Mr. and Mrs. Hal Leffel Mr. and Mrs. Lewis H. Leithner Mrs. Judy Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Bill Leyva Mr. and Mrs. Norman Lezin Mr. John Littleford Ms. Sheryl Livingstone Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Lloyd Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lord Mrs. Marjorie P. Love Mr. and Mrs. Tom H. Lowder Mr. Louis Lozano Ms. Marsha J. Lubow Ms. Michele Lucero Mr. and Mrs. Scott MacClelland Mr. Joshua S. Mader Mr. and Mrs. Luca Maestri Ms. Melannie Marra Mr. Benjamin G. Marx Mr. and Mrs. Tim McCarthy Mrs. Patricia McDermott Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. McMahan Ms. Michel McMahan and Dr. Jason Camara Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. McPeek, III Mr. and Mrs. William A. Melendez Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Melton Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Melton Mr. and Mrs. Fred Meurer Ms. Betty Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Michels Mr. and Mrs. Grant Miles Mrs. Myrna Mink Mr. and Mrs. Graydon Mitchell Ms. Jane Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Todd Muck Mr. Robert Mulford Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mungridis Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Murata Mr. John K. Murata Mr. Mark J. Nettesheim and Ms. Kathleen L. Brady Mr. and Mrs. Leslie C. Nichols Mr. and Mrs. David Nishijima Ms. Joanne Nissen Ms. Monica Noell Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Nunes, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford M. Ograin Ms. Kathryn Olivas Mr. and Mrs. Tom O’Neal Ms. Cathy Owen

Chartwell Newsletter – Summer 2016

Dr. and Mrs. Gary D. Palma Mr. Ronald Parravano Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Pasquinelli Ms. Shellee Husman Perkins Mr. and Mrs. Ted Pewthers Mr. and Mrs. Ward Pitman Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Podio Mrs. Sally Poile Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pollacci Ms. Jan Praisner Mr. Scott Puza and Ms. Charlah Robinson Ms. Lauren Racusin Mr. Dan Ramirez and Ms. Jeanne Tanimura Mr. and Mrs. Scott C. Randolph Mr. John J. Reid and Ms. Sharon Hann Ms. Gail Robbins Mr. and Mrs. Mario J. Rodoni Ms. Erin Rodrigues Ms. Barbara O. Ross Mr. and Mrs. James A. Russo Ms. Joyce Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan D. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Russ San Filippo Ms. Belinda Scolari Ms. Adrea M. Scott Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Sellers Ms. Heidi K. Shake Mr. Sabu M. Shake Jr. Ms. Carlene Short Ms. Adelaide Shugart Mr. and Mrs. Warren C. Shukis Mr. and Mrs. George Skou Ms. Karen Smith Mr. and Mrs. Michael Spanos Mr. and Mrs. Sam Spring Ms. Sigrid Stokes Mr. and Mrs. Steve Stornetta Mr. and Mrs. William Swift Mr. David Taggart Ms. Debbie Tanimura and Mr. Keith Tanimura Mr. and Mrs. Gary K. Tanimura Mr. and Mrs. Jason Togneri Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Tostevin Mr. and Mrs. John Trapani Dr. and Mrs. Terrence K. Trapp Mrs. Dolores W. Velcoff Ms. Lydia Villarreal Ms. Ashley Vizurraga and Mr. Ryan Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Marc L. Von Berg Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Voogd Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jeroen Walhof Ms. Lisa C. Watson and Mr. Philip Geiger Ms. Tempe Wennerholm Mr. Steven Whyte and Ms. Ellen Wilson Mr. and Ms. Ralph Widmar Mr. Scott I. Wiener and Ms. Catherine R. Mikkelsen Ms. Marilyn R. Willett Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Williams Ms. Nancy O. Willoughby Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wise Mr. Robert Wise Mr. and Mrs. David Wittrock Mr. and Mrs. John Wolfe Mr. and Mrs. Brent M. Wooldridge Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Yokota Ms. Marsha M. Zelus Mr. Bradley Zeve and Ms. Jeanne Howard

In Memoriam


Marian Barry Leidig December 30, 1923 - January 1, 2016

Erling Lagerholm October 4, 1922 - February 16, 2016

George Minoru Tanimura July 2, 1915 - April 15, 2016

Marian Leidig, passionate educator and long time Chartwell supporter, passed away in January. She and her husband founded and ran the Carmel Preschool for 30 years seeking to instill in children the values of honesty, respect, and fairness. Additionally, Marian taught all of her students to appreciate and help their community. It is fitting that in lieu of flowers, Marian’s family asked that donations be made to two organizations including Chartwell School. Marian’s lifework empowering young people will leave a lasting imprint not only on our own Chartwell community but also the greater Monterey Bay area.

It is with sadness that we announce the passing away of Erling Lagerholm. Erling was a member of Chartwell’s Legacy Society and one of our biggest supporters. He really appreciated a fine sense of humor and loved to see people smile and laugh. He was always ready with a bon mot, a merry quip or a colorful vignette related to the subject of the conversation. Our students were very near and dear to his heart. Erling personified courage – doing a tandem sky-dive from 18,000 feet on his eighty-sixth birthday! Seeing the courage our students demonstrate daily is probably what endeared him to our school and our children!

The Chartwell community is saddened to learn of the death of George Minoru Tanimura. He embodied the American Dream through his life of hard work and achieving success through his partnership with Bob Antle. Tanimura & Antle is regarded as one of the premier agricultural companies in the world. Children from both families have attended Chartwell and the Tanimura Foundation, established by George, has been a supporter for many years. George and his brothers created a dynamic enterprise, through hard work and the strong bonds of respect, love, and cooperation. These are among the very attributes that Chartwell strives to provide its students.



hartwell School is grateful for the support of the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation. For the past 9 years, the Foundation has assisted our school in opening the doors to learning for so many twice-exceptional students with learning differences.

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation is a private foundation established in 2000 by the estate of Jack Kent Cooke. Mr. Cooke was an extremely successful business man who overcame significant obstacles to achieve ambitious goals. The goal of this independent foundation is to help young people of exceptional promise reach their full potential through education. The extraordinary students whom they support have a specific learning difference and also demonstrate exceptional strengths in one or more academic areas. Since 2007, this generous support has allowed eligible students to receive financial aid that enables them to access the educational programming at Chartwell which builds their twice-exceptional strengths while addressing gaps because of their learning differences. Chartwell Newsletter – Summer 2016




hartwell School is honored to be the beneficiary of two new research partnerships: one with UCMerced and the other with The Dyslexia Center at UCSF. These partnerships provide our faculty with the opportunity to work with researchers at the cutting edge of what works best for children with dyslexia. Dr. Jeff Gilger from UCMerced has launched a voluntary research study at Chartwell looking at spatial visualization skills in students with dyslexia. Our students will benefit tremendously from this study in addition to

having the opportunity to meet personally with researchers and discuss and question how their brains work. We are indeed excited to be a school partner of the CRADL Lab.

We will also be collaborating in a voluntary research study conducted by Dr. Fumiko Hoeft, from The Dyslexia Center at UCSF. Dr. Hoeft has launched this research study at Chartwell, looking at social and emotional learning (SEL) in students with dyslexia. We are fortunate to be a partner with BrainLens and the HOEFT Laboratory for Educational Neuroscience. These partnerships, and others in the planning stages, permit Chartwell School to have world-renowned researchers speaking and working on our campus. By making the Chartwell students accessible to the top researchers in the field, we have created a synergy that benefits all involved.



his spring Chartwell was fortunate to have two distinguished professors address our community on topics relating to reading disorders and dyslexia. On March 11th, Dr. Fumiko Hoeft, MD, PhD, spoke on “The New Neuroscience of Dyslexia.” Dr. Hoeft is widely regarded as a leading dyslexia researcher. She is Associate Professor of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and Dyslexia Center, and Director of the UCSF Hoeft Laboratory for Educational Neuroscience. In addition, she serves as Scientific Advisor to the Bay Area Discovery Museum's Center for Childhood Creativity. She received research training at Harvard, UCLA, Caltech and Stanford. Dr. Heoft's current research program focuses on brain development and brain mechanisms underlying skill acquisition such as language and reading.

18 |

Chartwell Newsletter – Summer 2016

Dr. Robert Hendren spoke at Chartwell on April 29th on the topic, “Anxiety, ADHD and Reading Disorders: How They Interconnect and How to Help.” Hendren is Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science in the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry as well as Co-Director of the UCSF Dyslexia Center; and Director of the Neurodevelopmental, Translational Outcomes Research Program (NTORP). He works in the STAR Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders Program. Dr. Hendren is Past President of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (2007-2009) and has published over 100 scientific papers, five books, and has been listed in “The Best Doctors in America” each year since it was first published in 1996. Chartwell is indeed privileged to have such nationally recognized experts address our community. We are all enriched by their knowledge and the opportunity to use their research to benefit our students.

THE LAST WORD FROM THE DESK OF JOHN REID to ensure they are up to date with current research in the area of teaching and dyslexia. Highlights of their activities this term include: Marika Anderson participated in the Instructional Quality Commission for California’s Science Curriculum.

The Write Stuff is published twice a year by the Chartwell School Advancement Office. To subscribe to our mailing list, submit alumni news, change of address or comment on this edition, please contact or call 831-394-3468. Contributing Writers Daphne Ellington Nora Lee Alyse LeValley Graydon Mitchell Rohan Ramnathkar John Reid Helen Ruisi Contributing Photographers Frank Bellafiore Cord Bynum Britney Hill Kris Hill Graydon Mitchell Nat Orr Randy Postadan Rohan Ramnathkar John Reid Sally-Christine Rodgers Graphic Design Ryan Zen Lama Graydon Mitchell Printer Gavilan Printers Chartwell School is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Corporation Tax ID 77-0119013

Valerie Gaino and John Reid attended The Dyslexia Foundation Conference at UCSF. Alyse LeValley completed her College Counseling Certificate through the UCLA Extension program. The second term has seen the school bustle with activity on a variety of fronts. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates on campus life. Some highlights include: Chartwell has partnered with CSUMB to be a destination for their service learning program. We are pleased to have CSUMB students from their department of Kinesiology working with our physical education classes. We look forward to expanding this relationship in the future. Our student art and photography has been on display in a variety of places in the community, including the Pacific Grove Art Center, Carmel Art Association, Seaside City Hall and at the EdRev’16 art show in San Francisco. We have partnered with UCMerced and UCSF to help advance two research studies into students with dyslexia. These partnerships have furthered our connection to the latest research and enabled us to bring guest speakers Fumiko Hoeft and Robert Hendren to our campus. Chartwell faculty and staff have also been working hard on their professional growth

Steve Garvey completed the Making Math Real Overview course that provides all educators, kindergarten to college, the pedagogical foundations and practical applications of implementing and maintaining a comprehensive and fully structured multi-sensory methodology in mathematics. Kris Hill attended the Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Underwater ROV Training. Katherine Kanaski, Carolyn Kelleher, and John Reid attended the Learning and the Brain: Shaping Student Mindsets conference in San Francisco. John Reid and Graydon Mitchell attended the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Annual Conference in San Francisco. Abrem Estorga attended the CAHPERD conference on Physical Education. Celecia Zlotkin completed Landmark School’s online course focused on LanguageBased Learning Disabilities: Strategies for Success.

John Reid Strategic Management Consultant

Chartwell Newsletter – Summer 2016


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