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road trip CALIFORNIA edition june 2011 . vol 1

easy breezy in sd cedros: a perfect day with the girls in the district

rock ‘n’ roll

vol 1 . SAN DIEGO 2

road trip vol 1 . SAN DIEGO


p. tid.bits 3

lots of relaxing & bagels w/ lox!

out & about 5

come, explore some of the things i love about the cedros design district



cousins + pups 7

meet my adorable cousins & the pups. what can i say? we are animal lovers!

to the finish line 9

daniel completes his first {and last, according to him} full marathon

Dear friends, Thanks for checking out the first volume of road trip. Volumes 2 + 3 will be arriving shortly. In the meantime, sit back, relax & dream of sitting by the beach in sunny San Diego!

vol 1 . SAN DIEGO 1


brynn hello! i am feeling very chipper here, if you couldn’t tell...this is me on the plane after 2 bloody marys {at 7AM} feeling absolutely, positively ready to get this vacation party started!

daniel meet daniel & his very evil eye. don’t take it the wrong way... you would be pretty bummed if you couldn’t join in on the 7AM bloody mary festivities because you had to run 26.2 miles the next day, too!

vol 1 . SAN DIEGO 2

tid.bits can’t argue with that view!

surfers, constant sunshine, seriously tasty mexican food & laid back, friendly people...

these are a few of the things that i have found to be true of this gorgeous city! for me, it is the perfect vacation spot. staying with my mom always the best part! it always means lots of shopping, wine, lounging & good old fashion mother-daughter catch up time. here are a few things i enjoyed while visiting my mom...

loungin’: patio style {w/champagne}

bagel w/ cream cheese & lox

surprises! vol 1 . SAN DIEGO 3


“when in california...” vol 1 . SAN DIEGO 4


Hands down my favorite shop on Cedros. I ALWAYS find something to take home! I keep thinking about those fans and how I want them for my wedding!

what i went home with

cedros design district Located in Solana Beach, this design district is a must. It is filled with antique malls, interior decor stores, cute cafes...& now a fabulous winery, too!

Carruth Cellars

An urban wine boutique in the heart of the Cedros Design District. My bestie, Erika came down from LA for the grammy was in town visiting...& my auntie jenny also lives in we had a fantastic girly day of shopping & wine tasting here at a newer winery in the district. And let me tell you...they make an INCREDIBLE Malbec! It knocked my socks off, so I took a bottle home...which is, of course gone...& I keep considering ordering more!

the malbec is an abslolute MUST! vol 1 . SAN DIEGO 5


“because you are one of the cool kids” vol 1 . SAN DIEGO 6

daniella fil ly i m fa



This little lady is a natural model - no joke... here she is playing dress up with my hat + shoes and my mom’s cami.


ralph The sweetest little boy...truly! And so well behaved when shopping. Here he is entertaining himself while my mom & I shop at a tres cool second-hand store.

beckett vol 1 . SAN DIEGO 7


“because it’s what you just do onvola1 road trip” . SAN DIEGO 8

daniel + mike {his bro}

rockin’ & rollin’ I said it before and I will say it again & again... I am so incredibly proud of Daniel for all of his hard work and persistant dedication in training for the marathon. And despite the worries of possibly not finishing due to a slight tear in his pcl...he did, in fact, cross the finish line at the rock ‘n’ roll marathon in san diego on 06.05.2011!!! I love you so, so much, inspire me every day! Because of you, I reach a little further, speak a little louder and jump a little higher. You are the love of my life and I can not wait for the day I marry you!!! {08.04.2012...woo hoo!}

vol 1 . SAN DIEGO 9

u o y g n i h ! s e i w e her xoxo r o e x w

vol 1 . SAN DIEGO 10

Road Trip  

California Edition . Vol 1 {San Diego}

Road Trip  

California Edition . Vol 1 {San Diego}