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Number 7 ~ March '014


The spring is here! | Wedding boat | Fishing Training Bcn

The Spring is here! The winter is finished and we want to do the Spring welcome! The sun & the sea are the good things to enjoy yourself! Charterinad invite you to discover the sea of Barcelona with some news nautical activitties. The next month, Charter inad will be prepared a romantic trip for St. Jordi Party.

Wedding Boat "ES CAU" is the boat that will let you perform your pre wedding or wedding photo report, it is also an original way of transport to take you to the Port Vell of Barcelona ... or the ideal place to hold your wedding ceremony in an intimate and personal atmosphere in a Mediterranean classic boat.

Fishing Training Barcelona. The will organized each month a fishing course by Menorquin 150 " Es cau". The first Sunday of each month, we will do a fishing trip to learn the diferents techinques of fishing boat. The next training is: 06/04/2014. Good luck!

Each month, Charter Inad releases its newsletter to inform you about the news ideas. The content of March newsletter is :

Charter Inad wants give to welcome the spring with a new

"Special Event Bcn by Menorquin 150": St.Jordi party & Barcelona sea. The 23th april is St. jordi

party.It's a beatifull party of Catalonia when the men give a rose for the woman and she gift a book for the men! Our trip will be a romantic sailing in front of Barcelona with a dinner in the boat, and moreower two present for the couple. Wedding boat with

The Spring is a good time for married! Charter inad wants be a beatifull site for your married. The boat & Barcelone are perfect things for your special event. If you need a good and diferent stage...Menorquin 150 "Es cau" is an original and warm boat! Happy Married!

Facebook: charter inad Telf. +34651912910

Linkedin: Skipper Inad MarĂ­n

Newsletter march '014 created this Gazzeta with information about the world charterinad. This Little magazine has 3 news: a special event bcn by...

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