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Monday, November 9, 2009 VOL 2, NO 456


An MP checks out a gun during the Defence and Security fair at Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani.

Day-dreaming! By Ake Krisnavarin Chill FM 89 DJ


can feel the fresh morning air, and when I look out over my veranda, I can make out the horizon of the sea as the sun is about to rise and greet me. At hand is a refreshing cup of coffee. I think to myself: “The feeling is so good when I rise early in the morning.” “Ring … ring” – my alarm goes off. I need to wake up! I jump out of bed and complain to myself: “Goshhh… it’s 9 O’clock again. I have to get moving!” Good morning, Bangkokians!

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PROTECTION More and more politicians are ordering guns being offered at a discount to safeguard themselves in turbulent political times >PAGE 2

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Monday, November 9, 2009




OF BANGKOK’S overgrown lots and derelict buildings have been identified as potential crime hotspots – Metropolitan Police Bureau

Want to own a gun?


If you are an ordinary person who wants to buy a gun legally, you have to:

Democrat MP Yukol Chanawatpanya looks at a brochure displaying pistols.

ARMED AND READY An Interior Ministry project offering its staff – and now MPs – guns at a 50% discount is a hot success By Pisapat Youkongpun, Budsarakham Sinlapalavan D A I LY X P R E S S


s the political temperature heats up, politicians – who have to visit villagers on field trips and have political enemies – have to be more careful about their safety. So one of the first things they do is to find a personal weapon to protect themselves. And they don’t have to look far or hard: in a project, the Interior Ministry’s Department of Provincial Administration has been selling pistols and shotguns to its officials at a 50per-cent discount. This year the department is offering to sell guns to Parliament members too. DAILY


Around 70 per cent or 200 MPs have ordered guns as the price is cheap and the weapons give them added protection – and a good night’s sleep. Sakda Khongpej, chairman of the Committee on the House of Representatives Affairs and Pheu Thai MP, says the project certainly helps MPs to protect themselves.

‘Quite dangerous’ “Especially when the MPs visit villagers at night, it is quite dangerous. Political violence can take place any time,” he says. He believes MPs have maturity and a conscience, which will help them not to use the weapon in wrong ways. As a gun lover, Chart Thai

Pattana Party MP Niaris Chetaphiwat has ordered three under the project. He already possesses a few. He became interested in guns after his grandfather, who was a candidate for president of a subdistrict administration organisation, was shot in front of him when he was just 14. It was then he feared that if it happened to him, no one could protect him except himself.

‘Good idea’ Niaris said it is a good idea for MPs to buy guns on the cheap. All MPs he knows have ordered guns. He always carries his gun because he is an MP of Narathiwat, an area hit by continuous violence. In fact, he would like to expand the advantage (of the 50per-cent discount) to ordinary people in order to solve the illegal-gun problem and provide

a training course for those who possess guns. Udon Thani Pheu Thai MP Anan Sripan says he believes 70 per cent of MPs have ordered a gun under the project. “We never know who our enemies are. We could be attacked at any time, so we should have a gun to protect our lives,” says Anan, who has ordered a gun. Democrat MP from Chanthaburi Yukol Chanawatpanya says he’s buying a gun because of the cheap price. He wants it solely for protection. But voters are concerned. Sarima, 44, for instance says she is surprised to learn about the project for MPs to buy pistols at special prices. “We have witnessed yelling and, from time to time, even punching in Parliament. The MPs just might wish to use their weapons to protect themselves from one another,” she points out.

1 Apply for a licence, or Por 3, at district offices with the necessary documents required. 2 After receiving the licence, or Por 3, you can buy a gun. 3 After buying a weapon, you have to get a licence, or Por 4, to possess and use it. While applying for Por 4, you need to submit Por 3 and the gun, and you must be an adult without any criminal record. 4 You are licensed to use the gun in self-defence only after you get Por 4. Carrying a gun:

If you want to carry a gun all over the country, you have to meet three criteria: First, you have to own a gun and get Por 4 to possess and use it. Second, you have to get another licence, or Por 12, to carry a gun. You will need Por 4 to apply for Por 12. You must meet all the required qualifications set by the Interior Ministry. Third, you can carry a gun legally if the gun is necessary or suitable for a situation. According to a Royal Thai Police memorandum, the police will not file charges against those who carry a gun if: >> the gun is kept in a bag in the car-boot or in a locked bag in the compartment where the gun cannot be immediately used. >> you separate the bullets from the gun while travelling in the provinces. >> you go to a province with a significant amount of money and carry a gun – with permission – to protect yourself and the assets. By Jednipat Chansopeekul D A I LY X P R E S S

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Monday, November 9, 2009

THE WORLD LA celebrity burglaries led by 19-yr-old, police say Teen woman spearheaded break-ins, motivated by a desire to own designer clothes and jewellery of celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton


19-year-old woman was the driving force behind a youthful burglary ring that preyed on Hollywood’s rich and famous, often brazenly walking into unlocked homes to make off with cash, jewels and family heirlooms, authorities said. A suspect turned informant, Nicholas Prugo, told Los Angeles police detectives that Rachel Jungeon Lee spearheaded the break-ins, motivated by a desire to own the designer clothes and jewellery of celebrities like Lindsay Lohan


million users

Hopper: All’s good right now


rostate cancer couldn’t keep Dennis Hopper away from the Breeders’ Cup horse races on Saturday. The 73-year-old actor and artist attended the Breeders’ Cup in support of The V Foundation for Cancer Research.

Battling cancer Lindsay Lohan, above, and Orlando Bloom were two of the stars whose homes were burgled.

and Paris Hilton, according to a Las Vegas police search warrant obtained.

Trawling the Internet Prugo, 18, told police Lee would suggest a target, then Prugo would trawl the Internet for information about where they lived and when they would be away from home. Las Vegas police were involved because Lee lives there. Officials said Lee was booked on a charge of possession of stolen property and released after posting $3,000 (Bt100,000) bail. Prosecutors

China is the world’s biggest cellphone market with nearly

A P , Arcadia, California


A P , Las Vegas


in Los Angeles asked police to investigate her further. Police say Lee and Prugo were part of a group of at least six that stole from October 2008 until September.

Poorly protected properties After watching a house, they would break into poorly protected properties, often by simply walking through unlocked doors.

Prugo said they removed cash, narcotics and thousands of dollars worth of jewellery, including family heirlooms. Acting on a tip, police arrested Prugo on September 17. He initially refused to talk, but on October 6 he and his attorney met with detectives and Prugo “provided a full confession, and implicated several other suspects”, court documents state.

It was revealed last month that Hopper had been diagnosed with cancer, although he said on Saturday that he’s been battling it for the past nine years. He has started a new, experimental treatment at the University of Southern California that he says he hopes will help. “It has great promise,” Hopper said. “Everything’s good right now.” The “Easy Rider” star recently finished shooting the second season of “Crash”, a TV version of the Oscar-winning 2004 film.

Woman passes driving test on 950th attempt A 68-year-old woman in South Korea has passed the written test for her driving licence after 950 attempts. Cha Sa-Soon finally scored the 60 per cent required after sitting the exam nearly every day since April 2005, said officials in Jeonju, 210 kilometres south of Seoul. She had spent more than five million won (Bt140,000) in the process. But it’s not over yet for Cha, who now has to take the road driving part of the test before she can be given a licence. – A F P



Monday, November 9, 2009




“I tried to make Lindsay go to rehab and she punched me in the face.”

Forty and still squawking By Frazier Moore A S S O C I AT E D P R E S S New York


Big Bird is seen during the taping


of an episode in New York.

ig Bird is leaving Sesame Street! That’s what he decides on the “Sesame Street” season opener. A rapping real-estate agent pitches him on migrating to a new habitat. After sizing up a beach and a swamp for his new habitat, Big Bird chooses a rain forest. But then he comes to his senses with a musical number.

“Sesame Street is my habitat!” he sings. “Sesame Street is my home!” Indeed, Big Bird – that towering, yellow-feathered sixyear-old – has been calling Sesame Street home for four decades, ever since the show premiered on November 10, 1969 and he remains an essential member of the flock. He is still brought to life by Caroll Spinney, who also plays trash-can denizen Oscar the Grouch. Hand-picked by Muppet-meister Jim Henson, Spinney was 35 when “Sesame Street” began. He turns 76 the day after Christmas. In his dressing room at Kaufman Astoria Studios in Queens, where the show is taped, he was pondering an existential question not long ago.

“If you didn’t know when you were born, how old would you think you are?” he mused. “I can apply that to Sesame Street's longevity: It seems like years, but I’d never guess 40!'” Maybe that’s because the self-renewing “Sesame Street” is forever young. Continuous in-house testing helps identify key curriculum goals, shape the show’s content and track its success. Meanwhile, independent academic researchers have conducted more than 1,000 studies, making “Sesame Street” the most researched TV show in history. One notable study reconnected with adolescents who had participated in “Sesame Street” research as preschoolers. It found that teens who watched “Sesame Street” in preschool had higher grades and spent more time reading for pleasure than other teens who had missed the show as children. And still the show goes on. One recent afternoon, “Sesame Street” was shooting a scene on a rare rainy day. In Studio J, the diminutive Muppets Elmo and Rosita are having a problem sharing an umbrella with Big Bird. “You can’t fit under the umbrella if I’m holding it,'' Rosita worries. “Oh, sure I can,'” says Big Bird. “I’ll just make myself short.'' And down Spinney sinks into a Big Bird crouch. With no sign of slowing down, Spinney says he aims to keep at it as Big Bird and Oscar. “I still have the job, and I have contracts for the future in hand,” he says, “and I’m delighted.”




Big Bird’s still huge as ‘Sesame Street’ hits its fourth decade on TV

Caroll Spinney is the puppeteer

for the character Big Bird.

XTRA A D AY O N T H E S T R E E T >> Big Bird’s head weighs

almost two kilograms. >> Sesame Street shows on

Thai PBS TV every Saturday and Sunday at 6.30am. >> On the Net:

Monday, November 9, 2009




years ago


Another urban legend

"Sesame Street" creator Jim Henson died, and an urban legend began that Ernie would be "killed off " on the show.

that mankind is doomed because the Mayan calendar ends in 2012 is the subject of the movie "2012", due in cinemas next month.

soopsip Killing time is really a snap What does a politician do when he’s still got two years

and seven months left on his ban from politics? Suwat Lipatapanlop has plenty to do as president of the Thai Tennis Association, and now he’s agreed to head the national photography foundation as well. The foun- Suwat Lipatapanlop dation has been without a president since the death of Osotspa Co chief Surat Osathanukrah almost two years ago. Suwat was good friends with Surat and is a gifted photographer too.



Winging it At 47, Nok Air chief executive Patee Sarasin isn’t going

In ‘Masters’, Manit Sriwanichpoom reflects on how far Thais are moving away from Buddhist ideals D A I LY X P R E S S


anit Sriwanichpoom satirises the commercialism of Thai Buddhism through the manufacture of sacred icons in “Masters”, an exhibition that showcases photographs of life-like resin replicas of famous Buddhist masters, that’s now showing at Kathmandu Photo Gallery in Bangkok and opens next week at Chalk Horse Gallery in Sydney, Australia. The idea for the show came into his head while driving along a soi near Bangkok’s Giant Swing, which is lined with shops selling religious icons. Stopping at a red light, Manit noticed two life-sized statues of monks. One depicted Luang Por Toh Brahmarangsi of Wat Rakhang while the other portrayed Luang Pu Tuad of

Chang Hai Temple. The sight made his skin crawl because he says, “they were so close to living beings”. The creepy feeling deepened when he saw the glass displaycase behind them, filled with 30-cm-high replicas of yet more famous monks. “These resin miniature humans had been rendered so life-like by Thai craftsmen, that they rivalled Madame Tussaud’s famous wax figures of celebrities,” he recalls. “While Buddha statues represent a concept, the worship of individual masters implies idolising specific people for their reputed magical powers. The more advanced the marketing and production techniques, the more intricate and fantastical their products, and the further we travel from the

XTRA Buddha. Our vision becomes blurred, nothing is clear, including when we look at these holy masters,” he notes. Manit is best known for turning his artist friend Sompong Thawee into the “Pink Man”, dressing him in an obscenely bright pink business suit for a series of photos that have been exhibited the world over. The soulless figure shows an exaggerated sense of the disconnect and greed that Manit sees as threatening the world today.

ON TWO CONTINENTS >> The show continues until December 13 at the Kathmandu Photo Gallery. The venue is at 87 Pan Road near the Indian temple, off Silom Road. It’s open daily except Monday from 11 to 7. Call (02) 234 6700 or visit >> The show in Sydney will

be held from November 19 to December 11. The gallery is at 94 Cooper Street. Visit

to give the young pop stars much to worry about with the album he’s releasing next month, but he has been singing since his teen years at Chulalongkorn Demonstration School. “I often sang on the school stage,” he says. Patee isn’t revealing what kind of Patee Sarasin music he’s recorded with producer Thanapat “Prod” Mathayomjam. We’re sort of hoping for tunes like “Fly Me to the Moon” and “Up, Up and Away”. And once the album comes out next month, we’re keen to ask Patee which line of work he finds more challenging – running a low-cost airline or making music.

Contact Soopsip at



Monday, November 9, 2009


love scope BY EUGENIA LAST

November 9 to 14, 2009

ARIES March 21-April 19

Frustration will mount if you are persistently trying to get the attention of someone who isn’t interested or is already involved with another. Forget about the pursuit and enjoy making new friends who have the potential to be something more. TAURUS April 20-May 20

Fully stretched with Philips The Philips HSB4383 is a new sound-bar DVD home-theatre system that can reproduce 5.1-channel surround sound from the front Dolby Virtual Speaker system, using advanced spatial algorithm. It has a HDMI port and can upscale DVD movies to the full HD 1080p resolution. Apart from DVD movies, it supports DivX and DivX Ultra formats. The system is also integrated with karaoke scoring system. The Philips HSB4383 retails for Bt17,990.

You’ll attract a lot of potential partners but will have trouble deciding which one to choose. Be observant and something someone says will cause you to have a change of heart and lead you toward the partner best-suited to fill your needs. GEMINI May 21-June 20

Play around without making promises or getting too close to anyone. Your fickle ways will hurt someone if you send the wrong signal. Open your doors to friends and enjoy the company you have the most fun with. CANCER June 21-July 22

You can meet your dream partner if you get out and network or socialise with people who have similar interests. Your tried-andtrue persona will capture the interest of someone who is just as possessive and passionate as you. LEO July 23-August 22

In contact, in motion A new smart phone with a 3.2-inch touch screen and a jogwheel, the Acer be Touch E100 is for networkers on the go. The jogwheel lets you easily zoom in on webpages, and there’s direct linking to popular social networking sites like Blogger, Facebook and Flickr. The phone has a built-in GPS receiver with maps for navigation that uses the fast 3G+ data connection. The quad-band GSM phone runs on Windows Mobile 6.5 and weighs only 118 grams. You’ll pay about Bt12,900.

The Lumix in bloom The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35K is an SLR-like digital camera with 12.1-megapixel resolution that can also shoot AVCHD Lite (Mpeg-4/H.264) at 1,280x720-pixel resolution. Record a movie in Dolby Stereo sound and get great shots with a 27mm wide-angle with 18x zoom f2.8 Leica DC VarioElmarit lens, which is equivalent to a 486mm telephoto. The going price is Bt19,990 with a 4GB SD card.

It will be difficult to decipher what’s going on when it comes to the game of love. You are likely to misinterpret how someone feels or what is expected of you. Back away if you feel the least bit uncomfortable. Time is on your side, so take it. VIRGO August 23-September 22

A friend will play an important role in your personal life. Feelings you never realised you had will take you by surprise and lead you down a path you never knew existed. Don’t be afraid to test the waters and to say yes to love. LIBRA September 23-October 22

You’ll be attracted to someone you meet through work who can alter your status and offer you a complete lifestyle change. The adventure and excitement will lure you in but before going there, make sure your motives are clear. SCORPIO October 23-November 21

You’re hot and everyone will want to be involved with you but, before giving your heart away, find out who is offering what and what is expected of you in return. You may have second thoughts after getting to know some of your suitors better. SAGITTARIUS November 22-December 21

You will attract a lot of people you meet but you must be careful not to align yourself with someone looking for a commitment. Too much, too soon may be enticing at first but, in time, you will tire of this person’s possessiveness. CAPRICORN December 22-January 19

More ‘jet’ in a jet printer Printing hassles end with the HP Officejet 7000, an affordable, wide-format printer that can rattle off A3+ pages too. It’s fast at 33 pages per minute and lets you easily design and print photo collages using a special template and link up to other machines for network printing. Expect to pay Bt7,900.

Look for someone who is as active and mainstream as you and you will meet your match. It will take an accomplished partner to hold your interest. You may attract good lookers but it’s substance that will count in the end. AQUARIUS January 20-February 18

Give more thought to what you want before getting tied into a relationship you may end up regretting. Loneliness is not a good enough reason to make a commitment. Don’t fool yourself into believing you’ll be happy with just anyone. PISCES February 19-March 20

You’ve got what it takes to attract someone who can offer you all the perks and passion you want. A serious long-term commitment is heading your way and the chance to grab the personal security you've been looking for can be yours.

Monday, November 9, 2008




A sense for scent Richard ‘the Nose” Fraysse is emperor of an invisible kingdom DEUTSCHE PRESSEAGENTUR


ichard Fraysse is not very fond of his nickname “the nose”. “Would an artist be flattered to be called ‘the eye’?,” he asks. Fraysse would much prefer to be referred to as a “composer” yet the fact of the matter is that he is known for his sense of smell which reveals to him a world hidden to most mortals. As a perfumer, the otherwise unremarkable Frenchman is emperor of an invisible world of fragrances. He has created more than 80 artificial odours in three decades and he numbers oriental princesses and international stars among his clientele. For this particular 59-yearold, the world consists primarily of scents and smells. Other people may be enraptured by the fading colours of a late summer landscape but

Fraysse’s senses scent samples and let take in the odour me try and guess the of dry hay and fragrance. It was just a freshly-mown game,” Fraysse recalls. meadows instead. After studying ecoAt such moments nomics he set off for he reaches for a the French perfume notebook and capital of Grasse in writes down his order to learn the olfactory imprestrade. Grasse plays a sions. key role in the celeFor fragrances brated 1985 novel are ephemeral and “Perfume: The Story the expert needs of a Murderer” by these aides de German author memoire in order Patrick Suesskind to recreate in the whose central characlaboratory the ter Grenouille mursweet smell of a ders 24 beautiful virsummer’s aftergins in a bid create noon. “I translate what he regards as the that which I see or ultimate fragrance. feel into scents,” The work of a perParis perfumer Richard Fraysse, emperor of an invisible he explains. An fumer is a blend of world of fragrances. unknown land, a technical skill and fascinating work of art - the The fine sense of smell runs creativity. “It can be comworld inspires the creations of in the family. Both his grandfa- pared to that of a musician. this perfumier and he is always ther and father worked in the You must first practice the on the lookout for something perfume business. “My father notes before you are able to new. often used to bring home play,” says Fraysse. DPA

By Verena Frick

He is already familiar with around 3,000 perfumery notes and works with 600 of these regularly. “I create my fragrances and hope that people like them” he says, adding that the “heart” of a perfume consists of between 10 and 15 different essences. The unique character of a perfume derives from the addition of further essences. On average one perfume contains around 30 basic scents but there are no hard and fast rules. “Sooner or later the moment arrives when you simply have to stop,” says Fraysse who admits that he is never entirely happy with the fragrances he creates. He does not believe in the perfect fragrance which Suesskind’s hero sought in vain. At the same time he nurtures a desire to create a “universal perfume” so intoxicating that everyone would declare: “From now on I will never wear another perfume.”


Monday, November 9, 2009



see it! Let the ladies sing KPN Music and Samsung offer the “Be a Woman” concert at Royal Paragon Hall on November 28 at 6pm. The all-female show of romantic love songs features Nantida Kaewbuasai, Viyada Komarakul na Nakorn, Radklao Amaradit, Suthasinee Puttinan and Mum Laconic. Grab a seat for Bt800 to Bt2,500 at

Did you say ‘erotic’? Tada Varich and Tawan Wattuya show their latest art from Thursday to December 21 in “Story of the Eye” at the Gossip Gallery in the Silom Galleria on Silom Soi 19. The exhibition tests the boundaries between eroticism, pornography and art, challenging the Thai tendency to conform. Find out more at (02) 237 5568 and

ana you in the groove with Bealgndiawn illDJ v a H e h t r Head foat the new Holiday Inn PdattallayaovegretsEurope, AmericanksaisndBAt1si,5a0, 0. Call o dri orme a Bar 1. He’s perf on with tw The Havan ovember 2 ist DJ Cortez. Admissi N n o i m e Busc ussion ere by perc be joined h 155. (02) 656


Chef Thanid eraton Grande Sh crets Basil at the veals the se e re it v m u n -o Sukh n -o e ine in on of Thai cuis king classes from o afternoon co turday. Learn to a S to y s, Monda tisers, salad for e p p a 16 s cook rt e ss e s and d soups, main lso get Thai ua Bt2,600. Yo an apron and a s, k n ri d l herba 9 8366 all (02) 64 nde C . te a ic if cert Gra n to w.Shera or visit ww Sukhumv

Kisso chef deserves a kiss Kisso, the Japanese restaurant at the Westin Grande Sukhumvit, has a new menu this month created by Chef Ikeda. Among many treats are hotateki smoked salmon maki, a deep-fried scallop and smoked-salmon rolls with wasabi dressing and kaki herb butter yaki, which is a baked oyster in a herb butter sauce. Call (02) 207 8000, extension 8130 or visit

ans gose f n i f e h t Whereber 18 to 24, Lok Wa Hinn, SthiaemChSinqueare,

Stock up for Christmas

m ko From Nove tel Bangko t– at the Novo nticity of old Yaowara t n ra u a st re in e -f th ’s u a rk a to sh savoury wds. Tuck in ken and rice, has all the o cr d n a t a ic e he inan-style ch . Book a without th re dle rolls, Ha o o m o n ch ce u ri m , p sia. sou ribs and rk o p h o it v w o .N ce ri w d w ile w r o b 8o 2) 209 888 table at (0

Until November 25, it’s “B2S

Feel Gift Feel Good” at the B2S shop, with prices discounted on more than 500 decor and stationery products. Call (02) 101 7133-4.

Free movies Films from the 1980s to the present day are being shown all this month at the Film Archive in Salaya, Nakhon Pathom. Shows are at 5 daily except Tuesday and noon on Saturday and Sunday. Visit www.

So that’s how it’s done a Amornvatin of

Live it up Italiano Gorge on Italian food at the World at the Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld every Monday from 6 to 10.30 this month and next. The buffet includes risotto with foie gras, braised beef risotto, truffled gnocchi, Florentine-style grills and seafood specialities from Liguria. The price is Bt1,090++. Call (02) 100 6255 or visit

Monday, November 9, 2009




at the cinema


Suay... Samurai Veteran director Manop Udomdej returns to the scene with this action drama about a CIA agent (Sophita Sribanchean) battling fellow agents and terrorists to stop a plot to blow up Bangkok. Saranyoo Wongkrajang, Jacqueline Aphithananon, Ketsirin Ektawatkul and Pete Thongchua also star. Rated 18+.

The Box

Turistas In this Chilea n comedy-d rama, a 37-y nant wife is earbored with h er summer va old possibly preghusband. M aybe she pre cation trave ls and her fers to be hit Norwegian b chhiking wit ackpacker a ha nd walking a talking abou mo t birds and o ld pop songs ng big trees and 4pm with a park ranger.

way Light Years A irky 1981 drama about a young

rects this qu man in an Alain Tanner di eccentric, elderly an ith w ed lv invo man who gets g machine. 4pm a one-man flyin ild bu to pt m atte

Lost Nation



Chard is lost in a forest and as he dissolves in the dark green wild, his identity becomes clearer in the memories of people talking about his vanishing. 11am

Bilal can see but his parents cannot, and inside a tiny, dark and dank room they live in a curious game of seeing and not seeing. 6.15pm

At the hospital to visit his dying father, Rui meets an unnamed pregnant woman survivor of a car accident in which her lover has died. Have they met before?


A Letter to Uncle Boonmee

In a rural Malaysian village, a young man working in his family’s karaoke bar finds that the happiness and romance in the videos are empty promises. 11am

Zift Falsely convicted of murder and imprisoned since 1944, just before Bulgaria turned communist, Moth is freed on parole and finds 1960s Sofia a new and alien world. 11am

Apichatpong Weerasethakul has young men read a letter to his uncle as the camera tracks around the village and observes a spaceship and a monkey ghost. With “I Forgot the Title” by Christelle Lheureux and a Q&A by Lheureux at 6.15pm.

is of no benefit as milk prices keep dropping and his girlfriend has been having an affair with the town’s stationmaster. 8.30pm


The Wind and the Water

Giver Taker Heartbreaker

An indigenous teen seeks his fortune and falls in love in Panama City. 8.30pm

Jett’s a giver, Jack’s a taker and Clarence is a troublemaker in this American experimental romance. 8.30pm

Milk A young man’s passion for poetry

> > F E S T I VA L T I M E

The World Film Festival of Bangkok runs until Sunday at Paragon Cineplex. Visit

Cameron Diaz and James Marsden play a couple who are given a mysterious box that will grant them riches while in the process killing a person unknown to them. Frank Langella also stars. It’s directed by Richard Kelly (“Donnie Darko”). Rated G.

The Brothers Bloom Adrien Brody and Mark Ruffalo are sibling conmen who swindle millionaires with complex scenarios. Deciding to take one last job, they meet their match in an eccentric and beautiful heiress (Rachel Weisz). Rinko Kikuchi also stars. At the Siam and SFW CentralWorld. Rated G.

on tv

Guts Short Programme 2


Ten experimental shorts from all over the world. 1.15pm

A medical student discovers that a secret society at her university is performing autopsies on living people. With Franka Potente and Benno Furmann.

At Stake This documentary tackles taboo issues that women are facing in Indonesia, with topics that include genital mutilation and the conflict that arises when an unmarried woman wants to go to the gynaecologist. 1.15pm

Short Wave Programme 1 Ten shorts on various subjects from various places. With a Q&A session at 4pm.

Cinemax (TrueVisions), 8pm

> > F I L M R AT I N GS

Face When a Taiwanese director (Lee Kang-sheng) sets out to make film on the myth of Salome in Paris’ Louvre, many problems are bound to occur. Also stars Fanny Ardant, Jean-Pierre Leaud and Laetitia Casta. Directed by Tsai Ming-liang, this year’s recipient of the festival’s Lotus Award. 1.15pm

As of August 2009, Thailand has these motion-picture ratings: G – General audiences. P – Promote as educational. 13+, 15+ and 18+ – Suggested minimum ages for viewers. 20+ – Restricted to viewers aged 20 and older; ID check mandatory.

Adam By Bryan Basset

The Buckets By Scott Stantis

Pooch Cafe By Paul Gilligan

Red and Rover

By Brian Basset

By Bill Watterson

Calvin and Hobbes

By John McPherson

Close to Home

12 LEISURE Monday, November 9, 2009



Monday, November 9, 2009



Games&YourStars SUDOKU

The last word in


By Eugenia Last

Today’s Birthday: You need a change more than you realise and you should be considering everything from a major move, acquiring more skills or taking up a hobby that has the potential of another income. Don’t end up having regrets because you didn’t follow your heart. Act on the opportunities that come your way.

Saturday’s Puzzle Answer Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusively.

ARIES ***** March 21-April 19 Your ambitious attitude will help you share your ideas with those as intent to get ahead as you. Together, you may be able to form a unique and successful group. TAURUS ** April 20-May 20 Keep your thoughts to yourself and you’ll avoid upsetting loved ones. People you are closest to may not have the same intentions as you. You’ll have to make a difficult but necessary decision. GEMINI **** May 21-June 20 You’ll be inclined to exaggerate, making it essential that you leave yourself enough time to follow through with promises made. In doing so, you will be a big hit with your friends and relatives.



CANCER *** June 21-July 22 Don’t overspend because you are feeling low. Being generous will not buy love, respect or loyalty. Consider what’s bringing you down and eliminate your problem. LEO *** July 23-Aug. 22 Be sensitive and understanding and you can avoid upset, anger and an argument. If you force others to do things your way, you’ll be accused of meddling and blamed for not being fair. VIRGO *** Aug. 23-Sept. 22 Keep your mind on what’s important. Take care of your responsibilities and don’t get involved in what others are doing. You will have enough to deal with without taking on someone else’s battles. LIBRA **** Sept. 23-Oct. 22 Attend an event that will encourage you to meet new friends and make connections to help you achieve your goals. Volunteer your services. This is not the time to spend money. SCORPIO ** Oct. 23-Nov. 21 Jealousy will lead to disaster. If things aren’t going according to plan or you feel someone is not paying enough attention to you, consider why. A mature attitude will help you get through troubled times. SAGITTARIUS ***** Nov. 22-Dec. 21 You will do better with matters concerning outsiders or peers than those of your loved ones. Avoid any personal concerns. Time and distance have a way of dealing with such issues. CAPRICORN *** Dec. 22-Jan. 19 Focus on your own investments or bank balance for now. If you are diligent about where your money goes, you can save enough to invest in yourself and your own endeavours.

Yuenyong “Ad Carabao”

Actor Charlie Robinson is 64. Actor Robert David Hall is 61. Actor Lou Ferrigno is 58. Singer/songwriter Yuenyong “Ad Carabao” Opakul is 55. Musician Susan Tedeschi is 39. Actor Eric Dane is 37. Singer Nick Lachey is 36. Singer Sisqo (Dru Hill) is 31. Actress Nikki Blonsky is 21.

AQUARIUS *** Jan. 20-Feb. 18 Some relationships are best left alone. When trust is lacking, there is nothing you can do but move on. Change may be inevitable but once it is made you will feel better about your future. PISCES *** Feb. 19-March 20 You will have an opportunity that you must not pass by. Talk to people who are interested in what you do and share what you have to offer. Don’t let your restlessness cause you to go in the wrong direction.



Monday, November 9, 2009



Syria hold hosts to a tame draw Thailand were held to a 1-1 draw with Syria in a friendly match at Thunderdome stadium yesterday. The result and performance of the Thai side has left national coach Bryan Robson plenty to work on before the Kingdom face Singapore in the back-to-back Asian Cup qualifiers starting with an away tie on November 14. – Daily Xpress

Aoyama claims 250cc world crown Japan’s Hiroshi Aoyama, riding a Honda, claimed the 250cc world title at the season-ending Valencia motorcycling Grand Prix yesterday. Spaniard Hector Barbera won the race ahead of compatriot and Aprilia team-mate Alvaro Bautista with Italy’s Raffaele De Rosa third on a Honda. The title-challenge had gone down to the wire with Aoyama taking a 21-point lead over Italy’s Marco Simoncelli into the race. The Japanese rider secured the title by finishing seventh. – AFP

Wales left fuming with Carter Wales were left fuming with a head-high tackle by Dan Carter that went unpunished in their 19-12 loss to New Zealand. The All Blacks playmaker tracked back magnificently after Shane Williams had stepped his markers to produce a crunching, try-saving tackle on Martin Roberts, who had the line at his mercy in the 71st minute with the score at 19-9. – AFP

129-101 Dirk Nowitzki scored 29 points and the Mavericks welcomed back Josh Howard in a home thumping of the Toronto Raptors.

Johnson confident despite loss AFP, London



Dawson remains undefeated America’s Chad Dawson won a unanimous decision over an older and slower Glen Johnson to remain undefeated and win the interim WBC light heavyweight title on Saturday. – AP


British boxer David Haye, left, in action against WBA title holder Russian Nikolai Valuev.

BRING ON BROTHERS New world champ Haye wants the Klitschkos now A F P , Nuremberg, Germany


avid Haye landed the WBA heavyweight title with victory over Nikolai Valuev and then set his sights on the Klitschko brothers as part of his quest to dominate the division. The 29-year-old from London scored a majority decision verdict after taking the 2.13m tall, 143kg Russian giant the full twelve-round distance, using his superior speed to stay away from his opponent’s close-range punches. Haye must now face John Ruiz of the United States in a mandatory defence, but says he will then seek out either IBF and WBO champion Wladimir Klitscko or his brother Vitali, the WBC champion. “Anyone who has a belt is in my sights now – definitely the Klitschkos,” said Haye, who had secured fights with both Ukrainian brothers last summer only for the match-ups to fall through. “The Klitschkos tried to lock

me down in a crazy contract. I am free now to fight who I want to.” Haye revealed he had damaged his right hand early in Saturday’s fight and was shocked at how hard Valuev’s head was to punch. “I damaged my right early in the fight, I think it was the second round, he has a very hard head, it was like punching a brick wall,” said Haye. “I have hit heavy bags before in the gym, but I knew I had broken my hand straight away.” Haye, Britain’s first heavyweight champion since Lennox Lewis’s retirement in 2003, said it was an incredible feeling to have won. “It’s a bit surreal to be honest. When you strive for something your whole life, what do you do?” he said. “Some people said I was crazy to fight this guy, but I proved the Hayemaker can turn it on when he wants to. “I think I can clean up in this division and there is plenty more to come.” Having branded Valuev “a circus freak” before the fight, Haye said he had proved his value as a showman by backing up his brash claims.

“I say what the fight fans want to hear, I talk big and then I produce the goods,” he said. “I said I would make him look silly, I said he wouldn’t hit me and that is what I did, I have beaten the biggest and tallest champion of all time.” Haye insisted his speed and athleticism was the key to the shock upset in just his third heavyweight fight as he inflicted only the second defeat of Valuev’s career. “The key was speed,” insisted the new world champion. “People don’t realise I am very fast, I have powerful punches. “It was my speed and power. I am an athlete and if I wasn’t boxing I would be playing football or rugby. “Being a good athlete means you can put on good performances like that. My athleticism made the difference.” Valuev, 36, admitted he was shocked by Haye’s performance. “From my point of view, the main thing which went wrong today was the pace,” said the Russian. “It was like a marathon for me and I wasn’t prepared to run so much like you would in a world championships.”

ngland manager Martin Johnson welcomed the return to international rugby of Jonny Wilkinson and predicted better days ahead for his side despite an 18-9 defeat by Australia here at Twickenham. England were leading until the hour mark in Saturday’s match but, after a solid start, the truth was they had been hanging on since half-time. Fly-half Wilkinson kicked all of England’s points but grand slam-chasing Australia scored the game’s only tries through scrum-half Will Genia, the man-of-the-match, and full-back Adam AshleyCooper. Injuries had deprived Johnson of 12 members of his senior squad in the build-up to this match and, in his words, they were facing a “battlehardened” Australia team, albeit one that had lost six of its previous seven Tests against Tri-Nations rivals South Africa and New Zealand. But England rarely looked like scoring a try. However, Johnson, with Argentina due at Twickenham a week on Saturday, said: “We will tweak what needs to be tweaked and hopefully we will be better for it next week.” Both of Australia’s tries might have been prevented, with Genia catching England napping on the blindside at a ruck while Ashley-Cooper, with nine minutes to go, powered his way through a couple of attempted tackles. “They weren’t great to give away, we came off our intensity a little bit,” said Johnson. Johnson refused to blame England’s fitness problems for their second straight defeat by Australia. “We’ve not talked about the injuries. That was the first game that team has played together but that doesn’t excuse some things,” he said.

Monday, November 9, 2009




IT’S A DERBY DELIGHT Ten-man Real keep in touch with leaders Barcelona AFP, Barcelona

en-man Real Madrid survived a late fightback by Atletico Madrid to win 3-2 and keep the pressure on Spanish League leaders Barcelona on Saturday. In an action-packed derby at the Calderon, Kaka gave Real the lead after just five minutes although there were suspicions of a foul on Cleber Santana in the lead-up. Chances came and went for both sides but Real were more clinical with Marcelo doubling the advantage with an acute drive with his weaker right foot. Still not fully fit, Sergio Aguero was introduced in the second half and after running through on goal was brought down by Sergio Ramos who was dismissed. However, Real went further ahead through Gonzalo Higuain after 73 minutes before Atletico launched an assault which saw Diego Forlan and Aguero both score. Real coach Manuel Pellegrini said: “In the first half, Atletico hardly caused us any trouble and then we still had everything controlled until Ramos was sent off. “We have to improve because we lack consistency but I have a good feeling about the team.” Atletico coach Quique Flores admitted that the result leaves the team in a precarious position in the league. “The alarm bells are ringing for us but with fight and character we have to take on the next few games and start mov-




Real Madrid striker Gonzalo Higuain scores against Atletico Madrid at the Vicente Calderon Stadium. ing up the table,” he said. Youngster Pedro Rodriguez scored a brace as Barcelona kept up a one-point lead over Real with a 4-2 win over Real Mallorca. Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola sent out a secondstring side with Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta, Leo Messi and Dani Alves all missing from the starting line-up. Barcelona dominated the game and went ahead through Pedro after a delightful backheel from Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Jose Nunes levelled for Mallorca, heading home at the far post from a corner but Barcelona scored twice in the run-up to half-time. Pedro scored again and then

ATLETICO HARDLY CAUSED US ANY TROUBLE UNTIL RAMOS WAS SENT OFF. Manuel Pellegrini Thierry Henry grabbed his first goal after an injury-plagued start to the season. Mallorca were unable make any real inroads after the break and substitute Messi increased

Barcelona’s advantage from the penalty spot. There was still time at the end for a consolation from Alhassane Keita. “It wasn’t all bad,” said Guardiola. “Last year nobody gave us any chance and each step that we made was met by surprise, but this year there is no room for surprises.” A battling performance by Deportivo La Coruna saw them keep up their push for a place in Europe with a 2-0 win at Getafe despite being reduced to nine men. Struggling Malaga picked up an important point against Tenerife who will consider they should have won the game.

Gunners excite boss Wenger Arsene Wenger is convinced his latest Arsenal team is as exciting as the Invincibles of six years ago who last won the Premier League title for the Londoners. Arsenal swept aside Wolves 4-1 to move into second place ahead of Manchester United’s visit to leaders Chelsea, but Frenchman Wenger insists his side can maintain a genuine challenge throughout the season. Despite being well below their best at Molineux on Saturday, Arsenal still managed to take their tally to 55 goals for the season so far, with an incredible average of three goals per match. Wenger desperately wants to be a contender again and feels his side are on the verge of something special. It is a belief that is starting to infiltrate the dressing room too. “The desire to win the Premier League is there and we want to strengthen our belief. The most important thing is that we play for each other and our focus is on our performances,” said Wenger. “We also want to continue to develop our style of play. We did not have a chance to challenge last season. Two years ago we were very close and we would like to experience that again. But we want to keep out humility.” Wenger is refusing to discount Liverpool from the title race, despite the fact they have lost as many league games this season as the Gunners had at the same stage 12 months ago. “I would not discount Liverpool,” added Wenger. AFP

City’s Hughes set to face owner’s questions A F P , Manchester



Man City manager Mark Hughes shows his dejection

anchester City manager Mark Hughes insists he has no fears about his meeting with the club’s owner in Abu Dhabi this week despite his team’s disappointing 3-3 home draw with Burnley. City were to fly to the Middle East later yesterday to play a friendly with the UAE national team on Thursday and Hughes will have talks with

Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed AlNahyan. After a run of only one victory in six Premier League games, the last five of them draws, the potential appears to be there for some awkward questions from the man who invested 200 million pounds in new talent over the summer. But Hughes was far more concerned with the loss of two home points that City ap-

peared to have secured when they came from two goals down to lead 3-2 in the second half. “Going to Abu Dhabi doesn’t have any significance but it’s a poor result from our point of view because we had redeemed a situation people might have thought was beyond us,” said Hughes. “We’re 10 or 11 games in and I think we’re doing okay, no more, no less than that.

“I said before the season that there will be times when we look like what we are, a team coming together and trying to gel. And on other occasions it will happen for us and we will look an outstanding team – but I am frustrated, and disappointed as well.” And Hughes admitted that the strong opening to the campaign may now be working against his side.



Monday, November 9, 2009


REPEAT CHAMPIONS Ross, Kessy-Boss easily retain their crown in Phuket Preechachan Wiriyanupappong D A I L Y X P R E S S , Phuket


op seeds April Ross and Jennifer Kessy-Boss retained their crown in the US$190,000 Phuket Thailand Open after thrashing second seeds Angela Akers and Tyra Turner in straight sets in the all-Americans final on Karon Beach yesterday. The 21-12 21-17 victory in the 37-minute clash ended the season of Ross and Kessy on a high note as it stretched their remarkable success to three in the 2009 Swatch FIVB World Tour series. The fantastic duo had earlier captured the World Championship in Norway and the Marseille Grand Slam in France. Last year, Ross and Kessy powered past compatriots Nicole Branagh and Turner in three sets for the gold medal.

It was an all-American showdown for the third consecutive time in the event’s history. Kerri Walsh and Misty MayTreanor beat compatriots Branagh and Elaine Young to win the first gold for the USA in 2007. “It was nice to become champions once again in this lovely place. We didn’t expect that we would go thus far. Angela and Tyra gave us a tough fight in the second set. Somehow we managed to contain them and did not allow the match to go to the third set,” said April Ross. Ross and Kessy received US$30,000 plus 600 FIVB world ranking points for their magnificent victory. Turner and Akers, who were playing in their first World Tour gold medal match, pocketed US$21,000 cash plus 540 points. Meanwhile in the third-place play-off earlier yesterday, Maria Bratkova and Evgenia Ukolova of Russia produced a

Aussies win the series A F P , Guwahati, India


April Ross, right, and Jennifer Kessy-Boss celebrate their victory. magnificent come-from-behind victory over 17th-seeded Lauren Fendrick and Ashley Ivy of the United States 15-21 22-20 15-9. The Russians’ win shattered the US dreams of claiming a “full house” in this year’s Phuket Thailand Open. They also emerged as the first

Russian team to ever win a medal in the World Tour series. Bratkova and Ukolova claimed US$15,000 prize money plus 480 FIVB world ranking points, with fourth-placed finishers Fendrick and Ivy taking home US$11,200 cash and 420 points.


oug Bollinger took 5-35 and Shane Watson hit 49 as Australia thrashed India by six wickets to win the sixth one-day international and the seven-match series 4-2 yesterday. Bollinger combined with fellow left-arm quick Mitchell Johnson (3-39) to bowl out India for 170 in 48 overs before Watson’s runa-ball knock guided the world champions to 172-4 with 8.1 overs to spare. Harbhajan Singh picked up 2-23 but the injury-hit Aussies, missing nine of their regular one-day players, did well on a tricky wicket at the Nehru stadium to clinch the series ahead of the final game in Mumbai on Wednesday. “It has perhaps been the most satisfying series win I have been involved in,” said Ponting. “To get 11 players on the field has been a challenge in some of the games. Our fielding has been outstanding,”

Monday, November 9, 2009





Song wins in Japan AFP, Shima, Japan

Mickelson rallies to win HSBC title over hapless Els AP, Shanghai


hil Mickelson staged a late rally to win the HSBC Champions by one stroke over South Africa’s Ernie Els yesterday. Mickelson made an 18footer to save par on the 16th after whiffing on a shot, then holed a 10-foot birdie on the 17th to close with a 3-under 69 and overcome a late charge by Els, who held the lead until hitting into the water and making bogey on the final hole. Tiger Woods was never a factor in the final World Golf Championship of the year, falling six shots behind on the front nine and doing well to stay on the leaderboard the rest of the way. He hit into the water with his third shot on the par-5 18th and had to scramble for bogey to close with a 72 and finish in a tie for fifth, five shots behind. It was the third time in his

last four attempts that Woods played in the final group without winning. Mickelson finished at 17-under 271 and earned $1.2 million in winning his second WGC event of the year. It was the first time the American won a tournament while playing in the final group with Woods. Els, devastated when Mickelson beat him with a birdie on the final hole of the 2004 Masters, was 10 under for his round and had a one-shot lead playing the 538-yard 18th hole. From the middle of the fairway, he went at the green with a fairway metal and landed in the middle of the lake. Els had 218 yards to the front of the green on a downslope in the fairway, not enough for him to hit 4-iron, while a 3-iron might go over the green and down the bank into the water. He opted to hit a high cut with his 5-wood and “basically duffed it.” “But I can’t think about that,” said Els, who started the round


Phil Mickelson, left, and Ernie Els at the award ceremony. seven shots behind. “For me to come back all the way, to actually share the lead at that point, was quite nice. I’m disappointed about that, but I’m going to really think about the 63 I shot.” He had to settle for a share of the course record at SheShan International, a 9-under 63 matched earlier in the day by Northern Ireland’s Rory McIlroy, who finished fourth,

and Daisuke Maruyama of Japan. Els waited in the scoring trailer for Mickelson to finish, and Lefty tried to keep it interesting. He drove into the massive gallery lining the left side of the fairway, then hit into the left rough just short of a bunker. But he hit wedge safely to the middle of the green, and rolled his birdie putt to within tap-in range for another victory.

vernight leader Song Bobae of South Korea hit a four-under-par 68 to stretch her lead and win the USLPGA Tour Mizuno Classic golf tournament yesterday. Starting the day with a one-stroke lead, the 23-year-old Korean sank five birdies against one bogey for a three-round total of 15-underpar 201, three strokes clear of the field. “I couldn’t sleep last night, because I was so nervous,” said Song. She said she became sure of victory only at the 17th hole, “when my tee-shot went towards the bunker, but the ball luckily bounced back and stopped 15 feet short of the cup. “A lot of the other players were chasing up, and I felt nervous. Mistakes are inevitable, so I tried to play [with] as few mistakes as possible,” she added. World No 1 Lorena Ochoa fired a bogey-free eight birdies for a 64 to share second place on 204 with Park Heeyoung of South Korea and American Brittany Lang.

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