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Monday, October 5, 2009 VOL 2, NO 432


I have had enough of it By Marat Safin Former world No 1 tennis pro, retiring this year


he constant travelling, practising for hours every day and having to focus 24/7 has started to become a bit too hectic for me. I’ve decided it’s time to leave tennis to the youngsters. But it’s not the end of the world. I’ll still be around, keeping in shape by playing exhibitions and the senior tour over the next couple of years.

What to do, where to go Check out the Clutter Sale for Charity; catch singer Da Endorphine; dig your teeth into scrumptious veggie fare; don’t miss the hot SalsaBangkok Fiesta; take your little one to the Self-Discovery Camp, and more...


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TOUGH TRIUMPH ‘I had a difficult match but I found a way to win,’ says a victorious Gilles Simon, the second Frenchman to win the Thailand Open in successive years >PAGE 24



Monday, October 5, 2009


Lecturer invents cheaper solar cells


THE EDUCATION MINISTRY expects one in every 10 students to have a computer in


Bayer Environmental Ambassadors take notes on fossils during a visit to the Sattahip Naval Base’s Thai Island and Sea Natural History Museum in Chon Buri.


n Ubon Ratchathani A University lecturer has invented solar cells – made of



organic substances extracted from leaves – which can produce power at a cheaper price. Winich Phrom-arak says his invention works on a machanism similar to photosynthesis in plants. The material used in his system are cheaper, especially pigments extracted from chlorophyll. Winich has been conducting research thanks to a Bt3-million grant by a company and another Bt430,000 by the National Science and Technology

Green ambassadors Five students are heading to Germany to attend an international workshop on protecting the environment By Mayuree Sukyingchoaroenwong D A I LY X P R E S S

Development Agency. He is yet to name his invention. The solar cells can be used to power chargers for mobile phone batteries or batteries of computer notebooks. “There are products available for these purposes, but they are priced high,” he said during a ceremony to receive the money from Precise Co Ltd, which sponsored the research. Wanchai Kanyamas, a senior Precise official, said the invention could be developed for commercial purposes and that people could consume power at a cheaper price by using solar cells invented by Winich. DAILY



fter being named Bayer E nv i r o n m e n t a l Ambassadors of Thailand, five students are going to attend a green workshop in Germany next month. There they will meet more young ambassadors from other countries. “It’s great to have an opportunity to exchange ideas on how best to protect the environment,” Rawikarn Dechdi says. Studying at Chulalongkorn University’s (CU) Faculty of Communication Arts, this third-year student is planning to summarise what she will learn from the Germany-based

workshop in a music video or short film so that it is easier to communicate the message to a larger audience later. The workshop will run from November 7 to 14.

Committed Rawikarn has been committed to environmental causes since she was a young girl. “When I was a primary student, I attended a Physical Education Department camp on the environment and it was there that I found I love nature,” says Rawikarn. “Since then, I have joined a number of environmental activities.” To win the title of “Bayer Environmental Ambassador”, she submitted a project called

“Secondhand Papers: the Books From Us, the Gift to Others”. “We have given priority to practical projects,” Titipong Yoopho says in his capacity as a judge selecting Bayer Environmental Ambassadors. Rawikarn’s project asked CU students to donate used paper. “Paper used only on one side can be bound and turned into a notebook. Paper used on both sides can be decorated and used as gift wrapping,” Rawikarn notes.

Concrete results Her project has already received concrete results. The notebooks and gift wrapping from the used paper were sent to children in Chiang Mai’s Mae Chaem district yesterday. “Many of my friends have joined my project,” Rawikarn says.

“The response is really good.” Four other students who will represent Thailand at the Germany-based green workshop are Panpraporn Jitjumchockchai, Saengabha Srisopaporn, Napat Lapaschaone and Nawanat Somnuek. Panpraporn’s winning project is about paddy-bird conservation, while Saengabha impressed the judge with her project to conserve water monitor lizards. Napat won with the “Self-Sufficiency and Thai Customs” project. Nawanat, meanwhile, wowed the judges with “Wood Charcoal Ashes to Ceramics for a Sustainable Lampang”. “Villagers in my hometown use charcoal for cooking. So I think they should use the ashes for something constructive,” says the school student from Lampang.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

THE WORLD Make peace

Attendees form the word ‘peace’ to promote awareness for the world march for peace, on Sydney’s Bondi Beach yesterday. The march, organised in various countries over a period of 90 days, will be asking for an end to wars and all forms of violence, plus the dismantling of nuclear weapons .


50-90% of Australia’s koalas are dying of a latent disease called chlamydia, brought out by stress

Info highway Kidnapped newborn found safe in Alabama


A Latina woman whose newborn was kidnapped by a knife-wielding woman posing as an immigration agent was briefly reunited with her baby, then saw him and her three other children taken from her and put into state custody. Rob Johnson, a spokesman for the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services, said the children were taken from their mother Maria Gurrolla “purely for safety reasons”, though he would not detail why the state deemed they were in danger. Gurrolla, 30, was stabbed in her home on Tuesday, just four days after giving birth to her baby, who was snatched by the attacker. The woman was arrested in the case. – AP

Malaysian singer arrested in Hong Kong for assault A Malaysian pop star has been arrested in Hong Kong a week after he admitted attacking a fellow singer in a furious rampage that was caught on film. Gary Chaw was arrested for alleged common assault, then freed on bail while the case is investigated, police spokesman Lawrence Li said. He was not immediately charged and was asked to report back in early November, Li said. Chaw was filmed attacking Hong Kong singer Justin Lo on September 23 outside a Hong Kong bar. The footage, widely circulated online, showed him shoving Lo to the ground and kicking him. Chaw admitted to the attack at a news conference a day later. “Justin did not try to injure me or hit back a single time. This was obviously not a fight. I lost control. I made the mistake that I feared the most. I don’t have any excuses.” – A P

Polanski agreed to pay victim $500,000 Film director did not live up to terms in sexual-assault case; owed Geimer $600,000 as of 1996: newspaper A F P , Los Angeles


isgraced film-maker Roman Polanski agreed to pay his sexual-assault victim US$500,000 (Bt16.7 million) as part of a 1990s civil settlement but did not live up to the terms, The Los Angeles Times reported on Saturday. The Times cited archived court filings emanating from a confidential 1993 settlement the Oscar-winning director made with Samantha Geimer, who was 13 at the time of the 1977 abuse, 15 years after he

fled the United States to avoid sentencing. Although the settlement was confidential, the amount was disclosed because of a fight to get Polanski, now 76, to pay. The court records do not indicate whether he ever paid the funds he promised, The Times said.

Extradition in 40 days? Polanski was detained in Switzerland last week in connection with the case. He could be extradited to the

United States within 40 days. Under the deal, Polanski was to pay Geimer $500,000 with interest by October 11, 1995, but the deadline passed with no check from Polanski, according to the court documents. In 1996, the victim’s attorneys sought help from the Los Angeles County Sheriff ’s Department to obtain funds from movie studios, Polanski’s agent and the Screen Actors Guild that were originally intended for the film-maker. According to the last document filed in the case – dated August 1996 – the director still owed Geimer $604,416, including interest.

Facebook warns of phony friends Facebook wants its members to be on guard for an old scam taking on new life in the world’s largest online socialnetworking community. The California-based firm said it has noticed a rise in the “419 scam” in which cybercrooks posing as intended victims’ friends on Facebook claim to be stranded in a foreign land and in desperate need of cash. Cyber-criminals trick people into revealing Facebook account names and passwords at bogus Web pages, and then assume their online identities. Once they’ve logged in, the scammers send Facebook inbox and chat messages and may even post status updates to the person’s profile asking friends to send money, usually through Western Union. Facebook is working with Western Union, which has posted warnings on its website. – AFP


Monday, October 5, 2009




“It doesn’t matter if it’s Roman Polanski or anyone else ... I think that he is a very respected person, and I am a big admirer of his work. But nevertheless, I think he should be treated like everyone else.”

‘ L I V E F O R E V E R’

‘FAME’ ON HIS OWN TERMS By Rachel Abramowitz


evin Tancharoen, the 25year-old director behind the recently released remake of “Fame”, wasn’t even born when Alan Parker’s original film stormed theatres in 1980. The movie was about a group of down and dirty kids struggling to make it at New York’s High School for the Performing Arts. That was back when talented kids still dreamed of honing their craft and hoofing it on Broadway, rather than just becoming an instant YouTube celebrity. These kids faced the social ills of the day and yet boogied resolutely to Irene Cara singing, “Fame! I wanna live forever!” So when Tancharoen was called in to discuss a remake with producer Gary Lucchesi, “My initial gut reaction was a little violent,” he says. “I loved the first one a lot. I had put it on a pedestal as one of the only raw, gritty looks into being a performer. It reflected the ’80s, and it was a movie that I watched almost every year.” Still, Tancharoen was intrigued with the idea of up-

Director Kevin Tancharoen made sure he cast hungry unknowns in his remake of the beloved 1980 film

rapher for Spears and Madonna, remix master, videographer and realityshow creator. One thing Tancharoen is sure about in remaking “Fame” is he doesn’t want to cast any famous names.





dating “Fame”, telling Lucchesi he didn’t envision an exact replica.

No famous names “Coco, Leroy, Bruno, Ralph, you cannot cast them again,” he says, reeling off the names of the first film’s main characters.

Tancharoen lives in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley, where he grew up with his mum, an artist, and his dad, a transportation coordinator for movies. He’s been in the entertainment business for more than a decade, as a dancer on a Britney Spears tour, choreog-

“That was part of the charm of the first movie. It’s about people who want to better themselves. If you cast a Zac Efron, you blur that end.” The film does maintain some of the veneer of grit and high energy of the original. The kids still break out into a spontaneous flurry of dance and song, which this time includes hip-hop call outs. Yet Tancharoen decided to forgo all of the original music, except for “Fame” and “Out Here on My Own”, deeming it too 1980s. He also chucked much of the social undercurrents of the first film, the story lines about drug addiction, abortion and closeted sexuality. Those issues too, he says, felt outmoded in 2009. “The tortured homosexual coming to terms with his real identity? Come on! In performing-arts school, that is not a problem.” > > AT T H E C I N E M A “Fame” opens in theatres on Thursday.

Monday, October 5, 2009





“GOING ROGUE” by former US vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin is the top-selling book at It will be released on November 17.

WINNIE-THE-POOH, Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore are featured in new stories in “Return to the Hundred Acre Wood” by David Benedictus and illustrator Mark Burgess. There’s also a new character, the etiquetteobsessed Lottie the Otter.


A day with Disney


Keep the kids amused during the mid-term break by taking them to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Winnie the Pooh (hyphens removed by Disney), Tigger, Eeyore, Cinderella, Snow White and other characters at Disney Funtasy 2009. Running from Friday to Sunday in Impact Hall 1 in Muang Thong Thani, there are shows, a talent contest, arts and crafts and goods for sale. Call (02) 636 0808 or (02) 833 5555 or visit


Young, successful, way clever Britain and Hong Kong send us a pair of designers who can’t help but inspire

XTRA T H E WAY I T ’ S D O N E >> Hear the designers at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre on Saturday from 1.30 to 5. Admission is free but seating is limited. Reserve a spot at (02) 260 2606-8.



esigner’s Saturday this weekend, hosted by the British Council and Art4d magazine, will have entrepreneurs from Britain and Hong Kong explaining how they scored big successes. Part of the Bangkok Design Festival, the discussion will have Mark Holmes, a founding partner in one of the UK’s greatest manufacturing successes of the decade, Established & Sons. Holmes has worked with some of the world’s top designers, including Zaha Hadid, Jasper Morrison and Jaime Hayon. He has contributed to hugely successful collections and created an ar-

Mark Holmes’ Minimalux has a line of candleholders and pen holder/paperweights that are, well, mimalistic. There are also handbags straight from GOD – meaning Hong Kong’s Douglas Young. ray of inspiring exhibitions. Holmes will talk about his work and his experience at Established, as well as his aspirations for his new venture, Minimalux, a brand he launched early this year at the Milan Fair. His new collection is minimal but luxury giftware, objects

of solid brass with 24-carat gold or silver finishes. Among the products are square condiments pots, paperweights, eggcups and candleholders. Joining Holmes at the open discussion will be Douglas Young, the founder and chief executive of Hong Kong’s innovative retailer GOD/Goods of Desire. The company name is the phonetic sound of the Cantonese slang for “to live better”. Born in Hong Kong in 1965, Young trained as an architect at Sheffield University and Britain’s

>> Learn more about Mark Holmes at >> Douglas Young’s innovative designs can be found at

Architectural Association, and then spent 15 years as an architect in UK. In 1996 he founded GOD with Benjamin Lau. The firm’s aim is to sell products that “define Hong Kong culture” as a fusion of modern Asia and Western lifestyles. The majority of the merchandise is designed in-house by a multidisciplinary design team led by Young. GOD has four stores across the territory.

Dan Brown’s book not evil

The symbol in Dan Brown’s new thriller “The Lost Symbol” seemed to be a scary one for the printing industry: The justlaunched book’s digital version was outselling the hardcopy version at Analysts blamed the phenomenon on hundreds of thousands of Kindle users downloading the book, and told printers to relax. Sure enough, sales of the book printed on actual paper soon outstripped downloads. It happens with every popular new book, but digital demand had never exceeded regular book sales. It was wonderful news for the fledgling e-book industry, which promises to put a Kindle in every home if it’s elected president.

Bhandit lives on Nantana Kumwongse, the

widow of beloved film director Bhandit Rittakol, who died last week, will strive to get his movie “Boonchu 10” finished. She’s said she’ll discuss the matter with Five Star Production and thinks “it’s okay if the studio wants my daughter to help on the project, but she wouldn’t be able to sit in the director’s chair”. Nantana asked fans to back the completion of “Boonchu 10”. Bhandit’s spirit, she said amid tears, remains very much part of the project.

Contact Soopsip at



Monday, October 5, 2009



Recipe for a rash-free baby How a mother’s struggle with her child’s allergies gave birth to an organic baby-food business

By Kupluthai Pungkanon D A I LY X P R E S S



he rashes that come naturally to babies’ sensitive skin are a big factor in any mother’s stress levels, especially when she’s doing her best to give her child supercare. Anchalee Dheva-Aksorn, managing director of Healthy Foods, knows that stress better than most. Learning she was pregnant, Anchalee, 34, decided to give up her 10-year career as a financial expert. But after dedicating all her time to looking after her son, Prin “Dukie” (now two), she found he was allergic to almost every food she fed him – even her breast milk. “When he was two months old, he had a rash on his face despite the fact that he was totally breastfed. It wasn’t until I introduced him to other foodstuffs at five months that I realised he was allergic to egg. I had eaten egg almost every day while breastfeeding and it had transferred to my breast milk,” she says. “After visiting the doctor for tests, we found Dukie was also allergic to nuts, soybean, seafood, cow’s milk and even fruit such as oranges and apples. So I had to watch everything we ate. “I did piles of research on

allergies and food because it was alarming to see Dukie developing rashes and grey hair.” Aside from learning that organic food is free from hazardous chemicals, she found that Britain’s Soil Association has reported plants grown organically have as much as 27 per cent more vitamin C, 21 per cent more iron and 29 per cent more manganese than their chemically fertilised counterparts. “I decided to cook only organic rice, vegetables and fruit for Dukie”. The experience spurred Anchalee to think about starting a business producing instant organic food for babies. “I realised that mothers these days are often too busy to cook from scratch, so there

was a market for organic baby food. Brown rice, for example, takes quite a long time to cook. But what if you could make it instantly, by adding hot water or milk?” And so the brand Baby Natura was born, with healthy ingredients like organic brown rice, pumpkin, klauy namwah banana and carrots from an organic farm in Suphanburi. Six packets cost between Bt75 and Bt90. “Baby Natura meets the needs of new mothers who want an organic alternative for their babies,” Anchalee says, “But more importantly, every mother wants her child to grow and develop healthily.” Dukie is doing fine on that front. “He can now eat eggs and soy sauce,” she smiles.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Prince of Persia calling The Sony Ericsson Satio is a new multimedia phone with a 3.5-inch, crystal-clear 16:9 widescreen-format screen. The handset supports the new ninth High Definition (nHD) gaming, and even comes with the popular Asphalt Road and Prince of Persia installed. The GSM and 3G phone is 112x55x13mm and 126 grams. Retailing for Bt24,990, it comes with a stereo headset worth Bt1,590 and a 8GB microSD card.



love scope BY EUGENIA LAST

buy it!

ARIES March 21-April 19

There are things we can’t do without, and some of them are here.

TAURUS April 20-May 20

So go ahead and take your pick!

October 5 to 10, 2009

Take your time when it comes to love. Don’t be the aggressor and, most of all, avoid making any promises that you may not want to fulfill. A colleague who is trying to entice you to get up close and personal should be nicely but firmly declined. Love will strike when you least expect. Instant attraction and unusual settings will catch you off-guard. Go with the flow but remember you will also be a little caught up in the moment and blind to any defects this union might have. GEMINI May 21-June 20

A romantic situation will turn into a rollercoaster ride. Once you get on board, uncontrolled emotions will lead to uncertainty about your future. Expect this encounter to end as quickly as it begins. Protect your heart and your wallet. CANCER June 21-July 22

Show a little versatility and you will attract someone who has lots to offer. Stop comparing everyone you meet to someone from your past and you will be able to see the potential of being with someone with whom you have more in common.

Quality films, classic sound Enjoy high-definition movies on your giant LCD or Plasma TV with the Bevix BV8068 HD player. It supports all popular HD video formats, including files backed up Blu-Ray movies. You get a built-in high-definition audio decoder so you can enjoy top-quality audio with your old amplifiers. It will decode the high-def sound into 7.1 analogue output. Check to see where the player is available and, once you find it, expect to pay about Bt16,000

LEO July 23-August 22

Your emotions will lead you off track and into dangerous territory when it comes to love. Jealousy and possessiveness will cause you to do and say things that you may regret. Find out the facts and take time to mull over what to do next. VIRGO August 23-September 22

A passionate encounter will lead to romantic fantasies. Someone you meet while volunteering or networking will turn out to be a welcome addition to your world. Don’t hold back – when you find someone you love, take action. LIBRA September 23-October 22

Get things out in the open. If you keep love a secret, you may end up involved with someone who isn’t going to give you the attention you need. Be demonstrative about the way you feel and you can expect a generous payback. SCORPIO October 23-November 21

Phone for directions

Perfect for portraits An affordable, compact digital camera with a 5x zoom Nikkor lens with 28mm wide-angle, the Coolpix S570 comes with a 2.7inch high-resolution LCD monitor. It’s fun to take portrait shots using the Smart Portrait System, which offers six advanced functions, like Face Priority AF, Smile Timer, Blink Proof and Blink Warning. The going price is Bt8,990.

The Garmin-Asus NUvifone M20 is a compact and colourful navigator’s phone, equipped with the Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system and a GPS receiver that will show you how to get from here to there easily. It’s sold in black, red and blue for Bt15,900.

Don’t make a backward move when it comes to love. A past lover trying to make a comeback will end up being a repeat performance. Take part in something you enjoy or believe in and you’ll meet someone who’s right for you. SAGITTARIUS November 22-December 21

A sudden change of plans can also lead to a change of affection. Your flirtatious, playful nature will ward off someone who wants more than you have to offer emotionally. Don’t feel let down when you should be feeling relieved. CAPRICORN December 22-January 19

You’ve got what everyone wants, so go have fun exploring the dating scene. You will command a presence that cannot be denied or ignored, so take your pick. Enjoy your moment of glory while picking your partner. AQUARIUS January 20-February 18

Love could end up costing you emotionally and financially if you aren’t prepared to say no. You don't have to prove your love by lavishing someone with gifts and high-priced dates. If that’s what's expected, you are with the wrong person. PISCES February 19-March 20

Passion and problems will go hand-in-hand if you choose to be a chameleon and mirror the person you are attracted to. Show your true colors and you stand a much better chance of holding onto who and what you want long-term.



do it!

Monday, October 5, 2009

WHAT’S UP e Sale of th sh for centurny ms it into ca r wanted ite fo

Sacz and the city

ur u tter Sale Convert yo e fourth Clu 6 in the th t a se u a good ca from 10 to s Hotel October 17 Charity on our Season rs, the F e th f o m o ke Grand Ballro nised by the NewsMa it a rg irik S O . n k e e ko u g Q n Ba ds for the n fu e is u cl ra s in de sale will Cancer. Item thes, fashion st a re B r fo Centre tage clo e goods, vin uipment brand-nam wellery and sports eq pplije s, small a accessorie enware and ger’s Corner ch it k , ts e g plus gad an Astrolo Willy, re’ll also be ances. The nai Musigchai, aka Dr a ltations td where Cha nes and provide consu ers. u ord rt is d will read fo ering from sleeping ff su le il to peop 9 or e-ma 2) 254 722

Stay at the Majestic Grande Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 2 and you’ll receive a complimentary voucher for the chef’s recommended dish at Sacz Italian Cuisine and Bar any night between 7.30 and 11.30. Call (02) 262 2999 extension 111.

Focus on awards The Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand and the OnAsia photo agency are still accepting entries for the third FCCT Photo Contest. The categories are spot news (news-event photo in Asia-Pacific region), feature photography, photo essay and a special category. The judges will also select the Photographer of the Year from all submissions. The deadline is on Friday. Call (02) 652 0580-1.

Early birds sing A discount of 20 per cent is offered on tickets for any programme in the Bangkok Opera’s second World Opera Week for bookings made before October 15. The festival runs from November 23 to 29, with performances being at the Thailand Cultural Centre and the Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre. The programmes are “Ode to Joy” (November 23), “La Boheme” (November 25), and “A Boy and a Tiger” (November 28). The pass for all three events is priced at Bt4,000. Visit

Call (0 foursea aokaew@ .d e ll e b a n an

t Hot taolsatBarngokok

The 2009 S vember 5 to No Fiesta from ncers showa d ve a h ill if8w ills at four d sk ir casing the in a m e es. Th ferent venu vember 6 at No n o is event illennium M d n ra G the with ballrooms ’s it Sukhumv or st e N p m cha world salsa ars st and tango Manuelian l e te and Jo Ana Masaco ckets, stop by ti r o F Simeon. dio, e dance stu it re u P m the ru v r 84 o is 430 66 call (081) .com. aBangkok www.Sals

Da Da-mDonath break, singer


Stretching young minds Enhance your little ones’ concentration and creative thinking at the Self Discovery Camp at Horseshoe Point in Pattaya from October 13 to 17. The camp is suitable for children aged seven to 11 and offers a range of activities including yoga, horse riding, games and arts. Places are limited. Call (02) 717 5111, (086) 984 9977 or visit th.


Veggies on parade The Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok marks the vegetarian festival from October 17 to 26. You & Mee is serving up oodles of noodles including phad nee sua hed hom (stirfried noodles with black mushrooms) and kuay jab (noodle soup with mushrooms, tofu and gingko nuts) while the Erawan Tea Room offers choo chee taohoo tord (fried bean curd in red curry paste and coconut cream) and and yam pholamai (spicy mixed fruit salad with peanuts). Call (02) 254 1234.

e After a thre back on ine will be h rp Da Endo and 15 at ovember 14 at 7 for stage on N iu or Stad m ws. o d In rk a M Hua ety sho o-back vari -t ck a b o tw s cuts from her hits plu b”. Tickets She’ll sing e um “San Sa t a her new alb 0 0 0 to Bt2,5 m. cost Bt1,00 o r.c jo icketMa www.ThaiT

Monday, October 5, 2009




on dvd REGION 3

Rock On Four young mu tion but diffe sicians form a rock band re and win a co mpeticoincidence nces arise, and they bre s brings them ak up. A seri es of back togeth showing at er 10 years la 8 to ter. It’s Thailand. Ad night at the Foreign Co mission for n rr on-member espondents Club of for if you wa s nt the India n buffet from is Bt150 plus Bt100 652 0580-1 Masala Art. or visit ww Call (02) w.FCCTha

Love, Come Back For punishment, a lazy city boy is packed off to the grasslands of Inner Mongolia while his rural counterpart gets to take in the sights of Beijing. At 7.30 tonight at SFX Emporium as the closer of the Chinese Film Festival. Free.

Hor Taew Taek Hak Krajerng A college dormitory run by crossdressing gays is haunted. Their solution is to hire their own ghost to fight back. Rated 15+.

G-Force A specially trained squad of

guinea pigs is dispatched to stop a diabolical billionaire from taking over the world. Rated G.

Cherry Blossoms A Bavarian widower fulfills his dead wife’s wishes and goes to Japan. There, he forms a bond with a young woman street performer. At House.

Broken Embraces The latest collaboration between director Pedro Almodovar and Penelope Cruz is a neo-noir drama marked by a four-way romance. In Spanish with English and Thai subtitles at Paragon Cineplex until October 14. Rated 18+.

ller's Wife e v ra T e is im T e Th Niffenegger, th novel by Audrey

nst-selling rian who involu Based on the be Bana as a libra ic ife. Er w s s ar hi st s a ay pl am s romantic dr el MacAdam ch Ra e. tim h roug tarily travels th Rated G.

Rookies A baseball team of bumbling misfits gets a new coach. Based on a hit TV series. In Japanese with English and Thai subtitles at Apex.

Streets of Blood Val Kilmer is a police detective in post-Katrina New Orleans, investigating the death of his partner. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and Sharon Stone also star. At SFW CentralWorld.

Pandorum A pair of space travellers (Ben Foster and Dennis Quaid) awaken from hypersleep with total

amnesia and the feeling that something else isn’t quite right on their ship. Rated 15+.

Fun Kote Kote The story of an impossible romance between a 40-something street performer (Ping Lampraperng) and a popular actress (Pavinee Viriyacahikij). Rated 15+.

Crank 2: High Voltage Jason Statham’s die-hard hitman has his nearly indestructible heart stolen and replaced with a battery-powered ticker that requires regular jolts of electricity to keep working. Amy Smart, Bai Ling and the late David Carradine co-star. Special features are cast and crew interviews and a behind-thescenes look. The DVD comes with English and Thai soundtracks and subtitles. It’s selling for Bt260. – DAILY XPRESS

on tv

District 9 For 20 years, a spaceship has been stalled above Johannesburg, with its alien inhabitants segregated into a shantytown. Now the time has come to move them out. Rated 15+. 


Fortress 2: Re-Entry

Apex: Lido, (02) 252 6498, Siam, (02) 251 3508, Scala, (02) 251 2861 Century: (02) 247 9940 House: (02) 641 5177-8 Imax: (02) 129 4631 Major Cineplex/EGV/ Esplanade: Bangkok, (02) 515 5555 Major Hollywood: (02) 718 7999 Paragon Cineplex: (02) 129 4635 SF Cinemas: Bangkok, (02) 268 8888 UMG: RCA, (02) 641 5913-14

As of August 2009, Thailand has these motion-picture ratings: G – General audiences. P – Promote as educational. 13+, 15+ and 18+ – Suggested minimum ages for viewers. 20+ – Restricted to viewers aged 20 and older; ID check mandatory.

> > C H A N N E L L I N KS

>> CRITICAL CONSENSUS Channel 3: Channel 5: Channel 7: Modernine: NBT: TV Thai: True:

A prison escapee is put in a jail hovering in outer space. Christopher Lambert stars. Cinemax (TrueVisions), 9.30pm > > F I L M R AT I N GS

Sorority Row Sorority girls try to cover up the death of one of their sisters after a prank goes wrong, only to find themselves stalked by a serial killer. Rated 18+.

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Close to Home By John McPherson


Pooch Cafe

The Buckets


Calvin and Hobbes

By Brian Basset

By Paul Gilligan

By Scott Stantis

By Bryan Basset

By Bill Watterson

Monday, October 5, 2009


Red and Rover


Monday, October 5, 2009



Games&YourStars SUDOKU

The last word in


By Eugenia Last

Today’s Birthday: Consistency, detail, fair play and patience will be required if you want to take advantage of the creative opportunities coming your way this year. Connecting with old friends, lovers or neighbours will lead to new possibilities. This is a year of reconnecting and reconciliation.

Saturday’s Puzzle Answer Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusively.

ARIES *** March 21-April 19 Take whatever you do seriously. You will be criticised the moment you try to cut corners or pass your responsibilities on to someone else. Follow through with whatever you start. TAURUS *** April 20-May 20 Make a couple of productive changes and you will be able to call the shots. Not everyone will be in agreement with you but you should be able to move forward with only mild interference. GEMINI *** May 21-June 20 You’ll have to do double duty. No matter how you look at a situation, you can expect to be surprised by the outcome. Keep your guard up and your thoughts to yourself for now.


CANCER **** June 21-July 22 You’ll have more incentive to make positive changes in your personal life. Getting involved in domestic projects will help ease stress as you figure out ways to accommodate those you love. LEO ***** July 23-Aug. 22 You may feel like getting away but working is what’s required. Finishing what you start will take your mind off personal matters. You’ll have an opportunity to reverse a past mistake.


VIRGO *** Aug. 23-Sept. 22 Love and romance are kicking in and the time to make your move in a personal situation is now. Changes at home will help you establish the way things will be in the future. LIBRA *** Sept. 23-Oct. 22 The time is right for launching something you’ve been working on. A partnership can make a huge difference to your personal and professional future. Don’t procrastinate. SCORPIO *** Oct. 23-Nov. 21 Check out an organisation that can offer you some ideas pertaining to a project you’ve had trouble getting up and running. Challenges will come from an unusual source. SAGITTARIUS *** Nov. 22-Dec. 21 You may think you know what you are doing and you can probably fool some of the people you are dealing with, but the ones who know you best will question and complain about your recent decisions.

Lalita Panyopas

Singer Richard Street (The Temptations) is 67. Singer Brian Johnson of AC/DC is 62. Actress Karen Allen is 58. Guitarist David Bryson of Counting Crows is 55. Singer Bob Geldof is 55. Actress Lalita Panyopas is 38. Guitarist Brian Mashburn of Save Ferris is 34. Actress Parminder Nagra is 34. Actress Kate Winslet is 34. Guitarist James Valentine of Maroon 5 is 31. Bassist Paul Thomas of Good Charlotte is 29.

CAPRICORN ***** Dec. 22-Jan. 19 You’ve got all the right moves to get your way and implement changes. Your sincerity will allow you to build an alliance with someone with the potential to help you in the future. AQUARIUS ** Jan. 20-Feb. 18 Be careful how you handle emotional issues. You may want to clear the air but do so diplomatically if you want to remain friends with someone you’ve been spending time with. PISCES **** Feb. 19-March 20 You are up for a whole lot of change and, if you don’t back down or give in, you stand to get ahead professionally A change in a partnership will enable you to backtrack and fix a mistake you made.


A.P.Honda Co.,Ltd. is

the distributor of high quality motorcycle under brand “Honda” in Thailand. We have a strong dealer network with more than 800 Dealers everywhere in Thailand to best satisfy our customers. Honda motorcycle meets the riders' satisfaction with all aspects so that we have been the market leader in the motorcycle industry for more than 20 years with more than 15 models. As we are firmly growing into our third decade, we are seeking new challenging, creative, and motivated candidates to join us in order to support the expansion in these positions as follows:

Permanent Staff Sales Representative ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

IT Staff

Male, single, age between 22-30 years old. Bachelor’s Degree or Higher in any field. Good interpersonal & communication skills. Have a good personality. Computer literacy (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint). Able to work upcountry. Able to drive a car with license. Having experience in sales representative and good knowledge of motorcycle would be an advantage.

Marketing Staff (Product Planning) ● ●

● ● ● ●

● ● ●

Male or female, age not over 35 years old. Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Sciences or any related field. About 1-3 years experience in IT application system development, minimum 1 year of RPG Coding. Strong with programming, maintenance of computer software, analytical skill. Good interpersonal skill, systematic thinking, team working attitude, and quick learning.

Field Service Representative

Male, single, age between 22-28 years old. Bachelor’s Degree or Higher in Marketing or any related field. Good command of Japanese (JLPT level 1 or 2). Computer literacy (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint). Have good attitude in motorcycle. Ability to ride a motorcycle would be an advantage.

Marketing Communication Staff ●

● ●

● ● ● ●

Male, age not over 35 years old. Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering or any related field. Computer literacy (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint). Able to work upcountry. Able to drive a car with license. Having experience in service field would be an advantage.

Used Motorcycle Procurement Staff

Male, single, age not over 30 years old. Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Communications, Arts or any related field. Have 1-2 years experience in marketing field. Computer literacy (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint). Good interpersonal & communication skills.

● ●

Male, age not over 35 years old. Minimum in High Vocational Diploma in Business Administration, Marketing or any related field. Having experience in motorcycle auction would be an advantage. Able to drive a car with license.

Contract Staff Safety Riding Instructor ● ● ●

Male or female, age not over 30 years old. Minimum Vocational Diploma in any related field. Love to teach and able to ride a motorcycle with 3 years license.

To apply for the above positions, please e-mail or mail us your resume to:

à«πß“π∫ÿ§§≈ ∫√‘…—∑ ‡Õ.æ’. ŒÕπ¥â“ ®”°—¥ ‡≈¢∑’Ë 149 ∂ππ√∂√“߇°à“ µ”∫≈ ”‚√ß„µâ Õ”‡¿Õæ√–ª√–·¥ß ®—ßÀ«—¥ ¡ÿ∑√ª√“°“√ 10130 A.P. Honda Co., Ltd. 149 Rodrangkhao Road, Samrong-tai, Phrapradaeng, Samutprakan 10130 E-mail:  à«π ç√—∫ ¡—§√ß“πé

** Õ∫∂“¡¢âÕ¡Ÿ≈‡æ‘Ë¡‡µ‘¡‰¥â∑’Ë À¡“¬‡≈¢‚∑√»—æ∑å 02-757-6111 µàÕ 2903**

A US $29.2 billion corporation, the Aditya Birla Group is in the League of Fortune 500. It is anchored by an extraordinary force of 130,000 employees, belonging to 30 different nationalities. In India, the Group has been adjudged “The Best Employer in India and among the top 20 in Asia” by the Hewitt-Economic Times and Wall Street Journal Study 2007. Over 60 per cent of its revenues flow from its overseas operations. The Group operates in 25 countries - India, UK, Germany, Hungary, Brazil, Italy, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Australia, USA, Canada, Egypt, China, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, Philippines, Dubai, Singapore, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Malaysia and Korea. Globally the Aditya Birla Group is: Thai Rayon Public Company Limited, a flagship company of Aditya Birla Group, Awarded Best Employer in Thailand in 2005 by Hewitt Associates, is a leading manufacturer & exporter of viscose staple fibre with annual turnover of baht 9 million & listed on the stock exchange of Thailand. The company exports 60% of its production to almost 20 countries. The company is looking for qualified candidates for following positions based at factory:

1. Manager - Electrical • Age 35-45 years, Male. • B.E. (Electrical) 12-15 years experience in Process Industry. • Should have handled High voltage 69kv/115kv supply with transformer, switch gear etc. • Should be able to deal with government bodies like PEA, EGAT etc.

2. Manager - Maintenance • Age 35-45 years, Male. • B.E. (Mechanical) with 15 years experience in Maintenance function in large process manufacturing industry.

3. Manager - Production • Age 35-45 years, Male. • B.E. (Chemical Engineer) with 15-20 years experience in Process / Manufacturing Industry.

5. Superintendent - Accounts • Male or Female. • Certified Public Accountant or Graduate from reputed University in the field of Finance or Accounting. • Minimum 5-7 years experience in preparation of financial statements in large manufacturing & preferable multi-national organization listed on SET. • Know and should have experience of Thai accounting standards as well as IAS, corporate and personal tax, costing systems and other regulatory compliance.

6. Plant Manager • Age 35-45 years, Male, B.E. Mechanical / Electrical / Production with 15-25 years experience in heading a small / medium scale industry (Manufacturing / Process / Chemical plant.

4. Manager - Accounts • Age 35-45 years, Male or Female. • Bachelor degree or Higher in Accounting or Finance, CPA/experience in Account function in a manufacturing Industry for 15-20 years. • Should be conversant with Thai Tax level.

* All positions requires Good Command of Spoken & Written English and candidates should possess excellent managerial skills and are for Thai National only. ** Position 1-5 - based in Angthong and Position 6 - based in Saraburi

Interested candidates may send their resume stating present & expected salary along with recent photograph to the address below : Human Resources Department

Thai Rayon Public Company Limited

888/160-1 Mahatun Plaza Building, 16th Floor Ploenchit Rd., Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Tel. 662 2536745-54 e-mail,


Monday, October 5, 2009

THE SPORT briefly

Elliott and Vettori guide NZ into final

Ishikawa wins year’s fourth title Japan’s teenage sensation Ryo Ishikawa birdied the last two holes for a one-stroke victory in the Tokai Classic men’s golf tournament yesterday. Overnight leader Ishikawa hit an eagle, six birdies, one bogey and two double bogeys for a 69 to complete the four rounds with a 14-under-par 274. Takeshi Kajikawa came second, Shingo Katayama and Yuta Ikeda were tied at third place on 277, followed by Yasuharu Konno at fifth on 278. “Nobody can write such a scenario,” said Ishikawa. – AP

5-0 The Los Angeles Dodgers finally secured the National League West Division title on Saturday, by blanking Colorado.

Loeb makes a point to Hirvonen AFP, Salou, Spain



Grant Elliott braved a thumb injury with an impressive halfcentury as New Zealand stormed into the Champions Trophy final with a five-wicket victory over Pakistan here on Saturday. Elliott cracked an unbeaten 75 to help his injury-hit team achieve a 234-run target with 13 balls to spare. New Zealand will now clash with defending champions Australia in the final on Monday. “It all started with the way we bowled. The 234 was a target we fancied we could chase. We have not been a consistent side, but we have managed to do that here. Elliott was great,” said New Zealand captain Daniel Vettori. New Zealand, who have lost five of their six semi-finals against Pakistan in one-day internationals, improved that record with a superb all-round performance in the day-night match. Paceman Ian Butler grabbed a career-best 4-44 and left-arm spinner Vettori finished with 343 to restrict Pakistan before Elliott completed the victory with a brave 103-ball knock, including one six and five fours. – AFP


Gilles Simon receives the trophy from Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva yesterday.


SUPERB SIMON Frenchman puts out the challenge of Serbian Troicki Lerpong Amsa-ngiam D A I LY X P R E S S


renchman Gilles Simon of France emerged as the new PTT Thailand Open champion with a splendid 7-5 6-3 victory over Serbian Viktor Troicki in the final in front of some 8,000 fans at the Impact Arena Muang Thong Thani yesterday. The world No 10 chased the ball relentless to put pressure on his nervous opponent who was hoping to win his maiden title. He rallied back from a break down at 4-5 in the first set to turn the tide as the inexperienced Serbian started missing his shots from then on. The 24-year-old Simon won back-to-back titles for France after countryman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga lifted the trophy last year. Taylor Dent, Roger Federer (2004-5), James Blake, Dmitry Tursunov and Tsonga were the five previous champions. Since winning the Bucharest

in September last year, Simon has failed to collect another trophy, until yesterday. So far he has won six career titles. He complimented the organisers, saying that he was so impressed by their hospitality that he was driven to win here. “People were quite amazing with us. I had nice sensation since the beginning of the tournament. I can’t remember feeling this good in my first time visiting a place. That’s why I managed to win the tournament,’’ said Simon whose triumph in the Kingdom was remarkable for someone who had to retire from his last tournament a month ago. “When you never played a match for a month, it was never easy to know how you were going to play. The only thing I knew that I was playing good. Finally I knew this was the tournament that I needed to finish great this season,’’ said Simon who was presented the trophy by Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva. He won the winner’s cheque of US$100,100. It was agony again for Troicki who was 0-2 in his two at-

tempts in finals. He also lost to Juan Martin Del Potro in Washington last year. “I was a bit disappointed but it was not easy to play against a top 10 player and win the first title. I had a great week. It hurts when you come so close and didn’t make it. I will try to win next time,’’ said the 23 year old Serbian who took home US$52,700. In the doubles final, American Rajeev Ram made it a hat-trick by lifting the Thailand Open trophy for the third time. However his partner at this year was compatriot Eric Butorac. They downed Guillermo Garcia Lopez of Spain and Mischa Zverev of Germany 7-6 (7-4) 6-3. Ram, who is of Indian origin, won the 2003 and 2006 edition with Jonathan Erlich. Ram and Butorac won US$32,000. The runners-up received US$16,100.

Davydenko beats Verdasco Top-seededed Nikolay Davydenko of Russia beat Fernando Verdasco of Spain 6-4 7-5 to win the Malaysia Open yesterday.

renchman Sebastien Loeb took another step towards a sixth consecutive world rally championship title by winning the Rally of Spain, his sixth victory of the season, yesterday. In finishing one-two, Loeb and Spaniard Dani Sordo assured the constructors world title for Citroen. Loeb finished the weekend 12secs ahead of Citroen team-mate Sordo, and a massive 54sec ahead of title rival Mikko Hirvonen of Finland. Hirvonen, driving a Ford Focus, finished third to retain the championship lead but he now has only a onepoint lead going into the 12th and final race at the Rally of Britain in Wales on October 23-25. Hirvonen’s presence has injected some much needed excitement into this year’s championship and the Finn has pushed Loeb hard but with the race going right to the wire the Frenchman’s experience could prove crucial.

Lorenzo takes title AP, Estoril, Portugal


orge Lorenzo won his second straight Portuguese Grand Prix to gain on team-mate and Moto GP overall leader Valentino Rossi. Starting from pole position, the Yamaha rider quickly retook the lead after losing it to Dani Pedrosa early on in the 28-lap race and was unchallenged to the end for his fifth win. Rossi, who started second, finished fourth and now leads the standings with 250 points while Lorenzo has 232 with three races remaining.

Monday, October 5, 2009




Capello warns Owen,King about injuries

REF NOT FIT ENOUGH Furious Man Utd manager Ferguson lashes out at Wiley AFP, Manchester, England

lex Ferguson launched an extraordinary attack on referee Alan Wiley after Manchester United’s 2-2 draw with Sunderland, claiming he wasn’t fit enough to officiate at the highest level. United needed a 93rd minute deflected Patrice Evra effort to earn a point against a Sunderland side who almost caused the surprise of the season. Darren Bent’s seventh minute strike was cancelled out by a stunning overhead effort from Dimitar Berbatov early in the second half before Kenwyne Jones again restored the visitors’ lead. Steve Bruce’s side looked to have done enough to hold onto all three points before Evra’s edge-of-the-box effort took a huge deflection off Anton Ferdinand to equalise. Ferguson was unhappy with how United had performed but he saved his greatest ire for the referee in a 60-second rant where he outlined that he believed his side deserved more time after their equaliser to try and find a winner. But Football Association chiefs are likely to take a dim view of his comments – particularly his opinion that Wiley booked players just so he could catch his breath. “I was disappointed by the referee I must say,” Ferguson said. “He didn’t add any time on for the goal we scored. He blew after four minutes and two seconds and there was another 30 seconds.




Sunderland’s Anton Ferdinand lies on the ground after deflecting the ball for an own goal making it 2-2 in the 92nd minute as Wayne Rooney celebrates. “He actually walked after the second goal needing a rest. He just wasn’t fit enough for a game of that standard. The pace of the game demanded a referee who was fit and I do not think he was fit. “I think it is an indictment of our game – you see referees from abroad who are as fit as butchers’ dogs. And there are some referees in this country who are fit – but he wasn’t fit.” Ferguson’s outburst is perhaps a calculated attempt to divert attention away from the fact that without Ryan Giggs and an on-form Paul Scholes – who was removed here at halftime following a terrible performance – United looked any-

HE ACTUALLY WALKED AFTER THE SECOND GOAL NEEDING A REST. Alex Ferguson on referee Alan Wiley’s performance thing but a Premier Leaguewinning side. Either way, he was not a hap-

py man despite one point being better than none at all. “We gave the ball away continually,” he said. “And I thought we were there then because the surge was there and the crowd was there but then we gave away a really soft second goal. “Credit to the players though, they never gave in which is a quality we always have.” It is 41 years since Sunderland have won at Old Trafford but they will never get a better opportunity than Saturday to end that unenviable record. “It was disappointing because we were so close,” Bruce said. “I would love to look at a stat to see how often they score in injury time to rescue a game.”

England manager Fabio Capello has sent out a message to Michael Owen and Ledley King that, no matter how talented they are, they won’t be going to the World Cup unless they prove their fitness will allow them to play every game. Because of persistent knee problems King plays only every other game for Tottenham while Capello made a late dash to see Owen start in the Champions League for Manchester United on Wednesday only for the strike to go off after 20 minutes with a recurring groin injury. “I arrived at the last moment in Manchester to see him,” Capello said. “The knee of Ledley King is another problem, for Tottenham, for [Spurs manager Harry] Redknapp, for me. If he’s fit he’s OK, he’s one of the best centrebacks. “When I select a player, I expect a player to play every game, not wait 10 days to play another game. He has to be fit, this is the problem, always, every game, every training, every day.”

Sven optimistic Former manager SvenGoran Eriksson has tipped England for World Cup victory in South Africa next summer, but only if they succeed in ignoring the “ludicrous” pre-tournament pressure and hype. “The expectation is going to be huge. But I really think they can do a great World Cup, (get to the) semi-finals or final,” Eriksson told the Observer. “England has a good chance and I hope they reach the final and win it.”

Pedro wonder strike sends Barcelona top AFP, Madrid


Barcelona forward Pedro Rodriguez, left, shoots to score.

terrific strike from Pedro Rodriguez helped Barcelona equal their best ever start to a league season with a nervy 1-0 home victory over Almeria on Saturday. Barca’s sixth successive win, matching a club record set in 1991 and 1998, also sees the defending champions replace Real Madrid at the summit of La Liga. Pedro, the latest Barcelona

youth player to make the breakthrough, turned sharply before rifling home an unstoppable 31st minute shot to follow up his goal against Dinamo Kiev in midweek. “It is always nice to score and win, however, the coach won’t be happy because we misplaced a lot of passes in our build-up play and didn’t create as many chances as in other games,” said Pedro. Almeria coach Hugo Sanchez

was an exciting striker for Real Madrid but his side packed men behind the ball in the second half as if they were the ones defending a 1-0 lead. “It is a real shame that teams just come here to shut up shop and stop us playing but we will have to get used to it,” said Barcelona midfielder Xavi.

Sneijder takes spotlight Dutch



Sneijder scored in the dying moments to send Italian champions Inter Milan to the top of the Serie A on Saturday with a 2-1 win at Udinese. Inter have 16 points, one ahead of Sampdoria and two in front of Juventus. “Sneijder’s goal was what the team deserved,” said Mourinho. “The team played well. We had lots of chances in the match,” he said.


Monday, October 5, 2009



THE RAIN MASTER par his closing 18th and win his fifth Asian Tour title. “I’m really happy with the way I played today. It was tough but I’m glad I survived. I kept believing in myself in these wet and windy conditions and I’m very pleased with how things have turned out this week,” said Lin. Udorn had to endure the heartbreak of missing out on his maiden Asian Tour win after holding on to the lead for three rounds at the popular Asian Tour event.

Cool Lin takes the Mercuries Taiwan Masters AFP, Taipei


aiwan’s Lin Wen-tang battled howling winds and heavy rains to win the US$500,000 Mercuries Taiwan Masters at the Taiwan Golf and Country Club yesterday. Lin ended with an even-par 72 for a four-day total of eightunder-par 280 to win his fifth Asian Tour title, to the delight of the local galleries who braved the weather to watch him keep the title on home soil. To the relief of organisers, play was completed on time despite the approach of Typhoon Parma, which brought strong winds and heavy rains across Taiwan. Lin’s compatriot Lu Wen-teh took second place, with a 73 for 283 while overnight leader Udorn Duangdecha had to settle for third place on 284. Taiwan’s Lin Keng-chi took

Ochoa takes lead Lin Wen-tang keeps the title on home soil. fourth place on 285 while compatriot Chan Yih-shin ended fifth after posting a final 74 for 289. Lin Wen-tang began his final round in second place by opening with a par. He bogeyed the second and fourth holes before embarking on his title charge with three birdies from holes six to eight to reach the turn in

37. He dropped a shot on the 11th but claimed a share of the lead with Udorn when he birdied the par-five 13th. Lin then pulled one shot clear of Udorn when he sank a birdie on the 14th from 20ft, followed by another on the 15th to extend his lead to two shots. He dropped a shot on the 17th but maintained his composure to

Defending champion Lorena Ochoa shot a 6-under 66 on Saturday to take a three-stroke lead in the Navistar LPGA Classic in Prattville, Alabama, leaving 14-year-old American Alexis Thompson eight strokes behind. Ochoa had a 16-under 200 total on The Senator course at the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail’s Capitol Hill complex. She birdied six of her final 12 holes.


Kuchar and Piercy share the lead Scott Piercy shot a 6-under 66 on Saturday for a share of the lead with Matt Kuchar after the third round of the Turning Stone Resort Championship. Kuchar had a 67 to match Piercy at 14-under 202 on the Atunyote Golf Club course. With the sun shinning after two days of heavy rain, Kuchar strung together four birdies over a seven-hole stretch. “If you look at conditions like these, you’d be really disappointed to make bogeys out there,” Kuchar said. “I feel like you can fire at most greens.” Piercy had even better run, making four birdies in a five-hole span in the first Fall Series event of the year. “I feel like my game’s where it needs to be to win,” Piercy said. “I’m making a few putts, hitting it real solid, hitting lots of greens, which takes bogeys out of play,” he said.

Monday, October 5, 2009




STEADY SEBASTIAN Vettel keeps title hopes alive with Japan victory A F P , Suzuka


ebastian Vettel kept alive his bid for this year’s world championship when he won yesterday’s Japanese Grand Prix and cut Jenson Button’s lead over him to 16 points with two races remaining. The German delivered an impeccable drive from pole position to take his first victory since the British Grand Prix in June, his third of the season and the fourth of his career. The 22-year-old, in his Red Bull, now has a chance to overhaul Button and his Brawn GP team-mate Rubens Barrichello in the final events in Brazil and Abu Dhabi. Two years ago, as he will know, Finn Kimi Raikkonen lifted the title after trailing by 17 points with two races remaining. Button finished eighth, one

Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel celebrates on the podium after winning the Grand Prix of Japan at the Suzuka Circuit. place behind Barrichello. He had required a five points advantage over the Brazilian to lift the title, but in the end saw his lead trimmed again. The Briton now has 85 points, Barrichello 71 and Vettel 69. Brawn, meanwhile, need just one more point to take the constructors championship ahead of Red Bull. Vettel won at the challenging Suzuka circuit com-

fortably, finishing ahead of Italian Jarno Trulli, in a Toyota, and third-placed outgoing world champion Briton Lewis Hamilton of McLaren. “It can still be done,” he said of winning the drivers title. “It would be nice to have a couple more races left, but with two races to go, we are here to fight and the best thing we can do is win like today.

“We have a great car, still improving, everyone in the factory is improving so we’ll see.” His Red Bull team boss Christian Horner said: “He’s got nothing to lose. He just has to win the next two races.” Raikkonen finished fourth for Ferrari ahead of German Nico Rosberg, fifth for Williams, with German Nick Heidfeld sixth for BMW Sauber. Button said he was happy to pick up a point. “I obviously lost a few [points] to Vettel but we expected him to win the race, their pace has been very good all weekend,” he told reporters. “It’s nice to pick up one or two points, whichever one it is, and to finish just behind Rubens.” Barrichello said he struggled with his set-up, and was now looking forward to his home race in Brazil. “I was struggling with tyres. I would have finished sixth if it hadn’t been for the safety car though.”

Toyota savour podium finish Toyota savoured a podium finish in their home Grand Prix yesterday with Jarno Trulli calling his second place a fantastic feeling. The Japanese manufacturer went into the race with just one driver after Timo Glock was ruled out following his heavy crash on Saturday that left him with a deep gash in his leg. But Trulli made amends with a storming race for his best finish of the year. “Standing on the podium in the team’s home Grand Prix is a fantastic feeling and this great result is down to the whole team; the engineers, mechanics and everyone, including Timo,” said the experienced Italian. “We work really well together as part of a great team and it’s a pity he wasn’t able to race. “ I knew the start was likely to be the toughest point of the race. “We made a strong start and I almost held my position, but Lewis (Hamilton) got by and after that I spent the whole race fighting with him.”

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