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Show Mum you love her By Ratchapoom “Film” Tokongsab Singer and ‘Dutiful Child’ 2000 award winner




never thought that being grateful to my parents would help me win the prestigious ‘Dutiful Child’ award, because I’ve always felt that it was just a natural thing to do. I believe that if we take good care of our parents, good things will happen to us. I never feel shy about expressing my love to my mum. I think everyone should do so every day and not just on Mother’s Day.

What to do, where to go >>Calling all confident 19-29ers, enter the Man of the Year contest >>Catch the Elvis charity dinner show >>Check out the Fruit and Vegetable Fair >>Head to the Thailand Hair Expo


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34-year-old novelist UTHIT HAEMAMOON from Saraburi bags the 2009 SEAWRITE AWARD for his novel ‘Lap Lae Kaeng Khoi’ (‘Mysteries of Kaeng Khoi’) >PAGE 2

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Student uniforms ‘too sexy’



OF THAIS watched television last year – National Statistical Office

SeaWrite Award Committee chairman ML Sukhumbhand Baripatra with the winning novel ‘Lap Lae Kaeng Khoi’ (‘Mysteries of Kaeng Khoi’).

Country’s top two universities order clampdown By Chuleeporn Aramnet D A I LY X P R E S S

Chulalongkorn University (CU) is campaigning for students to comply with its dress code, while Thammasat University (TU) wants the government to launch a “Social Cabinet” to tackle the issue of students wearing uniforms inappropriately. At the project launch yesterday, CU rector Pirom Kamolratanakul said wearing a Chula student uniform, the only one to be granted by the monarchy, is a privilege. TU deputy rector for student affairs Parinya Thewanaruemitkul said the president for Network of Deputy Rectors for Student Affairs supervised the student uniform code at each university. He added that Thammasat was less strict about the uniform than some other universities, but insisted students wear “appropriate clothes” to classes.

Celebrities’ influence Blaming the influence of fashions worn by movie and TV stars, he urged that a Social Cabinet comprising the efforts of several ministries should be set up to help universities solve the problem. The Culture Ministry could ask celebrities to wear clothes appropriate to the time of day and occasion as well as promote good values, he added. Deputy Education Minister Chaiwuti Bannawat agreed that students need good discipline and praised universities’ successful efforts in improving the standard of their students’ dress. DAILY


Writer triumphs ‘Unputdownable novel’ about an ordinary Thai community wins the 2009 SeaWrite Award By Liyin Soh S P E C I A L T O T H E N AT I O N


he SeaWrite Award Committee led by chairman ML Sukhumbhand Baripatra yesterday announced that 34-year-old novelist Uthit Haemamoon from Kaeng Khoi, Saraburi was the winner of the 2009 SeaWrite Award for his novel “Lap Lae Kaeng Khoi” (“Mysteries of Kaeng Khoi”). The decision by the panel of

seven judges was unanimous. There were seven novels competing for the prestigious annual literary award.

Unanimous decision Kusuma Raksmanee, one of the judges, said the panel had been able to reach agreement on the winning novel easily. The judges praised the author for his characterisation, setting and atmosphere, all pre-

sented in a realistic and lively manner.

Focus on family “The book is the first Thai novel in many years to be so unputdownable,” said fellow judge Saranat Tailangkha. “Even though the author chooses to focus the story on a family, the book presents the colourful history of a community in an engaging manner. The author allows characters to tell their stories through their own eyes. I found their worldviews and way of thinking utterly absorbing.” A Bangkok-based writer,

Uthit graduated with a bachelor’s degree in art and design from Silpakorn University. He was previously known as a short-story writer for works such as “Palimaan Lam Peung” and “Mai Yorn Keun”.

Emotional power “Lap Lae Kaeng Khoi” tells of the lives of ordinary people facing everyday problems and the solutions they come up with. The language of the novel was praised in the judges’ citation for its emotion and power, bringing the scenes vividly to life in the reader’s mind.

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Thais take Olympiads by storm D A I LY X P R E S S

Thai whiz-kids have bagged a total of 23 medals in academic Olympiads this year. “Their success has cheered up Thais,” Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said yesterday as he welcomed the gifted children to Government House. Six of them participated in the International Mathematics Olympiad, in which they snatched one gold and five silver medals. Four children represented Thailand In the International Computer Olympiad, bagging one gold, two silvers and one bronze. Thailand also sent four students to the International Chemistry Olympiad, where they cooked up four silver medals. In the International Biology Olympiad, Thai students earned one gold medal and three silvers.

Hilltribe folk are turning the tide of decades of discrimination with the help of an online museum



we n t y - s e ve n - ye a r - o l d Akha tribesman Ateu Chermeu says he is one of many who have grown up under the crushing weight of discrimination. “We tribal people don’t want any special treatment or prestige, but for society to view us and treat us respectfully as fellow Thais. Or at least see us in reality, rather then hastily stereotyping hilltribe people as drug dealers or slash-and-burn farmers who destroy forests. Thirty years ago there may have been grounds for such views, but not now,” he says.

Harsh experience

Promoting understanding The aim of the museum is to lessen misunderstanding between tribal and lowland Thais while providing a channel for minorities to voice their opinions and defend their rights. After six years of hard work, Ateu says hilltribe folk are bet-

,, I’VE BEEN STOPPED BY POLICE AND ACCUSED OF CARRYING DRUGS. AND ALL BECAUSE OF MY TRADITIONAL CLOTHES.DO HILLTRIBE FOLK REALLY DESERVE SUCH PREJUDICED TREATMENT? A young Akha man ter understood in society and better educated about their own traditions. “My worst fear is that tribal traditions might disappear altogether. In the next 50 years


“I’ve been stopped by police and accused of carrying drugs. And all because of my traditional clothes. Do hilltribe folk really deserve such prejudiced treatment?” asks the young man in Akha garb. Teachers often discriminate too, he says, mocking children for their hilltribe backgrounds so they grow ashamed and silent in class. “Many hilltribe kids use the last name ‘Maayer’ (‘coming in large numbers’), and some teachers’ idea of a classroom joke is to ask why there are so many of them.” Experiences like these led Ateu to join the six-strong team behind the online museum Sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation, the team collects information on Thailand’s tribal people and produces documentaries to be aired online. In his role as a data-collector, Ateu travels all over the country to talk to hilltribe folk about their roots and traditions. The museum also gathers together elders and youths for activities that help pass on tribal wisdom.

the Akha people could forget their swing ceremony or their traditional New Year celebrations,” he says, explaining that increasing numbers of tribal kids attend schools far away from their villages and so had less chance to participate in community ceremonies. “We do what we can by arranging cultural activities to combat TV and the distractions of the modern world,” he adds. It’s a tough mission, but Ateu knows his efforts to conserve and publicise tribal traditions are helping to enrich the whole of Thai culture.


THE SUCCESSES PROVIDE SOLID PROOF THAT THAIS’ABILITIES ARE SECOND TO NONE: PM Thai kids were also on a roll at the International Physics Olympiad, walking away with one gold and four silver medals. Deputy Education Minister Chaiwuti Bannawat, and Naree Wongsirojkul, acting director of the Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology, accompanied the young medallists to Government House. Abhisit said the students’ successes provided solid proof that Thais’ abilities were second to none. “The government will strive to groom and support gifted children from the earliest age possible so that their potential is maximised,” the premier promised. Abhisit urged the whiz-kids to develop their abilities even further for their future and society as a whole. “Their future academic work and research can be very useful,” the premier added.



Wednesday, August 19, 2009



The English version of user-generated online encyclopaedia Wikipedia hosted its

3 millionth

article on Monday – an entry about a Norwegian actress.

Rest eternally


The crypt of Marilyn Monroe in Westwood, California. US widow Elsie Poncher is auctioning off the burial plot occupied by her late husband Richard above that of film legend Monroe, with bidding opening at $500,000 (Bt17 million) on eBay.

target of cyber crooks Hackers using sites such as Twitter to command ‘botnet’ armies of infected computers, say security experts A F P , San Francisco


hacking incident report has warned there has been a steep rise in attacks at socialnetworking hotspots including wildly popular microblogging service Twitter. Hackers aren’t just hunting for victims in the flocks of people at social networks, they’re also using Twitter to command “botnet” armies of infected computers, according to Internet security specialists. “Any website with a huge user following is now attract-

ing the bad guys,” said Ryan Barnett, director of application security research for Breach Security.

‘Widgets make it easy’ “A lot of Web 2.0 widgets, mash-ups and the like that users go for make it easy for all these guys to launch attacks.” Facebook became an Internet star after opening its platform to widgets, mini-applications made by outside developers, and now boasts more than 250 million members.

Barnett was among the authors of a Web Hacking Incidents Database Bi-Annual Report.

Short, tainted messages Twitter’s appeal to hackers includes an ability to play the odds by routing short, tainted messages to thousands of computer users simultaneously. Unseen malicious code infects machines that haven’t been properly updated. Computer viruses can be hidden in files offered for sharing at Twitter, and in third-party programs that promise to enhance microblogging service capabilities.

A F P , London


row erupted in Britain on Monday over the rebranding of Oxford Airport as London Oxford Airport – despite being 96 kilometres from the capital’s centre. Officials said they hoped the rebranding of the airport at Kidlington near Oxford in southeast England would raise its international profile and attract more passengers.

‘Insulting’ rebranding But heritage campaigners slammed the rebranding as insulting, saying historic Oxford city, with its prestigious university, did not need to be seen as an offshoot of the British capital. They said the new name was misleading, with the airport 96 kilometres from London.

“Good grief. Oxford is a great place in its own right and I find it insulting that it is being considered just another offshoot of London,” said Ros Weatherall, from the Oxford Civic Society.

‘Very misleading’ “Trying to make Oxford seem like a suburb of London is very misleading. “This is an insult to the major historical and cultural impact Oxford has had on the country.” The society’s transport secretary David Townsend added: “It seems rather silly. Oxford isn’t a London airport and we wouldn’t want it to be. “Anyone who wanted to go to London wouldn’t want to end up in Kidlington.”


Social-networking sites

Row over ‘London’ airport name change

Wednesday, August 19, 2009



A STRAW REPLICA OF BIG BEN has been built to celebrate 150 years of the London landmark. The 22-metre sculpture, in Nantwich, Cheshire, is made with 500 bales of straw and weighs 20 tonnes.

TEXAS JUDGE SHARON KELLER went on trial after refusing to hear a last-minute appeal from a condemned prisoner that came in after normal office hours. The prisoner was killed by lethal injection that same evening.

Jackson’s mother pondering wrongful death suit

briefly AFP

World’s oldest pupil dies

A P , Los Angeles


n attorney for Michael Jackson’s mother says she is considering a wrongful death lawsuit because of the circumstances surrounding her son’s demise, and that the singer’s personal physician is a likely target. The idea is still nascent and Dr Conrad Murray is the main name that’s been mentioned, attorney Burt Levitch said on Monday, following a court hearing where a judge approved a merchandising deal that will benefit the King of Pop’s estate. “The possibility of a wrongful death action has been floated,” Levitch said. “In that regard, no decision has been finalised ... Dr Murray’s name has been floated because he is under investigation.” Authorities investigating Jackson’s June 25 death have been focusing on Murray, who they believe administered a powerful anesthetic to the star the day he died. Levitch wouldn’t say whether concert promoter AEG might also be a defendant. “It’s fairly obvious from press accounts that AEG had a very active role in Michael’s life for the last six months,” Levitch said.

An April 2005 photo of Michael Jackson and his mother Katherine.

The view near the summit of Mount Everest.

Sherpa trains on McKinley for Everest job A S S O C I AT E D P R E S S Denali National Park, Alaska


huNuru Sherpa does not climb the world’s highest mountain for thrills. It’s his job. The job is dangerous, often deadly. That’s because many of the sherpas working for expedition-climbing groups on the more than 8,839-metre-tall Mount Everest don’t have basic skills necessary to safely do the job. PhuNuru wants to change that. “We have a big problem on Everest,” he said. The 29-year-old married father of two girls spent a month this summer in Alaska getting job training on the 6,194-metre Mount McKinley. It turns out that McKinley, the highest peak in North America, was the perfect classroom.

Mountain patrol PhuNuru was part of a fiveperson mountain patrol. While on McKinley he joined in a half-dozen rescues, including helping a climber suffering from high-altitude pulmonary edema, a woman buried in an avalanche and a man who lost his sight. About once a week PhuNuru brought rescue supplies up the mountain. “If something was needed to be done, his pack was on and he was ready to go in five min-

MANY OF THE SHERPAS WORKING FOR EXPEDITION GROUPS ON MOUNT EVEREST DON’T HAVE THE BASIC SKILLS NECESSARY TO SAFELY DO THE JOB. utes,” said Brandon Latham, a mountaineering ranger at McKinley. In 2004, the Khumbu Climbing School was established in PhuNuru’s village in Nepal. About 30 students were in the first class and about onethird had already summitted Everest, but not one of them knew how to tie a figure-eight knot used in rock climbing to secure climbers to their harnesses. PhuNuru, who has summitted Everest four times, is an instructor at the school. When he returns to Nepal at the end of October, he will share what he learned. The knowledge will save lives, he said.

A Kenyan man who was believed to be the world’s oldest pupil has died at the age of 89, five years after he entered primary school so that he could learn to read the Bible. Joseph Stephen Kimani Nganga Maruge died in Nairobi of stomach cancer, said his granddaughter Anne Maruge. Maruge accomplished his biggest goal – being able to read the Bible – but he remained shy of completing primary school. “In the morning he used to wake up early to read the Bible before going to school,” said Anne Maruge. “Even when he fell ill and you found him basking in the sun, he would be reading the Bible.” – AP

Biggs moved to nursing home The lawyer for “Great Train Robber” Ronnie Biggs says the ailing ex-convict has been transferred from a hospital to a London nursing home. Earlier this month, 80-yearold Biggs was freed from jail on compassionate grounds. Biggs is one of Britain’s most notorious criminals. He was a member of a gang that stole £2.6 million (Bt144.5 million) from a Glasgow-to-London mail train in 1963. That is equivalent to at least £40 million today. Biggs was jailed but escaped soon after. He spent decades in exile in Brazil before agreeing to return to Britain, and jail, in 2001. He had a series of strokes and other health problems. – AP

Doc held for allegedly raping patients Police have arrested one of Brazil’s most prominent fertility specialists on suspicion of sexually abusing more than 50 of his patients. Roger Abdelmassih, 66, was apprehended on Monday in his upmarket Sao Paulo clinic, reported. He is accused of having raped or sexually abused women patients while they were under anaesthetic or just recovering from surgery. One former patient of the

celebrity doctor, whose in-vitro fertilisation clinic was regarded as one of the best in South America, said he touched her intimately and kissed her. She had been too weak from the anaesthetic to defend herself. Other patients also reported being touched or fondled. Abdelmassih’s lawyer rejected the accusations and said his client’s detention was illegal. Abdelmassih’s clinic website says that he and his team had conducted more than 6,000 successful fertilisations by 2006. “I have always believed that a good society consists of good families,” the father of five and grandfather of 12 said. – DPA

Passenger arrested for plane bomb hoax A businessman running behind schedule triggered a bomb scare on an airplane in a desperate attempt to catch his flight. Vijay Khandelwal, 35, was stuck in a traffic jam on the way to New Delhi airport last week when he realised he would miss the IndiGo plane to Kolkata unless it was held up. Khandelwal was arrested after he confessed to making a hoax call on his mobile phone. Security officials at the airport launched a major emergency operation to search passengers and luggage. Police arrested Khandelwal by tracing his mobile number and taking a statement from his taxi driver, who had overheard him making the hoax call and refused to drop him at the airport. – AFP


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GRACE SLICK, INTRODUCING HER BAND JEFFERSON AIRPLANE AT WOODSTOCK ON AUGUST 17, 1969. “All right, friends. You have seen the heavy groups, now you’ll see morning maniac music. Believe me, it’s a new dawn.”


A PUFF OF SOUTHERN COMFORT Singer Kathawut Thongtha is back with his band Maleehuana after patching up a split over money.

By Kitchana Lersakvanitchakul D A I LY X P R E S S


sk any Thai folk fan what happened to Maleehuana, once the most popular songs-for-life band in southern Thailand, and you’ll be told that they split up a few years back due to a row over money. Read the Samila Times, the southern rag, and you’ll learn that the conflict was over a notso-paltry Bt30 million, the sum earned from the sales of “Puen Pe” on CD and karaoke VCD and “Rabam Siam”, the band’s live album recorded in 2001. “Our long-time conflict is now over. Today, we’re friends again,” says singer Kathawut “Khai” Thongthai, referring to fellow vocalist and guitarist, Thongchai “Thong” Rakrong. “Our comeback will come as a surprise to our fans.”

Swell with pride



With Maleehuana’s singer and guitarist now pals again, the songs-for-lifers will light up in a reunion concert on Saturday

P U T T H AT I N YO U R P I P E >> Maleehuana performs at 7 on Saturday in Thammasat University’s Auditorium. >> Tickets are Bt500 to Bt1,000 at Thaiticketmajor.

The songs-for-life band, whose name is a send-up of the green leaf with a similar sound and spelling, is returning for a long-awaited concert they’re calling “Panle, 1,000 Lo, Panlam”. “Panle refers to our Southern heritage, while 1,000 Lo means the 1,000 kilometres that we have journeyed. Panlam means pouring out our past life. The sentence on the poster that reads ‘men don’t urd’ [urd is a Southern word] simply means that men don’t ‘swell with pride’,” Khai explains. “These days, everyone feels he has to compete. But we all die in the end. I’m no exception. That’s why Thong and I are friends again.” So what can fans expect from this long-awaited concert?


“They’ll hear Maleehuana’s real musical accent. I’d describe the sound as folk with flashes of light, interspersed with the kinds of melodies you’d hear at a pub but with shadows. We should really have called the show ‘Ngao Lae Saeng’ [‘Shadow and Light’]. The music is mellow with acoustic guitar but heavy with deeply felt lyrics. That’s Maleehuana’s musical character,” Khai says. Maleehuana formed back in the early 1980s while its members were students. They played ballads about love and social problems. The concert will feature more than 30 of the band’s hits, going back to their 1994 debut album “Buphachon” and played on a folk instruments including the pee java (Javanese oboe) and tapone (two-faced drum) as well as the violin and cello. Guests Arak Apakas, Manote Puttan, Sunthree Vejjanond and Eed Footpath will join the concert.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009




RADIOHEAD has released a song, “These are My Twisted Words”, for free download. “We’ve been recording for a while, and this was one of the first we finished. We’re pretty proud of it,” says guitarist Jonny Greenwood on the band’s website,

SONGS by 30 acts are on the new six-CD set, “Woodstock 40 Years On: Back to Yasgur’s Farm” on Rhino Records.

soopsip Writer earns Saha-sfaction

A zest

for Xing South Korean boy band Xing will be in Bangkok this week, putting in an appearance on Channel [V]’s “Asian Hero” programme at the [V] Spot Studio on the sixth floor of Siam Discovery tomorrow at 8. They’ll

then give a show on Saturday during the Channel [V] Music Video Awards Thailand in Siam Paragon’s Royal Paragon Hall. Visit

Spooning up culture


MODERNINE’S culture programme “Khun Phra Chuay” (“Oh, My God”) takes on a live incarnation this weekend, with shows at the Aksra Theatre in Bangkok’s King Power Complex on Saturday and Sunday at 2 and 7.30. Among the artists taking to the stage are Tor Saksit, Kong Nuvo, Ben Chalathit and Lukpong AF4. They’ll be joined by Nong Pick, singer of the luk thung youth band that won the Ching Cha Sawan contest, and Nong Wansai from TV’s “The Trainer”. The youngsters will be singing such TV and movie hits as “Jam Loey Rak”, “Term Jai Pop pianist Tor Saksit wil Hai Kan”, “Namta Sang Tai”, “Phu be among the acts. Chana Sib Thit”, “Prisana” and “Khoo Kam”. There will also be cultural performances from all four regions of the Kingdom. Tickets cost Bt1,250 to Bt3,000 and include a buffet lunch or dinner at the Ramayana Restaurant. Visit

Wholesome love

Remembering Abbey Road THE BETTERS celebrate the 40th anniversary of the release of the Fab Four's “Abbey Road” album with a concert at the Goethe Institut Auditorium on South Sathorn Road Soi 1 on September 11 at 8pm. The Beatles tribute band will perform the entire album as well as other hits. The Betters will be joined by guests Kingdaow Thivavarnvong on piano and Mongkol Chayasirisobhon on vocals. Tickets are Bt500 (Bt250 for students) at Robinson Piano on the fifth floor of the Siam Discovery Centre. Call (02) 658 1080-1 or (081) 682 8000.

Violinist Hanna Lee joins South Korean artists in a series of charity shows for education centres in Thailand D A I LY X P R E S S


or the fourth year running, The Korea-Thailand Communication Centre, Global Thai Network and Art Korea join hands in bringing the “Family of Love” to Thailand, with shows in Bangkok, Khon Kaen and Nakhon Ratchasima throughout the month. The annual event, which promotes Thai-Korean friendship and raises money for education, features paintings by more than 30 South Korean artists including Koo SookHyun, Koo Yeo-Hye, Kim Yong-Sung, and Ju Chul Kim and live shows by the Mentor, Payment and violinist Hanna Lee. Tonight at 6.30 you can catch “Family at Love” at Jai Samarn Church in Bangkok. The other dates for the art show and music in the metropolis are August 26 at 1.30 at Thai

XTRA PRAISEWORTHY >> Proceeds from the sale of the paintings go to support the centres for education in several provinces. >> Call (02) 253 9081-4.

Christian School, August 27 at 3 at Christian University, August 28 at 7 at CentralWorld and August 29 at 7 at Sapan Luang Church. They’ll be at Khon Kaen University on Friday at 4 and at Phra Christ Ta Thum Northeast on Saturday at 7. In Nakhon Ratchasima, you can catch the event at The Mall Korat on Sunday at 6 and at Sawok Church on Monday, also at 6.

Twelve years in the making, Somjai Viriyabunditkul’s biography of Saha Pattanapibul Group president Boonyasith Chokwattana is finally on the shelves. The former Manager magazine reporter actually finished “Boonyasith Chokwattana: Cheewit Nee Pen Arai Kor Dai Somjai Tae Tong Pen Nueng” a few years ago, but Boonyasith had to read it first – and he’s a little bashful. “He said he wasn’t ready,” Somjai sighs. “He’s very humble, and he felt he wasn’t important enough to be in the spotlight.” The Saha Group, remember, controls 300 companies with a collective turnover topping Bt100 billion a year. That’s fairly important!

Even just a drizzle? Pavarisa “Nu Wan” Penchart, who helped publicise Korean superstar Rain’s shows in Bangkok, is still carrying an Olympic-size torch for the singer. Though she no longer arranges “plastic surgery tours” to South Korea for Thais, Nu Wan wants to pursue her PhD at Seoul Nu Wan National University – despite having the chance to attend Oxford, Cornell or Harvard. SNU is one of the world’s top 50 places to learn, though, and you never know when a little Rain might fall. Maybe she’ll get a “Mrs” to attach to her name along with the “PhD”.

Contact Soopsip at



sound bytes

Wednesday, August 19, 2009



By Mr Badboy

Sounds of the Universe

Error 99

Depeche Mode (Mute/EMI)

The Great Vacation Vol 1 Glay (EMI)

Japanese rockers Glay celebrate their 15th anniversary with two “Super Best of Glay” albums, “The Great Vacation Volumes 1 and 2”. The Volume 1 compilation comes in three different versions. Type A features three CDs and two DVDs, Type B offers three CDs and one DVD) while Type C has three CDs. No mention which you choose, you’re in for a real treat, with the first two CDs contain 30 Oricon Charttopping songs including “Mermaid” and “Missing You”, while the third features hit singles “Ashes”, “I Am XXX”, a soundtrack of the movie “Blood: The Last Vampire” and “Say Your Dream” plus eight new songs. A must-have for all Glay fans and a collectible you won’t want to miss.




Famed for their bleeping synths, distorted guitars, bluesy melodies and crunchy percussion, electrorockers Depeche Mode bring all these elements and much more to their latest 13-track outing. Most of the songs use an actual guitar to great effect – just listen to the first single “Wrong”, as well as to “Fragile Tension”, “Come Back” and “The Truth Is/Miles Away”. The standouts are “In Sympathy” with its melancholy lyrics, “Peace”, which brings to mind the Beatles, and “Perfect”, which had this reviewer thinking of early Genesis.

Over Me

Kluay Thai

Music, rock and good clean fun

Make tracks to the Royal Turf Club this Saturday as the fifth Kod Indy Festival gets underway By Kitchana Lersakvanitchakul D A I LY X P R E S S


opular indie music festival Kod Indy returns to the Royal Turf Club in Nang Lerng this Saturday for 14 hours of non-stop fun and music that kicks off at 10am. Now in its fifth year, the festival features three stages on which more than 400 indie bands will take turns to entertain the crowds. The year, for the first time, there’ll be several big-name artists taking part, among them Teddy Ska Band, the Richman Toy, Greasy Cafe, Lemon Soup, Gene Kasidit, Sri Racha Rocker, Gold Red, Penny Lane, Dezember, Klear, Art Floor, the Papers, Poomjit, Yellow Fang, Perfect Rock Star, Kluay Thai, Ritalinn, Mad Pack It, Playground, Deep O

Sea, Syndrome and Over Me. The theme is “Lerk Lao Thoe Ai Nong” (“Stop Drinking, Dudes!”) so the three stages have been given really awful-sounding names, each related to often terminal diseases associated with overindulgence of alcohol or cigarettes. Festival-goers can choose whether to dance at the “Tub Khaeng” (liver cirrhosis), “Thung Lom Pong Phong” (pulmonary emphysema) or “Mareng Lam Sai” (colorectal cancer) stage. “This is the third year that we’re holding a clean music festival – without smoking and alcohol,” says Burinthorn “Heng” Saelao, the festival’s founder. “Come to enjoy the music, please!” In addition to the bands, there are also more than 100 booths

selling handmade products such as clothes and CDs by artists and students, plus an exhibition of the harm caused by smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. A mobile recording studio will also be on hand for those looking to record their own album.

XTRA >> Nang Lerng Turf club (also

known as the Horse Racing Stadium) is on Phitsanulok Road. >> Tickets cost Bt99 from Nong Tha Prachan, DJ Siam and at the door. >> For more information,


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A beef-friendly birthday The New York Steakhouse marks eight years of prime cuts with a holiday package offer By Kupluthai Pungkanon D A I LY X P R E S S


uests loll in leather wing-backed chairs, enthusiastically anticipating the arrival of the succulent American and Australian prime cuts they’ve ordered from a tantalising menu. Executive chef Dieter Ruckenbauer had a few reporters around to the New York Steakhouse at the JW Marriott Bangkok for a

snack recently, showing off his classic steakhouse kitchen. It turned out to be a fourcourse feast, a preview of the treat he’s concocted to celebrate the restaurant’s eighth anniversary. Here’s the deal: For Bt8,888, two people tuck into their swank repast at the

US fillet mignon

Dream comes true Make your own “Chocolate Dream” Ingredients (to serve a crowd)

680 g dark chocolate 680 g butter 500 g flour 380 g sugar 90 g cocoa powder 16 whole eggs 13 egg yolks Method

Mix together the butter, chocolate and egg yolk. Beat the egg white and sugar together until stiff peaks form. Mix them into the butter-chocolate-yolk blend. Add the flour and cocoa powder. Pour the mixture into a mould in the shape of your choice and bake for 20 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.

Bangkok hotel restaurant, then choose whether they’d like to spend a night at the JW Phuket Resort and Spa or the Renaissance Koh Samui or two nights at the Courtyard by Marriott Hua Hin on Cha-Am Beach. And here’s the meal deal: Following a Caesar salad prepared tableside, Ruckenbauer served the press seared foie gras, the crispy exterior of the panfried goose liver contrasting wonderfully with the rich creaminess within. It rested in a sauce of Port wine and veal stock that had simmered for two days to thicken without the need for flour. On the side were the balancing temptations of smooth avocado cream and cooked cinnamon barley. The main course was a fillet mignon imported from the US, served with green asparagus and mashed potatoes. The beef was simply seasoned with salt and pepper, but Ruckenbauer made it clear – without actually revealing his secrets – that much more was involved than that. The celebration menu ends with “Chocolate Dream”, an essential experience since, not only is the rich cocoa taste spectacular, the sight of the chocolate “lava” flowing out when you cut into the dessert is vividly memorable. An extensive wine list, with generous contributions from Chateau Ste Michelle and Columbia Valley, will complete a delicious evening, and a bottle is included in the anniversary package’s price. Reserve a table at (02) 656 7700, extension 4240.

Seared foie gras


Dieter Ruckenbauer Executive chef


do it!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009



Here’s hair The Thailand Hair Expo 2009 will be held on August 26 and 27 in Royal Paragon Hall, bringing together stylists from the US, Canada, France, Spain, Japan, South Korea and Thailand. Organised by Hair Magazine, the event will also feature tips for hairdressers and barbers on how to lure customers during these hard economic times.

One night with you, MR Chirakom

ngkeo Vasu Sangsi at Amatakulchai and Wir e Kitiyakara, re among th mananda a l be taking to ya S n ti ja a ’l R o onators wh Elvis impers e Petch-Pailin Grand s f th the stage o e Windsor Hotel Suite th ri in a ch m o a r ro ll fo Ba from 6 t h ig n y a e on Saturd lebrates th ow that ce ty-dinner sh of the king of rock ’n’ life 00 music and 0 and Bt2,0 cost Bt1,50 e meal and ts ke ic T . ll ro urs the four-co at inclusive of ceeds go to a fund th ro ne p o e Z th ’s k f part o angko elderly in B e th s s n rt o o si p sup xten 262 1234 e 7. Call (02)

A fair swap Don’t turn your old jeans into dust rags. Until August 31, trade them in for a new pair of Levi’s as part of Diethelm’s “Levi’s Swap Jeans” campaign. The project offers a discount of Bt1,000 to anyone bringing in old jeans of any brand and buying a pair of Levi’s valued at Bt2,500 or more at Central, Robinson’s and The Mall or any of the 130 Levi’s shops. The old jeans collected will be donated to various foundations for distribution to people in need.


Fruits of the North The Royal Project Foundation in collaboration with Central Rama III is hosting the Fruit and Vegetable Fair from Monday to August 30, featuring the produce from the project. Shoppers can also view the exhibition of lanterns from northern Thailand, shop for handicrafts at bargain prices, taste Lanna cuisine or eat an entire meal made from avocadoes.

Battle of the best The best axe-slinger will reign supreme as the Rang Rockchestra goes up against guitarist Olarn Promjai in a battle-of-the-bands concert on Friday night at 10.30 at Overtone on RCA. Tickets cost Bt300 including two drinks at Thaiticketmajor.

All about love Artists Pilaiporn Pethrith and Yotaka Ponsak explore the depths of maternal emotions in “Unconditional Love” at the Gossip Gallery until August 31. The gallery in the Silom Galleria is open daily from 10 to 7. Call (02) 237 5568 or (089) 812 2589 or visit www.GossipGalleryBKK72. com.

king! supasiri be your inspiratiboyn Tahse o o l d o o g Hey ck guitarist Arak “Pe” Amothrne Year contest organisedovies. The nd ro an of veral m Let actor a year’s Men Intrend M starring in se 9, measuring at ’s e h w o is n you enter th st year’s contest and ed between 19 and 2 t ag n la Tuesday a Mall. Pe wo ing for confident guys tions are open until ok lica contest is lo metres in height. App ti n ce 0 17 least Intren www.Men

Thanks for the memories Singer Charin Nantanakorn sets out to bring back memories of the good old days with his “Charin Show: The Original” at Aksra Theatre in the King Power Complex on August 26 and 27 at 2pm. Expect to hear such blasts from the past as “Duangjai Nai Fan”, “Karaked”, “Kluaymai”, “Klangsaishon” and “Monrak Dok Khamtai”. Guests include Pisamai Wilaisak, Aree Nakdontri, Linjong Boonnakrin and the Kanchanapalin Band led by Jirawut Kanchanapalin. Tickets cost from Bt1,000 to Bt2,500 at Thaiticketmajor.

Sweet treats

th, a sweet too n If you have tatio the presen don’t miss urants a s and rest by 43 shop ic , ocolate e of cakes, ch kery items at ba cream and Future ia 2009 at n a M t e Swe r yo t. Feast u f Park Rangsi eo d a m s lpture eyes on scu g them Cake on sweets, am Le the Earth”, il ve o “L ’s lk Wa Ne d n a e Earth” Notre’s “Th cle Panda ira Tavern’s “M g from Friday nin n u R ”. Town st 31 in the u g u A l ti un daily a, it’s open Cascata are 9. to from 10.30

Wednesday, August 19, 2009




in cinemas tomorrow

>> Buppha Rahtree 3.2: Rahtree’s Revenge –

Polamuan g Juling

nda Trail of the Pa venture drama, an orphan boy

This four-ho ur d Manit Sriwan ocumentary by Kraisak C ho ich how they rela poom examines Thai po onhavan, Ing K and litics and soci te to the Isla ety and mic insurgen after the bru cy tal beating o f teacher Julin in southern Thailand tonight wit g Pongkunm h English su ul. At 6 btitles at H o

roduced ad ts out on an In this Disney-p nda cub and se pa a s ue sc re ma) back to its (Daichi Harashi and-white bear kac bl rry fu e th ai subtitles at journey to bring English and Th h it w rin da mother. In Man . orld SFW CentralW

use. ★★★★ ★

E-Som Somwang Cha Cha Cha In this sequel to the 2007 comedy, young couple Som (Suwanan Kongying) and Somwang (Pitisak Yaowananon) arrive in Bangkok with Som’s dad (Note Chernyim) and Somwang lands a job as a nightclub singer.

The Wedding Game Ekachai Uekrongtham directs this comedy about a pair of superstars – played by real-life Singaporean celebrity couple Christopher Lee and Fann Wong – who must stage a marriage even though they dislike each

other intensely. In Mandarin with English and Thai subtitles at Lido. ★★★

Baby & Me A troublemaking high-school boy (Jang Geun-Seok) finds himself in more trouble when a toddler turns up and believes the teenager is his father. In Korean with English and Thai subtitles at Grand EGV.

Samchuk Thanit Jitnukul directs this socially conscious drama about seven small-town schoolboys hooked on drugs and the teacher who won’t give up on them. Based on a true story.

With English subtitles at some cinemas. ★★★

GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra Young soldiers Duke (Channing Tatum) and Ripcord (Marlon Wayans) are among the new recruits for a highly trained team of soldiers tasked with bringing down an evil arms dealer and his ruthless assassins. ★★

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 Denzel Washington stars as a New York City subway dispatcher faced with an arch-criminal (John Travolta) who’s hijacked a train. ★★

Bruno Sacha Baron Cohen’s gay Austrian fashionista seeks celebrity in the US. Censored. At House, Paragon, SF World.

The Hangover Three groomsmen wake up after a raucous bachelor party in Las Vegas and discover the groom is missing. Todd Phillips (“Road Trip”) directs. ★★★

L’ennemi public no 1 French gangster Jacques Mesrine (Vincent Cassel) tries to stay a step ahead of the law. In

Yuthlert Sippapak offers a fourth installment in his comedy-horror franchise. Chermarn Boonyasak and Mario Maurer star. >> Inglourious Basterds –

Cult director Quentin Tarantino’s latest has Brad Pitt leading a select group of Jewish soldiers who are behind enemy lines, brutally scalping and killing Nazis. >> Coco Avant Chanel – Audrey Tautou portrays the fashion icon in her early years. At Apex and SF World. >> Orphan – A little girl looks like an angel but she makes life hell for her new parents. >> Ricky – French director Francois Ozon’s comedic fantasy is about a baby with wings. At House.

on tv

French with English and Thai subtitles at the Lido.

Apex Lido: (02) 252 6498 Siam: (02) 251 3508 Scala: (02) 251 2861

Century – The Movie Plaza (02) 247 9940

Lions for Lambs


Bangkok: (02) 515 5555

Tom Cruise plays a powerful senator in this drama that digs behind the news and politics to look at a nation divided by war.

Major Hollywood

Star Movies (TrueVisions), 8pm

(02) 641 5177-8

Major Cineplex/EGV

Bangkok: (02) 718 7999

Channel links

Paragon Cineplex Bangkok: (02) 129 4635 IMAX: (02) 129 4631

SF Cinemas Bangkok: (02) 268 8888

Jeeja Due Suay Du


Headstrong loner Due (Jeeja “Yanin” Vismitananda) must learn the meaning of true love in order to reach the top level of her fighting skills and use her talent to protect her friends. With English subtitles

RCA: (02) 641 5913-14

at some cinemas. ★★★ Channel 3 – Channel 5 – Channel 7 – Modernine – NBT – TV Thai – True –


Close to Home By John McPherson


Pooch Cafe

The Buckets


Calvin and Hobbes

By Brian Basset

By Paul Gilligan

By Scott Stantis

By Bryan Basset

By Bill Watterson

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Red and Rover


Wednesday, August 19, 2009



Games&YourStars SUDOKU

The last word in


By Eugenia Last

Today’s Birthday: You’ll be pulled in many different directions this year. Timing will be crucial, especially where contracts and partnerships are concerned. A false sense of what you can do will cause you some grief if you allow your ego to get in the way. Refuse to fall into emotional traps.

Yesterday’s Puzzle Answer Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusively.

ARIES ***** March 21-April 19 Enjoy the company of people who have similar interests. Someone will help you advance in your chosen field. A turn of events regarding love will lead to a good decision. TAURUS ** April 20-May 20 Don’t give up too much in hopes of getting what you want. Emotionally, it will be a stretch to get along with friends and family. Don’t disagree wait for a more opportune moment to prove your point. GEMINI **** May 21-June 20 You should be separating yourself from the crowd and dancing to your own beat. There is plenty to gain from being an individual with original ideas and the drive to take on a challenge


CANCER *** June 21-July 22 Just because everything is up in the air or not going according to plan, don’t let it get to you. Stick to what has worked in the past and you can pull things together. LEO *** July 23-Aug. 22 Don’t give anyone a false impression as to what you actually have to offer. Emotions will be difficult to control. You will change your mind about something you’ve been considering.


VIRGO *** Aug. 23-Sept. 22 Problems with rules and regulations will leave you at odds about what to do next. Rely on your common sense and practical applications in order to come out unscathed. LIBRA **** Sept. 23-Oct. 22 It won’t take you long to size up a situation and know what’s required. You will have plenty of good ideas and all the help you need to follow through with plans and come out looking like a hero. SCORPIO ** Oct. 23-Nov. 21 Trust in yourself and you will avoid making the wrong decision. Someone may not feel the same way you do about the future but that doesn’t mean you have to give in. SAGITTARIUS ***** Nov. 22-Dec. 21 Just follow through and you will find an outlet for something you have wanted to get off the ground for a long time. Uncertainty at home and in your personal life may need to be addressed.

Peter Gallagher Drummer Ginger Baker is 70. Singer Johnny Nash is 69. Actress Jill St. John is 69. Singer Billy J Kramer is 66. Singer Ian Gillan of Deep Purple is 64. Bassist John Deacon of Queen is 58. Actor Peter Gallagher is 54. Actor John Stamos is 46. Actress Kyra Sedgwick is 44. Actor Kevin Dillon is 44. Country singer Lee Ann Womack is 43. Actor Matthew Perry is 40.

CAPRICORN *** Dec. 22-Jan. 19 You’ll be torn between what you should do and what you want to do. Don’t let your emotions take over or lead you down a path that will cost you. You need to update and move on. AQUARIUS *** Jan. 20-Feb. 18 You’ll be able to talk your way in and out of anything but that won’t solve problems or keep matters from escalating. Sort through any disagreements you have before it’s too late. PISCES *** Feb. 19-March 20 The more time and effort you put into work or developing something you want to pursue, the better. Someone can help you get things off the ground. Love is on the rise.


ENERGY FOR ENVIRONMENT FOUNDATION (E FOR E) is looking for competent, energetic, and motivated candidates for the following positions.


Bachelor’s Degree in Finance/Banking/Business Administration or Engineering with MBA; 3 years experience in the banking/business sector; Experience of financial analysis, financial modelling in power or petrochemical plant; Demonstrated experience and skills in preparing for financing arrangement and project evaluation for energy projects.

ENERGY POLICY ANALYST: Postgraduate in Economics/ Science/Engineering field; 3-5 years experience in energy; Experience in renewable energy or CDM is a plus. Interested candidates are invited to visit our website at for detailed information of each position. Please send your application letter, indicating position applied, with resume and expected salary to: Energy for Environment Foundation, fax 0 2642 6426 or email: by 31 August 2009. For more information please contact

K. Jaijin Tel: 0 2642 6424-5

For For sale sale & & Lease Lease 1) 675-750 sq.m. : Laem Chabang Industrial Estate, Chonburi (EPZ) 2) 1,200 sq.m. : Amata Industrial Estate, Chonburi 3) 1,620 sq.m. : Lard Krabang Industrial Estate, (EPZ) 4) 2.3 rais Raw land : Lard Krabang Industrial Estate, (EPZ) 5) 700-1,000 sq.m. : King Kaew Project, km.12 6) 1,000 sq.m. : Hi-Tech Industrial Estate, Ayuthaya 7) 1,000-8,500 sq.m. : Samutprakarn Factory 8) 1,050-1,620 sq.m. : TFD Industrial Estate, Chachoengsao(GIZ,EPZ)


02-676-4031-5, 081-732-8242

Forbest Properties Co., Ltd.

Tel. 02-287-4568-70, 677-5550 / nd

Expert in 2 hand houses in the city. Property investment consulting service. BROKER Land & Factory House Land & Factory House Sathupradit 34 Motorway Rd. Phetkasem 95, Omnoy Phetkasem 95, Omnoy

¡“™‘° ¡“§¡π“¬Àπâ“ Õ —ßÀ“√‘¡∑√—æ¬å

(Krungthepkreetha - Out)

Warehouse + 4-storey office Warehouse + 3-storey office 349.9 sq.w., 28 m. wide, 50 m. deep, 216 sq.w., 24 m. wide, 36 m. deep, fully furnished, ready to move in, located in front of the project, corner unit, convenient only 500 m. from main road, transport, surrounded by convenient transport, near many offices and warehouses Phutthamonthol Sai 5

Filled land 1 rai 229 sq.w. 35 m. wide, 72 m. deep, good location with factory license, suitable for apartment

Land 1 rai on main rd. 32 m. wide, 50 m. deep, for office/showroom




Sell@21 MB.


Sell@11 MB.

Sell@90,000 Baht/sq.w.

Tiwanont 44 Rd. Boromratchonnanee Rd. Ladkrabang, Luangpeng Land 17 rai 252 sq.w. Land 442 sq.w. 127 m. wide, 186 m. deep, Krisdanakorn 20, lake side, 50 m. from main road, good atmosphere, suitable for project suitable for a house

Sell@42,000 Baht/sq.w. Sell@42,000 Baht/sq.w. No.29099-069


Land 13 rai 131 sq.w. 48 m. wide, 500 m. deep on main road, near airport, Huatakhe Market, suitable for warehouse, office

Sell@79.9 MB


Sell@70,000 Baht/sq.w. Discount! Mitraphap Rd. km. 115 Kangkoi, Saraburi Land 70 rai, 80 m. wide

on main road, near Conwood factory, Makro, Kasemrat Hospital, suitable for factory or resort original 3 MB./rai

Sell@1.5 MB./rai


COURSE MEMBERSHIP EXCHANGE CENTRE THE FIRST IN THAILAND Tel: 081-5555888, 081-5555999 02-259-0980-5

BUY 1.Bangpra International 2.Krungthep Kreetha 1,700,000 3.Muang Ake 1 350,000 4.Bangpakong Riverside 5.Tanya Thanee 140,000 6.Windser Park -

SELL 140,000 185,000 150,000 220,000


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


3-0 Athletics’ Brett Tomko pitched five scoreless innings to beat New York less than a month after being released by the Yankees.

Life’s a new beach for Thai spikers


Chelsea sign Matic from Kosice Chelsea bolstered their midfield options by signing midfielder Nemanja Matic from Slovak club MFK Kosice for US$$2.46 million . The Serbia international is manager Carlo Ancelotti’s second major signing, a month after Russia midfielder Yuri Zhirkov moved to Stamford Bridge. The 21-year-old Matic is joining on a four-year contract, but will not be able to make his debut for several weeks because he is still recovering from a broken foot. – AP



newly-constructed beach volleyball court at the Sports Authority of Thailand complex in Hua Mark will add to the allure of qualifying for the Thailand Open in Phuket. The Open, which is the last stop of the Swatch FIVB Beach Volley World Tour, will be played in November while the qualifying tournament runs from tomorrow until Sunday.

Rafa Benitez is hopeful that his team will bounce back from defeat.

Hot competition

Duff leaves Newcastle Ireland winger Damien Duff completed his move away from relegated Newcastle yesterday when he signed a three-year contract with Fulham in the Premier League. The 30-year-old Duff scored in Newcastle’s season-opening 11 draw with West Bromwich Albion in the League Championship but ended his three-year stint with the club to return to west London, where he previously played for Chelsea. Neither club would confirm the transfer fee, but an injury-hit spell with Newcastle means it may not be as high as the £5 million.


Messi, Ibra set to play Barcelona’s star stikers Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Lionel Messi have both been declared fit to play against Manchester City in a pre-season game today. For Ibrahimovic it will be his first match for the club since his transfer from Inter Milan this summer. The 27-year-old Swedish striker underwent surgery on a broken hand last month. Messi, 22, has been suffering from a muscle strain in his left thigh. – AFP



KOP ALARM Liverpool must improve, says manager Benitez AFP, Liverpool


iverpool face Stoke City at Anfield today with concern already arising about their chances of winning the Premier League this season. That may sound absurd given that the new year is a mere 90 minutes old but Liverpool’s loss to Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday means they are already off the pace of the other favourites to win the league. Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal all won at the weekend to register an early three points and Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez has been a boss at Anfield for long enough now to know that he cannot afford to let any club engineer an early breakaway.

Many twists and turns are guaranteed before the Premier League trophy is lifted next May but Liverpool know they need to get back on track against the Midlands club if they are to stop an issue from being transformed into a crisis. The pessimism that has already cropped up in and around Anfield has not been aided by the transfer of Xabi Alonso to Real Madrid last month. The £30 million received for the player was a superb investment on the 10.7m they paid Real Sociedad four years ago but there is no doubt Liverpool have lost one of their best players – as proven by the Spurs loss. However, Benitez feels Liverpool can still prosper in his absence but admits an improvement is required for the Stoke fixture. “We had games without Alonso last season, and won a

lot of games, so I think we have enough quality in the squad, and we have to prove this,” he said. “We knew that we had to play well, but it was not because of the pressure on us. “We did not play well in the first half against Tottenham, but were much better in the second, when we pushed harder and had more options in the final third but clearly we have to improve if we want to win these types of games. “We have to improve in the middle, keeping the ball. The understanding has to be better. “But it is too early, and we have another game on Wednesday when clearly we have to improve in the possession.” In this corresponding fixture last season, Stoke held Liverpool to a goalless draw as they managed to confound expectations by avoiding relegation.

Entries are restricted to Thai beach volleyball teams, with the winners of the tournament getting a wild card into the main draw of the Thailand Open. The runners-up and 3rd and 4th placed teams will get assisted entry into the qualifying round of the Open. A total of 16 beach volleyball teams have entered the pre-qualifying event which will be divided into four pools in a round-robin format, with the winners and runners-up from each pool progressing to the knockout stages of the tournament. For more information, call (02) 3113414-5 or pay a visit to www.Pentangle

Sri Lanka flay Kiwis A F P , Galle, Sri Lanka


ahela Jayawardene and Tillakaratne Dilshan pulverised New Zealand’s bowlers to help Sri Lanka make a spectacular start to their first cricket Test. Jayawardene hit an unbeaten 108 and Dilshan smashed 92 off 72 balls as Sri Lanka made 293-3 by stumps.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009




LEADING FROM THE Manchester United’s O’Shea says Premier League champions winning start must continue at Burnley AFP, Burnley, England


anchester United have traditionally made a habit of having to wrestle control of a title race in the second half of the campaign. Last season they had to wait until returning from the Club World Cup to leapfrog Liverpool on their way to winning a third straight title. But, having beaten Birmingham 1-0 in their opening match of the season at Old Trafford, defender John O’Shea insists United are planning to lead from the front this season. They face another newlypromoted team next with a short trip to Turf Moor to face

Renault win ban appeal Renault won their appeal against a ban on Fernando Alonso’s team competing in the European Grand Prix in Valencia on Sunday. Renault were originally handed a one-race suspension, ruling Alonso out of his home race, by the International Motorsports Federation (FIA) after a wheel flew off the former champion’s car at the Hungarian Grand Prix. But they were given the green light to compete in Valencia by the FIA after Monday’s appeal hearing in Paris. Alonso will have a new team-mate on Sunday with Renault test driver Romain Grosjean expected to take the seat of Nelson Piquet Jr, who was sacked after failing to pick up any points.

Burnley, who have returned to the top flight after a 33-year absence. And O’Shea maintains that United are looking to make a clear statement of their intentions in the opening week of the season, even though they are struggling with injuries. The Republic of Ireland international was pleased United got off to a winning start and is determined to continue against Owen Coyle’s Clarets. He said: “You don’t want to be playing catch-up, even after only one game. “Other teams are looking stronger now so it’s important we stamp our authority early



FRONT Utd reserve goalkeeper Ben Foster is benefiting from the absence of Edwin van der Sar.

YOU DON’T WANT TO BE PLAYING CATCH-UP EVEN AFTER ONLY ONE GAME. John O’Shea on in the season. We’ve opened the last two league seasons

with draws so we’re happy to have picked up three points against Birmingham. Now we move on with a tough game at Burnley.” United are likely to be stretched to the limit defensively once again today at Turf Moor, with Jonny Evans expected to miss out with an ankle injury. With Nemanja Vidic not expected to return until the trip to Wigan on Saturday and Rio Ferdinand out for a fortnight, Wes Brown is likely to step in. But while struggling at the back, O’Shea believes there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic over United’s attack,

with Wayne Rooney having scored in his last two matches. O’Shea is also sure that new signing Michael Owen will have a similar impact this season: “I’m sure Michael will get off the mark soon and, like Wayne, get his goals in runs.” One player benefiting from United’s injury problems is England goalkeeper Ben Foster, who is determined to make the most of Edwin van der Sar’s hand injury. The veteran Dutchman is set for at least another six weeks on the sidelines and Foster plans to show a level of consistency that makes it impossible for Ferguson to drop him.

Massa aims for Brazilian comeback in Oct A P , Sao Paulo


ormula One driver Felipe Massa says he is close to a full recovery and is aiming to return to racing at the Brazilian Grand Prix in October. The Brazilian said in an interview with Globo TV that he is aiming to be back for the October 18 race, but it will depend on the results of his weekly tests. “I don’t know if it will be possible but I hope to be back in my home race, which is always very special to me,” Massa said. “Maybe even before that, let’s see.” Massa said his left eye is not yet fully healed from his lifethreatening crash with Ferrari at the Hungarian Grand Prix on July 25 that left him hospi-

Massa is still recovering from his life-threatening crash in Hungary. talised for nine days with multiple skull fractures. “I’m improving. I’m still not 100 per cent and my sight in the left eye still isn’t 100 per cent,” Massa said. “I’m about 85 per cent, 90 per cent recovered. There is still a bit to go

before I’m back to normal.” Massa is resting in Brazil, saying all he is doing is sleeping, watching a lot of TV and playing video games. He is undergoing weekly tests to monitor the progress of his injuries, and said he will

undergo a more thorough examination in September to determine whether he is fit to race. He will then ask the doctors at motor sport’s governing body to allow him to return. “I hope to keep doing what I had been doing before,” Massa said. “I can’t wait to go racing again.” The 28-year-old driver said he still doesn’t remember anything about the crash and isn’t bothered by images of the accident. “I didn’t experience the crash,” Massa said. “I didn’t see the part coming, I didn’t see anything. I woke up three days later and I only know about what happened because I watched it later. I was not afraid of dying at any time.”

Wednesday, August 19, 2009




TIGER’S ACHILLES HEEL South Korea’s Yang is fast becoming the world No 1’s bugbear AFP, Chaska, Minnesota

ang Yong-eun has done the unimaginable not once but twice, beating the world’s top golfer in a Sunday shootout and proving that Tiger Woods is indeed human after all. The 37-year-old affable South Korean emerged from golfing obscurity by defeating Woods by two shots to win the 2006 HSBC Champions in Shanghai. Now 33 months later, he validated that victory by rallying past Woods in the final round to win the 91st PGA Championship to become the first Asian to win a Major championship. “You never know in life,” Yang said. “This might be my last win as a golfer, but it sure is a great day.” It remains to be seen whether Yang has the staying power to win consistently on the PGA Tour. He certainly showed on Sunday he has the physical and mental tools to do it after taming Woods and the Hazeltine National Golf Club, the longest course of any tournament in Major championship history. But one has to wonder if the 110th ranked Yang will win another Major or simply become the journeyman who steps it up occasionally to play the role of the spoiler? Superman had kryptonite, Pete Sampras had Wayne Ferreira and maybe Tiger Woods has Yang Yong-eun. Sampras won 14 Grand Slam titles in his brilliant ATP tennis career and would blitz the field on most days but had a




YE Yang, left, lines up his putt on the 16th green as Tiger Woods checks his ball during the fourth round of the PGA Championship. mediocre record whenever he faced journeyman Wayne Ferreira. In their 13 career meetings, Ferreira managed to take six of them. The South African never cracked the top five in men’s rankings and he never got to face Sampras in a Grand Slam final or he might have a Major championship like Yang. Ferreira says during changeovers he and Sampras would pass each other at the net and Sampras would turn to him and say “Oh, no. Not you again.” Woods must have been uttering the same phrase on the parfour No 6 on Sunday when Yang’s tee shot appeared to be

YOU NEVER KNOW IN LIFE.THIS MIGHT BE MY LAST WIN AS A GOLFER,BUT IT SURE IS A GREAT DAY. Yang Yong-eun heading out of bounds but hit the foot of a course marshall

and stayed on the fairway. Yang saved par on the hole but it could have been disaster because he had just made his first bogey of the day on No 5. “I usually go for broke,” Yang said. “The odds are against me. Nobody’s going to be really disappointed that I lose. So I really had nothing much at stake and that’s how I played.” Yang had to go back to qualifying school in December, becoming the first player since American John Daly in 1991 to go from qualifying school to PGA Champion. By his own admission, Yang, who didn’t pick up a golf club until age 19, is not sure he can repeat his success over 14-time

Thailand clinch 14 gold medals D A I LY X P R E S S


Nongyao Kosinam on her way to gold in the women’s 46kg bodybuilding contest.

hailand wrapped up the Asian Multi Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships on a high note on Sunday, winning 14 gold medals, 12 silvers and 15 bronzes in the four-day event in Pattaya. More than 300 men and women from 30 countries flexed their muscles in the regional meet from August 13-16 at the Thai Alangkarn Theatre.

Hosts Thailand were also awarded the best team in the women’s bodybuilding and fitness category after sweeping seven gold medals. Iran, with five golds, won the men’s team trophy. “We are very delighted with the victory. Apart from making friends, we learnt techniques from one another to further develop our skills for future competitions,’’ said Thai

Bodybuilding Association president Pakpong Kriangsak. Nongyao Kosinam triumphed in the women’s 49kg bodybuilding category while hot favourite Rungtawan Jindasing stole the show in the women’s 164cm fitness event. Nongyao wowed the large crowd with a splendid display of her traps, shoulders, triceps and biceps that pumped up her marks from the judges.

Major winner Woods. Woods has 70 career titles and Yang has just 10 professional wins, including his first on the USPGA Tour at the Honda Classic in March. “Until I was 19, after I picked up my first golf club, I was like anybody else in the world, an average Joe,” he said. “I don’t consider myself as a great golfer. I’m still more of the lower than average golfer.” Try telling that to Yang’s caddie AJ Montecinos who says he has seen first hand the fortitude that gives Yang the inner strength to do what he did in registering one of the biggest upsets in golfing history. “I have been around some great players and I’ve never been around a more tough mental competitor in my life,” Montecinos said. “Just the fact that nothing affects him, whether he makes double- or triple-(bogey), he’s just like, ‘No problem.’ Then he just goes about his business.” It has been a year of surprises in the Majors but none were bigger than Yang’s. This is the first time players outside the top 30 have won all four Majors in a calendar year. At The Masters, Angel Cabrera, who was ranked 69, beat Kenny Perry in a play-off, spoiling the 48-year-old Perry’s chance of becoming the oldest Major champion. World No 71 Lucas Glover won the US Open under difficult conditions at Bethpage in New York. In the British Open, Stewart Cink (33rd ranked) foiled the chances of the sentimental favourite Tom Watson in another play-off to win his first Major championship.

Blood ban for Richards A F P , London


ormer Harlequins rugby director Dean Richards was banned from coaching for three years by an independent European Rugby Cup (ERC) disciplinary committee in Glasgow. Richards and team physio Steph Brennan had fabricated a wound or blood injury on four occasions.




Wednesday, August 19, 2009


MICHELGOES ROVING Real Madrid defender Michel Salgado is to sign a two-season deal to play for English Premiership side Blackburn Rovers.


Russia’s Yelena Isinbayeva after missing her last attempt in the women’s pole vault final.

Olympic champion Yelena

Isinbayeva lost her five-year stranglehold on the pole vault on Monday, failing to clear any height at the world championships. In stark contrast, Kenenisa Bekele and the Jamaican sprinters were as predictable as ever. Bekele extended his domination over the 10,000 metres with a fourth straight world title and Shelly-Ann Fraser added one to her Olympic gold in the 100. Isinbayeva had won all major titles since the 2004 Athens Games and saw a difficult year hit an unexpected low when the bar fell down on her at 4.80 metres. As the Russian held her head in despair, Anna Rogowska of Poland, who beat her at a meet in London last month, celebrated unexpected gold. She had cleared 4.75 metres. “I have no proper explanation,” the Russian said. “Everything was perfect. I was confident. ... I did not expect it.” Unlike Isinbayeva, Bekele didn’t use 10 fingers to hide his face. He was holding up just one to show he remains the undisputed No 1 when entering the final straight, having used his famed final kick to distance Zersenay Tadese of Eritrea by about 20 metres. As if he had been out on a jog, the Ethiopian immediately went on a victory lap with his team-mates. Equalling the four world titles of Haile Gebrselassie, Bekele is challenging him ever more as Africa’s greatest ever distance runner. He will decide later whether to go for a long-distance double.



Yang – Tiger’s Achilles heel?

Devils plan to scorch Burnley

Yang Yong-eun has now shocked the golfing world not once but twice, beating the world’s top golfer in a Sunday final-round for the second time and proving that Tiger Woods is human after all. It remains to be seen whether Yang has the staying power to win consistently on the PGA Tour. But on Sunday, he showed he has the physical and mental tools to succeed. >PAGE 27

Manchester United have traditionally made a habit of having to wrestle control of a title race in the second half of the campaign. Last season they had to wait until returning from the Club World Cup to leapfrog Liverpool on their way to winning a third straight title. But defender John O’Shea insists United are planning to lead from the front this season. >PAGE 25

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