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VETERAN ACTRESS PATRAVADI MEEJUDHON is joining a number of artists in boycotting the official opening ceremony of the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, unhappy that there’s still interference in the running of the centre





Friday, August 7, 2009 VOL 2, NO 392


Friday, August 7, 2009


Buffaloes get a boost



SEXUAL HARASSMENT CASES made the news in Thailand in 2008, says the Friends of Women Foundation

Snapping for safety



Scientists are cooking up a super-breed to protect the beast of burden from extinction

Traffic cameras put the brake on road accidents; fines can now be paid at 7-Eleven D A I LY X P R E S S


Seeking perfection Theera Pattarapornnant, a researcher with a team that is developing a bodyscanning device for Thai buffaloes at the National Electronics and Computer Technology Centre (NECTEC), said yesterday that the NECTEC had consulted with the two agencies to establish a working team to determine the standard size of Thai buffaloes. While the NECTEC was developing the scanner, the two agencies would visit the lower northeastern region and collaborate with local experts to select 250 model buffalo specimens and survey their physical aspects, Theera said. The survey would take about two years to gather the data, he added. DAILY




eacting to fears that the Thai buffalo could be on its way to extinction, the Livestock Development Department and Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Veterinary Science are set to visit the Northeast in October to gather data for the animal’s conservation. The move follows concerns voiced by HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn that Thai buffaloes are being eradicated by the growing use of tractors in rice farming.

Chiang Mai Zoo’s male panda, Chuang Chuang, who celebrated his ninth birthday yesterday, meets his offspring for the first time. During the 10-minute meeting the father tried to touch the cub. She wasn’t feeling so friendly – she growled at him.

Artists draw a blank The battle for Bangkok’s art centre rages ahead of its official opening By Jeerawan Prasomsap D A I LY X P R E S S


n army of artists is boycotting the official opening ceremony of the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC). Her Majesty Queen Sirikit will preside over the event, set to take place on August 19. The artists are unhappy with politicians and officials from the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) who they say have continued to interfere with the running of the centre.

‘We should manage it’ “The centre is a place for arts – artists should be allowed to manage it,” says Patravadi Theatre founder and promi-

nent actress Patravadi Meejudhon. “So far, the BMA has simply hired a private company to handle the opening ceremony without consulting us first.” Echoing her complaints are Pradit Prasartthong and Chumpon Apisuk. Pradit is from the Bangkok Theatre Network while Chumpon is secretary general of the Network of Artists for BACC. “We are not going to co-operate with the BACC until its management is free from interference,” Pradit says. Built with a Bt500-million budget, the arts venue has been open to the public for more than a year already, though its official inauguration has only

just been scheduled.

Artists not consulted A source said the BMA had indeed planned the opening ceremony without consulting artists. “In fact, these artists sit on a sub-committee which should have been consulted,” the source added. According to the source, the company handling the ceremony has offered to pay between Bt5,000 and Bt10,000 per exhibit sent in by interested artists. It is still unclear how many will take up the offer, and how many will turn up at the opening. Located at the Pathumwan Intersection, the BACC is open between 10am and 9pm Tuesday to Sunday. As well as art galleries, its 25,000 square metres features shops, eateries, conference rooms and an auditorium.


olice are easing the pain for motorists caught running red lights by allowing them to pay the traffic fine over the counter at one of 8,000 outlets nationwide including all 7-Eleven stores. Motorists simply need to present the ticket along with their ID card to pay the Bt500 fine plus the Bt35 service fee, said Deputy Metropolitan Police Commissioner for traffic, Maj-General Panu Kerdlarpphol, yesterday.

CAMERAS AND FINES HAVE CUT THE NUMBER OF ACCIDENTS. Since the traffic cameras had gone up at junctions, he said, the number of redlight-runners had declined continuously. In January, 62,490 traffic tickets were issued but by last month that figure had dropped by more than half, to 30,026. Panu added that the cameras and fines had cut the number of accidents on the road by tackling one of their major causes – running red lights. Call 1197 or visit for details.

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Friday, August 7, 2009

THE WORLD Vying for

the crown

Miss Montenegro Anja Jovanovic, Miss Serbia Dragana Atlija, Miss Croatia Sarah Cosic, Miss Angola Nelsa Alves, Miss Bolivia Dominique Peltier and Miss China Jingyao Wang have a day out in Nassau, Bahamas, before the Miss Universe competition gets underway. Miss Universe 2009 will be crowned on August 23.



1.9 million

have people visited Yellowstone National Park in the US from January, with the park on track to set a visitor record this year

Info highway


Man charged with trying to stalk Miley Cyrus

Malaysian gets jail for forcing wife to have sex A Malaysian man who forced his wife to have sex with him has been sentenced to the maximum five years in jail, in the country’s first successful prosecution under a new law against marital rape. The amendment to the penal code that made marital rape a crime was considered a small step toward women’s rights. But some activists say it doesn’t go far enough because the law doesn’t stipulate a minimum sentence, which means a man could go to jail for as little as a day even if convicted. The 35-year-old man was also sentenced to three lashes of the whip for forcing his wife to have anal sex. Anal sex, even when consensual, is a crime punishable by up to 20 years imprisonment in Malaysia. The sentences are to run concurrently. The man changed his plea from innocent to guilty for both charges. AP

Pennsylvania gym killer blogged his own massacre Internet notes reveal a sinister mind of a man crippled by sexual frustration, anger at women and depression A F P , New York


sexually frustrated man who killed three women in a Pennsylvania health club, then himself, blogged his preparations – with the final chilling entry announcing the “big day”. The killer, who late on Tuesday burst into the LA Fitness Gym in Bridgeville, near Pittsburgh, and sprayed 36 bullets, apparently wrote the blog on a personal Web page starting last November. On the eve of the killings, he wrote: “Took off today, Monday, and tomorrow to practise my routine and make

sure it is well polished... Tomorrow is the big day.” Local police superintendent Charles Moffatt said the killer, George Sodini, prepared meticulously.

Used three guns After twice visiting the gym earlier in the day, Sodini entered the Latin dance class, turned off the lights and opened fire, Moffatt said. Sodini used three guns: two 9mm semi-automatics and a .45-calibre revolver he turned on himself. A total of 12 people were shot. “He shot at least 36 times.

He had clips of ammunition that held 30 rounds,” Moffatt said, noting that the militarystyle ammunition had been legal since 2004, when a ban expired. According to Moffatt, “there’s nobody that was in that club that could have done anything to prevent Mr Sodini” from carrying out the murders. The blog, which Moffatt said was being treated as genuine, and which was quickly pulled off the Internet, reveals a sinister, often banal mind of a man crippled by sexual frustration, anger at women and depression. A picture of Sodini, 48, attached to the blog shows a lean, white male with slightly graying hair and wearing a smart blue shirt.

A 53-year-old man who told police he is secretly engaged to marry Miley Cyrus has been charged with attempting to stalk the teenage “Hannah Montana” star, who is filming a movie in Georgia. Tybee Island police chief Jim Price said Mark McLeod was arrested after Walt Disney Pictures security officers reported he had returned to the beachside movie set after police warned him to stay away in June. “He was asking for Miley and going up and knocking on some doors” of beach homes, Price said. “In fact, he went up Miley to the security guards and asked them ‘Is Miley around?’” A judge set bond for McLeod at $50,000 (Bt1.7 million), with conditions that he doesn’t return to Tybee Island and stays away from Cyrus and her family.

Hypnotic kiss A South Korean hypnotist has been fined 3 million won (Bt83,000) for stealing a kiss on a blind date with a woman he thought he had put in a trance. The 32-year-old man suggested hypnotising his 27year-old date during their first meeting arranged by a matchmaking agency. He chanted: “Black hole! You will plunge deeper into a trance. If my hand touches your body, you will feel intense pleasure.” When the man thought his technique had worked, he went to kiss her. But the woman was fully alert and she pushed him away. She filed a complaint later. – AP


Friday, August 7, 2009




good deal


Country of contradictions

Free nights


>> Several airlines fly between Bangkok and Rangoon. >> Pre-arranged visas on arrival are available for most nationalities though conditions apply. For information, visit >> On the Web:

InterContinental Hotels are letting people stay for free. Here’s the deal: Check in for two nights before August 15 and get a free night’s stay anytime through the year. You can “collect” up to four free days, so consider sampling the InterContinental Bangkok, the Holiday Inn Chiangmai, the Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi or any other place listed at


Treat your sweetie

Burma fascinates with its play of light and shadow

call (660 2) 725 6000, extension 6212.

Graduation dinner University graduates and their families looking to celebrate in style can take advantage of the 50-per-cent discount at the Novotel Bangkok’s restaurant, the Square. Until September 30, the deal applies to groups of 10 to 30 people having lunch or dinner on Siam Square. Call (02) 209 8888, extension 2702-7.

By Kristina Rich D P A , Rangoon


azing down upon the visitors to the temple complex at Bagan in Burma is a very mysterious Buddha figure. The 10metre-high statue in the southern niche of Ananda temple smiles benevolently on everyone who approaches, but as you approach the statue its facial expression changes with every step. When you stand just in front of the Buddha and look up you see a very serious face. The change is due to a play of shadow and light but the optical illusion could be emblematic of the entire country. Standing in Burma’s lighter side are its history and culture that stretch back more than a millennia while in the shadow stands its military dictatorship, which has ruled the country since 1962. Its temples stand in stark contrast to the regime’s torture

prisons, its mostly unobtrusive people to the army who force children to take up weapons and suppress minorities.

Making contact Is it right to travel to such a country? It is true that some ho-

tels and airlines are in the hands of the regime’s henchmen, but people like taxi drivers, travel guides, gardeners and chambermaids survive on income from tourists. Contact with guests is also one of the few gateways to the

outside world that people have, says one guide. Anyone who makes the long journey from Bangkok to the port city of Rangoon enters another world. The country is steeped in Buddhism, as can be seen from the countless Buddha statues around the country or from the magnificent buildings such as the Shwedagon Pagoda in Rangoon. Its 100-metre-high stupa is the city’s emblem. Mandalay is about 700 kilometres north of Rangoon and home to the Mahmuni Pagoda, Burma’s most important pilgrimage site next to the Shwedagon Pagoda. The Mahmuni Buddha is four metres high but beneath its chin it has been deformed into a shapeless clump of gold thanks to the gold leaves placed there by pilgrims over the last 150 years. Bagan is what could be described as a Buddha paradise thanks to its 2,700 pagodas. It is a stunning site on a par with Cambodia’s temple complex at Angkor.

Friendly Buddha


Candlelit dinners, champagne lunches, private pool villas – the Anantara Phuket Resort and Spa promises all this and more with “Ultimate Romance Couples”. Twosomes checking in at Mai Khao Beach for rates starting at Bt32,300 can also enjoy an in-villa spa-bath ritual. See or


Buddhist nuns and monks walk around Shwedagon Pagoda. Another temple is the BoTaTaung Pagoda in BoTaTaung Township, Rangoon, above.

Each pagoda has its own unique story. The largest is the Dhammayangyi Temple built in 1167 by King Narathu. According to legend Narathu was a strict ruler. If he could place a needle between blocks in the temple’s wall that meant death for the mason. Another highlight is Wat Ananda, built in 1105, with its sometimes friendly, sometimes serious Buddha. If you leave the temple by its southern gate and cast a glance over your shoulder you will see the kindly face.

Friday, August 7, 2009




THE 62ND LOCARNO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL is spotlighting Japanese animation among the 390 features and shorts on its outdoor screens. The Swiss fest runs until August 15.

OF THE 300,000 BOTTLES produced annually by Siam Winery are exported to 19 countries.

What happens in Pattaya Christopher Wise reflects on the lives of tourists, expats and bar boys and girls in his solo show “Pattayaland”, opening at 6.30 tomorrow night at the Kathmandu Photo Gallery on Pan Road. While acknowledging Pattaya’s stigma for cheap sex, the American photographer also portrays the resort as a place for clean holiday fun and home to many retirees. The show runs until September 27. Call (02) 234 6700 or visit


Hey, funny boy! Stand up and be counted in the first open-mic competition at the Bull’s Head’s Punchline Comedy Club D A I LY X P R E S S


f you think there could be more chuckles at the Punchline Comedy Club, get up onstage and make us laugh. The host Bull’s Head pub is holding its first “Ultimate Open Mic Comedy” competition for amateurs next month. Anyone with a joke to tell can enter, but hopefully you’ve got more than one, or can improvise

Mediterranean magic Until October, taste the very best

of Mediterranean and Greek cuisine during the Greek Festival at both branches of Crepes & Co restaurants. Head over to Crepes & Co on Sukhumvit Soi 12 between 9am and midnight or the new branch on Thonglor Soi 8 from 9.30am to 11pm and sample your choice of authentic dishes, either savoury or sweet. Reservations are recommended. Visit

Lost in the wilderness From tomorrow until September 15, wildlife photographer Bruce Kekule showcases his collection of images at Hua Hin Hills Vineyards. A resident of Thailand for 35 years, the American shutterbug spends much of his time supporting and spreading the message about Thailand’s priceless wild creatures. The exhibition features photos of rare living treasures. Meet the artist for a book signing session tomorrow as part of the exhibition’s opening party.


By Manta Klangboonkrong


or even mime your way through a few minutes. You can riff on anything as long as it isn’t racist. If you’re lucky and funny enough, you’ll be among 20 finalists in the three-minute showdown, with the audience casting votes. The contestants will be onstage every Saturday next month starting at 7pm, and the final’s on October 3. Two winners will be deter-

In love with Lenka

known for her sweet voice and frilly retro outfits, nailed listeners in Australia and US with her first single “The Show”. The special show needs special pass. Tune in to 98.5 GoodFM.

Big, bad Brodinski Get ready for noisy techno, bassheavy house and melodic minimal tomorrow night as Champion Sound brings DJ Brodinski to Brodinski Bangkok. The French DJ and producer has only been around for a few years but he’s already got a big reputation and unlike many of his Parisian peers, this guy’s taste in music is broad. Entry with a drink is Bt600. The club is on RCA Zone C. Bring your ID. Call (02) 203 1043 or visit


Face facts

IT’S NO JOKE >> Get an application by e-mailing the emcee, Billy Brunsdon, at before August 31. >> Call (02) 233 4141-2.

mined with the help of a Cheero-Meter and get to perform in the Punchline Comedy Show. Then one of them gets a holiday on Koh Samet.

With her second single, “Trouble is a Friend”, scheduled for release in a few weeks, Australian pop sensation Lenka will give Bangkokians a preview on August 15 at Moon Star Studio. The young songstress,

Until August 20, artist Godwin Bradbeer is showing his works in “Portraits in Exile” at the Ardel Gallery of Modern Art. The drawings in his “Imago” collection show his preoccupation with staring faces, anonymous and ambiguous in terms of sex, race, age and character. The gallery is open Tuesday to Saturday, from 10.30 to 7 and Sunday until 5.30. Call (02) 422 2092 or visit



Friday, August 7, 2009


Calendar girls, oy! British girl group the Saturdays are going to need more days to spread the good word around Asia

By Neena Marisak-Lemire SPECIAL TO D A I LY X P R E S S


ritish pop babes the Saturdays’ brief show on Tuesday at Zense, the restaurant-bar way up above Zen, featured the six singles that are still charting in Britain – “If This is Love”, “Just Can’t Get Enough”, “Chasing Lights”, “Issues”, “Work” and “Up”. And it also gave Xpress another chance to chat up the girls. Rochelle and Una sat down to talk before flying off to Malaysia for the next show.

So how’s Thailand been? Thailand is lovely! We’ve had such a good time. We like the spicy food and the people are very nice – we got such a warm welcome.

So how come you’re only here for one show?

What do you think is special about your album?

What projects are in the pipeline?

We just want to introduce ourselves on this trip. We want to branch out into Asia. We don’t think we’ve released enough songs over here, so we want to build our foundation around the world. So this time we just want to impress people and hopefully we’ll come back and have a bigger show.

We’re really proud of it because we have five singles in the UK top 10. It’s one of those albums that, when you put it on, you’re not going to skip through every song. And it has a mixture of ballads, pop rock, R’n’B and soul.

We just finished recording the new album and we’re going to release the first single in October in the UK. We just finished shooting the music video for it last week.

Will it be the same style? It’s a progression from the old one, really. We think it’s better than our first album. We worked with some producers in LA and some of them have worked with Lady GaGa and Rihanna.

Any farewell message for your fans here? We’re glad you liked the songs and we hope you come to the show next time. Please keep following our updates on Twitter or on our website,!


Friday, August 7, 2009





Twins Day Tonight Wine Pub Pullman Bangkok King Power Hotel Rangnam Road (BTS: Victory Monument) (02) 680 9999; Special for twins. Buy one get one free for a set of two burgers including a bottle of house wine all for Bt900.

Dudesweet: Vocabulary

Baron of breakbeat

Brit DJ Lee Coombs climbs into Bed with tales of Oakenfold and New Order to share D A I LY X P R E S S


aving thrilled the Bangkok crowd with 16 Bit Lolitas’ debut show at its first-anniversary party a few weeks back, Underground Bangkok Radio is back with more: master of breaks British DJ Lee Coombs is in town next week. In the perpetually pulsing world of breakbeat, artists who stand still don’t last. Coombs’ 20-year career is thus a testament to constant motion. Though rooted in breakbeat’s looping, stuttering rhythms, Coombs’ all-encompassing sound embrace house, electro, techno and acid. He got his start in London’s acid-house scene during the


>> Lee Coombs performs at Bed Supperclub next Thursday. Entry with a drink is Bt600. Sing up for a chance to win free tickets at >> The Bed is on Sukhumvit Soi 11. Call (02) 651 3537 or see

late 1980s but soon developed a reputation as a top breaks DJ. His 1998 signing by Finger Lickin’ Records cemented his status as one of the scene’s

leading innovators, and 2001’s “Future Sound of Retro” was a global smash. The album and Coombs’ live appearances caught the attention of celebrated remixer

Paul Oakenfold, and the following year they collaborated on the critically acclaimed “Perfecto Breaks”. After remixing Oakenfold’s “Time of Your Life” and working for Moby, New Order, Lamb and Planet Funk, Coombs’ was one of the industry’s most in-demand artists. In 2003 BBC TV flew him to Prague to record the theme for its show “Born to Win” with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. His own album the next year, “Breakfast of Champions”, featured collaborations with Dylan Rhymes and Christian J. Expanding into new territory – tech funk – Coombs introduced techno, electro and house to his breakbeat template. He left Finger Lickin’ in 2005 and has since focused on projects for his own Thrust Recordings, as well as Adrift and Meat Katie’s Lot49 label. He continues to push sonic boundaries, always experimenting with tempo and sounds. The recently married DJ has maintained a busy touring schedule and, in San Francisco, hosts a popular quarterly series at the Thrust Club.

Tonight 808 RCA, Zone C (02) 203 1043; Get your message across and enjoy the music from DJ Non and the Neon Boy and Knatz with visuals by Reset. Entry with a drink is Bt200 before 10.30 and Bt300 after. Dress code: Tshirt with messages.

Soundelement Tonight Cafe Democ Corner of Democracy Monument Ratchadamnern Klang Road (02) 622 2572; Join DJ Dai and Soundelement crew with DJ Seed as special guest. Free entry.

MODE: Green Tomorrow Nest Bar, Le Fenix Hotel Sukhumvit Soi 11 (BTS: Nana), (02) 255 0638; Go green with freestyle music from DJ Verse@ille, Mike the Butcher plus guests. Free entry all night. Dress code: green.

Tranzedayze: Rio de Janeiro Tomorrow Club Culture Sri Ayutthaya Road (BTS: Phya Thai) (02) 642 5499; Dress code; ID Resident Graham Gold from the UK is back to rock the dancefloor with progressive DJ San from the Netherlands. Entry with a drink is Bt350. Dress code: Rio carnival.




Friday, August 7, 2009


The House that Chatchai built A charming restaurant in Chiang Mai offers elegant dining in a delightful ambience

f-ABBA-lous Based on Abba’s forever hits, the musical “Mamma Mia!” promises you’ll have “the time of your life” if you go along to the Muang Thai Rachadalai theatre between Tuesday and August 30. The production is in English with Thai surtitles. Tickets cost from Bt1,000 to Bt4,000 at

Brunissimo By Paisarn Likhitpreechakul SPECIAL TO T H E D A I LY X P R E S S


The most outrageous gay boy is finally in town. Catch “Bruno”it now at House. For showtimes, visit or call (02) 641-5177-8.

Albania shines Albania’s governing Democrats have proposed a law allowing same-sex civil weddings in the small, predominantly Muslim country. An announcement on the government website last Thursday said the bill “may spark debate” but was needed to stop discrimination against gay couples. Current law only recognises heterosexual unions.

all in serendipity. While driving along Chiang Mai’s city moat, we spotted what looked like a charming restaurant and pulled in, only to discover two restaurants within the same compound. More brightly lit with a lively feel, Ginger&Kafe was almost full, with clients relaxing on the outside seating under white canopies. We opted for the dinner-only The House and were immediately enchanted by the softlit and intimate ambience as well as the nimble fretwork of resident classical guitarist Kho Thet, the deciding factor for the music teacher in our group. The House serves diverse dishes to accommodate every palate. You can opt for the northern style Sai Ua and Khao Soi at very reasonable prices or choose more luxurious Western dishes. The tapas selection is especially impressive. While Kho Thet played Chopin’s “No 7 in A Major” with Segovia-like mastery, I indulged in chicken satay skewer with lemongrass and peanut butter sauce.

We unanimously agreed that whoever is responsible for this kind of perfection must be gay, and soon got our confirmation from co-owner Chatchai Jultamara, who came around to oversee the service. “My partner and I love wining and dining. We entertain friends all the time, so a restaurant has always been our dream,” says Chatchai, who contributed his previous professional experience at Four Seasons Hotel Singapore to this labour of love. In 2003, Chatchai’s partner,

Danish fashion and homeware designer Hans Christensen, chanced upon this old and badly neglected house. He learned it had been built in the ’30s by a fellow Dane to serve as the northern headquarters of the East Asiatic Company. After extensive renovations, The House

was born, with Ginger&Kafe following three years later. “In a way, we are doing this out of pleasure. We would like our clients to have the same quality experience as our friends,” says Chatchai. Their dedication shows. The House is infused with personal touches and you feel just like you’ve been invited to a private dinner at a friend’s house, albeit with professional chef and handsome, attentive waiters. The cosy interior with handpicked furniture and decoration shows the meticulous care they’ve put into this work. Interestingly, it is also continually changing because – like a living house – it’s always changing. Everything you see is available for sale – except the staff that is. “They’re free,” jokes Chatchai.

On the ’Net:

Friday, August 7, 2009



“FUNNY PEOPLE”, an Adam Sandler comedy, debuted at No 1 in North America last weekend, earning US$22.6 million, topping “Harry Potter”.


don’t miss!

al nt day, Love Aaj K y out in the 1960s and thetaprenceseromance.

long-dis ories pla Two love st ng the complexities of star. In Hindi with ti n ele at both confro eepika Padukone, Gis on Sunday D , n rrow and 4 a o h nd a K m t li to vi A , t if m h a u S jor Sukh t 8 tonig a a s M e t tl a ti y b a d su . English Discovery , 8 on Sun lex Rama III ay at Grand EGV Siam Major Cinep sd T e d n woo ha y to Wed www.Bolly it is at 8 Monda v r o 0 2 26

Lav Diaz retrospective

GI Joe: The Ris e of Cobra Young soldie

rs Duke (Chann ing Tatum) and Wayans) are am Ripcord (Marlo ong the new re n cruits for a high special force ta ly trained sked with bringi ng down an evil and his ruthless arm assassins. Denn is Quaid and Sien s dealer also star. ★★ na Miller

488 Call (089)

Lae Nang Long Tai The mini-festival at Siam Paragon features movies on southern Thailand. Today’s screenings are 1969’s musical romance “Koh Sawad Hat Sawan” (“Paradise Island”), starring Aranya Namwong and Sombat Metanee at 5 and Euthana Mukdasanit’s classic childhood drama “Butterfly and Flowers” at 8. Free admission. Call (081) 697 5976 or visit visit

Hearts and Flowers for Tora-san It’s Tora-san month at the Japan Foundation, featuring Yoji Yamada’s long-running series of comedies. From 1982, this episode Tora-san falls for a maid

who works for a famous ceramic artist. In Japanese with Thai subtitles only at 6.30 tonight at the Japan Foundation. Visit or call (02) 260 8560-4.

Killshot A couple (Diane Lane and Thomas Jane) in the witnessprotection programme get mixed up with a conman (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and his hitman partner (Mickey Rourke). At Paragon Cineplex.

Solstice A young woman (Elisabeth Harnois) is haunted by her dead twin sister’s ghost during summer vacation. Daniel Myrick (“The Blair Witch Project”) directs.

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 Tony Scott remakes the 1974 thriller with Denzel Washington starring as a New York City subway dispatcher faced with an arch-crsiminal (John Travolta) who’s hijacked a train. ★★

Bruno Sacha Baron Cohen’s gay Austrian fashionista seeks celebrity status in the US. Censored. At House, Paragon, SF World.

The Hangover Three groomsmen (Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis) wake up after a raucous bachelor party in Las

Vegas missing their memories of the night before and their friend the groom. Directed by Todd Phillips (“Road Trip”, “Old School”). ★★★★

L’ennemi public no 1 French gangster Jacques Mesrine (Vincent Cassel) tries to stay a step ahead of the law in part two of the biographical drama. In French with English and Thai subtitles at the Lido.

6:66 Tai Mai Dai Tai A crime reporter (Susira Angelina Nanna) starts uncovering strange and scary facts after her father comes back from the dead. Jason Young also stars. With English subti-

Director Lav Diaz persevered over the course of 11 years to make his 11-hour drama “Evolution of a Filipino Family”. Cast members dropped out, aged and died, yet Diaz completed his film. It’s screening at 10am tomorrow. At noon on Sunday, it’s the nine-hour road journey, “Heremias Book I”, about a man witnessing the moral decay of society. Both are at the Conference of Birds Gallery on Pan Road, where you’ll need to bring pillows, because the gallery as no seating. At 10am on Monday, “Death in the Land of Melancholia: Lav Diaz Retrospective in Thailand” moves to the Film Archive in Salaya, Nakhon Pathom with the 7.5-hour drama on identity and grief, “Melancholia”. Visit

on tv

tles at some cinemas. ★★

Apex Lido: (02) 252 6498 Siam: (02) 251 3508 Scala: (02) 251 2861

Century – The Movie Plaza (02) 247 9940

House (02) 641 5177-8

Major Cineplex/EGV Bangkok: (02) 515 5555

Major Hollywood Bangkok: (02) 718 7999

Samchuk Thanit Jitnukul directs this socially conscious drama about boys hooked on drugs and the teacher who won’t give up on them. Based on a true story. With English subtitles at some cinemas.

My Bloody Valentine The lone survivor of a mine accident returns, vowing revenge on those responsible. Cinemax (TrueVisions), 8pm

Channel links Paragon Cineplex Bangkok: (02) 129 4635 IMAX: (02) 129 4631

SF cinemas Bangkok: (02) 268 8888

UMG RCA: (02) 641 5913-14 Channel 3 – Channel 5 – Channel 7 – Modernine – NBT – TV Thai – True –

Adam By Bryan Basset

The Buckets By Scott Stantis

Pooch Cafe By Paul Gilligan

Red and Rover

By Brian Basset

By Bill Watterson

Calvin and Hobbes

By John McPherson

Close to Home

12 LEISURE Friday, August 7, 2009


Friday, August 7, 2009



Games&YourStars SUDOKU

The last word in


By Eugenia Last

Today’s Birthday: Surround yourself with people who understand your goals and relate to what you are trying to accomplish. It’s time to run a tight ship, budget wisely and do as much of the work as you can yourself. An older, experienced individual will shed some light on your situation. Listen and make the necessary adjustments.

Yesterday’s Puzzle Answer Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusively.

ARIES *** March 21-April 19 Choose your battles wisely. Don’t let a personal incident cause you grief when the right reaction can bring about a different turn of events. Positive thoughts are followed by positive actions. TAURUS **** April 20-May 20 People you’ve helped in the past will lend you a hand now, if you ask. Don’t fall short of your goals because you are too proud. This is not a time to settle for less. GEMINI ***** May 21-June 20 You may have to juggle in order to take advantage of all the opportunities heading your way. Don’t be afraid to make changes. It’s your ability to present that will open others to your profitable ideas.


CANCER *** June 21-July 22 You really need to shake things up if you want to hold someone’s interest. Get involved in something and you will take the first step to personal freedom. Like it or not, change is good. LEO *** July 23-Aug. 22 You may feel an emotional tug. Ask yourself: How much will it cost to follow my dreams? What is the worse case scenario? You have what it takes - believe in yourself.


VIRGO *** Aug. 23-Sept. 22 You have to separate your emotions from what needs to be done. Show your strength by doing what’s right, not what everyone wants you to do. You have to put your moral code first. LIBRA *** Sept. 23-Oct. 22 You really need to spice things up. Put your creative mind to the test and you will come up with a viable plan that can help you out financially. Take advantage of what’s being offered. SCORPIO ***** Oct. 23-Nov. 21 Don’t fold under pressure. You can find a way to do what you want if you are secretive, manipulative and focused on your goals. Stop helping everyone around you and start calling in favours owed. SAGITTARIUS ** Nov. 22-Dec. 21 Someone you least expect will upset your world by going in a different direction. You have to consider the consequences, losses and whether or not you can move forward on your own.

Charlize Theron

Writer-producer-humorist Stan Freberg is 83. Bluesman Magic Slim is 72. Actress Verna Bloom is 70. Actor John Glover is 65. Actor David Rasche is 65. Singer Harold Hudson is 60. Actor Wayne Knight is 54. Singer Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden is 51. Actor David Duchovny is 49. Actor Harold Perrineau is 46. Actress Charlize Theron is 34.

CAPRICORN **** Dec. 22-Jan. 19 Look at things from a different perspective and you can find a way to resolve an issue that has been holding you back. An emotional relationship can be enhanced by the choices you make. AQUARIUS *** Jan. 20-Feb. 18) You have plenty to offer, so don’t hold back. Someone will see the potential of what you want to do and what you have to offer. Start small and you will build something great. PISCES *** Feb. 19-March 20 Take care of the personal things in your life you have left dangling. Follow your intuition and the choices you make will not only change your lifestyle but lead to putting your talents to work for you.


∫√‘…—∑ ‡¥Õ‡∫≈ ®”°—¥ („π‡§√◊Õ°√–∑‘ß·¥ß)

ºŸâ®”Àπà“¬ ‘π§â“‡§√◊ËÕߥ◊Ë¡°√–∑‘ß·¥ß  ªÕπ‡´Õ√å ™“¢“«‡æ’¬«√‘§ÿ ·≈– ‘π§â“Õÿª‚¿§∫√‘‚¿§Õ◊ËπÊ ¡’æπ—°ß“π¡“°°«à“ 1,100 §π ª√–®”„π “¢“µà“ßÊ∑—Ë«ª√–‡∑» §◊Õ ‡™’¬ß„À¡à æ‘…≥ÿ‚≈° Õÿ¥√∏“π’ Õÿ∫≈√“™∏“π’  ÿ√‘π∑√å π§√√“™ ’¡“ ¢Õπ·°àπ  ÿ√“…Æ√å∏“π’  ß¢≈“ ¿Ÿ‡°Áµ π§√ª∞¡  ¡ÿ∑√ ß§√“¡ ™≈∫ÿ√’ ®—π∑∫ÿ√’ ª∑ÿ¡∏“π’ ·≈–°√ÿ߇∑æœ ‡æ◊ËÕ π—∫ πÿπ°“√‡µ‘∫‚µÕ¬à“ßµàÕ‡π◊ËÕß ∫√‘…—∑œ¡’§«“¡ª√– ß§å®–√—∫ ¡—§√æπ—°ß“πµ”·Àπàßµà“ßÊ ¥—ßµàÕ‰ªπ’È

æπ—°ß“πª√–®” ”π—°ß“π„À≠à °√ÿ߇∑æœ 1.ºŸ™â «à ¬ºŸ®â ¥— °“√·ºπ°Ωñ°Õ∫√¡ ·≈–°‘®°√√¡æπ—°ß“π -

™“¬ «ÿ≤‘ª√‘≠≠“µ√’ “¢“∑’ˇ°’ˬ«¢âÕß Õ“¬ÿ‰¡à‡°‘π 35 ªï ¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥å∑”ß“π¥â“π®—¥Ωñ°Õ∫√¡Õ¬à“ßπâÕ¬ 5 ªï ¡’§«“¡™”π“≠·≈–™Õ∫ß“πª√– “πß“π∑—Èß¿“¬„π·≈–¿“¬πÕ°∫√‘…∑— œ  “¡“√∂„™â ‚ª√·°√¡§Õ¡œ MS. Office ‰¥â¥’  “¡“√∂∑”ß“π„πµà“ß®—ßÀ«—¥‰¥â

2.æπ—°ß“πºŸ‡â ™’ˬ«™“≠ IT

- «ÿ≤‘ª√‘≠≠“µ√’¢÷Èπ‰ª “¢“§Õ¡æ‘«‡µÕ√å Õ“¬ÿ‰¡à‡°‘π 30 ªï - ¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥åµ√ߥâ“π‚ª√·°√¡§Õ¡æ‘«‡µÕ√åÕ¬à“ßπâÕ¬ 3 ªï -  “¡“√∂‡¥‘π∑“߉ªµà“ß®—ßÀ«—¥‰¥â

3.æπ—°ß“π∏ÿ√°“√ ΩÉ“¬∑√—欓°√∫ÿ§§≈·≈–∏ÿ√°“√ -

À≠‘ß «ÿ≤ª‘ √‘≠≠“µ√’ Õ“¬ÿ‰¡à‡°‘π 28 ªï ¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥å°“√∑”ß“πÕ¬à“ßπâÕ¬ 1 ªï ¡’¡πÿ…¬å —¡æ—π∏奒¡“° ™Õ∫ß“π ◊ËÕ “√ ·≈–ª√– “πß“π‰¥â¥’  “¡“√∂„™â ‚ª√·°√¡§Õ¡œ MS. Office ‰¥â¥’


- À≠‘ß «ÿ≤ª‘ √‘≠≠“µ√’ Õ“¬ÿ‰¡à‡°‘π 30 ªï - ¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥å°“√∑”ß“πÕ¬à“ßπâÕ¬ 1 ªï -  “¡“√∂„™â ‚ª√·°√¡§Õ¡œ MS. Office ‰¥â¥’

5.‡≈¢“πÿ°“√ºŸ∫â √‘À“√ª√–®” ”π—°ß“π°√ÿ߇∑æ

- ‡æ»À≠‘ß «ÿ≤ª‘ √‘≠≠“µ√’ Õ“¬ÿ‰¡à‡°‘π 30 ªï - “¡“√∂„™â§Õ¡æ‘«‡µÕ√傪√·°√¡ MS. Office ‰¥â¥’ - ¡’∫ÿ§≈‘°¿“楒 ¡’¡πÿ…¬ —¡æ—π∏å ·≈–∑—°…–„π°“√µ‘¥µàÕª√– “πß“π∑’Ë¥’

ºŸ â π„®°√ÿ≥“ àß®¥À¡“¬ ¡—§√ß“π ‚¥¬√–∫ÿ “¢“∑’˵âÕß°“√ ¡—§√ æ√âÕ¡·π∫À≈—°∞“π à«πµ—« À≈—°∞“π°“√»÷°…“ ·≈–√Ÿª∂à“¬ 1 √Ÿª ¡“∑’Ë

ΩÉ“¬∑√—欓°√∫ÿ§§≈·≈–∏ÿ√°“√∑—«Ë ‰ª

∫√‘…—∑ ‡¥Õ‡∫≈ ®”°—¥ 39/13 À¡Ÿ8à ∂ππ‡Õ°™—¬ ·¢«ß∫“ß∫Õπ ‡¢µ∫“ß∫Õπ °√ÿ߇∑æœ 10150 À√◊Õ Õ’‡¡≈å¡“∑’Ë ‚∑√. 02 417-0400 µàÕ 1461 ·ø°´å : 02-417-0400 µàÕ 1451

æπ—°ß“πª√–®” “¢“µà“ßÊ ∑—Ë«ª√–‡∑» (À“°‡ªìπ§π„πæ◊πÈ ∑’®Ë –æ‘®“√≥“‡ªìπ摇»…)

1.ºŸâ®¥— °“√ “¢“ ª√–®” “¢“µà“ßÊ -

√—∫º‘¥™Õ∫º≈ª√–°Õ∫°“√·≈–º≈ß“π√«¡¢ÕßΩÉ“¬µà“ßÊ „π “¢“ «ÿ≤‘ª√‘≠≠“µ√’¢÷Èπ‰ª, ¢—∫√∂¬πµå ‰¥â·≈–¡’„∫Õπÿ≠“µ¢—∫¢’Ë ¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥墓¬ ‘π§â“Õÿª‚¿§∫√‘‚¿§Õ¬à“ßπâÕ¬ 8 ªï ¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥å¥â“π∫√‘À“√∫ÿ§§≈“°√ 5 ªï¢÷Èπ‰ª  “¡“√∂„™â ‚ª√·°√¡§Õ¡œ MS. Office ‰¥â  “¡“√∂‡¥‘π∑“߉ª∑”ß“π„π‡¢µ®—ßÀ«—¥∑’Ë√∫— º‘¥™Õ∫‰¥â

2.ºŸâ™à«¬ºŸ®â ¥— °“√·ºπ°¢“¬ ª√–®” “¢“µà“ßÊ -

π”∑’¡¢“¬∑—ÈßÀ¡¥¢Õß “¢“∫√√≈ÿ‡ªÑ“À¡“¬∑’Ë°”Àπ¥ «ÿ≤‘ª√‘≠≠“µ√’¢÷Èπ‰ª, ¢—∫√∂¬πµå ‰¥â·≈–¡’„∫Õπÿ≠“µ¢—∫¢’Ë ¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥墓¬ ‘π§â“Õÿª‚¿§∫√‘‚¿§Õ¬à“ßπâÕ¬ 5 ªï ¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥å¥â“π∫√‘À“√∫ÿ§§≈“°√ 2 ªï¢÷Èπ‰ª  “¡“√∂„™â ‚ª√·°√¡§Õ¡œ MS. Office ‰¥â  “¡“√∂‡¥‘π∑“ß∑”ß“π„πµà“ß®—ßÀ«—¥‰¥â

3.À—«Àπâ“æπ—°ß“π¢“¬Àπ૬√∂ ª√–®” “¢“µà“ßÊ -


«ÿ≤‘ª√‘≠≠“µ√’¢÷Èπ‰ª, ¢—∫√∂¬πµå ‰¥â·≈–¡’„∫Õπÿ≠“µ¢—∫¢’Ë ¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥墓¬ ‘π§â“Õÿª‚¿§∫√‘‚¿§Õ¬à“ßπâÕ¬ 3 ªï ¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥奓â π∫√‘À“√∑’¡¢“¬‰¡àπâÕ¬°«à“ 1 ªï¢π÷È ‰ª  “¡“√∂„™â ‚ª√·°√¡§Õ¡œ MS. Office ‰¥â

4.À—«Àπâ“·ºπ°∫—≠™’ -

ª√–®” “¢“Õÿ∫≈√“™∏“π’ ™≈∫ÿ√’ ·≈–°√ÿ߇∑æœ

«ÿ≤‘ª√‘≠≠“µ√’ “¢“∫—≠™’ ¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥å∑”ß“π∫—≠™’∫√‘…—∑œ ‰¡àµË”°«à“ 3 ªï ¡’§«“¡√Ÿ·â ≈–‡¢â“„®„π√–∫∫∫—≠™’ ·≈–°ÆÀ¡“¬¿“…’Õ“°√ ¥’¡“°  “¡“√∂„™â ‚ª√·°√¡§Õ¡œ MS. Office ‰¥â

5.À—«Àπâ“·ºπ°§≈—ß ‘π§â“·≈–®—¥ àß -

ª√–®” “¢“æ‘…≥ÿ‚≈° ·≈–°√ÿ߇∑æœ

«ÿ≤‘ª√‘≠≠“µ√’¢π÷È ‰ª ¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥å∑”ß“π§≈—ß ‘π§â“Õ¬à“ßπâÕ¬ 3 ªï ¢—∫√∂¬πµå ‰¥â·≈–¡’„∫Õπÿ≠“µ¢—∫¢’Ë  “¡“√∂„™â ‚ª√·°√¡§Õ¡œ MS. Office ‰¥â

√—∫ ¡—§√ß“π ∫√‘…—∑  µ“√å ´“π‘∑“√’·«√å ®”°—¥ (¡À“™π) STAR SANITARYWARE PUBLIC CO., LTD.

‡ªìπºŸâº≈‘µ·≈–®”Àπà“¬‡§√◊ËÕß ÿ¢¿—≥±å‡´√“¡‘°∑’Ë¡’§ÿ≥¿“æ√“¬„À≠à ®”Àπà“¬∑—Èß„π·≈–µà“ߪ√–‡∑» ·≈–‡ªìπ∫√‘…—∑„πµ≈“¥À≈—°∑√—æ¬å ¥”‡π‘π°‘®°“√¡“°°«à“ 20 ªï ‚¥¬¡’ ‡§√◊ËÕßÀ¡“¬√—∫√Õߧÿ≥¿“æ¡“µ√∞“πÕÿµ “À°√√¡ (¡Õ°.), ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 14001: 2004 ·≈–‰¥â√—∫√“ß«—≈ àßÕÕ°¬Õ¥‡¬’ˬ¡ ‡ªî¥√—∫ ¡—§√æπ—°ß“π‡æ‘Ë¡‡µ‘¡ ¥—ßπ’È 1. ºŸÕ â ”π«¬°“√ΩÉ“¬¢“¬·≈–°“√µ≈“¥ ®”π«π 1 Õ—µ√“ ë ‡æ»™“¬ Õ“¬ÿ 40 ªï¢π÷È ‰ª «ÿ≤‘°“√»÷°…“√–¥—∫ ª.µ√’¢÷Èπ‰ª ë ¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥å „πµ”·ÀπàßÕ¬à“ßπâÕ¬ 5 ªï ë ¡’§«“¡‡ªìπºŸâπ” §«“¡§‘¥√‘‡√‘Ë¡ ¡’¡πÿ…¬å —¡æ—π∏å 2. º®°. Õ“«ÿ‚  / º™. º®° ΩÉ“¬¢“¬„πª√–‡∑» ¥Ÿ·≈‡¢µ¿Ÿ¡¿ ‘ “§∑—«Ë ª√–‡∑» ®”π«π 4 Õ—µ√“ ë ‡æ»™“¬ Õ“¬ÿ 35 ªï¢÷Èπ‰ª «ÿ≤‘°“√»÷°…“√–¥—∫ ª. µ√’¢÷Èπ‰ª  “¢“∑’ˇ°’ˬ«¢âÕß ë ¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥奓â π°“√¢“¬·≈–°“√µ≈“¥ ë «“ß·ºπ ∫√‘À“√ §«∫§ÿ¡ß“π¢“¬·≈–°“√µ≈“¥„πª√–‡∑» ë ¡’§«“¡‡ªìπºŸâπ” §«“¡§‘¥√‘‡√‘Ë¡ √â“ß √√§å ¡’¡πÿ…¬å —¡æ—π∏å 3. º®°.∑√—欓°√∫ÿ§§≈·≈–∏ÿ√°“√ (ª√–®”‚√ßß“π √–∫ÿ√)’ ®”π«π 2 Õ—µ√“ ë ‡æ»™“¬ Õ“¬ÿ 40 ªï¢π÷È ‰ª «ÿ≤°‘ “√»÷°…“√–¥—∫ ª.µ√’-ª.‚∑ À√◊Õ “¢“∑’ˇ°’ˬ«¢âÕß ë ¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥奓â πß“π∫ÿ§§≈·≈–∏ÿ√°“√„π‚√ßß“π‰¡àπâÕ¬°«à“ 10 ªï ë ¡’§«“¡√—∫º‘¥™Õ∫ Ÿß ¡’§«“¡Õ¥∑π ¡’∑—»π§µ‘∑’Ë¥’µàÕÕߧå°√ ë ¡’§«“¡√Ÿ∑â “ß√–∫∫ß“π·√ßß“π —¡æ—π∏å ·≈–æ—≤π“∫ÿ§≈“°√ 4. ºŸ®â ¥ — °“√ΩÉ“¬°“√‡ß‘π ®”π«π 2 Õ—µ√“ ë ‡æ»À≠‘ß Õ“¬ÿ 40 ªï¢÷Èπ‰ª «ÿ≤‘°“√»÷°…“√–¥—∫ ª.µ√’-ª.‚∑  “¢“°“√‡ß‘π ë ¡’§«“¡‡ªìπºŸπâ ”  “¡“√∂„™â MS-Office ‰¥â§≈àÕß ë  “¡“√∂«“ß·ºπ ∫√‘À“√ §«∫§ÿ¡ ·≈–æ—≤π“ß“π°“√‡ß‘π¢Õß∫√‘…—∑ µ‘¥µàÕ·≈–ª√– “πß“π°—∫ µ≈“¥À≈—°∑√—æ¬å ë À“°¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥å°“√‡ß‘π¢Õß∫√‘…—∑¡À“™π ª√– “πß“π°—∫µ≈“¥À≈—°∑√—æ¬å ·≈–¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥傪√·°√¡ A/S 400 ®–æ‘®“√≥“‡ªìπ摇»…

5. ºŸ™ â «à ¬ºŸ®â ¥ — °“√ΩÉ“¬ à߇ √‘¡°“√¢“¬ (PROMOTION) ®”π«π 2 Õ—µ√“ ë ‡æ»™“¬ Õ“¬ÿ 35 ªï¢π÷È ‰ª «ÿ≤°‘ “√»÷°…“√–¥—∫ ª.µ√’-ª.‚∑ π‘‡∑»»“ µ√åÀ√◊Õ “¢“∑’ˇ°’¬Ë «¢âÕß ë ¡’§«“¡√Ÿ¥â â“π°“√«“ß·ºπ°“√µ≈“¥ °“√‚¶…≥“·≈–ª√–™“ —¡æ—π∏å ë ¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥å„πµ”·Àπà߉¡àπâÕ¬°«à“ 2 ªï 6. ºŸ™ â «à ¬ºŸ®â ¥ — °“√ΩÉ“¬¢“¬µà“ߪ√–‡∑» ®”π«π 3 Õ—µ√“ ë ‡æ»™“¬ Õ“¬ÿ 35 ªï¢π÷È ‰ª «ÿ≤‘°“√»÷°…“√–¥—∫ ª.µ√’ ¢÷πÈ ‰ª  “¡“√∂‚µâµÕ∫¿“…“Õ—ß°ƒ…‰¥â‡ªìπÕ¬à“ߥ’ ë ¡’§«“¡√Ÿâ·≈–ª√– ∫°“√≥å¥â“π°“√ àßÕÕ°Õ¬à“ßπâÕ¬ 3 ªï 7. ºŸ·â ∑π¢“¬ ‡¢µ°√ÿ߇∑æœ ª√‘¡≥±≈ ·≈– µà“ß®—ßÀ«—¥/ ‚§√ß°“√·≈– ∂“ªπ‘° ®”π«π 8 Õ—µ√“ ë ‡æ»™“¬ Õ“¬ÿ 24 ªï¢÷Èπ‰ª «ÿ≤‘°“√»÷°…“√–¥—∫ ª« .-ª.µ√’ ë ¡’√∂¬πµå‡ªìπ¢Õßµπ‡Õß 8. ‡®â“Àπâ“∑’  Ë √√À“À√◊ÕÀ—«Àπâ“·ºπ° √√À“ (ª√–®”‚√ßß“π √–∫ÿ√)’ ®”π«π 2 Õ—µ√“ ë ‡æ»™“¬ 30 ªï ¢÷Èπ‰ª «ÿ≤‘°“√»÷°…“√–¥—∫ ª.µ√’  “¢“∑’‡Ë °’ˬ«¢âÕß ë ¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥å∑“ߥâ“π°“√ √√À“·≈–∫√√®ÿæπ—°ß“π„π‚√ßß“πÕÿµ “À°√√¡ 3 ªï¢÷Èπ‰ª ë  “¡“√∂ÕÕ°ªØ‘∫—µ‘ß“πµà“ß®—ßÀ«—¥‰¥â 9. ‡®â“Àπâ“∑’Ë ®ª. «‘™“™’æ (ª√–®”‚√ßß“π √–∫ÿ√)’ ®”π«π 2 Õ—µ√“ ë ‡æ»™“¬ Õ“¬ÿ 24 ªï¢÷Èπ‰ª «ÿ≤‘°“√»÷°…“√–¥—∫ ª.µ√’  “¢“∑’‡Ë °’ˬ«¢âÕß ë ºà“π°“√Õ∫√¡¥â“𠮪. «‘™“™’æ ·≈–¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥å 1 ªï¢÷Èπ‰ª

**** µ”·Àπàßß“π ∑’Ë 1, 2, 6, 7 ∂Ⓡ§¬ºà“πß“π¥â“π ÿ¢¿—≥±å À√◊Õ«— ¥ÿ°àÕ √â“ß®–æ‘®“√≥“‡ªìπ摇»… **** µ”·Àπàßß“π ∑’Ë 3, 8, 9 ¡’√∂√—∫ àß°√ÿ߇∑æœ - ‚√ßß“π √–∫ÿ√’ ºŸ â π„® ¡—§√¥â«¬µπ‡Õß À√◊Õ  àß®¥À¡“¬æ√âÕ¡√Ÿª∂à“¬ 2 π‘È« √“¬≈–‡Õ’¬¥ à«πµ—« ·≈–À≈—°∞“πµà“ßÊ ¡“∑’Ë ∫√‘…—∑  µ“√å ´“π‘∑“√’·«√å ®”°—¥ (¡À“™π) 410/7-9 ∂ππ√—™¥“¿‘‡…° 22 ·¢«ß “¡‡ ππÕ° ‡¢µÀ⫬¢«“ß °√ÿ߇∑æœ 10310 ‚∑√»—æ∑å : 02-5415066-70, 02-5415873-76 Email: International NGO urgently requires For work on Thai-Burma border:

Allergan Thailand Headquartered in U.S., Allergan is a technology-driven global health care company providing eye care and specialty pharmaceutical products worldwide. We have global marketing and sales capabilities in over 100 countries that deliver values to our customers. Our Vision is to continue as an innovative, technology driven, global health care company focused on pharmaceuticals in specialty markets that deliver value to customers, satisfy unmet medical needs, and improve patients' lives.

POSITION : PRODUCT SPECIALIST Qualifications • Male or Female, age 25-35 years, Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy, Nurse, Science or related field • Having experience working in sales & marketing field at least 3 years • Experience in medical field will be an advantage • Can work independently and travel upcountry • Skills in Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Excel, Word) • English communication skill is preferable If you are interested in the above position, please send your resume with details of qualifications, work experience, past and expected salary, contact address and telephone number to: Khun Klinpaka Vongpanich, e-mail address Allergan (Thailand) Ltd. Payathai Plaza Building, 22nd Floor, Room E, F, G, No. 128/239-241, Payathai Road, Thung Phayathai, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400 Tel. 02-2146236

Star Color Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of Polyone Group, the worldwide leader in colored plastic manufacturing requires several positions for its expansion.

Maintenance Engineer ● ●

● ●

● ●

2 Positions

Male, 35-37 years of age. Electrical engineering capability is a must, however mechanical and chemical engineering expertise are advantage. At least 5 years in Plastics manufacturing industry; Extrusion and/or Injection processes. Lead or being a team member in TPM implementation and cost saving projects using TPS, Lean and Six Sigma methodology. Good in project management with MS Office, MS Project, AutoCAD and Engineering software ability. Work well under pressure and tough working environment. Good knowledge and able to manage ISO9001, ISO/TS16949 and ISO14001 for maintenance jobs. Able to work in shift, long hours and during holidays. Proficient English communications, interpersonal and presentation skills. Positive attitude and open minded.

Laboratory Manager ● ●

2 Positions

Male or Female, over 35 years of age. Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry, Industrial Engineering, Plastic Technology Engineering, Chemical Engineering or related field. Master degree is a plus. 3-5 years experience in manufacturing environment, preferably in plastic industry (extrusion / injection / blow / compression / molding). 3-5 years experience in color matching in Plastics industry. Have good knowledge skill and experience in ISO 9001 and ISO18001 system. Strong leadership skills and good team player, good command of spoken and written English. Have good knowledge of International chemicals and plastics regulations and compliance. Able to work under pressure and 24 hrs on-call.

Walk-in application (for immediate interview) or mail to:


79 Moo 11 Soi Kingtong, Kingkaew Rd., Rachatewa, Bangplee, Samutprakarn 10540 Write (job application) on envelope corner or call for more details at 02 327 9100 ext. 224 or 228 Human Resources Department E-mail:

Administration Coordinator - Thai - Master degree or equiv. in Bus. Administration or Human Resources Mgt. - 5 yrs. admin. mgt. exp. - Fluent in English and Thai - Excellent interpersonal and communication skills Position requires : PC skills (Word, Excel, Access); excellent organization and interpersonal skills. Send application to: ARC Intl., 37/1 Soi 15, Petchburi Rd., BKK 10400 Thailand Fax: 662 253 2899 E-mail:

SIRIVATANA INTERPRINT PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED For our continued expansion and growth in export printing business, we invite high caliber individuals to join us in the following capacity.

Creative Director

We seek a high caliber person with creative knowledge, in-depth understanding of advertising, design house or public relation market background to be our Creative Director. He will be responsible for developing a team that is capable of providing creative design, with knowledge of studio photography and artwork services for customers around the world. Sirivatana Interprint is regarded as the largest printer in Thailand with a workforce of 4,000 people. We have factories in Bangkok, Bangpakong, Rayong and Vientiane capable of producing all kinds of printed product. This exciting opportunity offers the right candidate an excellent position to be part of our dynamic and successful printing company. We offer fantastic expatriate equivalent salary and bonuses, outstanding career opportunity in a successful and stable company. Candidate must possess a strong communicative skill in both spoken and written English language. Interested person, please apply by e-mail with resume and recent photo stating expected salary to:

Sirivatana Interprint Public Company Limited 125 Soi Chan 32, Chan Road, Thungwatdon, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120 Tel. 02- 6755-600 Website: Email :,,

COURSE MEMBERSHIP EXCHANGE CENTRE THE FIRST IN THAILAND Tel: 081-5555888, 081-5555999 02-259-0980-5

BUY SELL 1.Bangpra International 140,000 2.Krungthep Kreetha 1,700,000 3.Muang Ake 1 350,000 4.Bangpakong Riverside 185,000 5.Tanya Thanee 140,000 150,000 6.Windser Park 220,000

LAND FOR SALE • soi THA-IT Rattanathibet Rd. with townhouse 3 fls. 4 u.

17-3-57 Rai Nonthaburi •

Klong 7 Rangsit-Nakornayok Lumluka-Wangnoi Rd. 79 Rai

Tel. 081-772-6962



Friday, August 7, 2009





briefly Sunderland sign England striker Bent Sunderland finally completed their club record £10-million (US$17-million) swoop for Tottenham striker Darren Bent on Wednesday. The 25-year-old had become increasingly frustrated after Tottenham’s transfer demands forced him to wait for over a week to move to the Stadium of Light. The England international even criticised Spurs chairman Daniel Levy on the Twitter website before being forced to apologise for his comments. But Bent was able to put pen to paper on a four-year contract with Steve Bruce’s team after the last financial details were agreed between the two clubs. – AFP

Private funeral service for Robson Former England manger Bobby Robson was buried on Wednesday at a private funeral service in his native northeast England. The service at an undisclosed location was attended by Robson’s widow Elsie and the couple’s three sons, Andrew, Paul and Mark. The 76-year-old Robson died last Friday after a long struggle with cancer. “Sir Bobby Robson was laid to rest today at a private family service,” a family statement said. “Lady Robson has been overwhelmed by the wonderful tributes and messages of condolence and is very grateful that the family’s privacy has been respected at this sad time.” A public memorial service is set to be held later in the year. – AFP

Coaches take the blame for doping Two coaches on the Brazilian athletics team are taking the blame for the doping of five athletes who were preparing for the upcoming world championships in Germany. Jayme Netto and Inaldo Sena said in a news conference on Wednesday that each of the Brazilian athletes were given

shots of the endurance-booster drug EPO without their knowledge. The coaches said the athletes were told they were being given amino acids shots. Netto and Sena said they were misled by a physiologist who said the amount of EPO being administered would not show up on doping tests. The physiologist is not part of the Brazilian athletics team. “I take the blame for allowing them to take the shots,” Netto said, in tears. The Brazilian athletics confederation said Tuesday that Bruno Lins Tenorio de Barros, Jorge Celio da Rocha Sena, Josiane da Silva Tito, Luciana Franca and Lucimara Silvestre presented “adverse results” in out-of-competition tests conducted by the confederation on June 15. – AFP

Another arrest in Forrest killing A man believed to be the getaway driver in the robbery and shooting death of former boxing champion Vernon Forrest has been arrested, Atlanta police said on Wednesday. Jquante Crews, 25, of Dallas, Georgia, faces several charges including murder, possession of a firearm during a commission of a felony and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. – AP

Striker signs three-year deal with Chelsea, wants to win more titles with them




idier Drogba became the latest Chelsea player to commit himself to the Premier League club on Wednesday by signing a new three-year deal that will keep him at Stamford Bridge until 2012. The 31-year-old striker followed winger Florent Malouda and midfielder John Obi Mikel by agreeing new terms.

“I love the club, I feel good here and I want to continue to win titles with them,” Drogba said. “I stay because I am ambitious to pick up lots more trophies, regain the Premier League title, win cups. It is for this that I have extended my time at Chelsea. “But my number one objective is to win the Champions League. I am convinced that this year we

can go to the end and finally lift this trophy.” Drogba, though, will miss the first three matches of this season’s group stage as part of Uefa’s punishment for his foulmouthed rant at the referee after Chelsea were beaten in the semi-finals by Barcelona last season. The Ivory Coast international helped Chelsea win the FA Cup

Friday, August 7, 2009




Andrew Strauss



“Manchester City are thinking big and if I’m honest there is no difference between City and Real Madrid or the Brazilian national team. Everybody at those three teams now believes they are the winners ...”

“At the moment it’s impossible to know. He [Flintoff] has got to be fit enough to bowl his overs. If he isn’t fit enough to bowl his overs, we’ll have to think about replacing him.” Kiradech Aphibarnrat of Thailand plays a stroke during the second round yesterday.


Super sub revives Celtic


Greek international Samaras’s late goal in Moscow helps Scots sneak into the third round

Young guns take lead in Malaysia


A F P , Paris

Aquilani for Reds Liverpool acted quickly to replace Xabi Alonso on Wednesday, reaching a deal with AS Roma to sign Italy midfielder Alberto Aquilani. The transfer for the 25-yearold Aquilani is reported to be worth £20 million and subject to a medical examination being completed later this week. “Alberto is a very good player and I’m delighted we’ve reached agreement with Roma for his transfer,” manager Rafa Benitez said. “He will travel to Merseyside later this week for a medical. Alberto has a winning mentality and great expe-

rience in both Serie A and the Champions League. “He has long been recognised as a top-class talent in Italy, captaining his country at both under-19 and under-21 levels before establishing himself in the senior national side.”

ed 2-2 on aggregate. Samaras was not the only late goalscoring hero. Sheriff, giants of Moldovan football but minnows in European terms, moved to within 180 minutes of an historic appearance in the group stages as Jose Nadson struck in the fourth minute of time added on in Prague to force a 1-1 draw with Slavia Prague. The Moldovans progressed on the away goals rule – the tie finished 1-1 on aggregate – and wrapped up a dreadful two days for Czech football. On Tuesday Sparta Prague had seen a first leg 3-1 advantage overturned by Greek side Panathinaikos, who won 3-0 to qualify 4-3 on aggregate. Celtic – for whom Australian striker Scott McDonald was their other scorer – will face a tough draw in the final qualifying round with potential opponents being Arsenal, deposed seven-time French champions Lyon or Italian side Fiorentina.

AFP, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Alonso transfer complete Midfielder Xabi Alonso completed his transfer to bigspending Real Madrid from Liverpool on Wednesday. Alonso passed his routine medical to become Madrid’s eighth signing in a ¤254-million spending spree since Florentino Perez returned to the club presidency in June. Liverpool will receive a reported fee of ¤30 million for the 27-year-old Spain international, who has signed a fiveyear contract.


last season by scoring the equaliser in a 2-1 victory over Everton at Wembley. He has won a total of two Premier League titles, two FA Cups and two League Cups with the club.

Scottish giants Celtic brought to an end an unwanted record on Wednesday when they overcame a deficit away from home in European competition for the first time beating Dynamo Moscow 2-0 to progress 2-1 on aggregate in their Champions League third preliminary round clash. Substitute Georgios Samaras was their hero in Moscow as the Greek international’s late goal edged the former European Cup winners to within one round of making the lucrative group stages and also ended a 22match winless streak away from Glasgow in European competition. However, there was to be no such joy for Shakhtar Donetsk – Ukraine’s first ever European club trophy winners when they won the last ever Uefa Cup title earlier this year – as they were held 0-0 by unheralded Romanian outfit Timisoara in Romania and went out on the away goals rule as it end-

Celtic’s Georgios Samaras celebrates his goal against Dynamo Moscow during their Champions League qualifying-round match on Wednesday.

Asia’s rising stars Kiradech Aphibarnrat of Thailand and South Korea’s Noh Seung-Yu shared the limelight after taking the joint second-round lead at the Worldwide Holdings Selangor Masters on yesterday. The 18-year-old Noh and Kiradech, 20, shot a three-under-par 68 and 70 respectively to head the pack with their two-day total of seven-underpar 135 at the Seri Selangor Golf Club. The supremely talented duo leads by one stroke from South Africa’s James Kamte and Malaysian Shaaban Hussin in the US$300,000 Asian Tour tournament. Kamte stayed in the hunt with a battling 70 while Shaaban produced a 69 to fly the local flag. Australian Mitchell Brown, Taiwan veteran Lu Chien-soon and another Malaysian, S Siva Chandhran, lie in tied fifth position on 137 going into the final two rounds. Noh, winner of the Midea China Classic and Rookie of the Year last season, showed why he is one of South Korea’s most exciting prospects as he put himself in position for a second Asian Tour title thanks to an eagle and five birdies. “Overall, I am happy with my game but it is still too early to be excited,” said Noh.



Friday, August 7, 2009



Thais face uphill task


he Thai karate team’s joy at Hirannithichatchapol Saratham’s bronze medal was mingled with concerns about the health of Yanisa “Pui” Torrattanawatana after she was rushed to hospital following her fight in the inaugural Asian Martial Arts Games yesterday. The opening day of the Japanese martial arts competition in the games, featuring nine sports, certainly did not measure up to the Thai team’s expectations. With Yanisa – who became the first Thai to win a gold in the sport at the SEA Games four years ago – among three Thais on duty in the Kumite event, there were big hopes of a strong start for the Kingdom. However, Yanisa’s campaign was far from a smooth ride.

First, she had to face a protest in the quarter-finals. The Thai had initially won the tie against her Malaysian opponent but the opposition coach claimed that Yanisa was out of the ring in the closing stages, which meant a point deduction according to the rules. The Malaysian protest was upheld, forcing the bout into extra time. Yanisa, however, managed to win the bout and reach the semi-finals. The home fighter then suf- Thailand’s Yanisa Torrattanawatana, behind, duels with her Chinese fered a defeat at the hands of rival for the bronze medal. her Taiwanese opponent, leaving her to battle it out with a breathing after the bout and country’s third gold medal in Chinese rival for the bronze. was taken to hospital for a the sport. Yanisa found the Chinese too check-up. “I really didn’t expect to win. hot to handle, losing 3-0, which Meanwhile, Wasanaporn Actually, I didn’t even glance at meant she finished empty- Samthong won a jujitsu gold the scoreboard during the fight. handed. But during her fight for medal in the women’s 62kg divi- Credit to my coach – his gamebronze, Yanisa took a blow to sion. Wasanaporn was ecstatic plan contributed to my sucher throat. She had difficulty in that she was able to bag the cess,” said Wasanaporn.


Thais pick up gold in jujitsu, bronze in karate but one player hospitalised DAILY XPRESS


Thai head coach Kiattipong Radchatagriengkai admitted his side had only a slim chance of winning against Beijing Olympic champions Brazil in today’s Pool E World Grand Prix preliminaries in Macau. The second leg of the women’s premier volleyball tournament at the 4,000-seater Macau Forum kicks off today, with Thailand challenging reigning and seven-time champions Brazil, and Asian powerhouse China taking on Poland. In their rigorous preparation for the daunting task ahead, the Thai players trained much harder than usual yesterday. “It’s almost impossible that our players will beat Brazil. They are much stronger than us, tactically and technically. However, we will try our best,” said Kiattipong. Preechachan Wiriyanupaapong


Friday, August 7, 2009




Noppawan stuns seed on pro circuit



S top seed Andy Roddick made a triumphant return on Wednesday in his first match since a heartbreaking Wimbledon final loss, defeating Germany’s Benjamin Becker 6-3 6-2 at the ATP Washington Classic. Fifth-ranked Roddick fired eight aces and overpowered his 47th-ranked rival in 55 minutes to reach a third-round match against countryman Sam Querrey, who beat Russian Igor Kunitsyn 6-3 6-4 at the US$1.4million hardcourt event. “I did all right. All in all it was a good first match,” Roddick said. “I learned what I wanted out there. I wasn’t going to get too creative. I wanted to get my feet under me, not come out firing from all the gates, just try and do the basics well.” “I was

certainly eager to get back out there,” Roddick said. “I’m glad to be getting into the swing of it.” Roddick, a three-time champion at Washington, broke Becker’s first service game in each set. Roddick lost only three points on his serve in the opening set, ending it on an ace, and broke at love in the fifth game of the last set. “I did a good job of putting returns in the court,” he said. Roddick, whose only Grand Andy Roddick bats a return to Benjamin Becker of Germany. Slam title came at the 2003 US Open, felt the rust of a month- serve.” Former world No 1 “I’ve had to get better every long layoff most in his serve, Lleyton Hewitt of Australia and match,” Hewitt said. “For me it’s even though he connected on 58 Juan Carlos Ferrero of Spain about building up match pracper cent of first serves. reached the third round. tice going into the Masters “I didn’t serve that well. It Hewitt defeated Israel’s Dudi Series and the US Open.” wasn’t where it normally is,” Sela 6-3 2-6 6-2. Ferrero ousted Hewitt will next meet defendRoddick said. “If I have to have seventh-seeded Davis Cup ing champion and second seed one thing rusty that I don’t wor- teammate Tommy Robredo 6-3 Juan Martin Del Potro of ry about coming around, it’s my 6-2. Argentina.


American makes a winning return in his first match since Wimbledon

World junior No 1 Noppawan Lertcheewakarn proved that she could cause damage on the pro circuit when she upset American sixth seed Lauren Albanese in the first round of the US$75,000 Odlum Brown Vancouver Open in Vancouver on Wednesday. Playing her first match since winning the junior Wimbledon title, the 17-yearold Thai crawled back from a mid-match lapse to beat the world No 166 7-6 (7-2) 3-6 7-5 in an epic three-and-ahalf hour match. “It was such a good feeling to pull it off. I felt so tired because we played more than three hours,’’ said the wildcard. Currently No 388 in the world, Noppawan hopes to crack the top 150 by the end of the season. She next plays Russian Olga Puchkova. In the men’s doubles first round, second seeds Sonchat and Sanchai Ratiwatana lost to Carsten Ball of Australia and Sergei Bubka of Ukraine 4-6 6-4 7-10. DAILY XPRESS

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