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Tuesday, July 21, 2009 VOL 2, NO 379


Liverpool’s Thai fans give their Red idols a ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ feel as they arrive in Bangkok yesterday for a friendly match against the kingdom’s national team tomorrow >PAGE 26 GOOD MORNING BANGKOK!

Smile – it won’t cost you anything By Rujira “Kem” Chauykue Model and actress


ven if you don’t know a person, it does not mean you shouldn’t smile at him or her. Smiling is the simplest and easiest thing to do. Sometimes a person might have worrying thoughts on his or her mind, but I believe that when he or she sees a beautiful smile, it encourages and helps the person cheer up. And, certainly, it does not cost a satang.

What’s on Don’t miss the ‘Here Lies Stars – Decorated Heart’ concert; catch pop duo Lipta at their first full-scale show, plus “Love Song @ Sea” on the beach at Cha-am; take your pooch to the Pet Expo and more...

Check out Nokia’s answer to the iPhone

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009



COMPUTER-GAME CAFES applied for a licence to operate but only about 3,000 took part in the White Computer Game Shops project requiring members to strictly follow the rules especially on children and youth.

New rules on gaming By Pakamard Jaichalard D A I LY X P R E S S

Adjustments The new rating, which still comprises seven categories, has been adjusted to include prohibiting persons under 20 from seeing certain sex scenes as well as demonstrations of drug-taking and crime, he said. The two regulations should take effect in early August.

Age matters As for the ministerial regulation on Internet cafes, the council had cut the part that prohibited children under 18 from playing computer games for more than three hours a day, Teera said. The new regulation allowed those under 15 to use the service from 2pm to 8pm from Monday to Friday and from 10am to 8pm during holidays and school breaks, while those aged 15 to 18 could use the service until 10pm, the minister said. DAILY




he Culture Ministry will submit to the Cabinet today a draft ministerial legislation of the seven-category rating system and other regulations on Internet cafes that allow children to play computer games for up to six hours a day. Culture Minister Teera Salakpetch said yesterday that the two drafts had been approved by the Council of State and he would place them before the Cabinet today.


Her Majesty the Queen will preside over the launch of the ‘Virtue of the Kingdom’ exhibition on August 19 at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. Among the highlights is the ‘Khon Prommart’ display of photos and new costumes and makeup produced by the Support Foundation under a project initiated by HM the Queen in 2003 and used in a recent stage performance at the Thailand Cultural Centre. The exhibition will run through October. Visit or call (02) 214 66308.

WORK OF ART Her Majesty to officially open the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre D A I LY X P R E S S


er Majesty the Queen Sirikit will officially inaugurate the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre on August 19. To mark the inauguration, exhibitions under the ‘Virtue of the Kingdom’ theme will go on display from August 11 to October 11. Of these exhibitions is the one about “Khon Prommart”, an episode of the Ramakien mask dance. The episode was staged at the Thailand Cultural Centre last month, using costumes and props prepared by Her Majesty-initiated arts and craft centres. Her Majesty wishes to preserve the country’s centuriesold art of Khon. “New costumes and props

for the Khon mask dance have been created under Her Majesty’s instructions. They will play a role in passing Thai culture and art to the new generation,” Her Majesty’s deputy private secretary Thanpuying Charungjit Teekara said at a press conference yesterday.

Khon Prommart exhibition She chairs a committee organising the Khon Prommart exhibition, which will be on display on the 8th floor of the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. Located at the Pathumwan Intersection, the centre is open between 10am and 9pm from Tuesday to Sunday. With up to 25,000 square metres of utility space, it features shops, eateries, conference

WITH UP TO 25,000 SQ METRES OF UTILITY SPACE,THE BANGKOK ART AND CULTURE CENTRE FEATURES SHOPS,EATERIES, CONFERENCE ROOMS AND AN AUDITORIUM. rooms and an auditorium, too. “We have constructed this centre with the aim to establish Bangkok as a cultural city and also to make people appreciate Thai culture and art,” Bangkok Governor MR Sukhumbhand Paribatra announced. He said the construction was also to celebrate His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s 80th birthday in 2007. The centre has been open to the public for more than a year. Last July, the “Always Roaming with a Hungry Heart” exhibition of photos taken by

HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn marked the centre’s soft launch. Since then, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has allocated Bt70 million for the centre’s operations each year. However, not many activities have taken place at this 11-storey centre to date. “During the past year, we have not used it much. But from now on, we will hold various events at the centre,” Sukhumbhand says. “Some of them will be international events.”

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009



70 million sharks die in the ocean each year. In contrast, shark attacks on humans number between 60 and 100 per year

Astronaut Edwin Aldrin walks by the footpad of the Apollo 11 Lunar Module on the moon in July 1969. Left: Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong and Maj-General Michael Collins pose for a portrait in front of a lunar module device at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington on Sunday.

The astronauts who first landed on the moon aren’t dwelling on their small lunar steps. Instead, two of them on Sunday urged mankind to take a giant leap to Mars. In one of their few joint public appearances, the crew of Apollo 11 spoke on the eve of the 40th anniversary of man’s first landing on the moon, but didn’t get soggy with nostalgia. They instead spoke about the future. Second man on the moon Buzz Aldrin said the best way to honour the Apollo astronauts “is to follow in our footsteps; to boldly go again on a new mission of exploration”. First man on the moon Neil Armstrong only discussed Apollo 11 for about 11 seconds. He gave a lecture titled “Goddard, Governance and Geophysics”, looking at the inventions and discoveries that led to his historic “small step for a man” on July 20, 1969. Apollo 11 command module pilot Michael Collins, who circled the moon alone while Armstrong and Aldrin walked on it, said the moon was not interesting, but Mars is. Aldrin and Collins said the moon is old hat. Collins said he is afraid that Nasa’s exploration plans would be bogged down by a return visit to the moon. Aldrin detailed how to make a quick visit to the moon a stepping stone to visits to the Martian moon Phobos, Mars itself, and even some asteroids like Apophis that may someday hit Earth. – A P


Apollo 11 astronauts look toward planet Mars

Asia set to witness century’s longest eclipse A F P , New Delhi


he world’s most populous nations will gaze skywards tomorrow as the longest total solar eclipse of the 21st Century lays a carpet of darkness across India and China, from Mumbai to Shanghai.

Once-in-a-lifetime event The event is being hyped in the obscure world of eclipsechasers as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which, due to its trajectory over some of the most densely inhabited areas on Earth, could end up being the most watched eclipse in history. “This is a very important milestone. None of us will live long enough to see another

one like it,” said Federico Borgmeyer, the German-based manager of the specialist travel agency Eclipse City. The American astrophysicist and acclaimed eclipse expert Fred Espenak has simply labelled the July 22 event “a monster”. Total solar eclipses occur when the moon comes between the Earth and the sun, completely obscuring the sun. The excitement this time around is largely due to the unusually long duration of the eclipse, or “totality” – when the sun is wholly covered. At its maximum, this will last six minutes and 39 seconds – a duration that will not be matched until the year 2132. The up to 258-km-wide

shadow cast along the “path of totality” will first make landfall on the western Indian state of Gujarat shortly before 6.30am (8am Bangkok time).

India to China to Japan It then races across India, blacking out the holy city of Varanasi on the banks of the Ganges, squeezing between the northern and southern tips of Bangladesh and Nepal before engulfing most of Bhutan, traversing the Chinese mainland and slipping back out to sea off Shanghai. Its next landfall is Japan’s southern Ryukyu Islands, after which it curves southeast through the Pacific Ocean where the maximum duration of totality will occur.

‘Harry Potter’ works its magic The sixth Harry Potter film cast a spell over movie-goers, snagging more than half of North America’s total weekend ticket sales following its record mid-week opening. “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” trounced the competition, raking in $79.4 million (Bt2.7 billion) in the Friday-toSunday period for a total haul of $159.6 million since Wednesday. The movie also took in $237 million overseas since Wednesday in 54 countries, bringing its worldwide total to $396.7 million. With some of the best reviews of any Harry Potter movie, “HalfBlood Prince” was off to the fastest overall start in franchise history. The sixth movie came in $20 million ahead of the last movie, “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”, which grossed $139.7 million in its first five days two years ago. “Half-Blood Prince” sets the scene for the looming final battle between Harry and his nemesis Lord Voldemort in the concluding films. – A G E N C I E S



Tuesday, July 21, 2009




ELEPHANT RAMPAGE ‘Knesh’, Pichet Klunchun’s new dance production, could be his most daring – aesthetically and politically By Pawit Mahasarinand





nternationally acclaimed dancer and choreographer Pichet Klunchun struggled mightily with an elephant before deciding his new solo work “Knesh” was ready to be seen. “I’ve been working on it for almost two years,” Pichet says of the show this weekend and next. He’d been listening to the soundtrack of a performance of “Phra Knesh Sia Nga” (“Ganesha Lost His Ivory”), an episode of the Ramakien written by King Rama VII. He then danced all six characters in the story and saw it could be presented onstage successfully. “The classical Thai dance movements were beautiful and the narrative was clear enough, but I thought, ‘What’s the point of retelling such a well-known story?’” Pichet tried a fresh approach, using Western contemporary dance, “and the performance

TRUNK LINE >> “Knesh” will be performed at the Chang Theatre on Soi Pracha-uthit 61 in Thung Kharu district, in Thonburi from Friday to Sunday and again on August 1 and 2, nightly at 8. >> Tickets are Bt500. >> Call (081) 985 0281, e-mail or visit

looked good”, but a question remained: Was it relevant enough to anyone today?

New approach After opening his studio and renaming his company three months ago, Pichet reconsidered the project. “I realised that I didn’t just want to dance beautifully or powerfully. Everybody knows I can do that, so I needed to up the ante.” Instead of simply recounting the tale of the revered Hindu god, “Knesh” became a lesson in distorting the truth in the pursuit of power. “What I’m trying to say is that our society cares too much about face,” Pichit says. “Behind the major events that have taken place in Thailand in the past few years lie many hidden truths. “I’m doing this for art and for society. I’m sure some people won’t like what they see.” Judging from every advance glimpse of the production, “Knesh” looks sure to be Pichet’s most controversial work to date.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009




JEFF BECK was among the acts for the 43rd Montreux Jazz Festival, which closed on Saturday with a sold-out show by Prince, who did not allow photos.

GEORGE ORWELL’S dystopian novel was remotely erased from all Kindle e-book devices by Amazon because of copyright conflicts.

The show


won’t go on


A Saudi man holds a ticket for the Saudi comedy “Menahi”, which was to have been shown this weekend in Jeddah. The film festival was cancelled at the last minute by city officials who cited a lack of “preparations”. But organisers say they were ready and that order actually came from the highest reaches of Saudi Arabia’s government under pressure from clerics who label films, music “and all other elements of distraction” as “evil”.

Visionary voyages


MUSEUM OF SIAM is hosting the exhibition “From Siam to Europe: The Visionary Voyage (Norway and Thailand)” until July 31. On Friday, academics will be discussing the state visits by the Kings of Siam to Europe from the Ayutthaya period through to King Rama V. The panellists include Phoothorn Phomathon, Pridi Prisbhomvidhi, Chalong Suntharavanij and Kraireuk Nana. Admission is free. Visit or call (02) 225-2777

Quarantined Controversial avant-garde works are set to flicker at the 7th World Film Festival of Bangkok from November 6 to 14

extension 405.

Something’s ‘Cookin’’


SOUTH KOREA’S popular non-verbal performance “Nanta Cookin’” begins a seven-show stand at Royal Paragon Hall from tomorrow until Sunday. Shows are at 7 on weeknights and at 1 and 5 on Saturday and Sunday. Nanta, which made its international debut in 1999 at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, integrates traditional Korean “samulnori” rhythm with a comic drama about the preparations for a wedding banquet. Tickets ranging from Bt800 to Bt1,800 are available at Thaiticketmajor. Call (02) 262 3456.



orks by two controversial Thai directors are planned for the seventh edition of the World Film Festival of Bangkok. Apichatpong Weerasethakul, whose 2007 feature “Syndromes and a Century” was censored in Thailand, offers the Asian premiere of his new short, “A Letter to Uncle Boonmee”, which won an award at this year’s short-film fest in Oberhausen, Germany. “Boonmee” is part of the multiplatform “Primitive” art project in which Apichatpong reconstructs the history of Nabua, a village in Nakhon Phanom that was the scene of violent anticommunist purges in the 1960s. More statements on Thai politics and culture come from maverick director Thunska Pansittivorakul and his documentary feature “This Area is

The other red tide Red alert: If you don’t have to

be in the RajaprasongRajdamri area tomorrow, stay well away or use the Skytrain. Traffic will be horrendous. No, it’s not the political red shirts, it’s the red jerseys of the Liverpool Football Club, one of Thailand’s best-loved Premier League teams. “The Kops” checked in to the Grand Hyatt Erawan yesterday and are today split into two squads to tackle promotional duties. Half the team is at the Adidas shop at CentralWorld and the other is conducting a football clinic at the National Stadium. Some 4,000 fans have tickets to see Liverpool practise at Rajamangala Stadium tomorrow ahead of the evening’s match against the Thai national team, which could pull in 50,000 people.

Dad’s dedication

XTRA 30 AND COUNTING >> The World Film Festival of Bangkok will be held from November 6 to 14 at the Paragon Cineplex. >> Submissions are being accepted until August 20. >> Films from at least 30 countries will be shown. >> Visit www.WorldFilmBkk. com, e-mail or call (02) 338 3618-9.

Under Quarantine”, in which the explicit sexual explorations of two young men are contrasted with recollections of 2004’s deadly Tak Bai incident the 2005 hanging of two Iraqi teenagers. “Quarantine” premiered in Rotterdam earlier this year.

TV host Varut “O” Voratham is ready for anything parenthood throws at him. His baby boy Arnajak “Nong Airbus” has shown him the way. “Whenever I played a dad onscreen I just went with the script, but now that I have my own boy, I can feel the fatherhood inside.” Even if his son turns out to be gay? “I can accept anything that my son really wants to be,” O says.

Contact Soopsip at



Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Hey, Tokyo girl! Shu Uemura’s popular oil-based skin cleanser gets a bright new lease on life from manga comics By Molly Dhir SPECIAL TO D A I LY X P R E S S


ne of the fetching, kimono-clad geishas of Moyoco Anno’s manga comics will appear in your mirror now that celebrated cosmetics maker Shu Uemura has tapped the artist to create Tokyo Kamon Girls, a new look for its cleansing oil.


p ets makeu Manga me Kamon Girls o ky To ura’s in Shu Uem r. se n a oil cle

skin,” emphasising the need for good skincare. The cleansing oils it sells were developed in the wake of Uemura’s stint in Hollywood in the 1950s, a strategic combination of science, art and nature. Moyoco Anno, famous in Japan, was brought in to revamp the popular cleansing oil’s traditional image.

The deep-cleansing oil not only serves as a makeup remover, it brightens and cleans the skin. You use dry hands to rub the oil in, then run hands under water and wash away the oil. The oil becomes a milky liquid that washes away any oil residue, leaving you with flawless, healthy skin. The packaging features five different Tokyo Kamon Girl characters, each representing a different skin type. They’re all doll-like in appearance, with the focus on the eyes, a sure way to grab the attention of teenagers.

Ombres Eclat, which comes in four trendy shades – black, burgundy, toffee, and sorbet, then coloured the lips with Phyto Lip Shine, which comes in two new shades; Sheer Baby – a fresh and luminous pink, and Sheer Plum – an intense and iridescent plum.

Lina Leenutaphong, one of the five celebrities acting as honorary models for the demonstration, was thrilled with the result, commenting that the new style was very appealing. Manunsinee Footrakul agreed, adding that burgundy is her favourite colour this season. Kanjanista Ruangusrat says she liked the satin-finish of Sisley’s Smokey eyes the most. Benjarat Attahakul echoed Kanjanista, saying that she liked the eye colours the best, while Panidhi Snidvongs felt the new Baroque chic made her face look stunning.


Anno’s manga

Anno’s charming portraits were on display at the product’s recent launch at CentralWorld, catching the eye of singing duo Four Mod and other guests. Shu Uemura, the brand named after the founding makeup artist, has as its motto, “Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful

Tokyo Kamon Girls packages

designed by Anno

Stunning with Sisley Specially designed for sensitive skin, the French line’s phyto products bring new autumnal glow to Bangkok D A I LY X P R E S S


aroque Chic, the newest makeup look from Sisley’s autumn/winter collection, is perfect for highlighting both eyes and lips. Christian Guglietta, the brand’s international makeup artist, was in Bangkok recently demonstrating how to create the latest trend. He explained that before applying any cosmetics, it’s essential to prepare the skin, recommend-

ing Sisley’s new Creamy Mask with Tropical Resins, which is designed to put an end to oily and problem skin. He started the make-up process with another must have item – Instant Perfect, a corrective skin enhancing product diminishing shine and fills lines and wrinkles. He illuminated eyelids with Phyto-

Tuesday, July 21, 2009




Monster messager Nokia come up with its alternative to the iPhone By Smiley Byte D A I LY X P R E S S


ith storage of 32 gigabytes and a large 3.5inch screen, the Nokia N97 is the ultimate mobile entertainment phone. Thanks to its side slide-out QWERTY keyboard, the N97 is also a mobile messaging monster. The screen is bright and sharp with 640x360-pixel resolution, so it’s also good for

watching videos. And the huge storage, which can be expanded to 48GB, is great for storing music and video files. Moreover, N97 comes with the N-Gage platform so you’ll be able to play Guitar Rock Tour (it comes with the phone) and buy several more online from N-Gage website. Slide out the keyboard and

GPRS/Wi-Fi package should enjoy using it to watch Youtube videos or download applications and multimedia files at True hotspots around the capital. The Nokia N97 is available in both silver and black and has a price tag of Bt23,730. the screen can be tilted, which makes it good for watching video as well as for typing messages and emails. Since it is a touch-screen phone, you can opt to use the on-screen board to type short messages though the full slide-out QWERTY keyboard is easy to use. The N97 is preloaded with several applications including YouTube player, AP News, and applications that connect to social networks, such as Hi5 and Facebook. It also comes all types of connectivity, including wireless network so customers of TrueMove

KEY SPECS System: WCDMA 900/1900/2100 (HSDPA), EGSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz User Interface: S60 5th Edition Camera: 5 MP Carl ZeissTessar F2.8 lens Video capture: MPEG-4 VGA (640 x 480) at up to 30 fps Display: 3.5 inch TFT with up to 16 million colors 6:9 widescreen (640x360 pixels) Memory: Up to 48GB (32 GB on-board memory, plus 16GB expansion via microSD memory card slot) Video playback: MPEG-4 / SP and MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, RealVideo, Windows Media (WMV9) , Flash Lite 3.0 / Flash Video in internet browser Music playback: MP3, AAC, eAAC, eAAC+, WMA Battery: Nokia Battery BP-4L, 1500 mAh Dimensions: 117.2 x 55.3 x 15.9 mm*mm (L x W x H) *18.25 mm at camera area Weight: Approx. 150g

A theatre in your phone

It shoots video in full high definition and is great for watching movies – oh and you can chat to your friends too By Smiley Byte D A I LY X P R E S S


n impressive all-in-one multimedia phone with a large and bright touch screen, the Samsung i8910HD records video at a high definition resolution of 720pixels and plays it back on its 3.7-inch AMOLED screen. If that doesn’t take your fancy, you can watch the video on a computer monitor or transfer it to your HD hard disk video player for viewing on your LCD TV. The AMOLED screen is great for displaying movies too with a resolution of 640x360 pixels in 16 million colours. It supports all the major formats, such as DivX, XviD, WMV and MPEG4. The phone also comes with

eight-megapixel camera with advanced functions, including face detection, smile shot, blink shot and panorama shot as well as geotagging.

In our test, we found it captured good quality photos for a mobile phone. When viewed at normal size, the eightmegapixel photos were sharp and clean. But when viewed at 100-per-cent size, the images show noise and softness. That said, how many of us look at eight-megapixel photos at 100per cent size? The i8910HD comes with a standard stereo jack and the provided earphone reproduced impressive sound with good bass and detail. The i8910HD runs on Symbian S60 5.0 with Touchwiz UI on top. The user interface makes it intuitive to use and it’s easy to browse through the phone’s features. The phone comes with all necessary types of connectivi-

ty, including 3G, Bluetooth and wireless network. The i8910HD also has a motion sensor that enhances its UI and that makes it fun to play games that support motion sensing. The handset comes with the Asphalt 4 racing game, which you can con-

trol simply by tilting the phone. Samsung i8910HD has eightgigabytes of internal memory and retails for Bt26,900. The first 300 customers get a free SBH650 stereo Bluetooth headset, a leather case and an 8GB-microSD card.

KEY SPECS GSM&EDGE Band: 900, 1800, 1900 Network & Data: GPRS & HSDPA (7.2Mbps) 3G Band: 850, 900, 1900, 2100 Camera Resolution: 8 Megapixel CMOS + CIF Video player: DivX / XviD / H.263 / H.264 / WMV / MPEG4 / RV Video recording: 24fps@HD (1280 x 720p ) Music Player: MP3 / AAC / AAC+ / eAAC+ / WMA / RA with Dual Stereo Speaker & DNSe 2.0 Dimension: (HXWXD) 123 x 58 x 12.9mm Weight: 144g


do it!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009



Decorated hearts Veteran entertainers take to the stage of the Sala Chalermkrung Royal Theatre at 2 on Sunday for the “Here Lies Stars – Decorated Heart” concert. Big names include Kamthorn and Nantawan Suwanpiyasiri, Dara Mekyai, Sombat Metanee, Adirek Chanrueng, Rong Kaomoonkadee, Montree Jenaksorn, Pitsamai Wilaisak and Piyathep Srisatchanalai. Tickets are Bt500 to Bt1,000 at Thaiticketmajor.

hter cale cong u a l a t p i -s L eir first full ouse in ta put on th

Reap the benefits

Pop duo Lip 1 at Centerpoint Playh eir hits, th ust cert on Aug As well as performing t a . d th rl o lm fi lW a rt Centr w a sho o sh ill fans w ve e a the twosom ory and promises to h Trai st re ir a e s relates th ecial guest e aisles. Sp f ETC. rolling in th nd Nueng o a t ra m o o h “Boyd” Traip 00 to Bt1,200 at Bt5 Tickets are ajor. tm Thaiticke

Membership at AKA, the boutique beach resort in Hua Hin, offers many benefits. In return for the membership fee of Bt11,500 (usually Bt65,000) per person, you receive a twonight stay in a pool villa (or one night in a two-bedroom pool villa), 45-minute spa treatment for two and yoga, plus half-price on a bottle of wine and five-course dinner. Call (02) 302 1417 or visit

Moken reflections Photos, objects and children’s drawings recount the history of the Moken, the marine nomads of the Mergui archipelago, in a show until Saturday at the Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Anthropology Centre. Admission is free. The centre is near Bangkok’s Southern Bus Terminal.

Songs for children The Friends Without Borders Foundation is holding a contest for songs about children’s rights. Twelve will be recorded for an album. The songwriters will earn Bt4,500 per song and retain copyright. Submit entries before July 30. Visit or e-mail

Tropical treat The Zeavola Resort on Koh Phi Phi offers a special rate of Bt8,800 a night until October 31. That’s for a village suite with breakfast, wireless Internet access and a two-hour snorkelling excursion. Call (075) 627 024.

sea the singers for “Love . e h t f o s g Son b” Weerayawattana is amuoankgHat Cha-am on Augunstan2, 9 B ia pad Chonla ch at Suan Wattana “J on the bea rat, Ann Thitima, Look Organised by ” a e S @ g ra. Son Witsa ak Bora Bo ,800 ined by Te and Mon R a t500 or Bt2 e B She’ll be jo S re O a p e w e o D sh , a isit e d V th . ta r ts ri fo a is art ets Oum W s Music, tick rbecue party with the ck u L d n a a a Singh nd a b 5555. modation a om or call (02) 833 .c with accom n o ti a rv lRese www.Tota

ade r a p n o s t Pe Expo for the Pet

g on Put your do ueen Sirikit 09 at the Q e from 0 2 Thailand entr nvention C e National Co ugh Sunday. With th t ro n th ve e y a e d th rs Thu h Love”, it w y it v ti n a o n theme “Cre informatio rship t fashions, features pe ts and the PET Partne it vis pe travel with all (02) 203 4281 or C . e m m ra t. g e Pro Thailand.n xpo www.PetE

Fancy footwear Get some sole into your soul with “Portraits of Shoes, Stories of Feet”, an exhibition that brings together nearly 60 types of footwear from the 18th century to the present day. It’s on at the Thailand Creative and Design Centre on the sixth floor of the Emporium as part of La Fete 2009 and features shoes from the collection of the International Footwear Museum in Romans, France, as well as South Korean and French collections. The show runs through August 30. The TCDC is open from 10am to 9pm daily except Monday.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009




on dvd REGION 3

Cape No 7

This hit Taiw an singer turned ese romantic comedy is ab m band for a b ailman and a Japanese out a failed rock each town’s model who pop concert form a English an . In Mandari d Thai sub titles at Ho use.

n with

The Secret of Moonacre

by corrupt officials that will destroy the Banlieue 13 ghetto and everyone in it. In French

A 13-year-old girl discovers that she is the only hope for banishing an ancient curse from a magical kingdom.

with English and Thai subtitles at Paragon only, elsewhere Thai dubbed. ★★★

Cheri Michelle Pfeiffer stars in this romance set in 1920s Paris as a courtesan who educates a young man in the ways of love. Rupert Friend and Kathy Bates also star. At the Lido. ★★★

B13-U Urban acrobats Leito (David Belle) and Damien (Cyril Raffaelli) uncover a conspiracy

Nang Mai (Nymph) Director Pen-ek Ratanaruang follows a husband and wife and their troubled marriage into a foreboding jungle. With English subtitles. “Cannes Version” at SFW CentralWorld, “Director’s Cut” at House and Century. ★★★★

L’instinct de mort Vincent Cassel portrays French gangster Jacques Mesrine,

and Harry Potterod Prince the Half-Blo calating the htens his grip, es ldemort tig his best pals, The evil Lord Vo Radcliffe) and l ie . an (D ry ar H n (Rupert Grint) peril for Watson) and Ro a m m (E ne io Herm at IMAX. ★★★ es in 3-D Opening scen

before he became “public enemy No 1”. In French with


English and Thai subtitles at the Lido. ★★★

An unemployed musician finds a new calling in a taboo profession. In Japanese with English

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

and Thai subtitles at the Lido and House. ★★★★

Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) again finds himself at the centre of a war between giant alien robots. ★★

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs The prehistoric mammals address family issues as they contend with giant reptiles. In 3-D in some cinemas. ★★★

Fireflies in the Garden

Passengers While helping plane-wreck survivors cope with their grief, a young psychologist (Anne Hathaway) uncovers conflicting accounts of the crash. As she discovers different stories, the patients start disappearing one by one. The thriller is on a bare-bones DVD with no special features. It has English and Thai for audio and subtitles and is priced at Bt170. – DAILY XPRESS

on tv

A fatal car accident stirs painful childhood memories. At SFW CentralWorld. ★★

17 Again Zac Efron stars in this comedy about a middle-aged man reliving his teenage years. At SFW CentralWorld and Paragon. ★★★

The Transporter

Lido: (02) 252 6498 Siam: (02) 251 3508 Scala: (02) 251 2861

This 2002 action drama introduces Frank Martin (Jason Statham), a steely driver with his own set of rules. Shu Qi also stars.

Century – The Movie Plaza

Star Movies (TrueVisions), 8pm


(02) 247 9940

Channel links

House Channel 3 – Channel 5 – Channel 7 – Modernine – NBT – TV Thai – True –

(02) 641 5177-8

Major Cineplex/EGV Bangkok: (02) 515 5555

Major Hollywood Bangkok: (02) 718 7999

Paragon Cineplex

Critical consensus

Bangkok: (02) 129 4635 IMAX: (02) 129 4631

SF Cinemas Bangkok: (02) 268 8888

UMG RCA: (02) 641 5913-14

Wongkamlao Petchtai “Mum Jokmok” Wongkamlao directs and stars in this parody of soap operas and high society. With English subtitles in some cinemas. ★★★★

★★★★★ = Must see! ★★★★ = Solidly entertaining ★★★ = It’s okay ★★ = Barely watchable ★ = Don’t bother No star rating means no reviews were available from Daily Xpress staff or agencies.


Close to Home By John McPherson


Pooch Cafe

The Buckets


Calvin and Hobbes

By Brian Basset

By Paul Gilligan

By Scott Stantis

By Bryan Basset

By Bill Watterson


Red and Rover

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 DAILY XPRESS

Tuesday, July 21, 2009



Games&YourStars SUDOKU

The last word in


By Eugenia Last

Today’s Birthday: A change of scenery will open up doors as well as your mind, allowing you to incorporate what you have learned and come up with a plan that supports your ideas. Take particular care of your health and wellbeing. Don’t let worrying get the better of you.

Yesterday’s Puzzle Answer Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusively.

ARIES ** March 21-April 19 You may not please everyone but you must please yourself. Expect derogatory comments and be prepared to rise above whatever is said, knowing any allegations are based on jealousy not facts. TAURUS **** April 20-May 20 It’s the little things you manage to finish that will impress the most. An opportunity to get involved in a new project will make you realise your true potential. It’s time to show your talent. GEMINI *** May 21-June 20 Don’t wait for things to come to you. Get out and connect with people who have similar goals and can help you achieve your creative dreams. A change in direction will spark renewed enthusiasm.


CANCER *** June 21-July 22 Look at the positive in your life. Things are much better than you realize but, if you let your negative side emerge, you will set back the events that can lead to your success. Take a chance. LEO *** July 23-Aug. 22 You may have to change your strategy when dealing with people you are involved with professionally as well as personally. Secrets will backfire. Keep the dialogue honest and cover your back.


VIRGO **** Aug. 23-Sept. 22 Set the stage and present your ideas. You will have no trouble gaining interest or making a good impression. Your insight and talent will enable you to take control and get any help you may need. LIBRA ** Sept. 23-Oct. 22 An emotional problem with someone you know through work can hold you back. Travel and learning should be emphasised. Love is hot so put time aside to play. SCORPIO ***** Oct. 23-Nov. 21 Don’t take a back seat to anyone putting demands on you. Nothing should be allowed to stand in your way when it comes to learning and enjoyment. Creativity is in the stars. SAGITTARIUS *** Nov. 22-Dec. 21 Share your thoughts, ideas and plans and you will be offered assistance. Take care of anyone who puts you on the spot or criticises what you are trying to accomplish. Change is inevitable.

Prom Meesawat

Singer Kay Starr is 87. Actress Patricia Elliott is 67. Actor Edward Herrmann is 66. Actor Leigh Lawson is 64. Singer Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) is 61. Cartoonist Garry Trudeau is 61. Actor Robin Williams is 58. Comedian Jon Lovitz is 52. Actor Josh Hartnett is 31. Reggae singer Damian Marley is 31. Golfer Prom Meesawat is 25.

CAPRICORN *** Dec. 22-Jan. 19 Settle down and refrain from letting anyone see your frustration and anxiety. Look for people who have something to contribute to what you are doing and it will be much easier to move forward. AQUARIUS *** Jan. 20-Feb. 18 You may have to do things differently due to financial changes. A budget and new strategy will set you on the right trail and ease your mind about your future. A career change looks possible. PISCES ***** Feb. 19-March 20 You need a break - time to think, reorganize your strategy and regain your confidence. Consider something you enjoy doing or that you want to develop and make it workable.


¥â«¬ ∂“∫—π∫—≥±‘µ∫√‘À“√∏ÿ√°‘® »»‘π∑√å ·Ààß®ÿÓ≈ß°√≥å¡À“«‘∑¬“≈—¬ µâÕß°“√®—¥À“∫ÿ§≈“°√‡æ◊Ëժؑ∫—µ‘ß“π„π‚§√ß°“√√–∫∫¢π àß∑“ß√∂‰ø ‡™◊ÕË ¡∑à“Õ“°“»¬“π ÿ«√√≥¿Ÿ¡·‘ ≈– ∂“π’√—∫ àߺŸâ ‚¥¬ “√Õ“°“»¬“π„π‡¡◊Õß (Airport Rail Link) ¢Õß°“√√∂‰ø·Ààߪ√–‡∑»‰∑¬ „πµ”·Àπàߥ—ßµàÕ‰ªπ’È


■ ■ ■ ■ ■

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

«‘»«°√√–∫∫Õ“≥—µ‘ —≠≠“≥ «‘»«°√Õ“«ÿ‚ √–∫∫Õ“≥—µ‘ —≠≠“≥ «‘»«°√√–∫∫‚∑√§¡π“§¡ «‘»«°√√–∫∫®—¥‡°Á∫§à“‚¥¬ “√Õ—µ‚π¡—µ‘ «‘»«°√√–∫∫ª√–µŸ™“π™“≈“√–∫∫ “¬æ“π≈”‡≈’¬ß ·≈–√–∫∫ Check-in «‘»«°√ª√–®”ÀâÕß´àÕ¡Õÿª°√≥åÕ‘‡≈§∑√Õπ‘° å «‘»«°√√–∫∫Õÿª°√≥å „π‚√ß´àÕ¡∫”√ÿß√∂‰øøÑ“ «‘»«°√√–∫∫√∂‰øøÑ“ «‘»«°√√–∫∫®à“¬°”≈—߉øøÑ“ «‘»«°√√–∫∫√“ß·≈–√–∫∫®à“¬‰ø‡Àπ◊Õ√“ß «‘»«°√√–∫∫Õÿª°√≥å „πÕ“§“√ «‘»«°√√–∫∫‚§√ß √â“ß


ºŸâ®—¥°“√ΩÉ“¬®—¥´◊ÈÕ ºŸâ®—¥°“√ΩÉ“¬°“√‡ß‘π·≈–∫—≠™’ ºŸâ®—¥°“√ΩÉ“¬°“√µ≈“¥ ºŸâ®—¥°“√ΩÉ“¬∫ÿ§§≈ ºŸâ®—¥°“√ΩÉ“¬§«“¡ª≈Õ¥¿—¬·≈–√—∫√Õߧÿ≥¿“æ ºŸâ®—¥°“√ΩÉ“¬Ωñ°Õ∫√¡æπ—°ß“𠇮â“Àπâ“∑’ËΩÉ“¬Ωñ°Õ∫√¡æπ—°ß“𠇮â“Àπâ“∑’˧≈—ßæ— ¥ÿ ‡≈¢“πÿ°“√À√◊Õ‡®â“Àπâ“∑’Ëß“π∑—Ë«‰ª

7 3 6 4

Õ—µ√“ Õ—µ√“ Õ—µ√“ Õ—µ√“

4 1 4 5 2 2 2 1

Õ—µ√“ Õ—µ√“ Õ—µ√“ Õ—µ√“ Õ—µ√“ Õ—µ√“ Õ—µ√“ Õ—µ√“

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2

Õ—µ√“ Õ—µ√“ Õ—µ√“ Õ—µ√“ Õ—µ√“ Õ—µ√“ Õ—µ√“ Õ—µ√“ Õ—µ√“

§ÿ≥ ¡∫—µ∑‘ «—Ë ‰ª¢Õß∑ÿ°µ”·Àπàß ë  “¡“√∂查 Õà“π ‡¢’¬π ¿“…“Õ—ß°ƒ…‰¥â‡ªìπÕ¬à“ߥ’ ë  “¡“√∂„™â§Õ¡æ‘«‡µÕ√å ‰¥â‡ªìπÕ¬à“ߥ’ §ÿ≥ ¡∫—µ‡‘ ©æ“–¢Õßµ”·Àπàß«‘»«°√ ë ®∫ª√‘≠≠“µ√’ «‘»«°√√¡»“ µ√å∫—≥±‘µ„π “¢“∑’ˇ°’ˬ«¢âÕß ∂â“¡’„∫ª√–°Õ∫«‘™“™’æ «‘»«°√√¡§«∫§ÿ¡ ®–‰¥â√—∫°“√æ‘®“√≥“‡ªìπ摇»… ë ¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥å∑”ß“π 0-3 ªï ∂â“¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥å„π√–∫∫¢π àß∑“ß√∂‰ø ®–‰¥â√—∫°“√æ‘®“√≥“‡ªìπ摇»… §ÿ≥ ¡∫—µ‡‘ ©æ“–¢Õßµ”·Àπàß™à“߇∑§π‘§Õ“«ÿ‚  ë ®∫ª« . „π “¢“∑’ˇ°’ˬ«¢âÕß ë ¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥å∑”ß“π∑’ˇ°’ˬ«¢âÕßÕ¬à“ßπâÕ¬ 5 ªï ∂â“¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥å„π√–∫∫¢π àß∑“ß√∂‰ø ®–‰¥â√—∫°“√æ‘®“√≥“‡ªìπ摇»… §ÿ≥ ¡∫—µ‡‘ ©æ“–¢Õßµ”·ÀπàߺŸâ®—¥°“√ ë ®∫ª√‘≠≠“µ√’ „π “¢“∑’ˇ°’ˬ«¢âÕß ë ¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥å∑’ˇ°’ˬ«¢âÕß 5-10 ªï À“°¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥å∑”ß“π„π√–¥—∫ºŸâ®—¥°“√Õ¬à“ßπâÕ¬ 2 ªï ®–‰¥â√—∫°“√æ‘®“√≥“‡ªìπ摇»…


■ ■ ■

■ ■ ■

■ ■

™à“߇∑§π‘§Õ“«ÿ‚ ·ºπ°Õ“≥—µ‘ —≠≠“≥ 3 Õ—µ√“ ™à“߇∑§π‘§Õ“«ÿ‚ ·ºπ°‚∑√§¡π“§¡ 4 Õ—µ√“ ™à“߇∑§π‘§Õ“«ÿ‚ ·ºπ°√–∫∫®—¥‡°Á∫§à“‚¥¬ “√Õ—µ‚π¡—µ‘ 4 Õ—µ√“ ™à“߇∑§π‘§Õ“«ÿ‚ ·ºπ°√–∫∫ª√–µŸ™“π™“≈“ ·ºπ°√–∫∫ “¬æ“π≈”‡≈’¬ß·≈–√–∫∫ Check-in 3 Õ—µ√“ ™à“߇∑§π‘§Õ“«ÿ‚ ·ºπ°Õÿª°√≥å „π‚√ß´àÕ¡∫”√ÿß√∂‰øøÑ“ 4 Õ—µ√“ ™à“߇∑§π‘§Õ“«ÿ‚ ·ºπ°√–∫∫√∂‰øøÑ“ 3 Õ—µ√“ ™à“߇∑§π‘§Õ“«ÿ‚ ·ºπ°√–∫∫®à“¬°”≈—߉øøÑ“ 3 Õ—µ√“ ™à“߇∑§π‘§Õ“«ÿ‚ ·ºπ°√–∫∫√“ß·≈–√–∫∫ ®à“¬‰ø‡Àπ◊Õ√“ß 4 Õ—µ√“ ™à“߇∑§π‘§Õ“«ÿ‚ ·ºπ°√–∫∫Õÿª°√≥å „πÕ“§“√ 4 Õ—µ√“ ™à“߇∑§π‘§Õ“«ÿ‚ ·ºπ°√–∫∫‚§√ß √â“ß 2 Õ—µ√“

°≈ÿࡇ®â“Àπâ“∑’ËΩÉ“¬ªØ‘∫µ— °‘ “√

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

‡®â“Àπâ“∑’ËΩñ° Õπæπ—°ß“π¢—∫√∂‰øøÑ“ ‡®â“Àπâ“∑’Ë¢—∫√∂‰øøÑ“ ‡®â“Àπâ“∑’˧«∫§ÿ¡√–∫∫«‘»«°√√¡ ‡®â“Àπâ“∑’˧«∫§ÿ¡°“√‡¥‘π√∂‰øøÑ“„π‚√ß´àÕ¡∫”√ÿß ‡®â“Àπâ“∑’˧«∫§ÿ¡°“√‡¥‘π√∂‰øøÑ“„π‡ âπ∑“ßÀ≈—° ‡®â“Àπâ“∑’˧«∫§ÿ¡ ∂“π’√∂‰øøÑ“

3 20 4 4 4 20

Õ—µ√“ Õ—µ√“ Õ—µ√“ Õ—µ√“ Õ—µ√“ Õ—µ√“

§ÿ≥ ¡∫—µ‡‘ ©æ“–¢Õßµ”·Àπà߇®â“Àπâ“∑’ΩË ñ° Õπ‡®â“Àπâ“∑’¢Ë —∫√∂‰øøÑ“ ·≈–‡®â“Àπâ“∑’Ë¢—∫√∂‰øøÑ“ ë ®∫ª√‘≠≠“µ√’ ∑ÿ° “¢“ ë ¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥å∑”ß“π 3-5 ªï ∂â“¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥å„π√–∫∫¢π àß∑“ß√∂‰ø ®–‰¥â√—∫°“√æ‘®“√≥“‡ªìπ摇»… ë ∂â“¡’§«“¡√Ÿâ „π¥â“π√–∫∫ ‰øøÑ“ À√◊Õ ‡§√◊ÕË ß°≈ ®–‰¥â√—∫°“√æ‘®“√≥“‡ªìπ摇»… ë ∂â“¡’§«“¡√Ÿâ·≈–ª√– ∫°“√≥å„π°“√¢—∫√∂‰øøÑ“ °“√§«∫§ÿ¡√∂‰øÀ√◊Õ¬“πæ“Àπ–¢π“¥„À≠à ®–‰¥â√—∫°“√æ‘®“√≥“‡ªìπ摇»… §ÿ≥ ¡∫—µ‡‘ ©æ“–¢Õßµ”·Àπà߇®â“Àπâ“∑’˧«∫§ÿ¡√–∫∫«‘»«°√√¡ ‡®â“Àπâ“∑’§Ë «∫§ÿ¡°“√‡¥‘π√∂‰øøÑ“„π‚√ß´àÕ¡∫”√ÿß ·≈–‡®â“Àπâ“∑’˧«∫§ÿ¡°“√‡¥‘π√∂‰øøÑ“„π‡ âπ∑“ßÀ≈—° ë ®∫ª√‘≠≠“µ√’ «‘»«°√√¡»“ µ√å∫—≥±‘µ „π “¢“∑’ˇ°’ˬ«¢âÕß ë ¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥å∑”ß“π 3-5 ªï ∂â“¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥å„π√–∫∫¢π àß∑“ß√∂‰ø ®–‰¥â√—∫°“√æ‘®“√≥“‡ªìπ摇»… ë ¡’§«“¡√Ÿâ·≈–ª√– ∫°“√≥å„π»Ÿπ¬å§«∫§ÿ¡°“√‡¥‘π√∂‰ø ®–‰¥â√—∫°“√æ‘®“√≥“‡ªìπ摇»…

ºŸ â ¡—§√∑à“π„¥∑’¡ Ë ª ’ √– ∫°“√≥å∑”ß“π„π∏ÿ√°‘®∑’‡Ë °’¬Ë «¢âÕß®–‰¥â√∫ — °“√æ‘®“√≥“‡ªìπ摇»… ºŸ â π„®°√ÿ≥“ àߪ√–«—µ°‘ “√∑”ß“πæ√âÕ¡·π∫√Ÿª∂à“¬·≈–À≈—°∞“π°“√ ¡—§√ß“π¡“‰¥â∑:’Ë

§ÿ≥™π°‘µµ‘Ï °Õ‰æ»“≈ À√◊Õ §ÿ≥ ÿ¥“√—µπå «‘™¬— √—¡¬å  ∂“∫—π∫—≥±‘µ∫√‘À“√∏ÿ√°‘® »»‘π∑√å ·Ààß®ÿÓ≈ß°√≥å¡À“«‘∑¬“≈—¬

™—πÈ 10 Õ“§“√»»ª“∞»“≈“ ´Õ¬®ÿÓ 12 ∂ππæ≠“‰∑ ª∑ÿ¡«—π °√ÿ߇∑æœ 10330 ‚∑√»—æ∑å 02 218 4001-9 µàÕ 146, 156 ‚∑√ “√ 02 216 1317 E-mail:

“¡“√∂¥Ÿ√“¬≈–‡Õ’¬¥‰¥â „π

Raks Thai Foundation, a member of CARE International, that has been working in Thailand since 1979 in the area of emergency relief, community natural resources management, micro enterprise promotion, education and HIV / AIDS prevention and care for affected families, has a vacancy for :

Internal Auditor (Based in Bangkok)

1 Position

Plan, organize and direct internal audit plan and perform internal audit office and field-work following the planned audit program and approach. Evaluate internal processes and controls, and preparing internal audit reports with value-added recommendations. Review donor agency rules, donor contracts, subcontract financial systems and related external audit reports and provide constructive recommendations to management on the improvement of internal controls and business process. Qualifications; • Bachelor degree or higher in accounting, finance or related field • Strong consulting and analytical skills. CIA, CPA will be an advantage. • Very good command of written and spoken English and computer literacy • Must have ability to manage teamwork and has good interpersonal skills Effective negotiation and coordination skills • Experience designing and improving business processes will be an advantage

Program Officer (Based in Bangkok)

1 Position

Accountant (Based in Bangkok)

1 Position

Responsible for developing new project proposals. Preparing annual workplan and budget as needed. Assist in monitoring project progress, supporting local organizations, managing large and small grants, reporting outcomes, programmatic and financial monitoring, and documenting project lessons learned.

Responsible for reviewing and checking accuracy of monthly and periodic project financial documents. Ensure all relevant project documents of sub-offices and project partners comply with financial standards of Raks Thai and donors. Prepare reports and help in preparing project budget. Coordinate with project donors as well as project partners to ensure smooth financial management.

Qualifications: • Bachelor degree or higher in political science, social science, public health or related field. • Having 2-3 years experience in project management. Preferred experiences in project design, monitoring and evaluation. • Fluency in spoken and written English and Thai • Experience in working in development projects will be an advantage.

Qualifications : • Bachelor degree or higher in accounting with three years relevant experience. • Good communication skills in both Thai and English (speaking, writing) • Computer skills (word processing, Spreadsheet) are essential. • Knowledge on finance and administrative policy policies. • Experience on budgeting and financial report preparation

Interested persons should send your application letter with current comprehensive resume, and expected salary to:

Raks Thai Foundation 185 Phaholyothin Rd., Phaholyothin Soi 11, Samsennei, Phayathai, Bangkok 10400. No later than 27 July 2009. Email :

King Park Avenue Hotel.

The middle of the commercial and business district of Srinakarin Road. We are looking for highly competent candidates to support our growing business in following position:

General Manager (1 Position) Qualifications • Male age 40 years old up, Bachelor’s degree in related field or higher • At least 10 years experience in hotel business • Excellent organizational skills and operations management skills • Good personality with excellent communication and strong service minded. • Strong leadership, motivation, interpersonal & coordination • Excellent command of English, second language will be advantage Please send a full resume in English and 1 recent photo to: Yuthaporn Development Co., Ltd. (Office’s MD) 9/999 Moo 1 Soi Supapong 3, Srinakarin Road, Nongbon, Privet, Bangkok 10250 Thailand Telephone : 0-2748-1035 Fax : 0-2478-1050 Star Color Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of Polyone Group, the worldwide leader in colored plastic manufacturing requires several positions for its expansion.

Maintenance Engineer ● ●

● ●

● ●

2 Positions

Male, 35-37 years of age. Electrical engineering capability is a must, however mechanical and chemical engineering expertise are advantage. At least 5 years in Plastics manufacturing industry; Extrusion and/or Injection processes. Lead or being a team member in TPM implementation and cost saving projects using TPS, Lean and Six Sigma methodology. Good in project management with MS Office, MS Project, AutoCAD and Engineering software ability. Work well under pressure and tough working environment. Good knowledge and able to manage ISO9001, ISO/TS16949 and ISO14001 for maintenance jobs. Able to work in shift, long hours and during holidays. Proficient English communications, interpersonal and presentation skills. Positive attitude and open minded.

Laboratory Manager ● ●

2 Positions

Male or Female, over 35 years of age. Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry, Industrial Engineering, Plastic Technology Engineering, Chemical Engineering or related field. Master degree is a plus. 3-5 years experience in manufacturing environment, preferably in plastic industry (extrusion / injection / blow / compression / molding). 3-5 years experience in color matching in Plastics industry. Have good knowledge skill and experience in ISO 9001 and ISO18001 system. Strong leadership skills and good team player, good command of spoken and written English. Have good knowledge of International chemicals and plastics regulations and compliance. Able to work under pressure and 24 hrs on-call.

Walk-in application (for immediate interview) or mail to:


79 Moo 11 Soi Kingtong, Kingkaew Rd., Rachatewa, Bangplee, Samutprakarn 10540 Write (job application) on envelope corner or call for more details at 02 327 9100 ext. 224 or 228 Human Resources Department E-mail:

We are now looking for the following personnel:

Assistant Manager (Pattaya) Sales Leader (Pattaya) Sales and Marketing (Chiangmai or Pattaya) Guides (Chiangmai or Pattaya) Call Center Supervisor (Chiangmai) Qualifications: • Bachelor’s Degree in any field • Excellent command of written and spoken English • At least 3 years experience for Sales and Marketing position • At least 5 years of experience for Sales Leader position We offer a wide range of career opportunities. The salary, bonus and all other employee benefits are in line with those usually offered by international companies. Please send your application, photo and resume to: Khun Nina 081 755 0893

SIRIVATANA INTERPRINT PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED For our continued expansion and growth in export printing business, we invite high caliber individuals to join us in the following capacity.

Creative Director

We seek a high caliber person with creative knowledge, in-depth understanding of advertising, design house or public relation market background to be our Creative Director. He will be responsible for developing a team that is capable of providing creative design, with knowledge of studio photography and artwork services for customers around the world. Sirivatana Interprint is regarded as the largest printer in Thailand with a workforce of 4,000 people. We have factories in Bangkok, Bangpakong, Rayong and Vientiane capable of producing all kinds of printed product. This exciting opportunity offers the right candidate an excellent position to be part of our dynamic and successful printing company. We offer fantastic expatriate equivalent salary and bonuses, outstanding career opportunity in a successful and stable company. Candidate must possess a strong communicative skill in both spoken and written English language. Interested person, please apply by e-mail with resume and recent photo stating expected salary to:

Sirivatana Interprint Public Company Limited 125 Soi Chan 32, Chan Road, Thungwatdon, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120 Tel. 02- 6755-600 Website: Email :,,

COURSE MEMBERSHIP EXCHANGE CENTRE THE FIRST IN THAILAND Tel: 081-5555888, 081-5555999 02-259-0980-5

BUY 1.Bangpra International 2.Krungthep Kreetha 1,700,000 3.Muang Ake 1 350,000 4.Bangpakong Riverside 5.Tanya Thanee 140,000 6.Spring Field -

SELL 145,000 185,000 150,000 370,000


Tuesday, July 21, 2009



3-1 Roy Halladay allowed just six hits to win for the first time since June 7, and Rod Barajas drove in three runs to lead the Toronto Blue Jays past the Bosox.


Samuel Eto’o

Barcelona coach Josep Guardiola admitted yesterday that it would be better if Cameroon striker Samuel Eto’o, who is linked to a move to Inter Milan, were to leave the Spanish club. “I fully understand that people ask why. He is a wonderful player. Everyone knows there are no ‘football’ reasons. So why? It is a question of feeling,” Guardiola said.“I feel that it is the best for the team, for the club, but I don’t dare say that it is best for Samuel.”

Surtees pays tribute Hatton plays down to his dead son talk of Khan bout Former Formula One champion John Surtees paid tribute yesterday to his teenage son, who died in a race crash over the weekend. Henry Surtees was struck by a tyre from another car, causing him to lose consciousness and drive into a barrier in an F2 race at Brands Hatch on Sunday. He was airlifted to a hospital in London, where he was pronounced dead. His father, who won the F1 title in 1964, said 18-year-old Henry had just left school and was focusing on his racing career. “The world beckoned and he was thriving on the freedom to concentrate on his motor sport,” John Surtees said in a statement. “Despite bad luck in his motor sport, he had shown himself to be one with the possibilities of reaching the very top. Despite his young age he had shown maturity, technical understanding and speed.” Surtees, the only man to be a Grand Prix world champion on two and four wheels, said Henry had been inspired to race at an early age. “Henry had followed his heart from the time he first sat in a kart,” said the 75-yearold Surtees, who won his F1 title driving for Ferrari and ran his own race team in the 1970s. – AP

Ricky Hatton insists he has no intention of getting back in the ring for a “British battle” against new WBA light-welterweight champion Amir Khan. Hatton, 30, has yet to make a decision on his future but he admits he hasn’t missed boxing since taking a break following his crushing secondround knockout by Manny Pacquiao in May. However, Khan’s title Hatton victory over Andreas Kotelnik on Saturday fuelled talk of a showdown between the two British fighters. Hatton, recently released from hospital after a bad stomach bug, was quick to play down those rumours and told the Manchester Evening News: “I’m delighted for Amir. I can’t praise him enough. He’s gone back to the drawing board and answered any questions there might have been about him. “But the fact that he’s won a world title has not made me any closer to a comeback. It hasn’t entered my head. I don’t think I have to beat Amir Khan to prove anything.” – AFP


Guardiola wants striker Eto’o to go

Los Angeles Galaxy fans, hostile to David Beckham, protest against the British star.

ROCKY RECEPTION Beckham gets boos on return to Los Angeles AFP, Los Angeles


avid Beckham received a rocky reception from disgruntled Galaxy fans on his return to Los Angeles yesterday as his Major League Soccer club played to a 2-2 draw with his recent Italian club AC Milan. The English star, who missed the first half of the MLS season while on loan to AC Milan, was booed during introductions and again on his first several touches of the ball. Leaving the pitch at halftime he approached a section of stands where anti-Beckham

banners were displayed and appeared to shout something. A fan jumped down and was restrained by security personnel and escorted off the pitch. “One of the guys was saying things that wasn’t very nice. It was stepping over the line,” Beckham said. “I said, ‘You need to calm down and come shake my hand,’ and he jumped over.” But Beckham insisted the fan reaction didn’t bother him.“It doesn’t affect me,” he said. “You can’t be liked by everyone.” AC Milan manager Leonardo indicated he thought the fans were unfair, and if some Galaxy supporters don’t want Beckham, he said he’d be glad to have him back at AC Milan. “Sometimes the supporters

don’t understand the situation,” Leonardo said. “We would be happy if he came back because he did really well. He’s incredible,” he added. “The precision he has is something very, very special. He never missed the ball. “He controlled the ball. The way the Galaxy plays is very, very important. They see that every ball begins with him.” Indeed amid the jeers, Beckham played a role in both Galaxy goals. After Thiago Silva gave Milan a 1-0 lead in the 16th minute, the Galaxy equalised in the 30th through Alan Gordon, set up by Landon Donovan after a cross from Beckham. “The cheers in the end drowned out the boos, which was nice,” Beckham said.

Danai to treat his shoulder

Danai Udomchoke plans to see doctors in Germany.

Danai Udomchoke will cut short his US tour and return home to rest his injury-prone shoulder. Danai, who is playing a tournament in Indianapolis this week, plans to fly back to Bangkok ahead of his original schedule that included the US Open in September. “The injury happened before Wimbledon and it seemed to get better before I came to the US. The pain comes back quite often and I want to treat it seriously this time,’’ said Danai, who was advised by a doctor to rest for three months before the grasscourt season. The 27-year-old player is planning to get his shoulder checked in Germany and might even take several weeks off from the game. However, he is expecting to recover well in time for the US Open, which begins at the end of August. – L E R P O N G A M S A - N G I A M

Tuesday, July 21, 2009



American finally has Major title


A CINKING FEELING Watson squanders his chance of a historic win AP, Turnberry, Scotland


ne putt from 8 feet was all that separated Tom Watson from a moment no one imagined possible until he was close enough to make it happen with one final stroke. On the verge of becoming golf’s oldest Major champion, Watson finally showed his 59year-old nerves. The par putt never had a chance. An hour later, neither did Watson. “It would have been a hell of a story, wouldn’t it?” Watson said. “And it was almost. Almost. The dream almost came true.” Stewart Cink, who made a 12foot birdie on the final hole of regulation that only looked good enough for second place, overwhelmed a weary Watson in the four-hole play-off to win the British Open on Sunday. Watson stood on the 18th tee one last time, trailing the playoff by four shots, blinking away tears. He wasn’t alone in his sadness. Thousands of fans who filled the grandstands for the first time all week sat in stunned silence. Cink, who was never atop the leaderboard all week until Watson missed the winning putt, was flawless in the playoff. He opened with two pars, finished with two birdies and won by six, the largest margin in this format. Cink and Watson finished at 2-under 278. Gazing at the fabled trophy, he paid his due to the modernday King of the Links. “My hat’s off to him,” Cink said. “He turned back the clock. Just did a great job. I speak for all the rest

Tom Watson acknowledges the crowd after losing.




Stewart Cink holds the claret jug with his family and caddie, right, after defeating Tom Watson. of the people here, too.” Indeed, he did. The loudest cheer was for the player who won the silver medal. Cink had to settle for his name engraved on golf’s oldest trophy. Yet even his first Major title was bittersweet. It was hard to root against Watson, even for those trying to beat him. “I have to be honest, playing against Tom in the play-off, it’s mixed feelings because I’ve watched him with such admiration all week,” Cink said. “And of course, it would come down to me against him in the playoff. And then the golf course is so hard that someone eventually is going to probably lose the tournament with mistakes.” Tied with three other players along the back nine on a breezy afternoon, Watson two-putted for par on the tough 16th hole, where his challengers all made bogey to fall back. Then he made an easy birdie on the par5 17th, giving him a one-shot lead as this unforgettable British Open reached a crescendo. From the middle of the 18th fairway, Watson was thinking about hitting a 9-iron, then settled on an 8-iron. The ball soared right at the flag, then bounced hard and fast over the back of the green. His putt back up the slope ran 8 feet past the hole. Watson steadied himself

I’M SURE I’LL TAKE SOME GOOD THINGS FROM IT.BUT IT’S STILL A DISAPPOINTMENT. Tom Watson over the par putt, and thousands of fans braced themselves. The moment ended quickly. It was obvious immediately he didn’t hit it good enough. Watson’s sagging shoulders confirmed it. “I made a lousy putt,” said Watson, who closed with a 72. “Then in the play-off, it was bad shot after another.” For the first time all week, Watson looked tired. His approach to the first play-off hole, No 5, tumbled into a pot bunker and led to bogey to fall one shot behind. After a remarkable par save on the par-3 sixth, Watson came undone. He hooked his tee shot on the 17th into grass so deep it took him two hacks to get back to the fairway. He three-putted for a

double bogey, while Cink played safe and smart for a twoputt birdie and a four-shot lead. Jack Nicklaus, whom Watson beat at Turnberry in 1977 in that famous “Duel in the Sun,” shared Watson’s pain. “I don’t think Tom was tired,” Nicklaus said. “But emotionally, he was spent. All his emotions were spent in those first 18 holes. When Stewart made birdie at 18, and then Tom made bogey, it just goes right through you. “I feel terrible for him.” Cink, born two years before Watson won his first claret jug at Carnoustie in 1975, moves to No 9 in the world ranking. “It’s been a surreal experience for me,” Cink said. “Not only playing one of my favourite courses and a wonderful tournament, but playing against Tom Watson. This stuff doesn’t happen. I grew up watching him on TV, hoping to follow in his footsteps, not playing against him.” Some of these fans were at Turnberry in 1977 when Watson beat Nicklaus, the signature victory among Watson’s eight Majors. “It was fun to be in the mix again, having kids who are my kids’ age saying, ‘What are you doing out here?’ It was nice showing them you can still play,” Watson said. “I’m sure I’ll take some good things from it. But it’s still a disappointment.”

Stewart Cink finally broke a tiring Tom Watson at the British Open to find that elusive Major title at the 50th attempt. For Lee Westwood it stayed just out of reach in his 47th and Sergio Garcia got nowhere near in Major No 41. While Cink’s one-sided play-off victory over fivetime champion Watson stopped a fairytale ending at Turnberry, it meant he went home with the famous claret jug after a long wait for one of golf’s top titles. “How much I needed it I don’t know,” said Cink, whose first Major was the 1996 US Open. “I’m not sure I really thought much about whether I was good enough to win a Major or not. I knew I’d been close a few times but I never really heard my name tossed in there with the group of best ones not to have won. “So maybe I was starting to believe that – that I wasn’t one of the best ones to never have won a Major.” Even before Cink captured his Open title, the dubious honour of the best player not to have captured one of the four top prizes in golf belonged to Garcia. The Spaniard went close 10 years ago when he finished one stroke behind Tiger Woods at the 1999 PGA Championship as a 19year-old. That performance suggested he might become Woods’ biggest rival. While the American added 12 more to take his total to 14, however, Garcia is still waiting for his first. “I had a couple of good rounds to start with then unfortunately I had a bad day yesterday,” Garcia said of his 6-over 76. “Today was a weird day. It was the kind of day when, every time I got myself going, I screwed it up on the next hole. I couldn’t ride the momentum. Every time I made a birdie I made a bogey on the next hole. “I’m fairly positive. I would love to have played much better. But there are a lot of positive things I can take away from the first two days.” Now he heads for next month’s PGA Championship with hopes of repeating the form he had as a 19-yearold. - A P



Tuesday, July 21, 2009



REDS GET GRAND WELCOME But fans bitterly disappointed at Don Muang airport Kitinan Sanguansak DAILY XPRESS



occer fever has gripped the country after English Premier League club Liverpool touched down yesterday to kick off their Asia tour with tomorrow’s fixture against Thailand’s national team. The arrival of Rafael Benitez’s star-studded side led by Spanish duo Xabi Alonso and Fernando Torres is a welcome distraction for the country dogged by the outbreak of type-A (H1N1) flu. Arriving directly on a chartered flight from the team’s training camp in Austria, the plane landed at the Don Muang airport slightly later than scheduled. Around hundred fans – some donning the team’s shirts and others holding the club’s souvenirs expecting the players to sign on it – waited patiently at

Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez, centre, with Jamie Carragher, right, and Ryan Babel during a press conference yesterday. the VIP building for hours. The fans’ enthusiasm to watch their favourite players never faded despite the afternoon heat. However, some of them ended up bitterly disappointed as they barely got a chance to click the buttons of their cameras as the organisers took chartered buses up to the taxied plane and asked the

players to embark on them. The buses then took the back exit to avoid the supporters. It was a contrasting scene to what Manchester United did a few days ago on their visit to Malaysia, where fans were able to greet the players upclose at the airport. A disgruntled fan expressed his disappointment at not being

able to get a glimpse of his favourite player. “I knew it would be strict. But I never thought that they would do this to us. If they had brought the players through the main entrance, I would have had a chance to beg for an autograph.” However, no disappointment was evident at the Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel, where the team is staying. A bigger crowd gave them a rock-star reception, with Torres getting the biggest cheers. “We’ve been planning for this match for months. It’s a fantastic welcome,” said Ian Ayre, the club’s commercial director. “We’re very excited about the opportunity to play in front of Thai people. We’ve come here with our best players and the first-squad team. “Unfortunately, we’re without our captain Steven Gerrard as we all know that he could not make the trip due to his commitment. “The rest of the team are

looking forward to the game. As a club, we are looking forward to entertain Thai people,” he said.

Thai group eye takeover Meanwhile, The Sunday Mirror reported that Pairoj Piempongsant, a Thai businessman who brokered two takeover deals at Manchester City and Portsmouth, is playing a pivotal role in negotiations to acquire English Premier League club West Ham. At the moment, the two parties are miles apart in their valuation with the group offering £75million and West Ham wanting closer to £125 million. The consortium, whose investors are predominately from Thailand, are bound to raise alarm bells in the Premier League after claims that former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra is looking to invest in another Premier League club. Pairoj is Thaksin’s adviser. They worked together during the purchase of Man City.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009




ENGLAND SET LORD’S ON FIRE Flintoff finishes off Australians’ 75-year-old run AFP, London

ndrew Flintoff took five wickets as England finally ended their 75-year wait for an Ashes victory at Lord’s with a 115-run win over Australia on the final day of the second Test yesterday. Victory saw England take a 10 lead in the five-Test series having clung on for a draw in Cardiff. Australia set a mammoth 522 to win – a target that had they achieved it would have surpassed the fourth innings Test world record victory total of 418 for seven made by the West Indies against Australia in Antigua in 2002/03 – were bowled out for 406 shortly before lunch on the fifth day. Fast bowler Flintoff, who before this match announced he would retire from Test cricket at the end of this series, took five wickets for 92 runs in 27



Andrew Flintoff celebrates claiming the wicket of Peter Siddle on the final day of the second Ashes Test. overs, including three for 43 in 10 overs yesterday. It was only the third time in the 31-year-old all-rounder’s 77Test career he’d taken five wickets in a Test innings. Off-spinner Graeme Swann provided good support with four for 87. Michael Clarke did his best to

deny England with a superb innings of 136 but ultimately could not prevent the hosts beating Australia in a Test at Lord’s for the first time since 1934, when they won by an innings and 38 runs. “To win an Ashes Test match at Lord’s feels very special but we’re not going to get carried

away,” England captain Andrew Strauss insisted. His Australian counterpart Ricky Ponting was magnanimous in defeat. “We are obviously disappointed to lose in this type of venue but we were outplayed from the first ball to the last ball. “Now we have to bounce back, regroup and hit the ground running for the next Test at Edgbaston.” Australia resumed on 313 for five, 209 runs adrift of their target, with Clarke 125 not out and Brad Haddin 80 not out. But starting again is never easy and they were unable to add to a stand worth 185 with Haddin out for his overnight score. Haddin edged the 10th ball of the morning, fast bowler Flintoff’s fourth, straight to Paul Collingwood who took a good low catch at second slip. Flintoff was now fired up and hit Clarke on the head with a bouncer, as the batsman took his eye off the ball, before beat-

ing him on the outside edge. New batsman Mitchell Johnson was fortunate on four, after being completely deceived by a Flintoff slower ball that struck him on the pad, that veteran umpire Rudi Koertzen, standing in his 100th Test, had correctly called no-ball. But it was Swann who, with his second ball yesterday, took the wicket England craved when he beat Clarke in the air as the batsman went down the pitch and bowled him offstump to end the Australia vice-captain’s innings of more than five hours. Flintoff then bowled Nathan Hauritz for one as the batsman shouldered arms and Australia were 363 for eight. Flintoff, the star of England’s 2005 Ashes series win, though then completed only the third five-wicket haul of his Test career when he bowled Peter Siddle, and celebrated by going down on one knee with his arms outstretched after leaving his side on the brink of victory.

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