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Beating the flu blues By Ampairat ‘B’ Techapoowapat MTV VJ


neezing pigs have taken over from spluttering pigeons in the latest flu scare – and it’s no good telling them to cover their snouts with their trotters. Instead, here are a few simple steps to ensure you stay safe. First, keep updated with the latest news of the disease (that way you won’t be tempted by a cut-price holiday to Mexico). Second, stay fit so you can fight off any infection you do get. Third, if you get flu-like symptoms, see a doctor straightaway. (And, obviously, look out for sneezing pigs.)





As the Royal Ploughing Ceremony ends, thousands rush into Sanam Luang to gather or purchase sacred objects in the hope that they will bring happiness and good fortune >PAGE 2

Lifestyle >>Want your jewellery to draw attention? Go for chic rocks like malachite and quartz >>A doctor advises how to tighten excess skin following a slim-down >>Check out the clever Beat DJ cellphone

CATCH THAILAND’S TOP COMIC Petchtai ‘Mum Jokmok’ at his largest variety show to date

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009




THE YEAR THAILAND’S FIRST E-MAIL was sent – between the Prince of Songkla University and the Asian Institute of Technology.

Past-lives film wins D A I LY X P R E S S



Letter to Uncle Boonmee”, a short film by Apichatpong Weerasethakul, won two prizes at the 55th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen held in Germany last week. The 17-and-a-halfminute short beat 50 films from 30 countries to win the grand prize and ¤7,500 (Bt352,000) as well as the jury prize, worth ¤5,000.

Meet Uncle Boonmee


“Uncle Boonmee” is part of Apichatpong’s multimedia project “Primitive”, fruit of the film-maker’s work in the northeastern village of Nabua that focuses on the “concept of remembrance and extinction”. A huge, multi-platform installation that includes another short film – “Phantoms of Nabua”, “Primitive” is on display at the film museum Haus der Kunst in Munich until May 24. You can watch “Phantoms” at “The film ranges between a biographical story, a reflection of cinematographic narratives, right to the representation of political and historical contexts, reads the Oberhausen jury’s verdict on “Uncle Boonmee”.


Crowds scour Sanam Luang for sacred grains after the Royal Oxen begin ploughing a year of plenty By Wannapa Phetdee D A I LY X P R E S S


housand of people stampeded into Bangkok’s Sanam Luang yesterday, stripping the scene bare after the annual Royal Ploughing Ceremony. Many were gathering souvenirs of the rite for the first time, but 43-year-old company employee Satit Bunmi had seen it all before. He has been witnessing the ceremony and gathering the sacred rice grains afterwards for at least 10 years.

Seeds to sow at home

The setting for Apichatpong’s ‘A letter to Uncle Boonmee’. DAILY


People race to collect sacred items after the Royal Ploughing Ceremony yesterday. Above: A man collects blessed grains of rice.

“This year I took a day off work to collect grains and a

plant used at the ceremony, which I’ll grow at home as a good-luck charm,” he said, clutching the bag of rice and a flowerpot. Despite the muddy ground caused by heavy rain on Sunday, the crowd sifted the earth for the sacred grains sown as part of the ceremony and also took away sugarcane, banana trees and other shrubs that decorated the event. After last year’s burning sun, the weather was cooler, enabling people to remain collecting more than two hours after the rites were over. For those not lucky enough

to find any, enterprising crowd members were selling the rice for a baht or two per grain. Some even tried to get Bt5. Many believe the rice is lucky and will make their own fields flourish. HRH Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn, accompanied by his royal consort HRH Princess Srirasmi, HRH Princess Bajra Kitiyabha and HRH Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana, represented His Majesty the King in presiding over the rites.

Positive prediction confirmed From the variety of seeds offered them, the Royal Oxen ate grass and sesame, bringing the prediction of plentiful crops, healthy livestock and the right amount of rainfall for the year ahead.

In his role as Lord of the Plough, Agriculture Ministry permanent secretary Jarunthada Karnasuta picked out a piece of cloth that measuring five palms, and the prediction of plenty was confirmed. The grand spectacle also drew foreign tourists. Tw e n t y - o n e - y e a r - o l d Frenchwoman Kimi Collod arrived to witness the ceremony with her parents, having jetted in on Sunday for their first visit to Thailand. “We came because we wanted to see His Majesty and other members of the Royal Family,” said Collod. “We caught a glimpse of the car of the Crown Prince, but nothing more because of the crowds. I know the ceremony is very important for Thais.”

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

THE WORLD Top flight French pilot Nicolas Ivanoff goes through the start/finish gate on his way to winning the Red Bull Air Race World Championship in San Diego, California, on Sunday.


A watch made for King Ludwig II of Bavaria in the 1800s sold for

200,000 Swiss francs (Bt6.2 million)

briefly Boy with toy gun shot by policeman A boy playing “cops and robbers” with a toy handgun was shot and wounded on Sunday by a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy. The boy was hospitalised and is expected to survive. Deputies were responding to reports that someone was riding a bicycle and brandishing a handgun. They spotted the rider and ordered him to drop the weapon but he pointed it at the deputies. One deputy fired a shot and hit the boy in the upper body.


Bizarre murder

Suspended jail term for pop icon Komuro Disgraced Japanese music producer Tetsuya Komuro received a suspended three-year jail term yesterday for cheating an investor out of 500 million yen (Bt193 million) in a copyright scam. Komuro, 50, was once among Asia’s richest men, having produced songs that sold millions of albums for J-Pop sensations such as TRF and Globe, but he fell on hard times following a divorce and failed business ventures. “I apologise from the bottom of my heart,” Komuro said after the Osaka district court handed down the prison term, which was suspended for five years. “I, Tetsuya Komuro, made a big mistake and committed a grave crime.” Presiding judge Munehisa Sugita found that Komuro had “employed a very sly scheme of taking advantage of the copyright trading system”. AFP

Touching finish to Amazing Race Deaf contestant leads in last leg – only to be frustrated by Chinese-American team who win 64,000-km contest A P , New York


ome quick thinking at the end won US$1 million (Bt34.5 million) for a ChineseAmerican brother-sister team on round-the-world competition “Amazing Race”. But it was a heartbreaking finish for the competition’s first deaf contestant. The winner, Victor Jih, 35, and his sister Tammy, 26, explored a sometimes contentious relationship during their journey. The 14th edition of the game concluded in Maui, Hawaii. “I just tried to enjoy the race

for what it was and just be true to my emotions, the highs and lows,” Victor Jih said after the victory. They’re both practicing lawyers in California.

From Beijing to Hawaii Three teams travelled from Beijing to Hawaii for the game’s final set of competitions, which involved preparing pigs for luaus and racing on personal watercraft to find clues floating on the water. Luke Adams, 22, just graduated as the valedictorian of the Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind, and raced with

his mother Margie, 50. They were in the lead heading into the last competition, which involved picking out surfboards with insignias representing every leg of their trip. Luke started fast but could not get the last one right. As he was frustrated, Victor Jih completed his task and headed into a taxi for the finish line. Cara Rosenthal, 26, of Florida and pal Jaime Edmondson, 29, of Fort Lauderdale, finished second. Margie Adams tried to console her son during the final cab ride to the finish line after 64,000 kilometres. “I’m very lucky to have you as my mom,” Luke said to her in the shorthand sign language they had developed together.

The bizarre murder of a fouryear-old girl has gone to trial in an Israeli court. The defendants are a French woman and her lover, who is also the father of the woman’s ex-husband. That makes him her murdered daughter’s grandfather. Marie-Charlotte Renault and Roni Ron were charged with killing Rose Pizem last year. According to the indictment, they stuffed her body into a suitcase and threw it into a river in Tel Aviv, where it was found. The little girl was allegedly abused or neglected by the couple. – AP

Grenade gift Cambodian police arrested a 37-year-old high school teacher after he allegedly sent a homemade hand grenade as an anonymous wedding present to a former student. Police said Moung Chhavry admitted to sending the grenade to the bride, who he claimed to have had a relationship with when he was her grade 10 teacher. But the 21-year-old bride told police she had rejected his advances and was shocked to see her former teacher after he was arrested. – DPA


Tuesday, May 12, 2009



RON HOWARD, DIRECTOR, ON SHOOTING HIS LATEST FILM “ANGELS AND DEMONS” UNDER PROTEST BY THE VATICAN. “Every time we asked to be able to film around or inside the Catholic church it was always rejected. As far as the guerrilla shooting, we didn’t break any laws but we didn’t always ask permission.”



MUM Thailand’s top comic promises that his show at the Thunder Dome will be a real blast By Pawit Mahasarinand S P E C I A L T O D A I LY X P R E S S


XTRA R E A DY F O R L A U G H T E R >> “Mum Live on Stage” runs Friday to Sunday at the Thunder Dome at Impact in Muang Thong Thani. >> Shows are at 7.30 nightly with 2pm matinees on Saturday and Sunday. >> Tickets are from Bt 500 to Bt 2,000 from Thaiticketmajor.

e’s a member of Talok Cafe and a talk show host, as well as a movie actor, director and producer and, of course, a TV comedian, best known for outrageous stunts he pulls off on Channel 7’s variety game show “Ching Roi Ching Lan”. In fact, 46-year-old Petchtai “Mum Jokmok” Wongkamlao has done just about everything, including trying to speak English in the Tony Jaa action film “Tom Yum Goong”, to become one of Thailand’s most successful comedians. This weekend, the president of the National Comedy Association of Thailand is taking time off from simultaneously directing two films – “Wongkamlao” and “Yam Yasothon 2” – for his largest variety show to date. “Mum on Stage” is subtitled, “Mum looks up to the planes”. But it has nothing to do with the Thai saying “A dog [mha] looks up to the planes” Mum explains, “When I was young, I liked looking up at the bangfai [the rockets launched in the Northeast as part of a meritmaking ceremony]. I really thought they were planes! Even today, when I travel by plane, I imagine I’m on a bangfai.” One of the show’s highlights is Mum Jokmok, who will have indeed the bangfai, which is also a bangfai rocket in his show. the name of his production company. “I’m very proud of this northeastern tradition, so I’m showing the audience a very spectacular version of it.” Joining Mum are longtime collaborators Teng Terdterng and Nong Chachacha and veteran comedian Thep Pho-ngam, as well as musicians Sayan Sanya and Ad Carabao, plus teen idols Tattoo Color and Nat from “Academy Fantasia”. And because this is what he calls “an important show in my life”, Mum says, “I just can’t leave out my wife: I’m a family man, after all. “There are more guests, but I’ll keep ‘mum’ about them for now. Some [celebrity friends] say they’ll come to watch my show; they won’t be able to just sit back, watch, and laugh.” Our guess is that the “Saranae” team – Willy, Ple and Hoy – may show up to pay their dues.



Tuesday, May 12, 2009



¤1.172 million

“STAR TREK” was the top movie in North America over the weekend. It earned US$76.5 million, a record opening for any of the films in the “Trek” franchise.

WAS RAISED at a Belgian auction of items associated with Herge, creator of “Tintin”.





“The Head”, a fourmetre-high sculpture by artist Ravinder Reddy, specially created for Thailand by the Indian artist to mark the 62nd anniversary of diplomatic relations between Thailand and India, is on display in front of CentralWorld. Made of golden bronze material and painstakingly decorated with acrylic paint, “The Head” took six months and 30 people to complete.

Rapping with Ozomatli


GRAMMY-WINNING American group Ozomatli will be performing on Saturday at CentralWorld before moving on Sunday to Pattaya for a private concert at an orphanage. The group has collaborated with superstar Carlos Santana and its music has been featured in more two dozen Hollywood movies and on numerous television shows. Brought to Thailand by the US embassy, this Latin hip-hop band from Los Angeles represents American multiculturalism and diversity while incorporating musical traditions from around the world.

Symbolic gesture Tom Hanks says he’s ready to play the sleuthing Robert Langdon in more films of Dan Brown’s best-selling thriller novels A F P , Tokyo

Pasaya passions A HIGH-END TEXTILE BRAND recently expanded the name of all its branches to “Fabrics Outlet by Pasaya” and is selling premiumgrade fabric at prices that start at Bt177 for a 90-centimetre length. The outlets can be found at HomePro and offer more than 1,000 fabric designs. Pasaya president Narong Lertkitsiri advises customers who are feeling stressed out to choose a dark shade for curtains as the deeper colours help “wash away worries”. He adds that home decorating is a great way of indulging your creative ideas and encouraging mixing and matching different decorative items with textile products.


om Hanks says he wants to act in more movies based on Dan Brown’s religious conspiracy thrillers. Hanks plays Harvard professor and symbologist Robert Langdon in “Angels and Demons”, the prequel to 2006’s “The Da Vinci Code”, which was based on another best-selling novel by Brown. “[Langdon] is a timeless character like Sherlock Holmes ... an intellectual Indiana Jones without the whip, and I hope I get a chance to play him five times,” Hanks told reporters last week in Tokyo, where he was promoting “Angels and Demons”. In the film, Langdon tries to prevent a secret brotherhood from killing four candidates for the papacy, and to stop them from blowing up the Vatican. “The Da Vinci Code” drew fire from the Catholic church because it was based on the

XTRA MORE INTRIGUE >> Dan Brown is wrapping up a third Langdon novel, “The Lost Symbol”, which goes on sale on September 15. >> “Angels and Demons” opens in cinemas on Thursday.

idea that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and fathered offspring. Hanks says “Angels and Demons” raises important questions about faith and science in the modern age. “Controversy that is merely meant to be salacious or editorial is not worth making a movie about. It’s only when I think the theme can actually withstand the attention of having the movie made about it.”

Duelling Naks: The ghosts of Dreambox, left, and Scenario.

Spooky times We’ve got a ghost war going on, as two different stage companies vie for media attention for their upcoming shows. Scenario’s “Mae Nak Phra Khanong the Musical” opens on May 20, and Dreambox’s “Mae Nak the Musical” on July 3. It was a scary moment when Scenario’s third press conference was scheduled at exactly at the same time as Dreambox’s first, and with both of them relying heavily on red and black, things got confusing. Meanwhile, a distant third but making fast headway is the New Theatre Society’s “Mae Nak the Museum” (yes, museum), which opens in mid-June. And Pichet Klunchuen is thinking he ought to produce another “Mae Nak”, this time with a pun on the word nak. “It’s about gay monks,” he giggles.

O could use GPS Don’t accept a ride from singeractor Iresoon “O” Vatayanont: He was born with no sense of direction. “He can get lost like O nobody’s business,” warns one of his pals. “He once promised to pick me up and it was taking ages, and our houses are on opposite sois off Inthamara. “I ended up picking him up!”

Contact Soopsip at


Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Bling from

Weight lost – now too much skin! Last year I lost 10 kilograms in two and half months. My exercise workout was extreme, and my eating habits were poor. Now I’m cursed with excess skin around my stomach and waist. Is there any thing I can do to help shrink or remove it? That’s quite a lot of weight to lose in a short time, and you may not have given your skin time to adjust to the loss. As you lose body fat and build muscle, you should look better. At a certain point, if you have sagging skin, you may want to look into a non-invasive treatment such as thermage. Thermage is one of the latest innovations, using radio-frequency technology to tighten loose skin with the convenience of no time lost to recovery. It will help firm sagging skin and reduce unwanted bulges that dieting and exercise alone cannot seem to change. In most cases, some improvement is immediately visible, and increasingly so for up to six months. The results are long lasting, but depend on your skin condition and how well you age.

Thanisorn Thamlikitkul, MD, is a member of the American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery and certified in dermatological laser surgery. Send your questions for her to


the Earth

Jewellery made with minerals like malachite and quartz is distinctive and refreshingly chic Devon Leigh earrings An Yves Saint Laurent necklace and ring

By Melissa Magsaysay LOS ANGELES TIMES


he jewellery getting the most attention this spring leaves the flashy carats behind and draws its inspiration from the mineral samples in a science museum gift shop. Agate, malachite, moonlight crystal, quartz and shimmering drusies are set in gold, wrapped in wire, strung as pendants or faceted as cocktail rings in ways that showcase the best of what nature has to offer. “Authentic, more natural stones are the ‘new bling’,” says Julie Gilhart, senior vice president and fashion director of Barneys New York. “There is a handmade craft and artisanal feel to them, which feels fresh and new.” Pieces that feel special but without overthe-top glitz make sense right now, says Los Angeles-based jewellery designer Devon Leigh. “People are reaching back to the Earth and to things that happen naturally,” she explains. “There are a lot of negative things happening in

the world, and ideas found in nature are balancing and comforting.” Leigh uses geodes – plain on the outside, glittery crystal on the inside – in her work, slicing them for one-of-a-kind earrings and necklace pendants. Yves Saint Laurent's spring collection of rings and necklaces has a similar handcrafted aesthetic, incorporating stones such as turquoise and agate. Erickson Beamon tempers the hippie vibe by using extra-large stones and setting them at random angles, making a multi-strand necklace look like an eclectic statement piece. Jessica Kagan Cushman strings dozens of stones over four tiers to make an eye-catching conversation starter of a necklace. And Etro clearly showcases each stone, faceted on a gold arm cuff to reveal varying grains and gradations of colour. The bohemian feel of this jewellery lends a relaxed and romantic vibe to any ensemble. Play up the art nouveau elements by pairing pieces

Erickson Beamon necklaces

with something soft, pale and flowing. Or use them to soften an outfit that's crisp and stark. The look is distinctive – and decidedly down to Earth.



Tuesday, May 12, 2009




The Beat goes on Samsung comes up with a music phone targetting the DJ crowd By Smiley Byte D A I LY X P R E S S


anna be a DJ but can’t afford the gear? Well, while you’re saving up for the big time, lay out Bt12,500 for the Samsung Beat DJ (M7600) and have fun practising with this fun touch phone that allows you to scratch and mix tunes to your heart’s content. This clever phone has a feature that lets you to load your favourite tune, mix it with preset effects and then record

it into a new mixed tune. During the recording, you can also create scratch effects by scratching the virtual disc on the screen. It may take time to learn to master the feature but the learning is well worth the effort. And it’s easy too, and the tutorial is provided on the phone! The Beat DJ plays goodquality music even without headphones and comes with a pair of stereo speakers. Bang & Olufsen's patented

KEY SPECS Network: HSDPA 7.2 Mbps; EDGE/GPRS (850/900/1800/1900Mhz) Display: 2.8-inch 16M Full Touch WQVGA AMOLED (240 x 400) Camera: 3 Megapixel CMOS Music files supported: MP3 / AAC / AAC+ / eAAC+ / WMA Video files supported: MPEG4 / H.263 / H.264 / DivX / XviD Video Recording: VGA 15fps Memory: 50MB expandable with microSD (up to 16GB) Size: 112 x 51 x 13.9 mm Battery: 960 mAh

ICEpower technology uses a dedicated amplifier that significantly improves music quality without draining batteries The phone’s music has a unique interface with a large circle in the centre of the display. Just use your finger to run through the song list. Going to next track couldn’t be simpler – just shake the phone once. The Beat DJ has rounded edges like discs on both sides and a bright blue trim. Buttons for making calls, hanging up and going back one step are placed along the round edge at the bottom. Beat DJ also comes with a radio tuner, and a threemegapixel camera with video recording. It also support stereo Bluetooth headphones and provides a 3.5mm headset jack for connecting to premium headphones. Its 2.8-inch AMOLED display is bright and clear and its


intuitive set of touch user interface makes the phone easy to use. Beat DJ has 50 megabytes internal memory. The memory can be expanded with a microSD card up to 16GB.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009



see it! Making music As part of the “Songs of Memory” exhibition, the Jim Thompson Art Centre and Yim La Mai Group will co-host a workshop on making musical instruments on Sunday from 2 to 5 in the William Warren Library. Participants will create instruments from recycled and natural materials and learn how to play them. The session is open to children and adults. The course fee is Bt300 per person or Bt500 per family of three. Call Somsuda Piamsumrit at (02) 612 6741 or e-mail education@

Every Friday from 4, CentralWorld hopes to attract hordes of teenage shoppers to its “Indy Shop” space on the seventh floor. Under the concept “Centerpoint is Coming to Town”, more than 100 market stalls are set up to cater to young spenders. Apart from shopping, teens can also help underprivileged children at Baan Homhug in Yasothon province by contributing old clothes, toys and money through the Suthasinee Foundation. Visit or call (02) 252 1754-6.

A ghostly tale


Indy at Centerpoint

mui event on Saturday withSKpoohrts a S n o x a S t major jazz arts at 7.30 at Singha ed osts its firs is

th In love wi LilibeertLilihbeth Antonio is backlinini, the

g at Ange Filipina sin rtain diners ri-La Hotel. te n e to k Bangko e Shang aurant at th rform soulful ballads, Italian rest pe d d her ban nday to Antonio an om 6.30 to 10.35 Mo fr s it jazz and h 6 7777. Call 02 23 Saturday.

h that st g organ Koh Samui ing a show hich is bein lin w rd , a rt e h ce n n a co ays and seve . The Mr Saxm ark Avenue on with Bangkok Airw pud P i u m a S n Look Bar o ssociati o features d at Travel, in a resorts, als d ts are price n by Amsiam a ke ic ls T te s. o d h n ’s a d b n g m la n a y you ay, S ui al of the is l, Tongsai B ai and man h ve T ra T im L m t, a u si m Am tel and Chollan vailable fro sort & Spa, Shasa Ho . a d n a 0 0 om Bt1,0 ch Re amuiJazz.c aweng Bea isit www.S V Paradise Ch . a p S & Resort Kandaburi

The ghost from the popular tale “Mae Nak Prakhanong” breaks into song with Nat Myria Benedetti taking the lead in the musical at Muang Rachadalai Theatre from May 20 to June 7. Tickets costing from Bt500 to Bt2,800 are now on sale at Thaiticketmajor.

Baby, let’s dance! Do you have the dance moves of a Korean or Japanese star? If so, enter the Mall J-K Cover Dance Contest 2009 and show off those steps. To qualify for the competition, you must be between 13 and 22 years old and be in a team of three people. There are also cosplay costume competitions. The heats take place on Saturday and Sunday and again on May 23 at The Mall Bang Kapi. Call (02) 173 1643.

s SinfualtacnauIntetrnational

Double the fun Groups of four diners pay for just two in a promotion by the Landmark Bangkok’s Atrium restaurant. The daily international buffet features Chef Robert’s desserts and a chocolate fountain. Wine lovers will want to check out the grand international buffet on May 29 and 30 when the hotel will be pairing Australian wines to complement dinner at only Bt2,200 net. Call (02) 254 0404 extension 7777.

p g “Seven The Chana te is hostin fashion u it st In n g Desi n by sis exhibitio Sins”, a the esign students. Held in e r-d Siam Centr and interio ith Singha, w n o n ti io ra it e coop e exhib iscovery, th and Siam D re than 80 costumes mo trium 1 on showcases May 21 in A On l ti n u s n and ru Centre. ow or of Siam the first flo re will be a fashion sh e or th o fl y a t d rs fi rs u e Th all on th H d n ra G t at 2pm a covery. Visit . of Siam Dis napata www.Cha

Tuesday, May 12, 2009




on dvd REGION 3

Criminal Minds Season 3

Big Stan Rob Schneid er Scared of bei plays a nerdy con man a bout to go to ng raped wh ile p guru (David Carradine) to in jail, he hires a martia rison. l arts teach him so Paragon Cin me moves. A eplex. t

Heartbreak Library In this Korean drama, a librarian catches a man tearing out a page from a book and accuses him of vandalism, only to discover the complex story behind his actions. At SF Cinemas.

Mor 3 Pee 4 Rao Rak Nai Chatting on the Internet, a Bangkok boy strikes up a romance a Phuket girl. With English subtitles at some cinemas.

Thick as Thieves A veteran thief (Morgan Freeman) enters into a partner-

ship with a brash young burglar (Antonio Banderas) to steal the last two original Faberge eggs. At SFX Emporium and SFW CentralWorld.

n The Horseme

l ail of grisly seria tective on the tr de a . as s cy ar he st op Dennis Quaid ed in biblical pr apparently root killings that are stars. Zhang Ziyi also

Saranae Haao Peng Pranks are pulled on celebrities including Mum Jokmok, Ad Carabao, Kotee Aramboy and Korean girl group Baby Vox Rev.

low a trail of money and murder into the heart of a conspiracy. At SFX Lat Phrao. ★★★

The Haunting in Connecticut

Where in the World Is Osama bin Laden?

With English subtitles at some cinemas.

“Super Size Me” documentarian Morgan Spurlock treks to the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan in search of the elusive al-Qaeda leader. At House.

K-20: Legend of the Mask

A family moves into an old house and experiences violent supernatural phenomena. Based on actual events. ★★

An acrobatic crimefighter (Takeshi Kaneshiro) hunts a masked Robin Hood-like figure.

What Just Happened

In Japanese with English and Thai subtitles at the Lido.

A has-been Hollywood producer (Robert De Niro) is having a rough time trying to get his new picture made. Based on the autobiography of producer Art Linson. At the Lido. ★★★

X Men Origins: Wolverine The steel-clawed superhero’s epic life story is revealed. Hugh Jackman stars. ★★★

The International An Interpol agent (Clive Owen) and a lawyer (Naomi Watts) fol-

This dark crime series focuses on the FBI’s Behavioural Analysis Unit. New to the series is David Rossi (Joe Mantegna), replacing Jason Gideon (Mandy Patinkin). This season has 20 episodes, most of them cases where the victims are women. Extras include a making-of featurette, an introduction to the new character and gag reels. Audio language is English with subtitles adding Thai, Bahasa, Chinese, Malay, Spanish, Portuguese and Korean. The price is around Bt1,000. – DAILY XPRESS

on tv

Apex Lido: (02) 252 6498 Siam: (02) 251 3508 Scala: (02) 251 2861

The Assassination of Jesse James

Century – The Movie Plaza (02) 247 9940

Brad Pitt plays the charismatic and unpredictable outlaw of the old American west – Jesse James. He’s planning his next great robbery while his followers plot their own moves. Also stars Casey Affleck.

House (02) 641 5913-4

Major Cineplex/EGV Bangkok: (02) 515 5555

HBO (TrueVisions), 8pm

Major Hollywood Bangkok: (02) 718 7999

Channel links

Paragon Cineplex Bangkok: (02) 129 4635 IMAX: (02) 129 4631

SF Cinemas Bangkok: (02) 268 8888 Pattaya: (038) 361 500

Vista Chiang Mai: (053) 894 415

Star Trek Director JJ Abrams reimagines the classic sci-fi TV series, focusing on the early careers of James T Kirk (Chris Pine), Mr Spock (Zachary Quinto) and the rest of crew of the starship Enterprise. John Cho also stars. ★★★★ Channel 3 – Channel 5 – Channel 7 – Modernine – NBT – TV Thai – True –


Close to Home By John McPherson


Pooch Cafe

The Buckets


Calvin and Hobbes

By Brian Basset

By Paul Gilligan

By Scott Stantis

By Bryan Basset

By Bill Watterson


Red and Rover

Tuesday, May 12, 2009 DAILY XPRESS

Tuesday, May 12, 2009



Games&YourStars SUDOKU

The last word in


Yesterday’s Puzzle Answer

By Eugenia Last

Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusively.

Today’s Birthday: Stop worrying, it’s holding you back. Nothing is as bad as you imagine, so move forward and see there are plenty of possibilities. You can learn something new and incorporate that into something with the potential to make money. Do the work yourself and take full credit. ARIES ***** March 21-April 19 You can accomplish far more if you are a little reserved about what you are up to. It’s better to hit everyone with a finished product. Youngsters will give you the best feedback. TAURUS *** April 20-May 20 A change in your financial situation will take you by surprise. Don’t promise someone the impossible. Get serious about the rules you set for yourself and your family.


GEMINI *** May 21-June 20 An ingenious idea you have regarding money and getting contracts signed will make you the hero of the day. Your insight into what others want will help you land a new position. CANCER *** June 21-July 22 You’ll feel the urge to say something you will live to regret. Before you make a ghastly mistake, find out where you stand. A temptation will cost you. Now is not the time to run to someone’s aid. LEO *** July 23-Aug. 22 Rise to the occasion and you will gather new friends along the way. Your astute observations will enable you to choose wisely when asking for help or inviting someone to enjoy an event with you. VIRGO ***** Aug. 23-Sept. 22 It’s time to put on the pressure and fulfil your dreams. Taking part in activities that involve family, friends or children will be informative and will give you some great ideas.


LIBRA ** Sept. 23-Oct. 22 Don’t get messed up because you can’t get your emotions to cooperate. You may be at a loss if you give in to someone’s pressure. Love issues will cause personal and professional partnership problems. SCORPIO **** Oct. 23-Nov. 21 You can change your professional direction or add something to the mix you are already working with. Now is a great time to define who you are and what you do. You’ll get the response you need. SAGITTARIUS *** Nov. 22-Dec. 21 You’ll be caught up in the moment and may miss out on something important because your emotions are overworking. You could discover that something or someone is missing from your life. Ving Rhames

Composer Burt Bacharach is 81. Singer Steve Winwood is 61. Actress Lindsay Crouse is 61. Actor Gabriel Byrne is 59. Actor Ving Rhames is 50. Guitarist Billy Duffy of The Cult is 48. Actor Emilio Estevez is 47. Keyboardist Eddie Kilgallon (Ricochet) is 44. Actor Stephen Baldwin is 43. Actress Kim Fields is 40. Actor Mackenzie Astin is 36. Actor Jason Biggs is 31. Actor Malcolm David Kelley is 17. Actors Sullivan and Sawyer Sweeten is 14.

CAPRICORN *** Dec. 22-Jan. 19 Someone may be toying with your emotions. Before you forget things you have to get done, take a second look at the situation. Focus on your own success and sweet revenge will be yours. 3 stars AQUARIUS **** Jan. 20-Feb. 18 The more involved you are, the better your life will become. You will come up with a spectacular idea to bring in cash. Someone who has been in your corner forever will be there to help you yet again. PISCES ** Feb. 19-March 20 You won’t be the only one questioning your future. Maybe it’s time for a change. Consider your options and what you might like to learn. It’s never too late to change direction or to pick up new skills.


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Medical Representative (Bangkok and Up-country) Key Responsibilities Responsible for opening the new product entry, regular visit customers in responsible area, maintain and demonstrate scientific knowledge potential or existing customers. Handle sales target and promote the company’s sales growth. Qualifications:• Bachelor’s Degree in Science or related field • At least 3 years experience in sales: hospital, clinic, modern trade or any other related business • Positive attitude, energetic and able to work independently • Results oriented and keen to learn a new things • Good personality, communication and negotiation skills • Fair command of written and spoken English • Computer literacy • Have own transportation and driving license

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009



4-1 Johan Franzen, Jiri Hudler, Darren Helm and Henrik Zetterberg gave the Detroit Red Wings a 4-1 win over the Anaheim Ducks for a 3-2 series lead.

briefly Gasquet suspended after positive test

Red Bull threaten to quit Formula 1 Red Bull yesterday said they could pull out of the Formula One world championship at the end of the season as the revolt over a proposed budget cap grows even more militant. “If the proposed rules for 2010 stay unchanged, we will not take part in the 2010 championship,” Dietrich Mateschitz, the owner of the drinks company which backs the team, said. – AFP

SAfrica ‘bluffing’ on Super 14 threat South Africa’s threat to quit the Super 14 series and play in northern hemisphere competitions is a bluff, Australian Rugby Union chief executive John O’Neill said. The three SANZAR nations – South Africa, New Zealand and Australia – are deadlocked in their negotiations ahead of a June 30 deadline to present a proposal to broadcasters for an expanded Super 15 competition to start in 2011. – AFP

King ‘went too far’ in nightclub fracas England and Tottenham Hotspur star Ledley King on Sunday apologised for a night club incident which led to him being questioned over an

alleged assault. In a statement on the club’s website, the 28year-old defender said: “I sincerely regret that a night out with friends went too far. As a professional footballer, I have a duty to behave in a responsible manner.” – AFP

Delhi beat Kolkata by 7 wickets in IPL AB de Villiers hit 40 not out and David Warner added 36 to guide the Delhi Daredevils to a comfortable seven-wicket victory De Villiers over the Kolkata Knight Riders and claim top spot in the Indian Premier League. Delhi reached 125-3 to condemn Kolkata to their sixth straight defeat. Delhi were set on course for victory by their bowlers, who limited Kolkata to 123-8. – AP


Richard Gasquet

The ITF suspended French tennis player Richard Gasquet yesterday following his positive test for cocaine, pending a hearing. The International Tennis Federation said an anti-doping tribunal should be assembled within 60 days to hear the case. Gasquet says he is gathering evidence to prove his innocence, despite both his “A” and “B” samples coming back positive for cocaine. Traces of the drug were found in his urine sample. – AP

Lewis Hamilton of McLaren Mercedes and his girlfriend, singer Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls.

HAVE MERCY, MERCEDES! Hamilton blames his machine but refuses to give up AFP, Barcelona, Spain


efending world champion Briton Lewis Hamilton clearly blamed his McLaren Mercecdes team for his poor results on Sunday, but refused to concede his title hopes. After finishing out of the points in ninth place in the Spanish Grand Prix, won by compatriot Jenson Button for Brawn GP, the 24-year-old Englishman said it was “a shame” his team had not given him a competitive car. Hamilton said: “It’s just that

have done a fantastic job and every weekend they do a fantastic job. “We have great reliability and the morale in the team is high. It’s just a shame.”

Massa: bid is over Another disappointing race has all but ended Ferrari’s bid for the Formula One championship, Felipe Massa said. “I don’t think this year,” Massa replied when asked if Ferrari could fight for the championship over the final 12 GPs. “Maybe next year, we have so many problems to solve. After five races, Brawn’s won four – how can you fight?”

Ratchapol takes Asian title

Porto claim 4th Portuguese title FC Porto clinched a fourth successive Portuguese league title on Sunday when they defeated Nacional Madere 1-0. It was Porto’s 24th championship triumph. – AFP

the car is no good, no grip. I had nothing. It’s just a shame they [the team] have not given me a car to defend my championship. The car is that bad. I am driving the socks off it and there is just no hope.” But he added that he was still impressed with the efforts of the team to improve the car and refused to concede his title defence was over. “I am not going even to start thinking like that,” he said. “We’re not even halfway through the season and the car is just really hardcore. “At the moment, for sure, we don’t have the car to win the championship, but the team

Ratchapol with the Asian title he won in China.

Thai veteran Ratchapol Pu-Ob-Orm made history in the Chinese city of Tangshan on Sunday by becoming the first player to win the Asian Championship three times. Ratchapol, known internationally as James Wattana, played like a maestro to beat the hosts’ 27-year-old Mei Xiwen 7-3 in the title showdown. Ratchapol’s previous wins in the Asian Championship had come in the years 1986 and 1988, both in the Sri Lankan capital Colombo. The illustrious Thai, who has three world professional ranking tournament titles under his belt, was handed a shocker in his very first match of the tournament by little-known Chinese Shi Yanqing, who won the clash 4-0. He then recovered and improved to move into the final, his fourth at the Asian Championships in as many appearances.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009




Fergie stays mum over Tevez future


Manchester United man-

Chelsea’s Hiddink gives Arsenal another kicking AFP, London

helsea manager Guus Hiddink delivered a damning verdict on the gap between Arsenal and the rest of the “bigfour” after his side handed the Gunners their heaviest home league defeat for 32 years. Hiddink believes Chelsea’s impressive response to the agony of their Champions League defeat against Barcelona was in stark contrast to Arsenal’s faltering effort following their European exit to Manchester United. The Dutch coach is not the kind of man to gloat unnecessarily and his words carried no hint of glee but his message following Sunday’s 4-1 rout must be worrying for Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger. Just five days after Arsenal were brushed aside with contemptuous ease by United, it was Chelsea’s turn to emphasise just how far the north London team have fallen behind their rivals at the top of the Premier League. Alex opened the scoring with a header from Didier Drogba’s free-kick, then former Arsenal striker Nicolas Anelka lashed home a stunning second. Kolo Toure’s own goal put the result beyond doubt and, although Nicklas Bendtner got one back, Florent Malouda confirmed Chelsea’s biggest win at Arsenal since 1960 and the Gunners’ biggest home league defeat since Ipswich won 4-1 at Highbury in 1977. Hiddink made it clear




Chelsea’s Didier Drogba, centre, looks on as Arsenal’s Kolo Toure scores an own goal in Chelsea’s 4-1 win. Chelsea’s battle-hardened players have much more character than the Arsenal’s fragile young talents, who are now 15 points behind leaders United. “I think it [the score] is a good reflection on the gap between the teams. We are a team that likes to react. We have had some set-backs but we are real men who like a challenge,” he said. “When you have big players you must discover if they want to work for each other. Everyone has ego but it is important that they help each other with the dirty work no matter the name of the player.” Although Chelsea’s European challenge ended in disappointment, Hiddink can still take pride in his efforts when he re-


turns to manage Russia on a permanent basis in June. The Blues are now guaranteed a top-three finish in the Premier League and have sealed their place in the Champions League group stages next season – an achievement which was far from certain when Hiddink replaced Luiz Felipe Scolari in February. “It gives me great satisfaction considering where we were in February,” he said. Hiddink was also pleased with Drogba’s performance. “We do not live with headlines, whether they are right or not, that is not the big issue. Drogba has always fought for the team.” While Chelsea are back on the up, Arsenal face an uncertain future.

ager Alex Ferguson refused to discuss the future of Carlos Tevez after the Argentina striker scored to leave his club on the brink of the title. Tevez has grown increasingly frustrated at failing to secure a regular starting place in Ferguson’s plans and has indicated he could leave Old Trafford. The South American celebrated his goal in the 2-0 derby win over Manchester City by running to the main stand, close to where Ferguson was seated, and cupping his ears as the crowd chanted: “Fergie, Fergie sign him up.” Yet the United manager refused to go into detail about the future of the player, who has now scored 14 times this season. He insisted he had no problem with the way Tevez celebrated but when asked when there would be clarification about Tevez’s future, Ferguson snapped: “I’m not going into that at all.” Later he added: “Nothing has changed. He’s a Manchester United player. The fans love him because they love triers. “When players try then fans will always take to that. As long as he keeps scoring, I’ll have no problems with that.” Also Ferguson refused to criticise Cristiano Ronaldo for his public display of petulance. “You know what he’s like – he wanted to stay on,” added Ferguson.

Under fire, Wenger backs young guns AP, London



Chelsea’s Florent Malouda celebrates scoring.

rsenal manager Arsene Wenger defiantly defended the potential of his young team after two crushing home defeats, and expressed indifference to fans’ mounting frustrations. Wenger is the club’s most successful manager and has enjoyed an overwhelming period of support from fans, even during the past four years when Arsenal haven’t won a trophy.

But the tension has been mounting over the course of the season and was compounded by heavy home losses to Manchester United and Chelsea this past week. Arsenal supporters streamed out of Emirates Stadium in the thousands with 30 minutes left to play in the Champions League semi-final second leg Tuesday after Manchester United went ahead 3-0 and eventually knocked the

Gunners out of the tournament 4-1 on aggregate. The fans again had seen enough on Sunday during the 41 league defeat to Chelsea, with thousands of empty seats well before the final whistle and widespread booing. Wenger’s response was curt and dismissive when asked after Sunday’s loss what his message was to the fans, when it was suggested that their mass exodus Wednesday and Sunday

meant they were hurting. “Everybody is free to leave the stadium when he wants,” he said. Wenger said he didn’t think Arsenal “had a bad performance” and that it shouldn’t have been a 4-1 game because of the number of chances Arsenal created – an opinion not shared by many fans and observers who witnessed shocking defensive errors and a continual succession of mis-hit shots.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009




Yao-less Rockets blast Los Angeles Lakers, Davis’ buzzer-beater lifts NBA champions Boston Celtics over resolute Orlando Magic DPA, Los Angeles


laying without injured Chinese superstar Yao Ming, the Houston Rockets weren’t given much of a chance to beat the mighty Los Angeles Lakers, but they never received the message. Aaron Brooks poured in a career-play-off-high 34 points, Shane Battier added 23 with five three-pointers and the Rockets blasted the Lakers 9987 on Sunday to level their Western Conference semi-final play-off series at two games apiece. “I think everyone but us got the memo that we weren’t supposed to show up today,” Battier said. “But we’re a resilient group. We’ve never quit,

Kerr wings to victory with a birdie

we’ve never stopped believing and we put together a pretty good game.” The Rockets received a huge blow on Saturday after learning Yao would miss the play-offs because of a hairline fracture to his left foot suffered in Game Three on Friday night. Despite losing their 7-foot-6 All-Star centre, the underdog Rockets played with passion, pride and purpose to dominate the Lakers in the wire-to-wire win in front of 18,313 delirious fans at the sold out Toyota Centre. “I can’t say enough about our guys,” Rockets coach Rick Adelman said. “With the news we heard yesterday about Yao, and coming out to play the way they did in the first three



HOUSTON HAVE NO PROBLEM The Rockets’ Aaron Brooks, centre, drives through Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher of the Lakers.


quarters was incredible. “Tonight, just shows they came out to win the game. Now, its 2-2, and a three-game series” Swing Game Five of the bestof-seven series is Tuesday night in Los Angeles before returning to Houston on Thursday for Game Six. Kyle Lowry scored 12, Argentine Luis Scola contributed 11 with 14 rebounds for the Rockets, who led by 29 after three quarters. “I knew we could win, but I knew we would have to play the way we did,” Scola said. “I like my team. I like Yao a lot, too, but we have pretty good players.” Elsewhere it was Boston Celtics 95, Orlando Magic 94.

Glen “Big Baby” Davis hit the big-time shot that saved the Celtics from the brink of elimination. Davis drilled a 21-foot buzzer beater to give the Celtics a dramatic road victory over the Magic and square their Eastern Conference semi-final play-off series at two games apiece. After trailing most of the second half, Orlando took a shortlived lead on two free throws by Rashard Lewis with 11.3 seconds left. On the final play of the game, the Celtics wanted to go to Ray Allen or Paul Pierce. But with both bottled up, Pierce, sent a pass over to Davis on the left wing for the gamewinner to silence the Amway Arena crowd.

Stenson shoots 66 to blow away the field A P , Florida


enrik Stenson has won The Players Championship with a flawless final round on the treacherous TPC Sawgrass, playing without a bogey for a 6-under 66 and a four-shot victory. The 33-year-old Swede started the day five shots behind Alex Cejka, in a six-way tie for second that included Tiger Woods. But as Cejka collapsed with a 42 on the front nine, Stenson surged ahead and never let off until he tapped in for par for his second PGA Tour victory, and the biggest win of his career. Stenson, , who won for the 10th time in his career worldwide, finished at 12-under 276 to finish four shots clear of


Cristie Kerr emerged from a four-way tie for the lead with a tap-in birdie on the par-5 15th hole and held on to win her second Michelob Ultra Open. Kerr, who also won in 2005, went from one shot behind to the lead when Kim Song-hee of South Korea made a double bogey on the par-4 16th and Kerr made her birdie moments later a hole behind. The putt gave her a 16under total, and when other challengers Kim In-kyung and third-round co-leader Lindsey Wright also made bogeys, Kerr led by two shots with two holes left. Kerr finished at 16-under 268 for her 12th career victory. – A P

Henrik Stenson with the trophy as previous champion Sergio Garcia looks on. Ryder Cup team-mate Ian Poulter. He earned $1.71 million and moves to No 5 in the world. Woods played in the final group and was never a factor.

He was part of the six-way tie that included Stenson, and even as Cejka faltered to a 42 on the front nine, Woods couldn’t take advantage. He finished with a 1-over 73 to

finish alone in eighth. It was his first top 10 at The Players Championship since he won in 2001. Stenson, a Swede who shows little emotion even when playing in his skivvies, never gave anyone much hope. Stenson, playing in the third-to-last group, matched the lowest round of the day, nearly 7.5 strokes better than the field average. He missed only one fairway. The only times he came remotely close to a bogey, he holed par putts of 8 feet on the front nine. The way Stenson was playing, it didn’t matter what anyone was doing. “I could afford to go bogey-bogey and still win it,” Stenson said.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009


THESPORT Barcelona’s Champions League semi-

final hero Andres Iniesta says he still hopes to play in the final against Manchester United on May 27 despite suffering a thigh injury at the weekend. “I will be in Rome. It’s a small tear. It’s not so serious, I suppose it’s caused by stress linked to the end of the season,” the Spanish international midfielder said on Monday after leaving a Barcelona hospital where he underwent tests on his leg. “The desire I have to play in the final of the Champions League will help me a lot in recovering quickly.” The club said “doctors are working to ensure that he can be in the final in Rome”. Iniesta’s injury-time strike against Chelsea in London last week took Barcelona through to the final on the away goals rule. The injury to his right thigh, sustained in a 3-3 league draw against Villarreal on Sunday, has ruled him out of the final of the Spanish Cup tomorrow against Athletic Bilbao. Another key player for Barca, French striker Thierry Henry, has also been ruled out of the Spanish Cup final through injury, but could also recover in time to face Manchester United in Rome. Meanwhile, Barcelona must wait another week to clinch the Spanish title after Jose Llorente scored a dramatic 90th-minute equaliser as Villarreal gatecrashed the party with a 3-3 draw at Camp Nou on Sunday. Barcelona were on course to win their 19th title in front of their fans when they held a 3-1 lead, but Villarreal scored twice in the final 12 minutes to put the celebrations on hold. “It is a real shame we couldn’t celebrate the title with all the people who came to the stadium today,” admitted Barca coach Pep Guardiola. – A F P


MURRAYMOVES UP Andy Murray is proud of his new world No 3 ranking – but the 21-year-old isn’t satisfied with a British best and is hoping for more to come.



Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta tunes up his hamstrings ahead of the Spanish League match against Villarreal.



Wenger defiant as Gunners blasted

Storming Swede takes honours

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger defiantly defended the potential of his young team after two crushing home defeats, and expressed indifference to fans’ mounting frustrations. Until recently Wenger enjoyed overwhelming support from Arsenal fans, despite having not added to the Gunners’ trophy cabinet in the past four years. >PAGE 24

Swede Henrik Stenson used precision off the tee to set up a commanding four-stroke victory at the world’s richest tournament, the Players Championship. Stenson, who started the day five strokes behind, parred the first six holes before storming home with six birdies to card a bogey-free sixunder-par 66. >PAGE 27