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Thursday, February 26, 2009 VOL 2, NO 287


The average height of women aged under 50 has climbed by 5cm, but their weight has jumped 5.4kg >PAGE 3


Hey, Buttree, respect! By Chonnapas Premwaew Taekwondo exponent


want to give Buttree [Puedpong] a huge thank-you for offering me the Bt450,000 she promised out of the government prize money she got for winning silver at the Beijing Olympics. Everyone can see now how kind Buttree is. This country would be a better place if all of us, whatever job we do, kept our promises like Buttree.

What’s on

Doll fetish

Head over to the Cool Music beachfront fest, feast on crab and chardonnay or Japanese seafood, enter a photo contest, and much more...

Cute Blythe dolls are all the rage with celebrities, and an avid fan has collected 50 of the big-eyed toys since embarking on her hobby seven years ago


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Thursday, February 26, 2009




IS THE SAFE WAISTLINE LIMIT for men and 80cm for women; more than this means they have excessive body fat

Deadly Casanova caught


Man with HIV/Aids confesses to posing as Arab prince for unprotected sex with women

By Kitchana Lersakvanitchakul



D A I LY X P R E S S Chon Buri


osing as an Arab prince, a Thai man living with HIV/Aids lured more than 20 women into having unprotected sex in Pattaya, before stealing their valuables, reportedly to pay for medicines. Police swooped early yesterday morning following a tip-off that a thief wanted for a purse-snatch on January 9 was walking on Soi 9 of Pattaya Road 2. They arrested Suriyachat Thanomsuk, 29, and initially charged him with theft after he confessed to stealing the purse for money to pay for medicines.

Police compare photos of Maurizio Tosadori, 53, and the head that was found hanging from Rama VIII Bridge. Tosadori committed suicide by jumping from the bridge with a noose over his head, police said.

Decapitated man identified Police find note and passport in Italian architect’s guesthouse room; hunt for bridge suicide is over

At least 20 infected

By Kwanhathai Malakarn

Further investigation revealed that Suriyachat, who spoke good English through working at a speedboat-rental service, had been posing as an Arab or Indian prince to lure both Thais and foreigners into sleeping with him so he could steal their valuables. He told police that most of the sex was unprotected, meaning that at least 20 people had been exposed to HIV infection. Police urged any woman who suspects she may have been a victim of Suriyachat to file a complaint and have a blood test.





olice have identified the westerner whose head was found hanging from the Rama VIII Bridge at the weekend as an Italian man named Maurizio Tosadori. Deputy Police Chief Pol Gen Jongrak Jutanont told a press conference yesterday that Wimon Jaijong, owner of the guesthouse where Tosadori was staying, had contacted police to say the dead man’s description matched that of her guest.

‘Sorry for inconvenience’ “Police went to search Mr Tosadori’s old room at the

guesthouse on Samsen Road, Phranakhon district, and found his passport which showed he entered Thailand on February 6 this year from Cambodia,” Jongrak told reporters. Also found was a note signed by Tosadori and left for Wimon, which Jongrak read out: “Thank you very much for everything. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.”

Positive identification Photos found in the room showed that Tosadori had a small lump on the left of his forehead, Jongrak said, matching that found on the head at the bridge. Documents in the room re-

vealed Tosadori was an architect. “Mr Tosadori had stayed at the guesthouse for more than two weeks and was behind with his rent. Recently Wimon asked him to move out as she wanted the room for other guests. Perhaps that explains Wimon’s note of apology,” Jongrak said. Tosadori had visited Thailand several times before.

Searching for job Wimon told reporters that after Tosadori went missing from the guesthouse on February 21 she tried to reach his mobile phone but failed. “Maurizio was poor and a chain-smoker,” she said. “He fell sick several times. He had been leaving the guesthouse each morning to search for a job. He came back each afternoon and had dinner at the guesthouse restaurant.”


nternationally-acclaimed director Nonzee Nimibutr has urged the government to help market Thai films abroad, citing the lack of distribution suffered by smaller studios and independent filmmakers. He was speaking at the seminar “Strategies for the Excellence of Music” at Mahidol University’s College of Music yesterday. He said that while the five major studios do well, the country’s film industry as a whole lacks a distribution centre and people with the vision to take the movie industry in the right direction.

‘I can’t do everything’ “I can produce a movie but am powerless when it comes to distributing it or dealing with cinemas or DVD companies. But those five studios can do everything because they are part of a bigger network,” said Nonzee, who is managing director of Hansa Movie. He said the government, especially the Culture Ministry, could help promote the Thai film industry. “I talked to a Culture Ministry official and suggested that maybe we should add Thai movies to the curriculum at vocational schools. I would like Thais to know more about their own movies and get to love them.”

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Thursday, February 26, 2009



Goodbye hourglass, hello tube Thai women’s body shape has altered dramatically in the last 30 years, with waistlines ballooning, says research By Asina Pornwasin D A I LY X P R E S S


ver the past 27 years, Thai women’s body shape has changed dramatically. They are now taller, heavier and have bigger waistlines. According to extensive research, the average height of women under 50 years old has shot up five centimetres while their weight has jumped 5.4 kilograms. Their waistlines have on average ballooned 3.7 inches and hips and breast circumference

have increased by 2 and 2.2 inches respectively. The research used 3D-scanning technology to measure the size and shape of 13,442 Thais. It was found that the average weight for women is 57kgs, the average height 156.89cms, the average waistline 31.5 inches, average breast circumference 36 inches and average hips 38 inches. “The fact that women’s waistlines have grown almost twice as much as their chests and bottoms means that the

shape of the average Thai women has changed,” Dr Pansak Siriruchatapong said. Not only have women become bigger, they have also become more cylindrical and have less of the traditional hourglass shape.” Thai men below 50 years of age have an average weight of 68.94kgs, average height of

169.38cms, average chest circumference of 39.1 inches, average waistline of 33.5 inches and average hip circumference of 37.4 inches. When compared with 1982 data, Thai men are now 7.2cms taller and 11.4kg heavier. Their chest circumference has also expanded by 5.4 inches, their waistline by 4 inches,

and hips by 3.4 inches. Based on the Body Mass Index (BMI), 36.21 per cent of Thai men fall within the “normal” category, 58.43 per cent are overweight, and 5.36 per cent are underweight. For Thai women, 42.26 per cent are “normal”, 48.05 per cent are overweight, and 9.69 per cent are underweight.



Thursday, February 26, 2009

THE WORLD Eco-friendly energy


45.6 C 0

below zero Antarctica’s average annual temperature

briefly Princess to marry ex-fitness trainer

A Sony employee displays a new bio battery (in the background), including three cubic cells that generate enough electricity to drive a Walkman digital music player at the International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Expo in Tokyo yesterday. The electric fan, in the foreground, is powered by a bio battery cell whose energy source is a soft drink. Sony has developed the passive-type bio battery system of breaking down sugar to generate the world’s highest-level electric power of 70mw from a cell as an eco-friendly energy.

Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria is engaged to marry her former fitness trainer after a seven-year romance, the palace said on Tuesday, ending years of speculation about when the popular royal would wed. The 31-year-old daughter of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia will marry Daniel Westling, the owner of a chain of fitness centres next year. The princess told her future subjects, via a video clip on the Internet, that she and her fiance could now begin preparing to start a family. – AFP


Get your fill here...

Legless woman swims with ‘mermaid tail’ New Zealander Nadya Vessey, who lost her legs in a childhood illness, now swims like a mermaid – thanks to Oscar-winning movie special effects wizards Weta Workshop. The workshop, which won Oscars for their effects in “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, made a mermaid wetsuit for her, complete with fishtail, which she tested in a Wellington pool. Weta costume-maker Lee Williams said in an interview with Televison New Zealand that she wanted Vessey to be “beautiful and sexy” in the suit, which contains plastic moulds and has hand-painted fish-like scales. After seeing her swim with it, she said, “It was absolutely amazing. It’s beautiful to watch Vessey swim and to see that dream come true and to be a part of that.” A thrilled Vessey said the idea stuck with her after she told a small boy, who asked what had happened to her legs, that she was a mermaid. – D P A

Sex: Asia-Pacific a dissatisfied lot Indians most satisfied, Japanese least, says study of almost 4,000 people D P A , Kuala Lumpur


ifty-seven per cent of men and 64 per cent of women in the Asia-Pacific region responding to a survey reported dissatisfaction with their sex lives, news reports said yesterday. People in only three of the 13 countries where the pharmaceutical firm Pfizer conducted its survey reported satisfaction rates of more than 50 per cent. India ranked the highest, with 73 per cent of respondents to the Asia-Pacific Sexual Health and Overall Wellness survey saying they

were satisfied. It was followed by the Philippines at 52 per cent, Taiwan at 51 per cent and New Zealand at 40 per cent. Japan ranked the lowest at 10 per cent.

Satisfaction with life = greater sexual satisfaction The survey by the company that makes Viagra was also conducted in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand. “We found that greater sexual satisfaction is strongly associated with greater satisfaction with life overall,” Sydney-

based sexual health doctor Rosie King, who led the survey, was quoted as saying by The Star newspaper. “Generally, men and women who are highly satisfied with their sex life have a more positive outlook on their relationships and life,” she said on Tuesday at a roundtable discussion in Kuala Lumpur. King added that the lack of sexual satisfaction was linked to erectile dysfunction, adding that men suffering from the condition might suffer from lack of self-confidence or depression. The survey was conducted from May to July among 2,016 sexually active men and 1,941 sexually active women aged 25 to 74.

Cup size has more than one meaning at a new Maine coffeehouse. Servers are topless at the Grand View Topless Coffee Shop, which opened its doors on a busy road in Vassalboro. A sign outside says, “Over 18 only.” Another says, “No cameras, no touching, cash only.” The coffee shop raised the ire of residents when it went before the town planning board, but officials said it met the letter of the law. – AP

... and here The creators of social networking website MySpace have launched DailyFill, an online locale devoted to nuggets of celebrity gossip. Josh Berman and Colin Digiaro believe DailyFill has a winning formula of bite-sized news about film and music stars written with edgy wit by a small team commanded by lead editor Chris Case. DailyFill headline stories on Tuesday included “Nicole Ritchie Pregnant Again”, “Trying to Catch Octuplet Mom”, and “Sorry I Strangled You, Here’s An iPod” about singer Chris Brown trying to win back a girlfriend he allegedly battered. – AFP



Thursday, February 26, 2009



Nophand Boonyai plays all the roles in this contemporary adaptation of Shakespeare’s play.

XTRA HAMLET IN DA HOUSE >> “Hamlet: The Techno Drama” is at the Crescent Moon Space at the Pridi Banomyong Institute. >> Showtime is 7.30 nightly from next Wednesday to Sunday (March 4 to 15). >> Tickets are Bt250 to Bt350.


>> Call (086) 787 7155 and or see NewTheatreSociety.


DISCO SHAKESPEARE! The one-man show ‘Hamlet: The Techno Drama’ should be a stunner By Pawit Mahasarinand S P E C I A L T O D A I LY XPRESS


aving proved itself with adaptations of “Waiting for Godot” and “Arms and the Man”, the New Theatre Society, led by veteran director Damkerng Thitapiyasak, is about to tackle one of the most complex plays of all time. “To be or not to be,” the promotions say, “that is the … sentence” – and you know right away that this is going to be a

different species of “Hamlet”. For one thing, it’s a solo performance. For another, the full title is “Hamlet: The Techno Drama”. “It’s set in the modern day,” Damkerng explains. “It’s like entering a discotheque where trance and techno music are filling the air, and my script focuses on Hamlet’s confusion. In my opinion, what the other characters view in his actions as madness is simply him escaping from his misery.”

And the miserable lunatic alone onstage? “I’ve seen different versions of the play, by visionary directors like Robert LePage, Robert Wilson and Peter Brook,” says Damkerng, “and I found that it can be told entirely through Hamlet’s point of view. “I experimented by using only his soliloquies and monologues and putting them all together – cutting the play down to the core – and found that the whole story still makes sense.

One actor “All the major characters are still there, but they’re being portrayed by just one actor.”

Damkerng chose one of Thailand’s most charismatic stage performers, Nophand Boonyai, whom he directed in last year’s “Breaking the Surface”. “He has a rebel’s character and frequently comes up with new ideas. I suggested some line changes to make them more modern, but he insisted on memorising the poetic ones.” Nophand’s performance will be augmented with projected images arranged by Banphot Wutthipreecha – tarot cards to indicate the different characters and video to help present the royal ghost.



Thursday, February 26, 2009




ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER will appear as himself, playing the governor of California in “The Expendables”, an action movie starring Sylvester Stallone, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Eric Roberts, Mickey Rourke and Forest Whitaker.

THE INCREASE in viewership of this year’s Academy Awards broadcast compared to last year’s.

soopsip Ring-a-ring of roses


Women perform a traditional carnival dance at the Viktualien market in the southern German city of Munich on Tuesday. Carnival is a tradition stemming from Catholic regions in the west and south of Germany, but it has increasingly been adopted by cities in the north and east.

Supernatural prices THEATRE FANS looking forward to this year’s Dreambox production of “Mae Nak the Musical” will make the wait feel just a little bit shorter and save some money too by taking advantage of the early-bird booking being offered by Buy your tickets before March 15 now for any of the 12 shows being staged between July 3 and 19 at M Theatre and you’ll receive a 15-per-cent discount. There are special prices too for groups and students. Another iteration of the classic Thai legend of the ghost wife who died in childbirth, the production stars Teeranai na Nongkhai as Mae Nak and Warrarith Fuangarom as Mak. Call (02) 715 3547.

A night at the critics’awards THE BANGKOK CRITICS ASSEMBLY has finally found the funding for its awards presentation and confirms that it will be held at the Siam City Hotel on March 11. The indie romance “Wonderful Town”, which picked up five prizes at last week’s Subhanahongsa Awards, is nominated in nine of the 11 categories. RS Film’s kiddie sports drama, “Dream Team” and the GTH features “Kod” (“Handle Me With Care”), “See Phrang” (“4Bia”) and “Pidterm Yai Huajai Wawun” (“Hormones”) each have six nods.


Indie surprise The quiet love drama ‘Wonderful Town’ shakes up Thailand’s film-industry awards D A I LY X P R E S S


he independently produced romantic drama “Wonderful Town” was warmly applauded as it picked up five major prizes at Sunday’s Subhanahongsa Awards though it’s doubtful that even half of the 1,000strong audience had actually seen it. “I was shocked,” admits young director Aditya Assarat. The movie was Aditya nominated in eight categories for Thailand’s equivalent to the Academy Awards and won Best Picture and Best Director and as well prizes for screenplay, cinematography and art direction. “It’s really great when an indie film gets this kind of recognition, as all too often

people think we make films just for fun,” Aditya adds. “Wonderful Town” and another indie production, “Paed Wan Plak Khon” (“The 8th Day”), surprised film buffs by earning nominations for awards usually reserved for mainstream movies from the industry’s major studios. Aditya’s drama has done well on the festival circuit, winning awards in Pusan, Rotterdam and elsewhere. It was shown on limited release at SFW CentralWorld last year. “Winning the award proves that we are good enough to stand alongside big-budget films,” says Aditya. Set in a small town in southern Thailand, “Wonderful Town” is a haunting love story about Ton, an architect who arrives from Bangkok to supervise the post-tsunami reconstruction of a beach resort, and Na, a young woman who works at her family’s hotel.

Jaa invents a new name Phanom “Tony Jaa” Yeerum no

longer exists. Well, Tony Jaa is still with us, but the rest of his name is history. Thailand’s Call him biggest actionThatchaflick export has korn. changed his name to Thatchakorn, which means “the great inventor”. Jaa will still be “Jaa Phanom” when the movie credits roll, and that’s what he’ll answer to when his dad, his fans and his elephant-ancestors call, but the new moniker is supposed to be auspicious. The box office will just have to see about that.

What Paula won In a heartbreaker to many men, Paula Taylor has become unavailable. The actress is flitting about with half-Burmese-halfAustralian boyfriend Mark Nelson, who she met while shooting “The Amazing Race Asia” last year. Things are going Mark’s way: He and Rovilson Fernandez, his “Amazing Race” teammate, are going to host a new show on AXN called “The Duke”. Their co-host will be former Miss Singapore Eunice Olsen, but Paula doesn’t have to worry about that – she’ll be on the set as Mark’s “personal trainer”.

Paula and Mark

Contact Soopsip at


shows Fresh from Bangladesh Japanese artists Tomoko Yoneda and Yoshihiro Suda will have photographs and site-specific works in “What a Place Tells Us” at the 100 Tonson Gallery from March 3 to 29. As seen at last year’s Bangladesh Biennale, the exhibition has Yoneda’s photos depicting that country’s history and climate and Suda’s small floral woodcarvings. The gallery is at 100 Soi Tonson off Ploenchit Road and open Thursday to Sunday from 11 to 7. Call (02) 684 1527 or visit

How history is born “Memories Revisited” is the name of an educational programme coming to the Jim Thompson Art Centre’s William Warren Library on March 15. Artist and Bunditpatanasilpa Institute professor Wittamon Niwattichai will moderate as participants recycle materials from Thompson silk production to create art that represents “memories”. Mirroring the demonstration will be the current exhibition, Xawery Wolski’s “Into an Empty Sky”, which continues at the art centre until April 5. Twenty people can get involved in the recycling for Bt300 each. Call (02) 612 6741 or e-mail education@

Thursday, February 26, 2009


The rabbit and the


Alienation shadows Sudsiri Pui-Ock’s memories of her time in the West By Khetsirin Pholdhampalit D A I LY X P R E S S


inner is served in Sudsiri Pui-Ock’s exhibition “On the Path of Searching”, but you’re dining alone – and you might want to pass on any dishes involving rabbit. A journey and a travel memoir, the show assembles paintings, videos and a dining-table installation, all conceived during her two-year artist-in-residency in the Netherlands. It’s the inaugural exhibition at the DOB Gallery, which is run by Thavorn Ko-udomvit of the Ardel Galleries. Sudsiri, whose father is noted artist Sa-ngad Pui-Ock, has laid out settings for eight at a dining table, using 34 pieces based on Holland’s celebrated ceramic Delfware.

XTRA BUNNY LUNCH >> The exhibition continues until March 24 in the DOB Building opposite Hua Lumphong railway station on Rama IV Road. >> It is open daily from 10.30 to 7. Call (02) 237 5592-4 or visit

The blue-and-white dinnerware was originally imported from China but is now made in the Dutch city of Delft, she explains, and it got her thinking about the right of possession. “What belongs to whom and why?” Sudsiri says, drawing allusions to the turf wars in the Middle East and southern Thailand. She’s copied the delicate style of decorating the plates and cups and saucers, but depicts herself in the form of a mouse, a symbol in Holland of lower-class people, outsiders. “There were lot of mice in the house where I lived, but when I informed the local administrative office, they said Holland had no mice. “It’s like blinding yourself against unwanted things. I felt no different from the mouse in Dutch society.” Her alienation is evident in four “Rabbit” paintings, only one of which has a living rabbit – the rest show skinned ones. “When I first saw a skinned rabbit in a butcher shop next to the chicken and pork, I was shocked,” she says. “To me a rabbit is a cute and innocent pet, but these rabbits were like the mice they have everywhere and don’t know how to exterminate.”



The installation ‘My Blue: Drawing My Life with the Blue and the White’.

Sudsiri with her ‘Rabbit’ series.

Thursday, February 26, 2009




do it!

Ballads of the pas t T

Yesterday again Ban Bang Khae Social Welfare Development Centre for Older People celebrates its 56th anniversary this June by inviting shutterbugs to enter a photo contest on the theme “Ban Bang Khae Pratapjit, Ban Ya Kas Pratapjai” (“Impressions of Ban Bang Khae”). Applications can be submitted from now until May 15 and the winner receives Bt10,000 and a certificate. Visit

ata Young headlines C ool Music F “Yesterday e Love Song ” on April 5 st’s Ocean Mari at na in Patta ya Budokan, B en Chalatit, joining In L Colour for the beachfr ipta, and Tattoo ont show th starts at 7. at Tic Bt2,000 fo kets cost from Bt1,00 r the conce 0 to rt cial VIP pa ckage at B only with a spet9,000 for night stay a two for and Spa. T two at Rawintra Reso ickets are a t Thaiticke rt Visit www tmajor. .Cool93.n et.

www.BanBangKhae. or call (02) 455 1593.

Tibetan therapies

Rockin’ in a hard The se


cond m series orga usic workshop in the nise Inn on Saturda d by Music Express m ovative Rock agazine take y at TK Pa rk o s place CentralWorl d from 1 to n the eighth floor of 4pm. Partic about rock ipan fro among the m the ’70s with today ts will learn m Street Fu ’s nk Rollers a new bands, ing hard ro nd Over Me ck, glam ro , ck and pun own style. k from that performCall (02) era in their 508 8176 before 5 tomorrow .

Ice prince sses “Disney on Ice” celeb

rates its 10 with “Disne th year yO ing to life th n Ice 2009 – Princess in Thailand e stories of Wishes”, bri su ng White, Cind erella, Belle ch characters as Snow and Mulan from March . The show 27 to Apri runs l2 range from Bt200 to B at Impact Arena. Ticke t1,200 at T ts Visit www haiticketm .BecTero.c ajor. om.

The Thousand Stars Foundation invites you to learn about a different holistic treatment with Tibetan practitioner Dr Tsedor Nyarongsha. He’ll be in Bangkok for the second time from Saturday until Monday at the foundation’s house on Lat Phrao Soi 11. Translation into English and Thai is provided. Call 086) 977 5867 or visit

More than words Babymime will give performances of “Love…blah blah blah” to raise funds for the Jayavana Foundation (Kru Angun Malick), which donated the land for the Pridi Banomyong Institute, the pantomime troupe’s practice space. The shows take place at the institute on Sukhumvit Soi 55 from March 13 to 15 and March 20 to 23. Tickets cost Bt300 and Bt500 at Thaiticketmajor.

Colours of dreams Until Saturday, the Amari

Seafood feast

Lazy Sunday

Starting next month, Atelier, the French restaurant at the Grand Millennium Sukhumvit, serves a Thursday night feast of crab and chardonnay. The menu includes blue crab bisque, crab ravioli, Chinese steamed crab claw, Malaysian crab laksa and more all served with a glass of white wine. The buffet is priced at Bt1,280 and is available from 6.30 to 10pm. Call (02) 204

Start your Sunday at the Westin Grande Sukhumvit, where Chef Ikeda at Japanese restaurant Kisso has a seafood buffet brunch with deep-fried soft-shell crab and boiled river prawns and glass noodles with soy sauce. For dessert, there’s home-made green tea ice cream, daifuku rice cake, anko (red bean) and mochi. The price is Bt1,250 for adults and Bt625 for children. It’s open from 11.30 to 2.30.


Call (02) 207 8000 extension 8130.

Watergate Hotel presents “For the Love of Watercolour”, an exhibition of 40 watercolour paintings by Rommanee Seenam Group. Proceeds go to Destitute Foundation to support those with mental illness. Call (02) 653 9000 or visit


Thursday, February 26, 2009




,, Who’s that babe? Rinna Clanuwat demonstrates how to customise a Blythe accessory during the workshop, with her own Blythe look-alike perched on her desk.


The big-eyed Blythe doll is all the rage. Got yours yet? By Parinyaporn Pajee D A I LY X P R E S S


ith big-eyed Blythe dolls now all the rage among celebrities, prices for these cute toys have suddenly skyrocketed, but long-time fan Rinna Clanuwat says she’s hardly paid anything for the 50 Blythes she’s amassed since embarking of her hobby seven years ago. “I don’t buy the Blythes to keep them on the shelf. I’m

Dolls waiting for their owners to decorate their heads with cream cake accessories.

always changing my dolls’ accessories, hairstyles, makeup and anything else that will make sure they stay unique,” says the graphic designer and illustrator who won the runner-up prize in the Blythe Beauty Contest 2008 held in Japan. Rinna doesn’t buy original accessories, which can cost a lot, but makes her own. At a recent workshop, she utilised silicone, a rubber-like poly-

mer that was used to fix her roof, then shaped it into a cream-cake accessory for her precious dolls. Her creative experience is inspiring other collectors to customise their own dolls. Recently she was overwhelmed by the number of participants who turned up at the workshop. “I was very surprised that so many people, even men, were eager to learn,” she says. Despite starting at around Bt3,000, Blythe dolls have become popular with Thais over the last few months. The appeal lies in dressing the doll in glamorous attire and also modifying the face so that she resembles her owner. “Hobbyists become very attached to their Blythes,” Rinna explains. “I realise that they are more expensive now, but my advice is not to be scared about created something different for your toy. Of course you’ll make mistakes. I did when I began customising my

XTRA Fans busy in the workshop.

Blythes, but practice makes perfect,” she adds. As a designer, Rinna says hobbies are entertaining, whether you are a consumer or a creator. But in these tight economic times, she believes it’s probably better to make things for your Blythes than spend a lot of money on a new collection.

A REAL DOLLY BIRD >> Start playing with

Blythe by looking at the Prima Dolly collection in local shops or visit www. >> Cheaper dolls are available at and >> Check out Rinna’s

web-site at

Thursday, February 26, 2009




don’t miss!

Fringe Festival The film series at the

Milk Oscar-winner Sean Penn p ortrays the fi to be voted into major p ublic office in rst openly gay man and Diego Lu the US. Josh na co-star. ★ Brolin ★★★

Pink Panther 2 Steve Martin returns to the role of the bumbling French police inspector Clouseau. This time he’s heading an international law-enforcement task force against a thief of historical artefacts. ★★

Outlander A soldier from a far-off world (Jim Caviezel), forms an alliance with the Vikings to destroy a bloodthirsty monster.

Waiter (Ober) A glum waiter demands that his life story be spiced up so there’s no more difficult customers and

no more sick wife. He wants a new girlfriend and new neighbours. In Dutch with English and Thai subtitles at House.

Valkyrie Tom Cruise stars as a German army colonel who heads a plot to assassinate Hitler. Bill Nighy co-stars.★★

Luang Phi Kab Phi Khanun A conman who becomes monk to escape capture by the police finds himself faced with a ghost. Thossapon Siriwiwat and Petchtai Wongkamlao star. With English subtitles at some cinemas.

r: Street Fighte f Chun-Li arsome The Legend o istin Kreuk as fe s Kr adaptation star ngkok. This videogame Ba in It was filmed fighter Chun-Li.

The Wrestler


An ageing professional wrestler (Oscar-nominee Mickey Rourke) is given a chance to reclaim the spotlight. ★★★★

A Catholic school headmistress (Meryl Streep) suspects a popular new priest (Philip Seymour Hoffman) of abusing a black student. At Apex. ★★★★

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Brad Pitt stars in this Oscarwinning, special-effects-driven tale of the adventures of a man who ages in reverse. ★★★

The Reader A lawyer prosecuting Holocaust crimes finds himself trying a woman who he’d had an affair with when he was a teenager. Kate Winslet stars. ★★★

A Moment in June Couples reach an emotional crossroads in their relationships in 1972 and in 1999. Stars Shahkrit Yamnarm. With English subtitles in some cinemas. ★★★★

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Fringe Festival in Chet Samian, Ratchaburi, closes this weekend. Tomorrow see the action drama “Shan at Dawn”, an award winner at last year’s Thai Short Film and Video Festival that was recently featured at the Clermont Ferrand festival in France. Saturday’s programme includes “Sugar Is Not Sweet” (“Namtarn Mai Warn”), a provocatively sexy 1965 romantic comedy by Ratana Pestonji. Sombat Metanee stars. Sunday’s show is “Dark Heaven” (“Sawan Mued”), a 1958 musical about lovers who find out too late that their happiest days were when they were living in a wooden shack. The showtime is at around 5. Visit www.

on tv

A young woman (Isla Fisher) turns her life around with a new job and romance.

Apex Lido: (02) 252 6498 Siam: (02) 251 3508 Scala: (02) 251 2861

Century – The Movie Plaza

Space Cowboys

(02) 247 9940

A 60-year-old astronaut agrees to one last mission, on the condition that his retired pilot friends accompany him. Stars Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland and James Garner.

House (02) 641 5913-4

Major Cineplex/EGV Bangkok: (02) 515 5555

Major Hollywood Bangkok: (02) 718 7999

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Slumdog Millionaire As a game-show contestant is interrogated by police for possibly cheating, he recalls his childhood in the Mumbai slums and his lifelong love for a girl. This winner of eight Academy Awards is directed by Danny Boyle. Sneak previews at 8 nightly at the Lido. ★★★★


Close to Home By John McPherson


Pooch Cafe

The Buckets


Calvin and Hobbes

By Brian Basset

By Paul Gilligan

By Scott Stantis

By Bryan Basset

By Bill Watterson

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Red and Rover


Thursday, February 26, 2009



Games&YourStars SUDOKU

The last word in


Yesterday’s Puzzle Answer

By Eugenia Last

Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusively.

Today’s Birthday: If you can keep everyone around you guessing, you have a far greater chance of accomplishing your goals without interruption or intervention. Turn additional responsibilities into a learning experience. With an open mind and heart, you can accomplish what you strive for in the future. ARIES *** March 21-April 19 Take control if you want to be successful. An unexpected expense may set you back if you haven’t put some cash aside. Someone from your past will make an impact on your life now. TAURUS **** April 20-May 20 Someone you least expect to cover your back will be there for you. Appreciation will ensure an ally in the future. Disappointment in someone you know well will be an eye-opener. Don’t overreact.


GEMINI ** May 21-June 20 Someone is likely to take advantage of your openness and willingness to share by using your ideas as his or her own. An element of surprise will lead to your success. CANCER ***** June 21-July 22 Put things in perspective. Just because you are taken with someone’s bubbly personality doesn’t mean you should let this person take advantage of you. Put yourself first for a change. LEO *** July 23-Aug. 22 Be careful what you take on financially. Responsibilities will cause you to question your future and your current status. Take time out to ease your stress by engaging in something you enjoy. VIRGO *** Aug. 23-Sept. 22 Make your decisions based on logic, not emotions. Concentrate on the present and forget past misfortunes. You can only move forward once you realise that it’s what you do now that counts.


LIBRA *** Sept. 23-Oct. 22 Let your inhibitions go and prepare to have some romantic fun. Take things as they come and enjoy the moment you are in. Self-improvement will come easier if you make changes now. SCORPIO *** Oct. 23-Nov. 21 It will be vital that you bring about a few changes if you want to finish what you’ve been working on for so long. Let go of some of the people you have been connected to and clear the way for new friendships. SAGITTARIUS ** Nov. 22-Dec. 21 You will bring on unexpected changes before someone else does, causing you to lose your footing. Compensation may be necessary. A passionate encounter will motivate you to move forward.

Corinne Bailey Rae Singer Fats Domino is 81. Guitarist Paul Cotton of Poco is 66. Actor-director Bill Duke is 66. Singer Mitch Ryder is 64. Keyboardist Jonathan Cain of Journey is 59. Singer Michael Bolton is 56. Actress Jennifer Grant is 43. Bassist Tim Commerford (Audioslave) is 41. Singer Erykah Badu is 38. Singer Kyle Norman of Jagged Edge is 34. Singer Corinne Bailey Rae is 30.

CAPRICORN **** Dec. 22-Jan. 19 Do what you do for a good reason and not because someone is nagging you to do so. Weigh whether or not the relationships in your life are beneficial. You must move forward with your plans. AQUARIUS *** Jan. 20-Feb. 18 Your inquisitive mind will lead to an interesting meeting with someone who sparks your enthusiasm. A new direction, profession or game plan can be put into play. PISCES *** Feb. 19-March 20 Stop running in circles when all you really have to do is reassess your position and strategize what needs to be done. It’s action, not big talk that will get you what you want.


The Road to Success with OCEAN The Ocean Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

is now anticipating rapid growth and would like to expand our business. We are embarking on an exciting new journey of transformation, innovation and unprecedented challenges. If you share our quest for excellence and are a results-oriented individual who thrives in an environment of productive energy and rapid change, then we invite you to take this journey with us. Go with a Winner, Modern Life Planner, Develop & Save Thai Socialization Sustainable Development. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package.

Management Trainee

20 Positions

Responsibilities: Management Trainees as a fast-track career development for high-achieving graduates. Our Programme is designed to show you how the insurance business works. We provide you with a chance to gain the technical skills and experience you need to develop a fast-track insurance career leading to senior management. You will be involved in various projects and assignments which will provide you with real work experience in key business areas such as Actuarial, Product Development, Operation & Services, Sales & Client Services and Underwriting, among others. Each project or assignment is determined first and foremost by the demands of the business, but we will also take your development needs into account. After finishing the program, you will have an opportunity to select and request for a placement in a position that best suits your competency skills and interests. Qualifications: ● Male or Female, not over 30 years old ● Master's Degree in Finance, Economics, Accounting, Marketing, Business Administration or related fields from recognized university with GPA above 3.33 and Bachelor's Degree with GPA above 3.00 ● Good analytical ability and problem solving skills, creative thinking skill ● Excellent interpersonal skill, and a team player ● Proficiency in spoken and written English (an additional Japanese language will be a definite advantage) ● Good computer and presentation skills

Risk Management Officer

1 Position

Responsibilities: Responsible to evaluate, coordinate the monitoring of and providing advice and recommendations to Risk Management Committee (RMC). Develop Quantitative credit risk models study. Develop, and implement risk management tools. Research and apply risk methodologies and approaches. Identify appropriate internal and external data sources, and gather information to support risk analysis. Qualifications: ● Preferably with Master's degree in Finance, Economics or related fields ● At least 5 years experience in risk management, operations audit, internal audit, internal control, or compliance in a financial institution ● Good knowledge of economics, finance and risk management, especially credit and treasury ● Technical skills in financial operation and other business functions ● Planning and organizing skills, analytical skills ● Presentation skills, and interpersonal skills

Marketing Communication (Manager / Executive)

4 Positions

Responsibilities: ● Assist in developing marketing communication and promotion strategy for use in above the line and below the line communications in accordance with business policy and marketing plan ● Coordinate and work with advertising agency or outsource for managing corporate advertising campaign and implementation ● Coordinate with marketing line manager to support communication materials for marketing activities and campaigns ● Manage of marketing communication budget ● Represent company in building up the corporate image ● Manage and control marketing communication program to a lign with each customer segmentation as planned, and in line with overall brand positioning of organization Qualifications: ● Bachelor's Degree or higher in Marketing, Business Administration or Communications is preferred ● At least 2 years experience in marketing communication within professional services environment or insurance business ● Strong leadership and consensus building skills, marketing management and strategic planning experience, a proven track record in development and administering a marketing communication program ● Must be a self-starter, highly organized and able to work well with others at all levels in the organization ● Excellent communication, presentation, interpersonal and facilitation skills ● Good command of spoken and written English ● Able to travel upcountry periodically

Executive Assistant

1 Position

Responsibilities: ● Day-to-day office management practice to support President i.e. scheduling appointments, receiving messages, greeting visitors, liaison with drivers, etc. ● Documents preparation to assist President in preparing presentations & reports ● Administrative support for President e.g. travel arrangement, hotel reservation, expense re-imbursement, etc. ● Meeting & conference arrangements and other necessary preparations ● Collaboration with internal & external contacts ● Management of document filing system ● Meeting & hospitality coordination for overseas visitors

Qualifications: ● Female, age not over 30 years old ● Master's degree in Business Administration or other related fields ● Proficiency in spoken and written English (an additional Japanese language will be a definite advantage) ● Proficient computer literacy in Ms Office applications ● Good personality , interpersonal skills, co-ordination skills and excellent presentation skills ● High degree of self-confidence & maturity - ability to deal with Management ● Ability to relate well with people on all levels ● High level of organizational skills & attention to details ● Flexibility to cope with a wide range of duties & ability to work under pressure within a limited time frame ● Total confidentiality on all matters dealt with President ● Experience in the life insurance business will be an advantage

Assistant Manager President Office

1 Position

Qualifications: ● Female, age not over 35 years old ● Bachelor's degree in any field of studies ● Proficient computer literacy in Ms Office applications ● Good personality, interpersonal skills, coordination skills and excellent presentation skills ● Ability to relate well with people on all levels ● Ability to manage of document & filing system ● High level of organizational skills & attention to details ● Flexibility to cope with a wide range of duties & ability to work under pressure within a limited time frame ● Experience in the life insurance business will be an advantage

IT Audit Specialist

1 Position

Responsibilities: Working within the Co-operative Accounting Services audit function you will provide specialist IS audit services to a wide variety of business areas. As an expert in IS/IT risk management and control you will advise the business on good practice techniques and ensure excellent quality of work across the department. In addition to possessing extensive experience within IS/IT audit and IS strategy and security you will hold a recognized industry qualification. Benefits are excellent as are the opportunities for further training and personal development. The successful candidate will be required to carry out a variety of audit assignments, including setting up audit programs, making risk assessment, finding vulnerability, coordinating and following up according to audit plans, recommending areas for improvement Qualifications: ● Male or Female, age not over 30 years old, GPA. at least 2.75 ● Bachelor's degree or higher in Computer Science, Applied Statistics and Computer Engineering or related fields ● A minimum 3 years' experience in IT Audit, IT general control, system design & development or Network security ● Excellent in English communication skills (both spoken and written English) ● Proficient computer literacy involving MS Office applications, system design and Network ● Abilities of internal audit approach initiation and risk assessment of internal control will be a plus ● Good interpersonal skills, communication skills, consulting skill, conceptual and analytical skills

Worksite Agent

26 Positions

Qualifications: ● Female, age not over 25 years ● Bachelor's degree in any field of studies ● Possess pleasant personality ● Strong interpersonal skills and communication skills can work under pressure ● Must be self driven to meet and exceed sales target ● Highly competent in Sales, active, honest and looking for development opportunities ● Good talent and service mind ● Able to work out of working hours

HR Officer

1 Position

Qualifications: ● Male or Female, age 20-30 years, GPA. at least 2.75 ● Bachelor's or higher in Human Resource Management, Political Science, Business Administration, Industrial & Organization Psychology, or other related fields ● Proficient computer literacy in MS Office applications ● Good personality , interpersonal skills , innovative thinking, co-ordination skills and excellent presentation skills

Actuarial Officer

2 Positions

Responsibilities: Prepare actuarial related reports and documents. Identify and gather relevant information for product analysis, including company financial statements in support of pricing, reinsurance administration, experience study and complying. Qualifications: ● Master's degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Actuarial Science or related fields ● Age over 25 years old ● Good command of English and computer Skill-MS Office is preferable ● Good human relation, communication, quick ability to learn, cautious and work follow up

Credit Officer

2 Positions

Responsibilities: Perform credit control work to be accurate and meet the company objectives, company structure, government and statutory. Qualifications: ● Age not over 30 years old ● Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Financial, Marketing, Business Administration, Economics or related fields ● At least 1-2 years' experience, preferably in insurance industry (but not mandatory) ● Knowledge and experience in credit and financial analysis will be an advantage ● Good command of English and computer skill-MS Office is preferable ● Good personality, honest and diligence


5 Positions

Responsibilities: Perform for making sure that the company accepts only life insurance applicants whose actual mortality rates do not exceed the mortality rates assumed when the premium rates for a particular product were calculated. Prepare regular underwriting reports, and other jobs as assigned in order to achieve company goals. Qualifications: ● Age not over 30 years old ● Bachelor's degree in Insurance, Business Administration, Economics or related fields ● Good command of English and computer skill-MS Office is preferable ● Good personality, honesty and diligence ● Good communication, quick ability to learn, cautious and work follow up

Representative of Group Life Insurance 3 Positions Responsibilities: Perform and support in sales & marketing activities in responsible area or channel in order to achieve the quota in categories of product. Create confidence by after sale service. Qualifications: ● Age not over 30 years old ● Bachelor's degree in any fields of studies ● Highly competent in Sales, active, honest and looking for development opportunities ● Good interpersonal skills with an ability to collaborate with various organization partners ● Able to work upcountry (permanent or temporary) ● Good talent, service minded ● Able to work out of working hours

Bancassurance Officer

1 Position

Major Areas of Responsibilities: ● Responsible for Bancassurance such as developing and securing quality new business partners ● Market to and maintain relationship with intermediaries and independent agents by advising them on ways in which to build their consumer life insurance markets Qualifications: ● Male, age 25-35 years ● Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Marketing or related fields ● A minimum 2 years' experience in bancassurance ● Highly competent in Sales, active, honest and looking for development opportunities ● Good interpersonal skills, communication skills, consulting skill, passion to learn & share

IT Project Manager

1 Position

Major Areas of Responsibilities: Responsible for lead and to be part of the team member in IT Project Team to initiate and review business units to identify improvement opportunities & support the implementation of business improvement recommendations in order to enhance work efficiency for customers, agencies, and back office staff throughout the organization. Qualifications:● Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Computer Science or other related fields together with some IT Management ● At least 3-5 years of work experience in project management experience ● Excellent communication & interpersonal skills ● Excellent analytical skills with problem solving, decision making, planning and management skills ● Excellent knowledge in formulating corrective action plans ● Project planning & management expertise ● Excellent command of English ● Good PC literacy (including MS Project)

Network and System Administrator

1 Position

Major Areas of Responsibilities: ● Lead and manage all IT infrastructure of system, security and network team

Develop and implement an IT operating procedure, relevant operational flow and documents for the operations and maintenance of a 24x7 Data Center ● Set up and supervise the management of high availability IP-networking LAN, WAN and server systems such as MSWindows Server, AD, Exchange, AS/400 and/or UNIX ● Implement server/network monitoring system in the Network Operation Center ● Responsible for implementing security solutions and enforcing data center network security policies ● Perform design for collection of server and networking performance data such as system availability, system logs for the server and network capacity planning ● Establish system management criteria and policies ● Plan and manage the disaster recovery plan for the entire server and network systems ● Required standby after office hours and public holiday Qualifications:● At least 5-years hands-on experience in data center man agement ● Degree in Computer, Electrical, Electronics or Telecommunication Engineering, or Network-related fields ● Experience implementation and operations of WAN routing protocols ● Working knowledge in installing and maintaining hardware, software and network such as structured cabling, IP layer 3-switch, router, firewall, etc. and experience in UNIX services or MS-Windows Server, DNS, FTP, DHCP, Web Service, SMTP, POP, etc. ● Understand the principles of VPN, Remote computer on-line, LAN/WAN, TCP/IP,ISDN and any related functions ● In-depth experience in large-scale system and network security ● Skill in implementation and operation of backup/restore solutions, AS400, Unix-based systems, system load balancing, and internet content management, Strong customer service orientation ●


5 Positions

Major Areas of Responsibilities: Provide system support including application assistance, problem solving and training. Help to create and consistently promote programming standards and development procedures. Train end users or technical support staff to use programs. Qualifications: ● Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or other related fields. ● At least 1 year of work experience in programming ● Excellent communication & interpersonal skills ● Excellent analytical, problem solving and decision making skills

Hire Purchase Marketing officer 2 Positions Provide recommendations and services to customers in the area of new and used cars hire purchase. Build up and maintain the good relationship with dealers. Qualifications: ● Male, age not over 30 years old,Bachelor's degree in any field of studies ● At least 1 year of work experience in hire purchase business ● Excellent communication and coordination skills ● Able to work under pressure

Sales Manager, Senior Sales Executive 1, 4 Positions Assist in developing marketing strategy for use in above the line and below the line in accordance with business policy and marketing plan. Survey and sell real estate. Prepare and assist in developing sales tools and reports, and other jobs as assigned in order to achieve company goals. Qualifications: ● Bachelor's degree in any fields of studies,Highly competent in Sales, active, honest and looking for development opportunities ● Good interpersonal skills with an ability to collaborate with various organization partners ● Excellent analytical skills with problem solving, decision making, planning and management skills ● Able to work up-country (permanent or temporary) ● Good talent, service minded ● Able to work out of working hours, good PC literacy

We are looking for successful people, and if you are, don't miss this opportunity to call for an interview and we are sure that you can get some added value after meeting with us. Interested applicants are invited to apply in person or send application with full resume indicating qualifications and experience, transcript, expected salary and a recent photo to the address or e-mail address below:

Contact Name: Ms. Parichart Rattanasareechai Address: 170/74-83, Ocean Tower 1 BLDG., Rachadapisek Road, Klongtoey, Bangkok, 10110 Telephone: 02-261-2300 ext. 440 Fax: 02-204-0099 E-mail: or

ª√–°“»√—∫ ¡—§√ºâŸ«“à °“√°“√∑“ß摇»…·Ààߪ√–‡∑»‰∑¬ ¥â«¬ °“√∑“ß摇»…·Ààߪ√–‡∑»‰∑¬ (°∑æ.) ¡’§«“¡ª√– ß§å®–√—∫ ¡—§√∫ÿ§§≈ ‡æ◊ÕË §—¥‡≈◊Õ°ºâ¥Ÿ ”√ßµ”·Àπàߺ⟫“à °“√ °∑æ. µ“¡ª√–°“» °∑æ. ‡√◊ËÕß °“√√—∫ ¡—§√∫ÿ§§≈‡æ◊ËÕ§—¥‡≈◊Õ°ºâŸ¥”√ßµ”·ÀπàßºâŸ«à“°“√ °∑æ. ≈ß«—π∑’Ë 12 °ÿ¡¿“æ—π∏å æ.». 2552 ‚¥¬¡’§ÿ≥ ¡∫—µ‘¥—ßπ’È 1. ¡’ —≠™“µ‘‰∑¬ Õ“¬ÿ‰¡àµË”°«à“ 40 ªï∫√‘∫Ÿ√≥å ·≈–‰¡à‡°‘π 58 ªï∫√‘∫Ÿ√≥å „π«—π∑’ˬ◊Ëπ„∫ ¡—§√ ¡’§ÿ≥ ¡∫—µ‘·≈–‰¡à¡’≈—°…≥–µâÕßÀâ“¡µ“¡æ√–√“™∫—≠≠—µ‘ §ÿ≥ ¡∫—µ¡‘ “µ√∞“π ”À√—∫°√√¡°“√·≈–æπ—°ß“π√—∞«‘ “À°‘® ·≈–æ√–√“™∫—≠≠—µ°‘ “√∑“ß摇»…·Ààߪ√–‡∑»‰∑¬ æ.». 2550 2. ¡’§ÿ≥«ÿ≤‘°“√»÷°…“‰¡àµË”°«à“ª√‘≠≠“µ√’ À√◊Õ‡∑’¬∫‡∑à“ ®“° ∂“π»÷°…“∑’Ë ”π—°ß“π§≥–°√√¡°“√¢â“√“™°“√æ≈‡√◊Õπ (°.æ.) √—∫√Õß ·≈–‡ªìπºâŸ¡’§«“¡√⟠§«“¡™”π“≠„π¥â“π„¥¥â“πÀπ÷ËßÀ√◊ÕÀ≈“¬¥â“π ‡°’ˬ«°—∫°“√∫√‘À“√ «‘∑¬“»“ µ√å «‘»«°√√¡»“ µ√å  ∂“ªíµ¬°√√¡»“ µ√å °“√º—߇¡◊Õß ‡»√…∞»“ µ√å °“√§≈—ß À√◊Õ π‘µ»‘ “ µ√å 3. ¡’§«“¡√⟠·≈–ª√– ∫°“√≥å „π°“√∫√‘À“√Õߧå°√·≈–¡’§«“¡√⟧«“¡‡¢â“„®‡°’ˬ«°—∫°‘®°“√¢π àß ‚¥¬‡ªìπÀ√◊Õ‡§¬‡ªìπºâŸ∫√‘À“√√–¥—∫ ŸßÀ√◊Õæπ—°ß“πµ“¡ ¢âÕ„¥¢âÕÀπ÷Ëß ¥—ßµàÕ‰ªπ’È 3.1 ¥”√ßµ”·ÀπàßÀ√◊Õ‡§¬¥”‡√ßµ”·ÀπàߺâŸ∫√‘À“√ Ÿß ÿ¥¢Õß√—∞«‘ “À°‘® ‚¥¬¡’√–¬–‡«≈“¥”√ßµ”·ÀπàßµàÕ‡π◊ËÕ߉¡àπâÕ¬°«à“ 1 ªï 3.2 „π°√≥’∑’ˇªìπÀ√◊Õ‡§¬‡ªìπ¢â“√“™°“√ µâÕߥ”√ßµ”·Àπà߉¡àµË”°«à“√ÕßÕ∏‘∫¥’ À√◊Õ√ÕßÀ—«Àπâ“ à«π√“™°“√∑’ˇ∑’¬∫‡∑à“√ÕßÕ∏‘∫¥’ ·≈–µâÕß¡’√–¬–‡«≈“„π °“√¥”√ßµ”·Àπàßπ—ÈπµàÕ‡π◊ËÕ߉¡àπâÕ¬°«à“ 1 ªï 3.3 °√≥’∑’ˇªìπÀ√◊Õ‡§¬‡ªìπæπ—°ß“π√—∞«‘ “À°‘® ®–µâÕߥ”√ßµ”·Àπà߉¡àµË”°«à“√–¥—∫√ÕߺâŸ∫√‘À“√ Ÿß ÿ¥¢Õß√—∞«‘ “À°‘®π—Èπ ·≈–µâÕ߇ªìπ√—∞«‘ “À°‘®∑’Ë¡’ √“¬‰¥â‰¡àπÕâ ¬°«à“ 5,000 ≈â“π∫“∑µàÕªï ¡’ ‘π∑√—æ¬å‰¡àπÕâ ¬°«à“ 150,000 ≈â“π∫“∑ ·≈–¡’®”π«π∫ÿ§≈“°√‰¡àπÕâ ¬°«à“ 2,000 §π ‚¥¬¡’‡Õ° “√√—∫√Õß°“√¥”√ßµ”·Àπàß ß∫°“√‡ß‘π √“¬ß“πª√–®”ªï ·≈–·ºπº—ß· ¥ßµ”·Àπàßß“π¢Õߪï∑¥’Ë ”√ßµ”·Àπàß¡“· ¥ß¥â«¬ 3.4 °√≥’∑’ˇªìπÀ√◊Õ‡§¬‡ªìπºâŸ∫√‘À“√¢Õß¿“§‡Õ°™π ®–µâÕߥ”√ßµ”·Àπà߉¡àµË”°«à“√ÕߺâŸ∫√‘À“√ Ÿß ÿ¥¢ÕßÕߧå°√„𠓬∫√‘À“√ ´÷ËßµâÕ߇ªìπÕߧå°√‡¥’¬« ·≈–µâÕ߇ªìπÕߧå°√∑’Ë¡√’ “¬‰¥â‰¡àπâÕ¬°«à“ 5,000 ≈â“π∫“∑µàÕªï ¡’ ‘π∑√—æ¬å‰¡àπâÕ¬°«à“ 150,000 ≈â“π∫“∑ ·≈–¡’®”π«π∫ÿ§≈“°√‰¡àπÕâ ¬°«à“ 2,000 §π ‚¥¬¡’‡Õ° “√ √—∫√Õß°“√¥”√ßµ”·Àπàß ß∫°“√‡ß‘π √“¬ß“πª√–®”ªï ·≈–·ºπº—ß· ¥ßµ”·Àπàßà ß“π¢Õߪï∑’Ë¥”√ßµ”·Àπàß¡“· ¥ß¥â«¬

°”Àπ¥√—∫ ¡—§√√–À«à“ß«—πæÿ∏∑’Ë 4 ¡’π“§¡ 2552 - «—π»ÿ°√å∑’Ë 13 ¡’π“§¡ 2552 „π«—π·≈–‡«≈“∑”°“√ (8.30 - 16.30 π.)  Õ∫∂“¡√“¬≈–‡Õ’¬¥‡æ‘¡Ë ‡µ‘¡‰¥â∑’Ë ‚∑√»—æ∑å 0-2579-0045, 0-2940-1268, 0-2579-5380-9 µàÕ 1120 1121 ·≈– 1122 ‚∑√ “√ 0-2940-1268 À√◊Õ

∫√‘…—∑∫√‘À“√ ‘π∑√—æ¬å °√ÿ߇∑ææ“≥‘™¬å ®”°—¥ ‡ªìπ∫√‘…—∑™—Èππ” ¢Õß√—∞∑’Ë¡’∫∑∫“∑ ”§—≠„π°“√∫√‘À“√®—¥°“√ ‘π∑√—æ¬å¥âÕ¬§ÿ≥¿“æ∑—Èß NPLs ·≈– NPA ¡’§«“¡ª√– ß§å√—∫∫ÿ§≈“°√‡¢â“∑”ß“π ¥—ßπ’È

1) ‡®â“Àπâ“∑’˪√–™“ —¡æ—π∏å ● ●

● ● ● ● ●

‡æ»À≠‘ß Õ“¬ÿ‰¡à‡°‘π 25 ªï Ÿß 165 ´¡.¢÷Èπ‰ª «ÿ≤‘°“√»÷°…“ª√‘≠≠“µ√’¢÷Èπ‰ª  “¢“π‘‡∑»»“ µ√å ¡πÿ…¬»“ µ√å ·≈– “¢“∑’ˇ°’ˬ«¢âÕß  “¡“√∂„™â§Õ¡æ‘«‡µÕ√å Microsoft Office ∫ÿ§≈‘°∑—π ¡—¬ °≈ⓧ‘¥ °≈â“· ¥ßÕÕ° ¡πÿ…¬å —¡æ—π∏奒 √—°ß“π¥â“π∫√‘°“√ ¡’∑—°…–„π°“√查µàÕÀπâ“ “∏“√≥™π 查,Õà“π,‡¢’¬π ¿“…“Õ—ß°ƒ…‰¥â¥’  “¡“√∂ªØ‘∫—µ‘ß“π„π«—πÀ¬ÿ¥πÕ° ∂“π∑’Ë ·≈–µà“ß®—ßÀ«—¥‰¥â (‡ªìπ§√—Èߧ√“«)

Executive Education Officer • • • • • •

Female, 29-32 years of age Bachelor’s or Master’s degree 7 years of working experience English skill both in written and spoken is preferable Computer applications proficiency Good interpersonal skill, service mind with positive working attitude • Able to travel and work in upcountry as part of duty • Well organized with ability to meet deadline • Able to work independently and also good team-player Please send application to Executive Education Center

Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University Sasa Patasala Building, Phyathai Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Tel. 02 218 4001-9 ext. 164 or 161 Fax: 02 216 1314 E-mail:

2) «‘»«°√‚¬∏“ / ∂“ªπ‘° ● ●

● ●

«ÿ≤‘ª√‘≠≠“µ√’ “¢“«‘»«°√√¡‚¬∏“ /  ∂“ªíµ¬°√√¡ ¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥å ‰¡àπâÕ¬°«à“ 5 ªï  “¡“√∂§”π«≥·∫∫‚§√ß √â“ß ·≈–§«∫§ÿ¡∫√‘À“√ ß“π°àÕ √â“ß / °“√ÕÕ°·∫∫∑’ËÕ¬ŸàÕ“»—¬ª√–‡¿∑ ∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« ∑“«πå‡Œâ“ å  “¡“√∂„™â§Õ¡æ‘«‡µÕ√å Microsoft Office , Auto Cad ¢—∫√∂¬πµå ‰¥â ·≈–¡’„∫Õπÿ≠“µ¢—∫¢’Ë

ºŸâ∑’Ë π„® ¡—§√¥â«¬µπ‡Õß ,E-mail: À√◊Õ àß®¥À¡“¬æ√âÕ¡·π∫À≈—°∞“π°“√  ¡—§√·≈–√Ÿª∂à“¬ (‰¡à‡°‘π 6 ‡¥◊Õπ) ®à“Àπâ“´Õß∂÷ߺŸâÕ”π«¬°“√ΩÉ“¬∑√—欓°√∫ÿ§§≈

∫√‘…—∑∫√‘À“√ ‘π∑√—æ¬å °√ÿ߇∑ææ“≥‘™¬å ®”°—¥

99 ∂. ÿ√»—°¥‘Ï ·¢«ß ’≈¡ ‡¢µ∫“ß√—° °√ÿ߇∑æœ 10500 ‚∑√. 0-2267-1900 µàÕ 1103,1105


1. Marketing Manager (MM) 2. Marketing Executive (ME) Requirements: ● Thai National. ● Male/Female, below 35 years of age. ● At least a Degree (MM) / Diploma (ME) in Marketing, Business, Tourism or other related field. ● At least 5 years (MM) / 3 years (ME) working experience preferable in tourism industry.

Good written and oral communication skills in both English and Thai. Computer literate (MS Word/ Excel/ PowerPoint). Pleasant personality with good interpersonal and presentation skills.

Interested candidates could send cover letter, full resume, photo and expected salary to:(Only short listed candidates will be selected for an interview) Director, Tourism Malaysia, Bangkok Office Unit 1001, 10th Floor, Liberty Square, 287 Silom Road, Bangkok 10500 The closing date for application is on 4th March, 2009 (Wednesday).

‡√’¬≈µ’È ‡«‘≈¥å Õ—≈‰≈·Õπ´å

∂.‡®√‘≠√“…Æ√å ´.7 ∂. ÿ∑∏‘ “√«‘π®‘ ©—¬ ´.Õÿ¥¡‡°’¬√µ‘ Õ“§“√æ“≥‘™¬å ¢“¬/‡™à“ 3 ™—Èπ ∑“«π凌ⓠå 3 ™—Èπ ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 67 µ√.«. ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 25.5 µ√.«. 4 πÕπ 4 πÈ” Õ¬Ÿà „®°≈“߇¡◊Õß „°≈â√∂‰øøÑ“ æ◊πÈ ∑’Ë „™â Õ¬ 990 µ√.¡. 10 πÕπ 6 πÈ” 7 ·Õ√å „µâ¥π‘  ÿ∑∏‘ “√ ‡æ’¬ß 500 ‡¡µ√ „°≈â ·’Ë ¬° Õ“§“√ 2 ÀâÕßµ’∑–≈ÿ∂ß÷ °—π  ¿“楒 ·¢Áß·√ß  ÿ∑∏‘ “√ ∑”‡≈¥’ ‡À¡“–∑”ÕÕøøî»·≈–Õ¬ŸÕà “»—¬ ‡À¡“–æ—°Õ“»—¬ ∑”‚°¥—ß ‡™à“‡¥◊Õπ≈– 15,000 ∫“∑ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 16,000,000 ∫“∑ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 3,200,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥ª√–∂¡ ‚∑√.0-2744-0770 µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥ªÿÖ° ‚∑√.0-2645-4455 L.402872 C


»Ÿπ¬å√—∫´◊Õ È -¢“¬-‡™à“-®”πÕß

ºŸâπ”¥â“πµ—«·∑ππ“¬Àπâ“Õ —ßÀ“√‘¡∑√—æ¬å ·ø√π‰™ åµ—«·∑ππ“¬Àπâ“Õ —ßÀ“√‘¡∑√—æ¬å

N ∂.‡®√‘≠√“…Æ√å °√’π∑“«‡«Õ√å ´.«—¥‰ºà‡ß‘π(լय़ )’ ∂.æ√–√“¡ 4 Õ“§“√æ“≥‘™¬å Õ“§“√ ”π—°ß“π 3.5 ™—πÈ æ◊Èπ∑’Ë„™â Õ¬ ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 23.9 µ√.«. 587 µ√.¡. 4 ÀâÕßπÕπ 2 ÀâÕßπÈ” 2 ·Õ√å 1 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂ „°≈⮥ÿ ¢÷πÈ -≈ß 7 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂ ™—πÈ 11 ÀâÕßµ°·µà߇√’¬∫√âÕ¬ ∑“ߥà«πÕÿ¥√√—∂¬“ ≈ß∂ππ®—π∑πå ‡À¡“–∑”∏ÿ√°‘® ”π—°ß“π À√◊Õ‚√ßß“π¢π“¥‡≈Á°  “¡“√∂‡¥‘π∑“ßÕÕ°‰¥â´Õ¬«—¥‰ºà‡ß‘π, „Àâ‡™à“ 220 ∫“∑/µ√.¡. ∂ππæ√–√“¡ 3, ∂ππ‡®√‘≠°√ÿß 107 ·≈–´Õ¬·©≈â¡π‘¡µ‘ √ À√◊Õ ¢“¬ 35,000 ∫“∑/µ√.¡. „°≈âÀ“â ߇´Áπ∑√—≈, ‚≈µ— , √.æ.‡®√‘≠°√ÿß, √.æ.‡≈‘» ‘π·≈– √.√. “√ “ πå µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥ ÿ™“µ‘ ‚∑√.081-374-9723 √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 3,300,000 ∫“∑ C


µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥≈—°…≥å ‚∑√.0-2236-7799, 081-947-7372



¡.°ƒ…¥“π§√ 19 N Àâ“ß ‡®. ‡®. ¡Õ≈≈å N ¡. À°√≥å°“√∫‘π‰∑¬ ∂.·®âß«—≤π– ∂.æÀ≈‚¬∏‘π ∂.°”·æ߇æ™√ 2 ∑’¥Ë π‘ ‡ª≈à“ ´.·®âß«—≤π– 43 ´.§≈ÕßÀ≈«ß 24 ‡´âß! ∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ ∑’ ¥ Ë π ‘ ‡ª≈à “ ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 148 µ√.«. ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 81 µ√.«. ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 1 ‰√à 9 µ√.«. æ◊πÈ ∑’Ë 13.63 µ√.¡. 3 ÀâÕßπÕπ 2 ÀâÕßπÈ” 2 ·Õ√å 3 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂ „°≈⇴Áπ∑√—≈·®âß«—≤π–,  –æ“πæ√–√“¡ ’Ë, ∑’¥Ë π‘ ·ª≈ß¡ÿ¡ µ‘¥∂ππ 2 ¥â“π ¥â“πÀ≈—ßµ‘¥‡≈§ ÀâÕß¡ÿ¡ ∑”‡≈§â“¢“¬ ·À≈àß™âÕªªîßô ∫â“πµ°·µàß «¬ „°≈⮥ÿ ¢÷πÈ ≈ß∑“ߥà«π, √.æ.æ√–π—ßË ‡°≈â“ ‡ªìπ∑’¥Ë π‘ µ‘¥·¡àπÈ”‡®â“æ√–¬“ Àπâ“∑’ÀË π— ∑“ß∑‘»„µâ Àπâ“°«â“ß 24.5x67 ‡¡µ√ √“§“¢“¬ÀâÕ߇©≈’¬Ë ÕÕ°‡ªìπ√“¬‡¥◊Õπ‰¡à·æߧÿ¡â  —≠≠“‡À≈◊Õ 18 ªï √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 4,500,000 ∫“∑ ‡¡◊Õß∑Õß∏“π’, ¡. ÿ‚¢∑—¬ µ√ߢⓡ‡¡Á§‚§√ ‡À¡“–ª≈Ÿ° √â“ß∫â“πæ—°Õ“»—¬ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 3,300,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥ππ∑≈’ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 6,135,000 ∫“∑ ‚∑√.0-2744-0900, 081-948-3130 √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 5,300,000 ∫“∑ ‚∑√.0-2960-0005, 089-141-6053 ‚∑√.0-2744-0900, 081-948-3130 µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥æ≈ ‚∑√.0-2645-4455 L.1201965 L.1001734 N



∂.µ≈‘ßË ™—π ÿæ√√≥∫ÿ√’ ∑’Ë¥π‘ ‡ª≈à“ ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 18 ‰√à 195 µ√.«.

∑’µË ß—È ∑√—æ¬åµ¥‘ ∂ππ §≈Õß∫“ßÀ≈«ß‰À«âæ√– “¡“√∂‡¢â“ÕÕ°‰¥â 2 ∑“ß ¡’∂ππ≈“¥¬“ߺà“πÀπâ“∑√—æ¬å ∑’ Ë «¬ √“§“§ÿ¬‰¥â ·∫àߢ“¬ 2 ·ª≈߉¥â µ√«.≈– 5,500 ∫“∑ √“§“‚ª√‚¡™—πË ‰√à≈– 2.2 ≈â“π∫“∑ ‡∑à“π—πÈ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 40,672,500 ∫“∑ ‚∑√.0-2818-0022 µàÕ 102, 083-247-9977 L.9730114

∂.®—°√æß…å Õ“§“√æ“≥‘™¬å 3.5 ™—πÈ ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 8.8 µ√.«. 4 ÀâÕßπÕπ 2 ÀâÕßπÈ” ‡À¡“–∑”°“√§â“ À√◊ÕÕÕøøî» √‘¡∂ππ®—°√æß…å ·À≈àß™ÿ¡™π ∑”°“√§â“‰¥â∑°ÿ Õ¬à“ß µ√ߢⓡ ∏.‰∑¬æ“≥‘™¬åπ∫“ß≈”¿Ÿ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 6,500,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥≈—°…≥å ‚∑√.0-2236-7799, 081-947-7372


¡.µ÷°π«¡‘π∑√å ∂. ÿ¢“¿‘∫“≈ 1 Õ“§“√ ”π—°ß“π 4 ™—πÈ ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 67 µ√.«.

¡.‡ √’ ∂.√“¡§”·Àß ´.√“¡§”·Àß 24/2 Õ“§“√ 3 ™—πÈ ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 21 µ√.«. 4 ÀâÕßπÕπ 4 ÀâÕßπÈ” ¿“¬„π∫‘«∑åÕπ‘ πå∑°ÿ ™—πÈ ∑—ßÈ ‚´π 1 πÕπ 2 πÈ” 3 ·Õ√å ª√—∫ª√ÿß∑“ ’ „À¡à ‡ªìπÕ“§“√æ“≥‘™¬å 18 §ŸÀ“ Õ¬ŸÀà Õâ ß∑’Ë 7-8 ·≈–„°≈â ª√–µŸÀπⓇªìπ°√–®° ’™“ ‡À¡“–∑” ”π—°ß“π °—π¡’ ‚≈µ— ‡ÕÁ°´‡æ√  Õ¬ŸàÀà“ß®“°ª“°∑“߇¢â“´Õ¬ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 4,000,000 ∫“∑ ‚æ∏‘·Ï °â«ª√–¡“≥ 100 ‡¡µ√ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥ π∏¬“ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 15,300,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥™ÿµ°‘ “πµå ‚∑√.0-2744-0770, 085-111-6345 NE

‚∑√.0-2818-0022 µàÕ 103, 085-123-7218 L.1001781





æ◊πÈ ∑’Ë „™â Õ¬ 195 µ√.¡. 3 ÀâÕßπÕπ 3 ÀâÕßπÈ” 2 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂ ‡ªìπ‚§√ß°“√„À¡à  ¿“æ∫â“𠫬æ√âÕ¡Õ¬Ÿà ‚§√ß°“√¡’ ∑–‡≈ “∫√à¡√◊πË  “∏“√≥Ÿª ‚¿§§√∫§√—π ¡’¬“¡√—°…“ §«“¡ª≈Õ¥¿—¬ 24 ™—Ë«‚¡ß „°≈â ¡.∏ÿ√°‘®∫—≥±‘µ, ‡¥Õ–¡ÕÕ≈åß“¡«ß»å«“π, Sportcity √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 8,000,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥∏‘¥“ ‚∑√.0-2960-0969, 081-649-8649 L.802311

W ¡.™—¬æƒ°…å ¡.‡æ™√«ß·À«π ∂.°“≠®π“¿‘‡…° ∫â“π‡¥’¬Ë « ∑’¥Ë π‘ ‡ª≈à“ ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 70.1 µ√.«. ‡π◊ÕÈ ∑’Ë 110.3 µ√.«. 4 ÀâÕßπÕπ 3 ÀâÕßπÈ” 4 ·Õ√å 2 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂ ¢“¬æ√âÕ¡ À¡Ÿ∫à “â π¡’§≈—∫‡Œâ“ å æ√âÕ¡ √â“ß∫â“π „°≈â ‚≈µ— , §“√åø√Ÿ æå √–√“¡ 2, √.æ.π§√∏π, ‡øÕ√åπ‡‘ ®Õ√å§√∫∑ÿ°ÀâÕß ∫â“𠫬  ¿“楒 æ√âÕ¡Õ¬Ÿà Õ¬Ÿà ‚´π∑–‡≈ “ª ‚§√ß°“√ L&H ¡’ ‚¡ √,  √–«à“¬πÈ”, √.æ.∫“ß¡¥ √ª¿. 24 ™.¡. √“§“摇»… µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥·Õä¥ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 5,300,000 ∫“∑ ‚∑√.0-2463-8333, 089-836-3699 µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥‡µ¬

‚∑√.0-2463-8333, 089-836-3699



‡≈§«‘« §Õπ‚¥¡‘‡π’¬¡ ∂ππ·®âß«—≤π– æ◊Èπ∑’Ë 54 µ√.¡. µ°·µàßæ√âÕ¡Õ¬Ÿà √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 890,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥‡™Õ√å√’Ë ‚∑√.089-117-7006, 086-451-5452 ¡.‡»√∞ ‘√‘ N ¡.æ“√姷°≈‡≈Õ√’ ∂.ª√–™“™◊πË ∂.‡≈’¬∫§≈Õߪ√–ª“ ´.™‘π‡¢µ 2/37 ∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ ∑“«π凌ⓠå 3 ™—Èπ ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 69 µ√.«. ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 22.9 µ√.«.







æ◊πÈ ∑’Ë „™â Õ¬ 180 µ√.¡. 3 ÀâÕßπÕπ 3 ÀâÕßπÈ” 2 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂ ‚§√ß°“√¢Õß·≈π¥å·Õπ¥å‡Œâ“ å „°≈â ¡.∏ÿ√°‘®∫—≥±‘µ, ‡¥Õ–¡Õ≈≈åß“¡«ß»å«“π ‡¢â“ÕÕ°‰¥â 3 ∑“ß ‡™àπ ∂.ß“¡«ß»å«“π, ∂.«‘¿“«¥’µ√ßπÕ√å∑ª“√å§, ∂.·®âß«—≤π– √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 4,650,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥¿—§®‘√“ ‚∑√.0-2960-0969, 081-409-6509

À—«À‘π∑’Ë¥π‘ 100 µ√.«. ∂¡‡ ¡Õ∂ππ „°≈â ´.À—«À‘π 40 ‡¬◊ÕÈ ß«—߉°≈°—ß«≈ √“§“摇»… µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥«‘»‘…∞å ‚∑√.081-833-8500 N ∂. “¬‰À¡ ´.«—¥‡°“– (·¡àº‘«) ∑’¥Ë π‘ ‡ª≈à“ ‡π◊ÕÈ ∑’Ë 556 µ√.«. √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 7,230,000 ∫“∑ ‚∑√.0-2960-0005, 089-141-6053 µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥∏√√¡πŸ≠ L.9702478


¡.»√‘≠≠“ ∂.°“≠®π“¿‘‡…° ∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 65.5 µ√.«. 4 ÀâÕßπÕπ 2 ÀâÕßπÈ” 2 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂ À¡Ÿ∫à “â 𵑥 ∂ππ„À≠à ‚§√ß°“√‡ß’¬∫ ß∫ ∫â“π‰¡à‡§¬‡¢â“Õ¬Ÿà °“√§¡π“§¡ –¥«° ‡ªìπ∫â“πÀ—«¡ÿ¡ ¡’ √ª¿. 24 ™¡. √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 4,000,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥≥—∞∏¬“πå ‚∑√.0-2923-4100-1, 089-141-6153 W



¡.ªí≠∞‘≠“ 2 ∂.∫“ß°√«¬‰∑√πâÕ¬ ∫â“π·Ω¥ 2 ™—Èπ ‡π◊ÕÈ ∑’Ë 35 µ√.«.

3 ÀâÕßπÕπ 3 ÀâÕßπÈ” 2 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂ „°≈â∫°‘Í ´’, √.√.‡¥àπÀ≈â“ ∫â“𠫬µ°·µàß·≈â«æ√âÕ¡‡¢â“Õ¬Ÿà °“√‡¥‘π∑“ß –¥«° ‡ªìπ‚§√ß°“√„À¡à À¡Ÿ∫à “â πÕ¬Ÿà µ‘¥√‘¡∂ππ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 3,200,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥≥—∞∏¬“πå ‚∑√.0-2923-4100-1, 089-141-6153 L.9702399

»Ÿπ¬å´Õ◊È -¢“¬-‡™à“-®”πÕß-Õ —ßÀ“√‘¡∑√—æ¬å ∫.Õ‘‘π‡µÕ√å‚Œ¡ ‡√’¬≈µ’È ‡Õ ‡µ∑ ®”°—¥ WWW.INTERHOME.CO.TH 02-946-6206

Ω“°¢“¬‚¶…≥“ ø√’

085-920-7334 081-808-0633 ¡.«√“√¡¬å ´.√“¡§”·Àß 44 ´.≈“¥æ√â“« 87 Q-House ∂.√“¡Õ‘π∑√“-Õ“®≥√ß§å ´.‚¬∏‘πæ—≤π“ 081-603-0687 ∂.‡Õ°™—¬-∫“ß∫Õπ ∂. ÿ¢¡ÿ «‘∑( ”‚√ß) ªŸ‡É ®â“ ¡‘ßæ√“¬ ∂.ª√–¥‘…∞å¡πŸ∏√√¡ ∫â “ π‡¥’ ¬ Ë « 2 ™— π È 114.90 µ√.«. 4 πÕπ 5 πÈ” ∫â“π‡¥’¬Ë « 2 ™—πÈ 172.3 µ√.«. 3 πÕπ 3 πÈ” 085-065-4267 ∫â“π‡¥’¬Ë « 2 ™—πÈ 101 µ√.«. 4 πÕπ 4 πÈ” ∫â“π‡¥’¬Ë « 2 ™—πÈ 84 µ√.«. 4 πÕπ 2 πÈ”  ¿“æ ∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ 51 µ√.«. 4 πÕπ 2 πÈ”æ√âÕ¡Õ¬Ÿà §ƒÀ“ πå 2 ™—πÈ 426 µ√.«. 5 πÕπ 4 πÈ” 2 √—∫·¢° À≈—ß¡ÿ¡ ·µàß «¬ ∂ππ‡¡π „°≈â«ß·À«π ‡¢â“ÕÕ°À≈“¬∑“ß „°≈â∑“ߥà«π √“§“∂Ÿ° ·µàß «¬ ¡.≈—¥¥“√¡¬å ∫â“π„À¡à „°≈â √.√.π“π“™“µ‘ ·µàß «¬ ¡.≈“¥æ√â“« ‡ÕÁ°§√Ÿ´ø’ „°≈â∑“ߥà«π ¥’ ¡.‡≈‘»π‘¡µ‘ „°≈â ABAC √“§“∂Ÿ°  √–«à“¬πÈ” „°≈â«ß·À«π ∫‘≈∑åÕπ‘  «¬¡“° 086-310-0409 4.9 ≈â“π∫“∑ 089-123-4799 086-053-6269 15.2 ≈â“π∫“∑ 081-342-9090 089-925-3653 5.9 ≈â“π∫“∑ 081-808-0633 2.9 ≈â“π∫“∑ 35 ≈â“π∫“∑ 086-028-2215 16 ≈â“π∫“∑


§≈Õß 6 ∂.‡®√‘≠√“…Æ√å

´.π«¡‘π∑√å 163

´.√“¡Õ‘π∑√“ 21

∂. ÿ«π‘ ∑«ß»å

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´.√“¡§”·Àß 190 ∂. ÿ¢¡ÿ «‘ ∑‘ 11

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Tel. 089-890-4680,


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Thursday February 26, 2009





The Boston Bruins put their patchy recent form aside to thrash the Florida Panthers 6-1. Despite leading the Eastern Conference, the Bruins had won just one of their previous seven games.

briefly Blackburn ousted by Coventry in FA Cup

Leon Best

Blackburn Rovers were dumped out of the FA Cup on Tuesday, beaten 1-0 by Coventry City in a fifth-round replay. Coventry striker Leon Best scored the only goal of the game, heading home a cross from Aron Gunnarsson on 59 minutes to beat a depleted Blackburn line-up. It is the second year in succession that Coventry have ended Blackburn’s Cup hopes. – DPA

Raul marks 2011 for retirement Real Madrid’s all-time leading goalscorer, Raul Gonzalez, plans to play two more seasons at the Spanish club before retiring, although he may play on in the United States. “It’s a difficult situation because in reality you always want to go when you’re at the top. But when you’re playing well then you start asking yourself ‘do I really want to go?”’ the 31-year-old Raul said. “In this moment, I’ve marked the date as 2011.” – AP

Firm suspends Benitez sack bets One of Britain’s leading betting firms said it had stopped taking money on Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez becoming the next English Premier League boss to be sacked. Willliam Hill said that the Spaniard was a 20/1 outsider to be the next manager to leave his post.

Hill’s said Benitez was “backed off the boards” to have left Liverpool by the weekend. They cut the odds to evens and then suspended betting yesterday. “The level of interest on Rafa getting the sack is unprecedented with over 300 calls logged today [Wednesday] alone,” said Hill’s spokesman Rupert Adams. “We would be very surprised if Rafa is still the Liverpool boss by midnight on Sunday.” – AFP

Pakistan- Lanka first Test drawn Pakistan captain Younis Khan missed his opportunity to challenge Brian Lara’s world record score of 400 and Sri Lanka held off an unlikely victory push by the hosts yesterday to force a draw in the first Test. Khan was out for 313 before declaring the first innings at 765-6 – a lead of 121 runs and also a record Pakistan total. Kamran Akmal remained unbeaten on 158. – AP

Inter Milan goalkeeper Julio Cesar, right, saves a shot from Manchester United midfielder Cristiano Ronaldo, third left.

INTER NOT SO Manchester United lay seige to Italians; Mourinho taunts over missed opportunity in scoreless draw AGENCIES, Milan


he first half was a nightmare for Inter Milan fans who had believed in Jose Mourinho’s optimism that his side was going to have the better of Manchester United. Things scarcely improved for the hosts after the break of the Champions League last-16 game despite the likely scolding that the dark-clad, grey-scarfed Mourinho – who calls himself the Special One – gave his men in the changing rooms. Inter, whose Brazilian striker Adriano had promised that he and Zlatan Ibrahimovic were going “to shoulder past United”, were far from the side that is dominating the Italian Serie A,

and spent most of the first 45 minutes defending against United’s relentless attacks. The scoreless draw that sealed the game must have been a disappointing result for the Inter fans filling a brimming Giuseppe Meazza holding 81,000 for US$4.5 million in takings. Despite the good economic result, the hosts missed the expected thrust from Adriano and Ibra, while goalkeeper Julio Cesar turned out to be his side’s best player with great saves on a couple of nasty efforts from the inspired Cristiano Ronaldo. The Brazil custodian was the only Inter player able to say he was content with his own per-

formance after the game. “I am happy for what I did and I was ready when the team needed me.” Mourinho, who said before that game that a goalless draw would be a good result, agreed with commentators that Inter lacked their usual pace and pressing and said that “Manchester are not Bologna [a lowly side whom Inter beat 2-1 at the weekend] and the Champions League is not the [Italian] league.” Mourinho, whose public spats with United coach Sir Alex Ferguson when he was still in charge of Chelsea before moving to Inter are well documented, was not satisfied with the result after the match. “The 0-0 score is difficult for us because we can’t lose at Old Trafford, but a draw with goals takes us to the quarter-finals.

Thursday February 26, 2009



Greg Norman

Alex Ferguson



“I wouldn’t be surprised if prize money’s scaled back in the US just out of respect to every citizen and taxpayer over there who’s suffering dramatically. It seems like on the PGA Tour the players are still playing for a million dollars first week, like they’re recession-proof. I think there’s got to be a lot of sensitivity shown.”

“I hope not scoring a goal doesn’t come back to bite us. However, I think we deserved to win. We played very well. They gave us 1520 minutes of pressure as we expected in the second-half. But we showed good composure and maturity.”

Barcelona fear fatigue factor after Lyon draw

O SPECIAL Manchester were better than us in the first half. We did better in the second half. They started off well and we played too defensively.” Inter president Massimo Moratti is likely to have been the most disappointed as he must be fearing a further farewell to a tournament his club last won in 1965. If his side should be knocked out in Manchester, Moratti could consider changing his attitude toward coaches. Since taking over the presidency at the club in 1995 he has changed the coaches 11 times – recalling two of them. United, on the other hand, have kept Ferguson at the helm since 1986 and have won two Champions League titles under him. Mourinho said United had missed a chance to put themselves in the driving seat and he criticised Spanish referee Luis

Medina Cantalejo. “This was the ideal match for them [United] on the counter-attack to score but they didn’t because Julio Cesar had a fantastic first half and in the second half we played really well and managed the match well. “I think it’s a result that gives us a 50-per-cent chance of going through. “If we go there and have a referee that gives as much protection to the away team, we will qualify for the quarter-finals.” Having somewhat cheekily claimed before the game that United would not be trying to win the game, Mourinho admitted that he was surprised Ferguson picked veteran Ryan Giggs to play in the hole behind striker Dimitar Berbatov rather than playing Wayne Rooney alongside the Bulgarian. “I was surprised,” he said.

Spanish League and 66 in all competitions. But against Lyon, they were well contained until Henry’s goal. “We could have created more [chances] but it’s a good result for the away leg,” Toure said. “We knew that Lyon was in good shape.” Barcelona were not at their flamboyant best against a determined Lyon team which closed down attacks, depriving Messi space early on and forcing Henry to rotate with Eto’o in the central striker’s role. Coach Pep Guardiola’s team struggled to find space against Lyon’s vigilant defenders and lacked its usual sharpness. “We knew they would come at us hard because this is the home leg and it was important for them to win it,” Toure said. Toure feels Barca is starting to feel the strain of playing fast-paced football with trying to clinch a third European Cup, win the Spanish League and the Spanish Cup [Copa del Rey]. “It’s true that we are involved in all the competitions so we know it’s going to be hard for us physically,” Toure said. “All the teams who play against us will treat the match like it’s a final, and we know that perfectly well, so that’s why we have to prepare the best way physically and mentally for every game.”

Atletico Madrid defender Antonio Lopez, right, fights for the ball with Lisandro Lopez.

Lisandro punishes Atletico AFP, Madrid





arcelona midfielder Yaya Toure fears fatigue is creeping into the team after Tuesday’s 1-1 draw with Lyon in the Champions League, with the Spanish League leaders failing to win for a third straight match. After a dominant first two thirds of the season, Barca have now trailed in their last three matches – rallying from 2-0 down to draw 2-2 with Real Betis on February 14, and succumbing 2-1 to Espanyol on Saturday after again trailing 2-0 and having a player sent off late in the first half. After Juninho’s early free kick had given Lyon the lead on Tuesday, Barca held on as Lyon missed further chances and only drew level when poor defending allowed Thierry Henry a free header in the second half. “It’s a case of fatigue,” Toure said after the match. “We played against Espanyol for 60 minutes with one less player, and today we knew it would not be easy coming to Lyon.” The 1992 and 2006 European Cup winners have the most potent strike force in Europe, scoring 71 goals in 24 Spanish League matches this season and 105 goals in all competitions. Their strike trio of Henry, Samuel Eto’o and Lionel Messi has 51 goals in the


AP, Lyon, France

Barcelona forward Thierry Henry, bottom, saves his team’s blushes with a goal at the Gerland stadium in Lyon.

C Porto seized the upper hand in their last 16 Champions League tie with Atletico Madrid scoring two vital away goals in a 2-2 first leg draw at the Vicente Calderon on Tuesday. Argentine Lisandro Lopez scored twice to take his Champions League tally to six as Porto twice came from behind to level the score in Madrid. The 2004 champions are now in the box seat for the return leg in Portugal on March 11 and should have had a bigger advantage with Atletico’s goalkeeper Leo Franco keeping them at bay with a string of important saves. Atletico goalscorer Diego Forlan said it was vital that Atletico cut out their defensive lapses if they want to reach the quarter-finals. “We took advantage of the mistake [from Porto goalkeeper Helton] but couldn’t get the win,” explained Forlan. “Now we have to go there [to Portugal] and not commit mistakes. We need to defend well and try to get a goal.” Porto manager Jesualdo Ferreira came away disappointed. “This result feels like a defeat,” said Ferreira. “We missed a lot of opportunities, that is why the result is not a good one.”



Thursday, February 26, 2009




Yellow for superstition AP, London

One goal is all we need, Wenger warns Roma AFP, London

rsene Wenger has warned Roma that Arsenal only need one goal to book their place in the Champions League quarter-finals. Wenger’s side will travel to Rome for the last 16 second leg clash on March 11 with a slender advantage after Robin van Persie’s first half penalty clinched a 1-0 win at the Emirates Stadium on Tuesday. Following three consecutive goalless draws in the Premier League this was the sort of poised, passionate performance that Wenger has been waiting for from his team of precocious talents. Even without Cesc Fabregas, Theo Walcott, Eduardo, Emmanuel Adebayor and Andrei Arshavin, they still stretched Roma’s defence time and again.



Arsenal goalkeeper Manuel Almunia is helped up by Roma captain Francesco Totti at the Emirates Stadium. Arsenal won 1-0. The only flaw was their failure to add to van Persie’s 37th minute spot-kick, awarded for a Philippe Mexes foul on the Dutch striker. Nicklas Bendtner was guilty of two glaring misses and Samir Nasri and Emmanuel Eboue will also feel they should at least have hit the target with

chances that came their way. But the Gunners manager took heart from the way his team dominated for long periods and he believes their vibrant display proved they are more than capable of scoring the vital away goal at the Stadio Olympico that would tip the tie in their favour.

“It puts us in a position where we know we need to attack over there. If we score once that should be enough,” Wenger said. “You never know what a good result but our pace gave them problems in the first half and in the first 20 minutes of the second half we had one chance after another. Of course there was room to score more but one of the positives is we didn’t concede a goal. “The next game will be an interesting one because they will throw much more forward.” Wenger’s only concern is that his squad – already stretched to breaking point by injuries to Fabregas and company – could be hit by further problems before the trip to Italy. Abou Diaby limped off in the second half with a recurrence of a calf injury and Arsenal still have league games against Fulham and West Brom, as well as an FA Cup clash with Burnley in the next 10 days. “At the speed we lose players it can be a difficulty for us,” he said.


rsenal kicked off the second half of its Champions League 1-0 victory over AS Roma with only nine men after defenders William Gallas and Kolo Toure were slow out of the dressing room on Tuesday. The two defenders had not yet reached the playing surface when the first leg resumed at Emirates Stadium. When Toure tried to get onto the field, he was shown a yellow card by Danish referee Claus Bo Larsen. Gallas rejoined the game after Toure. “We came late. I was waiting for William,” Toure said. “I’m always the last to come on the pitch. I always do that.” Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said he knew of Toure’s habit of going out last.“I don’t know whether it’s a superstition, you’ll have to ask [Toure], but superstition exists in our sport. It’s our fault because you have to be ready when the bell rings to go out.”

Thursday, February 26, 2009




OCHOA TO SPICE IT UP World No 1 raring to go in her first tourney of the year By Lerpong Amsa-ngiam DAILY XPRESS, Pattaya

orld No 1 Lorena Ochoa is keen to kick off her 2009 campaign with a title at the US$1.45 LPGA Thailand which starts today at the Siam Country Club Pattaya Plantation. The 27-year-old Mexican has practised every day since Monday to familiarise herself with the course and the humid conditions, which she says are similar to those back home in Guadalajara. “I like warm weather. I am from Mexico so this is something that I enjoy. I am hoping to make lots of birdies,” said Ochoa, a first-time visitor to the Kingdom. In her first event since finishing a lowly 17th at the ADT Championship in November, Ochoa will face a stiff challenge from a stellar field that includes all of the world’s top 10.



From left, Ai Miyazato, Lorena Ochoa and defending champion Suzann Pettersen, part of a formidable field in the Honda Thailand. “I feel more excited than under pressure. I had a long break and practised hard and can’t wait to start in a real competition. There are so many good players – any one can win,” said the 24-time LPGA winner. One thing in her favour is that she

obviously feels at home in Thailand – especially with the food. “Thai food is full of spices. I like it because it’s similar to Mexican food. I like trying the different dishes – yesterday I had Thai noodles and fried

rice.” Her Verdict? “I liked it,’’ said Ochoa, who tees off today at 11.40 along with 2006 winner Han Hee-won of South Korea. Taking a break from practice, the world No 1 joined “Pink Panther” Paula Creamer to conduct a golf clinic for youngsters. American world No 3 Creamer is determined to improve her record in Pattaya after finishing third two years ago. “I come here to win. It’s my goal to win every tournament I play in. I hope to have a good round tomorrow. I want to be in contention’’ said Creamer, a pink addict who plans to wear pink shoes today. Local hopes rest on American-Thai Stacy Pramanasudh and the two amateurs Moriya Jutanugarn and Thidapa Suwannapura. Stacy, ranked 46th, finished joint third at her warm-up tournament last week in Bangkok. “There is a little bit pressure because I do have a Thai background and heritage,” said Stacy. “But fans are supporting me – which I really love,’’

Family tonic for Tiger A F P , Tucson, Arizona


iger Woods – a ruthless competitor on the golf course who has translated his prowess into victories around the globe – was surprised to find just how much he enjoyed home life. Although he’s keen to get back into action, Woods said he hadn’t realised how much fun being a full-time dad can be. He and wife Elin have a daughter, Sam, who was born in June of 2007, and on February 8 their family grew with the birth of a son, Charlie Axel. “I didn’t realise how much I loved being home and being around Sam and E and now Charlie,” Woods said. “I’ll tell you what, that’s something that is just so important to me. I knew family would be, and it has been. But I didn’t know it would be to this degree, the closeness that I feel. “That’s something that was a blessing in disguise, to be away from the game and have an opportunity to be a part of Sam’s growth.”


Thursday, February 26, 2009


THESPORT At the Whippoorwill Club in Armonk, New York, the recession means fruit and cheese platters won’t be put out in the private golf course’s bar on weekends anymore, saving $12,000 a year. Even Tiger Woods’s return to professional golf isn’t expected to reinstate the grapes and brie or rouse enthusiasm for the game at Whippoorwill, which over the past year has lost as many as 30 members, or about 10 per cent of its total. “It doesn’t make my life any different at all,” said Frank Marino, president of the club located about 40 miles north of Manhattan. While Woods getting back into the game in Arizona today will give television ratings a boost, it won’t turn the tide for course owners who’ve had to tighten budgets or equipment manufacturers that fired workers, said Casey Alexander, who covers the golf industry for New Yorkbased Guilford Securities Inc. “It certainly does brighten some peoples spirits,” Alexander said in an interview. “But I don’t think he changes people’s spending habits, even in good times.” The economy has shed at least 3.6 million jobs, and golf has lost players and financial backers. “None of us are immune,” said Chris Borders, general manager of the Atlanta Athletic Club, which is saving money by changing the way it cuts the grass. Manufacturers are also paring costs. TaylorMade and Nike skipped the PGA Merchandise Show in Florida last month, saving at least $392,000.


INDIANS BELTED New Zealand belted their way to a seven-wicket win over India in an explosive Twenty20 cricket match that produced a record 24 sixes.





Lyon rue missed chances at home

Ochoa spices up a strong field

Lyon midfielder Juninho, who scored a sublime goal with his trademark freekick, rued the missed chances that cost their side victory against title favourites Barcelona in Tuesday’s Champions League last-16 first-leg match, which finished 1-1. Lyon’s failure to hold on to a lead cost the French side dearly last season. >PAGE 25

World No 1 Lorena Ochoa opens this year’s campaign in the tropical heat and humidity of Pattaya. The rest of the world’s top 10 have turned up too and the Mexican faces a strong challenge for the LPGA Honda Thailand from US Open champion Inbee Park of South Korea, LPGA Championship winner Yani Tseng of Taiwan and British Open victor Jiyai Shin of South Korea. >PAGE 27

Xpress-qTODAY PAGE-1011.XPRESS  

The average height of women aged under 50 has climbed by 5cm, but their weight has jumped 5.4kg >PAGE 3

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