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EXTINCT? The Silapa-archas are facing the roughest turbulence in their political life after a court ruling puts an end to the family’s 30-year dominance. But they’re weathering the maelstrom. >PAGE 2


I’ll keep fighting By Kanchana Silapa-archa Politician


’m from Suphan Buri, which means I have a fighting spirit in my blood. I’d like to tell the folks back in my home province that I won’t disappear for ever from the political scene. It’s true that the court has banned me from politics for five years, but I vow to fight on. Five years is a long time, but let’s see what happens after that.

What’s on, what’s up Give dad a dream day out, catch a funky trio from the Philippines, wolf down some delicious fare, check out fascinating art and much more... >PAGES 9&10

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008






before deciding yesterday to stop its anti-government rallies Chart Thai party leader Banharn Silpa-archa is greeted by his supporters as he arrives at the court. The ruling dealt a severe blow to his political life.

Suphan Buri speaks out Many Suphan Buri residents were left sad and bitter by the order for the dissolution of the Chart Thai Party yesterday. “Guilty party members should be punished, but the Constitution Court shouldn’t include those who haven’t violated the laws, particularly party leader Banharn Silapa-archa, his daughter Kanchana and son Warawut. The party has taken care of us very well,” said Paisal Wongwaikolayoot, kamnan of Tambon Khunpatpeng Municipality in the province’s Uthong district.

Silapa-archas listened He said the party and the Silapaarcha family had responded to locals’ requests by providing water supplies, telephone lines, electricity and education, which no MPs had done for the province before. “I believe many people in my province will feel as sad as I do that the family’s political role is over,” Paisal said. One such person is Pramjai Sreepoomma, a 22-year-old Suphan Buri student. “Banharn brought progress to our province,” she said. “He impressed me by putting Suphan Buri on the tourism map. I voted for his party in every election, and I’ll vote for the family again in five years’ time. Niyom Panumatwiwat, 55, a businessman in the province’s Uthong district, said that the procedure for party dissolution was too fast and that the court seemed to rush to give the verdict, which was unusual. He also disagreed with the law stating that a party should be dissolved if one of its members violates election laws. Wannapa Phetdee, Wattanaphon Matcha D A I LY X P R E S S




Loyalists in Chart Thai heartland mourn passing of the party




re the Silapa-archas heading for extinction on the country’s political scene? Unlikely, but yesterday’s court ruling dissolving their Chart Thai party along with two of its ruling-coalition partners, the People’s Power and Matchima Thipataya parties, puts an end to 30 years of the Silapa-archas’ dominating political presence. The Silapa-archa name had become synonymous with the Chart Thai brand. As head of the family, Banharn, 75, was secretary general for 15 years then party leader for another 15. The veteran politician, whose voter base

is in the central province of Suphan Buri, was Thai prime minister from July, 1995 to November, 1996.

Slippery ‘eel party’ The court ruling must be a crushing blow for Banharn, who had built a party that became a major component in many coalition governments. But Chart Thai has also been mocked by the press as the “eel party”, for its perceived ability to twist and turn its policies for political gain. The second generation of Chart Thai’s Silapa-archa dynasty is represented by Banharn’s son Varawut and daughter Kanchana. “I’m sure my dad will fight on,” says Kanchana. “He’s

been through turbulent times before. Today may not be our day, but things could change radically in the next five years.” While he’s not giving up just yet, it must be one of most painful moments in Banharn’s life to see the party that was founded in 1974 by the Rajakru Group led by Pol Gen Pramarn Adireksarn dissolved under his leadership. But it was something he had been fearing. On November 15, Banharn shared his worries with party members on the occasion of the 34th anniversary of Chart Thai. He told them he had visited sacred shrines to pray for the party’s protection.

The Silapa-archa family fights for political survival after Chart Thai party is dissolved Still reeling from the blow, it’s probably to early for Banharn to begin the search for an heir for the family’s political hopes. The only candidates seem to be his wife Khunying Jamsai and his youngest daughter, Parichat, but neither is interested in politics. Jamsai may have supported Banharn throughout his political career but she likes a low profile and is certainly no Pojaman Shinawatra or Yaowabha Wongsawat. Parichat earns a living by teaching yoga. Banharn is now weighing up two choices: to form a new party, or move the remaining 15 Chart Thai MPs to another party.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008




“I’d been waiting in line for two days, and in 30 seconds it was all over. I was walking away, and then I heard someone say, ‘Wait, come back here!’”





‘Sunflower’ ploughs plenty of laughs from its tale of modern love, but plants some deep thoughts on relationships too By Pawit Mahasarinand SPECIAL TO D A I LY X P R E S S


hen Nophand Boonyai’s first play, a comedy/drama about relationships called “Dokmai Nai Saengdad” (“Sunflower”), hit the stage back in January, theatregoers peered into a new mirror for modern Thai life. Two highly acclaimed plays later – “Welcome to Nothing” and “The Adventures of Captain Dan” – and a group of young fans gathered round, eager to see their lives reflected in such a strange light. A lot of them were probably eager to see Nophand too, especially after Cleo magazine declared the young actor/playwright/director one of the country’s 50 Most Eligible Bachelors. Lucky for them and the rest of us, his “Sunflower” is now back on stage as part of this year’s Bangkok Theatre Festival. Tawan (played by Waranyoo Intarakamhaeng) is an Internet “love doctor” who’s been infected with a bad case of the hopeless love he’s been trying to cure. Oranong (Ornanong Thaisriwong) is an art director at an advertising agency who is having an affair with a married photographer. Nop (Nophand) – well, we don’t actually know what he does for a living – hides behind the shining image he creates for himself, especially in relationships.

XTRA FOUR CHANCES >> “Sunflower” performs tomorrow and Friday evening at 7.30 with matinees on Saturday and Sunday at 2.30, at Crescent Moon Space, Pridi Banomyong Institute (a five-minute walk from BTS Thong Lhor). >> Tickets are Bt300 (Bt250 for students), bookable by calling (086) 814 1676. >> Visit or


e-mail InSeaDang@hotmail .com.

Love, passion and lust The actors, three friends who helped bring this play to life, work well as a team, showing us how thin the line between love, passion and lust is. Though their dialogues often flow realistically fast, there’s no problem understanding what’s

THERE ARE LOTS OF MORAL MESSAGES HIDDEN IN THE PLAY. being said. Some of the comic punches were even sharper than in January, and the episode in which they seek advice from the love doctor is a comedy knockout. Nophand’s use of the small performance space – ideal for the intimate subject matter – was deft. Props were kept to a minimum, with music and lighting cues effective in creating the atmosphere for each scene while never yet never drowning out the actors and the play’s messages. A full-house audience stayed for the post-show Q&A hosted by this writer last Friday. We heard renowned critic Chetana Nagavajara comment, “There are lots of moral messages hidden in the play, but it seems the playwright likes to deliver them slowly, taking detours through jokes and other stuff.” Maybe that’s why we had loved what we’d just seen: first there was laughter, then emotion, and finally the play made us think, leaving us to apply the messages to our own lives. A Sunday evening performance has been added to meet audience demand – book tickets fast.



Wednesday, December 3, 2008


The number of CD



Damon Albarn is monkeying around on film. >Page 8


‘Siam Scenes’ on view

It’s Kalamare, chapter and verse

Thailand's 2003 National Artist in visual arts Pichai

Nirund is joined by Netikorn Shinyo, Preecha Thaothong, Teerawat Kanama and Jintana Piamsiri in the group exhibition “Siam Scenes”, at Number 1 Gallery through January 4. The painters will be there for tomorrow’s opening at 6.30pm to discuss how they have depicted local urban ways of life. The gallery is open daily from 10 to 7.

Superband plays Van Halen


Sirisak “Moo” Sirichotinan, the

By Kitchana Lersakvanitchakul

former guitarist of rock band Kaleidoscope, and his friends, collectively known as Superband, will be paying tribute to Moo’s hero Eddie Van Halen in a show at Overtone this Saturday from 10.30pm. Moo Kalei, as he’s affectionately known, is a long-time fan of the Dutch guitarist, who cofounded hard rock band Van Halen in the 1980s. Van Halen’s use of two-handed tapping, natural and artificial harmonics, vibrato, and tremolo picking has influenced an entire generation of guitarists.


RS Public gets mellow with four new sub-labels


Tickets for Saturday’s show cost Bt300 including two drinks and are available from Thaiticketmajor.

ducer of RS’s music content production. “But over the past few years, consumers’ listening behaviour has evolved, with more people opting for smaller genres like jazz and reggae. “Music Space is set to be an area that will support these smaller categories. It will also a l l o w artists to communicate more with their fans.” Koh, Sorapan, Suthipong, Jessada, and Zomkiat Koh Mr



eading record company RS Public is continuing its “Music Revolution” restructuring programme with the launch of four sub-labels under a concept its executives are calling “Music Space”. The sub-labels are named Mellow Tone, Plenty Music, 9 Richter, and Reggae Village and are categorised by jazz, trendy or indie music, rock, and reggae respectively. “Ten years ago, music could be split into two larger categories – pop and dance – at least for the purposes of our business,” says Suthipong Wattanajang, executive pro-


Saxman is in charge of Mellow Tone, Zomkiat Ariyachaipanich aka Mr Z is handling Plenty Music and Jessada Hanchor holds the reins of 9 Richter, while Sorapan Kingpayom looks after Reggae Village. Mellow Tone is debuting with Koh Mr Saxman very own “The Sound of Saxophone” and will follow with Pom Autobaln’s “Drive You Lazy”. Sorapan plans to release outings by the Kaijo Brothers and Tamone, Plenty Music offers Po Yokee Playboy and Jerry, while Kid Insane, Silent Scream and the Corset can be found on 9 Richter.

Benjamas “Kalamare” Patcharasri has been plugging her book “Marela” all over the place since it came out in late September, even on the TV shows she hosts. She’s been doing the rounds of the bookstores, and on Friday she’s going to match her “previous best” by hitting three shops in one day – this time three branches of Nai-In. The fruits of her labours: three reprints in a little over two months, and a jaunt to Chiang Mai for some relaxation. But there she was in a nightclub, ready for some dancing, when a young woman on the tipsy side came up and said, “Phi Kalamare, I really love your book! And guess what – I just got dumped by a man!” It took Kalamare about two seconds to map her escape. “Maybe this is a good sign – now you can get a new guy,” she said, backing toward the exit. “Let’s celebrate!”

How rich is rich? TV host-movie star-next governor of Bangkok ML Nattakorn

“Pleum” Devakula says he’s invested all of his money in the campaign and even sold his car. “Now I’m riding the bus and taking taxis,” he told interviewer Sorrayuth Suthassanajinda, explaining that he’s not as rich as people think. “You’re far richer than I am,” he said. Sorrayuth changed the subject. Contact Soopsip at



sound bytes By Mr Badboy

The Illusion of Progress Staind (Atlantic)

After hitting the top spot with three albums in a row, Springfield alternative rock and metal band Staind disappeared for three long years but now they’re back, better than ever, with an outing that’s not just recorded at singer Aaron Lewis’s home but is also lyrically about his home. Staind turns the volume up on the grinding metal opener, “This Is It” then storms into “Break Away” and “Raining Again”. There are stern ballads such as “Believe”, released as the first single, “Tangled Up in You”, which features violin, and the chart topping “It’s Been Awhile”. “Pardon me” brings to mind Pink Floyd, especially in its surprising solo.


Stars with

an extra shine Thai rockers BrandNew Sunset emerge from the underground with a new album on Sony-BMG




Journey to the West Monkey (XL Recordings)

Blur’s frontman Damon Albarn and artist/designer Jamie Hewlett join forces for his latest project, Monkey after Gorillaz, as well as for “Journey to the West”, the soundtrack to a Chinese musical based on a 16th-century story of spiritual change and growth. The album consists of 22 interludes featuring an array of rock guitars, electronics, harps, mandolins, strings, keyboards and giggling girls. Standouts include the electronic opener “Monkey’s World”, “Heavenly Peach Banquet” with its chiming mandolins, and the horn-heavy “The White Skeleton Demon”.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

By Kitchana Lersakvanitchakul D A I LY X P R E S S


hey’ve been on the scene for eight years and now the five guys who call themselves BrandNew Sunset have earned themselves a reputation as one of today’s most respected rock outfits. Consummate performers, they recently moved from their underground label to global music company Sony-BMG for their new self-titled album. “We’re now playing about 30 shows a month, which is

great,” says singer Supaluck “Toon” Tovatcharakul. “There’s no boundary between ourselves as musicians and the audience. We’re friends,” adds guitarist Suchai “Chai” Chucherd. The rock quintet was formed in early 2000 by Toon and Chai, who teamed up with bassist Karnnut “Yuth” Phaholkul, drummer Warintorn “Bloom” Srinin and guitarist Karn Seneetantikul. Their name comes from a song by their favourite Japanese

punk rockers, Hi-Standard. They released their debut album, “Pick You Up When You’re Falling Down”, in 2003 and followed up two years later with “Realistic”. All the tracks have English lyrics. “At that time, I thought English words matched our music better,” says Toon, who’s a fan of Pantera’s powerful singer Phil Anselmo. So it comes as a bit of a surprise to find three Thai tracks on their latest album. Is that the Sony-BMG influence?

“Not really. We’d thought about doing Thai songs before signing the contract, based on fans’ requests. And, in fact, the Thai songs are translations of ones we wrote in English.” All five members are hoping that the Sony-BMG deal will extend to three albums, explaining that they’d prefer to focus on the music and have someone else look after the business side. "Sony helps with production and distribution. We also need to focus on our security.”

XTRA SHINE A LIGHT >> BrandNew Sunset pay

tribute to Australian rockers AC/DC this evening at Overtone on RCA. >> The show starts at 6. >> Tickets cost Bt300

including two drinks.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008



WHAT’S ON/WHAT’S UP Branchin g out From De cem

5, snap u

ber 9 th

rough Ja pa nua Christmas n ornament from th ry tree in the e Hotel Ban S gkok’s lob hangri-La by and yo only help u’ll not loc the chanc al charities but als o get e to win g ift dining an d accomm vouchers for odation in Bangkok and both out at (02 Chiang Mai. Chec k it ) 236 777

7 or www.Sh angri-La .com.

see it! Persuasive percussion Until Friday, come to “Japanese Town” and admire traditional yoaskoi performed by 200 dancers as well as taiko drums. The event is being held at Square A, CentralWorld Plaza (near Chidlom BTS stop). Admission is free. Visit

Visions in Art Until December 12, the College

e cak17e h t e k a t ith at Prices ths celebrates the festiveerase, acshooncowlate and

of Fine Arts celebrates 55 glorious years with a Visual Arts Festival at the Queen’s Gallery. More than 200 artists are showcasing their paintings, sculptures, prints, mixed media and ceramics to support the education of needy students at the college.

tisserie ding op from Seefah Pa ade pastries inclu s at prices starting ise -m k e td a n c m e o c new h te-chip 5-perd chocola e also offering a 2 5 0251-60 n a , d n o alm ) 65 hey’r r pound. T nuary 15. Call (02 Bt220 pe Ja l il t now count from ww.Seefa or visit w

ning i d s u o Delirecstiaurant Crystal eJaciadel pjoroinms o-

p Chinese ank to offer a s o dinib 9 for tw od it 9 C 9 t B t with s ju ick seafo t costs tion tha enu includes th d dishes, e m ers. The noodles, steam esserts and d d e f ri f o , riety soup and a va on Siam dim sum e restaurant is rvation, h T For rese drinks. l. e v le ’s G Paragon 4343. ) call (02


Call (02) 281 5360-1 extension 507.

Rhapsody of reality Born in Yantai, Shandong province in 1981, artist Chi Peng made a name for himself with photographs that document him having sex with himself. For this exhibition, he’s swapped selfabuse for depictions of vast cityscapes whose extraordinary breadth and detail owe something to contemporary photography masters such as Andreas Gursky and Thomas Struth. They’re on show until December 12 at Tang Contemporary Art. Call (02) 630 1114 or visit

Disney delights

Dream datreyatotheut

d Give dad a break an and games on n fu to ily whole fam eam World, Father’s Day at Dr on the Sky where you can soar the Super th wi t Coaster, get we owballs in chilly Splash or throw sn ound till early Snow Town. Stick ar Colour of the e evening to catch th lourful lights co th wi World Parade and special effects. 2 or visit Call (02) 533 115 ld www.DreamWor

Tonight at 8, Bangkok Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Steve Sidwell and with guest vocalists Simon Greiff and Rachel Barrell, perform memorable tunes from Disney cartoons at Thailand Cultural Centre. Tickets from Bt300 to Bt1,200 are available at Thaiticketmajor. Call (02) 262 3456.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008


WHAT’S ON/WHAT’S UP do it! A walk on the art side Watch experimental short films, listen to indie music and shop for art by the young and creative set at the sixth Art Square fest, which is being held from December 17 to 19 at Chulalongkorn University’s Jamjuree Art Gallery. It’s open from 4 to 9. Call (02) 218 3709.

Happy ne w year!

Celebrate th e advantage arrival of 2009 at Fou of the hote r l’s New Yea Seasons Bangkok an you’ll get lu d take r’s packag xurious lod e. Fo g in evening co cktails, a ch gs, Executive Club acc r Bt12,809++, oic ess, breakfa hotel’s rest st, aurants an e of New Year’s dinne d the coun r at any of th reservation tdown part e , call (02) y w 250 1000 ith live musi . c. For

Behind the lens

A ‘Zest’ feoWesrtinliGrfanede

th Zest Piano Bar at y trio ces Malibu, a funk du tro in vit um kh Su rforms pe t ac ss nes. This cla from the Philippi y da to d classic hits Mon easy-listening an weekon 8.30 till 12.15 and Thursday from il, cool ta ck co 1. Chill with a ends from 9.15 to s. ng di un rro vibrant su tunes and some 00. Call (02) 207 80

Calling all shutterbugs! The fifth International Photographic Contest has just been launched to mark Prince Naris Day 2009 and the theme this year is “Home”. Works must be submitted by post or by hand between February 12 and 18. The winners will be announced in March. For more information, visit

Hey dad, fancy a banquet? Celebrate Father’s Day at Millennium Hilton Hotel with great food. Lunch or dine at Yuan and enjoy a dim sum set with dumpling and Peking duck for Bt580, then make a toast at The Lantern with a drink especially created for the occasion. Call (02) 442 2000.

Yes, that is a Pink Elephant

‘Beedle’ comes to Bangkok

Bridal beauty Take the worry out of your big day with Sofitel Centara Grand Bangkok’s “Wedding Dream Comes True” package and let the hotel’s professional team take care of the ceremony and reception. The special offers are valid through December 15. Call (02) 541 1234 extension 4210.

Enter a world of magic and witchcraft with JK Rowling’s “The Tal es of Beedle the Bard”, and enjoy readin gs, shows and book bargains at a spe cial event celebrating the Thai versio n of the book from December 12 to 14 at Double A Book Tower on Sathorn Ro ad. “Beedle” in Thai goes on sale next Monday. Call (02) 662 30 00 ext

ension 1 or visit www.NamneeB

Have a fun evening with great wine and fantastic food tonight from 8 at Centara Grand, Central World, with Pink Elephant Rosé, a wine that’s designed to go with spicy food. Very juicy, fresh and ever so slightly sweet, this Portuguese rosé has been praised by some of the world’s top wine writers. All proceeds from the Bt300 entrance fee go to the Elephant Nature Park. See



Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Sweet potatoes are tops Flavourful, aromatic and tender, the yam deserves to be exalted THE WASHINGTON POST



he sweet potato reaches its noblest purpose when left whole and baked until steaming. It’s self-contained, portion-controlled, quick to cook and full of nutrition. It’s also long-lasting. If you go a month without cooking your onions or garlic, they sprout. Sweet potatoes just look the same – though a little dusty and homely. They’re great in soups, stews, stir-fries and omelettes and comfortable in several ethnic cuisines. They’re so different from white potatoes – which aren’t really related, and neither is a true African yam. They don’t cry out for butter but won’t complain if you put some on – they’re creamy enough without it. Instead, I like to squeeze a little lime juice on top. You can microwave them and top with sour cream, though baked in the oven they have more moisture and a better aroma. Sweet potatoes are high in beta-carotene – you can tell from that gorgeous colour – and fibre, particularly if you eat the skin. And they have fewer simple carbohydrates than a white potato. They have slightly more calories but so much more flavour. A few years ago America’s Centre for Science in the Public Interest rated vegetables based on the percentage they provide of the daily value of six nutrients plus carotenoids and fibre, and sweet potatoes were named a top 10 “superstar”, scoring

twice as high as white potatoes. Occasionally, though, they yearn for a fresh way of preparing them. A cook in Tokyo once showed me how she likes to mash miso into roasted sweet potatoes. At home, with miso and ground pork in the fridge, I decided, rather than eat anything alongside the sweet potato, to eat more things on it. I even added broccolini or broccoli rabe to that miso pork mix. I spoon it all onto a split potato, adding lots of scallion slices for crunch. I’ve also gone Southeast Asian, making a simple shrimp curry with coconut milk, topped by a mixture of red bell pepper and chilli paste. Other times I’ve mashed in black beans, sour cream and lime juice.




By Joe Yonan

Wednesday, December 3, 2008



Cut-rate luxury

A near-peer to Euro sport sedans at only part the Hyundai Genesis borrows from the best

of the cost,



he chocolate-brown leather is soft, the topstitched upholstery across the dash and doors is elegantly sewn, and the interior wood accents are carved from the most majestic faux lumber. If you didn’t know better, you’d think South Korea’s Hyundai had been at the luxury-car business a long time. In fact, the Genesis is the company’s first full-size, reardrive luxury car, an audacious shot whistling across the sport-sedan bows of BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Lexus. And the Genesis undercuts whatever relevant competitor you care to name by tens of thousands of baht.

Cut-rate luxury is a complicated notion. When you buy a BMW or Mercedes-Benz, a percentage of the cost resides in the badge. Premium-brand cars keep more of their residual value

and offer owners the satisfactions of heritage. Hyundai – maker of cracker boxes like the Excel and Accent – has no such poetry to fall back on, but it does have an extraordinarily lean

and efficient manufacturing process, cheap labour and great relationships with its suppliers. So it’s possible for the company to offer this near-peer to Euro sport sedans at about a 20-per-cent discount. It’s taken the extraordinary step of de-badging its own car: There is no flying H on the big grille. Doubling down on this anonymity, the Genesis’ styling is hyper-generic – a ransom-note collage of cues from other makes. There’s no denying that it’s a staggering amount of car for the money. The 4.6-litre, V-8-powered model with a 17-speaker sound system, XM radio, navigation system, adaptive front headlamps, heated and


,, IT’S TAKEN THE EXTRAORDINARY STEP OF DEBADGING ITS OWN CAR: THERE IS NO FLYING H ON THE BIG GRILLE. cooled driver’s seat and more delivers a deep-pile luxury that betters the badge-bearing competitors. The creamiest and most luscious part of the car is the new V-8, a lovely watch-work that hits all the right notes. Near-silent, the engine is capable of big torque and acceleration and a bit of a feral growl. The steering has a nice heft to it but isn’t particularly communicative. The car will hustle, but doesn’t seem to enjoy it. It’s much happier defying expectations in a straight line than confirming them in aggressive cornering. For hard-nosed, practical people, the Genesis 4.6 will present an all-but-irresistible case of value per dollar.



Wednesday, December 3, 2008


TO SEE on tv


e Bunny n awkward sorority s u o H e h T e ches a ed from th bunny tea

300 Based on the epic graphic novel by Frank Miller, “300” is a ferocious retelling of the ancient Battle of Thermopylae. Stars Gerard Butler. HBO (TrueVisions), 6pm

Lack Placid Bill Pullman and Bridget Fonda star in this 1999 horror comedy about a man-eating crocodile loose in the lake. Star Movies (TrueVisions), 8pm

layboy ’s expell A former p posite sex after she op about the . n o si man

Kids Asato (Teppei Koike) has the power to transfer other people’s wounds to his own body. His strange healing powers lead to a friendship with the troubled Takeo. In Japanese with Thai and English subtitles at House, APEX.


Plots With a View This very British comedy takes a riotous look at small town Welsh country life centred around competing funeral homes. Cinemax (TrueVisions), 8pm

Jao Ying Mor Lam

A high-school student struggling to suppress her budding sexuality makes a startling discovery about her womanhood after becoming the victim of sexual violence in director Michael Lichtenstein's semi-surreal exploration of the vagina dentata myth.

Haa Thaew Produced by spiritual tattoo master Noo Kanpai, the film tells the story of

a man empowered by an inked alphabet. With English subtitles at some cinemas.

Traitor Don Cheadle stars as a conflicted secret operative whose ties to terrorist organisations lead to his being doggedly tracked by an FBI agent (Guy Pearce).

Hua Lood Family (Headless Family) Kotee Aramboy makes his directorial debut with this comedy about a hapless – and headless family. With English sub-

SFW Central World, Paragon Cineplex.

This Japanese family drama with an environmental message centres on the friendship between three children in a small town. In Japanese


with English and Thai subtitles at House and Lido.

Painted Skin Gordon Chan directs this big-budget production about a vampire who eats the hearts of her lovers.In Mandarin with English and Thai subtitles at

(The Convert) A down-to-earth documentary about a Buddhist woman who marries a Muslim man, and her journey from one faith to another as she settles in the Islamic south. At Lido.

Suddenly Last Winter This endearing and witty documentary tells the story of a gay couple

The Duchess

Sex Drive

Keira Knightley plays Georgiana Cavendish in this rich costume drama.

Josh Zuckerman plays a high school graduate determined to lose his virginity in this allAmerican sex caper.

Channel 7, 8.30pm Channel 3 – Channel 5 – Channel 7 – Modernine – NBT – Thai PBS – True –

Into the Faraway Sky

titles at some cinemas.

Sawika Chaidet, Wongsakorn Poramuttakorn, Orawansa Tanwiset and Nattinee Jienwanon star in this comedy about a princess and a folk singer.

Channel links

ls in erything when she fal A teenage girl risks ev with a vampire.

Burn Aft er Readin g Brad Pitt, G eorg

e Cloone lead an all -star cast in y and Tilda Swinton this dark co the Coen b medy from rothers.


whose lives were turned upside down when the Italian government presented a draft law that would give rights to unmarried gay couples. The legislation upset the Vatican and conservative groups and sparked a wave of homophobia. At Lido.

Quantum of Solace James Bond is back – and this time it’s personal. The world’s most famous spy sets out to stop an environmentalist from taking control of a country's water supply.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008



TO SEE on dvd REGION 1

20th Century Boys Based on the award-winning Japanese manga series, this live action epic follows three boys as they race against time to stop a mysterious cult. In Japanese with English and Thai subtitles at Major Cineplex, EGV, SF Cinema.

Coming Soon Sophon Sakdaphisit, the co-writer of horror hits “Shutter” and “Alone” makes his directorial debut with this thriller about a haunted movie. Chantawit Thanasewee stars. With English subtitles at some cinemas.

Kingsley) and a female student (Penelope Cruz). At Apex.

Puenyai Jom Salad Nonzee Nimibutr’s action fantasy tells of the struggle for power in southern Thailand’s

Langkasuka Kingdom of 400 years ago. Led by Queen Hijau (Jarunee Suksawat), the kingdom’s only real weapons are a pair of large cannons, which lie at the bottom of the ocean. Only magic can retrieve them.

Elegy Based on the recent novel “The Dying Animal” by Philip Roth, this drama directed by Isabel Coixet charts the doomed-to-fail love affair between a college professor (Ben

Pathology A medical forensic student (Milo Ventimiglia) gets involved in the terrifying game of death when he joins a prestigious pathology programme. Special features are interviews and behind the scenes. English and Thai are available as audio languages and subtitles. The DVD costs around Bt199. – Daily Xpress


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European Film Festival One of the highlights of this year’s festival, Fatih Akin’s award-winning film “The Edge of Heaven”, is being screened at SF World Cinema, Central World, tonight at 8.20. Set in Turkey and Germany, it tells the story of Ali, a retired widower who sees an answer to his loneliness in prostitute Yeter, and proposes that the Turkish native live with him in exchange for a low rent. At first Ali’s son Nejat disapproves, but he quickly grows fond of kind Yeter, especially upon discovering most of her hard-earned money is sent home to Turkey for her daughter’s university studies. When Yeter dies, Nejat travels to Istanbul to search for her daughter Ayten, little knowing that she’s already fled the Turkish police and is already in Germany. Tickets cost Bt100. For more information, visit

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Critical consensus ★★★★★ = Must see! ★★★★ = Solidly entertaining ★★★ = It’s okay ★★ = Barely watchable ★ = Don’t bother



Close to Home By John McPherson


Pooch Cafe

The Buckets


Calvin and Hobbes

By Brian Basset

By Paul Gilligan

By Scott Stantis

By Bryan Basset

By Bill Watterson

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Red and Rover


Wednesday, December 3, 2008



Games&YourStars SUDOKU

The last word in


By Eugenia Last

Today’s Birthday: Your ability to detach yourself from the past will be your best asset for getting ahead this year. There are gains to be made and, although some of them may be at the expense of others, it’s time to make that decision.

Yesterday’s Puzzle Answer Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusively.

ARIES **** March 21-April 19 Help others and you will get something you least expect in return. Impetuous action will not get jobs done quicker or more efficiently. If you have to push others to help, you should do things on your own. TAURUS ** April 20-May 20 Everything has a price tag, so don’t think someone is giving you something for nothing. Make plans early or you may not reap the benefit of an enjoyable evening with someone special. GEMINI ***** May 21-June 20 Let people know what you have to offer and promote your services, skills and ideas. You will get interesting responses that can help you achieve some of your goals. CANCER *** June 21-July 22 You have to set a budget that will allow you to feel in control. Stress is something that you have to work hard to eliminate. Remember to look at the positive in your life, as well.



LEO *** July 23-Aug. 22 Your ability to put things together, convince others to do things or to sell an idea will be golden. A relationship will need nurturing. Find interesting gifts for the people you want to impress. VIRGO *** Aug. 23-Sept. 22 You can get ahead enough to feel comfortable about taking time off at the end of the month. Someone you love will help you get things finished. A change of plans will annoy some and please others. LIBRA ***** Sept. 23-Oct. 22 Do what needs to be done and get on with your life. Not everyone will agree with you but that’s OK, as long as you base your decisions on what matters most to you. Initiate change. SCORPIO ** Oct. 23-Nov. 21 Don’t take what others say as the gospel. Find out for yourself what’s going on before you make a choice. Don’t your emotions get involved in your decisions and don’t give in to bullying. SAGITTARIUS **** Nov. 22-Dec. 21 Do your research before you go shopping. Knowing what and where to find an item at the best price will make your life easier. Someone you meet through work or school will take a greater interest in you. CAPRICORN *** Dec. 22-Jan. 19 An experienced friend will come to you with an offer you cannot refuse. Look at the potential to stabilise your financial situation. A settlement or rebate you are waiting for will come through.

Brendan Fraser Singer Andy Williams is 80 Director Jean-Luc Godard is 78. Singer Ozzy Osbourne is 60. Singer Mickey Thomas (Jefferson Starship) is 59. Actress Julianne Moore is 48. Actor Brendan Fraser is 40. Actress Keegan Connor Tracy is 37. Actress Anna Chlumsky is 28. Actress Amanda Seyfried is 23.

AQUARIUS *** Jan. 20-Feb. 18 Help is available as long as you don’t let your emotions cloud issues and stop you from accepting what you need to move forward. Asking for a favour will be the best way to get what you want. PISCES *** Feb. 19-March 20 Don’t ruin a surprise. Talks will lead to arguments, so keep your beliefs a secret for now. Make personal changes instead of trying to mould someone else. Take a closer look at what you really want.


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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

THE SPORT briefly

Giants star arrested on gun charge New York Giants star receiver Plaxico Burress was arrested on two counts of illegal firearms possession after shooting himself by accident at a nightclub. “Plaxico Burress was arrested on charges of criminal possession of a weapon,” a spokeswoman for the New York Police Department said. Burress, who caught the winning touchdown pass in the Giants’ Super Bowl victory this year, walked into a Manhattan police station with his lawyer and surrendered, she said. – AFP

England’s itinerary changed again The itinerary for the England cricket team’s tour of India has been altered after terrorist attacks in Mumbai last week, the Board of Control for Cricket


Marian Hossa scored the tiebreaking goal early in the third period and the Red Wings held on to beat the Ducks.


Quiet in the first half, Paul Pierce shouted loud in the second. Pierce erupted for 17 of his 24 points in the third quarter, and the Boston Celtics rolled to their ninth straight victory, 107-88 over the visiting Orlando Magic yesterday in an early season showdown of Eastern Conference powerhouses. “I got into early foul trouble,” Pierce said. “I came out and wanted to be aggressive in the second half and we came away with the win.” - DPA

Mario Williams had a seasonhigh three sacks and forced a fumble, and Steve Slaton ran for a pair of touchdowns to lead the Houston Texans to a 30-17 win over the slumping Jacksonville Jaguars in their Monday Night Football debut. Andre Johnson added a TD reception and Kris Brown kicked three field goals in the win, a highlight in Houston’s disappointing season so far. – AP



Pierce sparks Celtics to ninth straight win

Williams, Slaton lift the Texans



in India said. The opening Test match will now be played from December 11-15 in the southern city of Chennai and the northern Indian city of Mohali will host the second Test from December 19-23. – AP

Red Sox offer Varitak arbitration The Boston Red Sox offered Jason Varitek salary arbitration, taking a step towards bringing back their captain. Boston would receive a firstround draft pick Varitek and a supplemental pick in next June’s draft should Varitek, a Type A free agent, decline the offer and sign with another team. – AFP

Scott out with surf injury Adam Scott injured his knee in a surfing accident and has withdrawn from this week’s Australian PGA championship. Scott told tournament officials yesterday that he hurt his right kneecap at nearby Coolum Beach on Sunday. “He was coming out of the surf on Sunday morning and he’s obviously stood in a sand depression,” said Scott’s manager, Justin Cohen. – AP

Benitez tells Liverpool fans to revel in being leaders of the Premiership AFP,Liverpool


afael Benitez told disgruntled Liverpool fans to enjoy their side sitting on top of the Premier League table despite the frustration of a goalless draw at home to West Ham. The point was enough for Liverpool to leapfrog Chelsea at the summit but Liverpool’s players were left under no illusion as to what their supporters thought as they trudged off to a round of boos on Monday night. Nine days after being held by Fulham at Anfield, Benitez’s side were forced to endure more frustration but the Spanish manager refused to dwell on the negatives. “Sometimes people are disappointed not to win, but some-

times you have to enjoy, especially when you are top of the table,” said Benitez. “The crowd can be disappointed after a draw at home. “But when they go home and look at the table they will see us at the top of the table. “If we had scored the first goal we would have scored a lot of goals.” Liverpool now boast four successive clean sheets yet their failure to score for the second straight Premier League match is a cause of concern. With Fernando Torres recovering from another hamstring injury, the Liverpool manager opted to pair Robbie Keane with Dirk Kuyt. Yet Keane remains stuck on

two league goals since his expensive move from Tottenham in the summer and this was another disappointing performance by the Ireland captain. Asked whether he thought any of his players were suffering from a lack of confidence, Benitez said: “Maybe some players are.”

No return to Reds for Owen But the Spaniard dismissed reports that he was weighing up a move to bring Newcastle striker Michael Owen back to Anfield. “Clearly I can guarantee that we are not going for Owen,” added Benitez, who confirmed afterwards that he has yet to sign his new contract with the club. The team played much better than before. “Some people can be disappointed, and we are disappoint-

Wednesday, December 3, 2008



John Daly

Paul Ince



“I’m trying new grips, trying to get my posture up, changing the lie and loft, everything I could possibly try, and nothing feels right. It’s just a matter of keep practicing and sooner or later something might click. It would mean a lot to me to do well.”

“I don’t worry about myself, but what does concern me is the lads. A few of the senior players have spoken up in the changing room and the spirit’s great, we stick together, keep smiling and pick ourselves up.”

Ronaldo voted simply the best in Europe C

Rafa Benitez ed not to win, but we are top of the table. “If we keep winning then we will stay there. “Against Fulham we didn’t play well. In this game we had plenty of possession and we had chances. We were much better in this game.” West Ham manager Gianfranco Zola believes

Liverpool will remain serious contenders for the title despite dropping more home points. “They will be there until the end,” said Zola, after West Ham ended a run of seven straight league defeats at Anfield. “You have to take into account that it is not easy to play after a Champions League match. I know what it’s like because I have experienced it. “Liverpool were also missing a very important player in Torres. This is going to be a very close title race.” Zola praised Robert Green after the keeper produced a magnificent save to deny Yossi Benayoun in the second half. Green has been on the fringes of the England side but remains behind David James in Fabio Capello’s plans. “He had some stick but he is now getting what he deserves,” said Zola.

said he hopes to win the award again. “They are the ones who passed the ball for me to score goals,” he said. “What is for sure is that I want to win it again, it feels so good. So, [next morning], at eight O’clock, I will wake up and tell myself I want to be even better.” Last year Ronaldo was second with 277 points, while Messi was third with 255. Last year’s winner Kaka, Milan’s Brazilian playmaker, slipped to eighth in this year’s awards with only 31 points. Ronaldo scored 42 goals in all competitions last season as United won the Premier League and Champions League trophies. The 23-year-old Ronaldo adds the Ballon d’Or award to the FIFPro World Player of the Year trophy he won in October, and the Professional Footballers Association and the Football Writers awards. He also becomes the first Premier League player to win since former Liverpool forward Michael Owen in 2001, and the first Portuguese player since winger Luis Figo won it with Real Madrid in 2000, and the third after Eusebio in France Football’s 1965. award was decided by an annual poll of football journalists with a short list of 30 players.

Hoffenheim’s Vedad Ibisevic has scored 17 times this year.

Ibisevic can beat mark: Mueller D P A , Munich

XTRA IRRESISTIBLE RED >> Ronaldo was born on February 5, 1985, in Madeira, Portugal. >> He made his debut for Sporting Lisbon aged 17 – and scored against United. >> The midfielder moved to Manchester United in 2003.





Steven Gerrard of Liverpool shoots towards the West Ham goal during their Premier League match.

ristiano Ronaldo won the Golden Ball awarded to the European Footballer of the Year yesterday, becoming the fourth Manchester United player to take the honour and the first since fellow winger George Best in 1968. Ronaldo’s brilliant scoring form helped him beat Barcelona striker Lionel Messi into second place, while Liverpool forward Fernando Torres was third in the poll results announced overnight by France Football magazine. “It’s one of the greatest days of my life. Winning this trophy ... I dreamed about it as a kid,” France Football quoted Ronaldo as saying. “Those who know me, who live with me, know that this is finally a dream come true for me.” Ronaldo dominated the voting, tallying 446 points. Messi had 281 points and Torres had 179. That gave Ronaldo two points more than Kaka tallied to win last year’s award. “I am only 23 and it’s magnificent. Unbelievable. It’s even better considering all the big names in contention this year,” Ronaldo said. “Lionel Messi is second and Fernando Torres is third, but also Xavi [Hernandez, in fifth place].” Ronaldo praised his teammates for helping him, and


A P , Paris

Cristiano Ronaldo got an overwhelming 446 points.

German goalscoring legend Gerd Mueller believes his record of 40 league goals in a season could be beaten by the Bundesliga’s current top scorer Vedad Ibisevic. “Everything is possible. If he carries on like this he will reach the 40-goal mark, and I’ll be congratulating him,” Mueller said in a television interview. The former German international – a World Cup winner in 1974 – hit 40 goals in 34 matches for Bayern Munich in the 1971-72 season and scored more than 30 a season six times. Bosnian striker Ibisevic has now scored 17 times in 15 games for promoted side Hoffenheim, who are top of the table. Mueller admitted in the interview with DSF he had not heard of the 24-year-old player before the start of the season. “A goal instinct like that is something you cannot learn. Either you have it or you don’t – and Ibisevic has it without a doubt,” Mueller said. The former striker, now 63, said Ibisevic reminded him of his former team-mate Uli Hoeness, who “also had the same sort of drive towards goal.”

Wednesday, December 3, 2008



England dodge World Cup’s big guns but Johnson says Scotland won’t be easy England manager Martin

Johnson insisted his team had not been dealt a lucky hand after avoiding all the TriNations in the pool draw for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. England, who in the past three weeks have conceded 102 points during 28-14, 42-6 and 32-6 defeats at Twickenham by Australia, world champions South Africa and New Zealand respectively, escaped an early World Cup

clash with any of the southern hemisphere ‘big three’. Instead they have been drawn alongside old rivals Scotland and Argentina, who finished third at last year’s World Cup final in France, where England reached the final before losing to the Springboks. “If you want to get to the last week of the World Cup you need to be good enough to beat the best in the world,”

Martin Johnson, left, exchanges a Hongi, a traditional Maori greeting, with a performer. Johnson, England’s World Cup-winning captain in 2003,

said after Monday’s draw. “Whoever we got in the pool doesn’t change anything in that regard. “There are some pretty tough groups there. Scotland and Fiji were in the third band and they both reached the quarter-finals at the last World Cup.” With only the top two from each of the four pools of five going through to the quarter-finals, Pool B seems

set to offer a series of hardfought clashes when the next World Cup takes place in New Zealand. But the former lock conceded England would need to make major improvements if they were to head to New Zealand in three years’ time with a realistic chance of taking the title.“ We want to improve as a team. We have to get better. We need to put our plans in place.” AFP


Boks in pool of sharks: coach

TITANIC OPENER All Blacks coach Henry ready to launch World Cup bid against France

AFP, London


AFP, London

ew Zealand coach Graham Henry said the prospect of the All Blacks facing Kiwi heartbreakers France in the opening match of the 2011 Rugby World Cup was “intriguing”. The two nations have been drawn alongside each other in the pool phase, reviving memories of two dramatic World Cup clashes. Last year France defeated New Zealand in the quarter-finals with a 20-18 win in Cardiff, having ended the hopes of a Jonah Lomu inspired All Black side with an even more improbable 43-31 victory at Twickenham in 1999. But the losers of their next World Cup clash are still likely to have a good chance of remaining in the tournament and could face England in the last eight. Tri-Nations champions New Zealand are the world’s No 1 ranked side and they have just completed a grand slam of wins over the four home unions of Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England without conceding a try. However, the fact remains they’ve won the World Cup just once when they staged the inaugural tournament in 1987. As with many of the subsequent editions, the All Blacks are on course to be the favourites in 2011 and the prospect of failing to lift the tro-




Pool A rivals, Graham Henry, left, of New Zealand and Marc Lievremont of France during the IRB Rugby World Cup 2011 draw. phy on their home soil is not one many Kiwi fans will want to dwell on for too long. “It is three years away, and a lot can happen in three years – teams get stronger and teams deteriorate,” said Henry, following Monday’s draw for the 20team tournament. “The France versus All Blacks aspect in the pool is intriguing and will create a lot of interest. That is what we want in the game. “It’s nice to meet them in a pool game when not everything depends on winning,” added Henry who, together with assistants coaches Steve Hansen and Wayne Smith was retained his job despite last year’s loss to ‘Les Bleus’.


The draw Pool A: New Zealand, France, Tonga, Americas 1, Asia 1 Pool B: Argentina, England, Scotland, Europe 1, Play-off winner Pool C: Australia, Ireland, Italy, Europe 2, Americas 2 Pool D: South Africa, Wales, Fiji, Oceania 1, Africa 1 Quarter Final 1: Winner Pool B v Runner-up Pool A Quarter Final 2: Winner Pool C v Runner-up Pool D Quarter Final 3: Winner Pool A v Runner-up Pool B Quarter Final 4: Winner Pool D v Runner-up Pool C

outh Africa coach Peter de Villiers said the world champions had been drawn in a “very physical pool” for the 2011 World Cup in New Zealand after being put in a group with Wales and Fiji. “It is a tough draw and it will be a very physical pool, but I am happy with the draw,” said de Villiers, who took over from Jake White, the coach who led South Africa to a 15-6 World Cup final win over England in Paris last year. “We will be monitoring these nations’ progress over the coming months, but we know what they are capable of when they are on song. “Wales will only go from strength to strength, and we know the Pacific Islands produce outstanding players – you only have to look back to last year’s World Cup to know what a threat they can pose.” South Africa captain John Smit, who lifted the Webb Ellis Trophy at the Stade de France, said the draw had a similar feel to the 2007 World Cup.“Last time, we were drawn against the top team from Britain – which was then England – and this time we have been drawn against Wales, who are the current Six Nations champions. “The draw has a similar feel to last time, and the good thing is that we will be well-tested during the competition.”



Wednesday, December 3, 2008


IT’S A NUMBERS GAME Numerology gives Indian players an edge AFP, Mumbai

ith a string of impressive on-field performances, including victory in the 2007 Twenty20 World Cup, India have risen to become one of the world’s leading limited-overs sides. But their recent success, first in Australia earlier this year and at home against England may not just be down to their skills with the bat and ball. The figures may also be tilted in their favour. Players including captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and inform batsman Yuvraj Singh have turned to a leading Indian numerologist to determine which squad numbers they should wear on their blue uniforms. In numerology, numbers are keys to predicting and explaining human behaviour. Each



Virender Sehwag got so fed up with advice from numerologists that he dispensed with his squad number altogether. (His scores improved.) number is believed to have certain cosmic powers linked to planets. Sanjay B Jumaani, a Mumbaibased numerologist, said about half a dozen members of the team have come to him to help get a psychological edge over the opposition.

“In cricket, fortune is a very important aspect, from a ball that can take a wicket or be sent to the other side of the field. That can turn the fate of the game,” he said. Jumaani, a newspaper columnist who is also consulted by leading Bollywood stars, said

the trend was set by former India captain Sourav Ganguly and spread through the team by word of mouth as his form improved. Among those playing the numbers game is Dhoni, born on the seventh day of the seventh month of 1981. He wears squad number seven – symbolic of dynamism and communication. Left-hander Yuvraj was born on the 12th day of the 12th month in 1981. He wears 12. Yet aggressive opener Virender Sehwag dispensed with his squad number, 44, altogether as it was “pulling him down,” said Jumaani. He has since recovered his form. “He’s the only player in the world who does not wear any number,” said Jumaani. Sehwag explained: “I do not believe in astrology but my family members do. Many people used to pester me and my family to use different numbers. “I was so fed up that I decided not to take their advice and I do not use any number.”


Real hunt Huntelaar What should a great club do when it is immersed in a massive injury crisis and has slipped down to fourth in its domestic league? Answer: sign a topclass forward to revitalise the attack – and to cheer up the frustrated fans. This is exactly what troubled Real Madrid intend to do now, by signing Klaas Jan Huntelaar from Dutch giants Ajax. After embattled Real president Ramon Calderon hinted that he was about to buy “a top-class striker”, Spanish press are reporting that the deal for Huntelaar is as good as done. Madrid newspapers say that Calderon will have to pay Ajax more than US$25.33 million for the 25-year-old Dutch forward. Currently out with knee ligament trouble, he won’t be able to play in La Liga until January. DPA

Wednesday, December 3, 2008



Amateurs could be bunkered



By Kitinan Sanguansak

Winds of 20-22 knots make for a ripping start in Kata Bay



By Preechachan Wiriyanupappong D A I L Y X P R E S S , Phuket

fleet of 95 yachts from 28 countries got off to a spectacular start in the opening race of the 22nd Phuket King’s Cup Regatta in Kata Bay yesterday. On a day when northwesterly winds blew 20-22 knots – the best wind conditions in the Phuket waters in 20 years, according to some pundits – all participating yachts took the race committee chairman Simon James’ starting signal to produce a fascinating contest. The Island Fling, with Hong Kong’s Paul Winkelmann and Briton Steve Dodd at the helm, made the most of the ideal winds to overshadow defending champion Frank Pong’s Jelik in the first race of the Racing Class. Hong Kong’s Hi Fi, Jelik and Fortis Mandrake filled second to fourth places, resectively, with Australian Ray Roberts skippering Quantam Racing, last year’s runner-up, left trailing in fifth. In the Premier Class, Briton Ian Nicholson’s Intrigue came in ahead of the field in the opening race, with second going to Macquarie-Frangipani Girl, helmed by Australian David Ross, and third to Belgian Peter Cremers’ Shahtoosh. Japanese Kenchi Takahashi,




Peter Cremers’ Shahtoosh battles against big waves and strong winds during the first race in the Premier Class yesterday. skippering the Motor Net, sailed home first in the Sports Boat Class, while Scott Duncanson, who skippered Raimond Land to finish first last year in this boat category, came took second under the flag of Somtam Express. Australian Matt Allen aboard the Ichi Ban was first over the finish line in the IRC 1 Class, while reigning champion in the Sunsail One Design Class, the Princess Anna, helmed by Dutchman Achim Griese, proved she remains the strongest among all challengers in this class by storming to victory. “It’s great that we led home


the first race – thanks largely to the incredible winds, which really gave us a perfect sailing today. If the winds pick up again in the following days, I’m optimistic that we stand a better chance of winning this year,” Allen said. Thai sailors had something to celebrate yesterday when Cedar Swan, helmed by highly-experienced Radab Kanjanavanit with an all-Thai crew, captured the lead in the Multihull 1 Class. Pontap Sukudom and Veerasit Puangnak doubled Thai supporters delight when the Royal Thai Navy 2 stormed home first in the IRC 2 Class.

Robinho escapes punishment AGENCIES, Manchester



Robinho says that Manchester City has a small-time mentality.

obinho will escape disciplinary action by Manchester City after claiming the club has a small-time mentality. Manager Mark Hughes believes the Brazilian’s remarks in a television interview were taken out of context. Hughes has no plans to hit Robinho in the pocket. Hughes said: “I view this as a different matter because people

have jumped on certain statements. They are trying to emphasise the negative part of it. I think it is a phrase from Robinho that has been taken out of context and it should be viewed as it was given at the time. “Some of the comments were taken in isolation and sound a little bit damning. But when you see the full interview and the tone in which it was given, I

don’t think people should place much emphasis on it. “When you see the interview, it is done with a smile of his face. It is done with tongue in cheek as well. “What he’s talking about is that a winning mentality has to be learned and you have to understand what it takes to win games, week in, week out. All clubs aspire to that and we are no different in that respect.”

rganisers of the Thailand Junior World Championships, the first ever world-class amateur golf event to be held in the country, are keeping their fingers crossed that the ongoing political turmoil won’t disrupt the tournament. Though anti-government protesters have vacated Bangkok’s two main airports, Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang, the backlog of waiting passengers and disruption of flight schedules may affect the travel plans of many participants. Yesterday the organisers were seriously thinking of either calling off or postponing the tournament, scheduled for December 11-14 at the Royal Hua Hin Golf Course. Rungsrid Luxsitanonda, the Thailand Golf Association president, remained hopeful that the competition could be staged as planned. He also stressed that cancellation of the event would be the last option. “It would be a big disappointment if we could not hold the tournament, given all efforts we put in to prepare for the country’s first world-class event.”

Ishikawa gets nod AGENCIES


apanese golf sensation Ryo Ishikawa will be the youngest player to participate in the Royal Trophy when it takes place at Amata Springs Country Club from January 9 to 11. The seventeen-year-old Ishikawa, known to his millions of Japanese fans as the “Shy Prince” due to his movie-star looks and softspoken manner, has been nominated by Asian team captain Joe Ozaki as the eighth and final player for the Asian team. “Ryo Ishikawa is a very strong and exciting addition to our Asian Team for the Royal Trophy. He is capable of playing very solid and aggressive golf,” said Ozaki.


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