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Believe in peace By Nattha Komolvadhin Thai PBS newsanchor


hese days, I really appreciate the blossoming flowers, the fresh, cool morning breeze and music that warms my heart. Does it have to be only in bad times that I can cherish the simple things in life? The political turmoil could be a hard time for many people, but it can strengthen our spirits. And never forget: have faith in peace.


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With Suvarnabhumi Airport shut down, hapless foreign tourists are arriving at U-Tapao to be flown home – after a painfully long wait >PAGE 2

Get set, the iPhone 3G is about to hit Thailand... Also check out the Joybook Lite and a novel Bluetooth headset >PAGE 13


Monday, December 1, 2008


OF THAIS feel ashamed of the ongoing political crisis.

Tourists can’t wait to get home



Tourists queue up to check in at a temporary THAI counter at Centara Grande Hotel yesterday before a bus trip to U-Tapao Airport.

FLIGHT into CRISIS A THAI flight attendant finds the stand-off mind-boggling and says foreigners shouldn’t suffer for our domestic problems to teach attendants about flight re-routing and rescheduling, as more computers are installed to accommodate the enormous number of passengers.



he has been working as a flight attendant of Thai Airways International (THAI) for 19 years. But A, her alias, has never seen herself in a crisis like this. Throughout the 12-hour service at the Vibhavadi headquarters on Saturday, she encountered many passengers who were rushing to the counters with their personal reasons on why they should be allowed to board the first available flights. “One passenger has a father who needs medication, which is not available in Thailand. One passenger had a son who suffers from bleeding. Though they are sent to hospitals, they still want DAILY


‘I almost cried’

to go home,” A, whose flight was cancelled following the shutdown of Suvarnabhumi Airport, says. Many passengers are ready to buy new tickets for available flights, despite knowing that they could only refund the old tickets at a discount. Some ticketing officers have

“I almost cried seeing some staff feed others, as they had no time to leave the counters for meals,” says A. “The mothers of some staff even cooked for us.” “You know, we have something we call ‘THAI home-stay’. Some flight attendants brought passengers home. This happens particularly to backpackers who have no spare money for fancy hotel rooms,” says A. “Right now, 160,000 tourists have been stranded. But THAI


has about 10 planes. Those planes could be used to transfer these tourists to nearest destinations like Laos, Singapore or Malaysia, from where they can find their flights home.” She informs that THAI had announced there would be 31 flights yesterday, but these include incoming flights. That means the number of passengers to board departure flights would be a few thousands. “As a Thai citizen, I plead with the PAD to release the aircraft at Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang. I know they are protesting for a cause, but these foreign travellers do not deserve to suffer for our domestic problems,” she says. She urged the Royal Thai Air Force to supply its passenger aircraft, which includes C130 and an Airbus.

Thousand of Thai Airways passengers lined up yesterday to check in at the Centara Grande Hotel at CentralWorld, hoping to fly back to their homes without further delay. One of them was 58-yearold Swiss woman Stengle Jutta. She and her husband were on vacation in Thailand from November 8 and hoped to fly out last night after Thai Airways International announced it would provide 31 flights from U-Tapao Airport to serve stranded tourists. “We have to go back to work tomorrow [today],” Jutta said. She had queued up for more than two hours with thousands of other passengers at the airline’s temporary counter at Centara. Some of the passengers at the hotel were seen jotting down their experiences in their diaries. Others bought coffee at a department store nearby or chatted with friends or even strangers. A few were seen kissing loved ones goodbye. Taiwan University lecturer Melody had come to board a bus to U-Tapao after she received confirmation of a seat on Eva airlines. “I don’t know whether I’ll be able to get on the bus quickly. Maybe I’ll take a taxi to the airport,” she said. Many other couples from Switzerland also wanted to go back to their home country as soon as possible. “We were supposed to head back last Tuesday, but we’ve been stuck here for six days since then,” said 42-yearold Swiss woman Sabine Hartmann. “It is not good for the country. They [government supporters and the People’s Alliance for Democracy] should talk and find a resolution to the conflict,” she added. Pongphon Sarnsamak

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Monday, December 1, 2008



To teens: play safe By Pongphon Sarnsamak D A I LY X P R E S S


on’t be surprised if you receive a package of condoms with the message “Step up with understanding” from a group of teenagers. It’s part of a massive campaign to tackle the increasing number of HIV infections among teenagers at school. Initiated by Makkasan Pittaya School students, the campaign commemorates World Aids Day today and aims to raise awareness among teenagers to use condoms as the best defence against contacting HIV during sexual intercourse. “Having a sexual affair is not wrong, but they have to know how to protect themselves from HIV infection,” says Supawach Kiewkhad, an 18-year-old school boy who heads the group.

PUBLIC HEALTH MINISTRY RECORDS SHOW THAT OVER 30,000 TEENAGERS – OR 8.87 PER CENT – AGED 15 TO 24 YEARS SUFFER FROM HIV. He says the campaign against HIV infection was started three years ago. The campaign hands out condoms as well as brochures, which educate students on HIV prevention. There’s also


A massive campaign aims to tackle the rising number of HIV cases among youth

a radio programme every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday that highlights sexual education and broadcasts interesting news relating to teenagers during lunchtime at the school, besides special performances which talk about safe sex. Supawach says his group has received a good response from boys and girls, but most of them are still reluctant to accept condoms or brochures because they are embarrassed. Moreover, he adds, most grocery owners place condoms on small shelves located next to the cashier. This makes teenagers ashamed of buying condoms because the sellers and other grocery buyers stare at them as if

they are bad because of their desire to have sex. According to the Public Health Ministry, recent records show that over 30,000 teenagers – or 8.87 per cent – aged 15 to 24 years suffer from HIV. This is due to the misunderstanding that having sex with a partner without using a condom is safe. After the first case of HIV/Aids was reported in 1984, the incidence of infection has increased steadily in the country. So far 1,115,415 adults have been infected. Of this number 585,830 adults have died of Aids. Some 12,787 new infections (among adults and teenagers) will occur this year.



Monday, December 1, 2008



A pay slip reportedly bearing the signature of the woman who inspired the Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby has been sold for

£115,000 (Bt6.3 million)

briefly Whitney, Bobby not reuniting Whitney Houston has issued a statement denying rumours of a reunion with Bobby Brown. Houston’s publicist Nancy Seltzer calls speculation that the exes are getting back together “a complete fabrication”. Seltzer pinpoints the rumours to a report in the Chicago Sun-Times that said Houston and Brown had been spotted out and about in Georgia looking romantic. – AP

Conjoined Romanian twin sisters Anastasia, right, and Tatiana Dogaru at their apartment in Dallas. AP

Wal-Mart stampede

Hopes of separating girls dashed Twin girls born joined at the head have overcome long odds, but the doctor who brought them to the United States to be evaluated for surgery now says there is no longer any chance they will ever lead separate lives. Anastasia and Tatiana Dogaru, who will be 5 in January, were born in Rome to Romanian parents. The top of Tatiana’s head is attached to the back of Anastasia’s, meaning the girls have never been able to look each other in the eye. Tatiana has had to undergo heart surgery. Anastasia has no kidney function and relies on Tatiana’s kidneys. However, the twins have become smart, active girls, said Dr Kenneth Salyer, chairman and founder of the Dallas-based nonprofit World Craniofacial Foundation. Still, their long-term prognosis is uncertain. Physicians at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland had hoped to separate the girls, but that surgery was deemed too dangerous. Twins born joined at the head – known as craniopagus twins – occur about once every 2.5 million births. A S S O C I AT E D P R E S S

Obamas – goodbye to life as they know it No more intimate dinners out, but they will have a 100-strong White House staff at their beck and call A F P , Washington


s life in the White House beckons, Barack Obama and his family could be forgiven if over the past weeks the stray thought “What have we got ourselves into?” has flittered across their minds. Now they are swapping their elegant Chicago home for the nation’s most exclusive address, 1,600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC; they are also waving goodbye to their past lives to become the country’s top power couple. “First families have really struggled to carve out some sense of normalcy. The White House is the most public fishbowl and you’re living your life in a fishbowl,” historian Robert Watson says. Come January 20, no more intimate dinners out for

Obama and his wife Michelle, like the night they celebrated their election triumph at their favourite Chicago restaurant Spiaggia. No more popping out to the mall for a spot of shopping, no more Blackberry, and even getting a hair cut could pose a challenge.

Living in a mansion “I can’t go to my old barber shop now. I’ve gotta have my barber come – to some undisclosed location to cut my hair,” Obama, 47, joked in a CBS interview, admitting he will miss the “small routines of life”. In exchange though, they will be living in the nation’s most coveted mansion, complete with 132 rooms, 45 bathrooms, a 10-pin bowling alley, cinema, theatre, tennis court,

swimming pool and a jogging track. All a far cry from the first White House occupants, John and Abigail Adams, who moved in in 1800 before it was finished and comprised just six rooms. Little thought had been given to the plumbing and amenities, so Abigail ended up hanging her laundry in the East Room. Now there are about 100 staff at the First Family’s instant beck and call, most of whom have outlasted several administrations. “In the middle of the night if you want anything from a grilled cheese sandwich to fine French cuisine, you just press a button and there it is,” said Watson. The biggest challenge for the Obamas though will be raising their children – daughters Malia, 10, and Sasha, seven – in the full glare of the world’s press amid an insatiable curiosity about the girls’ lives.

Police were reviewing video from surveillance cameras in an attempt to identify who trampled to death a Wal-Mart worker after a 2,000-strong crowd of shoppers burst through the doors and knocked him down. Other workers were trampled as they tried to rescue the man, and customers stepped over him and became irate when officials said the store was closing because of the death. At least four other people, including a woman who was eight months pregnant, were taken to hospitals for observation or minor injuries. The store in Valley Stream on Long Island closed for several hours before reopening. Kimberly Cribbs, who witnessed the stampede, said shoppers were acting like “savages”. – AP

72 more whales die Seventy-two whales have died after becoming stranded on rocks in Tasmania, one week after 53 of the giant animals died nearby in a similar beaching. Chris Arthur of Tasmania’s Parks and Wildlife Service said rescuers had shepherded 32 whales, which had been trapped in a channel offshore among reefs, to safety using a small boat. – AFP


Monday, December 1, 2008






“It’s going to be my stepping stone from Chris Brown to superstar.”




Next weekend’s Green Fair goes beyond the merely organic into truly helpful lifestyles By Sirinia D A I LY X P R E S S


ow can you stuff yourself with organic food and clean the toilet with a cleanser that wouldn’t even dream of being toxic – and still not be green? All right, so you’re green. But you could be greener. Find out how at the Green Fair ’08 this Thursday through Sunday at Thammasat University. Somewhere around 80 small, independent, “green network” manufacturers from around the country will be selling and explaining cooking ingredients, ready-to-eat food, clothes and books. But the main point of the Green Fair is to educate people about the impact their buying choices have on their own health and the global ecology. It will be a great place to test the popular complaint that organic products cost too much. The event’s coordinator, Preyanuch Putthama, will tell

you that the care that goes into making these products justifies the expense, especially when the environment – and our future – are the beneficiaries. There is, for example, the farm that raises 50,000 chickens when it could have half a million and be making a lot more cash. “These chickens live freely out in the yard,” Preyanuch points out, “not like the birds that are clamped up in huge factories where they can’t even move their legs.” Raising produce organically relies on the whims of the season too, says Tortip Pechporee. She owns the shop called Help Me and delivers her fresh veggies and dairy products to customers around Bangkok, and she’s often asked why she’s not as fast and cheap as the food mega-corporations. Tortip points out, though, that the milk she delivers fresh from independent farmers is far healthier – thanks to the cows’ diet – than the supermar-

ket milk shipped by the big manufacturers. She thinks we should all be preparing more of our own meals rather than buying whatever’s convenient. “People these days are better with their computers than they are at cooking,” she says. “That’s not a green life.”

XTRA PLANTING IDEAS >>Pop by the “Green Fair ’08

Living Green Together” at Thammasat University’s Pridi Plaza Thursday through Sunday, 10am to 8pm daily. >>There’s also a small green-

market every Thursday morning at the Regent House Building on Rajdamri Road. >>Get the details at or call (089) 790 6790 or (085) 910 1823.

Monday, December 1, 2008





THE YEAR ICE CUBE became the first hardcore rapper with an album debuting at No 1 - “The Predator”.

Great gear for your house from Canada’s biggest in the home business. > Page 8



Nurgul Yesilcay and Patrycia Ziolkowska star in “Auf der

anderen Seite” (“The Edge of Heaven”), a German entry in the EU Film Festival continuing at CentralWorld’s SF World Cinema. Catch it on Thursday at 7.30 or Friday at 6.30 for Bt100 – call (02) 268 8888. Or you can see it for Bt70 at the Vista Kadsuankaew in Chiang Mai on December 13 or 19. Call (053) 894 415.

Go ahead, eat the daisies You can be an angel nibbling at flowers at the Imperial

Tara Hotel. From December 11 to 21, the Bt550 international lunch buffet in the hotel’s coffee shop features edible flora, including flower spring rolls, spicy tempura flower salad and spicy rose-petal salad. The fourth person at your table eats for free. Call (02) 259 2900, extension 692, or (089) 685 5556.

KFC run raises cash for kids The KFC Bangkok Mini-Marathon at Lumpini Park

on Sunday from 4.30 to 10am is a fund-raiser for underprivileged children. All of the proceeds will be used to buy sports equipment for 350 schools across the country. The entry fee is Bt200. Call (02) 653 2900, extension 6211.

The wrong Suthin The November 27 Soopsip column gave the wrong

surname for veteran journalist Suthin Wannabovorn. We apologise for the error.



aniel Craig’s good, but Bond-wise, he’s no Sean Connery. What’s Sir Sean up to these days, anyway? Still acting, yes, and we spotted him the other day toting a waterproof Louis Vuitton Keepall travel bag. Full of spy gadgetry? Who knows. But there’s the 007 of the first six Bond films sitting in a fairly rough setting, all relaxed and charming as usual, in a series of ads. “Our aim was to broaden the idea of travel beyond its geographical dimension,” says Pietro Beccari, Vuitton’s communication and marketing chief. Committed to promoting environmental responsibility and sustainable development, Louis Vuitton is making a donation to Al Gore’s Climate Project on behalf of Connery.




Monday, December 1, 2008


ATHOME Everything

but the




ave Martha Stewart’s kitchen in your own home. No, she doesn’t come with it, you can re-create her TV set inexpensively with a visit to Tesco Lotus. There are 600 kitchen items on sale at 25 to 40 per cent lower than market prices. Check out the melamine, stoneware, porcelain and bone furnishings and the non-stick, aluminium, iron and stainlesssteel pans.

There’s stuff for as little as Bt15, and the Royal Porcelain ranges from Bt29 to Bt349. “We’ve paid attention to ensuring that the designs, products and of course prices are just what our customers are looking for,” says the retailer’s Ita Shearman.

The ceramic pots might not be the best for Thai cooking, but Shearman says they’re so colourful that they’re ideal for serving food at the table.

Doll set

Kanji tea set

Origami bowls

Kyandi cotton-candy duvet

Move in with EQ3 D A I LY X P R E S S


anadian furniture and decor brand EQ3 has opened a Bangkok outlet on the second floor of Thonglor Midtown. An offshoot of Canada’s largest homeware producer, Palliser Furniture, the brand’s name combines “EQ” for emotional quotient and “3” to represent society beyond just singles and couples. EQ3 says its aim is to give shoppers choices that match their lifestyles, not current trends. Influenced by European design, the products bring modernity to every room in the home as the office as well. Call (02) 391 7058.

Monday, December 1, 2008



WHAT’S ON/WHAT’S UP see it! The politics of Asia Chulalongkorn’s Institute of Asian Studies holds its annual seminar on December 9 to discuss the political, economic and social changes in Asia. The talks run from 8 through 4 and admission is free. Book your seat by calling (02) 218 7464. For more information, visit

Mindfulness at Mahidol Today until Wednesday, Mahidol University Salaya campus is holding an extensive seminar and panel discussion under the topic “Buddhism in Materialistic World”. Admission is free. Visit

ions t t a s n e s a a Sp loved ones lf and your

It’s all in the glass Learn how different shape and material of a glass changes the taste of the wine at a Riedel masterclass wine tasting and dinner at Mantra Restaurant and Bar on December 9 at 7pm.The fee is Bt2,500+ per person, inclusive of snacks, fresh juices and other refreshments. An additional Bt1,200+ will get you a four-course dinner with wines to match.

Voices raised to heaven From December 10 to 12, the Bangkok Combined Choir conducted by Assoc Prof Charunee Hongcharu perform Handel’s “Messiah” at Wattana Church (Sukumvit Soi 19 ), Assumption Church and Holy Redeemer Church (Soi Ruam Rudee) respectively. Admission is free. Call (081) 837-9985 or

urse rk Pamper yo Queen’s Pa a, Imperial p s S t’ a th e g a Imperial al pack ci e sp a h r it o F Hotel w uary 31. rough Jan can available th 00 and Bt2,000, you ,2 e t1 ckag s between B different pa ents by e re th m o ir treatm choose fr face and ha and that feature anicure and pedicure m s Jurlique, plu l essence cocoon. ora a relaxing fl

heel each resort of Hua Hin r w e h t d n i Beh a vintage car at the nostitaiolgnicobf the Hua Hin VintaffgeetCoaf u in d Take a ride 12 and 13. The sixth e nd a 50-metre long b vent a ee er rs b th to m o m ce o m e fr ic D s on 50 class Proceed . re fs tu e a ch fe l ill te o Parade w by 5-star h hai cuisine on. Visit ti a d n u delicious T o F haipattana go to the C telsResort raHo www.Centa


Reflections on nature Wisawut Peesara combines his passion for painting with his love of nature in “True Love Through Art”, on show from today through December 31 at the Amari Watergate Hotel’s third floor exhibition area. Proceeds go to the Foundation for Education and Social Affairs. Visit

Straight from the patoes tthe

ee celebr Starbucks Coff with a new delifestive season ,a rk Cherry Mocha cious coffee, Da ed m ea st d esso an mix of rich espr ted with warm en im pl m co milk, t olate and swee bittersweet choc e hot and cold labl cherry. It is avai l Starbucks outal at d or blende t at lets. Check it ou th. www.Starbuc


Monday, December 1, 2008


WHAT’S ON/WHAT’S UP Walking tall The Imperial Queens Park Hotel encourages members of the public to contribute shoes to 2,551 needy students from 15 schools in Thailand’s rural areas. The hotel, in conjunction with the Foundation of Rehabilitation and Development of Children and Family (FORDEC), is also accepting cash donations at the registration desk in the lobby until December 31. For info, go to

do it!

eatsw r t e v i t Fes hristmas and Ne l

ationa merry C Have a assorted intern h t it a Year w and desserts s tel. Citi savourie an Princess Ho l w cia Pathum rving up a spe , or you e s is 5 t1, 00 Bistro eal for B fet at m s a m t n buf Chris a Korea 0. For more y jo n e can 99 t stauran m for Bt Kayageu dinner, Italian re e set urs ic romant fering a four-co f o is p Loo 0. r Bt1,80 7. menu fo 3

Baskets of plenty Gourmet Market at Siam Paragon, the Emporium, the Mall and all Home Fresh Mart outlets are introducing “Blissful Hampers 2009” stacked with food, drinks and Thai gourmet goodies for shoppers to give away as New Year presents. Citi M Visa and SCB credit card holders get a 15-per-cent discount. The promotion runs through January 16.

7 2) 216 3 Call (0

Bargain buys Until December 10, Homepro is

offering attractive discounts on all bedding and accessories at all its outlets. For every Bt25,000 purchase, shoppers get a gift voucher worth Bt5,000. For information, call (02) 832 1000.

Hefty hampers Get good prices on Christmas and New Year gifts at all Mark & Spencer outlets. Build up a basket of snacks, healthy food, perfumes or potpourri and you can spoil yourself with gift vouchers starting at Bt500.

Fun with father Take your dad out for a fun day on Friday at the Radisson Hotel Bangkok in Huay Kwang and enjoy special treats including a gift set and free family photo plus up to 50-per-cent discounts at 92 Cafe and Fook Yuan Chinese Restaurant. Visit

nal Sensatio seafood8 to 21, er

mb From Dece prepared both rs te enjoy oys modItalian and e l a n traditio th se styles at ern Japane ium nn Grand Mille erra Roku ’s T it v Sukhum Savour the t. n ra restau nd ith caviar a seafood w r deep-fried eo champagn lla h mozzare it w topped sauce. u ts a k n To cheese and

ts e m r u o g r six-course ces his new gouru GameeffNo d o tr in n he am Nguye Bt3,400. T

h st Executive C ukhothai Hotel for ju ith caviar, S e p, sander w ed chero th ll t a a sc o id menu ic ka k d o n atures H venison a met meal fe g Bresse hen, rack of om the fr e in un ttle of w poached yo joy it with a good bo ations, . En r. For reserv ry Vacherin ensive cella on 5104. xt e i’s a th o Sukh 88 extensi 44 88 call (02) 3



Monday, December 1, 2008


THE PERCENTAGE OF EMPLOYABLE Thais who couldn’t get jobs this year, down from 2.1 per cent last year.


love scope BY EUGENIA LAST

December 1 to 6, 2008

ARIES March 21-April 19

You may be totally enamoured by a dynamic individual you meet this week but, if he or she wants or expects too much from you, re-evaluate his or her motives as well as your own. Don’t let love cost you emotionally or financially. TAURUS April 20-May 20

You’ll find love in the strangest circumstances. Dealing with matters that have to be cleaned up before year’s end will force you to deal with unfamiliar people. Be receptive to the advances made by someone special in your midst. GEMINI May 21-June 20

Don’t make an impetuous decision about someone you just met. Making a promise or commitment too soon will lead to a sticky situation that will leave you feeling uncomfortable or, even worse, stuck doing things you don't want to do. CANCER June 21-July 22

You got land, you’re okay

Jitradee Poolvoralaks says real estate is still the best place for your baht

Someone who has the same professional interests will stimulate you. Don't waffle when you should make the first move and do so quickly. Once you start the ball rolling, everything will fall into place. Enjoy your good fortune. LEO July 23-August 22

Your charm and fun-loving attitude will be all it takes to attract partners but don't be too willing to share your emotional baggage with someone you just met. If you really want to make an impression, be attentive, complimentary and a good listener. VIRGO August 23-September 22

Don’t be your own worst enemy. End one relationship before starting another. Love is in the stars but unfinished business with someone from your past may lead to trouble. Don’t argue - discuss and finalise your position so you can move on. LIBRA September 23-October 22

By Kupluthai Pungkanon D A I LY X P R E S S


he economy’s meltdown isn’t going to dissuade Jitradee Poolvoralaks in her belief that property is still the best long-term investment. The executive vice president of Major Development recently opened Royce Private Residences, an ultraluxurious 160-unit condominium on Soi Sukhumvit 31.

XTRA H E R E YO U G O >> Select a prime location,

close to a main road or business district, certainly downtown. >> Invest in a trusty developer who can guarantee highquality construction, maintenance and services. >> Keep an eye on realty pre-sales, when the price is best.

Prices there start at Bt15 million. “Even with inflation, the banks willing to guarantee no more than Bt1 million and the stock market fluctuations, you’re never going to regret an investment in real estate,” Jitradee says. “The return value is still very high, especially if you have a good location and a trustworthy developer.” Jitradee – who’s worked on 11 high-end condominium on Sukhumvit, Silom and Sathorn roads, as well as in Hua Hin – says the property market has changed significantly since the Asian economic crisis a decade ago. And so have lifestyles, notes the mother of two young girls. “People don’t want to waste time in traffic commuting to work. They realise that life isn’t just about going to work – it’s about spending time with the family. “Urban people already have harsh, competitive lives. If

they can save an Jitradee Poolvoralaks hour or two to spend with their children, that’s so much more meaningful than having breakfast in the car.” People who can afford it tend to have single-family houses outside the city for the weekends and stay in a condo in town during the week, which they can always rent. But if they opt to buy a unit at Royce, it’s about Bt160,000 per square metre, and, after initial deductions, they’ll pay around Bt70,000 a month for a Bt15-million unit. The design concept is “Royal Victorian Contemporary”, with a large, English-style courtyard included in the overall 6,000-square-metre lot. There are two towers with individual lifts, the units having oversize master bedrooms and living rooms, and built-in furnishings.

Have fun, explore new avenues and spend time with people who share your interests. Friendships should take priority over a torrid affair that has no potential. You have to put things in perspective and spare your heart additional grief. SCORPIO October 23-November 21

Someone from your past may still interest you. Pick up the phone and find out what he or she is up to. You may want to plan a little trip during the festive season so that you can reconnect with this person and find out if sparks still exist. SAGITTARIUS November 22-December 21

You may have to change if you don’t want to lose the one who's played an important role in your life to someone else. Commitment isn’t easy but it is a must if you want to build a solid future with someone. Make up your mind. CAPRICORN December 22-January 19

Love at first sight is heading your way. You’ll be charmed by someone who appears to have it all but, before you jump the gun, make a practical assessment of the situation and decide how best to protect your own long-term interests. AQUARIUS January 20-February 18

Someone you really shouldn’t get involved with will tempt you. Playful interaction without any promises will be about as far as you should venture. A wrong move could end up being costly emotionally, personally and financially. PISCES February 19-March 20

Don’t make promises you cannot keep. Forget about letting someone buy you or hold you captive. There are other fish in the sea and, by participating in activities you enjoy, you will meet someone you have far more in common with.

Monday, December 1, 2008



Visualising happiness A lot of the joy in the Joybook Lite U101 from BenQ comes from its 10.1-inch, 16:9 ratio screen. It has a speedy 8ms response time, making this netbook good for watching movies on the go. It also comes with a 1.3-megapixel webcam and the whole package is powered by an Intel Atom processor N270 1.6 GHz. It runs Windows XP Home OS and will set you back about Bt16,500.

TO DO buy it! Cool connections BlueAnt Z9i is a Bluetooth headset that can connect to two mobile phones at the same time using Multipoint technology. Dual microphones and Voice Isolation Technology provide powerful noise suppression, echo cancellation and wind-noise reduction. The battery will allow you to talk for around five hours. The BlueAnt costs Bt3,990.

There are things we can’t do without, and some of them are here.

So go ahead and take your pick!

True taste of Apple’s iPhone Good news for iPhone fans: the iPhone 3G will be available (legally) in Thailand soon thanks to True Move’s deal with Apple to distribute iPhones. The price of the phone and monthly package details will be announced in the near future. At a slimmed-down 133 grams and fingerfriendly 115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3 mm, the 3G iPhone runs on UMTS/HSDPA 850, 1900, 2100 MHz and GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz) and comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Its 3.5-inch (diagonal) widescreen has a resolution of 480 by 320 pixels and the phone plays several digital music and video formats. There’ll be two models to choose from: the 8GB and the 16GB.




Monday, December 1, 2008


TO SEE on tv

Past Midnight When Ben Jordan gets out of prison after serving 15 years for stabbing his wife to death, his social worker sets about trying to prove his innocence. Cinemax (TrueVisions), 8pm

her budto suppress g lin g g ru her st very about ol student A high-scho makes a startling disco ajor Cineplex, y M ding sexualit this dark comedy. At in d o o womanh .


ema EGV, SF Cin

Hua Lood F amily (Hea Comedian K dless Fam otee Aramb ily) o

yd about a hap less and hea irects and stars in this comedy dless family Jaturong Mo . kjok and Met hinee Kingp English sub ayom co-sta titles at so r. W me cinemas.


The Business Set in the Thatcher era with the cool sounds of the ’80s, this action packed gangster flick takes us to Spain’s sun drenched Costa del crime. True Movie Hits (TrueVisions), 11.30pm

Twilight A teenage girl risks everything when she falls in love with a vampire Venues: APEX, EGV, Major Cineplex, SF Cinema, Century, Major Hollywood, UMG RCA

Haa Thaew

Bandidas Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek play two women who reluctantly join forces to fight a ruthless enforcer by becoming celebrated bank robbers.

Produced by the man who etched the tiger on Angelina Jolie’s back, spiritual tattoo master Noo Kanpai, the film tells the story of a man empowered by an inked alphabet. With English subtitles at some cinemas.

20th Century Boys

Burn After Reading

Based on the awardwinning Japanese manga series, this liveaction epic follows three boys as they race against time to stop a mysterious new cult led by “Friend”. In Japanese

In this black comedy by the Coen brothers, a disk containing the memoirs of a CIA agent (John Malkovich) ends up in the hands of two unscrupulous gym employees (Brad Pitt and Frances McDormand) who then attempt to sell it.

with English and Thai subtitles at Major Cineplex, EGV, SF Cinema.

Star Movies (TrueVisions), 8pm

Rueng Khong Rueng World-class photographer Anuchai Srijaroonpoothong of Archive magazine talks about his masterpieces, Channel 5, 9.40pm

Channel links Channel 3 – Channel 5 – Channel 7 – Modernine – NBT – Thai PBS – True –

Traitor Don Chead le st operative w ars as a conflicted se cre ho tions lead to se ties to terrorist org t anisahis being d og an FBI agen t (Guy Pearc gedly tracked by e).

George Clooney and Tilda Swinton co-star. Venues: Paragon Cineplex, APEX.

Sex Drive Ian (Josh Zuckerman) is the last American virgin. His luck changes when he meets Danielle on Facebook and she says she’ll go all the way - if he drives 800 kilometres

The House Bunny Anna Faris plays a former playboy bunny in this comedy.

to Knoxville. So Ian takes off on a road trip in his brother Rex’s (James Marsden) beloved car, without permission of course.

Quantum of Solace James Bond is back – and this time it’s personal. The world’s most famous spy sets out to

Monday, December 1, 2008




TO SEE Coming Soon Sophon Sakdaphisit, the co-writer of horror hits “Shutter” and “Alone”, makes his directorial debut with this thriller about a haunted movie. Chantawit Thanasewee stars. With English subtitles at some cinemas.


Kids A boy with the power to transfer others’ wounds to his own body befriends another teen in this drama. In Japanese with English and Thai subtitles at House and APEX.

Based on the recent novel “The Dying Animal” by Philip Roth, this drama directed by Isabel Coixet charts the doomed-to-fail love affair between a college professor (Ben Kingsley) and a female student (Penelope Cruz). At Apex.

Scar 3D stop an environmentalist from taking control of a country’s water supply.

Into the Faraway Sky Though marketed as a children’s fantasy, this Japanese family drama with an environmental message centres on the friendship between three children in a small town.

Told mostly in flashbacks, it stars Ryunosuke Kamiki and Tomokazu Miura. In

Suddenly Last Winter

Japanese with English and Thai subtitles at House and Lido.

This endearing and witty documentary was made by Gustav Hofer and Luca Ragazzi, whose lives were turned upside down when the Italian government presented a draft law that would give rights to unmarried gay couples. The legislation upset the Vatican and conservative groups and sparked a wave of homophobia. At

Painted Skin This pan-Asian production starring Donnie Yen, Chen Kun and Betty Sun is a fantasy tale about a fox spirit in the guise of a woman who feasts on the hearts of her lovers in order to maintain her beauty. In Mandarin with


English and Thai subtitles at SFW Central World, Paragon Cineplex.

Muallaf (The Convert) A down-to-earth documentary about a Buddhist woman who marries a Muslim man, and her journey from one faith to another as she settles in the Islamic South. At Lido.

Joan Burrows (Angela Bettis) returns to her hometown to attend her niece Olympia’s (Kirby Bliss Blanton) high school graduation. But before graduation day, a young couple goes missing and within a few days a mutilated body is found in the water during the town’s fish festival.

Penyai Jom Salad Nonzee Nimibutr’s action fantasy tells of the struggle for power in southern Thailand’s Langkasuka Kingdom of 400 years ago. Led by Queen Hijau (Jarunee Suksawat), the kingdom’s only real weapons are a pair of large cannons, which lie at the bottom of the ocean. Only magic can retrieve them.

Son of Rambow A boy from a strict religious family (Bill Milner) and a rebellious school bully (Will Poulter) strike up a friendship as they set out to make their own version of their favourite movie, “First Blood”.

on dvd REGION 1

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Archaeologist adventurer Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) comes to DVD in four different packages, with one-and twodisc versions with and without steel casings and crystal skulls. The one-disc has a few extras and costs Bt245 ,while the two-disc comes with many more special effects and is priced at around Bt1,320. Audio languages are English and Thai: subtitles add Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean and Bahasa. – Daily Xpress

Apex Lido: (02) 252 6498 Siam: (02) 251 3508 Scala: (02) 251 2861

Century – The Movie Plaza (02) 247 9940 www.Century

House (02) 641 5913-4

Major Cineplex/EGV Bangkok: (02) 515 5555 Chiang Mai: (053) 283 939

Paragon Cineplex (02) 129 4635 IMAX: (02) 129 4631

SF Cinemas Bangkok: (02) 268 8888 Phuket: (076) 209 000

The Duchess

A beautiful wom an becomes th e talk of British hi gh society whe n she marries the Duke of Devonshire. Star s Keira Knightle y and Ralph Fien nes.

Vista Chiang Mai: (053) 894 415

Critical consensus ★★★★★ = Must see! ★★★★ = Solidly entertaining ★★★ = It’s okay ★★ = Barely watchable ★ = Don’t bother

Adam By Bryan Basset

The Buckets By Scott Stantis

Pooch Cafe By Paul Gilligan

Red and Rover

By Brian Basset

By Bill Watterson

Calvin and Hobbes

By John McPherson

Close to Home

16 LEISURE Monday, December 1, 2008



Monday, December 1, 2008



Games&YourStars SUDOKU

The last word in


Saturday’s Puzzle Answer

By Eugenia Last

Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusively.

Today’s Birthday: A lot rides on your interaction with others and how you handle situations, so think before you speak, act out or take charge. Diplomacy is the key this year. There is plenty to consider, much that can be gained and friendships that can be salvaged. ARIES ** March 21-April 19 Start thinking more about your financial future and stop overdoing it in all aspects of your life. It’s time to put a price on the services you have to offer. Put some money away. TAURUS ***** April 20-May 20 You can make adjustments that will help you engage in a brighter future. Consider the job of your choice and focus on what you have to do to get it. Move in a direction that will satisfy you financially.


GEMINI *** May 21-June 20 Look at the relationships you are involved in and make plans to do things with the people you favour most. You need to be around upbeat, motivated individuals who will spark your creativity. CANCER *** June 21-July 22 Let your feelings be known. This is a great time to size down if that will help you financially. Your perception of how someone views you may be off if you let your sensitivity take over. LEO *** July 23-Aug. 22 Put your to-do list together and move quickly to complete what needs to be done. Once you have your work out of the way, you can shop, plan a vacation or socialise. VIRGO ***** Aug. 23-Sept. 22 Make arrangements to do things with friends who will allow you to explore new avenues. A change in plans will lead to greater love and romance. Shopping will bring practical results.


LIBRA ** Sept. 23-Oct. 22 Sticking too close to home will lead to disagreements with someone you care about. Overindulgence or taking on too much will cause more trouble. Don’t push the one you love. SCORPIO **** Oct. 23-Nov. 21 Don’t let anyone bully you or take credit for something you have done. You have to be aggressive if you want to get ahead. A change of plans will actually turn out to be to your advantage. SAGITTARIUS *** Nov. 22-Dec. 21 Work with someone who can teach you and you will be able to incorporate an added twist to your findings. Don’t make a snap decision if you haven’t assessed the situation thoroughly.

Woody Allen Director Woody Allen is 73. Actor Chuck Low is 71, Actor Pierre Arditi is 64. Actress Bette Midler is 63. Actor Jeremy Northam is 47. Actress Sarah Silverman is 38 Actress Carol Alt is 38; Guitarist Brad Delson (Linkin Park) is 31.

CAPRICORN *** Dec. 22-Jan. 19 You’ll have plenty to think about financially and personally. Protect your assets. Love looks promising if you are straightforward about your intentions. AQUARIUS *** Jan. 20-Feb. 18 If you share your secrets with anyone, expect rumours to spread. It may be time to own up to anything you feel guilty about and start anew with someone you care deeply about. PISCES **** Feb. 19-March 20 Do what you say instead of just talking about it. Once you put your plans into motion, you will feel better about yourself and your future. Now is not the time to let others guide you.


Bangkok Bank, the career partner you can rely on to bring out your best With our 60-year track record of success, and our reputation as Thailandís leading bank, we offer a secure employment environment with great opportunities for career advancement. To create your great future career, Bangkok Bank - opening the door to new opportunities.

Positions available: Management Level ● ●

● ●

Relationship Managers-Overseas Branch Credit Analysis Managers-Credit Acceptance Unit Card Marketing Manager Product Managers (Reward/Retention) -Credit Card Assistant Vice President-Product Development, Global Payment Services

Senior Level ● ●

Accounting Specialists Product Development Specialists

Officer Level ●

● ●

Relationship Officers-Corporate Banking Division Marketing Officers-Credit Card Programmers

If you recognize yourself in any of these profiles, please apply online via

AGM, suppliers and manufacturers of Heavy Equipments which are water tanks to suit On-Highway rigid frame truck and standard tanks as per specification to suit Off-Highway rigid frame trucks, articulated trucks, wheel tractor head. AGM was conceptualized from an internal need to source high quality low cost Water Tanks for on and Off Highway Trucks. This need lead to the team using existing partners (with manufacturing as a core business) to service the significant need for steel products within the earthmoving industry in massive markets such as the United States and Australia. The Engineering Dept. whom Design, Prototype built and Manufacturing control of AGM products. AGM manufacturing and marketing products were onsite throughout the world market supplying water tanks for scrapers, on and off highway trucks, excavator buckets, service maintenance trucks, crushing equipment and wide range of other additional special products.

Finance Manager ● ● ● ● ●

(1 Position)

Financial & management accounting (monthly reporting, KPI's, etc.). Forecasting and cash flow management. Compliance with VAT and other statutory regulations. Establishing strong financial procedures and controls. Reporting to and assisting the CFO and General Manager.

● ●

● ●

Experience in ERP Experience in Exporting companies CPA

● ● ●

Qualifications: ● ● ● ● ●

Master's Degree in Finance or related fields. At least 5 years of experience in Finance. Good command of spoken and written English. Good interpersonal skill and hard working. Willing to work hard and able to work under pressure.

● ●

Procurement Officer ●

● ● ● ●

(4 Positions)

Manages the coordination with requisitioning departments to determine specifications and requirements, and interfaces with the Accounting departments, and with vendors, as required in completing assigned duties relating to the procurement of various components and manufactured goods and services. Performs coordination and communication tasks, as required, in serving as designated back up for the commercial management function, when the commercial manager is out of office. Develops specifications, terms and conditions, and bid documents for assigned contracts. Facilitates pre-bid and pre-RFP (request for proposals). Develops, writes, revises, edits, produces, proofs and approves departmental requests for proposals (RFP) and contracts.

● ● ● ●

Design Engineer

● ● ● ●

● ● ● ●

At least vocational diploma in Engineering/Male, age over 25 years. Good command of English both spoken and written. Good interpersonal skills. Computer literate in CAD or Graphic Design programs. Knowledge of Measurement Tool and process control is preferable. A car owner and able to drive will be an advantage.

Part Book and Service Engineer

(3 Positions)

Qualifications: ●

● ●

Bachelor's Degree or higher in Mechanical Engineering. Male, age over 25 years., at least 3-5 years of experience with heavy equipments and attachment equipments. Excellent command of English both spoken and written. Good interpersonal skills. Computer literate in CAD or Graphic Design programs. Knowledge of ISO 9001,ISO 14001 will be an advantage. A car owner and able to drive will be an advantage.

Mechanic / ™à“ß°≈

(10 Positions)

Qualifications: ● «ÿ≤‘°“√»÷°…“ √–¥—∫ ª«™.-ª« .  “¢“‡§√◊ËÕß°≈ À√◊Õ‡∑’¬∫‡∑à“ ● ‡æ»™“¬, Õ“¬ÿµß—È ·µà 25 ªï¢π÷È ‰ª ● ¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥åÕ¬à“ßπâÕ¬ 2 ªï „π‡§√◊ËÕß®—°√°≈Àπ—° ●  “¡“√∂„™â§Õ¡æ‘«‡µÕ√å ‰¥â¥’, ¡’§«“¡√—∫º‘¥™Õ∫ ¢¬—π ¡’¡πÿ…¬ —¡æ—π∏奒

(4 Positions)

Qualifications: ●

Qualifications: ● Bachelor's Degree in Accounting. ● At least 1-2 years of experience with purchasing or relate fields. ● Excellent command of English both spoken and written will be and adventage. ● Good interpersonal skill and hard working

(4 Positions)

(6 Positions) (5 Positions) (5 Positions)


Bachelor's Degree in Engineering and Master's Degree in Business Management preferable. At least 3-5 years of experience in Engineering or in related fields. Good command of spoken and written English. Good interpersonal skill and hard working. Willing to work hard and able to work under pressure.

Purchasing Officer

Positions) Positions) Positions) Positions)

Bachelor's Degree or higher in Industrial Engineering. Male, age over 25 years., at least 3-5 years of experience with heavy equipments, automobile and machinery. Excellent command of English both spoken and written. Good interpersonal skills. Computer literate in CAD or Graphic Design programs. Knowledge of Measurement Tool and process control is required. Knowledge of ISO 9001,ISO 14001 will be an advantage. A car owner and able to drive.

Production Control Staff Quality Control Staff Quality Assurance Staff

Qualifications: ●

(3 (3 (5 (5


Further skills an advantage: ●

Production Manager Production Control Engineer Quality Control Engineer Quality Assurance Engineer

Welder / ™à“߇™◊ËÕ¡

(10 Positions)

Qualifications: ● «ÿ≤‘°“√»÷°…“ √–¥—∫ ª«™.-ª« . ¥â“π™à“߇™◊ËÕ¡ À√◊Õ„°≈⇧’¬ß ‡ªìπÕ¬à“ßπâÕ¬ ● ‡æ»™“¬, Õ“¬ÿµß—È ·µà 25 ªï¢π÷È ‰ª, ª√– ∫°“√≥å 0-3 ªï ¥â“πß“π‡™◊ËÕ¡ ● ¡’ „∫ certificate ™à“߇™◊ÕË ¡, ¡’§«“¡√—∫º‘¥™Õ∫ ¢¬—π ¡’¡πÿ…¬ —¡æ—π∏奒

Bachelor's Degree or higher in Mechanical Engineering. Male, age over 25 years. At least 3-5 years of experience with heavy equipments, automobile and machinery. Excellent command of English both spoken and written. Good interpersonal skills. Computer literate in CAD and Graphic Design programs. A car owner and able to drive.

Interested applicants are welcome to apply in person or submit your resume with full details of qualifications, experiences and expected salary by mail or E-mail to:

Human Resources Department, AGM (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 19/F Italthai Tower, 2034/86 New Petchburi Road, Bangkapi, Huaykwang, Bangkok 10310 Tel. 0 2716 1752-4 Fax: 0 2716 1755 Website:

∫√‘…—∑ ·Õ¥«“π´å ‡∑§‚π‚≈¬’ ·¡∑™‘Ëß

1. æπ—°ß“π∏ÿ√°“√

ª√–°Õ∫°‘®°“√¥â“π®“𥓫‡∑’¬¡ ¡’§«“¡ª√– ߧå∑’Ë®–¢¬“¬ß“π ®÷ߢÕ√—∫ ¡—§√æπ—°ß“π¥—ßµàÕ‰ªπ’È

3. ™à“ßµ‘¥µ—Èß®“𥓫‡∑’¬¡


- ‡æ»À≠‘ß Õ“¬ÿ‰¡à‡°‘π 30 ªï - ª«™.-ª√‘≠≠“µ√’ (¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥åæ‘®“√≥“‡ªìπ摇»…)

- ‡æ»™“¬ Õ“¬ÿ‰¡à‡°‘π 30 ªï - «ÿ≤‘ ª«™., ª« .-ª√‘≠≠“µ√’ ¥â“π‚¬∏“, Õ‘‡≈Á§‚∑√𑧠å, ‰øøÑ“, Õÿµ “À°“√ 2. æπ—°ß“π¢“¬ À≈“¬µ”·Àπàß - ¡’°“√Õ∫√¡„Àâ°àÕπªØ‘∫—µ‘ß“π®√‘ß - ¡’„∫¢—∫¢’Ë√∂¬πµåæ‘®“√≥“‡ªìπ摇»… - ™“¬/À≠‘ß Õ“¬ÿ‰¡à‡°‘π 35 ªï - ¡’‡ß‘π‡¥◊Õπª√–®”, Commission - «ÿ≤‘ ¡.6-ª√‘≠≠“µ√’  ¡—§√¥â«¬µπ‡ÕßÀ√◊Õ àß®¥À¡“¬¡“∑’Ë - ‰¡à®”‡ªìπµâÕß¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥å - ¡’„∫¢—∫¢’√Ë ∂¬πµå殑 “√≥“‡ªìπ摇»… ∫√‘…—∑ ·Õ¥«“π´å‡∑§‚π‚≈¬’·¡∑™‘Ëß®”°—¥ - ¢¬—π ·≈–¡’§«“¡°√–µ◊Õ√◊Õ√âπ 200/20-22 ¡.8 ∂.æÀ≈‚¬∏‘π µ.§Ÿ§µ Õ.≈”≈Ÿ°°“ ®.ª∑ÿ¡∏“π’ 12130 ‚∑√. 0-2998-9200-5 - √“¬‰¥â¥’ ¡’‡ß‘π‡¥◊Õπª√–®”, E-mail: Commission

Permanent Job, Urgently require for our order on-hands NEUMAN & ESSER South-East Asia Ltd. is a subsidiary of the NEA Group that is promoted by BOI for engineering, manufacturing and service of reciprocating compressor plants for gas and process applications, with a strong presence in the Asia-Pacific region. We are now looking for highly skilled professionals to join our team. We provide a healthy work environment with a secure and friendly atmosphere, and encourage individual and team excellence.

Sales Engineer : SE Scope of Responsibility: The Sales Engineer will report to the expatriate Sales & Customer Service Division Manager and will be responsible for the sales target of new machine, spare parts and services in Thai market. He/She will consult with our customers, provide technical expertise and solution, issue quotation and deliver our products and services at NEA GROUP standard to meet customer requirement and maintain customer satisfaction.

Qualification: ‡≈¢∑’„Ë ∫Õπÿ≠“µ π


Asian Reinsurance Corporation is an intergovernmental organization established in 1979 under the UN/ESCAP to promote regional cooperation in the field of reinsurance.

Nippon Consulting Recruitment Co., Ltd. “Let us be your professional Career Consultant” We are looking for many positions according to our clients requirement as follow :

• • • • • • • • • • •

Japanese Interpreter / Translator Accountant Engineer Secretary Human Resources Customer Service Logistics / Shipping QA / QC / ISO / BOI Purchasing / Warehouse Import & Export Sales & Marketing

All positions required : ◆ Thai or Japanese Nationality ◆ Good command of English or Japanese ◆ With computer literacy Please send your resume, present photo together with relevant documents or apply in person at:

Sino-Thai Tower, 16th Floor, Unit B, 32/41 Sukhumvit 21 Road (Asoke), Klongtoey-Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 Tel. 02-261-7165, 02-665-2505 Fax: 02-665-2510 E-mail: Website:

We are looking for a suitable person to fill up a vacancy in:

FACULTATIVE DEPARTMENT 1 Post. Profile of the candidate: ✪ ✪

Not over 35 years of age Minimum Bachelor's degree in Accounting / Business Administration / Mathematics / Statistics ✪ Good command of English ✪ Computer proficiency Working experience in insurance will be recognized. Position and starting salary will be based on qualifications and experience. Please contact Khun Thararat before 15th December 2008 at the address below: E-mail: ASIAN REINSURANCE CORPORATION 17th Floor, Tower B, Chamnan Phenjati Business Center, 65 Rama 9 Road, Huaykwang, Bangkok 10320, Thailand Phone No. : 02 2452169, 02 2452190, 02 2452197-9 Fax No. : 02 2488011, 02 2481377

The successful candidate will be a Thai national with at least five years experience in sales area; oil & gas or in petrochemical industries would be an advantage, qualified Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering, very good command of English, conversant with PC, pleasant and outgoing person, proactive, initiative and flexible with good communication and presentation skills.

Service Supervisor Scope of Responsibility: To lead skilled technicians to deliver a professional erection, installation, commissioning and maintenance service for reciprocating compressor at customers site throughout Asia-Pacific region, The candidate will be expected to provide hands-on technical alternative solutions, prepared quotations, service plans and schedules as well as ensure the agreed scope of work delivered by customer is delivered within the budget and timeframe.

Qualifications: The successful candidate will be a Thai national qualified to at least diploma level in Mechanical Engineering or a related field, with at least five years working experience in mechanical and maintenance service work. A solid technical background in pumps, compressors or equivalent equipment will be a distinct advantage. The successful candidate will be pleasant, outgoing, high flexible, good communications skills, be computer literate in MS Office applications and posses a strong customer service mentality. Selected candidates must have strong English skills, be able to lead and motivate a team, be willing to travel both regionally as well as overseas, hold a valid driving license and own their own car. Neuman & Esser South East Asia Ltd., provides overseas training opportunities, excellent benefits and promotional prospects along with the chance to live a healthy life in a seaside environment centrally located in Thailand's eastern seaboard. Interested candidates please contact the address or e-mail address below:

Contact Information: Contact Name: Personnel and Administrative Department Address: 178/1 Moo 7, Tambon Pae, Amphur Muang, Rayong 21160 Telephone: 038-653-797 ext. 422 Fax: 038-896-182-3 E-mail: Home Page:



Monday, December 1, 2008

THE SPORT briefly




French League leaders Lyon missed out on the chance to put daylight between themselves and their title rivals with a draw.



Del Piero hits 250 as Juventus go second Veteran forward Alessandro Del Piero bagged his 250th Juventus goal as the Turin giants climbed up to second in the Serie A table with a 4-0 victory over Reggina in snowy Turin on Saturday. It was a sixth win in seven league games for Juve with 34-year-old Del Piero’s landmark goal coming from the penalty spot following strikes from Mauro Camoranesi, Amauri and Giorgio Chiellini. The victory moved Juventus above AC Milan on goal difference. – AFP

No joy for Lin, Xie in finals It was a miserable day for China’s golden badminton couple, Lin Dan and Xie Xingfang, after they each lost yesterday in their individual finals at the Yonex-Sunrise Hong Kong Super Series. Lin, the Beijing Olympics gold medallist and most high profile Chinese player, was beaten 21-9 9-21 21-17 by compatriot Chen Jin in the men’s final. He stayed court-side to watch girlfriend and Beijing silver medallist Xie Xingfang lose to Hong Kong’s Wang Chen, the home favourite running out 21-16 10-21, 21-10 winner. Lin, well known for being feisty, dodged the press after seeing Xie beaten in front of a full house at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium. “I’m not surprised to beat Lin,” said Chen, the third seed, afterwards. “I beat him at the All England Championships earlier this year.” – AFP

India cancel Pak tour – television India’s government has refused permission to send a cricket team for a full tour of Pakistan early next year following the deadly Mumbai attacks, Indian television reported yesterday. The tour was cancelled amid a government probe into Pakistani links to the assaults on the country’s financial capital by heavily-armed militants that left

nearly 200 people dead. The NDTV and CNN-IBN news channels, quoting unnamed government sources, said the matches were also unlikely to be played at neutral venues. – AFP

Metzelder should quit Real: Loew Germany coach Joachim Loew advised Real Madrid defender Christoph Metzelder to consider leaving the Spanish giants in order to get more match practice Metzelder and save his international career. The 28-year-old defender has struggled for regular first-team football since joining Real in 2007 and Loew says Metzelder may need a new club in January’s transfer window. “If Christoph wants to get back in the German national team, then he must play either with Real or another club,” Loew said. “Without match practice, it will become enormously difficult for him.” – AFP

Hoffenheim motor on Surprise package Hoffenheim stayed top of the German Bundesliga after a 3-0 home win on Saturday over Arminia Bielefeld. – AFP

Manager O’Neill seeks reinforcements for Aston Villa’s push into elite AFP, Birmingham, England


artin O’Neill has confirmed he will be looking to strengthen his squad in January as he seeks to drive Aston Villa into England’s exclusive club of Champions League participants. A 0-0 draw with Fulham at Villa Park on Saturday ensured O’Neill’s side missed a golden opportunity to consolidate their place in the top four of the Premier League. The Northern Irishman described the result as “disappointing” and admitted he would need reinforcements if Villa are not to run out of steam as he targets silverware in both the Uefa and FA Cups, as well as the top four finish that would

bring Europe’s elite to Villa Park next season. “If we are to genuinely compete we will have to try and do something in January,” the former Celtic boss admitted. “We could be in the last 32 of the Uefa Cup, the FA Cup and also chasing the Holy Grail in terms of the Premiership.” A priority for O’Neill is likely to be a striker. With Norwegian John Carew currently sidelined through injury and not expected to return for at least another two weeks, Villa looked short on options in attack against a dogged Fulham rearguard and their best chance fell to midfielder Gareth Barry, who hit the crossbar with a second-half header.

The Villa boss confirmed Marlon Harewood would lead the attack in Thursday’s Uefa Cup tie against Slovakian side MSK Zilina at Villa Park – one of a number of changes. Goalkeeper Brad Friedel, who made a record 167th consecutive Premiership appearance and whose late save from Clint Dempsey prevented Fulham pinching their first away league win of the season, will also be rested with Brad Guzan his likely replacement. O’Neill admitted he would have liked to have had Carew available to throw on as Fulham battened down the hatches in the second-half. He said: “When we lost him six or seven weeks ago we thought it would cause us some concern. We have got through that, but I think he would have given us something that we




Bernd Schuster

“Stevie is still young and 28 is the best age for a player. He will not lose his power, he will not lose his quality, so in terms of his physical condition and ability, he will not lose these things. He can only improve because he will read the game better as he gets older.”

“It was not a painful defeat because from the start of the game it was clear that it would have been very difficult to win. At no time did we have the feeling that we could win. Getafe were superior and spectacular.”

Keane places doubts on Sunderland job


AFP, Sunderland, England


I WOULDN’T SAY THEY CHOKED,BUT TEAMS COMING HERE AND SITTING BACK IS SOMETHING THEY HAVE TO LEARN FROM. Martin O’Neill lacked. “It was a disappointing result for us. We went into the game with high hopes and high on confidence and there was no

lack of effort. There was an opportunity there for us to go into third place, even if only until tomorrow [Sunday], but we did not grab it. “We have some really good players in their early twenties. They are still learning, although I still genuinely think they can grow into something. “I wouldn’t say they choked, but teams coming here and sitting back is something they have to learn from.” Fulham boss Roy Hodgson was delighted with another impressive point away from home following their 0-0 draw at Liverpool “It’s a dogfight, and it would be foolish of me to say because we have had two decent results away from home that we will not be involved this season. We may still be. But I think this time we have a better chance of being safe.”

oy Keane has placed doubt on his ability to continue as manager of Sunderland, who dropped into the relegation zone after their latest defeat on Saturday. “I ask myself every single day if I am the right man for Sunderland. I asked myself this morning and said I was,” Keane said after a 4-1 drubbing at home by Bolton. “Tomorrow morning if the answer is ‘No’ we will have to look at it. “It’s not about what’s best for Roy Keane. It’s what’s best for Sunderland Football Club. I might wake up on Monday morning and think I’m the right man. On Tuesday it might be different. “I’m the manager of this football club and ultimately I’m responsible and I’ve never shied away from that. That’s part of being a manager and that’s why I take full responsibility for the run we’re on and everything else.” After spending nearly £70 million in the transfer market, Sunderland are struggling to keep pace in the highly competitive Premier League. The Black Cats have won just one of their last seven games. “I can’t sit here and say I’ve not had the backing,” added the Irishman, whose contract expires at the

end of the season. “I have brought in loads of players and I have absolutely no excuses. “We’ve been very poor and the goals we have conceded recently would make it impossible to win any game of football, let alone in the Premier League. “It is not good enough. We play with such innocence we make it hard for ourselves and we get punished for every mistake we make.” After 15 games Sunderland are third from bottom with 15 points from four wins and three draws.

Barcelona’s Lionel Messi, left, with Samuel Eto’o after scoring.

Messi fires Barcelona six clear

Ferguson not quitting Alex Ferguson has upset predictions on his possible retirement date after declaring he will remain in the Manchester United hot seat for some time yet. Ferguson was widely expected to step down at the end of season. However, the 66-year-old Scot insists retirement is simply not an issue. “Why would I pack it in at the moment?” the United chief said. “I don’t ever think about it any more – it’s all out of my mind. “If my health deteriorated, that solves the problem for everyone,” he added. “You would be rid of me for good!”

AFP, Barcelona



Aston Villa’s Steve Sidwell, left, reacts to another missed chance during a Premiership match against Fulham at Villa Park, Birmingham.





Monday, December 1, 2008

Sunderland’s Nyron Nosworthy, left, tackles Ricardo Gardner.

brace from Lionel Messi helped Barcelona clinch a 3-0 victory over Sevilla on Saturday and open a six-point lead at the top of the Spanish league as Real Madrid crashed 3-1 at city rivals Getafe. Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola had told his players beforehand to show commitment and it was needed against a Sevilla side who battled for every ball. The game was played at a frantic pace with few clear chances but it was Barcelona who made the most of theirs with Messi once again the outstanding player. Sevilla’s night was made worse by the controversial dismissal of Fabiano for elbowing Sergio Busquets. “I’m happy as this was a step forward for us and these are important points against a very strong rival,” said Guardiola. “In the first half we were sloppy and took a lot of risks but after the break we were a lot better and more organised.” Sevilla coach Manolo Jimenez said: “In the second half they showed what they are capable of doing. “It was unfair that Barcelona went into the interval with a lead but afterwards they were lethal.”



Monday, December 1, 2008


Haskell pleads for patience

BACKBONE STRONG All Black coach Henry salutes his heroes AFP, London




ew Zealand coach Graham Henry praised his side’s character after the Tri-Nations champions rounded off their Test year by securing a grand slam with a 32-6 win over England here at Twickenham. Saturday’s victory meant the All Blacks had defeated Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England without conceding a try and had won five Tests in as many weekends after seeing off Australia in Hong Kong before heading to Europe. Two tries midway through the second-half from full-back Mils Muliaina and one from centre Ma’a Nonu provided the platform for New Zealand’s record winning margin at Twickenham. New Zealand were only 12-3 ahead at the break but, as in their other Tests this month against the Home Nations, they powered away after half-time. This victory, the All Blacks’ 13th in 15 Tests this year, would have been greater had not normally reliable outside-half Dan Carter missed five of his 11 goalkicks. England though helped render those errors all but meaningless by having four players sin-binned as they spent nearly half an hour down to 14 men. “This result epitomises what we’ve been doing all year,” said Henry after the All Blacks completed their third grand slam to set alongside their 1978 and 2005 triumphs.

New Zealand’s Mils Muliaina takes on the England defence during the rugby union international. “We showed a lot of character in the first half, hung in there and then dominated in the last 20 minutes. “That proves the backbone of the team. The guys have won all of the trophies available to them this year.” England, particularly in a first-half where they prevented New Zealand scoring a try, did at least improve their performance during last Saturday’s record-breaking 42-6 home loss to world champions South Africa “England played with a lot of character,” said Henry. “They put a lot of pressure on us, were huge physically and tried ex-


ceptionally hard.” The former Wales coach said England manager Martin Johnson could take heart from the way a youthful side had come back from their Springbok reverse. “There are not a lot of caps in that team and they will get better,” he said. Johnson added there was much for England. “We have to learn the lessons of this autumn heading into the Six Nations. We gave ourselves a chance but we were just not good enough to take it. Some guys have a lot to learn as a team – mainly that if you make mistakes at this level you get killed.”


James Haskell implored England fans to give Martin Johnson’s fledgling side time to knit together after a 32-6 loss to New Zealand rounded off a largely miserable month of Twickenham Tests. Flanker Haskell insisted his side would be much improved by the time of their next match, the Six Nations opener at home to Italy on February 7. “Anyone watching at home who cares about English rugby should know we have the passion, we have the ability,” Haskell said. “It comes down to execution and ruthlessness. We will do it. When you’re building something new, it takes time.” It was hard to argue with Irish referee Alain Rolland’s rulings which included the temporary exclusion of Haskell, winning his 12th cap, for swinging an arm at All Black No 8 Rodney So’oialo. “We were penalised quite a bit and you can’t afford to have that against a side like New Zealand,” the 23-year-old Wasps back-row said. Johnson, who for the second match in a row saw England fail to score a try, said effort alone was not enough. “People say we turned up and played but that is the absolute minimum for us,” said Johnson. “For a long time we made a very good side look normal,” he insisted. AFP

Gatland hails Wales as the flag bearers AFP, Cardiff



Wales’ Shane Williams, centre, tries to break through.

ales coach Warren Gatland hailed his team as flag bearers for the northern hemisphere after their rare 21-18 victory over Australia handed the home nations their sole win over Tri-Nations opposition in November’s games. “We’re pretty pleased. Someone had to carry the flag for the northern hemisphere, didn’t they?” Gatland said, as

England lost 32-6 to New Zealand to see their chance of a SANZAR scalp elude them. Wales led 15-10 at half-time after tries from Shane Williams and Lee Byrne, but Stephen Jones missed two penalties early in the second-half and Australia battled back through the boot of Matt Giteau and a late try by Digby Ioane following a first-half touchdown by Mark Chisholm.

Gatland had stated before the autumn series that a southern hemisphere scalp was one of his goals. Having seen his team lose to South Africa and New Zealand, sandwiching a win over a poor Canada side, he said: “The result for us was the most important thing. “This last month has shown at times that we can compete with the top teams in the

world,” the Kiwi added. “We’re not clinical enough but we’ll be hard on ourselves, and the coaches hard on themselves, because we want to continue to improve as a team and I think we’ve shown glimpses of what we’re capable of. “We’ve gone quite a long way in terms of restoring pride into that jersey and earning some respect against some of the best teams in the world.”

Monday, December 1, 2008




‘I AM NOT A CURRENCY’ Robinho insists that he is at Man City for long haul AFP, Manchester, England

obinho accepts that Manchester City might not yet be ready to knock Manchester United off their pedestal at the top of English football. But the brilliant Brazilian insists it will happen one day and he is determined to stick around until it does. Robinho hit back at critics including Pele who have questioned the wisdom of his decision to join City rather than Chelsea or another club already established in the Champions League. “Of course, it’s not nice to hear someone like Pele being critical. But I can take it,” City’s £32.5-million acquisition said. “When you leave Real Madrid – a famous club worldwide – it’s normal to get criticism. I have played for the national team many times so I am used to



Robinho says Real Madrid treated him like he was just another average player in a squad brimming with plenty of talent. good things, and bad things, being said about me.” Robinho also dismissed suggestions that a reported £160,000-a-week salary – funded by City’s new Abu Dhabibased owners – had been the key factor in his choice of destination. “What people have to realise is that I want to be here

for many, many years to come,” he said. “Some people seem to think I’m here only for the money but that’s not true at all. “If I only wanted money, I would have gone somewhere else. I had offers from Saudi Arabia and Japan.” Robinho insists he is happy in England’s rainy northwest.

“The only thing on my mind is to stay in Manchester for many years,” he said. “Next year we will try our best to reach the Champions League. It’s not in my mind to leave the club at all. “When I go on the pitch I carry the club’s shirt. My aim is to give a lot of happiness to the supporters. I want to repay everyone for making me so welcome.” That last remark reflects lingering bitterness over how he was treated at Real. “Madrid is a beautiful city and my family loved living there but things were not as good for me as they are here,” he said. “The directors didn’t behave properly and I didn’t feel as valued as I do here. Everyone knows they have a lot of excellent players, but they treated me like I was average. “I know my worth as a footballer. I don’t feel I should be talked about as currency for someone else [Ronaldo]. I couldn’t accept it because it made me feel under-valued.”

Chia claims Mercedes Benz crown Danny Chia completed an impressive wire-to-wire victory in the US$75,000 Mercedes-Benz Masters Thailand golf yesterday giving himself a belated birthday present. The Malaysian, who turned 36 yesterday, fired a final round even-par 72 for a two stroke victory over compatriot S Sivachandran and Thailand’s Nakul Vichitryuthasastr at The Vintage Club in Bangkok. Sivachandran shot a 66 while Nakul came in with a 69. The Mercedes-Benz Masters Thailand is the season-ending Tour Championship and victory earned Chia a cheque of US$12,227. “This feels extra special to win the first event last year, and the Tour championship this season,” said Chia. AGENCIES



Monday, December 1, 2008


A SWEDE SUCCESS Karlsson, Stenson shoot a brilliant 63 to claim World Cup AP, Shenzhen, China

obert Karlsson and Henrik Stenson of Sweden came from behind yesterday for a three-stroke victory in the World Cup of Golf, shooting a remarkable 9-under 63 to overtake third-round co-leaders Spain and Australia. Miguel Angel Jimenez and Pablo Larrazabal finished with a 70 – three behind. The Australian pair of Richard Green and Brendan Jones slumped to a 76, nine off the pace of Sweden’s winning total of 27-under 261 at Mission Hills in southern China. The Swedes started the day four behind Spain, but notched five birdes on the front nine to catch their fellow Europeans at 23-under. Playing a group ahead of Spain, Stenson missed a short birdie putt on 10 that would have put them at 24-under.



Sweden’s Robert Karlsson, right, and Henrik Stenson with the cup. However, Sweden pulled into the outright lead with birdies on Nos 11, 12, 14 and 15 to reach 27-under – four clear of Spain. Stenson missed a 10-footer on No 13 that would have extended the lead even further. The key was mastering the difficult foursomes (alternate

shot) format, played on Friday and yesterday. In foursomes, teams play only one ball and alternate shots. Fourballs (best ball) is easier. Each golfer plays his own ball and counts the best score on each hole. Sweden shot 67-63-130 playing foursomes and 65-66-131

playing fourball. The Swedes were the favourites entering the tournament, and had two of only three players in the field ranked in the top 20. Karlsson, who won the European money title this season, is No 6 and Stenson is 12th. Spain’s Jimenez is ranked 20th. Each of the leading teams seemed to have a hot day – Germany on Thursday, Spain on Friday and Australia on Saturday. “I thought it was our turn today,” Stenson said. The victory caps a great season for Karlsson, who won Europe’s money title and also had two victories on the European tour. Stenson is winless this season in individual play. “I’m starting to run out of tournaments,” Stenson said. “This is my third last. So I’ve got two more to go in South Africa. But winning for Sweden in nice. It’s been a while.” Australia had bogeys on two of the first six holes and was never in the running for the title.

International team triumph


Pampling takes the Aust title AP, Melbourne, Australia


od Pampling won the Australian Masters yesterday, beating Australian countryman Marcus Fraser with a par on the third playoff hole. Both players parred the first two play-off holes, with Pampling holing a testy 5footer on the first extra hole. On the second, Fraser made a 20-footer for par after hitting his approach into a bunker. Pampling closed with a 5under 67 to match Fraser (65) at 12-under 276 . On the third play-off hole, Fraser’s putt from off the green nearly went in. He missed the return putt of about seven feet for par, while Pampling made a three-footer to clinch the Masters. “They’re never fun to be in,” Pampling said of the play-off. “That was a great battle.”

Oda captures first victory A F P , Kochi, Japan

AP, Singapore



Christina Kim sprays champagne over Annika Sorenstam.

hristina Kim gave Annika Sorenstam a big victory in her second-to-last event before retiring, birdieing the par-5 18th yesterday for a halve and the deciding half-point for the International team in the Lexus Cup. Kim’s halve with Namika Omata in the last match to finish gave the Sorenstam-captained International team a 12 1/2-11 1/2

victory over Asia. The International side evened the series at 2-2 after losing the last two years. “I’m amazed it came down to my match,” Kim said. “To win for Annika’s final Lexus Cup fills me with so much emotion.” Sorenstam won the opening match, waiting out a lightning delay to finish off Asian captain Se Ri-pak 3 and 2. Sorenstam will end her Hall of Fame career

next week in the Ladies European Tour's Dubai Ladies Masters. “It's been so close all week,” Sorenstam said. “It feels good to get the Cup back. It’s been 15 years of great experiences. I’m going to miss a lot of it.” Angela Stanford, Helen Alfredsson, Natalie Gulbis and Katherine Hull also earned full points, while Suzann Pettersen and Karen Stupples halved their matches.


vernight leader Komei Oda of Japan shot an even par 72 for his longawaited career first victory at the Casio Open men’s golf tournament yesterday. “I’ve never got past the qualifying round in the Casio Open. It’s a great feeling that I cleared the qualifying round this time and won the title,” said Oda, who pocketed US$280,000.

Monday, December 1, 2008




THE WIND IS RIGHT Sailors hope that the canvas can do miracles on the Phuket Island’s Kata Bay PREECHACHAN WIRIYANUPAPPONG DAILY XPRESS, PHUKET

he 22nd Phuket King’s Cup Regatta kicked off officially yesterday, with around 2,000 experienced sailors and 100 yachts from more than 30 countries testing their skills for the prestigious King’s Cup trophies. The one-week yachting festival has been modified due to the suspension of flights at the Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang Airports because of the anti-government protests, The Opening Ceremony took place yesterday evening at the Kata Beach Resort & Spa, with



Yachts sail on the Kata Bay, ready for the 22nd Phuket King’s Cup Regatta from December 2 to 6. the practice race scheduled this afternoon. The actionpacked racing competition will

RESULTS badminton Hong Kong Open Super Series Women’s singles final: Wang Chen (HKG) b Xie Xingfang (CHNx4) 21-16, 10-21, 21-10 Men’s singles final: Chen Jin (CHNx3) bt Lin Dan (CHNx2) 219, 9-21, 21-17 Mixed doubles final: Xie Zhongbo/Zhang Yawen (CHNx7) bt Lee Yong-Dae/Lee Hyo-Jung (KORx5) 21-14, 21-16

basketball NBA Yesterday’s results: Orlando 110, Indiana 96; Atlanta 102, Washington 98; Boston 89, Charlotte 84; New York 138, Golden State 125; Denver 106, Minnesota 97; Oklahoma City 111, Memphis 103; Houston 103, San Antonio 84; Cleveland 97, Milwaukee 85; New Jersey 105, Utah 88; Dallas 101, Sacramento 78;LA Clippers 97, Miami 96.

golf Lexus Cup Yesterday’s scores at the par71 Singapore Island Country Club: Internationals 6.5 Asia 5.5 (Internationals 12.5 beat Asian 11.5)

Singles: Annika Sorenstam (SWE) bt Pak Se-Ri (KOR) 3 and 2; Helen Alfredsson (SWE) bt Park In-Bee (KOR) 3 and 2; Sarah Lee (KOR) bt Nicole Castrale (USA) 1 up; Choi NaYeon (KOR) bt Paula Creamer (USA) 3 and 2; Suzann Pettersen (NOR) halved with Yani Tseng (TPE); Kim Song-Hee (KOR) bt Cristie Kerr (USA) 1 up; Karen Stupples (ENG) halved with Ji Eun-Hee (KOR); Natalie Gulbis (USA) bt Mayumi Shimomura (JPN) 2 and 1; Katherine Hull (AUS) bt Jang Jeong (KOR) 1 up; Angela Stanford (USA) bt Lee Seon-Hwa (KOR) 4 and 3; Candie Kung (TPE) bt Nikki Campbell (AUS) 3 and 2;Cristina Kim (USA) halved with Namika Omata (JPN) Australian Masters Yesterday’s final round scores in Melbourne (Australian unless stated): 276 – Marcus Fraser 73-67-71-65, Rod Pampling 71-68-70-67 (Pampling won at third playoff hole) 279 – Robert Allenby 73-66-6773 280 – Tim Clark (RSA) 67-70-7667, Alexander Noren (SWE) 7371-68-68, Nathan Green 72-6870-70 281 – David McKenzie 72-70-7168 282 – Marc Leishman 71-70-7467, Martin Erlandsson (SWE) 7471-70-67, Anthony Summers 7068-71-73 283 – Peter Senior 70-72-70-71,

be from December 2 to 6. On December 5, there will bea candle-lit ceremony to celebrate

103-84 Tim Wilkinson (NZL) 72-72-6871, Danny Lee (NZL) 71-69-71-72, Steve Webster (ENG) 71-68-7074, Ashley Hall 73-67-68-75, Michael Sim 72-66-68-77 284 – Andre Stolz 73-70-71-70, Jamie Donaldson (WAL) 72-6773-72, Craig Scott 72-72-67-73, Aaron Townsend 75-64-71-74, Dave Horsey (ENG) 71-68-71-74 Casio Open Yesterday’s final round scores in Kochi, Japan (Japanese unless stated): 277 – Komei Oda 66-67-72-72 280 – Kenichi Kuboya 68-70-7171 281 – Shintaro Kai 69-74-70-68, Toru Suzuki 73-70-68-70, Hirofumi Miyase 70-69-70-72 282 – Yusaku Miyazato 70-6970-73 283 – Mamo Osanai 73-72-6969, Tomohiro Kondo 70-71-71-71, Azuma Yano 70-73-68-72, Tetsuya Haraguchi 72-70-68-73 284 – Kazuhiro Yamashita 6974-71-70, Achi Sato 67-70-75-72

ice hockey NHL Yesterday’s results: Edmonton 4, St. Louis 2; Los Angeles 5, Chicago 2; Montreal 3, Buffalo 2; Boston 4, Detroit 1; NY Islanders 4, Ottawa 2; Columbus 3, Washington 0; Toronto 4, Philadelphia 2; Pittsburgh 4, New Jersey 1; Minnesota 6, Nashville 2; San Jose 3, Phoenix

HM the King’s Birthday and a choir singing the King’s anthem. Also, there will be a sail-

past by a fully decked-out Royal Thai Navy ship, which will anchor in front of Kata Bay, and the entire racing fleet in honour of HM the King. “A total of 13 yacht categories will be featured in Asia’s biggest and most popular regatta. They include the hard-fought Racing class, Premier, Sun Sail One Design, IRC 1 and 2, Bareboat Charter, Ocean Rover, Multihull 1 and 2 and Classic,” said Santi Kanchanabandhu, chairman of the Organising Committee. Added Kevin Whitcraft, president of the Regatta, “This year, yachts that raced at the Sydney-Hobart Race in Australia, the Cowes Week in England and the South China SEA Race from Hong Kong to the Philippines will also join the Regatta, making it one of the most exciting and hardfought yachting competitions.”

Rockets knock off Spurs With Tracy McGrady sidelined by an injury and Yao Ming managing just 12 points, the Rockets defeated the Spurs. 2; Colorado 4, Tampa Bay 3; Calgary 3, Vancouver 1

rugby union International Saturday’s result in Cardiff: Wales 21 Australia 18; H-t: 15-10 Scorers: Wales: Try – Shane Williams, Byrne; Conversion – Stephen Jones; Penalty – Stephen Jones (2); Drop-goal – Stephen Jones Australia: Try – Chisholm, Ioane; Conversion – Giteau; Penalty – Giteau; Drop-goal – Giteau International Saturday’s result at Twickenham, London: England 6 New Zealand 32; H-t: 3-12 Scorers England Penalties – Flood (1), Armitage (1) Yellow cards: Mears 24-34, Haskell 32-42, Flood 43-53, Rees 76-80 New Zealand Tries – Muliaina (2), Nonu; Conversions – Carter (1); Penalties – Carter (5)

soccer French League Saturday’s results: Auxerre 0 Monaco 1 (Pokrivac 24); Le Havre 0 Nantes 2 (Djordjevic 66, De Freitas 85); Le Mans 2 (Maiga 53, Gervinho 63) Caen 0; Lyon 0 Valenciennes 0; Lille 1

(Bastos 8) Lorient 1 (Rami 35og); Nice v Grenoble – postponed (waterlogged pitch);Sochaux 0 Bordeaux 0 German League Saturday’s results: Hoffenheim 3 (Ibisevic 5, Carlos Eduardo 11, Copado (89-pen) Arminia Bielefeld 0; Werder Bremen 5 (Pizarro 11, 20, 63, Diego (44-pen, Hunt 75) Eintracht Frankfurt 0; Bayer Leverkusen 0 Bayern Munich 2 (Toni 59, Klose 82); Hanover 96 3 (Hanke 12, 18, Forssell 44) Karlsruhe 2 (A. da Silva 48-pen, Stindl 87); Borussia M’gladbach 1 (Gohouri 59) Energie Cottbus 3 (Bradley 18-o.g, Sorensen 51, Jula 85) Italian Serie A Saturday’s results: Catania 1 (Paolucci 61) Lecce 1 (Castillo 69); Juventus 4 (Camoranesi 28, Amauri 44, Chiellini 62, Del Piero 74-pen) Reggina 0 Scottish Premier League Saturday’s results: Aberdeen 2 (McDonald 61, Miller 67-pen) Motherwell 0; Celtic 1 (Maloney 29) Inverness CT 0; Falkirk 1 (Barr 69) Hibernian 1 (Nish 82); Hamilton 1 (Offiong 52) Kilmarnock 0; Hearts 2 (Zaliukas 20, Kingston 23) Rangers 1 (Karipidis 26-og); St Mirren 0 Dundee Utd 2 (Daly 37, 89-pen) Spanish League Saturday’s results: Getafe 3 (Albin 3, 47, Uche 82) Real Madrid 1 (Saviola 55); Sevilla 0 Barcelona 3 (Eto’o 20, Messi 78,90+2)


Soccer Premier League

Liverpool v West Ham 3am (Tues)/TrueSport 1

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