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The Charnwood Arts internship programme has been running since the Summer of 2014, with generous funding provided by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan and National Cheng Kung University. The internship was initially developed for the teaching module at NCKU, ‘Contemporary Curation: Theory and Practice’, a course which focuses on managing art and cultural projects as a curator. The internship programme offers a wonderful opportunity for students to plan and organize art and cultural activities on their own initiative, while also providing them with a unique experience of working with British organizations, artists and audiences.


The success of the internship programme has been realised with the continuing and generous support of Charnwood Arts, and particularly from its CEO, Kevin Ryan, who is a professional photographer, writer and community artist. It is my great honour to have known and worked with Kevin on art projects at Charnwood Arts over the past 15 years. My own engagement with Charnwood Arts can be traced back to my time as a PhD student at Loughborough University School of Art and Design (since renamed as part of the School of the Arts, English and Drama) in 2003, and our first collaboration was on an international exhibition project, 0 & 1: Cyberspace and the Myth of Gender, staged in Chongqing, China, in April 2010. Since then, we have collaborated on several projects, including Beautiful Life: Memory and Nostalgia (UK and Taiwan, 2011-2012), Inconvenient Truth: New Environmentalist Art in Cijin (Cijin, Kaohsiung, 2012-2013), Posthumanist Desires (MOCA Taipei, 2013), Creative Continuum (NCKU 2016) and 2019 Next Art Tainan: Invisible Dimensions (Tainan, 2019). It has been my privilege to be able to organise the internship programme to enable NCKU students to work with Charnwood Arts. The students who have participated in the programme to date have been BA, MA and PhD students, predominantly from the Institute of Creative Industries Design, the Techno Art Program and the Department of Industrial Design. The internship is designed to run for six weeks each summer, from midJuly until the end of August. For some students, it is their first trip abroad, and for most it is the first time they have had the opportunity to stay overseas for an extended period of time. During the internship, they experience a different climate, new food, different cultures, and they meet many new people. They are assigned projects to complete which are interesting, yet sometimes challenging, and Kevin always develops and schedules the content of the programme based on the backgrounds and talents of the interns each year. He even organises workshops to help the students to experience different disciplines of the arts, including sound, dance and drama, among others.


Every Summer, on one Sunday in August, Charnwood Arts co-organises the event, Loughborough Mela, so the interns are able to facilitate and organise some of the sub-programmes of the event. Over the years, Charnwood Arts has been developing a wide range of activities and projects, particularly those which relate to the local community and disadvantaged groups. Art does not simply serve as a luxury for those with time and wealth, rather it exists and can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life, ages, genders and cultural backgrounds. With this spirit in mind, Charnwood Arts has been leading the interns to experience art in its various forms and possibilities, thereby inspiring them to view the world from different perspectives and angles. 5

The internship programme does not simply provide the opportunity to create and enjoy art and other activities, it also provides the participants with an unforgettable opportunity to leave behind their comfort zone in Taiwan. As soon as the students arrive in the UK, and for the next six weeks, they need to learn how to feed themselves, where to buy food, how to cook, and how to live and work with others, some of whom are complete strangers. Simple things in the everyday life of the interns could be a challenge, such as how to purchase train tickets, how to check bus timetables, and where to take the bus. It may also be a challenge to go to buy fruit and vegetables from Loughborough open market, as the strong Leicestershire accent seems to turn English into an alien language! During their visit, many of the interns enjoy taking additional short trips around the UK or Europe, and this also enriches their overseas experiences and helps to open their eyes and their hearts.


I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to Kevin Ryan and Charnwood Arts for their continuing support in hosting the internship programme for the past six years. Helping young people to experience the world and to have work experience overseas has been one of the main goals of The Ministry of Education in Taiwan, hence, the Taiwanese government has offered generous funding to go towards internship programmes. We have been fortunate to receive this funding to make these internships possible. On a personal note, the UK/Taiwan internship programme is only one of the projects on which I have collaborated with Charnwood Arts. I sincerely hope that the exhibitions, events and even the forthcoming artist-in-residency project at Soulangh Cultural Park in Tainan, with which Charnwood Arts will be involved, will all contribute to strong artistic and cultural links between the UK and Taiwan for many years to come. Finally, there is no doubt that all the interns who have worked with Charnwood Arts are now equipped with new skills gained from international work experience, and they can now view the world differently, or at least make new friends who may become inspirational figures in their lives. Ming Turner, Associate Professor of NCKU August, 2019 7




Introduction 12 ・A little about Loughborough and Charnwood 14 ・A little about Charnwood Arts 16 ・A little about the internship 18 ・2019 Member list

Internship Contents 22 ・Projects 46 ・Workshops 75 ・Artists collaborations 82 ・Community 90 ・Field trip / Site visiting


Life in UK


What’s next?

116 ・Living in Loughborough 120 ・Traveling in United Kingdom

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12 A little about Loughborough and Charnwood 14 A little about Charnwood Arts 16 A little about the Internship 18 2019 Member List




A little about Loughborough and Charnwood Loughborough and Charnwood Loughborough is a market and university town located between the three English cities of Leicester, Nottingham and Derby. It is the main town in the borough of Charnwood, an area of four landscapes, the urban and city suburban, rolling farmland to the east, a central river valley and the highland area of the ancient Charnwood Forest. The area has a rich and innovative industrial history and has played an active role in the story of the UK. It is one of the major quarrying areas of the country with the hard rock quarry at Mountsorrel producing a distinctive pink granite that has been used extensively for building in past times. The geology of the area reveals a volcanic past and contains a paleontological record which includes the first global discovery of the origins of complex organic life. Loughborough’s central location, seventy five minutes from

London by train, just 50 miles from England’s second city of Birmingham and short train rides from other cities make it an ideal place to base yourself to visit a wide range of UK locations. The area is in easy reach of the Peak District and centrally located to explore Wales and the east coast counties. There is an international airport nearby and the town is located on the M1 motorway - Britain’s main arterial north south road route. Loughborough University is one of the UK’s top academic institutions and a major centre of engineering, design, sports science and sporting excellence. Kevin Ryan, CEO of Charnwood Arts August 2019 13


A little about Charnwood Arts Charnwood Arts Charnwood Arts is an independent community arts and media organisation based in Loughborough. The organisation was founded in 1976 and was established by artists, educators and academics interested in a wide range of different art forms. The organisation still works through combined arts work and many different approaches. These vary from long term community arts projects, performances, outdoor events and publications to web based and video productions, school and community residencies, exhibitions and work with ongoing groups. Our core work runs deeper than this and encompasses many roles which stimulate and support local cultural development, working in partnerships with arts organisations, youth and community groups, schools and organisations and encouraging participation in the cultural life of Charnwood borough and the East Midlands. Charnwood Arts is dedicated to providing access to the arts for and with a diverse range of groups and individuals and actively seeks to connect different cultures and communities through creativity. We also work internationally and have long established working relationships with Taiwan, countries across Europe, India, China, Armenia and Palestine. Kevin Ryan, CEO of Charnwood Arts August 2019





A little about the Internship The Charnwood Arts - NCKU internships have evolved through these first six years to include a mixture of more in depth project work, talks and workshops with artists, field trips, interactive engagements with local people as well as a range of self-directed or Charnwood Arts led cultural visits and experiences. The aims of the programme are partly culturally led with many students taking an opportunity to ‘top and tail’ their time with us to visit other European countries and significant places in the UK. We also want to give students the experience of life in a small East Midlands town as opposed to that of a major city and an experience of the English countryside as represented by Charnwood Forest and other regional locations. We are also keen to share the work of Charnwood Arts, our thinking and diverse approaches to arts and cultural work and the heritage of the area. We place a high value on building future cross cultural relationships with Taiwan and many students have helped us with further projects once they are back home. To date two of our interns have returned to study in the UK, one at Loughborough University and the other at The Royal College of Art. We are always happy to welcome any of our interns back and so glad to have maintained contact with so many beyond their stay here. Kevin Ryan, CEO of Charnwood Arts August 2019



2019 MEMBER LIST / Mentors /

Kevin Ryan

Ming Turner

CEO of Charnwood Arts

Associate Professor of NCKU

/ Interns from NCKU /


Department of Industrial Design

Ting-Chieh Chen, Yi-Hsuan Kuo, Kai-Yu Huang Po-Cheng Chen, Tuo-Shen Shiao, Yi-Chung Lee Zi-Yu Lin, Ying-Syuan Chen, Tsai-En Hung

Institute of Creative Industries Design

Yi-Ning Li, Shih-Lun Guo

Master Program on Techno-Art

Chao-Chun Huang, Yi-Chun Ou

Ting-Chieh Chen

Yi-Hsuan Kuo

Po-Cheng Chen

Tuo-Shen Shiao

Yi-Ning Li

Kai-Yu Huang

Yi-Chung Lee

Zi-Yu Lin

Ying-Syuan Chen

Tsai-En Hung

Shih-Lun Guo

Chao-Chun Huang

Yi-Chun Ou




22 Projects

Executing the projects was the core assignment of the internship in Charnwood Arts.

46 Workshops

Through the workshops, the interns experienced various art genres with people from different backgrounds.

75 Artists collaborations

In collaboration with local artists, we learnt their stories and concepts behind the artworks.

82 Community

Connecting to the local community to interact with local people during the internships.

90 Field trip / Site visiting The interns often went to the nearby cities and regions for cultural visits.


PROJECT Every year, the interns executed various projects in Charnwood Arts. The projects focused on the interaction with local people, connection to community, the cultural experience in Loughborough, or the concern of nature. ・Creative Fair ・Children's Artworks ・Spice Map ・Chinese Calligraphy ・Sounndscape ・Installation Arts ・People Make Places : E-book Design ・Creative Continuum in UK ・Creative Continuum in NCKU Gallery ・Stranger in A Strange Land : E-book Design ・People Making Places ・Into Charnwood Forest: Magazine Design ・Charnwood Forest ・The Generator

Creative Fair 2014 The Creative Fair aimed to promote the connections and understandings of people in Loughborough through gathering artists, designers and entrepreneurs. Through the great support of Kevin and many people, the artists from various fields engaged in the event. It was even reported in the local newspaper. During the Creative Fair, students mainly worked on curation managing the time schedule, onsite coordination and marketing.


Internship Contents

Children’s Artworks 2014 The project included two promotional events: art workshops and exhibition. One part was the workshop for teaching children how to make a collage connected to the famous story, War Horse, in Loughborough. This workshop is related to the WW1 memorial ceremony, and also aimed to promote the children’s environmental awareness. The other one was the interactive installment during Mela to invite Loughborough residents to express their knowledge of Loughborough. In the art workshop, children used different drawing skills in combination with collage to create drawings. After the workshop, an exhibition was held in a Creative Fair to put on all children’s works.



Internship Contents

Spice Map 2014 Spice Map was developed from three perspectives: multi-ethnic population in Loughborough, underprivileged minority needs, and a visual exhibition about diet. Students invited people to smell spices which came from various countries. Then they imagined where the spices were from and taped the corresponding color fabric onto the map. The concept of Spice Map was that as spices were brought from their place or origin they travel all over the world like people. The smell of spices would trigger to recall connections with different places. Spice Map was finally presented in the Loughborough Mela.


Chinese Calligraphy 2014 Students held a Chinese calligraphy workshop project because one of them studied in this field. They invited people who were interested in Chinese calligraphy to try this writing experience. It was also an honor to have three English calligraphists in the workshop to show people English calligraphers.


Internship Contents

Soundscape 2014 The idea of the Soundscape of Loughborough project was extended from the former sound workshop students did with Andy Barrett. They decided to make it bigger and collected a wider range of sound to make it into a formal piece. The soundtrack included WWI commemoration events in Loughborough, the canal, the carillon, and daily sounds that people often ignored.


The sounds project, Journey of Sound in Loughborough, was held at the most iconic landmark in Loughborough, the Carillon Tower. Participants can listen to the soundtrack while they climbed up to the top balcony space of the tower. Along the way, individual soundtracks related to each floor of the tower were played. The final track asked the participants to walk around the balcony and try to think which sound belonged to each part of the town. The project was intended to remind people of the history of the town's wartime experience and sounds from the surrounding places.

Installation Arts 2014 This project focused on the concept of co-creation to present the installation artwork in Loughborough. The interns invited more than one hundred residents in Loughborough to participate. The Mayor of Charnwood also attended this event. They used crayons and watercolors to draw their ideal imagination of Loughborough.


Internship Contents

People Making Places: E-book Design 2015 People Making Places is a website introducing the features and cultures in Charnwood. The main purpose of the site is to let people notice some less-known sites because they believed that every place had its own beauty whether it was famous or not. Students made three ebooks including Newtown Linford, Loughborough Market and Hathern. Through photographing, they found some stunning views that few people knew.



Internship Contents

Creative Continuum in UK - 2016 2017 In 2016, the students planned a series of events for the 85th anniversary of National Cheng Kung University. The title of the exhibition was “NCKU Creative Continuum: 85 ways to learn from the past and excel in the future�. The venue was in NCKU Art Centre from October to November. During the exhibition, the interns held diverse workshops for NCKU students, such as poetry, light painting, and map workshop. They also transferred NCKU Art Gallery into a night club. Based on their learning experience in Charnwood Arts, interns combined dance with light painting. In 2017, the interns collected and sorted the NCKU Creative Continuum into a book. A new Charnwood Arts website was also set up by the help of students. Kevin and Leicester based artist Ashok Mistry also ran workshops and co-curated the exhibition with the group. At the end of the month many of the contents of the exhibition were buried in a time capsule near the NCKU Art Centre.



Internship Contents

Creative Continuum in NCKU Gallery 2016



Internship Contents

Stranger in A Strange Land : E-book Design 2017 The e-book, Stranger in a Strange Land comprised a series of photos about their knowing of Loughborough and culture. The concept of the book came from a challenge given by Kevin. They were asked to take as many photos as they can in Loughborough. The challenge was to put more emphasis on volume instead of quality, so they don’t have to pursue a perfect angle to take photos or follow any photography standards. After random photo shooting, they gradually dug in their memory and thoughts of Loughborough. Finally, they focused on their concepts and take a series of photographs for the theme.



Internship Contents

People Making Places 2017 Students interacted with local artists. They participated in an interview with graffiti artist Paul. In Andrew's drama workshop, they produced a short play at the annual festival Mela in Loughborough. In the dance workshop, the Brazilian dance teacher taught them South American Samba. They also helped to create works to be displayed on Free Art Friday.



Internship Contents

Into Charnwood Forest: Magazine Design 2018 Into Charnwood Forest is a magazine made by the students of 2018. They walked in the forest collecting items, taking photographs, and making sketches. The whole trip is about 22 km and the magazine used a first-person perspective to write about their entire journey and what they were feeling. The magazine also identified plants the students encountered during their walk.



Internship Contents

Charnwood Forest 2019 This project was created to give Charnwood Forest more exposure in the long term. The students came up with educational tools that teachers can use to bring awareness of the forest to the classroom. The tool box includes a map of the area, story cards, character icons, scene cards, and a story that connects the major points of interest in the forest. By starting at an elementary level, the goal was to give children interest and curiosity so they might want to learn more and visit the forest.



Internship Contents

The Generator 2019 This year the interns formed a group for an interior design project. Kevin wanted to develop a building called The Generator and make it a new venue for Charnwood Arts . In order to get the building, Charnwood Arts need to write a proposal for the future usage of the building to Loughborough University. There are two parts in the proposal. One is about the funding, there must be businesses stationed in the building to pay the rent, so the interns had to think about what kind of activities could be in the building that can make money. The interns sent out surveys to people in order to know what kind of businesses people want in Loughborough, and organized the information to list out the organisations, activities and stores. The second part of the proposal is the interior design of the building, there were three versions of layouts and design of each space. The proposal included a gallery, meeting room, office, individual rooms, workshops, entertainment room, and a kitchen. Kevin also wanted the place to be disabled friendly. 44


Charnwood Arts 2019 Building Design


WORKSHOP During the workshops, students from different backgrounds could experience diverse genres of art and craft. The instructor in different fields shared their knowledge and worked with the interns how to complete the artworks. Below are a selection of the many workshops student were involved in: ・Sound Workshop ・Drama Workshop ・Photography Workshop ・Map Workshop ・Sunny Doll Workshop ・Light Painting Workshop ・Arduino Music Box Workshop ・Cyanotype Workshop ・Mechanics Toys Workshop ・Photobook Workshop ・Robot Workshop ・Archaeological Drawing Workshop ・Hula Hoop Workshop ・Mixed Media Painting Workshop

Sound Workshop 2014 The sound workshop was led by writer and theatre director Andy Barrett. Students formed into pairs and went into the town of Loughborough to collect different sounds. The sounds collected the whole morning were those clinging to the daily lives and landscapes of Loughborough. 47

Internship Contents

Drama Workshop 2014-2019 The students worked with Andrew McWilliam and Chorus Theatre each year. The drama workshop tapped into students’ creativity in terms of storytelling, body motion, and improvisation. Students first picked an existing story and reenacted still scenes of key imagery. Next they added movements between the scenes while also adding any changes they wanted to the story. This process made the creation of a play simple as it slowly eased the performers into the movements.


Each year there were particular themes: 2014: Ladybird books stories 2015: The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and Robin Hood. 2016: Shakespeare's works 2017: The Journeys 2018: The Story Forest 2019: The Tales of the Moon


Internship Contents

Photography Workshop 2014 On the first day, students were given a mission to take photographs in Loughborough with two target topics: colors and emotions, which were determined by students in the early morning like 'frustrated green' and so on. Then in the afternoon, students edited most of the photographs in the morning into a magazine format and a story book to describe their interpretation of the day’s workshop. On the second day, three teams were formed to take photographs freely in Queen’s Park, but to a certain time limitation and structure. Then, students went visiting citizens in Loughborough to interview local people and know Loughborough in more detail. Videos and photos were recorded as documents for this day to share with all


the students. After students returned to Charnwood Arts office, each shared their experience of the interview in the afternoon. In addition, students developed the experience from the interview into individual intern project. Students put all the photos taken from the previous day into a big rectangular frame and made it into a piece of artwork. It really showed students’ interpretation and what they viewed as their memories of the experience in Queen’s Park.


Internship Contents

Map Workshop 2014 Students participated in a workshop with artist Jo-Anne Dacombe in Queen’s Park. They inserted toothpicks into the ground and tied the strings freely onto the toothpicks. The last step was to write some places or environments that students knew on labels. In the end, students made a complicated map on the ground. The aim of the workshop was to use the map to find people’s own ways through this new and imaginary landscape. Through this we created new journeys and visions of landscapes.



Internship Contents

Sunny Doll Workshop 2015 Students made a sock tree and sunny dolls to give to the school for the blind. In Japan the sunny doll is made to pray the rain away. The goal was to create items


that the blind can feel using other senses. Each student created their own version of the sunny doll and the school was very delighted to receive them.


Internship Contents

Light Painting Dance Workshop 2016 A memorable workshop for the students, the light painting project first started as pictograms developed by students and led by artist Ashok Mistry. The imagery combined Chinese characters and elements relating to the college life in NCKU. Next the transformed characters were written using flashlights and photographed using long exposure. 56

Lastly, dancer Lisa-Sofia Ziemann guided students to use their bodies to create the characters. LED lights were attached to the students as they moved the camera to capture their movements. While the final product does always show the characters written, it showed beauty and movement in all different colors.


Internship Contents

Samba workshop 2017 In 2017, the internship participated a samba workshop to experience the dancing style from Brazil. The workshop also provided them the knowledge of samba and Caribbean costume making..


Arduino Music Box Workshop 2018 In the Arduino music box workshop, students used the software to develop simple codes, and edited the melody according to their preferences. After the coding, music is played through adjusting the knobs.


Internship Contents

Cyanotype Workshop 2018 Cyanotype is a type of historical process of photography. James Chantry taught the students how to use this skill to print images. Students mixed the liquid and painted it on papers. After drying them, digital negatives were printed on the papers and exposed under the sunlight for 30 minutes. It was enjoyable to utilize special method for printing pictures.



Internship Contents

Mechanics Toys Workshop (Wicked Hathern Fest) 2018 The students were tasked to make an outdoor workshop for children. The decision was to create a mechanical box with moving sticks at the top. The sticks can hold cardboard images created by children. The mechanical boxes took three days of trial and error to finally work.


Before the workshop students had to read the safety rules on running a workshop with children. The workshop took place under a huge tent and many children participated, it was a busy and fulfilling day for the students.


Internship Contents

Photobook Workshop 2019 First, students were split into three groups and discussed the content of the task,which is to take photos of 13 objects, 5 emotions, and 10 colours that randomly came from the students. Only 15 minutes is allowed taking a


total of 28 pictures outside Charnwood Arts. Finally, students assembled the materials to make a book with layout design and some textual content that connects the photos into a story.


Internship Contents

Robot Workshop 2019 Students helped children make their robots using cardboards that were connected to a simple sound and game program called a Makey Makey.



Internship Contents

Archaeological drawing workshop 2019 Debbie Miles, a professional archaeological illustrator introduced students to what she does and how illustration contributes to conservation, education, and understanding of the past. She brought many excavated items and showed students how to draw them using various tools.



Internship Contents

Hula Hoop Workshop 2019 Dancer Ro Ro Johnston showed the students how to correctly keep a hula hoop on their hips. After the basic move she instructed the students with many other techniques to practice. It was quite a work out for everyone.



Internship Contents

Mixed Media Painting Workshop 2019 The idea was to pull memories from Charnwood Forest on to paper. Each person also included a map of Charnwood and their writings of their experience walking through the forest. Artist Jacqui Gallon brought lots of materials to the workshop and showed students how she uses them for her study. The mixed media includes acrylic paint, ink, paper, tissue paper, glue, pastel, palette knife, maps, and printed materials. The emphasis was on process and experimentation rather than creating a final product.



Internship Contents

Summer Workshop Program with Nita Rao, James and Jemma from Charnwood Arts


ARTIST COLLABORATION Through the collaboration with local artists, the interns understood the stories behind the artworks. The participation of engaging in creation let them learn the technique and concepts from the artists. Here are a few examples from some of the many collaboration that have taken place. Others are found through out this book

into one paragraph Here are a few examples from some of the many collaboration that have taken place. Others are found through out this book

・Jemma - Free Art Friday Loughborough ・James - B&W Developing ・Paul Dexter - The Interview with The Local Artist


Internship Contents

Jemma Bagley - Free Art Friday Loughborough 2015 2016 2017

Free Art Friday Loughborough was a project for promoting local people’s art and enlisted the participation of locals. Jemma was the founder of this project. She considered that artworks normally were displayed in galleries and people felt distance between them. Thus, she came up with this project to let local people pick up free tiny artworks. For promotion, Jemma invited people to Charnwood Arts to make arts and crafts. After the workshop, the works were hidden in the public space of Loughborough. People were welcomed to find and take home. This interesting project not only focused on public benefit but also showed an active community connection and participation from Charnwood Arts.



Internship Contents

James - B&M Developing 2015 2019

In B&M developing workshop, James taught the students about the knowledge of analog films. It was a different attempt from the digital photography. Students took pictures in Leicester and Loughborough. They developed the films with different liquids, such as coffee, vitamin c, and washing powder. After development, the films were scanned into digital files. It’s a special experience for students because they couldn’t predict the outcome.



Internship Contents

Paul Dexter: The Interview with The Local Artist 2017

The students interviewed Paul Dexter, a street graffiti artist now working on canvas and board. Paul experienced some health difficulties, so they were more cautious about the content during the conversation with him. During the interview, they were touched by his artworks and the stories behind them. Every stroke of his work was full of vitality. The dark and bright sides of his works were the reflection of his life. After the interview, students organized and edited the contents into a video.



COMMUNITY Interns often participated in local events with Charnwood Arts in order to have a chance to engage with people in the community. These connections and interactions were a method by which they explor the different culture.

・Centenary Commemoration ・Mela ・Community Interview ・Art Therapy ・Charnwood Forest Project

Centenary Commemoration 2014

This event was held at the Carillon Tower and Queen’s Park in Loughborough in order to commemorate the centenary of World War 1. Charnwood Arts contributed banners for remembering the soldiers of Charnwood. They also helped the creation of a folk music band to sing old songs from the period. The event was attended by local dignitaries, groups and services to pay tribute to those who sacrificed their lives. In this event, there were many activities in the afternoon: family activities, interactive exhibitions, music and refreshments for the people in Loughborough.


Internship Contents

Mela 2014 -2019 Mela is a festival held for the South Asian people and the wider community . In nearby Leicester a significant percentage of the population is South Asian and in Loughborough too. In order to preserve, pass down their culture, and show their characteristics to other local people, there is a Mela festival in Loughborough every year. Every year Charnwood Arts co-organizes the Mela. There are stations that hold small workshops by student interns, the content of workshops varies. Students also hand out books about India culture published by Charnwood Arts and social groups. There are performances on the stage throughout the day. In 2017, students held a workshop called Dream Boat. Kevin brought the interns to the canal for a one day walk, students drew their imaginations of the canal on long reels, and also drew their dream boat on them. Then the interns brought the reels to the festival, and let the children draw their own dream boats on the reels. They were all unique boats, some with details of the boat structures, some with colors in big contrast. Together they formed a colorful and stunning piece of work. Some interns have also performed at the Mela, individual performances in song and dance and a whole group performance in 2017.



Internship Contents



Internship Contents

Charnwood Forest Project 2018

This project was about promoting people to get close to the forest. Kevin took the interns to hike in the forest, and visited an organic farm to learn about how to make the balance between farming and nature. Students came up with an idea of a two-day tour to the village. They planned to have farming and forest hiking during the trip to learn about the forest. They also planned to put up a forest tour museum.



FIELD TRIP & SITE VISITING The students visited the nearby cities and regions during the internships. They explored the multiple aspects of culture and nature in United Kingdom. Field trips and site visiting would become the inspiration for their project works. ・Liverpool Biennial & Festival ・Birmingham ・Nottingham ・Leicester Caribbean Carnival ・Beacon Hill ・Loughborough - Barrow Upon Soar - Quorn. Grand Union Canal & River Soar ・Newton Linford and Hathern ・The Blind School RNIB ・Festival of The Chariots ・The Clash of Drums ・Leeds West Indian Carnival ・Leicester ・Swuthland / Bradgate / Linford

Liverpool Biennial & Festival 2014 2016

Liverpool biennial is the largest international contemporary art festival in the United Kingdom. Every two years, Liverpool hosts a wide range of artworks, projects, and a series of events. The biennial commissions artists to create permanent or temporary public arts, and long-term community-based projects. These artworks are displayed in various places, including random public spaces, unused buildings, as well as city galleries and museums. Since its launch in 1999, Liverpool Biennial had commissioned over 300 new artworks and presented work by over 444 artists from around the world. 91

Internship Contents

Birmingham 2014 2015 Birmingham is a major city and metropolitan borough in the West Midlands. It is the secondmost populous city in the United Kingdom and the most populous city in the English Midlands. In 2014, the interns went to the Pen Museum in Birmingham. The Pen Museum was opened in 2001, and now contains a collection of over 5000 objects related to the Birmingham Pen Trade. The museum is located in a former pen factory built in 1863, where visitors experience writing with feather quills, reeds and steel nibs and can also make their own nib using traditional methods. It contained three ground floor gallery spaces and a community meeting space. There are plenty of activities for family including a Victorian school room, special museum trials and interactive typing machine. The interns also learned the history of Birmingham through the exploration of the museum.


Nottingham 2014 2016 2017

Nottingham is a city and unitary authority area in Nottinghamshire. Nottingham has links to the legend of Robin Hood, lacemaking, bicycle, and tobacco industries. Kevin bought the interns to Nottingham to visit Nottingham Castle and the Galleries of Justice. From the top of the castle, people could overlook the whole town and the historical remains. People could also dress up into different characters in Robin Hood to experience the story. After the students visited the castle, they went to the Galleries of Justice, it showed the history of the building and the history crime in the UK. Through the visits, they learned more about Robin Hood and the connection with Nottingham city.


Internship Contents

Leicester Caribbean Carnival 2014-2018 Leicester Caribbean Carnival was first held in 1985 and has since became one of the largest Caribbean Carnivals outside of London. People hoped it would be a tool to inspire artistic expression and cultural understanding for the people of Leicester. There are a number of workshops, group projects and other educational events. Many of these are provided for young people, aiming to give a deeper understanding of cultural history and personal identity within the diverse, multicultural city of Leicester. The main attraction of Leicester Caribbean Carnival is the incredible costumed bands and floats on parade. Each year the Caribbean Carnival chooses a different theme for its celebrations. The local performance groups come up with ideas for their troupe presentation on carnival day. Leicester Caribbean Carnival is an inclusive celebration of Caribbean culture and freedom where anyone can enjoy dance, art, music, workshops, traditional food stalls, a fun fair, and much more.



Internship Contents

Beacon Hill 2014-2019 Every year, Kevin would go to Beacon Hill with the interns. Beacon Hill is at the edge of a former volcano. It is the second highest point in Leicestershire and the National Forest. Besides, the heathland of Beacon Hill was an important site for wildlife, providing varied habitats for a wide range of plants and animals.. Before the day the 2019 group climbed Beacon Hill, there was a heavy rain which left the paths with many puddles and all muddy. They had to go through the puddles, to avoid thorny plants along the path and even to cross a stream. After conquering the difficulties, they finally reached the top of the Beacon Hill and enjoyed the stunning views.



Internship Contents



Internship Contents

Loughborough - Barrow Upon Soar - Quorn. Grand Union Canal & River Soar 2017 2019


The Grand Union Canal linked London to Birmingham and other locations, passing through rolling countryside, industrial towns and peaceful villages. They took photos and collected interesting things when walking along the Grand Union Canal. People on the boats were friendly and greeted them, and some would even have a small chat with them. The sun shone through the leaves of the plants and made the water glitter. It was a delightful walk.


Internship Contents

Newton Linford and Hathern 2015


Students went to several villages near Loughborough and took pictures of them. They visited Newton Linford and Hathern. The vibes there were quiet and peaceful. In the towns, there are many historical buildings and churches. During the visit, students found the local features very different than their imagination.


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The Blind School RNIB 2015 A tour of the school showed the details put into designing a place for the blind. For example, different materials on the floor helps the blind to figure out what room it was by identifying the change of footsteps. Even the lighting and the gardens were designed for the special education in mind. The experience was eye opening and teachers and instructors were eager to share their experiences with the students.



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Festival of The Chariots 2016

The Festival of the Chariots, also known as Rathayatra, or “cart-festival�, originated from an ancient tradition in India. It commemorated a joyful celebration of life and glorification of God. The ancient annual Ratha-yatra parade in Jagannatha Puri, India, attracted one million people every year. This Hindu tradition was brought to the West in 1967. Today it was celebrated in most major cities of the world. The pictures also show a visit to the Leicester Sikh Temple in the city centre where students were welcomed with a meal and an introduction to the history and religion of Sikhism. 106

The Clash of Drums 2016 Danbor Talka: The Clash of The Drums was a stunning drum show combining fireworks. Drummers marched towards each other pounding drums. They would light a huge fire that seemed to burst from their instruments, as if every percussion noted sparks an explosion in the sky.


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Leeds West Indian Carnival 2017 The Leeds West Indian Carnival is one of the longest running West Indian carnivals in Europe, having been going since 1967. It was a three-day event, climaxing in a carnival procession on Bank Holiday Monday. A parade of floats and dancers made its way along Harehills Avenue, down Roundhay Road in Harehills, along Barrack Road and back along Chapeltown


Road to the park, where a wide range of stages and stalls provided entertainment and refreshment for carnival-goers.


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Leicester 2017 2019

Leicester is one of the oldest cities in the United Kingdom. The city is near Loughborough, thus the students can take a bus or train to get there easily. There are a lot of workshops and art studios in Leicester, one can also see a lot of graffiti art in the older places of Leicester. Leicester is most famous for being the place where Richard lll’s body was found, and it also makes Leicester cathedral a popular place to visit because it’s the place where Richard lll was buried. In the town centre, there is a shopping mall called High Cross, which is the biggest mall in Leicester.



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Swithland / Bradgate / Newtown Linford 2019 During the internship, Kevin brought the interns to Swithland and Bradgate Park for a one day walk. The trip started in the entrance of Swithland Wood, then walked through Bradgate Park, ate a meal at Newtown Linford and walked back to the village of Swithland to take a bus back to Loughborough.


Swithland Wood is a public woodland in Charnwood Forest, in the north of Bradgate Park. It is part of the most important ancient woodland in Leicestershire. There are some of the oldest stones in the UK in this area, and quarries in the woods were the source of the Swithland Slate roofs and gravestones in Leicester churchyards. Bradgate Park is a public park in Charnwood Forest. There is a River Lin that runs through the park. There are some landmarks in the park, like Bradgate House, Old John, and a war memorial. It is also a sanctuary for Red and Fallow deer. During the trip, the interns stopped in the forest and Old John to sketch and take photos, they also encountered a lot of the deer...and sheep! 113



116 Living in Loughborough Experiencing the England lifestyle in Loughborough was an important memory during the internships.

120 Traveling in United Kingdom The interns visited outside of Loughborough and viewed the various features of the United Kingdom.


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Life in UK

Travel in UK During our weekends, the interns often traveled to the different regions in United Kingdom. London, the capital city, was popular for the cluster of arts, design and culture. Plenty of museums and performances could be appreciated there. To experience the historical features, they also visited Edinburgh, Manchester, and York. Going to the nearby areas of these cities was the chance to learn the distinct faces of UK - Oxford, Greenwich, and Cambridge remained the classic and academic vibe. The old cities attracted them for their special past. Glasgow played the vital role of Industrial Revolution in Scotland. Lincoln preserved the traditional architecture styles. The nature in UK also attracted them. Haworth Moor was the hometown of BrontĂŤ Sisters, the famous lierary family in England. The Peak District or Scottish Highland areas are known for the majestic scenery. Among the travels, we saw the various aspects of this country. They became the precious memory and experience of the internships.

Lincoln 120


Highland, Scotland

Tower Bridge, London

The British Museum




Manchester 121

Life in UK


Edinburgh 122



Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Peak District 123



126 The future 130 Program member list


What’s next?

The Future After more than six years of collaborative work with staff and students from National Cheng Kung University it’s good to take a step back and think about what the future holds. The relationship with organisations and artists in Taiwan goes back more than ten years and a rich exchange has taken place between the two countries through or supported by Charnwood Arts involvement. We hope very much that this relationship will continue and grow into new opportunities for inter-cultural engagement. A number of the projects NCKU students have been involved in have and will continue to bear fruit for some time to come. These include: ・Work related to People Making Places - Charnwood Arts on-line/off-line programme of projects, workshops and events  that aim to build a varied picture of life in Charnwood and its international links. ・Work related to Charnwood Forest - Landscape Partnership, a future programme to explore, understand and care for  the future of this internationally important site where the first discovery of the earliest complex life forms on earth were  found. ・Work related to the future design of The Generator, Loughborough, what we hope will be a new home for Charnwood  Arts. ・Support to exhibitions, projects and arts and cultural exchanges between the UK and Taiwan. With the first of our previous interns returning to the UK to study for higher degrees at Loughborough University and the Royal College of Art we also hope that aspirations are raised for further applications to UK universities. We look forward to all future relationships and collaborations with interns, both those who have worked with us previously and those who have yet to come.



What’s next?

Program Member List The member list including Ming Turner (Associate Professor of NCKU), Kevin Ryan (CEO of Charnwood Arts), the members of Charnwood Arts, and the internship students from 2014 to 2019.

- Charnwood Arts Kevin Ryan, James Chantry , Natalie Chabaud, Jemma Bagley, Rebecca Abrahams, Terry Allen, Hanyu Lin

- Collaborating Artists and Speakers Sarah Green, Andrew McWiliam, Nita Rao, Sonya Viney, Rose Deakin, Jacqui Gallon, Debbie Miles, John Coster, Ashok Mistry, Paul Gent, Johnny Haynes, Sean Clark, Paul Dexter, Tatania Woolley, Maria Veretenina, Andre Schappo, Andrew Barrett, Phil Sayers, Kayuko Inoue, Something and Son, Jo Dacombe, Ro Ro Johnston

- 2014 Ching-Chuang Ho, Sharo Lee, Xiaozi Lo, Weiting Su, Lynn Han, Tony Chiu, Eve Huang, Mu Lee, Benji Lo, Michelle Wu

- 2015 Yi-Hsueh Huang, Ting-An Lin, Jian-Sheng Sun, Yi-Ping Zhan, Yi Yang

- 2016 Siao-Yun Yang, I-Tzu Huang, Ting-Yi Yu, Jessica Chen, Tai-You Ye, Yi-Ning Lo, Tzu-Yun Liu, Jui-Chen Wu

- 2017 Jing-Shiuan Wang, Wan-Hsuan Lee, Hsuan-Tzu Shen, HsinHung Lin, Yu-Chi Chou, Kai-Hsiang Hung, Hsiang-Cheng Chen, Yuh-Siang Chen, Goun-In Chen, Chia Yi-Hsu, JIun-Kai Huang, Hsin-Yu Chang, Wei-Yu Lu, Cheng-Han Chung

- 2018 Tai-Hsuan Lu, Cheng-Hung Tsai, Kuan-Yuan Pan, Jakkrit Jaewtrakul, Yichen Lu, Fang-Tzu Lin, Pei-Hsin Lin, ChangChih Yi

- 2019 Yi-Ning Li, Shih-Lun Guo, Ting-Chieh Chen, Yi-Hsuan Kuo, Kai-Yu Huang, Po-Cheng Chen, Tuo-Shen Shiao, Yi-Chung Lee , Zi-Yu Lin, Ying-Syuan Chen, Tsai-En Hung , Chao-Chun Huang, Yi-Chun Ou 130

Main Supervisors


Kevin Ryan, Ming Turner


Editorial Team


Yi-Ning Li, Shih-Lun Guo, Yi-Hsuan Kuo, Tuo-Shen Shiao, Ying-Syuan Chen, Tsai-En Hung, Yi-Chun Ou,

Charnwood Arts - People Making Places

Visual Team

Fearon Hall, Rectory Rd, Loughborough LE11 1PL

Ting-Chieh Chen, Kai-Yu Huang, Po-Cheng Chen, Zi-Yu Lin, Chao-Chun Huang


Photographers Kevin Ryan, Yi Chung Lee and previous interns.


Partner & Internship Organization Charnwood Arts

Publishing Date October 2019

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Charnwood Arts - NCKU Internship Programme 2014-2019  

An insight into some of the activities and outcomes of the relationship between Charnwood Arts (UK) and the National Cheng Kung University (...

Charnwood Arts - NCKU Internship Programme 2014-2019  

An insight into some of the activities and outcomes of the relationship between Charnwood Arts (UK) and the National Cheng Kung University (...