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David Charney | Selected Works

Column Rendering Graphite


School of The Building Arts

Rose Lees House

Kappa Sigma Fraternity House

UAB School of Dentistry 5th Floor Renovation

Talladega Comprehensive Plan

Chicago Childrens Hospital Pelouze Conference Center

School of the Building Arts Birmingham, AL

This project was a proposal for a new technical university, focused around the building arts, located in Birmingham’s design district. The skills and craft needed on a construction site are a dieing art form. The whole process is a collaborative effort where numerous tradesmen come together as a team to build and construct one design. My concept was to highlight and reveal this process in order to educate the public and students alike. The idea of layering is similar to the construction process where each element relies on each other to make a cohesive whole. I wanted my design to mimic this interaction, where each of the trades can work together in one space continuously learning and evovling from each other.

Educate the Public

Layering Diagrams

Study Models

Educate the Students

Section B Collaborative Workshop ACRI Office

Section A Coffee Shop




Plumbing Workshop

Masonry Workshop

Masonry Shop

Laydown Yard Open to Below


Reception Exhibit Space


Ground Floor Plan

Test Space

Test Space



Research Library

First Floor Plan


Support School of the Building Arts Practice Collaboration





Service Carpentry

Electrical ARIA





Collaborative ACRI Coffee Shop

Section A

Plumbing Retail


Laydown Yard

Electrical Workshop

Metal Workshop

Carpentry Workshop

Metal Shop

Carpentry Shop

AIA Office

Open to Below

Open to Below

Test Space

Test Space Research Library

Second Floor Plan


Housing Component

Test Space

Test Space Research Library


Third Floor Plan

Section B

Process Evolving the concept of revealing the building process I broke the program down into simple components of university, public, and service. The university component resides within a concrete fame that penetrates through the building allowing for ample daylighting and visibility to the community. It is broken down into a practice sector to the north, with open studio spaces, and a research library to the south, where the students and community members can look up and test new materials. The whole university is raised off the ground putting the work on display through the transparent glass fin system. The ground level is a public atrium engaged by retail spaces, an exhibit gallery, and entry points surrounded by outdoor plazas. The idea is that the new university will serve as a hub for the surrounding design district engaging the public and showing the beauty and craft in the building arts.

University Support

North Elevation


East Elevation


South Elevation

Chicago Childrens Hospital Chicago, Illinois

This project was a proposal for a Children’s Hospital in Chicago’s Streeterville medical district. The main ideals of a hospital are healing and comfort. Creating a relaxing and enjoyable environment for all inhabitants, not just the patients, but the family and staff as well. With this in mind the focus of the design is to improve the healing process through the elements of sunlight, views, and family. No child will be able to heal without his or her family and no family member wants to visit an uncomfortable environment. “Sunlight exposure is truly one of the most powerful healing therapies in the world, far surpassing the best efforts of today’s so-called “advanced medicine.” There is no drug, no surgical procedure, and no high-tech procedure that comes even close to the astonishing healing power of natural sunlight.” Dr. Michael Holick “The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.” Hubert H. Humphrey

Relationship / View of Lake

Relationship to Park

Vicinity Plan

N Vicinity Plan

Relationship/View of Lake

Relationship to Park

Relationship / View of Skyline

Enclosure and Mechanical Relationship / View of Skyline

Ground Floor

South Terraces

North Terraces

Public/ Family space



Event Space

Exterior Room Seating


Flex Space

Flex Space Storage

Staff Support

Flex Space

Staff Support

Coffee Shop

Family Support

Service Elevators Loading Dock



Staff Support Flex Space

Fire Stair Seating

Family Support

Fire Stair Staff Support

Family Support

Staff Support

Reception Ambulance Dock

Staff Support

Patient/ Staff Elevator

Service Elevator

Conference Room

Emergency Elevators

Storage Storage Sibling Care

Staff Lounge

Office/ Files

Public Restrooms

Flex Space Public Restrooms


Visitor Elevators

Visitor Elevator

Staff Support Gift Shop

Fire Stair Fire Stair

Flex Space

Drop Off

Staff Support Family Waiting / Play Area/ Play ground

Section Directional Views


Semi Public/ Family Space

Ground Floor

Typical Patient Floor


Southwest Perspective

Family / Play Area

Exterior Room

Northwest Perspective

Mechanical Patient Floor Patient Floor Patient Floor Patient Floor Patient Floor Patient Floor Patient Floor Patient Floor Patient Floor Mechanical Dining - Physical Therapy/ Rehab Terrace Conference Center- Education Center Imaging Radio Lab Surgery Surgery Emergency

Exterior Room


South Patient Room

Process Developing the ideals for improving the healing process, public terraces encompass the exterior providing a connection to nature, views, and maximum day lighting. Each terrace block relates to the surrounding context, taking advantage of the hospitals urban environment. The entrance is located in a public exterior room, engaged by a coffee shop and event space, all adjacent to the neighborhood park. Throughout the floor plates I focused on a strong visual connection to the public and to the surrounding context, designing pathways that terminate at views and encourage visitors to pass by active spaces. The patient floors include flexible nursing stations that can turn into seating based on the unit. Attached to each patient floor terrace is a family waiting/ playroom space where the patient can be with his or her loved ones and together they can relax and enjoy the natural sunlight. The patient rooms are all positioned for the greatest views of the city, natural daylighting, and are each equipped with a pull out couch for family members.

Pelouze Conference Center Chicago, Illinois

This project was an adaptive reuse proposal of an old warehouse building into a Conference Center with rentable Office Space. Located in Chicago’s Streeterville district, our site was an infill structure directly adjacent to the previous hospital and had issues with daylighting in the center of the building. To solve this problem my design strategy was to create a central atrium space shared by all inhabitants. Focusing on the concepts of Interaction, Collaboration, and creating an enjoyable Work Environment, the design revolves around this central core creating an interior environment of activity with interlocking spaces and overlapping geometries.

Business BusinessCenter Center Small SmallBusiness Business

Small SmallBusiness Business

Small SmallBusiness Business

Bar Bar Hub Hub

Extra ExtraLarge LargeMulti MultiFunction Function Shared SharedConference Conference Space Space

Lobby Lobby

A. A. Catwalk Catwalk

Atrium Atrium Shared SharedConference Conference Space Space

Atrium Atrium

Ground GroundFloor Floor Scale Scale1/32” 1/32”==1’1’

Site Plan

Extra ExtraLarge LargeMulti MultiFunction Function

N 2nd 2ndFloor FloorConference ConferenceCenter Center Scale Scale1/16” 1/16”==1’1’







Zoning Diagram

Circulation Diagram

Hub Hub Small SmallBusiness Business

Small SmallBusiness Business

s ness

Large Meeting Large Meeting Large Meeting

Small Meeting Small Meeting Small Meeting

Small Meeting Small Meeting Small Meeting Assistant Space Assistant Space Assistant Space

Assistant Space Assistant Space Assistant Space

Hub Hub Hub

Reception BarBar Reception Reception Bar

Hub Hub Hub



Small Meeting Small Meeting Small Meeting

Lobby Lobby Lobby

Conference Conference Conference Room Room Room Atrium Atrium Atrium

Dining Dining Dining

Atrium Atrium Atrium Catwalk Catwalk Catwalk

Lobby Lobby Lobby

Large Meeting Large Meeting Large Meeting

Hub Hub Hub

Small Meeting Small Meeting Small Meeting

Assistant Space Assistant Space Assistant Space

Floor Conference Center / Dining 4th Floor Conference Center / Dining 4th4th Floor Conference Center / Dining

Atrium Atrium Atrium Conference Conference Conference Room Room Room

Large Multi Large Multi Large Multi Function Function Function

Assistant Space Assistant Space Assistant Space Large Meeting Large Meeting Large Meeting

Large Meeting Large Meeting Large Meeting

Floor Conference Center 6th Floor Conference Center 6th6th Floor Conference Center

Executive / Terrace Conference Center Office Conference Center / Dining Office Conference Center / Multifunction Office Lecture / Restaurant

Section B

Process Evolving the concept of the central atrium the Conference Center and Office programs are stacked on alternating floors allowing for two opposite circulation patterns to occur in one shared central space. It creates interaction between the separate levels and engages the atrium throughout the entire day. The service core, with restrooms and elevators, is consolidated to the west side of the building with public gathering hubs adjacent for smaller meetings and collaboration. The entry sequence begins leading up to a reception desk and a cut through revealing the activity above. The large interior east facade acts as a lightwell, bringing light deep into the space and allowing for clearstories into the concealed conference rooms.




2nd Floor Lobby

Office Floor Hub


6th Floor Lobby


Rose Lees House Footwash, Alabama

This design build project located in rural Alabama was focused on the experimentation of the expandable house. It is based on the traditional farmhouse strategy where a dwelling expands and grows by necessity overtime. Broken down into two separate semesters this entire project was designed/built by a team of sixteen students. Working closely with our client and her two sons, the residence was designed to their desires of large family space, connection to the nature, and interaction with the community. The first semester focused on “the machine”, or central core of the residence, with the second semester that succeeded working on the courtyard and “leg” to the L. The 1,300 sq. residence consists of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, kitchen, and social elements of courtyard and front porch.

Existing Conditions Rose Lee

Phase 1 : Machine

Phase 2 : Courtyard and Bedrooms

Current House

Current House Machine

August 2008

North Section

Decemeber 2008

Courtyard+ Expansion Machine


March 2009

May 2009

Living Room Section


First Semester

North Elevation

West Elevation

South Elevation

East Elevation


Second Semester

Process With the clients existing house being located in the desired location, our first major decision was to put the footprint of the machine directly in front of the existing structure. This option not only gave us the best position in terms of passive systems, but it also eliminated the need for the client to relocate during phase one construction. The overall design being focused on sustainable ideals incorporates passive systems, local materials, and vital building analysis. The north facing courtyard provides a mild outdoor living space in the winter, while the south facing porch provides ample shade during the hot summer months. Keeping green, the majority of the materials were donated or salvaged and reused, such as the trusses and interior flooring that we milled, planed, and constructed from old floor girders to a nearby barn. The freestanding courtyard wall, along with the rain screen that raps the entire building, have been built out of cedar wood; a native West Alabama tree used for its low maintenance and natural water resistance.

Kappa Sigma Fraternity House Auburn, Alabama

This project was a proposal for the renovation of an existing Auburn Chapter Kappa Sigma House, design by Paul Rudolph. A fraternity house is a place based on ritual and tradition. It is a gathering space for members of the fraternity and past alumni to come together and feel united. Researching Paul Rudolph’s work and his original design intentions for the project, my proposal focuses on Rudolph’s theory that light affects the way one moves through a space. With this in mind the main concept of the design is to revitalize the fraternity. Focusing first on bringing members and alumni back to the house keeping the fraternity lively and active.

Existing Site Plan

Longitudinal Section A

Analysis | Skylight Open

Analysis | Skylight Close

Existing Third Floor

Thermal Image | Skylight Open Phase 1

Phase 2

Thermal Image | Skylight Close



Chapter Meeting


Deck Private Courtyard


A Public Courtyard Chapter / Dining Hall Living Room


Plate Area


First Floor Plan N

Residential Entry

Conversation Pit

Additional Housing

Officer Room

Alumni Gallery

Presidents Room

Second Floor Plan

Study Space

Study Space

Process Alumni, being the major financial backing for the fraternity, are essential to the revitalization process. The first phase incorporates a double height space with a chapter / dining hall on one level and study space above. The focal point of the space is an elevated double sided alumni gallery, consisting of seating, shelving, and a light beacon. A skylight, with a reflector behind the gallery, is designed to direct light rays into the space and illuminate the insignia between the hours of four and six o’clock. The beacon and reflecting ambient glow off the back of the gallery will draw people into the place and signal that a chapter meeting is approaching. It will emphases the importance of tradition in the Kappa Sigma Fraternity bringing pride back to their house.

Transverse Section B


Daylight Analysis | Amount of reflected light

Daylight Analysis | Light rays at 5 o’clock


Adjustable Shelves

Seating / Podium

Alumni Gallery

Furniture Design

Birmingham, Alabama Reclaimed Door Coffee Table Entertainment Center

Faculty Practice Elevator Lobby

University of Alabama Birmingham School of Dentistry 5th Floor Renovation Birmingham, Alabama Intern at Birchfield Penuel & Associates

Faculty Practice Waiting Room

Endo Waiting Room

Residents Conference Room

Residents Treatment Suites

Treatment Space

Residents Conference Room Sterilization

Comprehensive Plan Talladega, AL Intern with Small Town Design Initiative

Context Diagram

1910 Sanborn Tax Map

Existing Conditions

Process This project was a Comprehensive Plan for Talladega, AL. Working closely with the Regional Planning Commission our task was to provide a master plan and design proposals that will aid with economic development and support community values. Premised on strong community interaction, threw numerous meetings we focused on how to improve existing assets, along with solving critical issues. The project began with looking at functions for the existing brown-field site, located at the heart of the community, and continued to expand outward. The final product was a series of twenty 30� x 40� boards to be compiled into a poster and distributed to every household. We focused on development opportunities such as new housing, campus buildings, relocation, renovation, infrastructure, public transit, pedestrian circulation, facade restoration, and community identity.

David Charney

Portfolio : | Contact | Email : | Phone : 954 - 648 -3007 |

Education Bachelor of Architecture

2007 - 2012 : Auburn University, Alabama GPA : 3.54

Bachelor of Interior Architecture

2009 - 2012 : Auburn University, Alabama GPA : 3.54

Cooperative Thesis Program : Auburn Urban Studio

Istanbul Technical University : International Studies Program

Design / Build Program Rural Studio : Rose Lee’s House

2011 - 2012 : Birmingham, Alabama

Spring 2010 : Istanbul, Turkey

Fall 2008 : Hale County, Alabama

Experience Architectural Intern : Small Town Design Initiative

Spring 2012 : Birmingham, Alabama Drafting a Comprehensive Plan for Talladega, AL Asset Based Planning to Retain and Support community values Hand Drawn Master Plan and Design Proposals

Architectural Intern : Birchfield Penuel & Associates

Fall 2011 : Birmingham, Alabama Drafting of Construction Document Sets, As-Builts 3 - Dimensional Computer Modeling, Renderings, and Animations Notable Project : University of Alabama Birmingham School of Dentistry 5th Floor Renovation

Architectural Intern : JMWA Architects

Summer 2010 : Boca Raton, Florida Drafting of Tenant Improvement Sets, Residential Documents Site visit walk through measuring and sketching 3 -Dimensional Computer Modeling and Graphics for Design Proposals

Technician Assistant : Smart Air Systems Inc.

Summer 2006 : Margate, Florida Assisted Mechanical Technicians with Installations, Demolitions, and Piping on roofs, attics, and job sites

Merits / Affiliations Dean’s List : College of Architecture Design and Construction

Fall 2011, Spring 2011, Fall 2010, Spring 2008

Interior Architecture Award : ARIA Auburn University

Spring 2011

Competition Finalist : Alabama Forestry Association

Spring 2008

AIAS : American Institute of Architecture Students

2009 - Present

Computer Proficient

2007 - 2009


ARIA 2011 Interior Architecture Thesis Familiar

AutoCAD Rhino Revit Architecture Podium Ecotect Analysis Radiance Google Sketchup Kerkythea Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe Indesign Adobe Premiere Pro

Auburn Ultimate Frisbee : Club Team

Publications / Exhibitions


Model Making Laser Cutting Hand Drafting Hand Rendering Watercolor Photography

“Kappa Sigma Fraternity House” March 2012

Dearq 07 : The Domestic Space

“Rural Studio : Rose Lee’s House” September 2010

The Tuscaloosa News

“Chronicle of a Building” October 2009

Birmingham School of the Building Arts

Frank Setzer Gallery : Birmingham, Alabama Spring 2012

Paul Rudolph Kappa Sigma Fraternity House

CADC Gallery : Auburn, Alabama Summer 2011

Rose Lee’s House

Sarah Moody Art Gallery : Tuscaloosa, Alabama September 2009

David Charney Select Works  
David Charney Select Works  

Architecture and Interior Architecture