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Summer 2013

Welcome To Camp Harmony! Life is fast. Children grow up faster than we can even imagine. Children, youth and adults alike are constantly moving from one activity to the next. What if there was a place for you and your family to step out of this fast-paced world for a little while? At Camp Harmony we offer just such a place. Our camps provide a safe place for all ages to experience a whole new world around us and the loving God who made it. Children of all ages can choose from many age appropriate camping experiences. Choose from a wide range of specialty camps—from adventure and sports to music and creativity. We offer a camp for just about every interest! In addition to learning valuable activity skills specific to each camp like horseback riding, archery, cooking out, and canoeing, every camper will also gain priceless life lessons in spiritual growth, friendship, character, and leadership. We strive to have a lasting positive impact in the lives of our campers. Our intention is to do so through the influence of quality staff role models, a safe environment where they are encouraged to grow and explore, and intentionally seeking God. We would love for them to have that experience with us at Camp Harmony! 2

About Camp Harmony Located in the beautiful Laurel Highlands, Camp Harmony has a rich 89-year history as a Christian camp and leadership center. As we draw on that heritage, we are continuing the mission of inviting all people of all ages to grow closer in their relationship with nature,with one another, but most importantly with Jesus Christ in a relevant way. Because we know that different people are excited by different things, we offer a wide range of programs to choose from. Campers can choose from camps that concentrate on horseback riding, music and drama, sports, the great outdoors, adventures, a love of the water, and so much more. However, there are some things that all camps have in common. Each camper will have the opportunity to participate in the activities that make camp so enjoyable. Take a look at the example schedule on this page to see what a typical day at Camp Harmony might look like. All of our activities are designed to challenge campers and encourage them to grow physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually at developmentally appropriate levels.

can share their thoughts and questions with our skilled staff as well as local pastors who donate their time to camp.

A Day at Camp Harmony 7:00 Wake up! A new day begins! 7:30 Breakfast 8:15 Cabin Group Devotions 8:30 AMplify: Morning Worship 10:00 Crafts 11:00 Focus Bible Study 12:00 Lunch 1:00 Specialty Camp Activities (Some examples: canoeing, horse instruction, archery, climbing and rappelling on the tower, a daily mystery, or workshops)

3:00 Swimming 4:00 All Camp Game 5:00 Supper 6:00 PMplify: Evening Worship 7:00 All Camp Evening Activity (Some examples: Worship 9:30 10:00

Carnival, Water Olympics, Talent Night, or Campfires)

Embers: Evening Devotions Lights Out

Just as God is with us in every part of our lives, we strive to demonstrate the character of God in every activity we do. However, there are times that we intentionally focus our energy on His love and Christ’s sacrifice. We do this through daily activities like DEVOTIONS, AMPLIFY, FOCUS, and EMBERS. These activities especially focus on community, teaching, worship, and discussion where campers


2013 Schedule APRIL


Women’s Retreat

12-13  Scrapbooker’s Retreat: Spring Crop 19-20

30 Hour Famine


Quilt Camp



Dodge Ball Tournament


Run the Plank 5K/10K


Summer Staff Training


12-21  Leaders-In-Training Camp 21 New

Camp Harmony Opening Day

Extra 22-29  8-12 Performing Arts Camp Day!

New! 6/7/8 Junior Performing Arts Camp 23-29 

3/4/5 Creative Arts Camp 28  Performing Arts Camp Dinner Theater 29  Performing Arts Camp Matinee


June 30-July 3 8-12 Canoe Camp

1-3  2-3 Short Experience Camp 7-12

3/4/5 Pioneer Camp

7-12 Bike Camp


6/7/8 Trailblazers Camp

6/7/8 Excursions Camp


3/4/5 Splash Camp

Pre-Kindergarten Half-Day Camp June 27 July 11, 18, 25 August 1, 8

Kindergarten 2nd Grade Full Day Camp June 24, 25, 26 July 1, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24, 29, 30, 31 August 5, 6, 7

Kindergarten 2nd Grade Overnighter Camp June 27-28 July 2-3 July 25-26 August 1-2 August 8-9

6-12 Amplify Camp New! 8-12 United Adventure Camp



July 28-Aug 2 3/4/5 Sports Sampler Camp

Amplify Concert

6/7/8 Sports Sampler Camp 6/7/8 Wildlife Camp 2-4

Family Camp


3/4/5 Mystery Camp

6/7/8 Pioneer Camp

SEPTEMBER Aug 30-Sep 2 Fall Harvest Gospel Festival

Aug 30-Sep 2 Fall Adventure Weekend


Heritage Festival


Trick or Retreat

NOVEMbER 8-9  Scrapbooker’s Retreat: Fall Crop DECEMBER 7

Faith Promise Benefit Dinner

30  Camp Harmony Appreciation Dinner 4

Check our website and Facebook page for ongoing updates and more information

day camps Nothing says fun like a day at Camp Harmony! Your youngest camper will get a small taste of daily life at camp at our half or full day camps. Each day is a new adventure in swimming, crafts, exploring nature, interactive Bible times, and so much more. Day Campers experience the wide world of camping away from home while being encouraged and cared for by our welltrained staff. #

1-1 Full Day camps

Full Day Camps are for children in Kindergarten through 2nd grade. Each day includes lunch and a snack, swim time, and lots of other great camp activities. Full day camps run from 9-5 on Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays each week (June 24-August 7). #

1-2 Half Day camps

Half Day Camps are for children in Pre-Kindergarten. Each day includes a healthy snack, swim time, and other great camp activities. Half day camps run from 9:00am -12:00pm on Thursdays throughout the summer (June 27-August 8)

K-2 Overnighter Camps

Full Day Rates Single Day Rate. . . . . . . . . . . . . . $35 Full Summer Rate (19 days). . . $605 (save $60) Half-Summer Rate (10 days). . . $320 (save $30)

Half Day Rates Single Day Rates . . . . . . . . . . $15 Full Summer (6 days). . . . . . . $80 (save $10)

** Be sure to check page 12 for information on multi-camp discounts.

Our overnight programs are perfect for your camper’s first night in a new environment! Overnighters are geared to make campers feel safe and welcome as they explore a new milestone in their lives. They get to experience all of the thrills of a full Overnighter camp experience in # an easy-to-handle 2-1 June 27-28 package. Each camp # starts at 9:00 am 2-2 July 2-3 on the first day and # 2-3 July 25-26 ends with a parent campfire at 7:00 pm # 2-4 August 1-2 the next evening.** #


August 8-9

Dates: $85 $85 $85 $85 $85


Camps for Grades 3-5 3-1 Creative


Arts Camp


3-4 Splash


June 23-29 / $325

July 21-26 / $325

Join us as we explore what it means to be creative. Through painting, singing, playing musical instruments and even a little acting, this week will be a delight for the creative camper! Campers’ artwork will be displayed in an art gallery and as the opening act for the Performing Arts Camp Show both Friday evening and Saturday afternoon.

When conditions are right, Pennsylvania summers can get very hot. Come cool off with us at Splash Camp! Along with all the usual camp activities, every day will feature a special wet ‘n wild event. You’ll spend your days lounging at the pool with new friends, playing fun water games, and having a great time getting SOAKED! **

3-2 Grades

2-3 Short Experience Camp #

July 1-3 / $140

Is this your first time at Camp? Not sure if you’re ready for the big step of a week away? This camp is made for you. Come get all the great experiences of summer camp in 3 easy days. Nature discoveries, cookouts, campfires, new friends, swimming, adventure - it’s all here and it’s all for you!

3-3 Pioneer


July 7-12 / $325 Activate your inner pioneer this summer with our thrilling adventure camp! You’ll stay in a tipi all week in our Pioneer Village, cook meals over a fire, and learn basic woodland skills. At the end of the week, you’ll get to help prepare and enjoy a bountiful feast as we celebrate everything that God has taught us throughout our time together.**


3-5 Sports

Sampler Camp

July 28- August 2 / $325

Sports enthusiasts and athletes of all kinds are a perfect fit for this camp. Join us as we learn from local coaches and athletes basic skills for a variety of sports as well as how to live out your faith on the field. Your week will be filled with sports of all kinds with time for many other great camp activities as well. #

3-6 Mystery


August 4-9 / $325

Do you like solving mysteries? Come this week to solve new, exciting mysteries every day! Not only do you enjoy a week of all the summer camp fun you wouldn’t want to miss, but you get the added surprise of afternoon mystery activities. Five fantastic, far-fetched adventures await you – what will they be? Come and find out at Mystery Camp! **

**This camp likely involves one or more off-camp excursions. All off-camp excursions are accompanied by an adult of at least 25 years of age.


Camps for Grades 6-8 #

4-4 Wild

Life Camp

July 28-August 2 / $325 The woodlands are calling! This camp is perfect for all who love to spend their time with a bow and quiver, a rod & bait, or tracking wild game. We’ll spend afternoons fishing or traveling to game reserves while also learning about conserving the environment around us. Answer the call of the Wild Life!

Performing Arts Camp


4-1 Junior

June 23-29 / $350

Have a love for all things theater- the stage, the lights, the pit band, the production? In just one week, this camp does it all! Improve your skills in acting, musicality, stage design, and choreography while also being a part of the Friday evening and Saturday afternoon performances of “Disney’s Beauty & The Beast”. The show must go on! #

4-2 Excursions

July 14-19 / $370


Come venture into the back country with us as we take on a section of the Laurel Highlands’ scenic 70 mile hiking trail. You’ll get the chance to hike in the woods, enjoy majestic views, cook amazing meals over a fire, topped with a white water adventure in Ohiopyle! Explore your faith while exploring the woodlands at this camp.** #

4-3 Trailblazers

July 14-19 / $370


4-5 Sports

Sampler Camp

July 28-August 2 / $325

Come for a week of varied sports experiences; get maximum play-time with plenty of time to enjoy a week at Camp! Learn how competition and regular activity are part of a healthy, balanced life as you talk with local coaches, players, and teams. See what it takes to live out your faith on the court/field/range and in the rest of life. ** #

4-6 Pioneer


August 4-9 / $325

Our Pioneer Village is here! We will set up and live in a tipi all week while cooking tasty meals over a fire, swimming and canoeing, and learning woodland skills as we learn about our relationships with God. At the end of the week you get to help prepare and enjoy a feast as we celebrate everything God has taught us throughout the week. **


Giddy-up! Horses are the feature for this week as campers learn the basics and take the reins. Afternoons are dedicated to riding and getting to know these beautiful animals. After a week you’ll be full of knowledge and the skills to blaze some trails. **

**This camp likely involves one or more off-camp excursions. All off-camp excursions are accompanied by an adult of at least 25 years of age.


Camps for Junior & Senior High #

5-1 L  eaders-in-Training


June 12-14, 16-21 / $50 This camp is for those 15 and older who wish to serve at Camp Harmony over the summer in some way. Do you want to learn how to use your gifts, talents, and abilities to serve God and make a positive impact in others’ lives? Here’s your chance to do all those things and more by working alongside our senior staff. You will receive training to work as part of our summer team and have an opportunity to serve as a counselor, maintenance assistant, kitchen assistant, or program assistant several times throughout the summer. Leaders-in-Training will receive a weekly stipend starting at $50 per week.

8-12 Performing Arts Camp


5-2 Grades

June 22-29 / $390

That’s not a mistake in the date- there is now ONE MORE DAY of Performing Arts Camp! Now there’s even more time for learning lines, choreography, and songs while also enjoying the many activities a week of camp has to offer. Audition for your part on Saturday, then spend 1 week preparing to put on this year’s production, “Disney’s Beauty & The Beast”. Performances will be held Friday evening and Saturday afternoon.

5-3 Grades

8-12 Canoe Camp


June 30-July 3 / $200 Flowing rivers, the great outdoors, and adventure – what could be a better way to kick off your summer? Join us for our canoe camp, where we see God’s creation by boat during the day and enjoy His starry skies at night. Is this your first time canoeing? No problem! We’ll teach you everything you need to know for an amazing time of fun and adventure.**

**This camp likely involves one or more off-camp excursions. All off-camp excursions are accompanied by an adult of at least 25 years of age.


7-12 Bike Trip Adventure Camp


5-4 Grades

July 7-12 / $355

Bike Trip Adventure will again join with Camp Blue Diamond as we bike on 150 miles of the C&O Canal Bike Trail. Riders will be transported to Cumberland, MD and bike to Washington DC. There will be plenty of great sites to see as you pedal your way to a great adventure. Campers must provide their own approved bikes. **

8-12 United Adventure Camp


5-5 Grades

July 21-26 / $390

NEW! We’re heading to North Carolina for this week-long traveling adventure! In cooperation with other Church of the Brethren camps through the Outdoor Ministry Association, we will join campers from several other camps around the nation at our home away from home within view of Grandfather Mountain! We’ll play on a natural water slide, hike up a mountain peak and past a beautiful waterfall, see the Linville Gorge Wilderness, go star gazing, visit a country store, do a service project, and go caving! Get ready for the next level of adventure. **


5-6 Grades


6-12 Amplify

July 21-26 / $370 Youth worship bands and individual musicians alike are called to Amplify. Learn how to be part of a modern worship band with sessions for acoustic / electric / bass guitar, keyboards, drums, and vocals. We’ll even work with the techie in your group for sound and lighting! Large group general sessions and small group instrument lessons will culminate on Friday night as campers present a concert open to the public.


Events for All Ages Camp Harmony Opening Day

Friday, June 21, 6:00 PM / FREE Enjoy an evening celebrating the start of another summer camping season! There will be plenty of food, singing, and fun seeing good friends and what is happening at camp. We will join together at campfire during this evening to pray for and bless the staff, the incoming campers, and all things God will be making new this summer!

Performing Arts Camp Dinner Theater Friday, June 28, 5:00 PM / $25 Enjoy a great meal and a great show by our campers. Creative Arts camp will have a short program and an art gallery on display. The Performing Arts Camps will present “Disney’s Beauty & The Beast.”

Performing Arts Camp Matinee Show Saturday, June 29, 2:00 PM / $5 Come watch an encore performance by our Creative and Performing Arts Camps.

Amplify Concert

Friday, July 26, 6:00 PM / $5 Campers will lead worship in an exciting concert as they display the skills they have built upon throughout the week. Come for an inspiring evening of music!

Family Camp August 2-4

With all of the activities your family is involved in, wouldn’t it be nice to spend some time together in a relaxed environment? Bring your whole family to share in the weekend’s fun-filled programs. There are plenty of options during the day and lots of activities for all age groups. Prices vary by lodging choice.

Family Camp Rates 3& Lodging Adult Child Under Harmony Hemlock Cabin

$100 $75 $15 $90



Campground $80 $50 $15 Rustic Cabin



**A family of 5 or more will receive a $50 discount** 10


More than just a Summer Camp! Camp Harmony is not just a summer meeting place! We’re available 7 days a week, 365 days a year for your meetings, conferences, youth group nights, board retreats, Sunday School class get-a-ways, class reunions, indoor and outdoor sporting events and so much more. No matter what the temperature is outside, your group will be warm and cozy in one of our many winterized retreat centers and facilities. We offer large group meeting spaces as well as intimate small group gathering places. Faith Hall Complex provides a number of uses with its large cozy dining hall, indoor Astroturf field, and spacious Upper Room meeting area. We can also provide your group with all the energy they’ll need with our tasty food service. From inexpensive meal options to full scale banquet service, we’ve got you covered.



Registration Information How Do I Register?

There are 3 easy steps to registering for a Camp Harmony camp: 1) C  hoose the camp/camps you would like to attend. 2) Fill out the registration form or register online at 3) Mail in the form and $25 deposit. This deposit does not apply to Half Day Camps. After we receive your registration form, we will send you a confirmation of your registration, packing information, a health history form, and any other important information you will need.

When Should I Register?

In order to ensure quality programming for all of our campers, it is recommended that you register for a camp as soon as possible. A $25 late fee will be incurred if the registration is received less than 2 weeks prior to the camp for which you are registering. Late fees do not apply to Full & Half Day Camps.

Free T-Shirt & Purchase of Picture CDs

Each camper will receive one free t-shirt with registration. A picture CD of your camper’s week at Camp Harmony will be available for purchase at the end of the week. Additional items may be purchased at the Camp Store.

Scholarship Funds

No one should be denied an opportunity to attend camp because of finances. Your church congregation may pay a portion of the camp fee. Please check with them first. Scholarship funds are available through the camp for financial assistance for one camp program per person or event. The funds are available for those who request them, based on the written recommendation of the Pastor and/or Camp Representative to be included with the registration application. If no church affiliation is available, a written request must be submitted directly to Camp Harmony. All persons applying for a scholarship will need to make a formal application 12

to Camp Harmony and pay a portion of the registration depending on the need. Requests must be made prior to arrival at the camp. Requests on the day of check-in may not be honored.

Discount Program

Each person registering for and attending more than one camp program is eligible for a discount on registration costs. A 20% discount is available for all subsequent summer camps per year. This discount excludes Half & Full Day Camps, which already have a discount included.

Cabin Requests

Cabin requests must be made on the registration form by both campers being requested. We try our best to accommodate requests but cannot guarantee them in all cases. Groups of 4 will be separated.

Check-in Times

Unless otherwise noted in your confirmation packet, camps check-in at 6:00 PM on Sunday at Faith Hall. Day Camps and camps starting on a weekday will register at 9:00 AM. Pick-up will be at 7:00 PM on the last day of the camp. At that time, parents and family members are encouraged to participate in a short wrap-up campfire. A snack will follow this campfire.

Limited Space

Due to the rising demands on our camp, registrations are based on a first-come, first-serve basis. God is blessing us with more and more campers every year. Please register early to ensure your place in the camp you desire.

Release of Minor Campers

In order to provide security, it is our policy to only release a camper to his or her legal guardians or parents as indicated on the registration form. If you, as a parent or legal guardian, will not be picking up your child at the conclusion of camp, please notify the Camp Staff during registration. We will release campers only to individuals whom you have granted us permission to do so.

2013 Registration Please use a separate form for each individual registering–you can register for multiple camps on the same form.

Camper Name: ______________________________________________ Gender: ❏ M


Birthdate: ___ / ___ / ___

School Attended:___________________________________________________________ Grade Completed 6/13:_____ Street Address:_________________________________________ City:_____________________________ State:________ Zip:__________________________________ Email Address:___________________________________________________ Parent or Legal Guardian’s Names:_______________________________________________________________________ Home Phone #:____________________________________ Cell Phone #________________________________________ Camps/programs registered for: 1)

Camp #: _____ Camp Name: ______________________________________ Dates:__________________________


Camp #: _____ Camp Name: ______________________________________ Dates:__________________________


Camp #: _____ Camp Name: ______________________________________ Dates:__________________________

Attention Family Camp attendees: Please attach names and ages of each member of your family attending. Please also specify your lodging choice on the attachment. T-shirt Size: Youth ❏ S

❏M ❏L

Adult ❏ S

❏ M ❏ L ❏ XL ❏ Other______________________________

I wish to be assigned to the same cabin as ________________________________________________________________

(no changes will be made the day of registration and assignments must be mutual)

Church attended: ______________________________________________________________ Total amount to be billed to the church $_________________________________________ (actual dollar amount) Approved by ______________________________________________________________________ (Camp Rep or Pastor) (Approval signature must be filled in to receive church discount) Please include a $25 non-refundable deposit for each camp for which you are registering. You may pay the full amount if you wish. You may pay by check or credit card. A $25 late fee will be incurred if the registration is received less than 2 weeks prior to the camp for which you are registering. Deposit amount for Half Day Camp is $15. Late fee does not apply to Full & Half Day Camps.

❏ Mastercard ❏ Visa ❏ Discover

Exp. Date ___ / ___ / ___

Account Number: ______________________________________________________________________________________ Card Holder Signature: _________________________________________________________________________________ In signing this application, I grant permission for my child to attend Camp Harmony and to use images (photo, video, etc.) of my child and members of my family in camp publicity (print ads, internet including social networking sites, etc.). I waive the right to inspect or approve images for such purposes. I also acknowledge that, by their very nature, outdoor and camping activities involve some risk of injury, including the potential for permanent injury or death. I fully acknowledge that my child’s participation in these activities are voluntary and solely at our own risk and I assume full responsibility.

X_____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Parent or Legal Guardian Signature

Camp Harmony PO Box 158, 1414 Plank Road Hooversville, PA 15936

Date 814-798-5885 Fax: 814/798-2225


Camp Harmony Philosophy & Information Camp Harmony’s goal is to help people of all ages to grow in a closer relationship with God, nature, and one another. We as a camp are committed to providing a safe, nurturing camp community through our emphasis on caring professional staff, developmentally appropriate camperbased experiences, opportunities for service, leadership, and personal growth, and experiential education with plenty of opportunities for discovery. We strive for excellence in all we do. All of our Senior Staff members are over the age of 18. They are all high school graduates or college students and are required to complete a thorough training course at the beginning of the summer. All of our Leaders-In-Training are over the age of 15, complete a thorough training course, and are directly supervised by a Senior Staff member. All staff and volunteers over the age of 18 have obtained their Act 34 and 151 Pennsylvania Clearances. As part of their training course, our staff take courses to become CPR/First Aid certified.

A qualified staff member will be on the premises to dispense medications and treat any minor illness or injury. Our food service personnel are ServeSafe Certified. Our Food Service facilities and program are regularly inspected by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. We follow guidelines laid by the American Camping Association for counselor to camper ratios and camping regulations. We are members in good standing with the Outdoor Ministries Association, the Laurel Highlands Visitors Bureau, the Johnstown Visitors Bureau, and the Somerset County Chamber of Commerce. We are happy to welcome and accommodate campers with special needs. Please contact us in advance so we may work through any special needs your child may have. Camp Harmony is open to all regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, or disability.


General Information/Policies Lost & Found

Camp Harmony is not responsible for items left or lost. We will save items we find for two weeks following your stay at camp. If they are not claimed in that time, we will consider them unwanted and dispose of them accordingly.


We encourage parents, friends, relatives, and pastors to write to a camper at camp. We recommend that you send mail as early in the week as possible due to the time it takes for delivery. In the event that your child has left prior to receiving his or her mail, it will be kept in our lost and found until the end of the summer camping season and then destroyed. Please do not send food or snacks to your child while at camp. We provide 3 balanced meals and a snack to every camper each day.


Participants in Camp Harmony camps, retreats, and events are asked to act in such a way that is respectful to God, other campers, staff, and camp property. The Camp Board of Directors has delegated authority to the Executive Director to dismiss any camper who does not abide by the guidelines.


For questions regarding insurance, please contact the Executive Director. Accidents/ illnesses occurring while at camp are filed through the parent/guardian insurance carrier.

Homesickness at Camp

Some campers may experience what is known as ‘homesickness’- a general uncomfortable feeling that may cause stress due to a new or unfamiliar situation. Our staff are trained in how to properly care for and comfort a camper with these feelings and we believe growth occurs when we challenge ourselves to do new things. In this light, we do not encourage calls home unless all other attempts to encourage the camper have failed.

Challenge by Choice

Our programs are designed to encourage an internal center of control within each person by giving individuals the choice on how they want to participate. We encourage each participant to set their own goals and personal challenges. We strive to create a collaborative, cooperative and caring environment where choice is made by the individual and not as a result of negative peer pressure.

Policy of Modesty

As a Christian camp, Camp Harmony has in place a policy of modesty which extends to all campers and staff alike. This policy is in place to encourage mutual and self-respect amongst all campers and staff. Please keep this in mind when packing clothing for your stay at camp. Swim wear should also reflect this policy. In that light, we require that female campers wear a one piece swimsuit or a suit that covers their midsection in addition to conservative neck and leg cuts and properly lined. Male campers are required to wear “boxer style” swimwear with athletic support. 15


Leaders-In-Training Camp Senior High Performing Arts Camp Junior Performing Arts Camp Creative Arts Camp


3/4/5 Sports Sampler Camp 6/7/8 Sports Sampler Camp Wildlife Camp Family Camp Mystery Camp 6/7/8 Pioneer Camp


July 28August 2 2-4 4-9

June 30July 3 Canoe Camp 1-3 Short Experience Camp 7-12 3/4/5 Pioneer Camp Bike Camp 14-19 Trailblazers Camp Excursions Camp 21-26 Splash Camp United Adventure Camp Amplify Camp

12-14 & 16-21 22-29 23-29

summer 2013

1414 Plank Road • PO Box 158 Hooversville PA 15936

camp harmony non-profit org. US Postage PAID permit no. 31 randolph, ny

Summer Brochure 2013: All Things New  

Camp descriptions, prices, and other details regarding summer camps at Camp Harmony.

Summer Brochure 2013: All Things New  

Camp descriptions, prices, and other details regarding summer camps at Camp Harmony.