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M Metin 2: Its my favorite game online for the many forms to play , you can choose your player its better to player vs player or player vs monsters

K Kunasghi1 Its my favortie nickname , its for anime Pogonyuto.

CH ď‚— Children of Bodom it's my favorite band, i know everything songs and like me


D ď‚— Delko: Its my little dog and i love like a brother, its a cocker spaniel .

G ď‚— Gabriela: Its my mom and its the best mom, i love her

T  Tacos: OOOOOH¡ I love the tacos

B ď‚— Bleach:Its my favorite tv show, its anime and the protagonist use your powers to save the life of pepoles love

L ď‚— Level high school , here I have met many people important to me and many things I know I will for the top

S ď‚— Sixteen years, have been the best of my life, most have been good times and great

P  Paper - bear  A bear named charmin life is what changed my life because now everyone calls me well and I already acostymbré and I even like

F ď‚— Football ď‚— It is a sport that I really like it requires a lot of strategy and concentration

H ď‚— Homework ď‚— is my worst nightmare, I can never enjoy anything to do homework but I do what I can and strive for me to stay in one form or another ... well

V ď‚— violence ď‚— is something that has always bothered me detest abuse other people, animals and even things, it is very annoying to see that there is violence all up to nature

J ď‚— jokes ď‚— is something that makes me very happy, I always like to tell jokes and other funny things say it is something I enjoy

W  weekend  It's my favorite day, I get very good the idea of ​it being Friday and my break finally arrives, a student also suffers

My life  

my lifen njhvryikolgf

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