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Solutions for a better communication

Do you have great ideas for your audiovisual project, but aren’t quite sure how to make it happen? Do you have to plan an event, or provide a museum with audiovisual equipment, and want to make the most out of it? Are you ready to improve your sWwales, your business image, or own an interactive store? Would you like to to equip your meeting rooms with innovative technology to be able to collaborate with your team and clients remotely communcating from any device at your disposal?

10-11 Displays

Samsung Monitors Hitachi TV LED large format Sharp Monitors Accessories – Microtiles

Is your goal to achieve maximum participation in your class, and get your students to perform at their best, whilst they have fun learning? Rest assured, Charmex and its specialized technical team will provide you with expert advice and the best technological solutions addressing the specific needs of your audiovisual project in an integrated way. Our team gets involved in your project from start to end, beginning with the design, is present during the installation, and is at hand for post-sales support and training. Focus on your commercial activity resting assured that audiovisual components are in the best hands – leave them to us! Charmex, promises to innovate your audiovisual technology project.

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Corporate Solutions


Videoprojection SSL/LASER High range Mid-range Basic range Pocket + Lamps


Eduaction Solutions

14-15 Interactive


Digital Signage Solutions


Digital Signage Solutions

Clevertouch Starboard/Hitachi Monitors Ebeam Interactive White Board (Starboard/Trauboard)

16-17 Supports Projectors Monitors Videowall


Projection screens Electrical Manual Tripod Large format portable Accessories




Digital Video Signal and Signal Management Sony IDK RGB-Link Signal Management

Connectivity Connectivity

Collaboration, control and content systems Control systems Collaboration systems Content management Room management


Videoconference and audioconference Videoconference Audioconference VoIP terminals


Other Communication Complements

Audio Presentation complements

Corporate Solutions 6


10 1







Our team of experts will define the audiovisual or control installation to cover all the necessities of your Company.

Videoconference solutions, with High Quality Video and Audio, allow the connection and work with equipments placed in difference locations, making so profitable our time, optimizing our resources and increasing the productivity.

We have interactive displays and professional projectors, audio and video signal distribution equipment, control systems, wireless collaboration systems, room manager, connectivity equipment and specific furniture for the integration of your Corporate Solution.



Dynamism and interactivity. Find them out in DISPLAYS´ section, page 18.

2 |


Interactive Displays

Dynamism and interactivity. Find them out in the INTERACTIVE section, page 44.


Support for displays

Robustness and design. Find them out in SUPPORT section, page 57.


Projection Screens

Project over the best surface. Find them out on page 68.


AV Projectors

Interact, impress and convince with your presentations. Find them out in Projectors section, page 28.


Support for projectors

Elegance, design and security. Find them out in page 53.







Control systems

Integrate video, audio and signals. Choose the most appropriate system. Find the one that best suits to your needs in VIDEO SIGNAL AND SIGNAL MANAGEMENT, page 80.


Room manager system

Book your room from any device or in situ. Go to CONTROL AND COLLABORATION SYSTEMS, page 113.


Collaboration systems

Wireless communication between all room devices. Find them out at CONTROL AND COLLABORATION SYSTEMS, page 111.


Audioconference and Videoconference

Communicate yourself clearly without interferences, in group, by IP voice, with the rest of the world. Choose your equipment on page 114.


Minto speaker

Hear and be heard with optimal quality and design. Find it out as a VIDEOCONFERENCE´s complement on page 120. | 3

Digital Signage Solutions 4





2 2



1 We offer a dynamic, easy and effective Display´s contents management: our software, from your computer, allows to change, to schedule and to plan comfortably the messages´ content to show in the several displays you have around the world, independently. 4 |

The technological evolution allow us today to communicate better and interactively with all market sectors. We have lot of solutions that allow us to show all your company and products´ information desired in a public or private space.

Interactive Displays

Dynamism and interactivity. Find them in INTERACTIVE section, page 44.



3 5



Chrome Box

Integrated solutions that allow the collaboration with a local device, to place orders without moving from your location. Go to DISPLAYS ACCESSORIES section, page 22.


Professional Displays

Visually communicate your promotions in a professional display adapted to your needs (Find them out in DISPLAYS section, on page 18). Control, also, all the time and centrally from the Cloud the content of all your displays that are located in different places, with the software Magic Info. Go to DISPLAYS ACCESSORIES section, page 22.


Supports for Displays



Robustness and design. Find them out in SUPPORT section, page 57.

Background music with the best quality and design. Look for them in AUDIO, AV complements, page 123. | 5

Education Solutions 6






HOW TO OPTIMIZE THE LEARNING The possibilities of Interactive Solutions allow us to develop new education methods, stimulating the participation and facilitating the learning. The interactive whiteboard replace the traditional blackboard, providing more dynamism, collaboration and understanding to the students.



For education. Sharpness and definition. Look for them in VIDEOPROJECTION section, page 28.

6 |


Support for Projectors

Elegance and security. Find them out in SUPPORT section, page 53.


Interactive whiteboard

Activity and collaboration. Find them out in INTERACTIVE section, page 51.

Besides, interactive monitors incorporate Displays with several simultaneous tactile points that allow the interaction between different people at the same time. The combination of interactive devices together with the different types of software that we offer, oriented to the education, it optimizes the learning of students.


Interactive Monitors

Dynamism and interaction. Find them out in INTERACTIVE section, page 44.


Support for Displays

Robustness and design. Find them out in SUPPORT section, page 57.


Microphone and speaker

Let yourself be heard clearly, without raising the tone of your voice. Search for this novelty in AUDIO, on page 123.








Connection boxes

Everything is connected. Look for the SIGNAL MANAGEMENT AND CONNECTIVITY systems, page 88 and 100.


Interactive Software

Integrated solutions for education that optimise the learning. Go to INTERACTIVE section, page 44.



Project an object for all the classroom, in OTHERS COMMUNICATION COMPLEMENTS, page 122.


Collaborations Systems

Wireless communication between all room devices. Find them out at page 110.




Write in a classic white screen and Ebeam will send the image to connected devices. Search for this novelty in page 50.

Charging cabinets

All devices in their place. Search for them in ADUIOVISUAL FURNITURE, page 126. | 7

Events Solutions

PROFESSIONAL PROJECTION We offer a wide range of solutions in different audiovisual applications. The use of new technical solutions and display devices, allow us to execute high level projects, stimulating the creativity of content creators and new visual concepts like the installation of systems for presentation, auditoriums control, meeting rooms and corporate environment, and, on the other hand, high projection systems for the rental market, providing to the professional added value.

8 |

LED SCREENS We also have all kinds of LED screens, indoor and outdoor, for fixed and mobile installations, straight or curves and with a wide range of resolution and luminosity that will be adapted to your needs. Also, our LED signal processors will allow you to control and calibrate the screens offering an optimal image quality. | 9

Samsung Monitors Hitachi TV LED large format


10 |

Sharp Monitors Accessories - Mictrotiles

Fe a t u re s Indoor / Outdoor Solution

Indoor / Outdoor Solution

Videowall Solution

Customizable size

UHD Resolution

Resolutions from 0.9 to 25 mm

Brightness from 350 to 3000 nits

Brightness from 350 to 3000 nits


DIP (Dual In-line Package): 3

LCD Direct LED

colors inside the same capsule LED

SMD (Surface Mount Device): one capsule for each primary LED color


View distances | 11

Videoprojection SSL/LASER High range Mid-range Basic range Pocket + Lamps

ANSI Lumen

Standard measurement procedure created by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to determinate the light power of a projector, taking measurements in different positions and calculating a mean value.

12 12 |

P ro j e c t i o n ra t i o

Relation between the distance of the projector from the screen and the width of the latter. One relation, for example, 1.5:1 (value “:1� is always fixed) it indicates that in a 1.5m of distance we get 1m of width of image. Therefore, for getting 2m of width, the distance between the screen and the projector should be 3m.


It indicates the number of pixels that form the width and height of an image.At higher resolution, better quality and detail have the image. The most commons projection resolutions are:

Lens Shift

Vertical and/or horizontal shift of the lens that allows the exact location of the projection, without necessity to tilt the projector, thus avoiding the trapezium effect.


Combination and deformation of an image sent from several different projectors that allow big and panoramic projections.

Wa r p i n g

Deformation of the image sent by the projector, to adapt it to curved and irregular surfaces for artistic projections.


Placement of two projectors, one on top of the other, to match the image and double the brightness, or always have a computer as a backup to the risk of failure, in projections 24/7.

Po r t ra i t P ro j e c t i o n

Projection with 90ยบ orientation with respect to the equipment format. Ideal for artistic projections. | 13


Interactive Clevertouch Starboard / Hitachi Monitors Ebeam Interactive White Board (Starboard / Trauboard)

Interactive Monitors Introduction Interactive monitors have been designed for educative or corporate environment where a high reliability and tactile precision are required. As they incorporate their own LED feedback system, they don´t need any projector, avoiding so, overshadow, calibration, etc.. For their manufacturing, they use LED panels with a durability from 30.000 to 50.000 hours, depending on the model, and IR touch frames or CAPACITIVE technology in order to work directly with fingers or pens.

14 |

C A PA C I T I V E Te c h n o l o g y

I R Te c h n o l o g y

In these monitors the detection of the interactive information is realized through a touch frame with IR LED emitters / receptors. These LEDs generate an invisible matrix over the screen that when it´s interrupted by an object it detects the coordinate. New IR “complex matrix” frames used on our monitors allow to detect several simultaneous entries, with simultaneous writing and gestures guaranteed, indispensable features if we want to have an experience very similar to the traditional whiteboard (chalk/marker) when we write.

This kind of monitors offer a highest level of interactive experience, the capacitive surface does not need an IR frame, their design is thin and stylish and have a total flat surface. It is the same technology used by “Smartphone” and “tablets”, with amazing precision level and speed. The monitor surface is a uniform conductive coating over a glass panel, in which electric charge is stored. There are sensors distributed by all the area that detect the capacitance variations when we touch with the finger, and in this way the coordinate is detected. Capacitive monitors work thanks to the electrical conductivity of the human skin. | 15

Supports Projectors Monitors Videowall

How to choose the proper support? To choose the proper support according your needs, we have to take into account the following factors:

16 |


We have to take into account if the support will be installed in the ceiling, wall, floor or table.


Manufacturer´s standardized anchorage points distribution system that allows to anchor the monitor or the projector to the support.

We have to choose the support according to the weight it is able to support. Finally we have to take into account the surface´s resistance where we are going to install the support, it´s not the same a plasterboard than a solid wall. In a plasterboard wall, we should distribute the weight into the most possible distant points or stand the support to the floor. | 17

Projection screens Electrical Manual Tripod Large format portable Accessories

How to choose the screen size? To choose the screen size we have to take into consideration several factors:

Ceiling height Often it’s a limiting factor

Comfor table viewing height As for professionals environments as for education, the system between the floor and the screen base has to be about 125 cm in order to have the correct view of the most remote screen´s rows. Depending on the ceiling height, it can be required an additional drop if the screen is holded on the ceiling of the room.

Comfor table viewing height For professional and education environments, first sitting raws must be approximately 1,5 times the height of the screen. For 16:10 and 16:9 formats, it can be calculated the diagonal of the screen dividing the depth of the room. 18 | | 19

Digital Video Signal and Signal Management Sony IDK RGBlink Gestión de señal

20 |

Digital Video Signal The signal management requires products and solutions to be demanding, multipurpose, easy to configure and operate. As installations as events and productions need a proper signal treatment and management. This allows to offer professional services and products raising so satisfaction levels of our customers. Charmex have several signal management products and brands for events and live broadcasting / recording, from caption feature, mixing, conversion router, signal process and treatment, and finally viewing audio-visual material. Therefore, brands, products and solutions for different applications on installations, events, concerts, teleconference, auditoriums, telemedicine, educational centres, corporate presentations and religious places.

What type of management signal do I need? • Video analog signal • Video digital signal • Audio signal • To monitor and measure signal • To view signals • To process, scale, cut, expand the image • To generate and manage picture layer • To manage and control signals

H ow to s e l e c t t h e p ro p e r solution? • Quantity and type of inputs and outputs • Analog and digital signal • Image definition Place dimensions • Signals mixing and routing • To convert signals • To process signals • Signals control • Signal capture • Video format

What for do I need to manage signals? • Events and Shows • Audiovisual production • Broadcast • Audiovisual installations: auditorium, telemedicine, religious place, corporate, rooms. • Signal matrix and mixing • Signal video SD/HD mixing






Connectivity Control boxes Connection boxes Modular connection boxes Cables Accessories

Analo g s ig n al

With a disappearing trend, it´s still being very used in its different formats. They are in many educative, domestic and professional devices. Some examples are: VGA, Composite Video, Component Video S-Video, analog audio.

Fixed or modular connection boxes

22 |

D ig ital s ig nal

Many different types of nowadays signal belongs to digital. Some of them, as per its features, are preeminent in certain sectors of audiovisual. Some examples are: DVI, HDMI, SDI, HDSDI, 3G-SDI, DisplayPort, USB.

Modular connection boxes allow to customize the application and use based on the type of signal to use. They are versatile and many times they allow to be updated, therefore they add flexibility in the installation. For their part, fixed connection boxes include predetermine connectors and signals use, they don´t allow future updating. | 23

Collaboration, control and content systems Control systems Collaboration syststems Content management Room management

P re s e n ta t i o n a n d c o l l a b o ra t i o n systems C o n t ro l s y s te m s A control system is a set of devices in charge to manage and control other equipment´s performance. The main role of these systems is to reduce and simplify the actions used by the end user when turning-on equipments. Control systems can be combined with other accessories in order to have a total control on all AV systems.

Presentation and collaboration systems have the purpose to connect devices wirelessly in order to realize presentations and data sharing avoiding the wired use. Its use in meeting and training rooms speed up meetings and develop the presentation´s creativity.

Content ser vers

Room manager

Content servers allow us to reproduce all kind of multimedia content and at the same time they offer us several tools to realize modifications on real time, blending, warping, mapping and the possibility to interact with multimedia elements by external sensors.

The room manager system has the purpose to facilitate the work and optimize the company resources. From a small tactile display installed in the front-door of the room we can show the meeting information, book the room and report incidences.

24 | | 25

Videoconference and audioconference Videoconference Audioconference VoIP terminals

Before starting... Wh a t i s t h e v i d e o c o n fe re n c e ? Videoconference is the simultaneous and bidirectional video and audio communication between people situated in different places. Also it is possible to share images, documents, and files from one PC to an external one. 26 |

Network types where the information is transferred Videoconference on ISDN

Used system

Videoconference on IP networks

Videoconference with professional systems They are videoconference systems that use communication protocols (H323, H320, SIP) and audio and video standard codecs. The quality of this type of equipment is normally high, since it incorporates a specific hardware architecture to improve the user experience. The use of professional cameras and high quality microphone system allows its utilization in meeting rooms.

Videoconference with applications software This kind of systems can use communications protocols and standard encoders or specific proprietors’ protocols that limit the compatibility with other systems. Their use is oriented to personal meetings by PC. There are software applications with basic functionalities and professionals versions. Number of participants The point to point call allows videoconference between 2 sites. Multipoint calls are videoconference between more than 2 sites. In this case is necessary to have a central unit (MCU) where all sites call. There are also solutions based on service that allow the use of the MCU by Cloud.

Te l e p h o n y

Nowadays there are different technologies • Analog line: the signal transmission is realized by copper wire. This electrical signal is converted into sound waves. • Digital line: the communication is transmitted in digital format (ones and zeros). It takes part in the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) • VoIP: It is a technology used by the internet protocol (IP) whereby data packages are compressed and decompressed. This kind of technology gives a high quality audio, and at the same time, it offers added value services and functionalities. On the other hand, terminals with integration with Skype for Business are commercialized, whose allow to realize voice calls by Microsoft platform. It is the most innovative technology and actual trend of the market. | 27

Other Communication Complements Audio Speakers Amplifiers Presentation complements Visualisers

Laser presenter pointers

28 |


JAPAN JAPÓN Profesional AVAV Professional andy Broadcast Broadcast

JAPAN JAPÓN AV Gestión Pro Signal de Señal AV Pro Management

CHINA CHINA Audio y Professional Vídeoand Profesional Audio Video

CHINA CHINA LED LED Displays Displays

CANADA CANADÁ Videoproyección, Videoprojection, Displays Displays

KOREA COREA FlatPanel, Panel, Displays, Flat Displays, Digital Signage, Digital Signage, Interactivos Interactive

JAPAN JAPÓN Videoproyección Videoprojection, Interactivos Interactive

Procesadores Signal de señal processors


GERMANY ALEMANIA LED Displays, Interactive Displays Monitors

DENMARK DINAMARCA Sistemas Control de control Systems

JAPAN JAPÓN FlatPanel, Panel, Displays, Flat Displays, Digital Signage, Digital Signage, Interactivos Interactive

SPAIN ESPAÑA LED LED Displays Displays

SPAIN ESPAÑA Altavoces, Soportes, Speakers, Pantallas Supports, Screens

SPAIN ESPAÑA Conectividad Connectivity

SPAIN ESPAÑA Lámparas para Lamps for videoproyección Videoprojection

TAIWAN TAIWAN Videoproyección Videprojection

UK UK Monitores Interactive interactivos Monitors

USA USA Videoconferencia Videoconference, yAudioconference audioconferencia

USA USA Superfícies Interactive Interactivas Surfaces

SWEDEN SUECIA Reserva Room de salas Management

USA USA Gestión de señal Signal


UK UK Gestión señal Signal Management y conectividad and Connectivity

SUECIA SWEDEN Soportes para Projectors´ proyectores supports

HOLLAND HOLANDA Pantallas Proyección Projection Screens Mobiliario AV AV Furniture

TAIWAN TAIWAN Sistemas Collaboration de colaboración Systems


JAPAN JAPÓN Visualizadores Visualizers

GERMANY ALEMANIA Sistemas Control de control Systems

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