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Spring 2012

Gail’s Message


Spring is here! This is a great time in the salon, the perfect time to get your skin ready for summer and think about getting a new hair style and colour. We have some really exciting things happening right now. Our new App is powering along with hundreds of downloads in the first couple of months, plus our new website is ready and looks really exciting. If you want to ensure you don‟t miss out on any of our promotions plus your gifts through the year make sure you get your details in all the different areas, download the app, become friends on Facebook and sign up to our newsletter, the re-

HAVE YOUR SAY! Keep an eye out for our Surveys this quarter and win some great prizes. All you need to do is follow the instructions on our message and we do the rest. It’s a great way to have your say about your local salon and helps us know just what you want.

wards are awesome. This issue we have heaps of promotions for you as well as a little fun competition. We‟ve hidden three pictures of the „Charmed Spider‟ on some of our pages (Not the one Below!). Find out what ones and send us an email and you will be in the draw to win a $100 voucher during this season. Each time you find it your name goes in the draw another time! I hope you enjoy this issue.

Gail Gail Smith, Owner of

You can leave your comments on our new app or on: True Local Womo By email at

Charmed hair and beauty Salons

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THE HUB NEWS “For all your local newspaper and stationary supplies” All models photographs are property of Daviness, Hairjamm or Ultraceuticals respectively.

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16 Good reasons why you should choose Charmed 1.

Your health and well-being will always come first when we choose a product or service for you.


We only use quality ‘professional’ products and never cheap bulk stuff.


Your service area will always be clean and utensils used sterilised by industry standard disinfectants.


All Charmed staff undergo continuous training to remain at the forefront of industry knowledge and training.


Free SMS reminders, and maintenance planning allowing you to work out your schedule ahead of time.


Full time receptionist which ensures our team members can devote all their time to your care.


No nasty MMA’s in any of our nail products, ensuring you never have to worry about the safeness of any products used.


Cosmetic Injections are carried out by a fully qualified Doctor.


All our products are sulphate free, are not tested on animals and are from the best sourced ingredients from around the world.


Private Spa rooms with doonas, fluffy underlays and robe are the normal when you come in for pampering.


We always reward loyalty to Charmed, last year we gave back over $180,000 to our clients in discounts, rewards, points and promotions.


Convenience—book on-line, with your app or send us a message and we will ring you back. 13. Keep us to date with our website, face book, phone app and regular emails and notifications. Never miss a promo! 14.

You will always be our number one priority!


We guarantee all our services and products.


Easy to get to and lots of free parking.

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Get Results at Charmed! Give your skin the treatment it deserves from this choice of professional Medical Grade skin treatments! SoliTone 2500

IPL Full Face

with double lift

Plump, renew and restore your skin instant Results

Get Firmness, Collagen renewal & Revitalize



Available to end of November Advanced

Intense Skin

A-Zyme Peel No Pain for huge gain-restore your youthful skin now $245

Therapy 3 in 1 treatment to resurface, plump & tighten $195

Available at Charmed Hair & Beauty Burpengary Only Shop 10/11 115-117 Buckley Road, Burpengary East Phone 54331148

Turn Back the Clock! Ultraceuticals ‘Skin Needling’ Experience the ultimate in skin restoration with the new Ultraceuticals Skin Needling Wand. Build collagen, soften scars, reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Cosmetic Skin Needling is one of the best world wide treatments for long lasting skin rejuvenation. $425 Full Face $500 Face & Neck $800 Face, Neck & Décolletage

20% off first needling or buy 3 and get an IPL valued up to $300 ABSOLUTELY FREE!


Gift Card

Charmed Hair & Beauty Burpengary “We look forward to taking care of you soon”

We would like you to experience resultsdriven treatments at Charmed. Present this Gift Card to experience any of the services on the previous page.

“Give yourself the gift of gorgeous hair with our”

Colour Collection Hair is a very individual experience for everyone. We have a great selection of colours, excellent for all year— Have a look at them in the centre of the magazine—however, a beautiful foiled look creating depth of tone and an interesting combination of colours like our picture is hard to beat. If you are ready for a change come see the team and get the hair you‘ve always wanted.

Your friends will be green with envy!

What you get:  Complete Style and Colour Consultation      

Full Head of Foils Highlights/Lowlights (choose up to 4 shades) Toner or Semi permanent Moisture Treatment - for soft and shiny hair Choose a complete new style if you‘re after a change Glamorous Style Finish with some curls or straighten

Does your hair reflect who you are? Talk to us Today.


Pay ONLY $175 short/medium



Celebrate the new season with one of our new colour selections from Davines.

Sexy, Soft & Shiny Have some fun with an absolutely stunning new colour trend from Davines for chocolates, coppers and reds. Subtle lowlights and seamless shading with our ―Flamboyage‖. Nothing is sexier than a woman who knows when she looks good. Book in for one of our New Packages and bring out the new you. We have a great combination of technique‘s to use including Balyage, Flamboyage and Foiling to really create a unique look, designed just for you. The great thing is no-one will have exactly YOUR colouring, it will be designed around your hair and what you want.

What you get: 

Colour & Style make over consultation

Tint or Semi-permanent Colour

2 Panels or up to 10 foils for contrast

Pick a complete ‗New‘ Style Cut

Beautiful Moisture Treatment

Glamorous Style Finish

Make up voucher valued at $20—use for a special night out—3 month expiry!

Total Value to $327

YOU PAY ONLY $175 short $195 medium $235 long

New Natural Tech in Salon now! You will never have unhealthy hair or scalp again!

Spectrum—Superior IPL Treatments Permanent Hair Reduction, Vascular Treatments, Pigmentation and Rejuvenation Treatments We have it all at Charmed... We have introduced our new Spectrum IPL machine to the salon with fabulous results, so now is a great time give us a visit and talk about your hair reduction or skin needs. Plus check out the specials we have for the season, you will save heaps!

What is IPL—Intense Pulsed Light Treatment? IPL is a non invasive medical technology that uses light therapy for permanent hair reduction, eliminating ages pots , sun spots, freckles and other unsightly discolorations of the skin, superficial capillaries, port wine stains and other benign vascular lesions. It is also particularly effective I have included some information for for a high percentage of people with you on our IPL treatments and some rosacea. photos for you, but if you need any more information just give us a ring How does IPL work? in the salon. The treatment is applied by placing a hand-held treatment unit on your Intense Pulsed Light treatment is a skin. This generates an intense pulse new procedure that treats a combina- of light into the skin which is abtion of changes of premature aging in sorbed by elements with colour in the the skin caused by sun damage skin. The IPL also eliminates hair, (pigmentation and facial vessels) as employing a method known as selecwell as rosacea and permanent hair tive photothermolysis. This involves reduction. It is also an effective disabling hair growth mechanisms by treatment of acne. raising the temperature of the hair follicle high enough to damage the follicles germinative cells without damaging the skin and surrounding surface.

Before and after treatment

Achievable Results!

Who is suitable for IPL? Most people may be treated with IPL; however your doctor should determine if your condition is suitable for IPL treatments. People with dark skin types, are more prone to risk of hypo and hyper pigmentation, and therefore may not be suitable candidates. Do Intense Pulsed Light Treatments hurt? You may feel a slight pinch such as that of a snap of a rubber band, but no local anaesthesia or pain medication is required. With hair removal, the level of pain reduces with each treatment as there is less hair to treat. With pigmentation treatments, again the level of pain reduces with each treatment as the amount of pigment is reduced.

Are there any side effects from Intense Pulsed Light treatments? The chromophores include melanin– You may experience some short-term brown (in pigmented areas) and effects. This may include slight redhaemosiderin—red (in blood vesdening of the skin or local swelling sels). Once the photons from the which goes away within a few hours. light hit the chromophore it turns to heat energy, destroying these abnor- Is there any down time or remal areas, but leaving the healthy strictions on activity after IPL? skin unscathed. You can return to work the same day and resume all regular activities. What can be treated with InTreated area must be kept protected tense Pulsed Light systemsfrom the sun for 6 weeks after treatIPL? ment. Our salon offers arrange of cost effective and professional treatments in- How many IPL treatments are cluding:required? Permanent Hair Reduction. Reduction of pigmented lesions (sun spots) Reduction of vascular lesions Skin rejuvenation Acne treatment

Permanent Hair Reduction—4 to 6 Reduction of pigmented lesions (sun spots) - 2 treatments. Reduction of vascular lesions—up to 4 treatments Skin rejuvenation– 4 to 6 treatments Acne treatment—up to 4 treatments.



Results like this are happening - every day Plus if you don‟t use them all in one treatment area, you can keep We also offer an anti-aging treatment them for a top up—our series for which will improve skin tone, texture, hair removal has no expiry date.

Acne Treatments

Rejuvenation Treatment

At Charmed we can offer an acne management program for clients. Results will vary, but most people will see a significant improvement in skin condition, especially if they combine treatment with appropriate acne skin products. Treatments should be approximately 1-2 weeks apart.

refine and refresh the skin by increasing the production of collagen in the skin. Fine lines and wrinkles may soften. Often at least 4 sessions are needed approximately 4 weeks apart to obtain optimal results.

Hair Reduction Treatments

Vascular Treatment

At Charmed we offer permanent hair reduction. This means that in most cases the majority of hair will not return after a short series of treatments. The hair that is going to disappear for good will usually stop growing within this initial course, with any residual hair growth being finer, softer, lighter in colour and regrowing at a dramatically slower rate. This residual hair growth can be left alone, or you can have occasional maintenance treatments.

We offer a treatment which will reduce facial vascular blemishes like the fine thread-like vessels found on cheeks and around the nose. Often at least 4 sessions, 4 to 6 weeks apart are needed to obtain optimal results. Treatment of the full face is usually performed in stages rather that the whole face in a single session.

Pigmentation Treatment We offer a treatment to reduce the colour of pigmented lesions caused by sun damage. A doctor‘s letter confirming that no skin cancers are present is required before commencing treatment. One treatment is often enough to see stunning results, but 2 or 3 at 4 to 6 weekly intervals may be needed for optimal results. Sun damage typically seen on backs of hands, forearms, décolletage and face will respond well.

Or if you are ready to jump right in then you should check out our series treatments for hair removal standard in the salon all the time!

Hair Removal—you can purchase any series of IPL hair removal in the salon at any time. We offer a course of buy 5 and get one FREE !

Watch out for our specials this season.

Don’t be embarrassed by motley skin! Ultra Brightening Serum contains a powerful blend of skin brightening agents. The ingredients in Ultra Brightening Serum work on pigmentation in five different ways by inhibiting the production of the pigmentation action at different stages and aiding the increase of epidermal turnover to help shed the pigmented cells. This product has been developed to visibly diminish mild to advanced pigmentation and help minimise future skin discolouration. Ultra Brightening Serum contains a powerful blend of skin

lightening agents and pigment blockers. Under medically supervised testing it was found to have equal efficacy to a prescription strength retinoic acid and hydroquinone cream. It also contains an optimal blend of AHAs and BHA. It really is the ideal serum to improve the appearance of excessive pigmentation, clarity and luminosity. We have limited stock so please—if you need to ring and book yours and we will put it away for you.

If this is your skin we can help you! Talk to our Therapists today!

Ultra Brightening Infusion

Micro Fusion Treatment

ONLY $125!

ONLY $165!


OR! Get the above 30 min treatment with

DRAMATIC RESULTS FREE! When you have your

IPL Pigmentation Treatment!

Resurface and Revitalise with a Full Face Micro before your Brightening Infusion! Full Face Microdermabrasion Brightening Infusion Total value

$95 $125 $220

You pay only


Diminish it with Ultraceuticals! Summer is just around the corner ladies - NOW is the time to get your skin ready! If you haven’t taken the time this winter to begin your skin treatments, don’t despair, there is still time to give your skin the attention it needs

to be in great shape to not only survive this summer but to look fabulous. While our days are hotting up and yes, you need to be extra careful, you can still get really fabulous results with our really intense treatments.

Say goodbye to your pigmentation with our new Ultraceuticals ‘Skin Brightening’ treatment.

Plus, if you need a bit more intense therapy for your skin check out the special we have with our IPL machine on the previous page. You can pay for your IPL and get your brightening facial FREE saving you $125. The main thing to remember is that we can help you, don’t leave it too long into summer and exacerbate the problem. Do something now to make a great difference about how you feel about your skin.

What causes pigmentation? The skin’s pigmentation is the result of a complex process of six (6) steps:

skin as skin cells migrate to the surface layers and are shed.

Ultraviolet rays initiate the formation of As you can see from the photos, the skin can take on colours of varying intensity. free radicals; Free radicals trigger The sun is the primary cause of the biological agents that act on pigment production of excessive pigmentation. producing cells called melanocytes; The However, another common problem of biological agents act to increase excessive pigmentation is call production of the pigment producing “melasma”. This condition manifests enzyme called tyrosinase; Tyrosinase with patches of excess pigmentation leads the processing of the amino acid tyrosine to the pigment melanin, which symmetrically on the face. There is often a family history of melasma. can be either of a red or brown hue; It commonly first occurs in pregnancy Melanin is transferred from melanocytes and can be exacerbated by oral into surrounding skin cells to give the skin its colour; Melanin is lost from the contraceptives. Some patches of excess pigmentation are reactions to the

application of phototoxic products such as perfumes. Now that you know a bit more about pigmentation, don’t be scared, we can do a lot to help you reduce it and in some cases get rid of it.

However, you will need to follow the rules to keep it away! If you are concerned about your pigmentation, then come and see us now before the hot summer months and we will set up a program for you.

You only have one Formal, So lets make sure it’s a Magical Night! Formal Packages available We can take care of your Make-up, Spray Tan, Nails and Hair Style to ensure you get the look you’ve always dreamed of. Hair,

Make-up, Nails & Tan Hair, Make-up & Spray Tan Hair & Make-up

from $195 from $140 from $105

More intricate styles will incur extra charges

Exclusive Salon time for 6 or more

Let us help you make your wedding day perfect

“No one should have to stress on their special day”

We care about your special day and will do „everything‟ to make it perfect.

  

   

  

Trail make-up Trial hair style Consultation with therapist to ensure your skin is the best (plan for skin treatments 3 months before) Spray tans for bridal party and guests Manicures and pedicures for bridal party In salon Mother/Daughter Retreat Bride and Groom relaxation package for the day before Make-up for bridal party and guests Hairdresser to be present for photos Cheese platter and beverages

To help get you organised we can arrange all your hair and beauty needs for the Big Day...

...rewards and discounts every visit! “Sound good?” For $99 you can become part of the Charmed 'First Class' club and reap the rewards straight away.

For only $99 We will give you something to smile about! Check out what you get! 10 % off all Services 10% off all Products 10% off all Electrical Goods 10% off all Accessories Items

PLUS…you get FREE Fringe trims Eyebrow tints with every wax VIP Nights Basin Hair Treatment with every colour.

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ew n r u o f o r e b m e m e iv s Become an exclu y a d to b lu C s d r a w e R ' s s ‘First Cla Get special 'members only' promotions every month … This club is for all our wonderful ladies. It has been a hard year for everyone and I wanted to find a way to do something that really benefited you all year. Now I know we have our VIP club which gives back 5% of all you spend in salon but I knew we could do better for all our loyal, regular clients and so the ’First Class” Club was born.

This Seasons Reward This seasons rewards for our ‘First Class’ members are 1. Book a Spa Pedicure for $85 and receive a FREE Shallac Gel Paint valued at $50. Or 2. Book any three Appointments in one month and get a FREE 30 minuite Massage. For example this could be your hair, waxing and facial either together or separately to get your FREE Massage each month. You can only claim these rewards once each month!

10% off

I know all of you will reap a lot of benefit from your membership. With a full 10% off pretty much everything, there is certainly good value in it. Plus I am giving you even more this month—you can now get your 10% off some of our regular promotions, which previously was not included in your membership. Look for the First Class Symbol to see what promotions you can take advantage of.

Ring the salon on 54331148 and sign up with your credit card or...Fill in the registration form on the home page under 'member log in'/register and your details will come to us and we will contact you or...You can send us an email and we will contact you and get you started.

There will still be some exceptions...but not too many and I know how much you already love our monthly promo’s as we put a lot of value into them so I know you will enjoy a further 10% off those.

Remember Ladies, you get a full 10% off all our services and products, not to mention all our electrical goods, oils, soaps, candles and much more. This is definitely a club that is worth investing in, but, it is limited to a few


“Like to join our Club?”

Getting some pampering has never been so easy or affordable! PS: For members only page go to

You will find your ‘members only' stuff waiting for you.

All photo’s are © of Hairjamm

Shades of Devine Colour

Important Information for Ultraceuticals Skincare Users Ultraceuticals one of Australia’s preeminent cosmeceutical brands, offering professional-grade products and in-clinic treatments, formulated to address major skin concerns – ageing, pigmentation and acne - for your best-ever skin. Developed by cosmetic physician Dr Geoffrey Heber and entirely Australian made and owned, these products and treatments offer doctor’s-office efficacy, without the prescription or the price tag. This Australian heritage gives the brand the keenest understanding of protecting and rejuvenating skin placed under the harshest conditions in the world – the Australian sun. With a combination of sophisticated, patented delivery systems and potent, proven anti-ageing stars like Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), each product is formulated with maximum safety and effectiveness, so you get results which you can actually see. By collaborating with renowned universities and leading researchers, we remain at the forefront of innovation in the global cosmeceutical industry, crafting a simple regimen of products which deliver immediate and discernible results - clear, firm, glowing, beautiful skin.

We do not support animal testing.

History Joining the cosmeceutical market in 1998, Ultraceuticals first launched in their native Australia before expanding the reach globally to include New Zealand, Hong Kong, Russia, Greece and the United States In 2002 and in conjunction with the CSIRO, we developed a breakthrough patented transdermal vitamin C delivery system, the first of it’s kind which allowed for benefits of the ingredient at a level never seen before. Ultraceuticals have since expanded the use of the cutting-edge component into a comprehensive regimen of vitamin Cinfused products. Today the range of high-performance skincare, available in clinics as well as retail stores, also includes the widely lauded mineral makeup, free of talc or parabens. We’ve received critical acclaim for a multitude of products including the Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF30+ and the Ultra Moisturiser Eye Cream. The much-loved Ultra C Facial Cream 23% took out the title of Best Anti-aging Product in the 2009 Australian Beauty Awards and was a Finalist in the - Product of the Year Awards, Australian Womans Weekly

New to Ultraceuticals Retail Lines The Thirsty Skin Pack A great pack to get your skin nourished and in peak condition for the spring season. Full size Milk Cleanser & Hydration Booster RRP $89 Total Value $149 save 40%

Ultra Body Moisturiser With a powerful blend of biomimetic moisturising agents you will get long lasting hydration. Non greasy, delicately fragranced your skin will be silky soft. RRP $49

The Skin Detox Pack With a Clear Foaming Cleanser and Ultra Clear Purifying Mask it all you need to start your journey to cleaner, clearer skin. All full sized products. Limited stock. RRP $69 Total Value $108 save 36%

Ultra Rich Hand Cream For those who love the Ultra Rich Moisturiser, you are going to love this one. Your hands will love you forever and the biggest reward—smooth, soft and sexy hands. Don‘t let y our hands give away your age! RRP $39

ONLY $69

for perfect Curls every time! DESIRE ABILITY To get you started with MYCURL we have 4 different suggestions depending on time and desired look.

MY MAGAZINE STYLE Clamp over your MYCURLs with straightening irons for 10 seconds each for ‗Magazine hair in minutes‘.

MY BLOW OUT STYLE Place MYCURL in straight after blow drying sections of hair and remove when hair is cooled to get Victoria Secrets hair.

MY TIME STYLE In no rush, place MYCURLs in hair and 2 hours later remove and style.

MY OVERNIGHT STYLE Busy people sleep with MYCURLs in hair and in the morning just remove, style and go.


Best for Curls and Straightening! LINEAR Series hair straightener (available in Black or Pink)

RRP $229.95 The highly acclaimed LINEAR Series is getting rave reviews from all corners of the styling and fashion industries. Straighten or curl with silky precision on floated ceramic and tourmaline plates with full temperature control. The LINEAR Series by H2D is their most exciting hair iron to date and has even been recommended by PARKSEBEL for use with human hair extensions and wigs PS: 10% off members discount

H2D x3 RRP $264.99

Main Features: Adjustable temperature control with LCD display. Flexible floating ceramic and tourmaline plates. Super fast Korean technology MCH heating element. Reaches 210째C within 40 seconds. Intelligent sleep mode. 720 degree 3D ball connector. 3 meter cord. Worldwide dual voltage. Thermal Fuse for added safety. 1 year replacement warranty. FREE delivery.

Red Hot X1 RRP $229

10% off

All GiftLines We have everything you need to let your loved one know the way you feel.

The Perfect Balance Mind, Body and Spirit

Glimpse into your future? Insight into your present life? A message from a loved one?

It’s a beautiful experience! Charmed’s Spiritual Healer “I’ve been doing spiritual readings and chakra balancing for about twenty five years. I believe healing takes place within and by having a healthy, well balanced mind and body you can cope a lot better with the stresses in life. I have helped many people over the years with many problems in their lives, gaining insight and direction for their future.” “I know we never really lose our loved ones and through communicating with them I can help put your mind at ease knowing they’ve moved on to a beautiful place and are at peace.” Gillian.

What is Chakra Balancing The seven major Chakra‘s have their own area of responsibility and each is linked with a different part of the endocrine system. They are part and parcel of each and every sensation, feeling and emotional experience that we have. Stress can imbalance our Chakra‘s—you can see this in the form of physical illness; illness is often a sign that our Chakra‘s are out of balance. In order to keep your Chakra‘s working at peak efficiency, they need to be working together as a team Chakra balance is important to keep in good health. Think of Chakra Balancing as a sort of tune up for the human body and soul.

Gillian does group bookings at your place, get together with some friends and get some perspective on your life now.

To book ring Charmed on 5433 1148 or Gillian direct on 0430 351 151

Benefits of Chakra Balancing Cleansing one‘s chakras is very beneficial for body, mind, and spirit. It helps the aura‘s energy to stay as pure as possible and can increase intuitive ability. Chakra balancing helps to raise your vibrations and eliminate any "plaque" that accumulates from negative thoughts and energies.

Gillian can be contacted at the salon for balancing and readings. Monday and Tuesday is her main days but you are welcome to enquire about appointments on other days.

Ring 54331148 Give yourself or someone you love the gift of peace and insight.

Free Gift with purchase! Only 16 available!

Purchase any two Ultraceuticals products, one of which must be a treatment product and get FREE our Ultra Clear Exfoliating Gel.


Ultraceuticals and


Bringing you the best in Skin Care Available in October Only

Cosmetic Skin Needling is in the salon now. Ring for details or if you can book in for a consult and see what we can do for you. 5 FREE Skin Needling Consults to give away!


Collagen therapy at its best!

Cosmetic Skin Needling and how it works? Cosmetic Skin Needling stimulates cell renewal. This is very important as we age because our skins ability to renew itself slows down and this is the reason we begin to show signs fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity and volume. By stimulating the targeted cells deep in the dermis you will notice a softer, more even and plumper skin begin to form. This is due to the increase in fibroblast cells which produce collagen—the skins building blocks. With any skin treatment you ideally need to change what is happening under the skin for long lasting results.

How long will it take to achieve results? With the in-salon intense skin needling treatments we can offer you, you may notice a softening in your skin within 2 weeks. Results do accrue over time however. A minimum of 3 treatments is recommended and a home skin care prescription will be recommended to help enhance the result For some skins we would recommend the use of the roller system for home use which will help with long term results. As part of the treatment process, you will be required to prepare your skin in a particular way so you skin will be better able to handle the needling.

This will include the use of barrier strengthening products and in some instances a Mandelic or other type of peel 14 days prior to the Skin Needling Treatment. The new home roller system is excellent to enhance the results you will get in salon. It can be used in conjunction with any facial or in between your in salon skin needling treatments. The home system lasts for approximately 1—2 months depending on how often it is recommended for use.

The home roller system is a great price

at only $89.

“Always wanted to know more about Cosmetic Injectables but to frightened to ask? Well now you have the chance! Dr Adrian Kenny is now available Thursday afternoons and Saturdays and can answer all your questions. Book for a consultation or jump right in and get that youthful look back. STEP 1: Fill in the form STEP 2: Call Charmed on 54331148 to book—EASY! ___________________________________________________________________ The upper face is where we look to pick up visual cues about thoughts and feelings but it is also where a lot of repeated muscle movement causes lines and wrinkles as we age. Many of us count our eyes as our best feature, yet it is around the eyes that the first signs of ageing begin to appear as frown lines, forehead lines or crow’s feet. Are you feeling great but is your face not showing it? Over time the dynamic wrinkles caused by muscle movement in the upper face may become static wrinkles. These are wrinkles that remain on our face, even when we’re relaxed. Naturally facial change is expected as we age but we can all still have an open, friendly, approachable look.

Forehead Lines

Frown Lines

Crows Feet

Fortunately the upper face is an area full of possibilities. You can maximise your appearance in a number of ways. What do you see? What concerns you? Let us know and we can help you to be your best. When you partner non-surgical treatments with creative make-up techniques its possible to not only look refreshed, but maximise the beauty of your eye area. Do you have other areas of interest? Are you interested in information on treatment possibilities relating to any of the following? (Please tick the areas you are interested in)

□ Forehead lines □ Crow’s feet □ Frown lines □ Cheek Volume □ Lip Lines

□ □ □ □ □

Mouth frown Lower face ageing Brow Lip ageing Lip enhancement

Ring 54331148 or go on line for more information at

EXCLUSIVE PROMOTION The latest in Microdermabrasion Facial + LED Treatment with A Booster Mask Exclusive Charmed Treatment

PAY $950 Book 5 Microdermabrasion Receive FREE: 1 x Microdermabrasion Facial, value $190 6 x FREE Hand Microdermabrasion, value $240 6 x FREE Hand Mask, value $210

Tumeric Body Scrub + One Hour Massage Give yourself the gift of time! Have you forgotten or been too busy to worry about the rest of your skin? Don’t worry, we can help you get your body ‘Bikini’ ready in no time, and pamper you while we do it. The cooler months are harsh on our skin but with a nourishing scrub followed by a hot oil massage with lovely, nourishing oils, you will be well on your way. Plus when you book this package you will also get FREE a $40 Gift Voucher towards a USPA Body Ritual. Everything you need! What you Get:  Tumeric Body Scrub valued at $90  One hour Hot Stone or Swedish Massage valued to $99  $40 Gift Voucher for USPA Body Ritual FREE Total Value $189 You Pay Only $139

Let our USPA Body Ritual and Charmed’s unique pampering take you close to heaven! Don’t you deserve it! USPA Body Rituals are the absolute luxury in body treatments. Your body is dry brushed before you are massaged with hot mud head to toe and while wrapped in heat blankets your face with be treated to a lovely mini facial. This treatment is to die for ladies, but I am going to make it even better for you. Enjoy!

USPA Body Ritual valued at $145 Hot Stone Massage valued at $145

Total Value $290 You Pay Only $225

Heaven awaits you with this one, Ladies

Guarantee Beautiful Nails With Shellac

Book any Spa Pedicure or Lulur Foot Ritual and Get Shellac up-grade for only $15

Out This September

For your best ever skin—Pure Vitamin A and a firming peptide in a calming formulation! Ultraceuticals new ‘Skin Perfecting Serums’ come in three strengths, mild, serum and concentrate. You will need to be using cosmeceutical products or begin a step up process with these serums but the results are amazing. An innovative and technically advanced breakthrough from Ultraceuticals Laboratories. Retinol (Vitamin A) is best known for its dramatic improvements to wrinkles, skin tone, texture and colour. Ladies, quite simply put you should look at this as liquid gold and ensure it is definitely part of your skin routine. I am expecting absolutely awesome results from this serum. Some of the main benefits: Refine and improve skin clarity and texture. Ultimate Anti-ageing A Serum Range available in salons today Plumps the skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles Reverses the appearance uneven skin texture More youthful appearance Improves the appearance of hyper-pigmentation and imperfections.

3 New Serums! Mild RRP $98 Serum RRP $118 Concentrate $138

Check out the new ‘skin perfecting facials’ available for a limited time!

Professional VS Commercial? The facts and myths Here are answers to some of the more common questions we get asked at Charmed. I hope it helps you feel more comfortable when looking for or wondering why, you have been recommended a product. Professional skin care and the majority of professional hair care is not sold in your typical department store and never in a supermarket. Why? Because it must be recommended by a person trained in both the science of skin or hair and the type of hair, scalp or skin and conditions as well as the product ranges. Professional products are designed for your particular problems and not the mass market. This is why it is so important to have your condition profession-

ally diagnosed and the product prescribed. Well trained professionals will know what the reactions, allergies and symptoms are when mixing certain ingredients. Would you? The level of active ingredients in professional skin care is higher than commercial skin care. Professional skin care is backed by scientific studies not ‘consumer/clinical trials’. In other words the claims made are backed with reputable scientific evidence. Most importantly, it is a myth to believe that commercial products, as seen at supermarkets, are cheaper. Dollar for Dollar professional skin care is as cost effective if not cheaper (yes cheaper) than

most commercial brands as they are not topped up with ‘fillers’ and so you use a lot less and they last longer. With professional a ‘pea size’ amount when prescribed, works. You won’t have that in a typical commercial grade product. Of course with any range of products, be it professional or commercial, there are differences in the quality and effectiveness. If you trust your salon to look after you and the product company they use is reputable then put your faith in them to steer you right. If you want more information on Ultraceuticals or our other product companies, we will be please to give it to you.

Try one of Ultraceuticals new ‘Skin Perfecting’ Facials this season + $25 off your next!

Ultra A Prescription Facial An invigorating 45 minute skin treatment for those wishing to improve the skin’s texture and radiance while targeting skin concerns such as pigmentation and ageing.

What you get:  Prescription Facial valued at $125  GV to use on next Skin Perfecting Facial $25  Eye Treatment and Mask valued at $35

Total Value $185 You Pay only $125

Ultra A Perfecting Facial A rejuvenating 45 minute skin treatment for clients of all ages which effectively targets the deeper layers of the skin, improving the skin’s texture and radiance.

What you get:  Perfecting facial valued at $125  GV to use on next Skin Perfecting Facial $25  Eye Treatment and Mask valued at $35

Total Value $185 You Pay Only $125

Red Hot Deals! Beautiful School Hair

Pretty hair on the go!

We know how important it is to look your best at school so we’ve put this little package together to help you out and keep you looking fabulous!

At Charmed we understand a lot of people out there lead busy lives, but we know you also need to look your absolute best! With this package you can get your hair looking Amazing in only 1 hour!

10 foils valued at $80 Style Cut valued at $42 Toner valued at $30

Total Value is $152

You Pay Only $99!

Semi Permanent Colour valued at $75 Style Cut valued at $42 Treatment valued at $20

Total Value is $137

You Pay Only $89! $99 for medium or long, extra for very long or thick hair.

Get Smooth for Summer

Top to Toe Triple Treat

Summer is just around the corner and we all know that means as it get’s hotter there will be more exposed skin! So now is the time to get in and get rid of that unwanted hair!

It’s time to Pamper yourself! People who neglect their own needs and forget to nurture themselves are at danger of deeper levels of unhappiness, low self-esteem and feelings of resentment. It’s proven that taking some YOU time can help improve many aspects of your life, including your emotional and even your physical well being!

Brazilian Wax valued at $60 Half leg Wax valued at $32 Eyebrow Wax valued at $20 Underarm Wax valued at $16

Total Value is $128

You Pay Only $89!

30 minute facial valued at $75 30 minute massage valued at $55 30 minute foot ritual valued at $45

Total Value is $175

You Pay Only $99!

Happy Birthday Charmed! We’re Celebrating Charmed Burpengary’s 5th Birthday and Charmed Caboolture’s 1st Birthday this September! Come Celebrate with us! Make sure you keep an eye on our Facebook Page, Phone App and New Web Site for Surprise Specials throughout September for your chance to cash in on this special occasion!

Birthday Competition! Can you guess what the exact Date was that we opened each of the two above salons? Have a go and send an instant message with your guess on Facebook and everyone who guesses right will have $10 put strait on their account at the end of the month! Only one guess for each salon per person! And your first guess counts so there will be no changing your answer once it’s been posted. We’ll let everyone know what the correct dates are at the end of the month.

Our Guarantee: Your 100% risk FREE guarantee other salons wouldn't DARE offer! “If you are not totally delighted with your service let us know within seven days and we will redo the service until you are." GUARANTEED!!

Cancellations: It would be appreciated if we are provided with 24 hour notice on any cancellations to avoid a cancellation fee.

Salon Etiquette: For the courtesy of other clients and yourself, It would be greatly appreciated if you can turn your mobile phones to silent prior to entering the Salon.



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5495 3008 Bribie Shop 1, 124 Goodwin Drive Bongaree, QLD, 4507 Next to Aldi

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