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Can you believe its April already? It always amazes me how quick time passes and how many time robbers we all have in our days. One thing is clear—we all need some ‘me’ time in our lives. Stress plays a major factor in too many illnesses and rules too many peoples lives and we can all help to avoid or at least soften the effects. Our new menu this year has a lot of added pampering services and after talking to a lot of clients both last year and this year one thing became very clear—we are not looking after ourselves very well and a lot of people are struggling with illness, both their own and in their family. While we strive to have better diets and more exercise, too often we don’t look at how we are feeling emotionally, mentally and yet this is a great indicator to how our body is responding to our daily lives. Take some time out for your self, whether its in the Salon getting some deserved pampering, taking a short holiday, a walk or just doing nothing. ‘ME


With our new services and express treatments it only takes a little bit of time and it has never been so affordable as a lot of our pampering prices have come down.

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Your health and well-being will always come first when we choose a product or service for you. We only use quality ‘professional’ products and never cheap bulk stuff. Your service area will always be clean and utensils used sterilised by industry standard disinfectants. All Charmed staff undergo continuous training to remain at the forefront of industry knowledge and training. Free SMS reminders, and maintenance planning allowing you to work out your schedule ahead of time. Full time receptionist which ensures our team members can devote all their time to your care. No nasty MMA’s in any of our nail products, ensuring you never have to worry about the

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safeness of any products used. Cosmetic Injections are carried out by a fully qualified Doctor. All our products are sulphate free, are not tested on animals and are from the best sourced ingredients from around the world. Private Spa rooms with doonas, fluffy underlay's and robes are the normal when you come in for pampering. We always reward loyalty to Charmed, last year we gave back over $180,000 to our clients in discounts, rewards, points and promotions. Convenience—book on-line, with your app or send us a message and we will ring you back. Keep you up to date with our website, face book, phone app and regular emails and notifications. Never miss a promo! You will always be our number one priority! We guarantee all our hair & pamper services and products. Easy to get to and lots of free parking.


The Journey of our skin... In my quest to educate you about your skin and the choices we have, I wanted to share this article by Amanda FoxonHill. I think we can all relate to it and learn a bit from it. Read on...

Skin and Its Journey Towards Wisdom Whether we like it or not growing younger is the stuff of fantasies and while we can turn back the clock somewhat with our arsenal of modern interventions there is some truth to this idea: At 25 we have the skin we were born with. At 45 our skin reflects our lifestyle. At 70 we wear the skin we have earned. So what does that mean? Well firstly I want to re-frame what I am talking about as our 'skin' being a dynamic and ever-renewing thing is never really that old, shedding fully every 28 days or so. What I am talking about is our skin producing cells, their health and their vigour.

Unless we have an illness, trauma or genetic condition our skin functions like a well-tuned sports car throughout our younger years. Wounds heal, environmental damage is mopped up and repaired, the barrier (our outer defence) is strong and ready and its appearance is smooth, taught and vibrant. This flush of youth generally sees us into our early or even late twenties despite relentless wear, tear and abuse but by the time the clock ticks over to 30 things are starting to change.

(which helps the skin 'breathe' or respire and plays an important role in the production of cellular energy from APT- Adenosine Triphosphate). This means that my skin can sometimes take longer to heal, doesn't recover from pollution and late nights well and generally takes longer to 'wake up'.

On top of that hormone surges and troughs caused by stress, pregnancies, the environment (tanning etc) and normal life have left their mark in the way of pigmenI remember turning 30, looking in the mir- tation (blame the melanin) which presides ror and going 'yay for me' as by that time around my neck and chin area which isn't my acne had finally started to calm and too bad for me as I can't ever see it so yay my skin was yet to show any outer signs of for that small victory :). Pigmentation isageing despite my aforementioned spottisues are second only to wrinkles in terms ness plus my pallor (the sun and me aren't of the appearance of ageing. good friends), eczema and general itchiness. Little did I know that my smugness For me all of these changes are happening would be limited and that the winds of at a time when my body is still in 'GO' change were just around the corner. mode - I'm still in the 'can reproduce' and 'should be working hard' living-it-large Now at nearly 40 (38 actually) I find mybracket where my skin, although slowing self looking quite different to that 30-year- hasn't stopped trying to make things betold youth and to be honest it doesn't both- ter and that can bring problems of its own. er me. I look neither good nor bad, older nor younger than my biological age. It is At my age years of sun damage can start obvious that my skin is on some kind of showing up as cancerous growths spurred journey and it is a journey that is heading on by the still-present hormone surges and in the opposite direction to youth. I like to un-checked because of the 'burn-thethink of it as a journey towards wisdom candle-at-both-ends' lifestyle of us 30-60 rather than ageing! something workers/ carers/ socialites. In addition itches, blotches and spots can Biologically my skin is starting to lose also start springing up as our skin strugsome of its structure and sag a little in gles to keep pace with our stressful multiplaces, wrinkle in others. This is partly tasking life style - a situation that will enbecause the cells responsible for manufac- sure those problems stay with you for way turing collagen and elastin are slowing longer than you deem necessary. down their production lines (and why shouldn't they? They have been working Oh it's all fun and games people! 24/7 for nearly 40 years after all), and partly because the fat that gave my face Fast-forward another 30 or so years and structure, plumpness and beauty is shrink- things will change again but this time it ing, setting my upper cheek bones and eye may not be all that bad. area in a little. As we age some of the biological functions that while helpful had the unfortunate side Sorry if this doesn't sound that attractive effects of leaving us with less than perfect people. It isn't really as hideous as it skin calm down. Our hormone production sounds, indeed I find the whole process slows down and with it our ability to be quite alluring and a darn sight better than cool, calm and collected improves as long looking at Hollywood's fantastic plasticons as we are mentally 'healthy'. Also our cel(icons). lular energy levels are lower which may sound sluggish and bad but can actually Wrinkles are appearing around my eyes protect aged skin from certain diseases, and those on my forehead are getting disorders and irritations. This can spell deeper, again thanks partly to sirs collagen relief for those who suffered a life time of and elastin but also due to a slackening off stress-boosted itching, redness and dryof the skin barrier which lets my skin dry ness or hormone-induced acne leaving out more frequently. Also those few too them positively glowing with health. Howmany sun-frying sessions which have no ever, if we haven't looked after our skin doubt slowed down the workings of my and it is looking as battered as an umbrella 'little repair soldiers - fibroblasts' found in on Scarborough beach (a very windy UK the extra cellular fluid are taking the toll seaside town) then unfortunately your opon my intrinsic Coenzyme Q10 levels tions may be limited.

While 70 plus year-old skin can still repair and renew its self its ability to do so is not what it used to be and so 'care' for it has to be gentle and considerate. Our barrier function is less and skin is thinner meaning that skin that has been forever greasy is now likely to feel dryer and more irritated (either in patches or all over) and in any case it is less likely to be able to keep unwanted stuff out than before. This means more chance of grazing, abrasions, visible sun damage, bruising, dryness and infection (the degradation of the fatty tissue under the skin contributes to this too). For this reason the use of highly perfumed products may become uncomfortable, even irritating and so perfume free or more lightly perfumed products may be a better option.

and less irritating chemicals. Choosing one that is moisturising and light rather than drying and heavy would also provide more comfort to ageing skin as it reduces the drag factor.

As our 70 plus year old skin is more fragile exfoliants both physical or chemical should probably be kept to a minimum or used under supervision of a clinician to avoid risking infection - a better option for more regular treatment may be a natural clay The fact that our building materials mask which can gently draw out impurities (Collagen, Elastin, Hyaluronic Acid etc) are and loosen dead skin cells in a more gennot what they used to be and the processes tle, considered way. This can be done at that make them are also tired and potenhome very cost efficiently if desired! tially damaged is also significant. If this is your skin it is unlikely that all 'anti-ageing' Finally our 70 plus year old skin still needs ingredients will work as many of them need to be protected from the sun. Your sun to act upon relatively healthy collagen pro- protection strategy at this age will no doubt ducing cells to show an effect. If you susbe in keeping with what you did in your pect that your skin is like that my advice earlier life - if you wore sunscreen then you would be to stick to a great but basic will do it now, if you just covered in a hat moisturiser for the main part of the face the same will apply. Sunscreen use in your and light serum for the eyes rather than 70's and beyond is more about preventing opting for some super-duper anti-ageing trauma on fragile skin than covering up potion. Ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acfrom the sun as while the sun at any age id, Antioxidants rich fruits and extracts, can trigger skin cancers it is less likely to honey, oatmeal, bisabolol and other topical form new ones now due to the fact that all anti-inflammatories, emollient oils, butters of your cellular processes needed to feed and waxes and humectants (water binding the cancer have slowed down. Still, best ingredients) such as Beta Glucan and silk not to get complacent and a burn or irritaamino acids are better bets than your com- tion can be more painful and annoying now plex peptides and cell energisers. I'd also than ever before! The best sunscreen for add that your moisturiser doesn't need all sensitive skin is zinc or titanium dioxide of the above in- just 2-3 is enough to get a based. I'd be inclined to opt for those deboost without overloading or oversigned for babies or sensitive skin as they engineering the solution. are less likely to be highly perfumed and more likely to contain soothing ingredients

In summary I'd have to say that while general ageing isn't for the weak hearted when it comes to the skin it can bring as many blessings as curses depending on your own personal circumstances. My tip? To love the skin you are in and let it shine you need to treat it with the respect that it deserves as it has, after all been your loyal companion, witness and front-line defence for as long as you have walked the earth

Its time to let it shine! what do we do now? So now you know a bit about how your skin works 1. (probably more than you wanted to!) you can choose to do something positive for your skin and yourself. Yes we can help any age! Yes 2. you can turn back the clock...quite a bit in some cases. If you are over 30 and you are concerned about the ageing of your skin then come in and see what we can do for you. It can cost a lot less than you think and how we look, for a lot of people, is 3. tied to their self esteem. We understand this as we too, are going through the same problems and insecurities. The one thing to remember is ...we can make a difference in a short time! Take advantage of our special consultation service, designed to ‘start fresh’ with your skincare so you can love the skin you have.

Skin Consultation—bring all your home care with you and let us have a look at what you are doing at home. Skin Analysis—we will have a close look at your skin and give you an informed report on what is happening to your skin, your skin condition and what we recommended for treatments. You will be given a realistic look at what can be achieved and how much it will cost you.

Its time to begin your renewal journey.

Pay only $69 PLUS first 10 to book will get 20% off their first treatment.

What Is Natural Skincare & Why Is It So Good For You? If you are interested in natural skincare, this article from a leading skincare manufacturer may help sort out the facts‌

Using skincare and cosmetic products that contain mostly, or completely naturally derived ingredients is believed to be better It has been estimated that our skin absorbs for our health, as unless you have highly up to 60% of the chemicals that it comes sensitive skin or skin that is prone to cerinto contact with each day. These chemitain allergies, most natural ingredients will cals originate from a variety of sources be harmless. such as environmental pollution, from within the workplace and from cleaning or Added to this, natural skincare and cosmechanical products around the home. metics usually come with the added benefit of the vitamins, minerals and antioxiBut by far the most common and frequent dants which are inherent to many of the source of chemicals that we encounter is natural ingredients, such as fruit extracts from the skin care and cosmetic products or amino acids. These can have a powerfulwe use on our face, body and hair every ly positive impact to the health and quality day. of our skin. Now before you run to the bathroom cupboards and banish your beloved skincare and cosmetic products for life, it's not all bad news. In fact, as the old saying goes, "when you know better, you do better", and being better informed about skincare and cosmetic products benefits not only your health, but it's a positive choice for the environment as well. What Is Natural Skincare? Natural skincare products and cosmetics are generally referred to as those that have been created using botanically derived ingredients, such as herbs, roots, essential oils, fruit and flowers. In addition, these products are usually produced using naturally occurring carrier agents, preservatives, surfactants, humectants and emulsifiers, and generally contain minimal (or none) synthetic chemical ingredients.

But it is not just our health that benefits from using natural skincare and cosmetic products, it is good for the environment as well. Whatever we use on our bodies and hair inevitably ends up being washed down the drain when we shower, which ends up in our creeks, rivers and oceans. Using products such as body moisturisers, shower gels, hair shampoo and conditioners that have minimal synthetic chemicals significantly reduces any adverse affect on the environment around us. Is Natural Skincare As Effective As Synthetic Skincare? For many years, a common misconception about natural skincare products was that they simply did not work as well as their synthetic counterpart. But over the past fifteen years, manufacturing practices of natural skincare and cosmetics has evolved rapidly in line with consumer demand. Many high quality natural skincare and cosmetics work just as effectively as their synthetic counterparts and the beauty industry giants are all

jumping on board. But as well as giving results, naturally derived skincare and cosmetic products often feel and smell so much better, as they feature fresh, natural raw materials and ingredients such as 100% pure essential oils, fruit extracts and plant extracts. These days, department store, spa, salon, pharmacy and health food store shelves are all lined with many different skincare and cosmetic products that feature naturally derived ingredients. We can choose from an abundant variety of applications, such as Mineral Makeup, high-end Cosmeceuticals, through to SPA range products and a variety of face creams, body washes, lotions and hair care. How Can You Choose Skincare That Is Safe For You? When it comes to using any skincare or cosmetic product, all of us should be discerning consumers and ensure that we do our homework: Check the ingredient listings on the product label to ensure that the product does actually contain a high percentage (the higher the better) of naturally derived ingredients. Choose Certified Organic products. Skincare and cosmetic products that have been labelled Certified Organic by an accrediting body, such as ACO or OFC in Australia gives you the consumer piece of mind knowing that your product has been created using ingredients that are free from nasty chemicals and have been manufactured in a sustainable way. Know your skin - speak to an expert Spa or Salon owner about your skin type and stay in tune with your skin to be aware of any sensitivity when using skincare and cosmetic products.

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Affordable Skin Care by ‘Storm’ brought to you exclusively by Charmed Hair & Beauty

Brought to you by Storm International and Charmed Hair & Beauty exclusively ...our new Cosmeceutical range of products will be coming to Charmed in the next couple of months. These products are formulated using the best natural ingredients on offer and have been chosen after many months of study and consultation with top cosmetic chemists. We can guarantee they will work, feel fantastic, and smell divine.

Last edition we showed you the powerful photos below as an example of what sun damage can do and in the case of the identical twins, how one aged dramatically over the other who used good spf and skin care. The good news can do something about this right now and this time of year is the perfect time to begin. Ultraceuticals peel treatments are fabulous when it comes to sun damage and aging and we have a wonderful offer for you right now. But, you need to be quick as this offer can only go to the first 10 lucky people to take us up on our offer. We have 5 FREE skin consults available to get you started on your journey.

Are you ready for your skin’s ‘Journey of


Step 1. Skin Analysis & Epidermis Treatment Step 2. Two weeks later your first Lactic peel Step 3. Two weeks later your second peel—Mandelic Step 4. two weeks later your third peel—Mandelic & vitamin infusion Total Value is $514 FIRST 10 TO PRE PAY GET THIS FANTASTIC PACKAGE FOR ONLY $395

American truck driver who had been driving for over 28 years.

identical twins, 61 years of age

The effects of sun exposure over time

Ultra B² Hydrating Serum Ultraceuticals New must-have Serum helps to dramatically increase the hydration levels of tired, stressed or critically dehydrated skin. Perfect for all skin types as a complement to daily moisturiser when needed, or perfect on its own for oily acneic skin as daily moisturiser. Also recommended post professional treatments as a skin healing support. Retail price: AU$79 NZ$89


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portant In-

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The Latest in Microdermabrasion Facial+ LED Treatment

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You Pay only $800! This treatment is suitable for men, ladies, teens—for Anti-ageing, Acne, Scar Rejuvenation or Pigmentation. If you are serious about your skin visit us now to see what we can do for you.

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Ultra Medical Skin Needling is Skin Rejuvenation at it’s absolute best. The results are long term and have been proven many times over with “scientific evidence” backing it up. Give your self the gift of beautiful skin this season. Book an Ultra Medical Skin Needling Now $395 GET FREE LED light therapy treatment or Pre Peel Treatment GET FREE up grade for a Skin Needling Treatment for your Neck

Ultra Skin Needling is a skin rejuvenation treatment that helps to restore and accelerate the skin’s own regeneration of collagen and elastin through a natural healing process. Ultra-fine, medical grade stainless steel needles are passed vertically across the skin creating multiple skin channels that induce a wound healing response. Designed to stimulate skin regeneration to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin texture, plump and firm giving an overall more youthful and glowing appearance. This treatment can also assist in breaking down existing scar tissue and encourage further healing of acne scars and help repair stretch marks and surgical scars.

The Details...

How does Ultra Medical Skin Needling work? Ultra Medical Skin Needling uses 9 needles in a disposable cartridge that vertically pierce the skin. It is designed for simple operation and can be easily maneuvered around all facial contours. With vertical needle delivery, ultra fine needles penetrate the skin without the risk of tearing or damaging skin tissue. The channels created from the vertical incisions will accelerate the skins own natural healing process. Sloped and curved needles run the risk of damaging skin tissue

Vertical Needle Insertion

Ultra Medical Skin Needling System

Other Medical Skin Rolling Systems

The needling hand-piece has an adjustable vibrating function. This customises the treatment according to the clients’ level. When the vibrating speed is increased, there are further vertical incisions created in the skin, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the treatment. Deep channels formed by the needles allow for further penetration of active ingredients into the skin. The vertical incisions created, release growth factors inside the blood that leak into the dermis to stimulate more blood vessel development (angiogenesis). This in turn stimulates collagen and elastin production by providing the skin with the appropriate nutrients for ultimate skin rejuvenation. Medical Skin Needling assists to break down existing scar tissue, to encourage further and better healing.

When should Ultra Medical Skin Needling be recommended? Ultra Medical Skin Needling may be performed on all areas of the body in need of regeneration. It is particularly good for the following concerns:

      

Lines, wrinkles, lack of firmness Photoageing Enlarged pores Acne scars Chicken pox scars Surgical scars (after 12 months) Stretch marks (require a minimum of 5 every 30-40 days)

Note for smokers: Smoking reduces the capacity for skin to make collagen as it is harder to stimulate growth factors. Therefore it also reduces the skin’s natural ability to heal. More bruising may occur following the needling process and therefore results may be limited.

How often is Ultra Medical Skin Needling performed? Professional Needling should be performed no more than every 30 days. This is because collagenase activity (the enzyme that assists in remodelling excess collagen) peaks around day 14 and is compromised if stimulated too frequently. Adequate healing time is essential when working to accelerate the healing process. Acne Pits should be treated every 14 days due to the wound healing process being targeted at the 14 day, proliferative stage. This wil l allow for missing skin cells to be rebuilt.

The 3 stages of wound healing: 1. Inflammatory Phase – (first 48hours - 5days) Redness occurs; bacteria and debris are phagocytised or removed. Platelets form to prevent further bleeding and release growth factors. 2. Proliferative Phase – (from 2 - 21days) angiogenesis, fibroblasts grow (proliferate) and form a new extra cellular matrix, by excreting collagen and fibronectin (a glycoprotein that links proteins that bind fibroblasts, endothelial and macrophage cells). Re-epithelialisation of the epidermis occurs and epithelial cells proliferate and migrate to top the wound providing protection for new tissue. 3. Remodelling Phase – (3 weeks to 2 years) Collagen is remodelled and realigned. Type III Collagen is replaced by type I. Scar tissue is flattened. Cells that are no longer needed are removed (apoptosis).




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...our new body products We are very proud to have released our new body products in December and so far the response from our ladies has been very positive. When we decided to develop our own products we knew from day one what type of products we wanted to use on the body. We wanted all of them to be as natural as we could make them and organic when possible without the high price tag associated with these type of products. We certainly achieved all our goals on this front. Our beautiful creams and lotions start at as little as $10.95.

berry and hibiscus granules and is great for a skin detox. The white Kaolin clay mask full of butters, pure essential oils will help the skin recover natural hydration levels as it tones and detoxifies. Has a high level of anti-oxidants to defend skin cells. Our Artemis hand cream and Eos foot balm is totally sulphate free, rich and nourishing and will leave your hands and feet soft and well nourished. For a great pedicure at home, try our organic sugar scrub prior to a massage with your foot balm. Your feet will thank you. We also have a range of lovely scented body lotions ranging from Mango & Passionfruit and White Ginger and Frangipani and these lovely bottles retail for only $11.95!

Our ‘Goddess’ Collection was born, named because we believe everyone deserves to feel like a Goddess when they visit us for some pampering. You can purchase our new range on-line or in salon and you also have the option of ringing your order in by phone and we will send it to you.

And you must check out our ORGANIC SUGAR SCRUB, it is absolutely divine for the skin. Plus for those with skin a little bit sensitive…try our natural body scrub with no scents, just soft natural exfoliant, it’s fabulous.

Our ‘Aphrodite’ Range, named after the beautiful Goddess of Love, is beautiful on the skin and is enriched with pure oils, has a lovely subtle scent and a luxurious feel about it. We have a body wash, body scrub with a beautiful trio of natural exfoliants, including organic sugar, a body mask with a blend of active clays, Shea butter, nourishing oils and oatmeal which will cleanse and tone leaving the skin very hydrated with the natural oils, butters and extracts. To finish this range we have our beautiful body lotion, still with the same subtle scent and packed full of pure oils, natural butters to soften dry skin and offer protection.

Coming soon…our spa range of skin products. Watch on Facebook to find out when they get here and be one of the first to catch our special deal…it will be awesome, but that’s all I can tell you for now...

Our ‘Gaia’ Range, named after the Goddess of the earth has a signature scent to die for. The scents, a blend of pure essential oils releases under the heat of the shower. Once again we have chosen extracts, butters and pure oils that are perfect for the skin with the added benefit of delicious aromas that really tease the senses and turn your bathing into a ritual on its own. The Gaia scrub is a creamy base with bamboo, cran-



Gaia Body Mask 125g Nyx Bath Salts 250g


Rose & Geranium Beautiful Scent

Sensational aromas with Pure Clays, essential oils and body butters will leave your skin soft and smooth


Nyx Bath Salts 250g

Gaia Body Scrub 125g

$21.95 Lovely Lavender a favourite for all the ladies, you can’t go wrong with this for a gift.



The Gaia scrub is a creamy base with bamboo, cranberry and hibiscus granules. Detox for the whole body.

Demeter Body Lotion 125ml


Gaia Body Wash 125ml

Easily absorbed body lotion that has Been running off the shelves. For those fruit lovers this one has a delicious Mango &Passionfruit scent that is hard to pass up.


Theia Body Lotion 60g

With beautiful pure essential oils this body wash releases its signature scent When under the heat of the shower.


Gaia Body Lotion 125ml

Light body lotion suitable for hands, feet and body. With a lovely White Ginger & Frangipani Scent

Easily absorbed lotion that leaves a protective film on the skin to protect it while leaving no oily residue.


Artemis Hand Cream 60g Eos Foot Balm 60d


Luscious foot balm with peppermint to cool and soothe tired, aching feet.


Unscented hand cream that really nurtures the skin. Free from Parabens, Propylene Glycol, Dea and artificial colour.

Aphrodite Body Custard 125g


Very nourishing with high grade essential oils like ylang ylang, cardamon, passionfruit and pomegranate this butter will keep your skin soft and moist.

Hemera Unscented Body Scrub 100g


For those who love unscented or may have a bit of sensitivity to scents this is the perfect scrub for you. It nourishes as it exfoliates and is gentle on the skin.

Aphrodite Body Mask 125g


Feel beautiful with your Own spa treatment at home with This body mask with its blend of natural Clays and pure oils.

Aphrodite Body Scrub 125g


Turn your bath or shower into a ritual. Scrub will leave your skin soft, smooth and well hydrated.

Aphrodite Body Wash 125ml


Beautiful creamy body wash that leaves behind soft and deliciously hydrated skin. Feels very luxurious.

Rhea Organic Sugar Scrub 100g


The benefits of sugar scrubs have been touted for a long time.Our lovely organic scrub will give you an awesome exfoliation for the whole body and leave your skin silky smooth.

Our Hand & Foot Collection

$41.95 Perfect for the home pedicure your feet will love you forever

Gaia Body Collection With body sponge

$79 With a body wash, scrub, mask and lotion you have everything you need to treat your body and keep your skin in great shape

Aphrodite Body Collection

With body sponge


Feel like a goddess with your own spa treatments. this is one ritual you won’t want to rush.


NYX Bath Salts $21.95 Lavender or Rose Geranium Candles from only $29.96

Divine Body Lotions only $11.95

Choose your gift or mix n match and Organic Sugar Scrub $21.50

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Deluxe 30 Minute Facial Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

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Charmed are now the proud owners of several iPad 2’s for you to enjoy while you get pampered!

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Do you eat enough Fruit and Vegetables?

If your answer is no then we may have the Solution! At the moment we’re testing and trialing Juice PLUS+ which is a complete whole food supplement to boost your fruit and vegetable intake and bring it back inline with the world recommended intake. If your interested in trialing the four month course please ring the salon on 54331148 to enquire.




The Hub Shopping centre Cnr Uhlmann and Buckley Rd Burpengary, QLD, 4505

Central Lakes Shopping centre Cnr McKean and Pettigrew St Caboolture, QLD, 4510

124 Goodwin Drive Bongaree, QLD, 4507

5433 1148

Near Caboolture Hospital

5495 3008

Next to Aldi

3408 3311

Charmed Hair and Beauty - April/June 2013  
Charmed Hair and Beauty - April/June 2013  

Charmed hair and beauty's April, May and June Magazine! Containing all you need to stay up to date and save lots of $$$ on your hair and bea...