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Wolfgang Puck Born in St. Veit, Austria, Puck apprenticed as a chef in France. In 1973, he became Executive Chef of Ma Maison In LA. In 1982, he opened his own flagship restaurant, Spago, catering to celebrity clientele. Wolfgang Puck Catering (WPC) has created the cuisine for the Oscar’s Governor’s Ball at Hollywood and Highland and provides exclusive catering services to venues across the nation. Wolfgang’s empire includes branded cookware, utensils and appliances sold on Home Shopping Network, Sam's Club and the Frontgate catalogue.

Mary Micucci

Along Came Mary THE SECRET OF MY SUCCESS "Surround yourself with committed, passionate, creative people; then you can't lose. I can't tell you how happy with and proud I am of the people who work here, how I've seen them grow, how I've seen them make a commitment to our clients, stretching their own imagination and creativity. It's the thing that makes me proudest. It's a team, a remarkable team of people."

Colin Cowie “Born in Kitwe, Zambia, educated in South Africa, and a United States resident since 1985, Colin Cowie is recognized around the world as an arbiter of style. Colin Cowie Lifestyle – the world’s premier event planning, interior design and lifestyle company, with offices in Los Angeles, and New York – is the undisputed leader in its field.”

To produce an effective event incorporate in your market research the 5 W’s: •  Why •  Who •  When •  Where •  What

“Why” should you produce this event to begin with “Who” will be the stakeholders •  Internal - board of directors, committee members, staff •  External - those who will be investing in your event Sponsors, guests, donors

“When” will the event take place. •  Time of year may influence location. i.e. outdoors vs. indoors affects your event management time frame “Where” will the event be held

“What” is the end result you wish to accomplish both for the guests and internal stake holders. This should tie in with the rest of the W’s Why, Who, When & Where Once you have answered the 5 W’s, the next is “How”

“How” will your organization fund the event. This will also determine some of the W’s. Budget - having it determined is crucial to producing a successful event.






Theme Resources -,,,

Timing •  Space •  Tempo •  Marketing • 

Timing involves the question “When� do you plan to hold your event. As the conductor, the Event Manager, is responsible to determine if the planning process is feasible

Space •  Location - Site inspection •  Space of time between critical decisions

Tempo is the rate at which events take place during the planning stage •  Time-Line •  Task List •  Managing Planning Committee

Marketing your event by •  Promotion •  Advertising •  Public Relations •  Mini Events •  Local Internet Listings •  Social Media

Promotion Know your event product. The most successful salespeople have both expert knowledge of the product and effective sales skills. Identify your target market

Advertising Print not only in magazines or newspapers but in association and organization newsletters, flyers, or website

Public Relations •  Press Releases - pre, during, and post event •  PSA, TV •  Internet

Mini Events Using miniature events to promote larger events, such as Disney’s A Christmas Carol Train Tour

Local Listings    Events/OC

Social Media • 

Twitter • 


Hash Tags: #csudhevents, #eventprofs

Facebook: personal, business

Social Media – cont’d • 

LinkedIn •  • 

•  •  • 

Groups : Event Planning & Event Management Sub-groups: Social Media and Event Technology for Event Planners and Meeting

Pinterest: use visual images to promote Blogs : Internet and apps :

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Executing the Task List by appointing leads Overseeing Time-Line Event Production Schedule (Event Time-Line)



Satellite Kitchen

Kitchen set-up

Table set-up

Bus stations set-up

2nd shift; Roll call

Sound Check – Gypsy Kings

Staff Break

Staff Photo


Lilly with set-up

Kitchen service

Happy Client

•  • 

Stakeholders Guests/Attendees


The Special Event Chicago, IL, January 16-18, 2013


Event Solutions Idea Factory Las Vegas, March 10 – 13, 2013


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