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Sally Johnson Intro to Computers Fall 2010 Ms. Wilkerson

My Goals In a 1986 seminar on "How to Work with People," I was asked for the first time to reflect on where I have been and where I plan to go. The facilitator asked the attendees to write down where they were and what they were doing ten years ago. She then asked everyone to write down where they live now and what they currently do for a living. The surprise to all was that much had occurred in a short ten years. The facilitator then asked where we would like to be ten years from now. The whole thought process of imagining an outcome based upon the past and then steering your future was inconceivable to me. My style had been to float along, only making a decision when an option surfaced. Since then, I have contemplated the direction of my life and decided to assume more control over it. That is why I returned to college for my bachelor's degree. I want to create options for myself, to have the ability to set the path I want to follow. To start this process, I have divided my goals into two sections: short-term and long-term. Short-term Goals (to be completed in 1 to 3 years): 1. Register for college courses that will enable me to become a State certified teacher and stay within the George Mason University BIS degree program requirements.


Pursue every opportunity to travel, especially to those places where I can augment my cultural understanding of people regionally or internationally.


Expand my reading to encompass unfamiliar subject matter to reduce the "tunnel vision" tendency.


Save and invest my earnings wisely to prepare for retirement.

Assist my children to become independent, productive adults and to encourage them to always further their educations. Long-term Goals (to be completed in 5 to 20 years): 5.


Maintain marketability in my computer skills and acquire an education that will expose more options, should my current job not accommodate advancement or expand in scope.


Obtain my college degree in 5 to 6 years.


Continue to broaden my personal enrichment through diversifying my travel, reading and contact with others outside my normal scope of activity.


Maintain a warm and healthy relationship with my children as adults.


Retire debt free in 20 years.


Work to preserve the friendships that have meant so much through the years.


Sally Johnson Intro to Computers Fall 2010 Ms. Wilkerson 2. Pursue every opportunity to travel, especially to those places where I can augme...