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 



72 PIECES OF WOOD Individuals created different spaces by first building 6 identical cubes, made up of 12 pieces of wood each. Then we tried to interlock 2 cubes togthers. After having 3 sets of the 2 cubes interlocked, the challenge came. We had to figure how we wanted to interlock these 3 sets together. Not just creating spaces, but also to be able to support the structure using the 3 sets of the 2 cubes interlocked created. Using butter paper, we created more space and use cardboard to make 10 of the spaces we see before interlocking them just like what we did the wood.



Perspection comes from the word, persepective. During this period of time where we learnt about skin and bones, I realized that all of us have our own views when we come to discussions. Even when we are doing group project, everyone in the group have different ideas. It is the same for doing individual work. After we finish our work, everyone tend to comment on one another’s work.

5. We also used grey cardboard and white mounting board to buikd a model on what we traced on the butter paper.

1. We did a video on these two verbs, Studying & Relaxing. We did a few videos to improve on the previos ones. 6. We used the same materials, grey cardboard and white mounting board to build an armor with the same kind of thinking we had.

2. We captured 10 pictures from the videos and tried to piece these 10 pictures together. 7. We chose a part from our model and sketch it out and made a model with grey carboard.

3. We took some butter paper and put in on top of the 10 pictures which are pieced together. We started tracing what we can see, the postive and negative. 8. We used blue foam to develop our idea for part A & part B model. We did 6 of each, and used the whole 12 to build up a wall.

4. We went to photocopy what we drew on the butter paper, and photopied 3 more (which we scaled down the size). We started cutting the individual parts from the photocopied paper and start to form a model out of it.

MAZE and puzzles in which the walls and paths can change during the game are also

through-route with twists and turns but without branches, and is not labyrinth denote a complex and confusing series of pathways.

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