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Winter 2012: Issue 4

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Coming Soon To “The Bench” Near You Every team will be offered a space every edition of the Newsletter to submit something funny... write about their game... whatever...and since we’re doing a newsletter every Wednesday of every week, you have plenty of time to come up with something! If your team doesn’t submit anything, and isn’t in the newsletter, talk to your captain!

Ideas for Team Submissions Then email them to me at

When I say, submit something for your team, here are some ideas: • Play by plays of the game • Document the debauchery at the bar - i.e. describing someone’s amazing acting skills hobbling across the bar with a “sprained ankle” just to Ice a teammate. ] • Draw pictures!!!!! • Favorite quotes, poems, song lyrics, movie scripts, YouTube video, or motivational speeches! • Email chains from the morning after . • Funny pictures of you, your team, or something random on the internet • Give your team member awards - drunkest, loudest, person with the least shame, best off the face catch, etc.! • Anything. Really. Someone on your team is creative.

Submissions are due EVERY Tuesday by 7 p.m. ** If you need extra time, email me and just let me know.

Double Pitcher Contests

Backyard Sports Club’s email is I look forward to working with all of you! DISCLAIMER: if you have problems with keeping your language in check, not bashing refs, being overly nasty to other teams, and other no-no’s, the Editor does have the right to not include your write up in the newsletter if the content is deemed inappropriate or out of line. We will try to screen write ups as they are received, will try to let teams know so that they have time to resubmit, but there is no guarantee. The easiest thing to do is to keep it clean, be nice, and remember this is all in good fun.

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Backyard Sports Club Spring 2012 Sports Schedule Norfolk Sandlot Sport: Wiffle Ball Days: Wednesdays Season: April 11th – June 9th Location: Azalea Little League Complex - Norfolk, VA Sponsor Bar: Uno Chicago Grill Registration: $55.00/person

Norfolk Freedom Sport: Indoor Volleyball Days: Tuesdays Season: April 17th Location: TBA Sponsor Bar: TBA Registration: $500/team

Peninsula Hot Shots Sport: Dodgeball Days: Thursdays Season: May 3rd – June 29th Location: Boo Williams SportsPlex - Hampton, VA Sponsor Bar: TBA Registration: $60.00/person

Blue Diamond Sport: Wiffle Ball Days: Thursdays Season: April 12th – June 9th Location: Azalea Little League Complex - Norfolk, VA Sponsor Bar: Uno Chicago Grill Registration: $55.00/person

VA Beach Surf Sport: Sand Wiffle Ball Days: Sundays Season: April 15th – June 3rd Location: 42nd St – Virginia Beach Ocean Front Sponsor Bar: TBA Registration: $55.00/person

Hampton Roads Crossfire Sport: Dodgeball Days: Fridays Season: April 13th – June 8th Location: TBA Sponsor Bar: TBA Registration: $55.00/person

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The Untouchables First game was against Troop 417. This was a fun, injury free game and The Untouchables collectively pulled together a flawless performance. I’d give Bevin MVP since she was dominant for almost the entire game, but she had a mishap where she got caught in the net and was flailing around trying to free herself. It was very amusing. Brett threw a laser across the court and, while missing all of the opponents who were still in play, rocked an unsuspecting and sidelined Ed Stryker in the face. This wasn’t a glancing blow. This was the real deal, a direct shot flush to the center of the mug that makes all witnesses collectively go “ooooooooooooohhh” with grimacing faces while looking away. I don’t care how soft the ball is, I’m really impressed that Eddie came up smiling rather than crying. Tough dude. - Robbie W.

Troop 417 What can I say? We played a team that was better than us and they beat us. You guys are a great team and if we are going to lose, it's nice to lose to a team that is legitimately better than us. Good luck in the playoffs, I'd like to see you guys go far. Also, thanks to Jeff White for coming over and telling us jokes clearly stolen from a five year old to lighten the mood and give us a few laughs. - Erin Freeman

Happy Birthday Rachel Blockey!!!!

Menace 2 Sobriety Another week in the books and another dominating victory for the future champs. Even though we were missing a few guys and Sarah Rourke had cankle surgery we still came through with a 11-3 victory that should of been more if not for some highly questionable reffing by the 2nd place team. Maybe it was not knowing the rules fully (which being the 5th game is highly unacceptable) or it could be a certain team reffing trying to close a little gap between first and second. Either way the better team still prevailed easily when the cards were all against them. I am going to take a chance here and also state that we lost about 7 minutes of game time during our match up because the refs had to discuss rules between themselves and had other teammates trying to make calls that weren't even reffing. If you are going to volunteer to ref: 1. make sure you know the rules beforehand because you are costing precious playing time trying to figure out what the rules are and 2. If you are not one of the 3 refs appointed to the game don't stand on the sideline and try to make calls when you don't have the vantage point to see and play and you have no idea what you are talking about. As I said before, Good Luck to everyone else playing for 2nd place. - Craig Thomson Horsley

Sloppy Seconds What can I say, we again played very Sloppy. As usual OUR 2 all-stars Dianna and Neil were killer studs tonight. We only managed to get 3 wins but at least we didn't get shut out. Menace had some killer arms and were ducking and dodging like champs out there. We haven't come up with any strategies yet but I'm sure we will think of something. After the game, we partied like rock stars though. From playing dodgeball and dancing to some country songs I'm getting the most exercise I ever had in years. - Jon Reyes

Honey Badger Don’t Care woooooooWEEEE what a doubleheader!!! tiger blood and bing bongs and chickadees, u both gave us some really awesome competition!!! we still hold by the fact that we could've squeezed one more game in against tiger blood to make it a win hahaha, but whatevs - we'll see u in the playoffs! :) Everyone kicked ass, I couldn't even begin to pick just one MVP! until friday, we're coming for you untouchables - see u on the dodgeball court!! - Sarah Harsche

Tiger Blood Really?! A Tie? Come on, man! Two evenly matched teams ended up getting a tie. If there weren't so many dragged out 1 vs 1 matches, I'm sure we would have squeezed another game. I think our game started before everyone's. Almost everyone on my team showed up so we were less tired and played everything on the line. Jessika caught my volley to end one of the longest matches EVER. Anyways, I would like to suggest a tie breaker rule. It's pretty simple...a WOBBLE-OFF. Throw any song at us...Cupid Shuffle, Bel Biv Devoe, maybe some shufflin'. We dominated the dance floor last Friday and there wouldn't have been any competition. Everyone played well, but we danced awesome. - James Salgado

The Untouchables The game against “Hit It and Bounce” quickly went from dodgeball game to what looked like a crime scene. At the start of our fourth round, Zach from The Untouchables and Katie from HIaB had a head on collision in the middle of the court that probably shook the building. It was carnage. Katie immediately had what looked like a fist growing out of her temple. She was taken to the hospital and luckily everything turned out ok. Given the size and strength of Zach’s head, that had to have been a concussion and a half. Still, Katie managed to do some damage in return. I followed a blood trail to the medic area to see Zach getting his head patched up and he was good to go. Becky, being the thoughtful captain she is, went to the hospital to check on her teammate. In fact, I heard their entire team went, which is pretty awesome. It’s too bad the game was cut short, but I’m glad that Katie and Zach are ok. That was intense.

- Robbie W.

Hit It & Bounce Katy was so psyched to play dodgeball that she took the other team out with her FACE! Giving new meaning to "Hit It & BOUNCE", Katy has proven that our opponents were NOT "The Untouchables". If you didn't hear (umm, are you in terrorist training camp??), Katy ended up in the ER after Zach & her tried upping each other's street cred during a rush. She's doing great, nothing a fabulous pair of sunglasses can't take care of. Rumor has it Zach is on life support; no worries, though--his wedding is still on. We called the game, our team wasn't about to leave our girl in the ER alone. Thanks for your hospitality, Chesapeake General!!!

- Becki Wipf

Rings Around Uranus

Hope ya’ll had fun in Sunny Florida!!!


Bing-Bongs and Chick-A-Dees Whoever said Honey Badger Don’t Care was a lie-they did care! This was a tough game that kept going back and forth, but in the end, Bing Bongs were able to get the win. Two highlights of the game: When all odds are against Eric Stemm, aka Power Playmaker, Reed Richards of Fantastic Four, Dodge and Sting, he finds the inner will to win a game when it was 3 people against him! And poor Claire-she took a direct shot right to the face and demanded that whoever threw it be out! She took it like a champ though and didn’t run off the turf crying.

Not only were we wining on the turf, we were WINNING at the bar. We showed up rolling deep because we wanted to win the Double Pitcher contest! All that beer loosened us up and we were able to show why they call the bar Crazy Wing Cantina! We started out playing flip cup with Sloppy Seconds and a few others-you pretty much know what kind of night it’s going to be when you interrupt your game to head to the dance floor to Wobble! Bing Bongs pretty much stayed on the floor the whole night-some clothes came off and I think somewhere on Facebook there is a picture of a lil guy on guy action! Cheers to next Friday! - Stella Solorzano

Honey Badger Don’t Care

Stranger Danger Stranger Danger brought home our first victory, winning 9-5 over Troop 417. Despite the fact that three of our guys abandoned the team to kick each others balls around, each Danger player pulled out all the stops and took home the Victory. MVP of the night goes to Patrick "The Monster" Hannon for his graceful roll off the court after taking a ball to the balls. Honorable mentions to Rich "Bulldozer" Butts, Daniel "Titty Twister" Gard, Chris "Tramp Stamp" Apelt and Jackie "Sunshine" Saturday for growing a pair and being real men on the court! And we can't forget our gals Joette "Ball Shagger" Neubauer, Heidi "Dance Machine" Etter and Brittanie "Speed Demon" Larmon for just being awesome, as usual. Props go out to each of our players for a great game and surprisingly enough, keeping the trash talk to a dull roar! - Kelli "Red-Headed Step Child" Medlin

Troop 417 It's difficult to comment on this game, so I'll give out awards to my team for hanging in there through a rough night: • Most likely to take out a person 10 x her size: Steph • Player with the greatest ability to make me stop screaming on the sidelines about the blatant cheating: Mitch • Best effort to get us to play as a team: Shaun • Most attentive ball chaser (seriously appreciate the effort you put in even when you're not on the court): Brooke • Most improved: Rachel • Best hands: JC • Best strategy: Tyler • Most likely to hold Whiz's hand during the • game: Keith • Best speed: Whiz • Best sportsmanship: Hern • Female MVP of the night: Erin S • Male MVP of the night: Kyle - Erin Freeman

Social Calendar of Events

The Dirt The “Hurt Corner”…where faces, fingers and souls have been pwned! Poor Mike got a boo boo on his finger 

What’s so funny Whit?

You’re still pretty, Katy! JR looks butt hurt or something.

The “Let’s Embarrass the League Prez” Corner



The “Matchmaker ” Corner


The Hookup If you have yet to meet Amy "The Glam Queen" Dail, I would highly suggest penciling her into your schedule. Not only is she a cute blonde firecracker, but this girl has got it going on! She is one well rounded woman, best compared to a mullet - party girl by night, sophisticated business woman by day! Amy is a Government Consultant (I know right - What is that?! Nobody seems to know but I'm sure if you asked her she'd have to kill you!) Not only can she party with the best of 'em till 3am, but she also will be up at 9 for church the next morning (looking fine I must add!). If you are ever out and about and hear "Beat It" by Michael Jackson, I guarantee Amy will be the first one out there working the dance floor! She's hilarious, goes with the flow, and loves to have fun but don't be fooled guys - She definitely knows what she wants when it comes to men. So if you're unemployed, still live with mama or just plain ugly, stay away from this gem! On the other hand - if you're a fun, outgoing, respectful gent who doesn't wear skinny jeans, then she can't wait to meet you!!"

Guys, look out for Dianna Price…this girl is one in a million! She enjoys playing volleyball, dodgeball, riding the bull at Eagle’s Nest, long walks between Keagans and Yard House and dancing to the energizer bunny’s drum! If you’re somewhat observant and have a pulse, you’ve probably seen her bouncing around Cantina with her sidekick, Amy! Most of her nights end in Just Dance competitions on the Wii – no one can beat her at “Party Rock” by LMFAO, but she’s always up for a challenge! In her spare time, she’s the Advisor at the Paul Mitchell School in Virginia Beach and girl knows how to make you look glamorous! (if you’re lucky enough, maybe she’ll give ya a free haircut!) She may seem crazy on the outside, but Dianna’s truly the loving one who is funny, kind, and loyal to the end! So fellas’, if you’re the type who likes to cut a rug, drink SoCo and lime shots and get your hair did, then Dianna’s the one for you!"

Charities & Sponsor Bar Drink Specials • • •

Provided to Winning Teams • •

Gosnold Apartments About Gosnold Apartments With the adaptive reuse of an RC Cola bottling warehouse, Virginia Supportive Housing (VSH) created Gosnold Apartments, as the first permanent supportive housing development for homeless adults in the region and the first regionally-supported studio apartments for homeless single adults in the nation. This is the first of several buildings of this type that helps to give homeless individuals a second chance. Many of these individuals have physical and/or mental illnesses, some are veterans, some are elderly and others just need a second chance in life. Thursday night a Bingo game is held at Gosnold where the residents win practical prizes (ie: hygiene products, household items, and food) that they are unable to purchase on their own. The individuals that host the Bingo nights purchase these prizes each week and the current economy is leaving resources low making it difficult for this program to continue successfully.

How you can help…..

We are asking that individuals contribute what they can to the cause by bringing any of the items listed below, or other similar items, to the dodgeball games on Friday, March 2nd. Possible items include: cleaning products, dish detergent, laundry detergent, toilet paper, tissues, paper towels, aluminum foil, trash bags, body wash, razors, lotion, shampoo, toothpaste, canned goods, etc.

What’s in it for you: Helping out an awesome cause and FREE BEER. The team with the most items collected will win beer and wings for your whole team.

Questions? Contact Erin Freeman or Stephanie Luttrull



• • •

• •

• • •

There is a minimum number of 10 players and a maximum of 20 players allowed on a team roster. All players must be listed on the roster and acknowledge upon registration the Terms & Conditions to participate. Players must be at least 21 years of age at the start of the season. Players can only be on one roster per league. Players may be added at any time until the final T-shirt order date. A team may have no more than 8 players on the court at one time. A team can have a maximum of 4 female and 4 male players on the court at a time. A team must have at least 6 players ( 3 female players and 3 male players) to avoid a forfeit. The Commissioner will provide each team with T-shirts for its roster. All players must wear their team shirts for each game. Players may add their names, number, and other similar personal information to their T-shirts. Players’ additions may not cover the Backyard Sports Club or sponsor logo. Players may not add any corporate information to their Tshirts, including website addresses and company names. Players may not include any offensive material on their T-shirts. The Commissioner has the exclusive right to determine whether additions are offensive. Penalty. Players who do not wear the official Backyard Sports Club T-shirt will be sidelined for that game. The Backyard Sports Club will supply all field equipment, including a balls and lines 7 regulation size balls should be used: 4 Blockers™ (8.5") and 3 Stingers™ (6"). Ball layout goes as follows: Blocker, Stinger, Blocker, Blocker, Stinger, Blocker.

• •

Matches will run for 45 minutes. Games will end with one team eliminating the other team.

The team must have at least 6 players (3 male players and 3 female players) to avoid a forfeit.

Substitutions must be made prior to the start of the game. No substitutions can be made during a game, except in cases of injury.

• •

• • •

• • • •

• •

Endlines: This is the rear boundary Centerline: This is your forward boundary. • Due to the nature of turf we are implementing a 4 foot neutral zone during the initial “Rush” portion of the match. ** You will not be called out if a portion of your body crosses this line. However if you blatantly step over or cross the line. You will be deemed out at the Centerline Ref’s discretion. Attack Line: This line will be located 10 feet behind the centerline on each side. Balls must cross this line before being thrown at the opposing team. Any ball thrown crossing this line will not count. A game played until all opponents on one side have been eliminated. The team to eliminate all its opponents is declared the winner, and will receive one point for each win. Both teams will play as many games as they can within the 45 minute time limit to achieve points. A game that is in play during the 45 minute time will be considered a null game. Retrievers: are individuals designated to retrieve balls that go out of play. Teams are responsible for providing retrievers. You may use players that are out as retrievers. Retrievers may not enter the court at any time. Retrievers are only allowed to field balls from their side of the court. There is only one team timeout during the 45 minute time limit. Timeouts are limited to 2 minutes.

Play begins with all players positioned on their teams “Endline”.


• • •

• • • •

The Rush occurs at the beginning of each match or reset. Upon the official's signal, both teams rush to center court and attempt to retrieve as many balls as possible. A team may rush with as many or as few players as it wants, but at least one person from each team has to Rush. There is no limit to how many balls an individual player may retrieve. Players may not slide or dive head first into the neutral zone or they will be called out. Crossing over the neutral zone will result in an "out." Players may not physically grab and pull another player across the neutral zone or prevent them from returning to their side of the court.

TA headshot occurs when a player is hit directly in the head by a high thrown ball. In the interest of good sportsmanship headshots do not count, unless the individual struck with the ball is attempting to make any kind of play on the ball ie. dodging, deflecting, missed catch, etc.

• • • • •

• • • •

• • • • •

• • • •

During the Rush, any ball retrieved from the neutral zone must be returned behind the 10 foot attack line before it may be thrown at an opponent. A ball that hasn't crossed the attack line is considered a dead ball, any hits or catches are voided plays. After the ball crosses the attack line on the initial rush; balls can be thrown near the center line. There are several ways to put a ball into play following a Rush. • A player carries the ball across the attack line. • A player passes the ball a teammate who is behind or carries it across the attack line.

• • •

• • •

Retrievers: are individuals designated to retrieve balls that go out of play. Teams are responsible for providing retrievers. You may use players that are out as retrievers. Retrievers may not enter the court at any time. Retrievers are only allowed to field balls from their side of the court.

Players can defend themselves by blocking the ball in flight with another ball but must retain control over the ball they are blocking with. A player dropping or losing possession of the blocking ball is deemed "out.“ Any blocked ball rebounding off another ball is considered live. Any player hit by the rebounding ball is deemed "out." If a player catches a rebound ball then the thrower is out.

• •

A player shall be deemed “OUT” when a live ball hits any part of the player’s body, clothing, or uniform. A defending player catches a live ball you have thrown. If you are hit by a deflected ball, you are “OUT” If you deflect a ball into yourself ie. you deflect a ball and it hits you in the foot you are “OUT”. If the ball is deflected and caught in the air the thrower is “OUT” If the ball is deflected by another ball and then caught by an opposing player the thrower is “OUT” If you block/deflect a ball and lose control of the ball in your hands, you are “OUT” A player that crosses the designated boundaries within their side of the court is “OUT” The act of squeezing the ball in order to alter the thrown or blocked ball in not allowed. You may grip the ball tightly. Pinching is the actual act of folding or squeezing the ball until it looks like a “raisin” to alter its shape while thrown. Any questions regarding “Pinching” please BYSC personnel. You will get one warning for suspected. “Pinching” and then you will be called out if caught again.

If any part of the player's body touches the endlines or far neutral zone line, the player shall be deemed "out". Momentum that carries a player out of bounds while making a catch. Must have control of the ball prior to going out of bounds. Both thrower and catcher will be considered out. If there is no control of the ball then the person falling out of bounds will be out. The act of intentionally delaying the game. If a referee determines that a player or team is stalling, the referee will warn player or team. If the stalling continues, at the referees discretion, player or team will lose possession of all balls on their side. If one team possesses all the of the balls in play, they must throw at least 1 ball within 30 seconds.

The Dos and DONTs •

DO NOT bring alcoholic beverages to Chilled Ponds. They have a bar there for you to purchase drinks.

DO clean up after yourselves! Unfortunately, maid service was cut out of Backyard Sports Club’s budget due to the economy.

DO be friendly to the Refs: Please do not yell at them…just remember, you’re the one that will look like a jerk if you yell at them.

DO NOT be “that guy.” When you do something stupid, you’re not excluded from any laws just because you are wearing a Backyard Sports Club t-shirt.

DO NOT leave a fellow dodgeballer behind; we take care of our own. Don’t let your teammate drink like a champ and drive home. Find the closest decent looking guy/gal, introduce them, and have them go home together.

DO NOT be bitter. It’s super important that if you end up having a “sleep over” with a fellow dodgeballer, be cool with them for weeks to follow. We’re a small community, you’re gonna end up seeing them all season! When they drop you off at your car, hug it out, smile…and say “hi” the following week.

DO NOT try to guess that persons name!

DO go to our sponsor Bar, Eagles' Nest Country Rockin' Bar and Crazy Wing Cantina. It’s what the cool kids are doing.

DO NOT fight! This is a fun league, HAVE FUN! If you fight, fun’s over for you, you’ll be kicked out.

DO always wear your Backyard Sports Club shirt. I know laundry once a week may be too much, so it’s cool if you go a couple weeks without washing….unless you’ve got bad B.O. like Robbie Wright!

DO NOT smoke in Chilled Ponds!

**DISCLAIMER** Nothing in the Backyard Sports Club Newsletter is to be taken seriously, except for the schedules and scores! Please send scores, recaps, pictures, questions, funny quotes, and/or any information that you would like to be added into the week’s newsletter to

Week 4 Schedule, Friday Feb. 17th 7:30 Games • Sloppy Seconds vs. Tiger Blood • Menace 2 Sobriety vs. Stranger Danger • Hit It & Bounce vs. FSR • Bing Bongs & Chick-A-Dees vs. Troop 417

Court 1 Court 2 Court 3 Court 4

8:30 Games • Tiger Blood vs. Menace 2 Sobriety • Rings Around Uranus vs. Stranger Danger • Bing-Bongs & Chick-A-Dees vs. FSR • The Untouchables vs. Honey Badger Don’t Care

Court 1 Court 2 Court 3 Court 4

Week 3 Score Board Teams


Troop 417 vs. The Untouchables Sloppy Seconds vs. Menace 2 Sobriety Tiger Blood vs. Honey Badger Don’t Care Hit It & Bounce vs. The Untouchables Rings Around Uranus vs. FSR Bing Bongs & Chick-A-Dees vs. Honey Badger Don’t Care Troop 417 vs. Stranger Danger

0 - 12 3 - 11 7-7 1-3 0-0 7-6 5–9

Standings Team Name





Menace to Sobriety The Untouchables Bing-Bongs & Chick-A-Dees Rings Around Uranus Honey Badger Don’t Care Tiger Blood FSR Stranger Danger Sloppy Seconds Troop 417 Hit It & Bounce

5 6 5 6 6 5 4 5 5 5 6

5 5 4 3 3 2 2 1 1 1 0

0 1 1 2 2 2 1 4 4 4 6

0 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0

Chesapeake, Virginia Backyard Sports Club, Hampton Roads Crossfire League

"The Bench" 4th Edition  
"The Bench" 4th Edition  

Backyard Sports Club Dodgeball Newsletter