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REFERRAL PROGRAM FOR FALL SEASON If you refer a NEW person to Backyard Sports Club, you will receive a pitcher with our Logo on it. The person who refers the MOST new people will win a $100 bar tab at our sponsor bar, Uno Chicago Grill! So if you refer someone new, make sure you email the name of the person (we will confirm with said person, if need be) to At the end of registration we will tally up the number of referrals to see who the winner of the $100 bar tab is.


Summer 2011 – Issue 5 2 – Schedule and Scores

3 - Wiffle Dat Azz & Take a Wiff of This Page 4 – Wiffler’s Mom & Loose Cannons Page 5 – Holey Balls in Your Mouth & Pilot Media Bombers Page 6 – Roscoe’s Chicken N’ Wiffles & Sloppy Seconds Page 7 – Diamonds in the Rough 8 – “The Dirt” 9 – Announcements 10 – Social Events Calendar 11 – Bar & Charities 12 – Rules 13 – DOs & DONTs 14 - Pictures

James Salgado & Charm Reyes

Week 5 Schedule, Thursday, August 11th 6:30 Games • Pilot Media Bombers vs. Wiffler’s Mom – Field 1 • Loose Cannons vs. Take a Wiff of This – Field 2 • Sloppy Seconds vs. Roscoe’s Chicken N’ Wiffles – Field 3 7:30 Games • Pilot Media Bombers vs. Wiffle Dat Azz – Field 1 • Loose Cannons vs. Holey Balls in Your Mouth – Field 2 • Take a Wiff of This vs. Wiffler’s Mom – Field 3 8:30 Games • Wiffler’s Mom vs. Pilot Media Bombers – Field 1 • Holey Balls in Your Mouth vs. Take a Wiff of This – Field 2

Week 4Score Board Teams Wiffler’s Mom vs. Roscoe’s Chicken N’ Wiffles Wiffle Dat Azz vs. Holey Balls in Your Mouth Pilot Media Bombers vs. Sloppy Seconds Loose Cannons vs. Take a Wiff of This Holey Balls in Your Mouth vs. Roscoe’s Chicken N’ Wiffles Wiffle Dat Azz vs. Sloppy Seconds Roscoe’s Chicken N’ Wiffles vs. Holey Balls in Your Mouth Sloppy Seconds vs. Wiffle Dat Azz

Score 7-11 13-8 1-13 5-20 14-8 4-12 9-6 13-5

Standings Team Name





Take a Wiff of This Sloppy Seconds Loose Cannons Roscoe’s Chicken N’ Wiffles Wiffle Dat Azz Holey Balls in Your Mouth Wiffler’s Mom Pilot Media Bombers

6 6 7 7 8 7 6 5

6 4 5 4 3 2 1 0

0 1 1 3 5 5 5 5

0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0

To submit a drink of the week, please email Name of drink, Ingredients, and Instructions on how to make it to


Wiffle Dat Azz Wiffle Dat Azz vs. Holey Balls in Your Mouth We came into this game pretty pumped. James called us out on Facebook and said that we were going down, so we couldn’t let that happen. I think Erica Ehret was the most pumped of us all. We had agreed that she would be our rep at trying to hit the ball the farthest so we could win the beer…again. Erica did not disappoint, she nailed one over the fence with two players on base. For that, she is our MVP! We would also like to say thank you so much to James Salgado for introducing us to the world of wiffle. He was right, it’s a lot of fun and I’m glad we decided to do a team!

Wiffle Dat Azz vs. Sloppy Seconds What can I say? Sloppy Wiffled Dat Azz…twice! Reyes & Co. were a force to be reckoned with. JR got so flustered he threw the ball and pegged one of their girls in the head as she was crossing home. For that, we apologize! And congrats again for hitting ANOTHER homerun, Erica! She was on fiyah! Since the hitting the ball the farthest contest didn’t happen, we asked James if we could just be declared the winners since she hit two homeruns in one night…that was denied. Oh well, maybe next week! - Stella Solorzano

Take a Wiff of This Take a Wiff of This vs. Loose Cannons This was a very long awaited game for me. I was kinda nervous since Robbie Wright, our designated pitcher wasn’t going to be there, but his replacements Dan Herbert & Brett Craun worked it on the mound! My players came out swinging this game…I guess my constant emails saying how badly I wanted to beat this team and my bribery with tequila shots for the first 2 people who hit a homerun worked! Big hitters Will Somerindyke, Dan Herbert and Amanda Elliott all hit balls over the fence. But this game, I’m going to give MVP to Tim Britt. He made some awesome defensive plays. He made a sick catch in outfield AND he denied Ryan Roebuck of what would have been his 2nd homerun of the night. Ryan hit the ball, Timmy jumped like 7 ft in the air and grabbed the ball with his right hand and knocked the ball back into play. He Mutombo’d that ish! This was a great game, and can’t wait to play ya’ll again NEXT WEEK! Charm Reyes


Wiffler’s Mom Wiffler’s Mom vs. Chicken N’ Wiffles This one band camp.........Greg Myrtle hit a home far as the rest of the game........we got pounded like Wiffler's Mom!

Loose Cannons Loose Cannons vs. Take a Wiff of This Hmmm….what can I say? We got our doors blown off…right out of the gate. Good work “Take a Wiff of This”….we will meet again. Actually we will meet at 6:30 on Thursday. We’ll try to give you guys a better game! - Ryan Roebuck


Holey Balls in Your Mouth Holey Balls in Your Mouth vs. Wiffle Dat Azz Nothing like talking trash on Facebook during the day to make the game more interesting. It’s been a matchup ever since the first week of wiffle ball. I've even practiced with the team and showed them the tips and tricks of the game. The young grasshopper has taught the sensei...haha. Great game by both.

Holey Balls in Your Mouth vs. Chicken N’ Wiffles Of course, a lot was on the line. The game was against my girlfriend's team...this game was personal! I've been playing on the same team with my girlfriend for the past 2 years and when this league was created, we had to be team captains on different teams. Believe me, it was stressful. Our offense and defensive clicked in this game. She had never witnessed my competitive side and it clearly showed with the score :P. Great game by both.

Holey Balls in Your Mouth vs. Chicken N’ Wiffles Talk about a rivalry in the making. Roscoe's Chicken came back with a vengeance and won the game. I wish there was a third game to determine the winner of the series. Great game by both - James Salgado

Pilot Media Bombers Pilot Media Bombers vs. Sloppy Seconds Between Jon and I, I think we had about 13 people on the field at 6:30! Our teams definitely like to stress out the captains by showing up at the last minute. My fearless team showed up and rocked out one run, thanks to Gordon! April had a great hit that allowed him to score! Also, big thanks to Jen for pitching this week, you did a great job! We tried some new positions and I think we did the best we could with the players that came out. Way to go Bombers! We will continue to rock out to our “Ghetto Blaster” and have fun playing wiffle ball  - Ashleigh Tullar


Roscoe’s Chicken N’ Wiffles Chicken N Wiffles vs. Wiffler’s Mom

We came out strong, scoring 4 in the top of the 1st. With only 9 players, 1 of those on the injured list, we were able to keep our “D” tight enough, and produce enough runs to keep us just ahead of Wiffler’s Mom. Jamie Hopkins was hitting bombs and robbing people of what should have been base hits. If you heard the “PING,” it was one of his homeruns hitting the score board.

No Photos Due to Colie’s EXTENSIVE write up!

Chicken N Wiffles vs. Holey Balls in Your Mouth All in all, a pretty back and forth game. Then in the 5th,out of nowhere Holey Balls put the balls in our mouth…I mean in play and were able to score 7 runs to secure the win. Nadia was quick around the bases and really has an understanding of baserunning. Zanny made her debut, and can really wack that ball, line drives all day. And of course Kim, who had a 3 game on base percentage of .727. Amanda, with her cat like reflexes has been grabbing balls outta the sky all season. Although, anyone standing in a 50 foot radius of her better watch out for a “flying bat.” Just ask Mike, who was running home on Amanda’s killer hit. He had to duck, and cover his face from the bat that was whizzing his way like a pair of nunchaku thrown by Bruce Lee. Who throws the bat up the 3rd baseline anyways?

Chicken N Wiffles vs. Holey Balls in Your Mouth A bad start to a good game. James Salgado (the best boyfriend ever) has a tendancy to run up the 1st baseline with the bat. And being the supportive, caring, greatful (because he's been taking such good care of me since I've been hurt) girlfriend that I am, I have coached him on how to drop the bat as soon as he swings...NOT THE CASE IN THIS GAME! On James' at bat he hit a nice grounder to leftfield but he carried the bat about half way up the 1st baseline and chucked it right at me (I was sitting on the sideline on my scooter), hitting me directly in the TOES of my BROKEN FOOT...that couldn't happen again if he tried! Our team took advantage of our speed racing around the base path with smart running by all the guys...Doug, Rene, Mike, Ed and Jamie - all of them scored at least once. We chipped away and in the end had gathered 9 runs to put us ahead for the win. I must say, I got a little nervous in the 6th inning when we decided to throw the ball around a little too much, allowing 3 runs to score and for it to end up as close as it did.

Sloppy Seconds Sloppy Seconds vs. Pilot Media Bombers This game was a lot of fun. Pilot Bombers was the first team to draw blood by scoring 1 run in the fist inning. They played tight defense for the first 3 innings; they shut down Sloppy Seconds offense. I couldn’t believe that we had such a tough time scoring against them. Our team started to wake up in the 4th inning the bats came alive and our defense tightened up. After the 1st inning the Sloppy Amoeba D didn’t allow a run. NO real MVP everyone on the team played like a team. Shout out goes to Ashleigh for catching one of my hard driven balls to the outfield that luckily found its way into her hands.

Sloppy Seconds vs. Wiffle Dat Azz

With all the smack talking before the game. I knew that Wiffle Dat Azz was ready for this game. They had a couple of practices and I knew this could be a slug fest against both team. I could tell that they wanted to take a Reyes team down. So…in the first inning they shut down Sloppy, Erica E. on Wiffle Dat Azz hit a bomb over center field that still hasn’t come down.....what did you feed that girl that morning. She must have had some pint up aggression. 2nd inning Sloppy scored twice to go up by 1, but Dat Azz put a run up to tie the game. Sloppy couldn’t shake this team off it’s tale. But for the rest of the game the Amoeba D stepped up it’s game and only allowed 2 more runs. Luckily everyone found their stroke and runs started to come in. It was good hard fought game both teams wanted it, but in the end Sloppy Seconds came out Vic…Vic..Victorious!!!!

Sloppy Seconds vs. Wiffle Dat Azz Yeah, it was a rubber band game…back to back games. I got a little scared in the first inning. Dat Azz were determined to take their revenge loss on us…..there was intensity in the faces. Dat Azzs bats were infuego in the first inning scoring 3 runs, and this was after they shut out Sloppy in the first inning. This was going to be a scary battle. Once again the Amoeba D tightened up…..and shut down their offense. Eventually Sloppy started to find it’s sweet spot and was hitting the ball right in front of the catcher and pitcher…..we were swinging but the balls were goin no where. I wanted to hit one over the fence so badly so I could trot around the bases and give Christie a high five at second, but it never happened.


Diamonds in the Rough Jennifer Cauldwell

April Clark

Q: What team do you play for? A: Loose Cannons (you forgot…BOOM!)

Q: What team do you play for? A: Pilot Media Bombers

Q: What bad habits of others drive you crazy? A: smoking!

Q: What bad habits of other people drive you crazy? A: Popping gum with mouth open

Q: Name 1 thing you are really good at. A: shower singing (car singing too, right?)

Q: What is your type..bad boy, nerd, jock, etc? A: All of the above as long as he can make me laugh

Q: What is your type of guy? A: Don’t really have a type, they just have to make me laugh.

Q: What is your favorite shot? A: A free one (free is always good!)

Q: In your opinion, what is your best physical feature? A: My eyes.

Q: Who is your celebrity crush? A: Bradley Cooper (agree with you here..he’s smokin!)

Q: What is your favorite shot? A: Crown Royal chilled (get her a shot, boys!)

Q: Can you tie a knot with a cherry stem, using just your mouth? A: No, but I keep practicing

Q: How do you feel about role playing? A: Absolutely not! Unless I can be a candystriper! (naughty!) Q: Would you date a guy only a few inches taller than you? A: It’s not too hard to be taller than me (I’m only 5’3”) but I usually go for the tall ones. Q: Do you like guys to dress more metro or beachy? A: Beachy, but has to clean up well too. Q: What is your perfect first date? A: Hmm…not sure I’ve had a perfect 1st date, but something active would be great, and I love to eat, so food should be included. Q: Do you have a crush on anyone in the League? A: Noone specific, but I’ve def seen some guys I wouldn’t mind chatting with. (OH! Do tell!!!)

Q: Who’s your favorite college/professional football team? A: Go Hokies!! (ahem..go Tennessee Vols!!!) Q: Would you date a guy only a few inches taller than you? A: Of course, can't desciminate against the vertically challenged Q: In your opinion, what is your best physical feature? A: my lips (I like your teeth…pretty) Q: How do you feel about role playing? A: Depends on where we play the role Q: Do you have a crush on anyone in the league? A: I’m still meeting everyone, so I can’t settle on just one yet.


The Dirt

See we can ALL get along!

Oh, I’ll Wiffle Dat Azz

There might have been a falling out at Uno between these two gals, but in the end, they were able to talk it out like ladies and make up. Stella Solorzano, I have known for awhile, and she is a crazy loud girl…Courtney Thatcher, I have known or at least known about since our first Wiffle Ball Tournament last winter, and she is a crazy loud girl. It only seems natural that these 2 would butt heads. But I’m glad ya’ll could talk things out….now we just have to get all your other teammates to do the same!

First, they were talkin smack to each other on Facebook, then there was a little talk about needing a spanking. I guess they took it to heart… Spank and make up! John Duncan, from Loose Cannons definitely took Christi George up on her “I think we need spankins” comment! Hope you enjoyed it, looks like both of ya’ll did…pictures definitely speak louder than words…and these pictures are saying, “please sir, may I have some more!” Red, Why are you touching my girl?!?!

Flip Cup Championship Belt? Apparently, only 2 teams can compete for this bad boy. Loose Cannons & Sloppy Seconds. A little biased, maybe…perhaps? Jon Reyes, next time you decide to have a flip cup “tournament” it would be nice to get ALL of the teams involved. Don’t be skurred that my team will run away with it!

Different Type of Iceing Sloppy Seconds had a triple header last week, and won ALL 3 games! Rebecca Wipf decided to do it Super Bowl style and throw ice water on her captain, Jon Reyes’ head. She did let me in on her plan, this is why I was able to capture this awesome photo. We also had a little help from Red from Loose Cannons, as you can see!

Couple or Not? You tell me. Nicky Peterson and Taylor Blair say they are not a couple…but from the looks of it, they do appear to be. As you can see from Week 1 until now, they are ALWAYS together. Just make it “Facebook Official” already guys!

Week 4…seen eating together

Week 1…seen leaving together



Floatopia Chicks Beach

• Labor Day 2011, at Chix Beach right behind Don Julios on Shore Drive. Bring your floatation device, big or small! They will be tied together to create one big floating island that will be anchored down. Stella Solorzano, the organizer, will be pre-selling t-shirts for $15, in which the proceeds will benefit the Special Olympics of Virginia Beach. If you would like to purchase a shirt, please contact her at: Stella Solorzano – Captain of Wiffle Dat Azz Email: Friend Floatopia Chicks Beach on Facebook!

Summer End of Season Tournament • WHEN: Saturday, August • TIME: 10 am – 3 pm • WHERE: Azalea Little League Complex This event will be catered with food free of charge. All people will responsible for any “adult” beverages. Trophies will be given out to the first place team. Tournament bracket will be posted Friday, August 19th. All teams MUST be at the fields by 9:30 am to register. 20th

Wiffle Ball FALL Registration

Summer End of Season Party at UNO • WHEN: Saturday, August 20th • TIME: 3:30 pm – there’s no way to tell • WHERE: Uno Chicago Grill This will be the last social event for Backyard Sports Club Summer 2011 Wiffle Ball League. There will be a flip cup tournament. Bracket will be the same as the wiffle ball bracket. Champion will get a championship belt. We will also be having a raffle for prizes. All money goes to our Charities! Uno Chicago Grill will also be providing us with MORE food, and we can continue to get our drank on! Nothing says fun like day time drinking!!!!

Registration for the fall season is NOW OPEN for Hampton and Norfolk Leagues. Get your teams together and get ready for a new season. If you know anyone interested tell them to come out for some fun and to see what Wiffle ball is all about! Make sure you register today to guarantee a spot in the league for our upcoming season!!! The last Day to register for both of these leagues will be September 7th for Sandlot League and September 8th for Pennant and Blue Diamond Leagues. We hope to see all of you back out on the fields in the Fall!



*League: Norfolk Sandlot *Where: Azalea Little League Park *Season Starts: September 7th *Days Games are Played: Wednesdays] *Cost: $55.00

*League: Blue Diamond *Where: Azalea Little League Park *Season Starts: September 8th *Days Games are Played: Thursdays *Cost: $55.00

Hampton *League: Hampton Pennant *Where: Virginia Baseball Academy *Season Starts: September 8th *Days Games are Played: Thursdays *Cost: $55.00

***FREE REGISTRATION FOR ALL TEAM CAPTAINS*** REFERRAL PROGRAM FOR FALL SEASON If you refer a NEW person to Backyard Sports Club, you will receive a pitcher with our Logo on it. The person who refers the MOST new people will win a $100 bar tab at our sponsor bar, Uno Chicago Grill! So if you refer someone new, make sure you email the name of the person (we will confirm with said person, if need be) to At the end of registration we will tally up the number of referrals to see who the winner of the $100 bar tab is.

REMINDER: There is NO smoking at the fields! And please be discreet if you are drinking alcoholic beverages. Coolers and Solo cups are your friends!!! We do not want to lose these fields, so PLEASE respect the rules! Thanks  Please send any requests for “Announcements” to


August Calendar of Events Sunday




April Clark’s Birthday

14 •

Liz Pearson’s Birthday





Mayhem Fest • @ VB Amphitheatre

9 •

Janet Jackson @ NTelos




4 Maroon 5 & Train @ VB Amphitheatre

Rob Baham’s Birthday

Jessica Glaubke’s Birthday



Eddie Mac’s Birthday • Goo Goo Dolls @ NTelos








Robbie Wright’s Birthday








Journey @ VB Amphitheatre



27 •




31 •

Matisyahu @ NorVa

Sept 1 •

4 •




Joseph Sorensen’s Birthday





Trace Adkins @ NTelos BYSC Meetn-Greet & Scrimmage Games

8 •

CaribFest @ Town Point Park

Dan Herbert’s Birthday

15 •


Mike Mars’ Birthday

Kearsten Lewis’ Birthday


Charities & Sponsor Bar

Drink Specials •

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Food Specials


Rules • • • • • • • • • • • • •

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•           

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The Dos and DONTs •

DO NOT bring alcoholic beverages to the field….or at least be discreet about it!

DO clean up after yourselves! Unfortunately, maid service was cut out of Backyard Sports Club’s budget due to the economy.

DO be friendly to the Refs: Please do not yell at them…just remember, you’re the one that will look like a jerk if you yell at them.

DO NOT be “that guy.” We do not own Uno Chicago Grill or the premises around it; so when you do something stupid, you’re not excluded from any laws just because you are wearing a Backyard Sports Club t-shirt.

DO NOT leave a fellow wiffleballer behind; we take care of our own. Don’t let your teammate drink like a champ and drive home. Find the closest decent looking guy/gal, introduce them, and have them go home together.

DO NOT be bitter. It’s super important that if you end up having a “sleep over” with a fellow wiffleballer, be cool with them for weeks to follow. We’re a small community, you’re gonna end up seeing them all season! When they drop you off at your car, hug it out, smile…and say “hi” the following week.

DO NOT try to guess that persons name!

DO go to our sponsor Bar, Uno Chicago Grill. It’s what the cool kids are doing.

DO NOT fight! This is a fun league, HAVE FUN! If you fight, fun’s over for you, you’ll be kicked out.

DO always wear your Backyard Sports Club shirt. I know laundry once a week may be too much, so it’s cool if you go a couple weeks without washing….unless you’ve got bad B.O. like Robbie Wright!

DO NOT smoke at the fields!

**DISCLAIMER** Nothing in the Backyard Sports Club Newsletter is to be taken seriously, except for the schedules and scores! Please send scores, recaps, pictures, questions, funny quotes, and/or any information that you would like to be added into the week’s newsletter to 13


Summer 2011 5th Edition  
Summer 2011 5th Edition  

Summer 2011 5th Edition