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The Batter’s Box Summer 2012 – Issue 1

Fall 2012 - Issue 6 •

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James Salgado, Charm Reyes, & Jon Reyes

Coming Soon To a “Batter’s Box” Near You Every team will be offered a space every edition of the Newsletter to submit something funny... write about their game... whatever...and since we’re doing a newsletter every Tuesday of every week, you have plenty of time to come up with something! If your team doesn’t submit anything, and isn’t in the newsletter, talk to your captain!

Ideas for Team Submissions Then email them to me at

When I say, submit something for your team, here are some ideas: • Play by plays of the game • Document the debauchery at the bar - i.e. describing someone’s amazing acting skills hobbling across the bar with a “sprained ankle” just to Ice a teammate. ] • Draw pictures!!!!! • Favorite quotes, poems, song lyrics, movie scripts, YouTube video, or motivational speeches! • Email chains from the morning after . • Funny pictures of you, your team, or something random on the internet • Give your team member awards - drunkest, loudest, person with the least shame, best off the face catch, etc.! • Anything. Really. Someone on your team is creative.

Submissions are due EVERY Tuesday by 7 p.m. ** If you need extra time, email me and just let me know.

Double Pitcher Contests

Backyard Sports Club’s email is: I look forward to working with all of you! DISCLAIMER: if you have problems with keeping your language in check, not bashing refs, being overly nasty to other teams, and other no-no’s, the Editor does have the right to not include your write up in the newsletter if the content is deemed inappropriate or out of line. We will try to screen write ups as they are received, will try to let teams know so that they have time to resubmit, but there is no guarantee. The easiest thing to do is to keep it clean, be nice, and remember this is all in good fun.

Announcements Backyard Olympics Wheeler Dodgeball, Backyard Sports Club, and American Cornhole Association are proud to present the Inaugural Backyard Olympics. Teams are encouraged to sign up for all three events and go for the GOLD Competition. There will be social events Friday & Saturday to get to know the competition. Medals will be awarded to teams that compete in all 3 events. But Teams can choose to enter only 1 event. Registration will be up in MidSeptember. When: Where: Time: Why:

Feb 2nd 2013 – Feb 3rd 2013 Virginia Beach Convention Center 11 AM – 8 PM Cause it sounds FUN!

For more info search “Backyard Olympics” on Facebook!

Hair Graphics Come out and get a true sports conditioning burn at Mt. Trashmore! You will learn Speed, Agility and Quickness techniques to improve overall Speed, footwork and quickness. Time: 9 AM – 10:15 AM Cost: $10 per person Where: Mt. Trashmore Instructor: Terence Boone Contact: 757-561-1923

Owner and Master Stylist, Joy Godfrey has been creating avantgarde looks for over 10 years. Educated by some of the leading companies in the salon industry; Vidall Sasson, Bumble & Bumble, Wella and Paul Mitchel, to name a few. She has a acquired a multitude of skills to give clients the exact look they want. Her work is inspired by the love of art and design specializing in texture cuts and creative color techniques. Joy believes that your hair is a very important part of your life, as well as your selfimage and personality and looks forward to working with you.

WANNA ADVERTISE? If you have a business or an event that you want to get out to the league, email me with details.

Hour Escape Massage Therapy 1427 Picadilly St., Norfolk, VA Everything from relaxation massages to injury rehabilitation. Swedish to Deep Tissue. We are all about customizing your massage to fit your specific needs. You deserve an "Hour Escape", you're worth it! Social Sports Club Special If you are a member of any Hampton Roads Social Sports Club you get $10 off your Hour long massage.. or $15 off an hour and a half! That's only $40 for an hour, or $55 for an hour and a half!! Call to book an appointment 757-717-1931 Gift Certificates available

Pembroke Chiropractic Marcie Masterman from Friends Wiff Benefits work at Pembroke Chiropractic for Dr. Mark Soccio. Allow your body to “Fall Into Good Health” this season without the use of harmful drugs or surgery. Our holistic approach goes beyond the medical approach. Our first goal is to help you get out of pain as quickly as possible by assisting your body’s inborn ability to heal. Discover Chiropractic!

Don’t forget to like us on Facebook! Happy Healing! 757-490-5828

REMINDER: There is NO smoking at the fields! And please be discreet if you are drinking alcoholic beverages. Coolers and Solo cups are your friends!!! We do not want to lose these fields, so PLEASE respect the rules! Thanks  Please send any requests for “Announcements” to

Backyard Sports Club Dodgeball League

Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, Dodge! When: Fridays, January 25th - March 15th Where: Chilled Ponds, Chesapeake, VA Sponsor Bar: Eagles’ Nest Rockin Country Bar TEAMS Minimum of 10 players and up to 20 per team PRICE $65.00 EARLY Registration Fee - $75 LATE Registration Fee

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Go to to register a team TODAY!

Backyard Sports Club Wiffle Ball Leagues

Playing our Childhood Sports…TODAY! Field of Dreams (Winter) When: Saturdays, January 26th - March 2nd Where: Chilled Ponds, Chesapeake, VA Sponsor Bar: Eagles’ Nest Rockin Country Bar Cost: $65 per person (early registration)

TEAMS Minimum of 10 players and up to 20 per team PRICE $65.00 EARLY Registration Fee - $75 LATE Registration Fee REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Go to to register a team TODAY!

Backyard Sports Club Powder Puff Football League Vs.

Girls can’t WHAT? Indoor Powder Puff When: Sundays January 27th – March 3rd Where: Chilled Ponds, Chesapeake, VA Sponsor Bar: TBD Cost: $65 per person (early registration) $75 per person (late registration)

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Go to to register a team TODAY!

Backyard Sports Club Volleyball League

Bump…..Set…..SPIKE! When: Wednesdays, January 23rd - March 20th Where: Jewish Community Center 5000 Corporate Woods Drive Virginia Beach, VA TEAMS Minimum of 6 players per team PRICE $65.00 EARLY Registration Fee - $75 LATE Registration Fee REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Go to to register a team TODAY!

End of season tournament

(1) Sons of Pitches

(4) Wiffskey Militia

Winner! (1) Sons of Pitches

(2) Rec ‘N Ballz (7) Wiffle While You Twerk

(2) Rec ‘N Ballz

Final standings Team Name Sons of Pitches Holey Balls in Your MOUTH Rec ‘N Ballz Wiffskey Militia Make it Rain Down Wiff It Wiffle While You Twerk Clown Babies Ball Bangers Friends Wiff Benefits





8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8

8 6 6 5 4 4 3 2 1 0

0 2 2 3 3 4 5 6 7 7

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Please submit all scores and write ups about your teams to

Charities & Sponsor Bar

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The weekly catch Brought to you by Amy Dail

Chris Snyder – holey balls in your mouth Hey ladies, are ya'll looking for a scrub? Well if so, Chris Snyder is not for you, but if you're looking for a guy who WEARS scrubs, then look no further! Not only does he know a lot about high-tech medical equipment, but he's the guy in the surgery who tells the doctors how to use it! When he isn't playing doctor, he spends time helping out his family, being an awesome uncle to an adorable nephew, repping UVA, and hanging at his house in Chix Beach. He recently volunteered at a Bingo AIDS benefit - he supports good causes, ya'll! While he doesn't discriminate on quality food, he has an overwhelming passion for not-so-fine dining. If you're in the mood for mediocre food from a dumpy, hole-in-the-wall Asian buffet, Chris is your man! He knows where the most dark and sinister ones are, but be sure to bring some Pepto with you! He also enjoys karaoke at the Reef on Shore Drive. Lets just say he's not auditioning for American Idol any time soon, but his rendition of the 1986 classic, "Danger Zone" is one to remember! On a more serious note, Chris is one of the most responsible, supportive and kind-hearted guys I know - always putting his family and friends first! (Don't be surprised if he offers to drive and you end up driving him home in his car every now and then, though.) He's a great listener...I mean how many guys do you know who are great listeners?! He's not shy, so go introduce yourselves - you'll know you've made a connection if he starts calling you by your first AND last name!

E r r d a y I ’ m

w i f f l i n

W i f f l e w i f f l e w i f f l e

E n d

o f S e a s o n T o u r n e y

Congrats to Sons of Pitches Congrats for your 2nd consecutive win guys! Next season we will be testing for steroids, so beware.

Do My Eyes Deceive Me? I know this may look like a picture of James and Joe, but what I’m really looking at is the people in the background. Johnny Kasiski DOES have a GF! She’s not just a figment of his imagination. He said his GF was at the fields watching him play, but she was nowhere to be found. Alas, she showed up at the bar, so she does exist. Sorry Johnny, we just have trust issues on our team…we don’t believe it till we see it.

Poetry for your Soul Danced in the outfield For the common Thursday, cured! Unos apps say “yum.” No goodbyes for us Clown Babies have feelings too Thank you, Backyard Sports

Oh wiff, I love thee Swinging bats, seasonal beer Seasons change – Dodgeball! By Brannon Smith

Captain America So I couldn’t think of any love matches made this season, but I do know a guy that all the girls AND guys love! Brett Craun, little do you know, maybe you do, but I think everyone in this league has a crush on you. I’ve had people say “if I wasn’t married,” or “if I didn’t have a boyfriend” or “if I weren’t straight” ……man woman, married, swingers…hell, even my fiancé wants you! I think I might have to kick you out of this league and forbid Robbie from seeing you if you insist on making passes at him! I do have to admit, you would be hard to compete with.

Lady Crush Girl crush update: Caroline Stolle Gorham, you’ve got some major competition. Christy from Wiffskey Milita has stepped into the scene. I don’t know if this girl was born with her WOOTY (white girl booty) or if she does a million squats a day. My team can attest for this, but when she walks by, I can’t help but stare and make a comment about her wooty! I just can’t help myself! And you see those fingers in the picture right by her wooty…yea those are mine…and yes I know ...i’m a creeper! Wiffskey Militia can breed a really hot baby! Take Jessica’s eyes, Marcus’ bottom lip, and Christy’s booty, that’s a beautiful baby!

These are the faces of people who are angry that the season is over

On another note‌.are Matt and Marc holding hands? Maryann, you better keep an eye out!

Norfolk, Virginia Backyard Sports Club, Blue Diamond Divisions

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