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Date <Title>< First Name><Last Name> Position COMPANY NAME   Dear Mr./Ms. <first and last name>   ENGLICOM ,one of the oldest student organizations in DE LA SALLE UNIVERSITY and the only organization that caters to Filipino-Chinese students, was established forty-nine years ago in the interest of bridging together Filipino and Filipino-Chinese students, in DLSU and with our partner organizations, like the Alliance of Filipino-Chinese Students (AFiCS). We are a mix of remarkable individuals who eagerly direct our energies towards promoting cultural harmony and social awareness through nation building.     In line with our mission to create valuable and enriching activities for our fellow students, as well as long term projects for impoverished communities, we humbly ask for the support of your company, (INSERT COMPANY NAME HERE), by being one of our corporate partners in all our activities for the term.  It would be a privilege for us to work with an experienced company. With this partnership, Englicom will certainly be a step closer in reaching our objectives as a sociocivic organization.   Enclosed is a detailed description of our sponsorship proposal. We would appreciate your participation and should you have any questions, we are most willing to present our plans and objectives. Thank you for your time and we look forward to working with you.   Yours in St. La Salle,       Name Position, Englicom Mobile Number Email address

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