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My compositions in the 2013

Hernรกndez Jardines Carlos Antonio

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This is a collection of compositions that I created during This School year, I have written five compositions in all units in wich we have worked. 

The first one

I have describe my best friend. 

The second one

I have learned how to describe my favorite restaurant. 

The third one

I have learned how to write a blurb for the back cover of a book 

Finally, the fourth and fifth was about an e-mail.

My Composition (Individual & Society)

My friend Emanuel is a student at the National Preparatory School number 1. His friends and his family call him Mane. Mane was born in Mexico and studies high school in Mexico City. Also, he usually plays soccer with his friends, sometimes combining both, studies and sports. His parents support him like his teachers but they are also and strict. Mane is studying too much all his subject so he can pass. He likes to spend time with his friends and even more if it is to play soccer.

My Favorite Restaurant (Eating & Drinking)

Toks is an international restaurant with many branches across the country, this is my favorite restaurant plus they serve you properly and it is very clean. •

Their dishes are delicious, my favorite dish is the broth tlalpeño accompanied by “Toks enchiladas” and a apple soda with lemon snowball, which they call “floating”. •

World War Z (Art & Music) This book explains how DR. Kwang Jingshu discovered the first cases and hidden evidence uncovered by the Chinese government about the big bang. •

It also arose and spread the controversial survival Orange Plan, the result of an obscure brain African apartheid. •

There are also the direct testimonies of people

after the war: Tibet smugglers, soldiers, scientist, environmentalists, people of alternative cultures after the cataclysm and many others who fought to defend against the threat of zombies.

For my coworker‌.. (Hopes & Fears) Hi Josue! I am Charly, your coworker and I want to talk about the conference, so that we know everything. I'll arrive there at 10:00 am, I'm going by train, after that, I'll take a taxi to the conference centre and then I'm not sure, maybe I'll be at Anna's desk at 10:30 am? Well I'll see you that later but in case there is trouble or any problem, call me at this number 5532489843. Keep in touch. Bye.

Answer of my coworker‌ Hello Charly! How are you? It is great to be in touch with you and Ok, I hope everything goes as planned and I will see you at the conference centre. See you.

Volunteers (Work & Leisure)

Dear Mr. Ellis, I’m writing this because I want to be a volunteer at your event. I love sports, my favorite are soccer, basketball and athletics. I’m 18 years old. I can speak English, Spanish and French. I have worked at a lot of places and I enjoy meeting people. I’m available in July and August. I’m looking forward to your response, Greetings Carlos.

My compositions in the 2013  

All my compositions in the last year.