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How to Find Better Domain Names using domain tools Click here to read more If you are in domain business, you know how difficult it is in getting good names some time. Most time the name you want to register has been owned by another person. Getting dot com names is not quite easy. I want to show you some tools that will help you out in finding domain One of the tools that will help you to explore some names is “nameboy�. This tool asks for your primary and secondary keyword. When you provide the keyword, it will provide a lot of names for you to consider. Another one is called stuckdomains which provides used or expired names for you. I used this method often when I need to set up a website. They provide numerous names that have expired. I will implore you to try this service and you will thank me for that. Dot-o-mator is another tool to consider. It will let you to do a search on a list of popular prefixes and suffixes. I have used it once and you can try your luck with it. It is a good tool when you want to find a keyword targeted sites. Domainsbot is an advanced search tool that helps you conduct sophisticated searches on any name. You are in position to choose how many characters you want to be displayed and even choose whether to exclude hyphens or not. These are only tools I have used and confirmed nice. Before choosing any domain name for your site, it is important to take your time in getting the best domain name. Read more here

How to Find Better Domain Names using domain tools