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Serv216 - Robert Bau

Reinventing the Retail Buying Experience for Home Appliances

Sun Ju Lee - Charlotte Terrien - Sunny Gyaneshwar - Austin Woodruff

Standard Brick and Mortar retail has said to be rather

“boring, simple-minded, easy to compete with, generic experiences where all you do is pick up a box and hand them money.�

Persona Joe Pizzolli SCAD SERV major graduate Just moved to New York (new in town) Salary: 90K Living on budget because shock of different prices from Savannah to NYC •  Single •  Living in a apartment •  •  •  •  • 

Expectations upon entering the store: get the product that fits his needs for the best price in a limited time.

Research and Insights •  Best Buy s Appliance Zone: –  hard to get a feel for products –  Staff don t show initiative in attending customers Remove




Remove the overstock above display

Confusion between overstock items and display items

Customer Customer interaction incentive to with product purchase item in store

Packaging of products to make it a display piece

Unorganized and unstocked shelves

Information product and ability to compare with others

Strategic Problems •  Service User POV –  How can the retailers create a more interactive experience for customers and organize the products to be easily compared?

•  Service Provider POV –  How can retailers encourage customers to buy more products in the store?

Trends and Ideas •  Mobile Moments

(Device acting as a facilitator)

•  High Status Stress

(Scheduled/instant delivery)

•  Head in the Cloud

(Easy access to customer reviews)

•  Niche Aging


•  Transparency

(Professional reviews, in store testing)

•  Domestic Manufacturing

(Work with local businesses)

Design Goals and Criteria •  Target: Joe Michael Pizzoli •  Interactive experience for the customer •  Products organized to be compared easier and thoroughly •  Encourage customers to purchase more in the store thanks to a unique experience •  Employees must have a highly knowledgeable edge on products

Concept 1


Digital Shopping Navigator (DSN)

•  Employees’ DSN called Smarty •  DSN: interactive experience for customers •  Ability to create a persona •  Shoppy guides customer through the store •  Displays product’s perks, reviews, general information •  Shoppy displays other relevant appliances •  Shoppy replaces inconvenience of shopping carts















Stakeholder Map


(to be taken to pick up zone)

Example of Receipt


Digital Shopping Navigator (DSN)


Concept 2

Co-Advertising •  Store is organized in product zones •  Each product has a demo area to help customers compare •  Customers get to enjoy free samples from what they tested. (i.e. a real fruit smoothie from testing blenders) •  The supplies used for testing is supplied by local stores/ companies in return for advertising and events. (i.e. local grocery company supplies “x” amount of frozen fruit, bread, etc in return for the appliance store to promote their company and host sponsor events)









Stakeholder Map

(to be taken to checkout desk)

Example of Product Tag

Black & Decker BL10450HB Crush Master 10-Speed Blender with 42-Ounce Glass Jar, Black.

Demo Booth


Meeting Joe s Expectations Get the product that fits his needs for the best price in a limited time

•  Shoppy –  Enjoyed ability to get product information directly on the spot. –  Met his budget thanks to the to comparing products with Shoppy. –  Paying through Shoppy ensures a fast check-out process.

•  Co-Advertising –  Testing the products makes Joe confident about the functionality of his new appliances. He knows his choice will best fit his needs. –  Testing also allows a faster decision. –  Comparing the different deals with a professional reassures Joe that he is getting the best price for his need. –  Happily surprised from all the free samples he made while he was in the store.

Standard Brick and Mortar retail has said to be rather

“boring, simple-minded, easy to compete with, generic experiences where all you do is pick up a box and hand them money.�

How did we reinvent the retail experience of home appliances? Shoppy Boring and simple minded

Easy to compete

- Fun to create a persona - Cool to go test products - Shoppy is an assistant : - Enjoy free samples from confidence and comfort testing products

- Innovative experience - Personalized experience responding to the persona with created

Generic experiences


- Unique journey for each persona - Rapid access to products information

- Local stores provide supplies to be used during demos - Outsourced professionals cooperate with AA - Interaction with a professional - Testing and getting samples

Why would the clients adopt our concepts into their business? Shoppy

Profit Margin

Efficient shopping experience leads to customers getting in/out of the store, much quicker.

Co-Advertising Working with other companies enables the brand to increase the size and range of their target groups.

Personification (choosing/ Seeking advice from creating personas) & professionals related to membership opportunity your choice of appliance Creating Customer Loyalty creates trust between customers and AA.

Improving the Public Image

Shoppy helps AA to know the customers better by understanding and adapting to their needs.

Promoting local businesses, thereby adding a sense of community to their brand.

You ve been WOWed!!!

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