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Annual Report 2018 Caring for Neighbors


Dear friends, We believe in the importance of keeping an open door to healthcare for our neighbors in need. Inside our annual report, you will read four unique stories of neighbors who came to our clinic for healthcare and also gave back to the Free Clinic. We share these stories because they exemplify the beauty and simplicity of what it is to be a community—helping others is what all true neighbors do. Many patients use our healthcare services for a time and then secure jobs with health benefits or become eligible for Medicare. When this happens, we assist in connecting them to new providers. With your generosity, we provided one-on-one insurance counseling to support patients in enrolling in insurance programs after the Affordable Care Act became law. Next year, an estimated 400 Free Clinic patients will receive support after Medicaid Expansion occurs in Virginia. In addition to healthcare provided by our staff and volunteers, these examples show how the Free Clinic connects our neighbors in need to healthcare services. What’s next? In Charlottesville and Albemarle County there are over 12,000 uninsured individuals. With these neighbors in mind, our work is more important than ever. As some existing patients transition to insurance or Medicaid, we have room to accommodate others in need. When all our neighbors are healthy, the entire community prospers. We hope you will celebrate the healthy community you have helped build, and continue to support an open door for additional neighbors. Our work continues and we are proud to have you support our efforts.

Colleen Keller, Executive Director

Chris Powell, Chair, Board of Directors


Caring for one another Recently Calvin Cummings, the owner of Wayside Chicken, contacted the Free Clinic. He wanted to donate meals for our

2,596 8,254 patients


12,000 neighbors still uninsured

evening volunteers through the Volunteer Vittles program. At the same time, Calvin connected one of his employees, Enanes, with the Free Clinic. He did not qualify for health insurance through Wayside, and he struggled with high blood pressure. Enanes was cared for by a volunteer cardiologist. Enanes returned for his followup appointment and showed his gratitude with a surprise lunch of fried chicken and macaroni and cheese for the staff. â—?



Care can be as simple as healthy food Three years ago, a partnership with our Local Food Hub introduced prescriptions for fresh fruits and vegetables. April through November, patients pick up bags of produce in front of the Free Clinic pharmacy. Sally, who works to manage her diabetes, has lost 69 pounds and her HgA1c level has dropped to 6.1%, a healthy blood glucose level. Harold has lost 24 pounds and his blood pressure is at

82% 64%

chronic illness visits

participants improved health*

$240 billion

annual US diabetes costs‡

a healthy level. By participating in Fresh Farmacy, Sally and Harold have been able to improve their health and manage chronic diseases. ● Seamans’ Orchard, participating farm with Local Food Hub * Improved health includes weight loss, lower A1c levels, or reduced blood pressure. ‡ NPR, Morning Edition,“Fresh Food By Prescription:This Health Care Firm Is Trimming Costs—And Waistlines.” May 8, 2017. >



Whole person health includes dental care Pilar came to our Medical Clinic experiencing jaw and neck pain. A nurse at the Free

1,509 3,545

dental patients

dental visits

321MM hours


U.S. productivity loss due to dental issues*

Clinic noted a family history of oral cancer, and introduced Pilar to our Dental Clinic. Although in his 40s, Pilar had never had his teeth cleaned and required mulitple appointments. At his follow-up appointment in the Medical Clinic, Pilar also showed signs of depression on a mental health screening. We added the support of a volunteer psychiatrist. Pilar said “The doctors helped me…and I am feeling so much better. I feel like someone up above is watching over me.” ● Leff to right: Dr. Jonathan Leist, CFC dentist, and Dr. John Leist, volunteer oral surgeon * “Hours Lost to Planned and Unplanned Dental Visits Among US Adults.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, January 11, 2018.



Grateful patients pay it forward Patients give back in many ways. Valentino, a personal chef, received dental care at the Free Clinic and secured dental implants

39 2,940

through our community dental program. He now prepares meals for volunteers through our Volunteer Vittles program. Another patient, Pat, enrolled in Medicare this spring. As she turned 64, we connected her with volunteer enrollment counselors to select a plan. At her last appointment,

meal donors

meals donated



patient donations

Pat arrived with a crisp $10 dollar bill, proud to make a donation to the Free Clinic. Although our patients can’t afford health insurance, many make donations whenever they are able. �



Who, what, and how… how we operate

who we helped

how we helped

community support


Our patients

Our care

Donors and beyond

n n n n n

$ $ $ $ $

945,108 265,612 231,639 166,040 54,111




live in Albemarle or Charlottesville

are employed

patients are female

2,596 8,254 13,681 patients

patient visits


volunteer hours funding

Private contributions State funding Locality funding Special events Other income

$1,662,510 Total




Albemarle 38% n

Part-time 50% n

Caucasian 49% n

Adult 44% n

Dental 43% n

Charlottesville 37% n

Full-time 28% n

African-American 24% n

Adult/child 13% n

Primary medical 38% n

Local counties 25% n

Other 22% n

Latina 19% n

Married 17% n

Mental health 12% n

Asian 7% n

Married/children 23% n

Specialty 7% n

Other 1% n

Other 3% n


Medical, dental, & mental health care 53% n Patient support 30% n Clinic administration 17% n



Donated medications $2,549,328 n

Donor contributions $1,662,510 n

Volunteers $523,644 n

Extended medical services $205,355 n n $ 595,132 Medical clinic n $ 497,422 Dental clinic n $ 255,713 Administrative & fundraising n $ 249,938 Pharmacy

Meals $49,285 n

n We are grateful to UVA Health System and Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital for year-round donations of labs for all patients.

$1,598,205 Total 10

$64,305 invested in FY19 programs    11


Volunteers Karen Marshall and Rob Lavoie offer eligibility screening for patients every Tuesday and Thursday of the year.


Victoria Bourgeois-Osborne Mary Ann Bournos, RN Jeremy Brackett Marc Breidenbaugh Ashley Brill Andrea Brookhart, PharmD Alaina Brown, MD Carina Brown, MD Sue Brown, MD Jessie Bryant Bridget Bryer, MD–





total volunteers

dental providers

community dental providers

dental assistants and hygienists

Medical Director

Mattie Burris Sarah Burruss, RDH Gayle Burt, RN Francis Bustos, MD Todd Cabell Sean Callahan, MD Matt Campbell Anastasia Camperlengo Nadia Camperlengo Elena Cantwell Jenny Cantwell, RDH Adam Carlson, MD James Carr, MD Katie Carr Elizabeth Carstensen, MD Samuel Carstensen, MD Barrie Carveth,FPN Meredith Cary, MD Aaron Casp, MD Iris Castillo Alana Castro-Gilliard Hank Chaiklin Vivian Chan Jessica Chandrasekhar Carla Chavez-Mayorga, DDS Cindy Cheng, PharmD Christin Child Daniel Choo Estuardo Cité Christopher Clarke, MD

Adam Colbert, MD Mary Collins Michael Connors, MSW Julia Cooper Eugene Corbett, MD Bert Cortina Mary Cowden Emily Coyle Andrew Cozby Charlotte Crider Judy Croswell, RN Esteban Cubillos-Torres Zelma Daatu Carolyn Dalldorf, MD John Davis, MD LeAnn Denlinger, MD Veronica Desper D.A. Dessouky, MD Allegra Deucher, MD Dan Devereux, PhD Erica Devito Akshima Dhiman Jorge Diaz, MD Nikki Dodd, RDH Mattie Donovan Edward Duffer Danielle Dunn-Noble, DDS Marcel Durieux, MD Kimberly Elliott, PharmD Elisa Enriquez Hesles Mijail Espinoza Daniel Esquivel Cody Evans, MD Lauren Falk Elizabeth Farrell Yayi Feng Heather Ferris, MD Meron Fessehaye Nataya Flament Quanayasia Flores-Rush Edwina (Windy) Forch, RN Hayes Fountain

Erin Fox, RDH Morgan Francis Josh Frye Davinder Garcha, DDS Rebecca Gardella Jim Garnett, RPh Kyra Gassmann John Gazewood, MD Bryce Gentry Graham Gilliam Joseph Gonnella Matt Goodman, MD Lindsey Gorsch Julia Graff Emanuel Grant Ralph Grauer Jennifer Green Alex Gregor Bruce Greyson, MD Kelly Grob, MD Pam Grobmyer Kyle Grose, PharmD Sydney Grossweiler Kayla Guidry Tony Guo Monica Gupta, MD Michael Hadeed, MD Edie Haga, RN Leah Hale, RN Shirley Halladay, RN Michael Hamm Ji In Han Bonnie Hanks, RN Nyrene Haque, MD Chris Harding, MD Jensie Harley Melissa Hart Peter Havelos, DDS Aisha Hayat, LPC Deson Haynie Bebe Heiner, LPC–

Hiwot Abate Fariha Abedi Salahedden Abu-Hassanein Victoria Adewale Sarah Ahmad Mahabuba Akhter Nico Aldredge Dela Alexander Caroline Allbert Monica Allen Nader Alqahtani Alexander An Heather Anderson, PharmD Scott Anderson, PharmD Christine Arcidicono Funmi Ariyo, PharmD Janet Arras Abasenia Asuquo Carlos Ayers, MD John Azer, MD Maggie Banks, RN Michaela Banks Colleen Barber Frank Barberio, DDS David Barquin Eugene Barrett, MD Megan Barry, MD Khalia Bates Martha Battle, MD Carrie Bechtle, RDH Alissa Becker Dan Becker, MD Narjes Bencheiuh Ann Bernacchi, PharmD Tara Beuscher, NP Tabitha Bice, PharmD Kendall Bielak Alan Binder, MD Lenore Binder Meredith Bond Sarah Borchelt, RN Larry Borish, MD

Member of MAC


Cate Hendren Daniel Herrera Margy Hobson, MD Jennifer Hogg William Horton, MD Darius Hossainian Aaron Howell, PharmD RPh– Member of MAC

Angel Hsu Ashlee Hurff, MD Stephanie Hwang April Hyon Ariel In Adriana Irvine Putnam Ivey Rebecca Jacobsen Mariama Jallow Rim Jarjour, PharmD Josh Jenkins Nona Jiang Ingrid Johnson, RDH Fiona Johnston, RN Brittany Jonap, PharmD Dan Jones, DDS Roy Joseph, PharmD Ashley Jurney John Kalmanek Rohan Karanth Daniel Katzman Sylvia Kauffman Devan Kaufman Sarah Kauk, PT Kaitlin Kavanagh Jack Kayton, DDS– Chair of DAC

Michael Kennedy, DDS Shadi Khalil Lindsay Kidd, MD Taelim Kim Hannah King Olivia Kinney, PharmD Jennifer Kirby, MD Susan Kirk, MD Zach Kitts Jo Klansek Tessa Klumpp

Will Knight, MD Medical Director Chair of MAC

Neemah Koroma Thomas Kuhlmann, MD Stephanie Kujawski, PharmD Charity Kwanakweenda, MD Timothy Kyin, MD Christopher Lacomis Justin Lagbo Scott Lancaster Myrle Langley John Lanham, MD Eric Larson, MD Hannah Larter Ronald Lavoie Paulina Le Nathaniel Ledford, RN Jacob Lee Meredith Lee, DO Rebekah Lee Trent Lee Maren Leibowitz Thomas Leinbach, DDS– Member of DAC

John Leist, DDS Colleen Leitner, MD Joseph Leonard Linda Lester Daniel Lewis Esther Lezama Darci Lieb Eric Lien Iris Lin, RN Jonathan Lipsey Jessica Little Kasey Little, MD Melissa Liu Cal Lockley Adrian Loffler, MD Kevin Lonabaugh, PharmD Kaitlin Love, MD Max Luna, MD Jessica Lundgren, MD Allison Lure Nancy Lutz, NP Sebastian Maarraoui

Megan Madaras, MD– Medical Director

Cristalle Madray Steven Magister Mimi Magyar, RDH Member of DAC

Caroline Majetic Elizabeth Mandell, MD Ben Margulies Michael Marotta, DDS Gabriela Marranzini, MD Walter Marroquin Carol Marsh, RNMSN Karen Marshall Gabrielle Marzani, MD Sheena Mathew, MD Ellie Matthews Lillian Matthews Emily May Warren McCann, RPh Bradley McDaniel Lisa McDermott, MD Patrick McNair, MD Isabela Medina Nishaki Mehta, MD Eliany Mejia-Lopez, MD Pamela Michel Jane Miller, FNP Victoria Miller Candice Mills Matthew Min Mary Beth Mohr Selena Moore Sheri Moore, RDH Lavika Mor, DDS Amy Morris, PharmD Caitlyn Mulcahy Teja Munagala Mo Nadkarni, MD Paul Nagao Ralf Nass, MD Carolyn Neves Celine Nguyen Mimi Nguyen Timmy Nguyen Tuan Nguyen

Van Nguyen Tammy Nichols Jessie Nielsen Angie Nishio, MD Rasheeq Nizam Paige Nolte, MD Jacqueline Norman, MD Sarah North Katz, RN Jean Nunez Celter Odango Jenny Oh Alex Ostman Kelly Owens, MD Katie Owsiany Dancan Oyanji Gabriela Pachano, MD Gabriela Paniagua-Stolz Richard Parker Karen Partlow, PharmD Nital Patel Sergio Patton Monica Periasamy Taylor Petersen Elizabeth Pham Jessica Pham Elizabeth Pirie Katelyn Pollock Krystyna Portell Katherine Portillo Paul Pottanat VCU Preceptorship Mary Preston, MD Emily Privette, MD Gregory Pudhorodsky, MD Kelly Pugh Laura Pugh Cecilia Quinonez Habib Rahim Evan Rajadhyaksha Vanessa Ramirez de Arellano Jazel Mae Ramos Fannie Rankin-Vinci, PhD Anna Rao Mohammad Rasool Holly Rector, RN Dana Redick, MD Kimone Reid

Dr. Max Luna, Volunteer Chair, Clinica Latina, and Dr. Estaban Cubillos-Torres, recent medical school graduate, provide care





volunteer pharmacist in charge

pharmacy staff


pharmacy techs


for patients during the Spanishimmersive Clinica Latina.


Volunteers Michael F. Rein, MD– Member of MAC

Robert Reiser, MD Maya Retterer Paul Reynolds Maria Divinia Rinonos Nick Rodammer Krista Roncone John Rose Maggie Rowe Noa Sager Shambhu Sah Alisha Sahu Juan Salazar Amy Salerno, MD Jamie Sarceno Gregory Say, PharmD Samantha Say, PharmD Joel Schectman, MD Barbara Schlanger, RN David Schmitt, MD– Member of MAC

Matthew Schneck Alexander Schult, MD– Member of MAC

Caroline Schweitzer Sean Sequeira Hannah Shadowen Anuja Shah Rohan Sharma Emily Zeanah Shelton, LCSW Summer Shepherd, RN Naini Shiswawala Alan Sibaja Janet Silvester, PharmD– Chair of MAC

Garrett Simkins Corinne Singh James Skylark Tristen Slamowitz Courtney Smart


Genesis Smith Diane Snustad, MD Jennifer Snyder Matthew Snyder Julia Sohn, MD Craig Sorochin, PharmD Michael Sorochin Ryan Sosh Nan Sowers Amy Sparkman, PharmD Douglas Starns, DDS Andy Starr, MD– Medical Director

Keri Stevenson, MD Alison Stickel Ally Stilwell, PharmD Gracie Stinson Sara Stranick Francis Sullivan Jin Sung, PharmD Matthew Sutcliffe Rebecca Swett, DDS– Member of DAC

Bill Swift Sabrina Swoger Alexa Tabackman Bob Taibbi, LCSW Nancy Tan Paul Targonski, MD Shujauddin Tarin Austin Thomas Bob Thompson Karen Thompson Prue Thorner Sara Tittermary, PharmD Benjamin Tran Nancy Tran Rebecca Treakle Nate Tricker, DDS– Member of DAC

Lisa Trinh Cullen Truett, MD

Manasa Vallabhaneni Jenna Van Dyck Matthew Vanden Hoek, MD Michele Vargas, MD Kathryn Veltman Wendy Veramendi, RN Elyse Verdeyen Rodolfo Villarreal-Calderon Alexandra Viso Hong yang Wang Liv Weiner Jeremy Wells Linda Wenger, RN Kara Wertz Mary Whittemore, MD– Medical Director

John Wieser Anthony Wiggins M. Denise Williams, MD Michael Williams, MD– Member of MAC

Barbara Wilson, MD Savannah Witt James Wolfe, MD Alexandra Wood, DDS Pat Wood, RN Emma Woolbright Patty Workman, NP Deja Wortham Elaine Wright, PharmD Kristine Yarnoff Shannon Yarnoff, RN Ellen Yates Michelle Yeghyayan Lauren Yi Baris Yildirim, MD Terri Yost, NP Emily Young, DO– Medical Director

Katie Young Laura Young

Angela Zeigler Janelle Zellars Jingyuan Zhang Eileen Zheng Elke Zschaebitz, DNPFNP Alina Zufall Meghan Zukowsky, PharmD Catherine Zuver, RN

Physician Partners Network Primary Care providers who see our patients in their community office.

Albemarle Square Family Healthcare– Andrew Macfarlan, MD Mark Niehaus, MD Jane Shaw, MD Downtown Family Healthcare Forest Lakes Family Medicine Ivy Family Medicine, PLC– Lily Hargrove, MD Rio Family Medicine– John Carpenter, MD Ernest Pugh, MD Sentara Afton Family Medicine Sentara Blue Ridge Internal Medicine Sentara Crozet Family Medicine Sentara Family Medicine at 5th St. Station– Barrie Carveth FNP Sentara Martha Jefferson Family Medicine Sentara Martha Jefferson Internal Medicine– Karen Starr, MD Sentara Palmyra Medical Associates Sentara Spring Creek Family Medicine

Community Referral Partners Specialty Care Providers who accept referrals for our patients at no charge or for greatly reduced fees.

ACAC 60 for 60 ACAC Physical Therapy Advanced Dermatology– Dr. Vandana Nanda Albemarle Anesthesia PLC Beltone Audiology & Hearing Aid Center Blue Ridge Foot & Ankle Clinic– Dr. Kevin Murray, Dr. Stewart Chang, Dr. Samuel Schustek & Dr. Robert Baglio Blue Ridge Ophthalmology– Dr. Schauer, Dr. Collins & Dr. Sanders Cardiovascular Associates of Carlottesville Charlottesville Dermatology Charlottesville Eye Associates– Dr. Mark Gonce Charlottesville Gastroenterology Associates Charlottesville Pathology Charlottesville Radiology, Ltd. Dermatology, PLC Every Woman’s Life EyeOne–Dr. Long, Dr. Herndon, & Dr. Tiedeman Michelle Heppner,DC Jefferson Obstetrics & Gynecology Paige Powers, MD Sentara Martha Jefferson Cardiology Sentara Martha Jefferson Hematology Sentara Martha Jefferson

Interventional Radiology Sentara Martha Jefferson Mammography Sentara Martha Jefferson Medical & Surgical Associated Sentara Martha Jefferson Neurosciences Sentara Martha Jefferson Nuclear Medicine Sentara Martha Jefferson Orthopedics Sentara Martha Jefferson Pulmonary Sentara Martha Jefferson Radiology Sentara Martha Jefferson Sleep Center Sentara Martha Jefferson Stress Lab Sentara Martha Jefferson Surgical Associates Sentara Martha Jefferson Ultrasound Thomas Jefferson Health District–Virginia Department of Heath Urological Associates UVA Digestive Health Clinic UVA Endocrine UVA ENT UVA ENT Radiation oncology UVA Gynecology UVA Neurology UVA Obstretics UVA Ophthalmology UVA Orthopedics UVA Pain Clinic UVA Pulmonary UVA Urology Virginia Breast Care Weiss Eyes—Dr. Doug Weiss, OD & Dr. Victoria Weiss, OD

Community Dental Program and Donated Dental Services Providers who accept referrals for our patients at no cost. Provide restorative dental services not available onsite.

Albemarle Dental Associates Frank D. Barberio, DDS Duane J. Bickers, DDS Central Virginia Oral and Facial Surgeons Charlottesville Blue Ridge Dental Charlottesville Pediatric Dentistry Children’s Dentistry of Charlottesvile Children’s Dentistry with a Mother’s Touch Dr. Jack T. Kayton Family & Cosmetic Dentistry Dr. Remington Forest Lakes Dental Ellen Kelly, DMD David Krese, DDS Hal M. Lippard, DDS Larry Brannon Family & Cosmetic Dentistry Mark Young Dentistry David A. Maybee, DDS Richard Parker, DDS Piedmont Endodontics Leo Scholl, DDS Jeffrey Spence, DDS Starns and Wood Comprehensive Dentistry Swett Dentistry Michael J. Tisdelle, DDS UVA Department of Dentistry Gregory L. Whitmer, DDS William Grupp Dentistry










nurse practitioners






Donors $10,000+


Adiuvans Fund ● Albemarle County ●

100+ Women Who Care Charlottesville Better Living Foundation ● Amelia & Richard Black ● ✚ Bobbie & Bob Bruner ● ✚ J.L. Camp Foundation, Inc. ● Becky & Jim Craig ● Mr. & Mrs. Terrence D. Daniels Delta Dental of Virginia Peter Emch & Merope Pavlides The Richard and Leslie Gilliam Foundation ● Hantzmon Wiebel LLP ● DiAnne & Richard Hendricks ● HPM & Associates Institute for Airflow Diagnostics Educational Foundation Monticello Community Surgery Center ● Robbie Munn Norcross Fund ● Alexandra D. Summers Scholarship Fund in the CACF ● Twentieth Century Merchants Fund in the CACF ● Joann & Mac Walker Carol & Jack Weber Fund in the CACF Whitney & Anne Stone Foundation ●

Anonymous (3) ●

Batten Family Fund in the CACF ● I. J. & Hilda M. Breeden Foundation ● Mary & Steve Burns ● Charlottesville Free Clinic in the CACF Community Endowment Fund in the CACF ● City of Charlottesville ● Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign ● Greenspan Charitable Foundation Fund at The Miami Foundation Dede Haverstick ● Heiner Family Fund in the CACF ● ✚ The Hilltop Foundation ● J. Kaye Halsey MD Memorial Fund Mary Ann Leeper ● The Neall Family Charitable Foundation Oakwood Foundation ● Perry Foundation ● The Rimora Foundation ● Lettie Bien & David Schmitt, MD Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital ● United Way–Thomas Jefferson Area ● UVA Health System ● UVA Pathology Virginia Association of Free and Charitable Clinics ● Virginia Health Care Foundation ● Wells Fargo ● Sue Wells Sargeant ● ● ✚

$2,500–4,999 Inez Duff Bishop Trust Wendy & Jack Brown ● Dori Boudreau & Paul Huddleston ● Martha I. Hunt Ignaczak Family Fund Drs. Sarah & Will Knight ✚ Audrey & John Lewis Derry Miller & Jeep Meyung ● Aurora Nichols John G. Nunley ●

Quantitative Investment Management Fund in the CACF ● Ms. Elizabeth Stuart Teresa A. Sullivan Pamela M. Sutton-Wallace Westminster Presbyterian Church ● Winchester Open MRI, LLC Jennifer & Frank Winslow

$1,000–2,499 Ace Contracting, Inc. James A. Amato Barbara & Lester Andrews ● Anonymous (11) Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Arcidicono-Anonymous Betty & Ned Berkeley Timothy Billings & Tricia Hoefling Bodo’s Bagels Nancy Bogdonoff & David L. Bogdonoff, MD Maggie & Jay Bourgeois Barbara & Jim Boyd Bernard T. Bress Daniel and Nancy Brody Charitable Fund Brookfield Bocock Fund in the CACF Katharine & Michael Brooks ✚ Dr. & Mrs. Thom & Janice Brown Todd & Barbara Cabell ✚ Reba S. Camp Kristina & Michael Caplin Millie & Rip Cathcart Drs. Sandhya & Abhinav Chhabra Pam Cipriano & Ron Turner Carol F. Clarke & Dr. Stephen Clarke Deborah A. Cohn & Charlotte J. Patterson

Elizabeth Crawford CRUTCHFIELD UVA Imaging Charlottesville Self Storage, Charlottesville Self Storage at Crozet, North Charlottesville Self Storage and Student Services Moving & Storage Co. Margery & Tom Daniel Susan W. Davenport and W. Edgar Spigle Fund in the CACF The de Vink Foundation Inc. Rebecca A. Dillingham & Colin Learmonth Robert & Christine Elliott Dr. Kyle & Elizabeth Enfield Carolyn Long Engelhard Jennifer & Corey Feist ✚ Susan Fraiman Carole & Keith Frazee Martha S. Fruehauf Drs. Maya & Chris Ghaemmaghami Meg Gilmer The Gordon Foundation a Donor Advised Fund of Renaissance Charitable Foundation Grace Episcopal Church, Keswick Dr. & Mrs. C. Bruce Greyson Dr. & Mrs. William W. Grosh Elaine Hadden & Douglas Drysdale Roland Hartley-Urquhart Allie & Duncan Hill Hunter & Mary Margaret Hollar Angela J. Holstege & Christopher P. Holstege, MD Anne Hooff ✚ W. B. Izard Judith Jaeger & James M. Jaeger, MD Rayford Scott Jones, MD

Anne & Thad Jones JPMorgan Chase Foundation Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic James G. Kavanaugh Jr., MD Colleen Keller & Vince Hockett Mr. & Mrs. Brian H. Kennedy Dr. & Mrs. Brett D. Krasner John L. Lanham, MD Rosanna & Fran Lavin Chloe & Tom Leback Marijo & Joel Lecker ✚ Barbara & Robin Lee Frances J. Lee-Vandell Linda Verhagen Fund in the CACF ● Lions of Virginia District 24-C Dr. Jeffrey Liss Heidi & James Mackey The Madwoman Project in the CACF MAKCO, Inc. Lynn & Larry Martin Mr. & Mrs. Mark F. Mascotte Julie & Alan Matsumoto Margareta Mattsson Alice P. Meador Fund in the CACF Elizabeth Merrill Sean & Susan Miller Dr. & Mrs. Matthew T. Montgomery Karen Moran and Wistar Morris Family Fund in the CACF Kara Ramirez Mullins & Sean Mullins ✚ Ray & Thelma Murphy Lang & Latham Murray Charitable Fund ● Mohan M. Nadkarni, MD ✚ Sharon Heyka & Steven A. Newman, MD Dr. Mark Okusa & Diane Rosin Lisa Oleksak Conboy O’Suzannah

John A. Owen Jr., MD ● Tierney Palmer-Klein– Anonymous Katherine Peck & Henry Chaiklin Drs. Rebecca & Gary Pelton Christine Peterson & John Horneff Dr. & Mrs. David A. Peura Cora L. Pitts ● PlusTick Management Melissa & Chris Powell ✚ Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Quayle III Joanne & Alan Rogol Rotgin Family Fund in the CACF Virginia Rovnyak John C. Rowlingson, MD S&P Global Foundation Margaret A. Shupnik, MD Standish Family Fund in the CACF ● Stillfield Fund I in the CACF ● Erika & Kent Struble The Stultz Foundation Eleanore Sturgill SunTrust Bank David & Rebecca Swett ✚ Marion & David Szwedo Patrick Tolan & Virginia Evans First Baptist Church– Main Street Dr. Nathaniel & Rachel Tricker Rob & Jane Turner Shannon Downey & Guillaume Turpin Jane & Mark Webb Martha & Geoffrey Weiss WestWind Foundation Shannon & Ronald Wilcox Mr. & Mrs. David J. Wood Jr. The Yorkshire Foundation

A neighbor gives back both professionally and personally Long-time Free Clinic volunteer and donor Amy Black personifies a true commitment to the Free Clinic’s vision to provide an open door to healthcare for uninsured neighbors in our community. Amy recently completed 10 years of board service and served as Board Chair. This service adds to her contributions to our community as Vice President, Chief Operating Office at Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital. Amy’s board leadership and financial support for the work of the Free Clinic are tangible displays of her love of nursing and her professional interest in health disparities and health literacy. Her years as a major donor have sustained our work in the community. Thank you, Amy! ●

Founders Circle, cumulative gifts of $25,000+ CFC Board Member




I am forever grateful to the Free Clinic dental team and to the volunteer dentists and dental students. They are professional, nice, and saved me from additional pain. It’s nice to know that someone cares about people who don’t have insurance and who can’t afford to take care of their health needs.” —Local Charlottesville Neighbor and CFC Patient


Paul Adler & Ann Beyer Chris & Becky Allison Anonymous (5) John & Julie Baird Lori & David Balaban Carolyn & David Beach Lillian & Michael BeVier Diana & Richard Beyer Melody S. Bianchetto Guy & Kathleen Bowe Molly McShane & Josh Bowers Sharon Meth, MD & Nick Brandt, MD Mary J. Bridle Victoria & Peter Brunjes Donna L. Canterbury & Randolph J. Canterbury II Mr. & Mrs. George W. Carter Eva Catlin The Charles Fund, Inc. Clarke & Farmer, DDS, LTD Gwyn & Brian Conway Johnna & Tom Cook Danwell Foundation (Dr. & Mrs. Harry A. Wellons Jr.) The Dammann Fund Anthony de Bruyn Angeline Lillard & William Detmer, MD Margaret Hobson, MD & Fred Diehl, PhD Annabel & Rick Downs John R. Faulkner Larry & Mary Anne Fitzgerald Sue & Harry Frazier Tobe M. Friedberg Charles Friel Felicia Gaskin & Shu-Man Fu Erica & Adam Goldfarb David & Carolyn Grow Teresa M. Haller Lynn L. Hamer Kim & Sean Haynes Dr. & Mrs. Sidney Hecht Jane & Erik Hewlett

Linda & Steve Hill Brenda Fishel & Daniel Hodgson Holy Cross Episcopal Church– Mission Outreach Fund Wendy A. Huber Employees of Interpretive Simulations Elizabeth Irvin & Tom Cassidy Ivy Inter-American Foundation I Do Foundation William Kahn Kahtra & Jack Kayton ✚ Mr. & Mrs. J. A. Kessler Jr. Elizabeth & Howard Kutchai Kevin & Monica Lawrence Nan Leake & Jon Shepherd Laura Lee Pattye H. Leggett Drs. Rebecca Lindsay & Scott Pearce Cathy & Hal Lippard Allyson C. Louthan Stephen T. Mays Tony McCall & Madelyn Wessel Pat Smith & Ray Mishler Hosea Mitchell Marsha & Henry Montague Chris Moskaluk, MD & Donna Barnd Elizabeth A. Clark & Robert Mosolgo Mr. & Mrs. Matthew B. Murray Ann Myers Hans & Sandy Natterer Dr. Maggie & Mr. Walker Noland Elaine Oakey Mr. & Mrs. George C. Palmer III Ruth H. Parsons Pass Thru Fund in the CACF Carolyn & David Pettit Susan McLeod Prindle Debby & Bruce Prum Quest Insight

John & Carolyn Rosenblum Catherine J. Rotolo Michele Sale Owie & Joe Samuels Patrik V. Sandas Jerry & Leonard Sandridge Inge & Niklas Schrenck Von Notzing Margaret C. Short Jeffrey A. Sitler Jane-Ashley & Peter Skinner Jennifer & Bryan Slaughter Charles H. Smith Jr. Margaret Melton Snoddy St. Paul’s Memorial Church Jodie A. Stevens Grace Stillwell Phil Stokes The Stuart and John B. Ellis Family Fund Kirk Willis Tanner Rob Trudel & Amy Zinser Pamela Tucker Vivace Volvo of Charlottesville Alison & Bernard Webb Mary & Robert Webb Laura & Bart Weis Mary T. Wilson John Woodriff Kathie & Reg Woods Meg & Richard Zakin

$250–499 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Allen Peter Arnold Marilyn & Michael Ashby Judy & Joe Axelrod Jim Baker Sally Barber Drs. Eugene & Paula Barrett Dr. Randy Bashore & Gail Schweikle-Bashore Alice S. Batten Wallace & Dolores Bedell Fund in the CACF Jane & Patrick Belisle Ellen N. Bouton

Bob & Karen Boyle Elizabeth L. Breeden ● Deborah A. Bremer M. Virginia Brobeck ● Thomas M. Burgan Maurice G. Burnett Grace & Gene Carpenter Ms. Madison Carter Jim Casanova Catherine F. Casey, MD J. David Castle, PhD CVCA Madeleine C. Watkins & Martin D. Chapman, MD Christin Child Mike & Haven Clancy Gerald Clore & Judy DeLoache George Cohen Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Cooney Jr. Corse-Pearson Family Fund Betsy Dalgliesh Paul M. Dee, MD Suzanne M. Dennis, DDS Victoria Dibbern Patsy H. Downer & Robert H. Downer Jr. Fran & Frank Feigert Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey B. Ferrill Wendy Waldner Flynn Tyler Smith & Michael Fowler Deborah Frank Cheryl L. Gearhart Andrea Owen Gilmer Donna G. Goings Kenneth E. Greer, MD David & Margaret Hamer Michael & Janet Harper Margaret & Andrew Hart Susan Heald & Evan B. Heald, MD William N.P. & Marsha Herbert Kathleen Y. Hockin Cynthia H. Hoehler-Fatton

Brian E. Hogg Tracey R. Hoke & George M. Hoke, MD Nancy & Jack Horn Dr. & Mrs. Stuart S. Howards Mr. & Mrs. R. Edward Howell Dr. & Mrs. Albert L. Huber Dr. & Mrs. Andrew Hucek Candace K. Hudspeth Lindsay Ideson Pam & Jay Jessup ● Jaideep Kapur, MD Amy S. Karr Karen E. Kigin Kathy & Tom Kuhlmann Helen & Bob Landel Linda Levin Lester Debbie & Andy Lockman Cynthia & Mark Lorenzoni R. John Lye W.A. Lynch Roofing Company, Inc. Allison Lyons, MD & Chris Seaman Marilyn & John Marshall David B. Mattern & Charlotte H. Crystal Dr. Karen Maughan Katharine Eisaman Maus Mary & Dave McCarthy Susie & James McCormick Jim McVay Katherine & David Morris Olivia Moskowitz Merrick & Steve Murray Martha T. Pace Sallie Kate Park Ann & Dan Parks Jane & Robert Paxton Pediatric Research of Charlottesville, LLC Betty & James Phelan Roberta & Tom Platts-Mills Wendie J. Price Dr. Mark S. Quigg & Ms. Charlotta Q. Helleberg Barbara & Henry Rainville Charlotte & Rob Rinehart 21

Ann J. Roberts, RN Lois & Dudley Rochester Anne Rodig Ms. Karin Rose Jane W. Rotch Paula Rowan-Page Shirley S. Ryder Geri & Bruce Schirmer Rita Seale & Daniel Seale, MD Aileen & Gary Selmeczi Dr. & Mrs. Hubert A. Shaffer Jr. Mark E. Shaffrey, MD Paige Perriello & Neeral Shah Rick Shannon & Brandy Patterson Guillermo E. Solorzano, MD & Christine Burt Solorzano, MD Amy Steers Betty F. Strider Don Sundgren Betsy & Jay Swett Scott A. Syverud, MD Karen M. Thompson Christine & Andy Thomson John Updike Mary Lee Vance Dr. & Mrs. Vamik D. Volkan Joe & Ellen Waff Sally & Rick Watson Weiner Family Fund Ann & Bob Wyker

$100–249 Eleanor P. Abbot Carolyn & Milton Adams Dr. Christopher McCullough & Karen Ahern AmazonSmile Anonymous (39) Dorothy W. Arthur Laurie & Steve Baber Alex, Bruce, Tyler & Wilson Bacon Judith Balwanz Mary-Ellen & Gerard Bambrick


Ruth L. Barclay Richard Behr Katherine Beard Kakie Brooks & George Beller, MD Susan G. Bender Gordon Berne Sumner Brown & Herbert Beskin D.J. Bickers, DDS, PLC Mary Elaine & Duane Bickers Jane & Rodney Biltonen Phyllis Binder Diane & Hank Bisgaier Laura S. Friedland & Thomas P. Bleck Karen & Lou Bloomfield Robert Bohnke TobyJoy Gonias & David J. Boling Dr. & Mrs. W. Kline Bolton Kathleen & Richard Bonnie Heather A. Borek, MD Lori & Larry Borish Connie & DeK Bowen Thomas J. Braciale, MD, PhD William J. Brady Jr., MD Brasserie Saison A. Norman A. G. Brenbridge, MD Linda Briley Mrs. Lydia Briscoe Nancy & Peter Brooks Dianne & Mike Burris Susan Cabell Mains Jim & Chris Camblos Sara E. Cary David Cathcart & Susan Donovan Cathcart Mr. & Mrs. John V. Cecalupo Jeanne & John Chamales Mr. & Mrs. William J. Chambers Maria & Bob Chapel Joe Pratt & Natalie Chapman Mr. & Mrs. Philander D. Chase Janis & Robert Chevalier Susan & Andy Chisholm Melissa F. Clarke Shana & Stephen Clarke

Liz Courain Dr. & Mrs. James W. Craig Mr. & Mrs. Gary C. Cramer Cecelia Cropley & Thomas G. Cropley, MD Ruth Cross James M. Darin Donal B. Day Mr. & Mrs. Frans A. de Jong Polly & David Deck Judy DeLoache & Gerald Clore Drs. John & Cindy Dent Laura, Alexandra & Bob Deutsch Dan & Lynn Dick Keith Donnelly Jean Dooley Ruth Douglas Helen & Bill Downs Nicholas R. Duke Sr. Ann D. Dunn Julia Spies Dunstan Mimi & Jack Eastham Clara Eden, MD Edgemont Farm, LLC William Edwards Lillian & Robert Epstein Elizabeth Carpenter & Dan Feigert Maryann H. Fields Samuel S. Fisher Karen P. Flanagan Bette & Charles Flickinger Diana Foster & Tom Jones Elfi & Charles Frankfurt Laurence W. Fredrick Charles Friedman, DDS Richard J. Funk Donna & Sim Galazka Tyler P. Gallik Bruce Galloway Nancy & Jim Galloway Dr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Gal

Virginia & Stephen Gardner Bryan Garey Sally M. Garland Adrienne Garo Patricia Gazewood & John D. Gazewood, MD Jennifer Giannini Matthew S. Gibson Patricia Gibson Dr. & Mrs. Charles H. Gleason Linda Gonder-Frederick, PhD & Jeffrey Frederick Charlotte Goodman Grand Home Furnishings— Employee Benevolent Fund Antoinette & Bill Gray The Great Frame Up Julia & Brock Green Will & Shelly Gregg Caroline & John Griffin Patrice Grimes Carol & Steven Ham Dr. & Mrs. George R. Hanna Mittie & Will Harvey Barbara G. Haskins, MD Ann Haynes Nancy J. Haynes Traci L. Hedrick, MD Dee & Stan Henderson Kathleen & Laurin Henry S. Rebecca Hibschman Diane G. Hillman, DHA Wendy & Jay Hirsh Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Hodous Jon & Kirsten Howard Diane & Chuck Hughes Sally Humphrey Anne & John Humphries Dr. Robert R. Humphris Joan Jay Janelle Jennings Alexander M. Johnson Jr. Alice Justice Dr. Neal F. Kassell Phyllis & John Kattwinkel Jim Kauffman & Jeanmarie Badar Jane & Jim Keathley

Meg & Mark Keeley Johanna & Richard Keeling Aileen W. Kelly Mrs. Christine S. Kennedy The Rev. Paula S. Kettlewell Erwin M. Koeritz The Kreses Gerry Kruger Robert Kuhlthau Beth & Nicholas Kuhn Deborah Lamb Rebecca L. Lanahan Fred S. Landess Kathleen & Nicholas Lang Timothy Laseter Nancy Holland & Victor Lee Mr. & Mrs. Melvyn P. Leffler Paula & David Lewis C. Vivia Liang, MD & Calvin Peng Peppy G. Linden Deborah & Douglas Little Jacqueline Loach Stephanie Lowenhaupt Laura M. Lowrance Kevin J. Lynch Margaret M. MacAvoy Zanne Macdonald B. Gail Macik, MD Faylene & Stephen Macko Grace F. Mahone Peter A. Maillet Veronica Harsh & Michael Mallory James W. Mandell, MD Carol Manning & Eric Turkheimer Karen & Paxton Marshall Joseph T. Mason, MD Michelle W. McCarthy Susan & Kevin McConnell Catherine & Gene McGahren Ellen C. McKenna

Claire L. McKinley Peggy K. McLean Walter Mehring: Counseling Services Mr. & Mrs. Grosvenor Merle-Smith Virginia & Tim Michel Anne McKeithen & Erik Midelfort Maureen A. Minor Marilyn Minrath Daisy & David Moga Kathryn & Frank Moncado Nancy & Rick Moore Dr. & Mrs. Hamilton Moses, III John P. Mugler III, MD Royann & Bill Murray Goldie H. Nadkarni Carol Hurst & Jon Nafziger Irene Newman Stefanie Newman & William Lapham Stephanie & James Nohrnberg Lindsay C. Nolting Ann & David Normansell Mildred & Donald Nuechterlein Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Nunge Dr. & Mrs. Michael J. Oblinger Bob & Sara O’Connor Richard A. Oliva & Sons, Inc. Marsha Trimble & Kent Olson Giuseppe Orsolini Kathy & Troost Parker Kent & Barbara Paschke Dr. & Mrs. James W. Patterson James M. Pattie Maria & John Paulus George H. Payne Margaret Jensen & John L. Pfaltz Elizabeth A. Powell Kathy Quale J. Fenton Too & J. Fenton Gifts Marian & Sy Rabinowitz Fannie Mae Rankin-Vinci Judy Rasmussen Marjorie & Michael Rein

Helen & Al Reynolds Cindy G. Richards, MD Dr. & Mrs. George Rich Phyllis & Chris Ripper Mr. & Mrs. George E. Robinson Jan Roden Ann & Dennis Rooker Nan Rothwell & Carter Smith Mr. & Mrs. Steven H. Rubin Marjory Ruderman & Benjamin Purow Mark A. Russell, MD Jessica R. Feldman & George A. Rutherglen Angela M. Davis & Doron Samuel-Siegel Branka Saric Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Sawyer Joel M. Schectman, MD & Lisa Draine Allison & Tom Schildwachter Gretchen Ellis & Jay Schlothauer Allison Scholl Lisa Schrader Betty & John Scott Susan Seidler & Robert O. Whaley Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Glen R. Seitz Andrew P. Selfridge John Shannon Alfred Shapero Ramona & Hank Shugart Drs. Janet & Michael Silvester ✚ Monique Simmonds Theresa Simmons, RPh Rosanne & Roland Simon Kent Sinclair Jr. Anne & Ned Slaughter Smith Charitable Fund Avril Somlyo, PhD Joan T. Sours Andrew M. Southerland, MD

Dr. & Mrs. Donald M. Spano Susan Snyder & Robert Spekman Jan & John Stalfort Jack Stoner Linda, Wayne, Kristen & Shannon Suhl Lukas K. Tamm, PhD Rachel Thern Becky & Larry Thomas Mr. & Mrs. A .R. Thompson Elsie & Mac Thompson Lynne & Thomas Tillack Tip Top Restaurant Ellen & Harris Tobias Jane R. Tolleson Cathy & Kirk Train Laura & Bob Troy Louise Trudel Betsy & Chip Tucker United Way of South Hampton Roads Mary Van Miller George Waaser Ruth & Walter Wadlington John & Shirley Waldo Dr. & Mrs. K. K. Wallace Jr. White McK. Wallenborn, MD Mr. & Mrs. Harold N. Ward Barbara Byrd Wecker Wegmans Food Markets Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Samuel B. Wells Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. West Irvin & Emily White J. Page & Peggy W. Williams Mark B. Williams Becky & Michael Williams Jane & Stirling Williamson Michael R. Wills, MD Mary Catherine Wimer Beverly & Brian Wispelwey Karin Wittenborg Deborah A. Younger, MD John A. Zenker, RPT


$1–99 Betty & Jim Adams Mark Adams Patricia & Michael Alechko Carol H. Alexander Patricia S. Allinson Lorenza C. Amico Mr. & Mrs. Memet C. Anday Anonymous (22) Ruth & Paul Barolsky Alison & Josh Baumann Kathie & Taylor Beard Liz & Rod Beckwith Daniel A. Beiler The Benevity Community Impact Fund Mary Bennett Blue Whale Books Clive & Wilma Bradbeer Thomas W. Brady Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence S. Brannon Dawn T. Burris Busking for Change Old-Time Music Collective Carrie Callaway Todd & Paula Campbell Meredith Cary-Morrissette & Thomas Morrissette Carol L. Chandross Jonathan Chasen Lori Chinitz Vincent C. Cibbarelli Dr. Charles Clements Michael L. Cohen Nancy & Mike Connors Kristen & Albert Crittenden Nancy & Fred Damon Linda F. David Joan DeLong Lucille & Ken Digges Ron & Arletta Dimberg Doctors in Training.Com Tracey S. Doniel Sharon & Sonny Dudley


Karen Duffy Elizabeth A. Dunkle Bette Dzamba & David Sellers Timothy Eckert Steven Engel Marilyn & Stanley Epstein Ann A. Ergler Mr. & Mrs. George W. Eudailey Jr. The Rev. & Mrs. Richard B. Faris Mary B. Felger Mr. & Mrs. Wayne W. Ferguson Betsy & Jim Fernald Ms. Patricia Finn Julie & Charles Fisher Patrick C. Fowler, PhD Susan & John Gainer Elizabeth & Ed Gatewood David Gregor Mrs. Dieter Gröschel Xiangyu Gu Yvette Hake Virginia & Harold Hallock Casey L. Haney Lori A. Hanger Mr. & Mrs. Neal Harris Fern R. Hauck, MD Sheila R. Hazen Kelly Henlker Rachael B. Holmes Cheryl M. Horn Elizabeth M. Howard Alison Huffstetler Laura T. Humbertson Roberta Hysell IBM Employee Charitable Contribution Campaign Barbara Isak Andrew Janiga Mr. & Mrs. Tyson L. Janney Jeffery Johnson Dawn R. S. Johnson Mary P. Johnson F. Daniel Jones, DDS Sandra C. Jones Fred Jung Matthew D. Kaufman

Hannah L Kaylor Margaret Keller Carolyn T. Kelly Kelly E. Kennedy Frances Kennedy Lynn King Susan M. Kirby William G. Little Brenda M. Koonce Ron Krauss Isabel Lamont Ronald L. Lavoie Marian & Frank Lawson Rob & Amanda Leonard Ryan Little & Dr. Kasey Little Marsha & Ivan Login Susan & Howard Lowenstein Bernice A. Marcopulos, PhD Dr. & Mrs. Raymond P. Marotta Jack Marshall & Cri Kars-Marshall Sarah Agnes Marshall Joan Martin Beverley B. McCoid Ned & Ginny McFadden Caroline & Steve McLean Dr. & Mrs. Mark J. Mendelsohn Nicholas Mendyka Mr. & Mrs. B. Saunders Midyette Nola Miller Esther N. Mills Clara Mincer Elizabeth & Dick Morgan Dan Moriarty Douglas H. Moseley Joseph Murray Estate of Elizabeth A. Nalley ● Christine & Andre Navez Pamela S. Neff Barbara & Howard Newlon Beth & Dan Nissen

Alexandra Noble Old Dominion Capital Management Trisha & Gregory Orr Tanya Otsuka Elly Palmer Tswen-Jye Pan Laura Parsons Peggy Brown Paviour Ronna Gray & Lester Pearlstein Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Penner Doriane E. Perkins Mrs. Mary S. Posada Achut Poudel Karen & Michael Powell Alice E. Price Leslie Middleton & Pat Punch Beth Ann D. Quatrara Mr. & Mrs. Melvin E. Quillen Razoo Foundation Arie M. Rijke, MD Elke E. Rost-Ruffner & James A. Ruffner Noor Us Sabah Ralph Sachs Cindi Sanborn, RN, MN, CDE Judith K. Sands Dr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Schmitz Sari Bennett & Sandy Schustek Hank & Frances Schutz Mary Sherman Julia L. Shields Jung-Bum & Rebecca Shin Terran & Bruce Sims Michele Skarvelis & Peter R. Roane Rob Spauls Deborah & Doug Starns Virginia Stokes Debby Myers Strzepek & Joe Strzepek Ellen R. Susi Mr. & Mrs. Edward D. Tayloe II Ron Taylor & Peg Lindorfer Joseph & Vera Faye Taylor Jerilyn F. Teahan Terry Tomaro

Andrea Trimble Tuel Jewelers Peggy & Mike Van Yahres Varian Medical Systems Partners in Giving Employee Engagement Fund Andrea & Tonchie Vest Donna S. Via William J. Viglione, DDS Mac Ward Hope & David Warren Jane Washburn Linda M. Watson Caroline Weber Mr. & Mrs. Henry F. Weinschenk Karen & Greg Wells Amanda West Dr. & Mrs. Gregory L. Whitmer Michael K. Wilson Lynanne & Steve Wilson Sheri B. Winston Patricia M. Wood, RN Elizabeth Wright Mark C. Young, DDS Catherine W. Zuver


We do our best to ensure every detail is right in thanking our donors, and we regret any inaccuracies. Please contact us at 434-295-8965 to make a correction.

Dr. Carlos Ayers, retired volunteer cardiologist

I wouldn’t have primary care if it weren’t for the Free Clinic. I would be waiting until things got bad and end up in the emergency room!” —Local Albemarle County Neighbor and CFC Patient


In Honor

Community Partners Charlottesville Works Initiative Community Health and Wellness Coalition Department of Social Services International Rescue Committee (IRC) Jefferson Area Board on Aging (JABA) Jefferson Area CHIP Legal Aid Justice Center Local Food Hub Monticello Surgery Center Neighborhood Family Health Center Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital Region Ten Community Services Board Sexual Assault Resource Agency (SARA) United Way – Thomas Jefferson Area UVA Health System Virginia Department of Health – Thomas Jefferson Health District The Women’s Initiative 26

Dr. Jeff Alexander Molly Ayres Dr. David Balaban, for his Birthday Dr. Daniel Becker (2) Amy S. Black, DPN, RN, NEW-BC Dr. Alan Brijbassie Ed & Roberta Brownfield Burk Burkholder and Staff Steve Burns Todd, Barbara & Hadley Cabell All the anti-hate group marchers in Charlottesville, VA in August 2017 Dr. Andrew Collins (2) Julia C. Cook Dr. Margaret Crook Dr. Tom Daniel Thomas E. Densmore Dr. DA Dessouky Erin Edwards All the volunteers and staff of the Free Clinic Dr. Keith Frick and Staff Leora Friedberg (2) Allen S. Galroy, MD Anne Moss Geraty & C. Cooper Geraty Dr. Matthew Goodman Colleen Green, PA Terri Haller & Sarah Bingham Marge Haskins Courtney Hensley Richard Hicks Jeffery Johnson Dr. John Jones Colleen Keller Dr. Will Knight (3) Drs. Sarah & Will Knight (3) John Lanham David Lemon Alex Mahone Dr. Benjamin Matthew Dr. Kevin McConnell Lissa & Richard Merrill Tamara & Princeton Mitchell

Marty Moran, RN Henry G. Morgan Mary Jane Morris Drs. Mohan Nadkarni & Andrea Tribastone Dr. Micahel Oblinger Dr. Kelly Owens Jodi Rexrode Kara & Andrew Romano, MD Sue Sargeant Dr. Schauer and all the staff of Piedmont Pediatrics Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospitalists Debbie & Joe Strzepek Becky Swartz, RN David Trudel Louise C. Trudel Erika Viccellio Jane L. Washburn Meredith & Matthew Wayner Dr. Chip Whitworth Pat Wood, RN Dr. Sarah Zeller and Staff Drs. Carina Brown & Matthew Zuber, for their wedding (13)

In Memory

In-kind Gifts

Elizabeth Akin Marjorie Hare Andrews Alicia Mae Auciello Arthur S. Bender, MD Bill Singleton Freeman H. Cary, MD Beverly Cibbarelli Janet Marie Dolan Cobbs (2) Jamie Davila (3) Philip Beau Eichling Genivieve Elliott William H. Fishback, Jr. Betty & Clyde Fowler Dulcey Fowler Beverlee Fowler Cox Robert J. Gregg Dieter H. M. Gröschel, MD Dr. J. Kaye Halsey Dr. Fred C. Hamer, Jr. Lee J. Honkomp Dr. William Hunt Nolan Parker Jenkins Marie Johnson Kitty Landess Ralph W. Latham, Jr. Clarence J. Livesay Dr. Latham B. Murray (4) Elizabeth Murray Mr. & Mrs. James Murray, Sr. (2) Dr. Gordon S. Myers Mr. William C. Pace William C. Pace Dr. Vito A. Perriello Jr. Peter Ham Carmela & Charles S. Rotolo Darko Saric Linda Simon Dr. Harvey D. Smallwood Dominic Tomaro Ted Verhagen Yvonne T. Wyker

A Pimento Catering Albemarle Baking Company Eze Amos Anonymous (1) Baja Bean Company Tracey Ball Bonefish Grill Susan Cabell Mains Chick-fil-A at Woodbrook CHO’s Cville The College Inn Fellini’s Five Guys Burgers & Fries Foods of All Nations Fuzzy’s Taco Shop Guadalajara Mexican Restaurants Hantzmon Wiebel LLP HotCakes The Inn at Court Square Junior League of Charlottesville Kroger Food Stores The Local Smokehouse The Local Maya Restaurant Mellow Mushroom Milan Indian Cuisine Mona Lisa Pasta Mudhouse, LLC The Pie Chest The Omni Homestead Resort Orzo Kitchen & Wine Bar Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers Revolutionary Soup

Sandy Motley Catering Clint Sherrill Sticks Kebob Shop Timbercreek Market Travinia Italian Kitchen Tubby’s Restaurant & Deli The Villa Diner Vocelli Pizza Wayside Takeout & Catering Wegmans Food Markets Inc. Zoe’s Kitchen


We do our best to ensure every detail is right in thanking our donors, and we regret any inaccuracies. Please contact us at 434-295-8965 to make a correction.


Board & Staff

CFC Mission ●

Community Committee Members

Board of Directors Chris Powell, Chair

Bebe Heiner


Amy Black, RN, Past Chair

Anne F. Hooff

Marijo Lecker, Vice-Chair

Sean Jenkins

Sandhya Chhabra, MD, MBA Katherine Peck

Janet A. Silvester, PharmD,

Jack Kayton, DDS

Long Range Planning

Will Knight, MD

Carolyn L. Engelhard, MPA Leonard W. Sandridge, Jr.


Corey Feist, Treasurer

Kara Ramirez Mullins

Lynn Easton Andrews

David Schmitt, MD*


Michael Brooks

Rebecca Swett, DDS

Bobbie Bruner

Paul DeMarco MD, Emeritus

Russ Manley Jackie Martin

Todd Cabell

Mohan Nadkarni MD, Emeritus

Philanthropy Council

*New member

Sean Miller

Board Chair Chris Powell & Executive Director Colleen Keller ●

Colleen Keller Executive Director

Keionda Carter Dental Assistant

Melanie Coffey Volunteer Coordinator

Taylor Dorr Patient Care Case Manager

Shell Duff Dental Office Coordinator

Christopher Hicks, CPhT Director of Pharmacy Operations

Meghan Hinger, BSN, RN, CEN Director of Medical Clinic Operations

Tina Krall Director of Philanthropy


To provide practical experience for current and future health care professionals. To hasten, through education and advocacy, the creation of a comprehensive policy for access to health care.

CFC Values

Our Staff

Not pictured: Michael Brooks, Todd Cabell, Sean Jenkins, Paul DeMarco, and Chris Powell.

To provide a volunteer community health support system that offers high-quality health care to the working under-served population, which would otherwise have no access to care.

Dr. Jonathan Leist, DDS Dentist

Carol Marsh, RN Care Coordinator

Health care (including prevention and education), which is prompt, expert and efficacious. Delivery of such care with emphasis on compassion, sensitivity, confidentiality and integrity. Advocacy for a better system of health care for all, eventually eliminating the need for free clinics.

Rosemary Miller Associate Director of Philanthropy

Paul Nagao Evening Clinic Coordinator

Tish Polgar-Bailey, MS, MPH, PsyD, FNP, CDE Family Nurse Practitioner and Counselor

Janice Reynolds, CPhT Pharmacy Assistant

Perri Rush Brown Front Office Coordinator

Jodi Yount Dental Assistant

Design: Anne Chesnut Photography: Stephanie Gross, except pp. 7, 20 Eze Amos, p. 29 Kailee Kelter

Board members and friends enjoy a sunset on the verandah at Pippin Hill 29

Nonprofit Org. US Postage


Charlottesville VA Permit No. 435

1138 Rose Hill Drive, Suite 200 Charlottesville VA 22903


Value of primary care



4,034 X 1,233 = 4.97mm ER visits prevented n 54% dental n 46% medical

Average ER cost National data on ER expense: Caldwell N, Srebotnjak T, Wang T, Hsia R (2013) “How Much Will I Get Charged for This?” Patient Charges for Top Ten Diagnoses in the Emergency Department. PLoS ONE 8(2): e55491.

Community savings

Profile for Charlottesville Free Clinic

Charlottesville Free Clinic Annual Report (2017-2018)  

Key accomplishments and impact during FY18.

Charlottesville Free Clinic Annual Report (2017-2018)  

Key accomplishments and impact during FY18.