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2011 February 11.

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CHOLESTEROL Get yourself Cholesterol conscious & indulge in healthy living!

10. 2011 February

mind body & shape You may know that having a low cholestrol is good for you, but knowing exactly what cholesterol actually is puts you on the path to imprving it.


Eating plenty of oily fish can be very beneficial to your health. Fish are very high in Omega 3 which lowers blood triglycende levels which prevents the blood from clotting and can regulate heart rythem.

Cholesterol is a type of liquid or fat that travels through our blood stream in particles. It creates a mass of plaque Avoid processed foods, these are particulary which narrors your arteries and restricts the blood flow high in fat and by avoiding processed foods and eating to your heart which can result to strokes and heart fresh foods your cholesterol will lower dramatically. attacks. Here are some simple, natural ways to help lower your cholesterol! If you feel your holding on to your Christmas weist look into healthy eating diets and exercise Decreasing the amount of saturated fat you eat programs. Being overweight will probably mean you on a daily basis will help lower you cholesterol. Avoid have high cholesterol to meaning you may be at risk red meat. Bbb’s are definetly a social event to avoid if of heart problems in the future. Get yourself a healthy you are trying to cut down on fatty fueld food! eating plan and stick to your routine, watch the pounds shed and your cholesterol with it. Increase the amount of fibre you consume, oats and nuts are particulary good for lowering your Omega 3 is very effective in lowering your cholesterol, just a handful a day can really make a cholesterol, as well as consuming fish maybe consider difference. changing your regular butter to margarine,


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Limit your alcohol intake, the national guidance suggests 14 units of wine is the maximum you should consume in order to stay healthy. Drinking a lot of alcohol affects your cholesterol levels dramatically so cutting down on your intake will keep your cholesterol under control.

Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, five a day is recomended. Fruit juices are also very good for lowering your cholesterol so have a pint every morning with you breakfast. Switch to non-fat dry milk, its the simple things that can make a big difference.


GOOD FOR cholesterol:

Fish and liver products are not everyones cup Exercise is a great and simple way to lower your of tea therefore you may want to consider omega 3 cholesterol, it helps burn off fatty stores and reduced supliments to get the goodness you need without weight resulting in an improved energy metabolism. having to eat things you dislike. Government guidlines suggest thirty minutes of energetic exercise everyday, so whether you want to * Olive oil * Pilchard pop to your local gym or simply go for a jog round * Rapeseed oil * Sardines the block you will be well on your way to a healthier * Avocado * Salmon lifestyle! * Almonds * Fresh tuna * Cashews * Porridge Reduce the amount of eggs you eat. Eggs are * Peanuts * Beans good for you in moderation but too many can have * Pistachios * Lentils the opposite effect. The yolk is the source of the fat so * Herring * Fruit if you are a fan of the white you are in luck! * Mackerel * Vegetables 2011 February 11.

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