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Charlotte Stephen

Fragrance Advertising Report


Miss Dior Le Parfum

Fig 1

‘The smell of love’


hristian Dior created his first perfume in 1947 describing it as ‘the smell of love’ and has since released sixteen different versions of the world renowned perfume, his latest ‘Miss Dior Le Parfum’(Fig 1) which is no exception to the romantic theme, being described as a ‘sweetly seductive fragrance’ (Sephora 2013). Christian Dior realised what his perfume brand was going to be called when ‘his sister Catherine Dior walked into the salon at 30 Avenue Montaigne. As she came down the stairs, Dior’s muse Mitzah Bricard said: “Here’s Miss Dior!” What a perfect name, Christian Dior thought. He pictured Miss Dior as the very soul of his dresses.’ (Miguel Matos 18/09/13). Dior is a popular, luxury fashion brand which explains the beautiful, classic style of the perfume bottle and it’s price!


found this advert in the November 2013 issue of Vogue, it is a double page spread near the beginning of the magazine and presents a beautiful photograph of both Natalie Portman and the perfume itself taken by Nick Knight. I also saw the advert as a singular page on the back of the November 2013 issue of Red. This again proves the point that Dior is a highly recognised brand in the fashion industry and is advertsied in some of the most admired fashion magazines. I believe this is the correct way to advertise this perfume as the target audience are young, feminie individuals who do have money to spare so they will be reading high priced fashion magazines such as Bazaar and Elle for example.

Fig 2


atalie Portman is a well known actress particularily for her role in the 2010 film Black Swan (Fig 2). Portman is looked apon as a very feminine, natural beauty, I believe that she looks very young in photographs, early twenties possibly, which is why Dior have chosen her as their celebrity star in their campaign. The target audience for this perfume is for young women who want to feel ladylike

and beautiful which is what Natalie Portman conveys, she is an ideal model as the target consumers will believe they can be just like Portman if they wear this perfume. “I have created this perfume to dress each woman in the scent of desire, and to see each of my dresses emerging from its bottle” (Christian Dior 2013).


he model is wearing a black dress which I think reminds the audience of the film she starred in, ‘Black Swan’ which creates a new feel to the familiar brand, it creates a more mysterious, dark ambience which results in targetting a new market for the perfume. It seems as though they are trying to offer girly pink vs gothic black. The dress is still girly to it due to the many flowers which have been sewn to it meaning Dior are still sticking to their ‘over girly’ roots. Portman’s makeup and hair also reveal the new dark and mysterious style, the slicked back pony tail creates a masculine look which is currently very popular in the fashion industry and the solid, black eye makeup strongly references the makeup which was used in the Black Swan (Fig 3).

Fig 3

The way Portman has been positioned is very feminine, she almost resembles a proffesional ballet dancer, the awkwardly crossed leg and the other pointing delicatly in the other direction resembles the position ballet dancers take when seated (Fig 4). Her arms are also gracefully positioned to look casual but still have that smooth resemblance. Portman is staring directly into the camera creating a confident, sensual look to the model’s face.


he pink faded background which is used across the double page spread represents the Miss Dior narrative which is all about being super girly, think of Barbie and your half way there to the typical Miss Dior stereotype. Everyone understands who the target market are for the Miss Dior perfume, I like the fact that they have created this new mysterious, exciting element to their campaign but they have still included the ghastly pink covering two whole A4 pages which almost ruins the new idea of targetting a more mysterious, obsqurer woman. Not every modern woman is into flowers, heels, pink or pastels, some are into rock music, trainers and trousers for example, the stereotypical woman has changed a lot since 1947 (when Christian Dior released his first perfume) and I can see they have started to target those women as well, but the

Fig 4

pink is just too much! The perfume is also all about love, but pink is not the only colour that represents this, I belive a deep red or purple also suggests seduction, look at ‘Red Edition by Calvin Klein’ (Fig 5).

Fig 5

I believe this advert will be successful because it’s Dior, it already is a success, and the brand’s loyal customers will continue to buy the famous perfume. I do however believe that they could take the mysterious, dark element of the advert a bit further and create a new campaign, which really will catch everyone’s eye.

The perfume bottle itself is tremedously oversized compared to the proportion of Portman on the facing page, this forms an unrealistic or fairytale like feel to the whole advert like Mulberry’s advertising campaign for spring/ summer 2012 (Fig 6), I think this is also why the colour pink has been used to make the advert feel young. There is also a mettallic bow tied around the neck of the bottle, this reminds me of the style that Penhaligon has created, this makes the perfume seem vintage and expensive. The bow could also represent a bow tie which refrences to love again as it shows what a man could wear. On the other hand the bow could just be another girly touch to this perfume, I mean everything looks better with a bow on it, right? It also resembles ‘a gift; it wraps something precious that will be given to someone we love’ (Miguel Matos 18/09/13).

Fig 6 The bottle is a square design showing an artichitectual structure and is aimed at an English market due to its ‘Miss’ instead of the French ‘Mademoiselle’. The font used on the engraved silver plate on the front of the bottle is especially English; ‘Edwardian calligraphy’ which has now become ‘part of the brand’s visual DNA’ (Miguel Matos 18/09/13). This part of the brand’s visual DNA has also been used in a new modern way, the large title above the perfume bottle states; ‘Miss Dior’ which is in the same font, standard dark grey colour but has an exciting texture to it, as if it has been sewn onto the page. This attribute remined me of the Miss Dior label (Fig 7) which is found inside clothes or handbags, which led me to belive that this element has been incorporated so that the consumer belives that if they buy the Miss Dior perfume they will eventually be able to buy more products with the expensive label for example the clothing line.

Words: • 1,143 with quotes. • 1,097 without quotes.

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Fig 7

Fig 5: Calvin Klein, Red Edition advertisement [Photograph] calvin-klein/ck-one-red.jpg Fig 6: Mulberry’s advertising campaign SS12 [Photograph] SS12_Travel_Oak_DPS1.jpg Fig 7: Miss Dior label [Photograph]

Fragrance Project


Promotional Activity Essay


Fig 1

Pak For Summer Don't just smell it, experience it

Charlotte Stephen N0493685 Fashion Communication and Promotion, Level 1 Creative Networks Fash10106


Proposal for promotional activity

Fig 2


Contents Page 4- Our Brand Page 6- Launch Event Page 8- Public Relations Page 12- Digital Page 14- Conclusion Page 16- References Page 17- Bibliography Page 18- Appendix


Fig 3

Fig 4


Fig 5



My team and I have created the new and exciting brand Pak. Pak for summer is a travelsized perfume for aspiring student travellers based on summer, and the activities students can do in summer. This perfume is seasonal, once this perfume has sold out, there will not be any more.

of these adventures but still only appealing to the student market. The price for our ‘Pak for summer’ perfume and book will be a reasonable stockist of the journals from Ebay ‘The Diary Shop’ and our market research suggested that unisex fragrances are all around £20.

The inspiration for our brand came from Molten Brown’s ‘Navigations through scent’, we initially thought we would produce three

Our perfume will be sold in 100ml bottles to inspire the consumer to travel even more, this will mean that they will be able to take the liquid on planes for example. This small size will also make it easy for the consumer to carry the perfume around safely. The bottle will also be made out of plastic and a coloured rubber lining inside the plastic so that the bottle has a brown appearance meaning it will appeal to both genders. The rubber lining will mean that if the bottle is dropped, or squished within a rucksack the bottle will not break, resulting in the perfume being safe to take anywhere.

popular cities for unisex products as the shop assistant in Molten Brown said ‘customers like to feel as if they can experience travel through scent’. Through research we realised that the idea of perfumes being based on cities has been done many times before, but we still wanted to give our consumer the feeling of being able to travel through scent, buying into a new lifestyle through perfume. We are going to produce a book that gives students ideas and information on what they can do in the summer and places they may want to go. This book will also have space for the customer to write their own notes, or document about their travels, so it feels personalised to them. We have created a quirky book that we could imagine being

Our consumer is a student who is 17- 22 years old, either a male or a female. We chose this age market as we found through our interviews that most students aspire to travel but cannot book of information as packaging so that the student can explore where they can travel in the summer for a low amount of money and where they can aspire to go.

stores such as American Apparel. The perfume will be packaged inside the book meaning it will be safe to carry it around on the student’s travels during their summer. We will develop

This report will explain the proposal of the initial

for Christmas, Pak for Uni, Pak for Easter, and

for our perfume brand Pak. 5

Fig 7

Fig 8




summer feel to the perfume and everything that has inspired it; they will be advertised through our social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Consumers will only be able to win tickets through taking a photo showing their inspiration to travel, uploading it to any social media and using the hash tag ‘pakforsummerperfume’. We will then select a

For our initial launch of our Pak for summer perfume we will hold several intricate music gigs at the various airports around the UK. The gigs will be held within aeroplanes to inspire the consumers to travel. We will collaborate with plane companies such as Virgin Airways so we can use the aeroplanes to hold our gigs. Virgin Atlantic also represent our brand essence of being fun, quirky and dedicated to travel, they also believe in selling a lifestyle rather than just a seat on their planes, that’s what we want to do for our perfume, we want to sell a new, exciting lifestyle inspired by travelling to our consumers.

UK and invite them and a friend to one of our special events. We will also invite magazine companies such as ‘Suitcase’, ‘i-D’ and ‘Dazed’. This is due to the fact that they feature travel, culture and we can imagine our product being advertised in these publications. We will also invite travel companies such as ‘Thomas Cook’ ‘British Airways’ and ‘Virgin Airways’ due to the fact we want to eventually promote our product through duty free shops at airports and on planes. Our invites will be sent as if they are the packaging for our perfume but inside instead of the information about what to do in Summer there will just be information about the gig they are invited to and a small sample of our perfume. This is to create suspense of what our packaging will actually be like.

Our product will only be sold in the UK, hence why our launch events are based there. There will be one act per plane performing a range of their songs and providing entertainment for a spectacular party on-board. Each plane will be totally transformed inside, including new, of the audience and a variety of disco lights to create the club/party feel. Alcohol will be available but obviously only to over 18’s. Each audience member will also be given a meal, like how you are given a meal on a long aeroplane

customers to travel. The food will be made by Jamie Oliver as he is constantly trying to get delicious, healthy food. The gigs will start in July 2015 and run through till the end of August 2015, to promote the 7

Fig 6

Fig 11

Here is a mock up image of what the gig would look like, we would change the seats so the venue is a comfortable, relaxing experience.


The popular music acts from around the world, to again inspire the consumers to travel will include; Katy Perry, WillIam, Avici, Arctic Monkeys, Calvin Harris, Cyril Hahn and Iggy music tastes. The music will provide something for the customers to dance to and mingle with the other people on the plane. This will promote our brand essence, which is to enjoy new experiences with new people, and be inspired to travel. On the plane we will give each member of the audience a Pak pack, which will include a mini version of the book packaging and perfume. This will act as a teaser for the customer so they are persuaded to go and buy the real product. There will also be many other goodies in the pack such as food/drink and travel vouchers to again inspire them to travel around the world and have big aspirations. The method of getting a ticket will also create hype about the join in so they can win a ticket to see a famous music act. At the events we will encourage our customers to take photos of the venue, music acts and products they are given. We will again motivate the customers to upload their pictures to social media with the hash tag ‘pakforsummerperfume’ to again create hype around our new brand/product. Choosing music acts to perform to the audience was based on research that most students enjoy going to music festivals and seeing live music, we hope to bring this to our audience in a new and exclusive way.

Fig 9


Fig 10



Fig 12

Fig 13


In December 2015 we plan to release the second of our collection: Pak for Christmas. This will be a totally new unisex perfume for our customers and will include a new journal packaging to inform them of what they can do/where they can go in the Christmas break. The Pak for summer perfume and book will be discontinued so our customers will become loyal to our business and buy our new products and collect the old ones so it feels special to them.

As we are targeting a unisex, student market we feel this would be a great way to promote our new product as research shows ‘71% of online adults use Facebook’ which is the most popular social networking site. Our customers will already be following our social media channels and we will promote our new game through these. Our customers who play the game will share their score and if they won a prise through their social media accounts which will therefore attract more students to play the game. The prizes will consist of things to do with our brand, for example we will give a winner of a lower score a sample of the new perfume and packaging, for a higher score winner we will give them two tickets to a festival abroad in the Winter season.

To publicise the release of this new Pak edition we are going to collaborate with the wellestablished ‘Mission’ public relations company. In 2012 they worked with Belvedere(RED)TM to celebrate World AIDS Day. They created a Facebook game related to the music event they held in Manhattan’s Meatpacking district. The game was launched so that ‘fans could navigate through a Belvedere Vodka forest and win prizes.’ (Mission 2012) This game was a great success and reached ‘over 3 million twitter accounts with 26,000 individual entries into the forest’ and we want to do this for our new Christmas product and create a game based on

In Easter 2016 we will release our third edition to the Pak brand. We will publicise this by again collaborating with Mission PR and producing a pop up restaurant. They have created a similar PR campaign for Krug, they created the Krug Kreperie which ‘gained successful coverage across multiple titles including the Evening Standard and the Telegraph.’ (Mission 2013) Our pop up restaurant will be based in Covent Garden as this is such a famous place in London and the mass of our products will be sold in London. We also think Covent Garden is a very quirky area where students will like to shop/ go on a night out. Like our previous launch event we will collaborate again with the famous chef Jamie Oliver and have a choice of three meals from India, China and South America for our

they can do in the Christmas holidays. They also created a similar game for Nokia to promote their older models of phones. This involved using the hit boyband One Direction and generated a lot of entries and also ‘achieved over 250 pieces of individual coverage across national newspapers, supplements, consumer magazines, television, radio and online media outlets.’ 11

customers. Each guest to the restaurant will be asked to select their meal and then led to their table. Their choice of meal will decide which table they are seated at which has been specially designed to the cultural food experience they have chosen, for example if they chose the Indian meal there will be Indian decorations surrounding their table. We will have a range of perfumes on their table to try which will all experience each guest will be asked to vote for which sample they liked the most. We will then collate the results and the one that is the most popular will be our Pak for Easter perfume. This will make each customer feel like they have had a contribution to the making of our third perfume, this will make it feel personalised. However, each tester on the table will be similar

Fig 14

to the others so every customer will like the smell.

Fig 15


Fig 16

Fig 17



As we are targeting the student market we know that the easiest way to advertise to them is through social media. Therefore this will be the main method of advertising; we will use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine. We will use the most popular sources of social media,

which will keep our consumers up to date with any competitions, videos, products or events we have coming up. ‘When Yahoo announced its $1.1 billion purchase of Tumblr, it said David Karp’s blogging platform had more than 300 million monthly unique visitors.’ (Peter Kaka 2013) These visitors are from all around the world so using this social media platform and the others we will hopefully attract consumers worldwide. In future years we wish to develop our brand so that it can be sold worldwide, whether this is through an online shop or through stores around the world. So by using these social media platforms we will create relationships with consumers around the world, which will make it easier to be successful as a worldwide brand when we branch out.

variety of social media platforms. We will promote competitions and our launch event through our social media to get our consumers to hash tag ‘pakforsummerperfume’ as this will promote our brand and the product to an even bigger audience. Our most popular social platform method will be Vine, we will products as there is a word limit any interested audience member will be intrigued as to what the whole movie is about, so they will click on our Vine account and will be able to see all the information about our brand and its products. We will also promote and advertise our future

Fig 18

social media so we ensure that the highest amount of consumers are informed about our brand/products. According to a UCAS Media survey ‘eight out of ten freshers have smartphones and at least twenty percent have a tablet.’ (UCAS Media 2012) This means that students are constantly able to see social media and interact with it, therefore we believe this is the best way to target our audience.

Fig 20

Fig 19

Fig 21

We will also have our own blog from Tumblr, 14

Fig 22




To conclude, our initial launch of our brand Pak will be successful as we are going to expose

be successful when we expand worldwide. By making each of our perfumes a limited edition we are sure that our brand will have a future and be successful. This is because our consumers will want to collect our perfumes, and become part of the brand. Each perfume

that presents our brand values. This includes, freedom, adventure, excitement, travel and sociability. We will do this by our brand launch, which is inviting consumers to take part in a competition to win tickets to an intricate gig in an aeroplane with other people. We then plan to have two more events, which will again promote our brand values and prepare our brand to be taken worldwide.

release, so we will create an exciting hype about motivate our consumers to participate in. Word Count: With quotes: 2,762 Without quotes: 2,47

By advertising our events on social media we are sure to attract our right consumers and will continue to create hype about our events through these social media platforms to make sure we keep our consumers up to date about our brand/products and how it is developing. This means that our consumers will be able to get excited about what is going to be released and the other competitions/events we will have coming up. Our digital marketing strategy will be successful as we are involving our consumers in competitions and the production of our products. The consumers will have a chance to win prizes from our competitions by documenting inspirational moments in their life and sending in the photo/video, this will make them feel part of the brand. We will be advertising and promoting ourselves to mainly consumers in the UK but as we are using social media, anyone from around the world will be able to learn about our brand, which will help us 16

Fig 23



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