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Archive | Vitamin-D Regular Indoor Tanners Are High On Vitamin D Regular indoor tanners have almost three times more vitamin D than people who do not use sunbeds. New and sensational statistics from The Grassrootshealth ( demonstrate clearly the benefits of regular use of sunbeds for your level of vitamin D. Their D*action project is an international public health project to solve the vitamin D deficiency [...] Continue Reading · Comments { 1 }

Einstein About Tanning What did Einstein know about tanning? Actually, it seems like quite a lot. Probably you know that Albert Einstein (1879-1955) is one of the great geniuses of the 20th Century. His “Theory of Relativity” (E=mc2) combined electricity and magnetism with the laws of mechanics and became the foundation for the, at that time, new way [...] Continue Reading · Comments { 0 }

Vitamin D Research News Feed Vitamin D Research News – Read All About It! If you are interested in the latest news from more scientific current vitamin D research news sources you can find a summary of the latest publications below. The feeds are given with courtesy of Henry Lahore at Bookmark this page now to make it easier to [...] Continue Reading · Comments { 2 }

Vitamin D Tweets on Twitter Vitamin D Tweets – here you can follow and participate in the discussion on Twitter Tweets about “vitamin D” Continue Reading · Comments { 0 }

New Research: Benefits of UV-exposure Much More Than Only Vitamin D Benefits of UV-exposure beyond vitamin D A new research paper about the benefits of UVexposure in addition to vitamin D was recently published in Landes Bioscience: DermatoEndocrinology 4:2, 109–117 One of the authors, Johan Moan, is a veteran researcher on the subject of UV-exposure, vitamin D and its benefits for fighting cancer. In this paper [...] Continue Reading · Comments { 2 }

Sources Of Vitamin D Sources of Vitamin D – which are the best? The seemingly magic benefits of Vitamin D for our health are well known by now . But which are the best and most natural sources of vitamin D? [UPDATE: Click HERE for advice on how to use tanning beds in tanning salons as your best sources [...] Continue Reading · Comments { 90 }

The UV-Exposure and Vitamin D Dilemma Explained – Interview with Dr William B Grant UV-exposure and Vitamin D must be addressed in parallel. That seems to be the only thing that the experts on the adverse effects from UV-exposure and the experts on vitamin D can agree upon. The dilemma of Vitamin D and UV-exposure becomes bigger and bigger for every day as the mountain of evidence of the health [...] Continue Reading · Comments { 13 }

Sun-Fear Group Stalls Decision About Vitamin D in WHO – Millions Die While Waiting The UVI Working Group of the ICNIR under WHO is dominated by sun-scaremongers who are protecting their vested interests and refuse to accept new science about sunshine and vitamin D. The type of research (case-control studies) they use themselves to motivate the sun-fear and the use of sun-screen cosmetics is not considered sufficient for proving [...] Continue Reading · Comments { 2 }

New Research Confirms That Regular Indoor Tanning is the Best Source of Vitamin D New Research Confirms That Regular Indoor Tanning is the Best Source of Vitamin D A recently published report confirms that a commercial indoor tanning bed is a better source of vitamin D than vitamin D pills. The study included 105 students, 18-30 years old, mainly female, from the Netherlands. They were divided into three groups [...] Continue Reading · Comments { 4 }

Vitamin D deficiency? Vitamin D deficiency – how fast? Been on a sunny vacation? Got a nice tan? Think you are above the level of Vitamin D deficiency? Yes, maybe you are, IF you tanned like described in my previous post “Do you know how to tan?”. Unfortunately most people still adhere to the strong commercial (although hidden [...] Read more...

Learn The Secrets of How to Use UV-light For Healthy Tanning. Most experts get this wrong. Authorities don’t take it into account when they make regulations. Dermatologists and manufacturers of sun-protecting cosmetics have given the wrong advice about this for more than 30 years. The secret is about a difference thinner than a hair but [...] Continue Reading · Comments { 3 }

Vitamin D – The Miracle Vitamin Vitamin D: Is This The Miracle Vitamin? That is the title of a new book by Ian Wishart, an investigative journalist in New Zealand. In his book, Wishart accuses the Cancer Council in New Zealand for neglecting all evidence of the cancer-fighting role of vitamin D. This is an exact parallel to my accusation of [...] Continue Reading · Comments { 2 }

How to Use Your iPad or iPhone to Make Vitamin D How to Use Your iPad or iPhone to Make Vitamin D Did you know that you can use your iPhone or iPad to help you make vitamin D? There is actually an app, D-Minder, that can do just that. No, it will not turn the screen of your mobile device into a UV-lamp. Instead it [...] Continue Reading · Comments { 1 }

How To Use UV Light For Vitamin D Synthesis Edward Gorham, PhD, talks about how to use the sun or UV light for vitamin D synthesis.This video is an excerpt from a longer video in a series brought to you by UCSD School of Medicine and GrassrootsHealth where experts discuss the latest research on vitamin D. Actually this part is more about how the body [...] Continue Reading · Comments { 1 }

Book recommendation for tanners: The Healing Sun – Sunlight and Health in the 21st Century by Richard Hobday Anyone who still have any doubts of the healing and preventing powers of sunlight (inclusive UV-light) should read this book. Reading this book will give another perspective to the present fanatic campaign against sunlight driven by the World Health Organisation and sponsored by large manufacturers of cosmetics for sun-protection. It makes you wonder if this [...] Read more...

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