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Is the Textbook Dead? Why Boys are Falling


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More than a superior education. • Christ-centered learning environment nurtures students’ commitment to service and faith • Rigorous, integrated classical curriculum develops the whole child, emphasizing critical thinking and problem-solving skills • Intimate class sizes create a nurturing learning environment and facilitate differentiated instruction

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Providence Day School exists to inspire in its students a passion for learning, a commitment to personal integrity, and a sense of social responsibility.

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2 The Learning Styles of Boys

Tips to help boys get the most out of the school day

5 6 Steps for School Readiness

Basics to build on for kindergarten success

14 Going Digital in Today’s Classroom

How will the technology transformation affect your child?

23 Tame the Butterflies

Strategies to make test day less stressful

40 Reaching the Gifted


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education guide

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New classes, programs that challenge top students | EDUCATION GUIDE 2013-2014




or parents of boys, it’s the all-too-common note from the teacher: “Mrs. Smith, your son was acting up in class again.” Fidgeting, doodling, talking out of turn, and generally not paying attention just seem to come with boy territory. But it might surprise you to know that those very behaviors can actually be a boy’s way of trying to pay better attention. With the right perspectives and strategies, parents and teachers can effectively channel those behaviors into learning tools and help boys enjoy learning more in the process.

The Science Behind it Evidence of how boys’ learning styles differ from girls is more than just anecdotal. With advances in MRI and other technologies, researchers can now draw conclusions about how boys and girls learn by comparing images of their brains. Boys’ brains, for instance, devote double the space girls’ brains do to spatialmechanical functioning, leaving them with about half the area girls have to devote to verbal-emotive functioning. In short, that’s scientific proof that boys are hardwired with the need to move and that they learn better through things like hands-on activities than by a teacher’s lectures.

‘Bad’ or Just ‘Boy’? While order in the classroom is important, requiring boys to sit still and be quiet for the better part of the school day may be unrealistic at best. Although distinguishing simple ‘boy behavior’ from an actual behavioral or learning problem can be difficult without professional evaluation, it is clear that boys struggle more often than girls to pay attention and to be quiet and calm in the classroom. “My son doesn’t get in trouble at school, but I know he’s always had to work hard to behave,” says Marissa, a Charlotte-area mom of a fifth grade boy. She, like other boy parents, tells of resistance against doing homework and near-daily emotional breakdowns at home after keeping wiggly, loud, ‘boy’ tendencies in




check at school all day. By recognizing his stress, Marissa has found ways to help her son cope. “I know now that when he gets home, he’s going to need what I call his ‘decompression time,’” she says. She encourages him to ride his bike around the cul-de-sac, run laps around the outside of their house, or even knock out some pushups after school to let go of stress and get pent-up energy out before getting down to the business of homework.

In the Classroom

These struggles are more pronounced in the elementary school years, when boys have less impulse control. It’s in those years that teachers, especially, can play a huge part in making learning in the classroom positive and effective for boys. Their number one battle in this quest? Helping those boys pay attention. “The littlest thing, like a piece of Velcro adhered to the underside of their desk that they can run their finger over, can make the biggest difference,” says Bronwyn Roberts, a literacy facilitator with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. In fact, says Roberts, many products that were developed for children with special needs can help fidgety boys channel their energies, keeping them focused in class. Whatever the practical solutions, simply recognizing that boys’ needs in the classroom are different is a step in the right direction for parents and teachers. With a few small changes, they can enjoy happier boys who learn better. Deb Mitchell is a freelance writer and a mother of three boys who lives and works in Huntersville.

Classroom Tricks to Try If you have a boy who has a hard time staying still during the school day, talk with the teacher about implementing the strategies below to help channel his energy. a stress ball or modeling clay F atKeep his desk to discretely squeeze. a large rubber band around F Place the front of his desk for him to kick. a classroom library with F Stock nonfiction books about boy students’ personal interests frequent, short ‘brain F Facilitate breaks’ during arduous lessons.

A TK‐12 Christ‐centered,  College Preparatory School

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!""#$%&&'(()#*+,-#.#/+01-'23#45#6!7"8 | EDUCATION GUIDE 2013-2014


Give your memories the perfect backdrop.

Crescent Communities is more than a real estate developer - we are an organization committed to creating moments that matter in the places where people live, work and play. For almost half a century, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been innovating award-winning, environmentally thoughtful properties with the goal of cultivating community and improving peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s lives. Come experience one of our communities today.





5 61 2 3 4 5 6 School Readiness advertisin 111 22333444555666 SIX Steps Steps for for SIX School Readiness

The learning experts from Fundanoodle offer these six tips for kindergarten success.

Work on motor skills A child who can follow Children should be every day. Children simple one-and two-step able to count to 20 and Issue: From: Telephone: with underdeveloped directions will feel successful in Education Guide 2013 recognize 704.248.5226 numbers 0-10 hand strength or upper body kindergarten. upon entering kindergarten. strength often have difficulty 1. Check the appropriate box below and note changes, if any. (Maximum two proofs.) holding a pencil or sitting at their OCTOBER 7, 2013. Children should have2. Sign, date and return via fax noted above or e-mail no later than desk longer periods This ad will run as is and you will be billed accordingly if changes or approval are not submitted for by return date noted above.of time. Fun awareness of the alphabet. ways to do it? Swing on monkey Read with your child. APPROVED AS IS APPROVED They should be able to sing the bars, w/CORRECTIONS throw a ball, stringNOTED beads, Reading encourages alphabet and recognize most of hammer pegs, draw on the floor interaction with adults. Children the letters. I want reach 39,000 web-savvy parents monthballs on charlotteparen or on an easel, pickthis up cotton also beginYES! to make the to association Please contact me about web advertising! with tongs. that letters form words. Children entering___________________________________________________________ __________________________ ______________ kindergarten shouldSignature be Date Website address Fundanoodle is a hands-on learning system for preschool through second grade that able to recognize and write combines the best of pediatric occupational therapy sensory stimulation and early education their name. This helps foster standards to create products that provide differentiated instruction and inspire confidence by confidence as they enter a new teaching a progression of skills. school and classroom.

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Ms. President?

We don’t place limits at



SIX Steps for SIX Steps for XSIX Steps forfor for Steps SIX Steps School Readine School Readiness chool Readiness SIX Steps for School Readiness BACK CREEK CHRISTIAN ACADEMY A Christian, classical school for Grades K-8th. Located in University City area.

OPEN HOUSE 2014-15 at 7PM November 14 • January 16 • March 13 School tours on Wednesday at 10am Please RSVP to 704-549-4101 To learn more...

At A.C.E. Academy Charter School, we integrate entrepreneurial and character education into each academic lesson as an inclusion to common core standards. Our goal is to teach students to embrace their education and career goals. Project-based Learning Civil Leadership After-school Programs Small Class Sizes Athletic Activities Community Partnerships

Breaking Ground in 2013!

School Readines Touching hearts, Engaging minds.

1827 Back Creek Church Rd • Charlotte, NC 28213

Call 888-244-6511 to inquire about placement

Opening Fall 2014

Grades K-8 | EDUCATION GUIDE 2013-2014



Preschool NAME




Concord Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Academy 1951 Derita Road, Concord


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 200; hours: 7am-6pm; NC 5-star rating; after-school care; special programs: YogaCalm, Calico Spanish, Handwriting Without Tears, Character Education, Creative Curriculum, Music and Movement. 6 weeks-12 years.

Dixon Academy Locations in Concord and Harrisburg

704-786-1550 | 704-455-2120


Before- and after-school programs; 5-star rating. 6 weeks-12 years.

Elite Preschool 4500 Motorsports Drive, Concord


$128-$315/ month

Student-teacher ratio: 5:1-7:1. Gymnastics, play. 2-5 years.

Kids R Kids of Concord 320 Coddle Market Drive, Concord


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 150; full day; financial aid and transportation available; NC Five Star and NC Division of Non-Public Education accreditatio; founded in 2009. 6 weeks-12 years.

Kings Keep Learning Center 7526 Ruben Linker Road, Concord


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 185; student-teacher ratio: 3:1-20:1; Kingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Way Baptist affiliation; before- and after-school care; full day. 6 weeks-12 years.

Primrose School at Afton Village 5401 Vining St. NW, Concord


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 140; student-teacher ratio: 4:1-12:1; full day; SACS CASI accredited; 5-star rating; founded in 2005. 6 weeks-12 years.

The Goddard School - Concord 10080 Edison Square Drive NW, Concord


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 115; full day; after-school care; FLEX Learning Program curriculum. 6 weeks-6 years.

Cramerton Christian Academy 426 Woodlawn Ext., Cramerton


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 100; Christian affiliation; full-day; license # 3659017; GS 110 accreditation; founded in 1973. 6 weeks-4 years.

New Covenant UMC 14514 Lucia-Riverbend Hwy. , Mount Holly


$150-$190/ month

Enrollment: 45; student-teacher ratio: 5:1-16:2; half day; WEE Learn curriculum; founded in 2010. Providing a safe, loving, Christ-centered environment.

Stowe Family YMCA 196 YMCA Drive, Belmont


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 5; student-to-teacher ratio: 6:1; half-day; financial aid available; founded in 2009. 2-5 years.

Chesterbrook Academy 143 Professional Park Drive, Mooresville


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 120; student-teacher ratio: 5:1-13:1; full-day; financial aid available; 5-star rating; founded in 2001. 6 weeks-PK2.

First Baptist Church Mooresville Preschool 150 S. Church St., Mooresville


$70-$220/ month

Enrollment: 75; student-teacher ratio: 1:4-1:8; half-day program; security coded facility. 12 mos-5 years.






| | EDUCATION GUIDE 2013-2014






Key Academy 878 E. Iredell Ave., Mooresville


$135-$335/ month

Enrollment: 32; student-teacher ratio: varies; half-day; Christian affiliation; founded in 2001. 2-5 years.

Lowe’s YMCA 170 Joe Knox Ave., Mooresville



Student-teacher ration: varies by age group; half-day; financial assistance available.1-5years. Strives to prepare and enhance children spiritually, physically and mentally.

Primrose School of Lake Norman 173 Raceway Drive, Mooresville


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 140; student-teacher ratio: 4:1-12:1; full day; SACS CASI accredited; 5-star rating; founded in 2005. 6 weeks-12 years.

Saint Patrick’s Preschool 201 Fairview Road, Mooresville


$125-$275/ month

Enrollment: 85; student-teacher ratio: 6:1-8:1; half day; Episcopal affiliation; founded 1998. 18 months-5 years.

Stepping Stones Academy 203 Singleton Road, Mooresville


$115-$250/ week

Enrollment: 130; Student-teacher ratio: 4:1-12:1. full-day; 5 star accreditation; license #49000459; transportation; founded in 2010. 0-5 years.

The Learning Experience CDC 123 Legacy Village Blvd., Mooresville


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 120; student-teacher ratio: 8:1-9:1; full-day; LEAP curriculum; 5-star rating; transportation available; founded in 2008. 6 weeks-5 years.

Southview Christian School 625 Wallace Springs Road, Statesville


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 143; student-to-teacher ratio: 15:1; Baptist affiliation; half-day; AACS accreditation; founded in 1971. K3-K4.

Statesville Christian School 1210 Museum Road, Statesville


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 10; student-teacher ratio: 11:1; full-day; nondenomination affiliation; financial aid available; after-school care; founded in 1995. The program is an academic program preparing students for kindergarten. 5 years-grade 12.


$201-$232/ week

Enrollment: 130; student-teacher ratio: 5:1-13:1; full day; NC four-star rating; founded in 2008. 6 weeks-PK.

Adventist Christian Academy 4601 Emory Lane



Student-teacher ratio: 4:1; Seventh-day Adventist affiliation; half- and full-day; SACS accreditation; founded in 1995. 4 years-grade 9.

Amity Weekday Preschool 2831 N. Sharon Amity Road


$185-$235/ month

Presbyterian affiliation; half day; founded in 1962. 1-4 years.

Anami Montessori School 2901 Archdale Drive



Enrollment: 50; student-teacher ratio: 12:1; half- and full-day; AMI accreditation; financial aid available; founded in 1986. 3-6 years.

Ballantyne Preschool of the Arts 11318 N. Community House Road


$235-$465/ month

Enrollment: 42; student-teacher ratio: 5:1-8:1; half day; arts-based program that includes drama, dance, music, cooking, and art studio. Financial assistance available. Founded 2011. 2-4 years.

Berean Junior Academy Preschool 3748 Beatties Ford Road


$137-$145/ week

Enrollment: 8; student-teacher ratio: 8:1; 4-star rating; Seventh Day Adventist affiliation; full-day; founded in 1933. 2 1/2-5 years.

Bridge the Gap Preschool 11800 Eastfield Road, Huntersville


$150-$250/ month

Enrollment: 29; student-teacher ratio: 10:1; half-day program; Christian affiliation. 5-day program. 3-TK.

Bright Horizons at Carillon 227 W. Trade St., Suite 410


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 18; student-teacher ratio: 18:2; hours: 7am-6pm; 4 star licensed; NAEYC accreditation; license #60002195; transportation and financial aid available; founded in 2003. The World at Their Fingertips curriculum is designed to inspire children at every age and stage. 6 weeks-5 years.

Bright Horizons at IBM Drive 6901 IBM Drive


Call for rates.

Student-teacher ratio: 4:1-12:1; hours: 7am-6:30pm; 5-star rating; programs: art lab, music lab, gymnastics, soccer shots; a Bright Horizons Family Solutions center; founded in 1997. 6 weeks-5 years.

Bright Horizons at The Learning Garden CDC 9625 David Taylor Drive


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 100; student-teacher ratio: 4:1-12:1; hours: 7am-6pm; 5-star rating; Child Care Resources accepted; The World at their Fingertips curriculum; founded in 2001. 6 weeks-5 years.

Brisbane Academy Preparatory School 5901 Statesville Road



Enrollment: 57; student-teacher ratio: 10:1; full day, after school care; SACS/CASI/NPSAA accreditation; financial aid available; founded in 1992. 3-4 years.

British American School of Charlotte 7000 Endhaven Lane


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 56; student-teacher ratio: 7:1-10:1; School-based Foundation Program; full day; part-time available for 2 and 3 year olds; after-school program; founded in 2004. 2-5 years.

Calvary CDC 5801 Pineville-Matthews Road


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 840; nondenominational affiliation; full day; founded in 1978. 6 months-5 years.

Carmel Baptist Wee School 1145 Pineville Matthews Road, Matthews


$100-$336/ week

Enrollment: 775; student-teacher ratio: 3:1-8:1; Baptist affiliation; half day; founded in 1970. 6 weeks-TK.

Carolina Montessori Academy 1524 Mt. Holly-Huntersville Road


$650-$750/ month

Enrollment: 15; student-teacher ratio: 12:2; full day; American Montessori accreditatio; founded in 1992. 2 1/2-6 years.

Cedarwood Academy 7300 Mallard Creek Road


Call for rates.

Preschool, K-1, homeschool enrichment classes and summer camp offered in a ourdoor classroom. 2-12 years.

Center for Children at Kilgo UMC 2101 Belvedere Ave.


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 85; student-teacher ratio: 4:1-10:1; full day; license #60000018; 5-star rating; transportation available; before and after-school care; children ages 2 and older attend weekly chapel as part of their weekly learning; founded in 1992. Infant-PK.

Central Church Weekday Preschool 5301 Sardis Road


$180-$300/ month

Mon-Thurs, half-day. Enrollment: 93; Student-to-Teacher Ratio:4:1-10:1; Religious Affiliation: Church of God; Year Founded:1999. 3 months - 4 years.

Charlotte CDC at St. Luke’s 3200 Park Road


$950-$1,100/ month

Enrollment: 71; full day; financial aid available; license #60003217; founded in 2010. 2 months-4 years.

Charlotte Montessori School 219 East Blvd.



American Montessori Society affiliated; full day; full or half-day options; nine or 12 month options; founded in 1971. 15 months-6 years.

LINCOLN COUNTY Chesterbrook Academy - Denver 7274 NC Hwy. 73, Denver









Charlotte Preparatory Early School 212 Boyce Road



Enrollment: 100; student-teacher ratio: 9:1; before- and after- school care; entrance criteria: interview; American Montessori Society, SACS/SAIS accreditation; founded in 1971. 2-1/2 to 5 years.

Charlotte United Christian Academy 7700 Wallace Road


$199-$379/ month

Enrollment: 50; student-teacher ratio: 6:1; half day, early care 7:30am, after-school care 4pm; founded in 1977. 3 months-4 years.

Chesterbrook Academy Multiple locations in Charlotte and Huntersville


Call for rates.

Enrollment: varies by location; student-teacher ratio: 5:1-20:1; full day; some 4-star ratngs. 6 weeks-PK2.

Child Learning Center at Matthews United Methodist Church 801 S. Trade St., Matthews


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 285; half day; United Methodist affiliation; programs: music, art, science, language arts, math, reading; founded in 1950. 1-5 years.

Childcare Network Locations in Charlotte, Matthews, Belmont, Gastonia and Cornelius.


Call for rates.

Full-day; some locations offer More at Four, a voluntary PK program designed to prepare at risk 4 year-olds for success in school. Infants-4 years.

Children of America - Charlotte 2102 Ben Craig Drive


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 95; Student-teacher ratio: 5:1; full day; financial aid and transportation available; founded in 1999. 0-12 years.

Children’s Lighthouse 10836 Monroe Road, Matthews


$195-$240/ week

Enrollment: 160; student-teacher ratio: 5:1-20:1; full-day; five-star rating; transportation and financial aid available; founded in 2007. 6 weeks-12 years.

Christ Lutheran Children’s Center 4519 Providence Road


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 270; student-teacher ratio: 4:1-9:1; half-day preschool and full-day center; GS 110 accreditation; founded in 1989. 6 weeks-5 years.

Christ the King Preschool 13501 S. Tryon St.


$220-$250/ month

Enrollment: 63; student-teacher ratio: 11:2-14:2; Lutheran affiliation; M-Th half day; founded in 1999. 2-4 years.

Christian Montessori School at Lake Norman 14101 Stumptown Road, Huntersville



Enrollment: 55; student-teacher ratio: 5:1-10:1; full day; License no: 60000973; financial aid available; founded in 1995. Infant-Pre K.

Christlife Little Learners 8617 Providence Road


Call for rates.

Half-day; accreditation: SACS-CASI Candidate Status; Curriculum varies with age. 1-5 years.

Community in Christ Lutheran Preschool 7621 Norman Island Drive, Cornelius


$200-$240/ month

Enrollment: 72; student-teacher ratio: 6:1; Lutheran affiliation; founded in 1998. 3-5 years.

Countryside Montessori School 4755 Prosperity Church Road



Enrollment: 525; student-teacher ratio: 12:1; non-denominational affiliation; entrance criteria: record review, observation and interview; accreditation: SAIS/SACS, American Montessori Society; before- and after-school care; founded in 1981. 2-6 years.




GOOD STUFF FOR YOUR PRESCHOOLER TO START HEALTHY HABITS EARLY Carrying toddler-friendly lunch containers, organic juiceboxes, pre-packaged healthy snacks and other yummy stuff that your kids will actually eat.

10225 Park Rd. Charlotte NC 28210 |

| | EDUCATION GUIDE 2013-2014







Covenant Presbyterian Preschool 1000 E. Morehead St.


$210-$325/ month

Enrollment: n/a; student-teacher ratio: 8:1-4:1; Presbyterian affiliation; half day; NAEYC accrediation; financial aid available; founded in 1977. 12 months-5 years.

Davidson Day School 750 Jetton St.Davidson



Enrollment: 515; student-teacher ratio: 7:1; SACS and SAIS accreditation; traditional (2-4 years.) and Montessori programs (3-5 years.); founded in 1999. 2 years-Grade 12.

Dilworth Church Weekday School 605 East Blvd.


$225-$320/ month

Enrollment: 64; student-teacher ratio: n/a; half day; 5-star rating; child development center available. 1-5 years.

Discovery Harbor Learning Center 8425 Discovery Lane


$200-$235/ week

Enrollment: 135; student-teacher ratio: 4:1-13:1; Full-day; 5-star accreditation; founded in 2006. 0-5 years.

Dixon Academy - Charlotte 2608 West Blvd.



Enrollment: 68, 5-star rating; parent cam on website; activities include art projects, science study, computer programs, math, outdoor play, cooking and literacy readiness. 6 weeks-12 years.

Gateway Academy Locations in Ballantyne, Huntersville, Charlotte

Call for rates.

Student-teacher ratio: 4:1-13:1; full-day; founded in 2001. 6 weeks-12 years.

Giving Tree CDC - The PreK at Giving Tree 178 Hwy. 274, Lake Wylie



Enrollment: 225; student-teacher ratio: 5:1, 6:1, 10:1; half day, full day extended care; license #17845; transportation available; curriculum: Pinnacle Curriculum, Handwriting Without Tears, Zoo Phonics, weekly Spanish, PC/iPad and etiquette classes; founded in 2004. 6 weeks-12 years.

Harris YMCA Preschool Academy 5900 Quail Hollow Road


$155-$285/ month

Enrollment: 110; student-teacher ratio: 12:2-17:2; Christian affiliation; half day; financial assistance available; founded in 2009. 2 years-TK.

Harrison Preschool 15008 Lancaster Hwy., Pineville


$190-$275/ month

Enrollment: 135; student-teacher ratio: 8:2-14:2; Methodist affiliation; half day; founded 1985. Transportation available. Christian-based program designed to provide an enriching play and learning environment for children below kindergarten age. 1-4 years.

Hawthorne Lane Preschool 501 Hawthorne Lane


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 105; student-teacher ratio: 4:1- 16:2; half-day; founded in 2008. 9 months-TK.

Hickory Grove Baptist Weekday Preschool 6050 Hickory Grove Road


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 100 students; student-teacher ratio: 16:2; Baptist affiliation; 3- and 5-day programs; Half-day and full-day; founded in 1977. 3-4 years.

Hickory Grove UMC Preschool 6401 Hickory Grove Road


$155-$220/ month

Student-teacher ratios: 5:1-10:1; Half-day. Labor Day to Memorial Day. Registration fee required. Ages 1-5.

Huntersville Presbyterian Church Preschool 201 S. Old Statesville Road, Huntersville


$150-$300/ month

Enrollment: 95; Tuition: $145-$300; Ration: 12:2-16:2; Classes: 2 to Transitional Kindergartenâ&#x20AC; founded in 1987. 2 years - TK.

Idlewild Baptist CDC 12701 Idlewild Road, Matthews


$170-$190/ week

Enrollment; 40; student-teacher ratio: 5:1-19-1; Baptist affiliation; full day; four-star rating; founded in 1991. 6 weeks-12 years.

Independence Hill Weekday Preschool 10220 Eastfield Road, Huntersville


$155-$210/ month

Enrollment: 70; half day; Baptist affiliation; financial aid available. 2-4 years.

Journey Christian Preschool 4906 Providence Road


$195-$345/ month

Enrollment: 56; student-teacher ratio: 8:1; half-day, extended full-day; a multicultural, Christian preschool with an academic focus; founded in 1985. 2 1/2-5 years.

Journey Montessori Academy 13601 S. Tryon St.


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 20; student-teacher ratio: 10:1; half-day; founded in 2008. 3-5 years.

Kids R Kids - The Academy at Blakeney 6250 Blakeney Park Drive


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 230; full-day; National Accreditations: NAEYC, AdvancED, N.C. Division of Non-Public Education; Private Kindergarten, Preschool, Afterschool Programs, Summer Camp; founded in 2005. 6 weeks-12 years.

Kids R Kids - University City 2115 Ben Craig Drive


$86-$275/ week

Enrollment: 220; full-day; transportation and financial aid available; founded in 2003. 6 weeks-12 years.

Kids R Kids of Lake Norman 9620 Northcross Center Court, Huntersville


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 136; student-teacher ratio varies by age; full day; five-star N.C. school; financial aid available; founded in 2002. 6 weeks-12 years.

Kids R Kids of Matthews 5549 Potter Road, Matthews


$124-$264/ week

Enrollment: 205; Student-teacher ratio: infants 3:1 up to 12 years. 20:1; full day; transportation and financial aid available; program is AdvancEd approved, curriculum is predicated on standards established by NAEYC; 5-star rating; founded in 2005. 6 weeks-12 years.

La Petite Academy 102 Commerce Center Drive, Huntersville


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 49; student-teacher ratio: 13:1; four-star rating; NECPA accreditation; theme-based journey program; additional locations throughout Charlotte. 6 weeks-12 years.

Lake Norman YMCA Preschool 21300 Davidson St., Cornelius


$154-$374/ month

Half-day. 1-4 years.

Lakeview Church Preschool 13925 Erwin Road



Enrollment: 80; Half-day; Assemblies of God affiliation; Essential for Preschool curriculum; founded in 1992. 18 months-4 years.

Lakewood Preschool Cooperative Corporation 3115 Kalynne St.


Tuition free.

Enrollment: 50; student-teacher ratio: 8:1; Half-day; founded in 1976. 3-5 years.

Lambs of Grace CDC 7000 Providence Road


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 45; student-teacher ratio: 4:1-9:1; Grace Lutheran Church affiliation; full-day; 5-star rating; founded in 2002. 0-5 years.

Little Scholars Academy of LKN 16325 Northcross Drive, Huntersville


$125-$325/ monthly

Student-teacher ratio: 1:3-1:9; half-day; serving typically developing children and those with special needs. Provides an environment for children to meet optimum physical, social, emotional, intellectual and aesthetic growth. 6 months-5 years.

Matthews Country Day 10540 Monroe Road, Matthews


$182-$215/ week

Enrollment: 130; student-teacher ratio: 5:1-13:1; Christian Principles affiliation; Five Star Program; hours: full-day; license #6055653; founded in 1967. 6 weeks-5 years.







Morrison Family YMCA Children’s Academy 9405 Bryant Farms Road


$195-$395/ month

Enrollment: 142; student-teacher ratio: 4:1-8:1; half-day; financial-aid available; founded in 2005. A Christian-based learning program that promotes self-esteem, learning and confidence through active exploration and play.18 months-TK.

Mt. Harmony Baptist Church Weekday Preschool 2817 Mt. Harmony Church Road, Matthews


$175-$275/ week

Enrollment: 41; student-teacher ratio: 12:1-14:1; half-day; founded in 1988. 3-5 years.

Myers Park Baptist Through the Week School 1900 Queens Road


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 192; student-teacher ratio: 4:2-8:2; half day; NAEYC accreditation; financial aid available; founded in 1955. 1-5 years.

Myers Park Presbyterian Church Weekday School 2501 Oxford Place


$252-$1,093/ month

Enrollment: 289; student-teacher ratio: 4:1-8:1; Full/half day; financial aid and transportation available; NAEYC accreditation; 5-star rating; founded in 2010. 6 weeks-5 years.

Northside Christian Academy for Early Learning 333 Jeremiah Blvd.


$350-$892/ month

Enrollment: 140; student-to-teacher ratio: 5:1-15:1; Baptist affiliation; full day and half day; child care for ages 6 weeks-2 years. old; founded 1967. 6 weeks-4 years.

Omni Montessori School 9536 Blakeney Heath Road


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 200; student-teacher ratio: 25:2, lessons given one-on-one; every classroom has outdoor garden space; hours: vary by age and program; founded in 1985. 3 years.-Grade 9.

Open Door School 234 N. Sharon Amity Road


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 101; Nonsectarian affiliation; founded in 1966. Openings for 2 and 3 year olds. 2-5 years.

Pal-A-Roos - Huntersville 12700 Statesville Road, Huntersville


$210-$250/ week

Enrollment: 120; Student-teacher ratio: 6:1-13:1; full-day; 4-star rating; fully OSHA compliant. Provides a nurturing and supportive environment, rich in learning, where children can achieve their full potential. 6 weeks-12 years.

Peace Preschool 4418 Rea Road


$235-$320/ month

Half-day program that offers nurturing and learning in a Christian environment; 18 months-5 years.

Pineville UMC Preschool 110 S. Polk St., Pineville



Wee Learn curriculum. Spanish, science, music and chapel are included in tuition. 6 months-4 years.

Primrose Schools Various locations in metro-Charlotte area

Call for rates.

Enrollment: varies by location; student-teacher ratio: 4:1-12:1; full-day; CITA/SACS/CASI accredited; five-star rating. 6 weeks-5 years. Locations in Ballantyne, Cornelius, Huntersville, Matthews and Steele Creek.

Providence Baptist Weekday Education Ministry 4921 Randolph Road

704-366-4030 ext. 129

$225-$1,075/ month

Enrollment: 160; student-teacher ratio: 1:4-1:8; half day and full day; Baptist affiliation; founded in 1965. Play-based program in a church setting that fosters growth in all developmental areas and includes enrichment such as music, storytelling, chapel and fitness. 8 weeks- 5 years.

Providence Preparatory School 3031 Providence Road


$27-$329/ week

Enrollment: 160; Student-teacher ratio: 14:1-4:1; full-day; NC Star Rated License; curriculum: Creative Curriculum (0-2 years.), Handwriting Without Tears (4-5 years.),†The American School of Protocol (3-5 years.), Baby Signs, Foreign Language;†transportation and after-school care available. 6 weeks-PK.



pediatric dentristy & orthodontics ...personalized

Mecklenburg County ·(704) 348-2181 Cabarrus County (704) 786-1024 Union County (704) 238-8800 Rowan County (704) 210-1008 Stanly County (704) 550-0103

in tune with E duca tion s of your child the need

Why Choose South Charlotte Baptist Academy?

Distinctively Christian Education Low student-teacher ratios – Average 10 to 1 Extended Hours – 7:30am-6:00pm Kindergarten* – Grade 12 Preschool K-3** & K4* – Half & Full Day Programs Near Carolina Place Mall

*Age 4 or 5 by 10/31. **Age 3 by 12/31.


call us at (704) 759-0000

704-544-READ (7323) | EDUCATION GUIDE 2013-2014










Rainbow Station 9829 Providence Road W.


Call for rates.

Enrollment 300; full day; license #60002915; after-school care; transportation and financial aid available; founded in 2008. 0-5 years.

Sardis Presbyterian Weekday School 6100 Sardis Road


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 100; half day; readiness-oriented program for 3’s and 4’s, play-based as well; founded in 1952. 6 months-4 years.

Sharon Presbyterian Weekday School 5201 Sharon Road


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 140; student-to-teacher ratio: 9:2-16:2; Presbyterian affiliation; full-day; financial aid available; founded in 1957. 1-5 years.

Shining Stars Academy CDC 910 E. Arrowood Road


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 70; student-teacher ratio: 5:1-13:1; full-day; 5 star rating; license #60002839; subsidy accepted; founded in 2005. 6 weeks-5 years.

Siskey Preschool Academy 9760 Happy Valley Drive


$175-$474/ month

Student-teacher ratio: 1:6-1:8; half-day; financial assistance available; 2-5 years.

St. Alban’s Weekday Preschool From:


St. John’s Baptist Weekday School 300 Hawthorne Lane


advertising proof $170-$310/ Telephone: Enrollment: 78; student-teacher ratio: 11:2-15:2; Episcopal affiliation; Fax: half-day. 2-4 years.

301 Caldwell Lane, Davidson

month 704.248.5226

St. Martin’s EpiscopalifPreschool 704-376-0688 ox below and note changes, any. (Maximum two proofs.) 1510 E. 7th St. fax noted above or e-mail no later than OCTOBER 7, 2013. St. Stephen United


Enrollment: 74; Meet or exceed class size/student ratio and NC State teacher/student ratios; half day; drop-in programs available. Founded in 1990. 6 months-TK.

Call for rates.

Enrollment: 50 families; student-teacher ration: 5:1-8:1; flexible scheduling available. 1-5 years.


Enrollment: 150; student-teacher ratio: 4:2-16:2; half-day Sept.-May; founded in 1970. 6 months-TK.

billed accordingly ifMethodist changes Preschool or approval are not submitted by return date noted above.month


6800 Sardis Road


$45-$285/ month



St. Vincent de Paul Preschool 6827 Old Reid Road


$195-$290/ month

Student-teacher ratio: 6:1-8:1 Catholic affiliation; half-day. 2-4 years.

Stone Bridge Preschool 3700 Prosperity Church Road


$165-$225/ month

Enrollment: 110; student-teacher ratio: 12:2-16:2; half-day; Christian affiliation; Teacher-generated curriculum; founded in 1996. 2-5 years.

n YES! I want to reach 39,000 web-savvy parents this month on! Please contact me about web advertising!

The Children’s Circle at 704-376-5208 $245-$410/ Enrollment: 200; Creative curriculum; Methodist affiliation; half-day; founded in 1946. 1-5 years. Myers Park UMC month ____________________________________ __________________________ ________________________________________ 1501 Queens Road


Website address

The Children’s House Montessori Preschool 404 Armour St. Davidson

704-975-6753 the


Experienced, respectful teachers provide holistic and individualized teaching that addresses the cognitive, emotional, physical and social needs of each child, while utilizing the proven principles of Montessori to encourage independence and a love of learning. 2-6 years.

The Children’s Schoolhouse 17616 Caldwell Station Road, Huntersville


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 27; Student-teacher ratio: 10:1; half-day; financial aid and transportation available; child-driven emergent curriculum; founded in 1971. 3-5 years.


• Headaches


• Pain

• Autism

• Depression


• Sleep Disorder

• Anxiety

• Tics

For a complimentary half-hour phone consultation to discuss how we can help, contact our clinical director, Kim Phillips, at 704.543.0178.


7820 Ballantyne Commons Parkway, Ste 106, Charlotte, NC 28277







The Goddard School 9631 Northeast Pkwy.


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 75; five-star rating; license #60002854; founded in 2001. 6 weeks-6 years.

The Goddard School - Charlotte II 13820 Ballantyne Corporate Place


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 150; Five-star rating; license #60002511; founded in 2005. 6 weeks-6 years.

The Goddard School - Cornelius 18110 Manhattan Pkwy., Cornelius


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 125; student-teacher ratio: 4:1-12:1; five-star rating; license #60001875; founded in 2001. 6 weeks-6 years.

The Learning Center at Everest 103 Parr Drive, Huntersville


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 12; student-to-teacher ratio: 6:1; half-day; founded in 2005. 3-4 years.

The Learning Experience CDC 3937 W. Arrowood Road


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 115; Student-teacher ratio: 10:1; full-day; programs: Fun with Phonics, L.E.A.P., founded in 2009. 6 weeks-5 years.

The Learning Experience CDC 11625 Providence Road West


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 181; full-day; curriculum: Little Learners, Fun with Phonics and L.E.A.P; special programs: computers, music, dancing and more. 6 weeks-12 years.

The Learning Experience Child Develpment Center - Huntersville 16604 Old Statesville Road, Huntersville


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 83; full-day; after-school care; curriculum: Little Learners, Fun with Phonics and L.E.A.P 6 weeks-5 years.

The Sunshine House Various locations in metro-Charlotte area


Call for rates.

Full-day; The Creative Curriculum; transportation and financial aid available; founded in 1975. 0-12 years.

Tutor Time Learning Center Various locations in metro-Charlotte area.


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 195; student-teacher ratio: 4:1-13:1; 4-star rating in some locations; full-day; LifeSmart curriculum; transportation available; full and part-time options; founded in 2002. Locations in Concord, Mallard Creek, Matthews, Mint Hill, Mooresville and Steele Creek. 6 weeks-12 years.

University CDC at Highland Creek 6025 Clarke Creek Pkwy.


$154-$244/ week

Enrollment: 104; student-teacher: 4:1-9:1; half day and full day; founded in 2001. 6 weeks-12 years.

University CDC at North Cross 16701 North Cross Drive, Huntersville


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 98; student-teacher ratio: 4:1-12:1; half day and full day; license #60000296; transportation available; founded in 1993. 6 weeks-12 years.

University City YMCA Preschool 8100 Old Mallard Creek Road


$152-$362/ month

Student-teacher ratio: varies by age group; half-day; focuses on five building blocks: socialization, fine and gross motor skills, education and healthy choices. 2-4 years.

Weaver Preschool 2022 W. Sugar Creek Road

704-596-2356 weaver_preschool.htm

Call for rates.

Enrollment: 22; student-teacher ratio: 6:1-11:1; Cole Memorial Methodist Church affiliation; half-day; founded in 2001. 2-4 years.

The Goddard School - Waxhaw 1528 Providence Road South, Waxhaw


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 80; Student-teacher ratio: 4:1-10:1; license #90000396; founded in 2010. 6 weeks-6 years.

Ivybrook Academy - Weddington 9801 Suzanne Court, Weddington


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 240; student-teacher ratio: 4:1-10:1. Half-day preschool committed to balanced education. 18 months-5 years.

Weddington Christian Preschool 13901 Providence Road, Weddington


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 250; student-teacher ratio: 7:1; United Methodist affiliation; half day; curriculum: Bible, The Creative Curriculum and Handwriting Without Tears ; founded in 1986. 2-TK.

Childrensâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Ministries Preschool MillGrove United Methodist Church 7311 Mill Grove Road, Indian Trail


$175-$265/ month

Methodist affiliation; half day; 2-5 day options; founded in 2011. 12 months-5 years.

My First School 6810 Creft Circle, Indian Trail


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 93; student-teacher ratio: 5:1-8:1;half-day; Christian affiliation; theme-based curriculum; after-school care available until 5pm; founded in 1999. 2-5 years.

STEPâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Developmental Academy 108 South Indian Trail Road, Indian Trail


Call for rates.

Student-teacher ratio: 3:1; full-day; before and after school care; NC Five Star Center; founded in 2003. 2-12 years.

The Goddard School - Indian Trail 1004 Harvest Red Road, Indian Trail


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 120; Five-star rating; full-day; license #90000372; founded in 2009. 6 weeks-6 years.

Fort Mill Prep and Cooperative Preschool 2721 Old Nation Road, Fort Mill, SC


$175-$220/ week

Enrollment: 75; hours: full-day; Advocates for Better Childcare accreditation; license #17920; South Carolina Certified Infant and Toddler Program; certified teachers; founded in 2000. 0-12 years.

Ivybrook Academy - Fort Mill 873 Dave Gibson Blvd., Fort Mill, SC


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 220; student-teacher ratio: 4:1-10:1. Half-day preschool committed to balanced education. 18 months-5 years.

Kids R Kids of Fort Mill 3009 Hwy. 160 W., Fort Mill, SC


Schedule a tour for rates.

Enrollment: 146; Student-teacher ratio: 4:1-17:1; full-day; after-school care; theme-based curriculum. 6 weeks-12 years.

Preschool on the Greenway 971 Tom Hall St., Fort Mill, SC



Enrollment: Founded 1987. 3-4 years.

The Goddard School 415 Clouds Way, Rock Hill, SC


Call for rates.

Student-teacher ratio: low. Kindergarten readiness. Founded in 2013. 6 weeks - 5 years.

The Goddard School - Fort Mill 868 Gold Hill Road, Fort Mill, SC


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 140; license #60002511; full and part-time options; founded in 2009. 6 weeks-6 years.

Ultimate Life Preschool Academy 377 Rubin Center Drive, Suite 125, Fort Mill, SC


Call for rates.

Enrollment: 15; student-teacher ratio: 6:1; full-day; founded in 2005. 2-5 years.





Information was provided by preschools and obtained via inquiry and form submissions. Data was edited for clarity and omitted if incomplete. If you have a question about this guide or would like to be listed, contact

Search for preschools near you at | EDUCATION GUIDE 2013-2014







emember walking through the door of your fourth grade classroom, and being greeted by the fragrance of freshly-sharpened pencils? Or lovingly wrapping up your math book in brown paper, rendering it a present to be opened later, spilling the secrets of the order of operations or solid figures? When your child walks through that same fourth grade door now, their classroom looks vastly different. Those pencils aren’t as necessary when you’re creating a shared document of vocabulary words on your iPad mini. No need to cover that textbook with brown paper when it’s been replaced with an app that allows students to watch and listen to a teacher guiding them through a pre-algebra problem. Welcome to the new digital classroom, where the traditional textbook is beginning to take a backseat to devices and technology.


Is the k o o b t x Te Dead?

Ch-ch-ch-changes The fact that our educational system is shifting into the digital age may come as no surprise to parents. Mooresville Graded School District set a precedent and made national headlines back in 2007 for its digital conversion, equipping nearly 4,500 students in grades four-12 with laptops, as well as outfitting the younger grades with SMART Board technology. What parents may be surprised to learn, however, is how quickly that digital landscape is changing, in all districts. Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Superintendent Heath Morrison hired a team, led by Valerie Truesdale, chief learning services officer, to create within schools an environment ready for digital transformation. “Our vision is to equip our teaching spaces with infrastructure necessary to access the world and build capacity of our teachers in using




digital tools to increase student engagement,” says Truesdale. “Nothing replaces a high-quality teacher in the classroom, skilled at stretching all learners. Technology engages students at high levels so that highly skilled teachers can reach more students, better.” Truesdale adds that accountability is moving towards the future, with a personalized, individualized plan for learning, including an electronic portfolio that can be developed for each student over the next few years.

How is it Happening? Many school systems are accomplishing this vision by partnering with providers of digital textbooks and curriculum-based digital content. CMS has partnered with Discovery Education. According to Connie Rechner, senior vicepresident of Discovery Education, “the mission of Discovery Education is to support educators with digital solutions, customized professional development, and the largest teacher community of its kind, empowering them to prepare today’s students for success in our increasingly global society.” Discovery Education Streaming Plus provides instructional videos, skill builders, games, audio files, images, writing prompts and encyclopedia articles. Students in the middle schools are also given social studies and science techbook, replacing traditional textbooks. This is possible through the expansion of laptop carts and the Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) program that CMS is piloting, allowing students to bring in their own devices for learning purposes. All CMS school buildings now have WiFi access with mobile units soon to follow. Rechner has high compliments for how CMS has approached the integration. “What makes

the CMS team truly different is that they are leading this digital conversion with sound instructional strategy and curriculum, not with devices. That, in and of itself, will make all the difference for the school children of CMS and the educators who are serving them,” she says. Issue:

Education Guide 2013

At the Private School Level

advertising From:



Within the private schools, the change is happening as well. 1. Check the appropriate box below and note changes, if any. (Maximum two proofs.) Providence Day School is piloting a program in which student 2. Sign, date and returneach via fax noted above or e-mail no later than 10/4/13. in grades four, six and nine receives iPad that This an ad will runMini as is and youthey will beretain billed accordingly if changes or approval are not submitted by return date noted above. throughout the years. In addition to accessing apps and digital APPROVED AS IS APPROVED w/CORRECTIONS NOTED SUBM textbooks, they use the iPads to build their own digital libraries and take Coursera courses. Coursera — an education company that INCLUDE A COUPON ON CHARLOTTEPARENT.COM FOR THE MONTH FOR $5 offers free online courses — is already being utilized in a unique Your coupon will be online for one full month AND on the bottom of our monthly e-newsletter. way at the high school level. One class, modern and contemporary American poetry, is being taught in part by a University of Pennsylvania professor, and students can engage in online discourse ___________________________________________________________ __________________________ ___________________ with other students from aroundSignature the world. Date Website address Matt Scully has been Providence Day’s director of technology for the last eight years. He also instructs a ninth-grade English course, so he witnesses firsthand how to blend curriculum with technology. One example of how technology is being utilized in class is how he and many teachers can borrow chapters from different sources to put together digital packets of information that act like textbooks, but in a way that’s more meaningful and pertinent to the class.


Looking Ahead, What We’re Leaving Behind So, exactly what will your kindergartner’s classroom look like once he or she reaches middle school? With technology changing so rapidly, anyone’s guess is a good one. But it’s likely it will look less and less like the traditional classroom. The digital classroom of tomorrow is becoming even more of a global, multi-pronged approach, as more and more teachers are utilizing the flipped classroom concept. This is a form of blended learning, in which students learn the new content at home, usually via videos prepared by the teacher or a third source, such as Khan Academy. The next day, the assigned problems that used to be homework are worked on in class, with the aid of the teacher. This allows students to ask more personalized questions, and for the teacher to zero in on each child’s specific challenges. As for the future, maybe your child will one day be teaching you Mandarin that they learned in a blended classroom, taught by a professor in China. Amy Salvatore Reiss is a freelance writer and mother of two who lives in Davidson. This year, her first grader is interacting with other students from around the world via video-conferencing to learn about the endangered White Rhino.

Carolina STEM


Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

Opening WWW.CAROLINASTEM.ORG A tuition-free public charter high school providing an academically challenging and rigorous Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education.

Fall 2014

The Male Leadership Academy of Charlotte

Enrolling Now!

“Preparing Boys to be Men of Character” Common Core Curriculum Faith based n All Male School n Year Round School n Small Class Sizes n n

Now Enrolling K-4th Grade | 704-405-2012 012 | EDUCATION GUIDE 2013-2014


Jim was cleaning the gutters. Now, he’s at Concentra Urgent Care.

Life interrupted? Have an illness or injury that

needs immediate treatment, but isn’t a medical emergency? Concentra Urgent Care provides families with quality medical care. Most insurance accepted. Open extended weekday, weekend, and holiday hours in many locations. We treat: • Cough, cold, and flu • Sore throats and sinus infections • Minor cuts and scratches • Sprains, strains, and broken bones • Ear and eye infections We also provide: • Camp and sports physicals • Vaccinations • Physicals • Physical therapy • X-rays and lab facilities†

4 Locations in Charlotte. †Tests, prescriptions, and X-ray services as deemed necessary by medical provider. ©2013 Concentra Operating Corporation

CONC-1303G Charlotte-UC-ParentMag-7.125x4.5-Ladder-F.indd 1




9/17/13 8:59 AM

Private Schools NAME





Cannon School 5801 Poplar Tent Road, Concord




Enrollment: 938; student-teacher ratio: 9:1; special programs: college prep; before- and after-school care; SACS and SAIS accreditation; entrance criteria: testing, interview observation and record review; founded in 1969.

Christ the King Catholic High School 10877 Crusader Way, Kannapolis



$8,942 $12,735

Enrollment: 100; special programs: college prep, 1-1 lap top program; Catholic affiliation; SACS/CASI accreditation; entrance criteria: testing and record review; founded in 2011. Will add grade 12 in fall of 2014.

First Assembly Christian School 154 Warren C. Coleman Blvd., Concord




Enrollment: 620; student-teacher ratio: 20:1; special programs: gifted &amp; talented, college prep; before- and after-school care; Assemblies of God affiliation; ACSI and SACS accreditation; entrance criteria: interview and record review; founded in 1976.

Hope Academy 7655 Bruton Smith Blvd., Concord


K-7, (adding one grade per year)

$3,800-4,000/ year

Enrollment: 115 student-teacher ratio: 16:1; nondenominational Christian affiliation; entrance criteria: record review and interview; special programs: College Prep; University Model School (combining three days or professional instruction with two days of at-home tutoring); serves both typically developing children and those with special needs.

New Life Christian Academy 4065 Poplar Tent Road, Concord




Enrollment: 41; student-teacher ratio: 10:1; special classes in art, science, Spanish; A Beka and accelerated Christian education curriculum; before- and after-school care; entrance criteria: placement tests and interview; founded in 1997.

Cramerton Christian Academy 426 Woodlawn Extension, Cramerton


6 weeksGrade 12


Enrollment: 500; student-teacher ratio: 17:1; Baptist affiliation; NPSAA accredited; entrance criteria: interview, record review, testing; beforeand after-school care; special programs: college prep, fine arts and athletics; founded in 1974.

First Wesleyan Christian School 208-A S. Church St., Gastonia


2yrs-Grade 8


Enrollment: 240; student-teacher ratio: 12:1; before- and after-school care; special programs: college prep and public speaking; Wesleyan affiliation; entrance criteria: testing, interview and record review; founded in 1971.

Gaston Christian School 1625 Lowell Bethesda Road, Gastonia




Enrollment: 875; student-teacher ratio: n/a; special programs: college prep; before- and after-school care; SACS accreditation; nondenominational affiliation; founded in 1979.

Gaston Day School 2001 Gaston Day School Road, Gastonia




Enrollment: 507; student-teacher ratio: 10:1; special program: college prep; after-school care; NAIS, NCAIS, SAIS, NC Dept of Education accreditation; entrance criteria: testing, interview, observation and record review; founded in 1967.

St. Michael Catholic School 704 St. Michael Lane, Gastonia




Enrollment: 188; student-teacher ratio: 15:1; special programs: learning disabilities; after-school care; Catholic affiliation; SACS accreditation; entrance criteria: testing and record review; founded in 1942.

Victory Christian Academy 310 Carolina Ave., Gastonia




Enrollment: 113; student-teacher ratio: 10:1; A Beka Christian Curriculum; special programs:â&#x20AC;&#x161;P.E., art and music.

Liberty Preparatory Christian Academy 246 Blume Road, Mooresville


K-11 (adding a grade every year)


Enrollment: 225; student-teacher ratio: 8:1-16:1; special programs: University-Model School (students are on school campus M/Tu/Th and complete instructor-prepared lessons at home with parents W/F), college prep; Christian affiliation.

Southview Christian School 625 Wallace Springs Road, Statesville




Enrollment: 144; student-teacher ratio: 10:1; after-school care; Baptist affiliation; AACS, NCCSA accreditation; entrance criteria: interview; founded in 1971.

Statesville Christian School 1210 Museum Road, Statesville




Enrollment: 230; special programs: college prep, AP Courses, Athletics, sport teams, music, drama, internships, overseas mission trips, local missions, daily Mooresville Bus service; after-school care; accredited; entrance criteria: testing, interview, observation; statement of faith agreement and record review; founded in 1995.

Statesville Montessori School 1012 Harmony Drive, Statesville




Enrollment: 115; student-teacher ratio: 9:1; before- and after-school care; entrance criteria: testing, interview and record review; founded in 1979.

Woodlawn School 135 Woodlawn School Loop, Mooresville



$12,600 $14,900

Enrollment: 210; student-teacher ratio: 7:1; special programs: College Prep; SAIS and SACS accreditation; entrance criteria: testing, interview, observation and record review; founded in 2002.




* Annual unless otherwise noted | EDUCATION GUIDE 2013-2014










Enrollment: 45; student-teacher ratio: n/a; Christian affiliation; founded in 1984.

Adventist Christian Academy 4601 Emory Lane




Enrollment: 80; student-teacher ratio: 6:1-10:1; special programs: band, choir, bells, art, Spanish and sports; SACS, NCPSA and AAA accreditation; founded in 1989.

Anami Montessori School 2901 Archdale Drive


3-12 years


Enrollment: 75; student-teacher ratio: 12:1; Association Montessori International accreditation; entrance criteria: record review, interview and observation; founded in 1986.

Back Creek Christian Academy 1827 Back Creek Church Road




Enrollment: 207; student-teacher ratio: 12:1; Christian affiliation; SACS and ACSI accreditation; entrance criteria: testing, interview, observation and record review; founded in 1999.

Berean Junior Academy 3748 Beatties Ford Road




Enrollment: 55; student-teacher ratio: 15:1; Seventh Day Adventist affiliation; entrance criteria: interview and record review; founded in 1933.

Bethune Mays Classical Academy 800 Briar Creek Road, Suite DD400




Enrollment: 20; student-teacher ratio: 10:1; entrance criteria: testing, interview and record review; founded in 2010.

Bible Baptist Christian School 2724 Margaret Wallace Road, Matthews




Enrollment: 170; student to teacher ratio: 10:1; special programs: college prep; before- and after-school care; Baptist affiliation; NCCSA and AACS members; entrance criteria: testing, interview, observation of child and record review; founded in 1976.

British American School of Charlotte 7000 Endhaven Lane


Ages 2-16

$8,385 $19,150

Enrollment: 145; student-teacher ratio: 10:1; before- and after-school care; entrance criteria: interview, observation of child and record review; also offer extensive after-school enrichment program; founded in 2004.

Brookstone Schools 2414 Lester St.




Enrollment: 110; student-teacher ratio: 1:10; Christian affiliation; entrance criteria: record review, interview, and testing; founded in 2001. Fees/ tuition: Dependent upon income.

Carmel Christian School 1145 Pineville-Matthews Road, Matthews


Grade: K-12


Enrollment: 717; Student-Teacher Ratio: 11:1; special programs: fine arts, athletics, ARRC (Academic Resource and Research Center); Southern Baptist affiliation; SACS-CASI and ACSI accreditation; entrance criteria: testing, interview, observation and record review; founded in 1993.

Cedarwood Academy 7300 Mallard Creek Road


Ages 2-14

Call for rates

Enrollment: 14; Student-Teacher Ratio: 5:1; special programs: inspiring forest, outdoor classroom, preschool, K-1, homeschool enrichment classes, and summer camps. Founded 2010.

Charlotte Catholic High School 7702 Pineville-Matthews Road



$8,942 $12,735

Enrollment: 1,418; student-teacher ratio: 18:1 special programs: college prep, 1 to 1 MacBook Pro Technology Infusion Program; Catholic affiliation; SACS/CASI accreditation; entrance criteria: testing and record review; founded in 1955.

Charlotte Christian School 7301 Sardis Road




Enrollment: 1,014; student-teacher ratio: 10:1; special programs: accelerated reader and STAR reading program; lower school STEM science lab; broadcasting, visual and performing arts; athletic teams and extracurricular clubs; after-school care; and summer camp programs; Christian affiliation, nondenominational affiliation; SACS/CASI accreditation; entrance criteria: testing, interview, observation and record review; founded in 1950.

Charlotte Country Day School 1440 Carmel Road




Enrollment: 1,620; student-teacher ratio: 10:1; special programs: international baccalaureate, international studies, ESL and college prep; before- and after-school care; SACS and SAIS accreditation; entrance criteria: testing, interview, observation and record review; founded in 1941.

Charlotte Islamic Academy 4301 Shamrock Drive




Enrollment: 210; special programs: Islamic, Quranic, college prep; after-school tutoring.

Charlotte Jewish Day School 5007 Providence Road, Suite 110 Bldg. E




Enrollment: 100; student-teacher ratio: 12:1; Jewish affiliation; SACS/SAIS accreditation; entrance criteria: testing, interview, observation and record review; founded in 1988.

Charlotte Latin School 9502 Providence Road




Enrollment: 1,400; student-teacher ratio: 10:1; after-school care; religious affiliation: Non-Sectarian; Accreditation: SAIS/SACS; special programs: college prep, international studies; entrance criteria: record review, observation, interview, testing; founded in 1970.

Charlotte Preparatory School 212 Boyce Road


2.5 yearsGrade 8


Enrollment: 350; student-teacher ratio: 12:1; special programs: leadership curriculum, inquiry-based science and college prep; before- and after-school care; financial aid available. SACS and SAIS accreditation; entrance criteria: testing, observation and record review; founded in 1971.

Charlotte United Christian Academy 7640 Wallace Road




Enrollment: 147; student-teacher ratio: 4:1-12:1; special programs: Gifted program, IEP and ABA students; ACSI member; non-denominational affiliation; founded in 2009.

Chesterbrook Elementary at Birkdale 15115 Norman View Lane, Huntersville


2 1/2 yearsGrade 5

$949-$987/ month

Enrollment: 115; student-teacher ratio: 12:1 elementary; entrance criteria: record review, observation, interview and testing; founded in 2000.

Countryside Montessori School 4755 Prosperity Church Road; 9026 Mallard Creek Road; and 4125 Johnston Oehler Road




Enrollment: 525; student-teacher ratio: 12:1; non-denominational affiliation; entrance criteria: record review, observation and interview; accreditation: SAIS/SACS, American Montessori Society; before- and after-school care; founded in 1981.

Covenant Classical School 3200 Patrick Henry Drive, Concord




Enrollment: 215; student-teacher ratio: 18:1; special programs: college prep; after-school care; Christian affiliation; entrance criteria: record review, interview and testing; founded in 1996.

Covenant Day School 800 Fullwood Lane, Matthews




Enrollment: 840; after-school care; Christian affiliation; SACS and CSI accreditation; founded in 1989.

Creative Pathways Virtual Learning Academy 15733 Wood Duck Crossing



Contact for pricing

Committed to providing an enlightening educational program for all students needing an alternative, creative pathway to graduation by offering and delivering high-quality online curriculum and educational support to students of all ages.

Davidson Day School 750 Jetton St., Davidson




Enrollment: 515; student-teacher ratio: 9:1; special programs: gifted and talented, college prep and individualized student growth plans; beforeand after-school care; SACS and SAIS accreditation; entrance criteria: testing, observation, interview and record review; founded in 1999.

Evelyn Mack Academy 6850 Monroe Road




Enrollment: 35; student-teacher ratio: n/a; special programs: learning disabilities, ESL, college prep, after-school enrichment, tutoring and summer school; NIPSA accreditation; entrance criteria: testing, interview and record review; founded in 1998.

Grace Covenant Academy 17301 Statesville Road, Cornelius




Enrollment: 130; student-teacher ratio: 17:1 with floating assistant; after-school care and financial aid available; founded in 2001.

LINCOLN COUNTY Long Shoals Wesleyan Academy 3032 Wesleyan Church Road, Lincolnton

Private School





* Annual unless otherwise noted





Holy Trinity Catholic Middle School 3100 Park Road




Enrollment: 871; student-teacher ratio: 14:1; special programs: gifted &amp; talented, before- and after-school care; SACS/CASI accreditation; Catholic affiliation; entrance criteria: record review; founded in 1995.

The John Crosland School 5146 Parkway Plaza Blvd.




Enrollment: 90; student-teacher ratio: 7:1; special programs: learning disabilities, ADHD, college prep; sports; morning and afternoon extended day program; SAIS and SACS accreditation; entrance criteria: testing, interview, observation and record review; founded in 1978.

The Male Leadership Academy 5901 Nations Ford Road


K-4 (adding a grade each year)


Enrollment: 17; Student-teacher ratio 1:10; Provides a holistic, high quality education that develops young men into world-class leaders. Founded in August 2013.

Lake Norman Christian From:School 251 South St., Davidson


Mountain Island Day School 8101 Fallsdale Drive


advertising proof

TK-11 $6,995-$8,925 Telephone:


below and note changes, if any. (Maximum two proofs.) Northside Christian Academy 704-599-9015 Jeremiah Blvd. 4, 2013. noted above or333e-mail no later than OCTOBER


Our Lady Of The Assumption Catholic School 4225 Shamrock Drive


TK-9 (adding a grade each year)


Enrollment: 380; student-teacher ratio: 12:1; Christian affiliation; special programs: advanced placement and learning disabilities, summer camp, clubs; before and after school care; NC Department of Education accreditation; founded in 2005.



Enrollment: 480; student-teacher ratio: 16:1; special programs: college prep, honors, advanced placement; Christian affiliation; SACS/ACSI accreditation; entrance criteria: testing, interview and record review; founded in 1961.


Enrollment: 200; student to teacher ratio: 12:1; AMI accreditation; entrance criteria: interview and observation; founded in 1985.


Enrollment: 147; student-teacher ratio: 10:1; special programs: gifted and talented, English as a second language; before- and after-school care; Catholic affiliation; SACS/CASI accreditation; entrance criteria: record review and testing; founded in 1948.

led accordingly if changes or approval are not submitted704-541-1326 by return date noted above. 3 yearsOmni Montessori 9536 Blakeney-Heath Road

Enrollment: 100; student-teacher ratio:Fax: n/a; before- and after-school care, scholarships and financial aid available; athletic program and fine arts; founded in 2008.

Grade 9



INCLUDE APalisades COUPON ON CHARLOTTEPARENT.COM FOR THE MONTH FOR $50! Episcopal School 704-583-1825 JK-8 $5,150Enrollment: 163; student-teacher ratio: 10:1; Christian affiliation; before- and after-school care; entrance criteria: testing, interview, observation and record $11,285 e-newsletter. review; founded in 2006. Rigorous, integrated classical curriculum emphasizes critical thinking and problem-solving skills; middle school sports program. Your coupon13120 willGrand be Palisades onlinePkwy. for one full month AND on the bottom of our monthly Paw Creek Christian Academy 5110 Tuckaseegee Road



K-12: $3,750/ year; PK: $120/week

Student-teacher ratio: 9:1; ABEKA and Bob Jones Academic Curriculums; before- and after-school care; Pentecostal affiliation.

__________________________________ __________________________ ________________________________________ Philips Academy 704-365-4533 5-12 + PG $19,000Enrollment: 25; student-teacher ratio: 5:1; special program: occupational course of study, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, autism Date Website address 3115 Providence Road $20,500 and developmental disabilities; entrance criteria: testing, interview, observation and record review; founded in 2005. Also works with students after high school. Pioneer Spring Community School 9200 Bob Beatty Road




Enrollment: 32; student-teacher ratio: 8:1; founded in 2012.

Phoenix Montessori Academy 17609 Old Statesville Road, Cornelius




Enrollment: 75; student-teacher ratio: N/A; before- and after-school care; AMS affiliation; entrance criteria: interview and observation; founded in 2004.

Call Today for a Tour! (704) 824-2840 • Challenging Bible-based curriculum K-12 • Affordable tuition rates! • Before and after-school care

We personalize learning so each child can achieve more. Dynamic international curriculum providing unlimited opportunities for success.

British American School of Charlotte Empowering Individual Achievement

704.341.3236 | EDUCATION GUIDE 2013-2014


Private School



Private School






Providence Day School 5800 Sardis Road




Enrollment: 1,588; student-teacher ratio: 11:1; special programs: global studies and college prep; after-school care; SACS, NAIS, NACAC and SACAL accreditation; entrance criteria: testing, interview, observation and record review; founded in 1970.

South Charlotte Baptist Academy 12416 Lancaster Hwy., Pineville



$430-$685/ month

Enrollment: 108; student-teacher ratio: 10:1-12:1; independent Baptist affiliation; K-3 and K-4 program; before- and after-school care; A Beka college preparatory curriculum; AACS and NCCSA member; NC Dept. of Non-Public Education certified; founded in 2003.

St. Ann Catholic School 600 Hillside Ave.




Enrollment: 195; student-teacher ratio: 13:1; special programs: gifted and talented and learning disabilities; before-and after-school care; Catholic affiliation; SACS/CASI accreditation; entrance criteria: record review and testing; founded in 1955.

St. Gabriel Catholic School 3028 Providence Road



$5,523 -$8,887

Enrollment: 562; student-teacher ratio: 16:1; special programs: gifted &amp; talented; before- and after-school care; Catholic affiliation; SACS/ CASI accreditation; entrance criteria: record review and testing; founded in 1958.

St. Mark Catholic School 14750 Stumptown Road, Huntersville



$5,523 $9,510

Enrollment: 760; student-teacher ratio: 18:1; special programs: gifted and talented; before- and after-school care; Catholic affiliation; SACS/CASI accreditation; entrance criteria: record review and testing; founded in 2003.

St. Matthew Catholic School 11525 Elm Lane




Enrollment: 614; student-teacher ratio: 17:1; special programs: gifted and talented; before- and after-school care; Catholic affiliation; SACS/CASI accreditation; entrance criteria: testing and record review; founded in 1992.

St. Patrick Catholic School 1125 Buchanan St.




Enrollment: 335; student-teacher ratio: 13:1; special programs: gifted and talented and Down syndrome program; before- and after-school care; Catholic affiliation; SACS/CASI accreditation; entrance criteria: record review and testing; founded in 1930.

The Fletcher School 8500 Sardis Road


Rising 2-8


Enrollment: 260 Student Teacher Ratio: 6:1 Accreditation: NCAIS and SACS Founded in 1982.

The Talented Tenth Boys Academy of NC 1500 Rocky River Road W.




Enrollment: 60; student-teacher ratio: 12:1; Before and After School Care available; Entrance Criteria: record review, observation, interview, testing; Special Programs: Gifted &amp; Talented, Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder. Founded in 2008.

Trinity Christian Preparatory School 7516 E. Independence Blvd., Suite 100




Enrollment: 90; student-teacher ratio: 15:1; special programs: ADD and college prep; NIPSA accreditation; entrance criteria: interview and record review; founded in 1995.

Trinity Episcopal School 750 E. 9th St.




Enrollment: 402; student-teacher ratio: 11:1-18:1; before- and after-school care; SAIS and SACS accreditation; entrance criteria: testing, observation and record review; founded in 2000.

United Faith Christian Academy 8617 Providence Road




Believes in whole education experience by using a variety of technologies/teaching methods and an emphasis in academics, athletics, fine arts and spiritual development. We offer AP and Honors level High School courses.

Victory Center Christian School 1501 Carrier Drive; 7224 Old Pineville Road; 7000 Old Pineville Road




Enrollment: 325; student-teacher ratio: 15:1; Independent affiliation; SACS/CASI/ICAA accreditation; Advanced Placement program; founded in 1989.



CHARLOTTE PREPARATORY SCHOOL PLEASE JOIN US FOR A CAMPUS TOUR Spending time on our campus is the best way to experience Charlotte Prep. We host drop-in tours every Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. - no appointment necessary!





* Annual unless otherwise noted

Christian Montessori ClassrooMs for infants through sixth grade.

Infant 6 weeks - 12 months Toddler 18 months - 3 years Primary 3 - 6 years old Elementary Grades 1 - 6

Call to sChedule a tour today!

Where students groW in love With learning and god!

Christian Montessori sChool at Lake NormaN

14101 Stumptown Rd., HunteRSville, nC CHRiStianmonteSSoRiSCHool.oRg 704-875-1801






Arborbrook Christian Academy 4823 Waxhaw-Indian Trail Road (K-8), 3002 Tilley Morris Road (9-12)




Enrollment: 146; student-teacher ratio: 12:1; special programs: electives; Child Light Schools accreditation; Christian affiliation; entrance criteria: testing, interview, observation and record review; founded in 2005.

Central Academy at Lake Park 3624 Lake Park Road, Indian Trail




Enrollment: 142; student-teacher ratio: 12:1; Central Church of God affiliation; hours: 8:30am-3pm; SACS and ACSI accreditation; entrance criteria: testing, interview, observation and record review; founded in 1995.

First Assembly of God 2500 Arnold Drive, Monroe




Enrollment: 100; Christian affiliation; student-teacher ratio: 11:1; A Beka curriculum; founded in 1984.

Metrolina Christian Academy 732 Indian Trail-Fairview Road, Indian Trail


6 weeksGrade 12


Enrollment: 1,200; student-teacher ratio: 18:1; ACSI and SNACS accreditation; college preparatory curriculum; program: learning resource and fine arts; entrance criteria: record review, interview and teacher recommendations; founded 1992. Academy: TK-Grade 12, Early Education Center: 6 weeks-PK.

Shining Light Baptist Academy 2541 Old Charlotte Hwy., Monroe



$325-$339/ month

Enrollment: 175; student-teacher ratio: 11:1; A-Beka curriculum, Baptist affiliation; founded in 2000.

Tabernacle Christian School 2900 Walkup Ave., Monroe




Enrollment: 157; student-teacher ratio: 13:1; Christian affiliation; founded in 1972.

Weddington Christian Academy 13901 Providence Road, Matthews




Enrollment: 110; student-teacher ratio: 10:1; Christian affiliation; ACSI member; before- and after-school care; curriculum includes Abeka, ACSI, Handwriting Without Tears, Spanish, computer, music, art, PE and chapel; a ministry of Weddington United Methodist Church.

St. Anne Catholic School 1698 Bird St. Rock Hill, SC



Call for rates

Enrollment: 280; student-teacher ratio: 13:1; after-school program; sports and clubs for all students, member of CGAA; entrance criteria: record review, interview and testing; Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic; founded in 1951.

Walnut Grove Christian School 1036 Maxwell Mill Road, Fort Mill, SC




Enrollment: 100; student-teacher ratio: 10:1; Christian affiliation; founded in 2001. Offers basketball and girlsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; volleyball.

Westminster Catawba Christian School 2650 India Hook Road, Rock Hill, SC



$2,700 $8,400

Enrollment: 430; special programs: gifted, learning disabilities, college prep; before- and after-school care; Westminster Presbyterian affiliation; ACSI and SACS accreditation; entrance criteria: testing, interview and record review; founded in 1993.


Information was provided by independent schools and obtained via inquiry and form submissions. All independent schools were invited to complete the form online. Schools not included in this directory did not respond or could not be reached. Data was edited for clarity and omitted if incomplete. If you have a question about this guide or would like to be listed, please contact

Visit for search options to find specific information about private schools near you.

Clemson University

Exciting & Innovative Academic-Based Learning For Middle and High School Students On Clemson Universityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Campus Automotive Engineering Forensic Detectives registration opens inJanuary at

And More! (864) 656-5535

Most courses are residential & one-week long | EDUCATION GUIDE 2013-2014


Private School


â&#x20AC;Ślives well guided Accepting Applications 9502 Providence Road Charlotte, North Carolina 28277 Admissions Office: 704.846.7207 Financial assistance is available. Please inquire about the Malone Scholarship for gifted students in Grades 7-12.



| CLS Chlt Parent 1.2p Nov 13.indd 1

10/1/13 5:08 PM

Butterflies Tips for less stress on test day


oes your child stress before a big test? Worrying about doing well on a test can do a number on a child’s tummy and test performance. Try these helpful strategies to help prepare your child for big tests, alleviate stress, and put his or her feelings in perspective.

Stay on Top of it Encourage your child to maintain good study habits. Provide a quiet, well lit area with little distractions to help your child stay on task. Make sure he keeps up with daily homework. Cramming the night before a test can add more stress that usually leads to less learning. Explain to him that it is important to learn the information at the pace the teacher has given to the class. If he does not have a clear understanding of homework assignments before leaving class, explain to him that he should speak with his teacher for a better understanding. Not knowing what his homework is or how to complete it, could easily cause him to fall behind and receive lower test scores.

Test Taking Tips Here’s a list of important strategies for your child to know and remember when taking a test. Review them with your child and keep them handy for easy reference prior to an exam. Read directions and every possible answer — the best one could be the last one. Focus on one question at a time rather than thinking about the whole test. Reread questions and answers when there is any doubt. Try to get the correct answer by reasoning and eliminating wrong answers. If you don’t know an answer to a question, skip it for the time being. Come back to it later if you have time, but always answer the question. A question left unanswered is always wrong, but even a guess may be correct. Don’t worry about how fast others finish their test, concentrate on your own performance. You’re not being graded on how quickly you complete the test, but by how many you get correct.


A Good Start Now that your child has done all her homework and prepared for the test, the next most important thing she needs a good night’s sleep. Make sure she gets to bed on time. Prepare a well-balanced breakfast with protein to help her stay full. Arrive to school on time. Being late will only increase stress.

Think Positive Give your child the chance to discuss her feelings with you. Explain a certain degree of test anxiety is normal and everyone has some fear before a test. Turn her thinking around. Help your child remember how hard she has studied for the test and tell her to show what she knows. Encourage her to relax, breathe deeply and stay focused.

After the Test Review the test with your child after a grade has been given. Go over any mistakes he made. Make sure he understands why he missed what he did. Help identify areas of weakness to make improvements for a better performance next time. Praise him for work done well.

Problems Persist If your child is bringing home low-test scores on a regular basis, schedule a parent-teacher conference. Insight from the teacher could prove to be very valuable. A teacher knows a student’s specific area of weakness. Extra work could be given to help reinforce a concept or provide some additional help. If the teacher’s time is limited, consider a tutor to provide personalized attention to bring your child up to speed. Integrating these strategies into your child’s weekly routine can go a long way in preparing your child for success in school. Staying prepared, getting parental support, and given the opportunity to openly talk and work through concerns, a child can get his fears under control. Anxiety subsides, confidence returns, and test performance improves. Sara Kendall is a freelance writer and mother of two daughters. | EDUCATION GUIDE 2013-2014


Boarding Schools NORTH CAROLINA

Arthur Morgan School 60 AMS Circle Burnsville, NC 28714 828-675-4262 | Coed Grades 7-9 | $25,995

Saint Mary’s School 900 Hillsborough St. Raleigh, NC 27603 800-948-2557 | Girls Grades 9-12 | $46,100


Ben Lippen School 7401 Monticello Road Columbia, SC 29203 803-807-4145 | Coed Grades 7-12 | $33,470-$43,470

Christchurch School 49 Seahorse Lane Christchurch, VA 23031 804-758-2306 | Coed Grades 9-12 | $44,700

Charlottesville, VA 22903 434-823-4805 | Coed Grades 8-PG | $39,300

advertising proof

Salem Academy Episcopal High School Camden Military Academy 500 E. Salem Ave. Asheville School Winston-Salem, NC 27101 1200 N. Quaker Lane 520 Hwy. 1 N. 336-721-2643 | Girls Alexandria, VA 22302 360 Asheville School Road Camden, SC 29020 Grades 9-12 | $41,300 703-933-3000 | Coed Asheville, NC 28806 800-948-6291 | Boys Telephone: Fax:| $47,850 Grades 9-12 828-254-6345 | Coed From: Grades 7-12 | $19,995 Stone Mountain School704.248.5226 9-12 | $45,550 DE 2013 Grades 704.344.1983 Fishburne Military School TENNESSEE 126 Camp Elliot Road Christ School Baylor School Black Mountain, NC 28711 225 S. Wayne Ave. box below note changes, if any. (Maximum two proofs.) 877-356-4490 | Boys Waynesboro, VA 22980 500 Christ School Road 171 Baylor School Road ia fax noted above e-mail no later than OCTOBOER 4, 2013. Grades 6-12 | $90,000 540-946-7700 | Boys Arden, or NC 28704 Chattanooga, TN 37405 be billed accordingly if changes or| Boys approval are not submitted by return date noted above. Grades 7-PG | $30,800 828-684-6232 423-267-5902 | Coed Grades 8-12 | $41,660 Grades 9-12 | $43,184 GEORGIA D AS IS APPROVED w/CORRECTIONS NOTED SUBMIT NEWSchool PROOF Foxcroft Darlington School Lake House Academy VIRGINIA 22407 Foxhound Lane 1014 Cave Spring Road Blue Ridge School INCLUDE A Pond COUPON ON CHARLOTTEPARENT.COM FOR THE MONTH FOR $50!Middleburg, VA 20118 447 Lily Lane Rome, GA 30161 Your coupon be online for one full 800-368-4437 month AND on the bottom of our 540-687-5555 | Girls Flat Rock,will NC 28731 | Coed 273 monthly Mayo Drive e-newsletter. Grades 9-12 | $49,400 888-317-9297 | Girls 9-12 | $43,600 St. George, VA 22935 Ages 10-14 | $88,560 434-985-2811 | Boys Hargrave Military Academy Riverside Military Academy Grades 9-12 | $40,500 ______________________________________ __________________________ ________________________________________ Oak Ridge Military Academy Website 200 Military Drive 2001Date Riverside Drive Chatham Hall address Chatham, VA 24531 2317 Oak Ridge Road Gainesville, GA 30501 434-432-2481 | Boys Oak Ridge, NC 27310 800-462-2338 | Boys 800 Chatham Hall Circle Grades 7-PG | $29,900 336-643-4131 | Coed Grades 7-12 | $30,950 Chatham, VA 24531 Grades 7-12 | $27,000 434-432-2941 | Girls Miller School of Albemarle Grades 9-12 | $42,000 1000 Samuel Miller Loop

Currently accepting applications for 3 and 4 year olds

“Teach me to teach myself.” 2901 Archdale Drive, Charlotte, NC 28210 • 704-556-0042




Randolph-Macon Academy 200 Academy Drive Front Royal, VA 22630 800-272-1172 | Coed Grades 6-PG | $31,458 Stuart Hall 235 W. Frederick St. Staunton, VA 24401 888-306-8926 | Girls Grades PK-12 | $43,500



Oak Hill Academy 2635 Oak Hill Road Mouth of Wilson, VA 24363 276-579-2619 | Coed Grades 8-12 | $26,803

Virginia Episcopal School 400 VES Road Lynchburg, VA 24503 434-385-3600 | Coed Grades 9-12 | $44,100 Woodberry Forest School 898 Woodberry Forest Road Woodberry Forest, VA 22989 540-672-3900 | Boy Grades 9-12 | $48,500



Local events, straight to your inbox every Thursday. CHARLOTTEPARENT.COM/NEWSLETTER

An Education for an Inspired Life Asheville School prepares high school students for an education of a lifetime. A challenging academic experience motivates students to become better thinkers, communicators, and develop strong study habits. One hundred percent of our graduates go on to college, and they attend top colleges and universities. Students learn life lessons in a nurturing, close-knit community of 280 students from 20 states and 17 countries. For more than a century, Asheville School has fostered lives of leadership and service. We invite you to discover Asheville School and learn why our students have a competitive edge. Call today to request an admission packet, attend one of our open houses, or inquire about our merit scholarship program.

Open House Dates: November 16, 2013 â&#x20AC;˘ January 20, 2014 Asheville â&#x20AC;˘ North Carolina


Visit | EDUCATION GUIDE 2013-2014



Pine Lake Preparatory School 1639 Mecklenburg Hwy., Mooresville 704-237-5300 | Grades K-12 Enrollment: 1,500; student-teacher ratio: 15:120:1; founded in 2006. Prepares individuals for leadership and academic success in a nurturing environment within an engaging community.

Cabarrus Charter Academy 355 Poplar Crossing Drive NW 704-230-2380 | Grades K-6 Founded: 2013; Features personalized learning plans, access to Charter Schools USA’s Student Information System, parent involvement and uniforms.


Success Institute Charter School 1424 No. 2 Rickert St., Statesville 704-881-0441 | Grades K-8 Enrollment: 100; student-teacher ratio: 15:1; founded in 2000. Before- and after-school care. Fostering a life-long commitment to education while developing physical, social and emotional growth.

Piedmont Community Charter School 119 E. Second Ave., Gastonia 704-853-2428 High School: 2970 South New Hope Road, Gastonia 704-349-4640 Enrollment: 1,200; student-teacher ratio: 22:1; founded in 2000. College prep; special programs: SACS and Core Knowledge. Challenging curriculum and development of character, morals and responsibility.

Lincoln Charter School - Denver 7834 Galway Lane, Denver 704-483-6611 | Grades K-12 A college-prep community. 1:1 HS program, Core Knowledge curriculum for grades K-8. Learn.Serve.Engage. program for all grades.

Mountain Island Charter School school 13440 Lucia Riverbend Hwy., Mount Holly 704-827-8840 | Grades K-12 Enrollment: 984; student-teacher ratio: 21:1; before- and after-school care; founded in 2010. Focus on service to peers, school and community.


Lincoln Charter School – Lincolnton 133 Eagles Nest Road, Lincolnton 704-736-9888 | Grades K-9 Enrollment: 375; founded in 1998. Core Knowledge, Saxon and Open Court curriculum. College-prep community.


American Renaissance Charter School 132 E. Broad St., Statesville 704-924-8870 | Grades K-8 Middle School location: 217 S. Center St., Statesville 704-878-6009 Enrollment: 540; student-teacher ratio: 16:1; special programs: arts based. 1:1 Mac laptop program in middle school; founded in 1999.


Aristotle Preparatory Academy: A Challenge Foundation Academy 2641 Arty Ave. 704-412-1086 | Grades K-3 Adding an additional grade each year through grade 12. Follows Core Knowledge Curriculum K-8, rigorous college preparatory, STEM focus curriculum with character development.

Langtree Charter Academy 154 Foundation Court, Mooresville 704-705-1698 | Grade K-6 Founded: 2013; Features personalized learning plans, access to Charter Schools USA’s Student Information System. Grades 7-12 will be added in subsequent years.



Carolina International School 8810 Hickory Ridge Road, Harrisburg 704-455-3847 | Grades K-10 Enrollment: 550; student teacher ratio 22:224:1; College prep, focus on international and environmental curriculum; four core values – foreign languages (Chinese, Spanish, Hindi


and Latin), individualized learning, inquiryand project-based learning, 1:1 laptops for grades 3-10, founded in 2004. Charlotte Choice Charter 1000 Anderson St. 980-272-8308 | Grades K-5 Founded: 2013; Mission: to cultivate a passion for learning and community service. Charlotte Secondary School 8310 McAlpine Park Drive 704-295-0137 | Grades 6-10 Enrollment: 226; student-teacher ratio: 20:1; special programs: college prep; before- and after-school care; founded in 2007. Follows the Paideia program emphasizing cooperative learning, interdisciplinary unit planning, and heterogeneous group instruction. Community Charter School 510 S. Torrence St. 704-377-3180 | Grades K-5 Enrollment: 168; student-teacher ratio: 23:1; founded in 1997. A collaborative of parents, teachers, students and community resources. Community School of Davidson 565 Griffith St., Davidson 704-896-6262 | Grades K-8 High School: 404 Armour St., Davidson 704-897-8061 | Grades 9-11 Enrollment: 1,040; student-teacher ratio: 10:1; founded in 2001. Serves students’ cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. Corvian Community School 9501 David Taylor Drive 704-717-7550 | Grades K-4 Adding a grade each year through Grade 12. Crossroads Charter High 5500 N. Tryon St. 704-597-5100 | Grades 9-12 Enrollment: 204; founded in 1999. Provides educational solutions and innovative teaching techniques to students to achieve academic excellence and outstanding character.

Invest Collegiate 2100 Suttle Ave. 704-900-4226 | Grades K-6 Founded: 2013. Adding a grade each year through grade 12. A public charter school of choice to provide exemplary educational opportunities. Kennedy Charter Public School 1717 Sharon Road W. 704-688-2939 | Grades K-12 Enrollment: 219; student-teacher ratio: 18:1; founded in 1998. Provides a positive learning environment for at-risk youth with hands-on experiential learning methods, physical education, computer skills, electives and core curriculum. Kipp Charlotte 931 Wilann Drive 704-537-2044 | Grades 5-12 Enrollment: 337; founded in 2007. College prep; based on the KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) model. SCOS curriculum with extended day, extended week and extended year classes. Lake Norman Charter Schools 12435 Old Statesville Road, Huntersville 704-948-8600 | Grades 5-8 12701 Old Statesville Road, Huntersville 704-875-3389 | Grades 9-12 Enrollment: 1,442; student-teacher ratio: 22:1; founded in 1998. Prepares students to be community leaders demonstrating personal integrity with a life-long desire to learn, lead and serve. Metrolina Regional Scholars’ Academy 5225 Seventy-Seven Center Drive 704-503-1112 | Grades K-8 Enrollment: 309; special programs: college prep; founded in 2000. Provides an exceptionally challenging educational environment for children with extremely high intellectual abilities.

Education Guide 2013 ia fax noted above or e-mail no later than OCTOBER 8, 2012. Creek Charter School Queen’s Grant High School be billed accordingly if changes or approval are not submitted by return Sugar date noted above.

OPENING in 2014

advertising proof advertising

StudentFirst Academy Queen’s Grant Community School 7020 Tuckaseegee Road 6400 Matthews-Mint Hill Road, Mint Hill 704-394-8749 | Grades K-8 704-573-6611 | Grades K-8 Founded: 2013. Classical approach to 21stEnrollment: 720, founded in 2002. Focus on From: Telephone: century education. Integrates a globallyacademic excellence, student responsibility, 2012 competitive curriculum 704.248.5226 with leadership moral focus and parent partnerships. Students development, cultural arts, community are challenged to achieve full potential through engagement, and a democratic and safe and box below andrigorous note curriculum, changes,values if any. (Maximum two proofs.) Issue: school setting. individualized attention.

The State Board of Education has granted preliminary approval to the following 11 charter applicants in Cabarrus and Mecklenburg counties as of September 2013. Final approval is scheduled for early Fax: 2014. Check for more information.



From: A.C.E Academy

Grades K-8 888-244-6511

Concrete Roses Telephone: STEM Academy Grades704.248.5226 K-9

Entrepreneur High School Bradford Preparatory School Grades 9-10 1.4101 Check theSt.appropriate changes,NEW ifGrades any.PROOF (Maximum two proofs.)704-906-2900 D AS IS APPROVED w/CORRECTIONS NOTED box below and noteSUBMIT N. Tryon 10323 Idlewild Road, Matthews K-8 Grades K-8 via fax noted above or e-mail 704-545-0736 | Grades 9-12 2.740-509-5470 Sign, date |and return later than OCTOBER 10, 2013. Sugar Creek Charter school’s goal is to assist Enrollment: 1,233; student-teacher ratio: 19:1; This ad will run as is and you will be billed accordinglyfOR if changes or approval are not submitted by return date noted above. Pioneer Springs InCludE a COupOn OnSmall ChaRlOTTEpaREnT.COm fOR mOnTh $50! students become the best and ThE brightest, by AP classes; founded in 2007. classroom MECKLENBURG COUNTY Community School meeting theirbottom academic and personal potential. settings focus on moral values and high Your coupon will be online for one fulllevel month AND on the of our monthly e-newsletter. APPROVED AS IS APPROVED w/CORRECTIONS S Carolina STEM Academy Grades K-3 NOTED Offers a balanced academic program with a of academic learning, preparing students for a Grades 9-12 704-437-2697 strong emphasis on math and reading, and college future. 704-778-8595 character education. INCLUDE A ON CHARLOTTEPARENT.COM FOR THE MONTH FO ______________________________________ __________________________ ________________________________________ Socrates Academy Your coupon will be online for one full month AND onThunderbird the bottom of our monthly e-newsletter. Date UNION COUNTY Website address Charlotte Charter High Preparatory School Grades 9-12 Grades K-8 3909 Weddington Road, Matthews Union Academy 704-321-1711 | GradesFrom: K-8 unionacademy.orgTelephone: Fax: West Charlotte Charter High Enrollment: 446; student-teacher ratio: 20:1; 675 N. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Monroe ___________________________________________________________ __________________________ _______________ Grades 9-12 United Community School DE 2013 founded 704.344.1983 in 2005, NC approved school code 60J. Signature Lower Campus:704.248.5226 3828 Old Charlotte Hwy, Monroe. Date Website address K-2 Multiculturalism through languages: Greek, 704-238-8883 | Grades K-12 Charlotte Learning Academy 980-819-0555 Chinese and Spanish. Emphasis on math, reading Enrollment: 1,090; special programs: college Grades 6-10 box below and any. (Maximum two proofs.) andnote writingchanges, through theif Socratic Method. prep; after-school care; founded in 2000. Cultivates high expectations for academic ia fax noted above or e-mail no later than OCTOBOER 4, 2013. achievement and character development. ll be billed accordingly if changes or approval are not submitted by return date noted above.


advertising proof n




Humanistic, Progressive, outdoor scHool

the world’s best methods A COUPON CHARLOTTEPARENT.COM FOR THE MONTH FOR $50! n INCLUDEWhere of education and ON tradition meet! Your coupon will be online for one full month AND on the bottom of our monthly e-newsletter. Our programs: • Birth-3-year-olds • Private half-day pre-K, K and Grade 1 • Home school enrichment • After school enrichment

Serving ______________________________________ __________________________ ________________________________________ A Place to Grow children in the Date region Website address Charlotte since 2010

7300 Mallard Creek Rd, Charlotte, NC 28262 Conveniently located 5- 10 minutes away from the I-85 exits 41, 45 and 46, and I-77 exit 18 | For information and tours call: 704-281-6694

Carolina International School Open House Enrollment starts November 2013 – February 2014 A North Carolina K-10 Public Charter School • School of Distinction • Open to all North Carolina students, tuition free • Environmental studies on a 36-acre campus • Offers Spanish, Chinese, and Hindi language classes • K-10 college prep with interdisciplinary curriculum that integrates international and environmental studies • Interscholastic athletic program for grades 5 – 8

704-455-3847 8810 Hickory Ridge Road, Harrisburg, NC 28075

Imagine a school whose classroom is the community, where a project-based approach nurtures each individual child. Community Charter School is a no-cost, public charter school serving grades K-5 in Charlotte’s historic Cherry neighborhood. Students learn in multi-grade classrooms (K-1, 2-3 or 4-5). With two full time art teachers, CCS integrates visual, theater and musical arts into a standards-based curriculum to provide our students with a rich environment that is truly a place to grow. 2013-2014 School Information and Campus Tour Dates Nov. 2 – 11:00am-12:00pm Nov. 25 – 10:00am-11:00am Dec. 6 – 1:00pm-2:00pm Dec. 18 – 4:30pm-5:30pm Jan. 14 –10:00am-11:00am

Jan. 23—4:30pm-5:30pm Feb. 5—10:00am-11:00am Feb. 13—1:30pm-2:30pm Mar. 3—11:00am-12:00pm

2013-2014 Upcoming Community Charter School Events Art and Literary Fall Festival Nov. 2nd 12:00pm-5:00pm Lost Treasure Showcase Celebration of Arts Feb. 25th—Mar. 1st

C O M M U N I T Y C H A R T E R S C H O O L 510 S. Torrence St. Charlotte, NC 28204 n 704-377-3180 n | EDUCATION GUIDE 2013-2014

ay Not Represent Actual Size. Ads designed by Charlotte Parent are the property of Carolina Parenting Inc.


Public Schools


ach year, we highlight public schools from nine area school districts, with information outlining size, location and test scores. This year, the results of the Common Core State standard test scores (commonly called End-of-Grade and End-of-Course tests) were not available. The N.C. Department of Instruction is scheduled to release these results to the N.C. State Board of Education some time in November 2013. Without test scores available to rank the 380+ individual schools, we looked for other data to profile each district and its schools. Our charts


Albemarle Road Elementary Academy of World Studies 7800 Riding Trail Road Enrollment: 1,077 Free/Reduced Lunch: 91% Allenbrook Elementary 1430 Allenbrook Drive Enrollment: 485 Free/Reduced Lunch: 95%


Ashley Park PreK-8 School 2401 Belfast Drive Enrollment: 557 | Grades PK-8 Free/Reduced Lunch: 93% Bain Elementary 11524 Bain School Road Enrollment: 939 Free/Reduced Lunch: 20% Ballantyne Elementary 15425 Scholastic Lane Enrollment: 830 Free/Reduced Lunch: 16% Barnette Elementary 13659 Beatties Ford Road Enrollment: 679 Free/Reduced Lunch: 17% Barringer Academic Center 1546 Walton Road Enrollment: 644 Free/Reduced Lunch: 55% Berewick Elementary 5910 Dixie River Road Enrollment: 666 Free/Reduced Lunch: 54%


this year include enrollment, graduation rates and free/reduced lunch participation. Some districts offer special courses at career and technical schools which are not listed including, The Career Academy and Technical School in Troutman, part of the Iredell Statesville School district and the NF Woods Advanced Technology and Arts Center in Mooresville and Lincoln County School of Technology in the Lincoln County School Districts. ELEMENTARY = K-5 | MIDDLE = 6-8 | HIGH SCHOOL = 9-12 (unless otherwise noted)

980-343-5335 Superintendent: Dr. Heath Morrison

Alternative schools were not included in this directory.

160 Schools 141,171 Students


Graduation Rate

Berryhill School 10501 Windy Grove Road Enrollment: 589 | Grades K-8 Free/Reduced Lunch: 91%

Collinswood Language Academy 4000 Applegate Road Enrollment: 714 | Grades K-8 Free/Reduced Lunch: 52%

Dilworth Elementary 405 E. Park Ave. Enrollment: 538 Free/Reduced Lunch: 22%

First Ward Elementary 715 N. Caldwell St. Enrollment: 548 Free/Reduced Lunch: 77%

Beverly Woods Elementary 6001 Quail Hollow Road Enrollment: 759 Free/Reduced Lunch: 21%

Cornelius Elementary 21126 Catawba Ave., Cornelius Enrollment: 609 Free/Reduced Lunch: 31%

Druid Hills Academy 2801 Lucena St. Enrollment: 645 | Grades K-9 Free/Reduced Lunch: 95%

Grand Oak Elementary 15410 Stumptown Road, Huntersville Enrollment: 600 Free/Reduced Lunch: 10%

Billingsville Elementary 124 Skyland Ave. Enrollment: 537 Free/Reduced Lunch: 96%

Cotswold Elementary 300 Greenwich Road Enrollment: 784 Free/Reduced Lunch: 40%

E. E. Waddell Language Academy 7030 Nations Ford Road Enrollment: 1289 | Grades K-8 Free/Reduced Lunch: 32%

Greenway Park Elementary 8301 Monroe Road Enrollment: 589 Free/Reduced Lunch: 76%

Blythe Elementary 12202 Hambright Road, Huntersville Enrollment: 1,059 Free/Reduced Lunch: 45%

Croft Community School 4911 Hucks Road Enrollment: 719 Free/Reduced Lunch: 38%

Eastover Elementary 500 Cherokee Road Enrollment: 447 Free/Reduced Lunch: 27%

Hawk Ridge Elementary 9201 Bryant Farms Road Enrollment: 873 Free/Reduced Lunch: 12%

Briarwood Academy 1001 Wilann Drive Enrollment: 721 Free/Reduced Lunch: 92%

Crown Point Elementary 3335 Sam Newell Road, Matthews Enrollment: 722 Free/Reduced Lunch: 59%

Elizabeth Lane Elementary 121 Elizabeth Lane, Matthews Enrollment: 962 Free/Reduced Lunch: 10%

Hickory Grove Elementary 6709 Pence Road Enrollment: 1,004 Free/Reduced Lunch: 87%

Bruns Academy 501 South Bruns Ave. Enrollment: 778 | Grades K-8 Free/Reduced Lunch: 91%

David Cox Road Elementary 4215 David Cox Road Enrollment: 843 Free/Reduced Lunch: 64%

Elizabeth Traditional Elementary 1601 Park Drive Enrollment: 541 Free/Reduced Lunch: 42%

Hidden Valley Elementary 5100 Snow White Lane Enrollment: 834 Free/Reduced Lunch: 97%

Chantilly Montessori 701 Briar Creek Road Enrollment: 272 | Grades PK-6 Free/Reduced Lunch: 20%

Davidson Elementary 635 South St., Davidson Enrollment: 746 Free/Reduced Lunch: 12%

Elon Park Elementary 11425 Ardrey Kell Road Enrollment: 1,067 Free/Reduced Lunch: 7%

Highland Creek Elementary 7242 Highland Creek Parkway Enrollment: 1,213 Free/Reduced Lunch: 22%

Clear Creek Elementary 13501 Albemarle Road Enrollment: 681 Free/Reduced Lunch: 59%

Devonshire Elementary 6500 Barrington Drive Enrollment: 568 Free/Reduced Lunch: 94%

Endhaven Elementary 6815 Endhaven Lane Enrollment: 737 Free/Reduced Lunch: 30%

Highland Mill Montessori 3201 Clemson Ave. Enrollment: 235 | Grades PK-6 Free/Reduced Lunch: 32%



Mecklenburg Area Catholic Schools

advertising proof

sFaith sTradition sAcademic Excellence







x below and note changes, if any. (Maximum two proofs.)

ax noted above or e-mail no later than 10/4/13. billed accordingly if changes or approval are not submitted by return date noted above.




COUPON ON CHARLOTTEPARENT.COM FOR THE MONTH FOR $50! n INCLUDE AMountain Island Day School Your coupon will be online for one full month AND on the bottom of our monthly e-newsletter.

A Private Christian School

Now enrolling for the

___________________________________ __________________________ ________________________________________ Date Website address

2014-2015 school year

For over 80 years, Catholic Schools have provided a faith based education dedicated *We add a grade each year until 12th grade to academic excellence to the 704-391-5516 WWW.MIDSCHOOL.ORG Charlotte-Mecklenburg area. Children learn in an environment where the teachings of Jesus are promoted and upheld as core values of both school and life. Visit one of our nine schools and see whatParenting a Catholic education can mean Not Represent Actual Size. Ads designed by Charlotte Parent are the property of Carolina Inc. to your child. MACS admits Admissions: (704) 370-3273 students of any race, color, 1123 South Church Street religion or ethnic origin Charlotte, NC 28203 TK-9th grade

U N ITED IT Y COM MU N SCH O O L 7 Piano Theory 7 Basic School Philosophy 7 Year-Round Calendar 7 A Free Tuition School 7 1 to 12 Teacher-to-Student Ratio

Grades K- 2 start Fall 2014!

Enrollment starts January 2014

New Charter School Opening in the University Area, August 2014! Contact us for more information. 980-819-0555 |

University Area (surrounding UNCC)

Visit us at: sCharlotte Catholic High School sChrist the King Catholic High School sHoly Trinity Catholic Middle School sSt. Ann Catholic School sSt. Gabriel Catholic School sSt. Patrick Catholic School sSt. Mark Catholic School sSt. Matthew Catholic School sOur Lady of the Assumption Catholic School | EDUCATION GUIDE 2013 -2014


Charlotte-Mecklenburg continued

Highland Renaissance Academy 125 W. Craighead Road Enrollment: 464 Free/Reduced Lunch: 96% Hornets Nest Elementary 6700 Beatties Ford Road Enrollment: 595 Free/Reduced Lunch: 80%


Huntersville Elementary 200 Gilead Road, Huntersville Enrollment: 798 Free/Reduced Lunch: 22% Huntingtowne Farms Elementary 2520 Huntingtowne Farms Lane Enrollment: 918 Free/Reduced Lunch: 86% Idlewild Elementary 7101 Idlewild Road Enrollment: 809 Free/Reduced Lunch: 81% Irwin Academic Center 329 N. Irwin Ave. Enrollment: 548 Free/Reduced Lunch: 26% J.H. Gunn Elementary 7400 Harrisburg Road Enrollment: 723 Free/Reduced Lunch: 82% J.V. Washam Elementary 9611 Westmoreland Road, Cornelius


Enrollment: 1,099 Free/Reduced Lunch: 18% Joseph W. Grier Academy 8330 Grier Road Enrollment: 853 Free/Reduced Lunch: 79% Lake Wylie Elementary 13620 Erwin Road Enrollment: 633 Free/Reduced Lunch: 59% Lansdowne Elementary 6400 Prett Court Enrollment: 636 Free/Reduced Lunch: 50% Lebanon Road Elementary 7300 Lebanon Road Enrollment: 816 Free/Reduced Lunch: 75% Lincoln Heights Academy 1900 Newcastle St. Enrollment: 81 | Grades K-12 Free/Reduced Lunch: 82% Long Creek Elementary 9213-A Beatties Ford Road, Huntersville Enrollment: 515 Free/Reduced Lunch: 52% Mallard Creek Elementary 9801 Mallard Creek Road Enrollment: 858 Free/Reduced Lunch: 43%



Matthews Elementary 200 McDowell Ave., Matthews Enrollment: 979 Free/Reduced Lunch: 29%

Mountain Island Elementary 7905 Pleasant Grove Road Enrollment: 666 Free/Reduced Lunch: 52%

McAlpine Elementary 9100 Carswell Lane Enrollment: 516 Free/Reduced Lunch: 25%

Myers Park Traditional Elementary 2132 Radcliffe Ave. Enrollment: 742 Free/Reduced Lunch: 30%

McKee Road Elementary 4101 McKee Road Enrollment: 494 Free/Reduced Lunch: 13%

Nathaniel Alexander Elementary 7910 Neal Road Enrollment: 870 Free/Reduced Lunch: 77%

Merry Oaks International Academy Elementary 3508 Draper Ave. Enrollment: 720 Free/Reduced Lunch: 94%

Nations Ford Elementary 8300 Nations Ford Road Enrollment: 623 Free/Reduced Lunch: 91%

Military and Global Leadership Academy at Marie G. Davis 3343 Griffith St. Enrollment: 730 | Grades K-12 Free/Reduced Lunch: 74% Montclaire Elementary 5801 Farmbrook Drive Enrollment: 558 Free/Reduced Lunch: 92% John Motley Morehead STEM Academy 7810 Neal Road Enrollment: 1,092 | K-8 Free/Reduced Lunch: 55%

Newell Elementary 8601 Old Concord Road Enrollment: 756 Free/Reduced Lunch: 90% Oakdale Elementary 1825 Oakdale Road Enrollment: 652 Free/Reduced Lunch: 82% Oaklawn Language Academy 1810 Oaklawn Ave. Enrollment: 540 | Grades K-8 Free/Reduced Lunch: 70% Olde Providence Elementary 3800 Rea Road

Enrollment: 729 Free/Reduced Lunch: 19% Park Road Montessori 3701 Haven Drive Enrollment: 427 | Grades PK-6 Free/Reduced Lunch: 10% Paw Creek Elementary 1300 Cathey Road Enrollment: 492 Free/Reduced Lunch: 81% Pineville Elementary 210 Lowery St., Pineville Enrollment: 760 Free/Reduced Lunch: 60% Pinewood Elementary 805 Seneca Place Enrollment: 525 Free/Reduced Lunch: 82% Piney Grove Elementary 8801 Eaglewind Drive Enrollment: 785 Free/Reduced Lunch: 80% Polo Ridge Elementary 11830 Tom Short Road Enrollment: 1,000 Free/Reduced Lunch: 5% Providence Spring Elementary 10045 Providence Church Lane Enrollment: 873 Free/Reduced Lunch: 4%

“Creating Beautiful, Healthy Smiles That Change Lives” Orthodontics for the entire family

Alexis Gonzalez Miss Lake Norman 2013

Photo by Lenn Long

Patient of Drs. Burrow & Case

Specializing in the treatment of children, teens and adults Growth-monitoring Orthodontics Pre-orthodontic Tooth Guidance Pre-prosthetic Orthodontics Habit appliances TMJ Therapy Convenient state-of-the-art offices

2711 Randolph Road, Suite 600 • Charlotte, NC 28207 704-334-7202 7922 Rea Road, Suite A • Charlotte, NC 28277 704-334-7204 | EDUCATION GUIDE 2013 -2014






Rama Road Elementary 1035 Rama Road Enrollment: 612 Free/Reduced Lunch: 82%

Sedgefield Elementary 715 Hartford Ave. Enrollment: 424 Free/Reduced Lunch: 90%

Statesville Road Elementary 5833 Milhaven Lane Enrollment: 577 Free/Reduced Lunch: 83%

Torrence Creek Elementary 14550 Ranson Road, Huntersville Enrollment: 1,186 Free/Reduced Lunch: 12%

Reedy Creek Elementary 10801 Plaza Road Extension Enrollment: 735 Free/Reduced Lunch: 66%

Selwyn Elementary 2840 Colony Road Enrollment: 867 Free/Reduced Lunch: 21%

Steele Creek Elementary 4100 Gallant Lane Enrollment: 729 Free/Reduced Lunch: 67%

Tuckaseegee Elementary 2028 Little Rock Road Enrollment: 766 Free/Reduced Lunch: 83%

Reid Park Academy 4108 W. Tyvola Road Enrollment: 755 | K-8 Free/Reduced Lunch: 94%

Shamrock Gardens Elementary 3301 Country Club Drive Enrollment: 470 Free/Reduced Lunch: 81%

Sterling Elementary 9601 China Grove Church Road, Pineville Enrollment: 556 Free/Reduced Lunch: 90%

University Meadows Elementary 1600 Pavilion Blvd. Enrollment: 697 Free/Reduced Lunch: 73%

River Gate Elementary 15340 Smith Road Enrollment: 771 Free/Reduced Lunch: 37%

Sharon Elementary 4330 Foxcroft Road Enrollment: 797 Free/Reduced Lunch: 18%

Stoney Creek Elementary 14015 Mallard Roost Road Enrollment: 847 Free/Reduced Lunch: 67%

University Park Creative Arts School 2400 Hildebrand St. Enrollment: 387 Free/Reduced Lunch: 78%

River Oaks Academy 1015 Mt. Holly-Huntersville Road Enrollment: 595 Free/Reduced Lunch: 69%

Smithfield Elementary 3200 Smithfield Church Road Enrollment: 655 Free/Reduced Lunch: 44%

Thomasboro Academy 538 Bradford Drive Enrollment: 747 | Grades K-8 Free/Reduced Lunch: 93%

Walter G. Byers School 1415 Hamilton St. Enrollment: 533 | Grades K-8 Free/Reduced Lunch: 96%

Albemarle Road Middle School 6900 Democracy Drive Enrollment: 1,116 Free/Reduced Lunch: 86%

Coulwood Middle School 500 Kentberry Drive Enrollment: 782 Free/Reduced Lunch: 76%

Alexander Graham Middle School 1800 Runnymede Lane Enrollment: 1,442 Free/Reduced Lunch: 36%

Crestdale Middle School 940 Sam Newell Road, Matthews Enrollment: 914 Free/Reduced Lunch: 25%

Bailey Middle School 11900 Bailey Road, Cornelius Enrollment: 1,503 Free/Reduced Lunch: 21%

Eastway Middle School 1501 Norland Road Enrollment: 768 Free/Reduced Lunch: 91%

Carmel Middle School 5001 Camilla Drive Enrollment: 1,100 Free/Reduced Lunch: 42%

Francis Bradley Middle 13345 Beatties Ford Road, Huntersville Enrollment: 1,153 | Grades 7-8 Free/Reduced Lunch: 32%

Cochrane Collegiate Academy 6200 Starhaven Drive Enrollment: 809 | Grades 6-10 Free/Reduced Lunch: 86% Community House Middle 9500 Community House Road Enrollment: 1,575 Free/Reduced Lunch: 15%


Ardrey Kell High School 10220 Ardrey Kell Road Enrollment: 2,456 Free/Reduced Lunch: 13% Graduation Rate: 97% Biotechnology, Health and Public Administration at Olympic 4301 Sandy Porter Road, Suite E Enrollment: 444 Free/Reduced Lunch: 50% Graduation Rate: 85% David W. Butler High School 1810 Matthews-Mint Hill Road, Matthews Enrollment: 2,069


J.M. Alexander Middle School 12201 Hambright Road, Huntersville Enrollment: 889 Free/Reduced Lunch: 42% James Martin Middle School 7800 IBM Drive Free/Reduced Lunch: 40% Graduation Rate: 93% Cato Middle College High School 8120 Grier Road Enrollment: 198 | Grades 11-12 Free/Reduced Lunch: 32% Graduation Rate: 100% East Mecklenburg High School 6800 Monroe Road Enrollment: 1,796 Free/Reduced Lunch: 62% Graduation Rate: 84%



Enrollment: 1,088 Free/Reduced Lunch: 77% Jay M. Robinson Middle School 5925 Ballantyne Commons Parkway Enrollment: 1,068 Free/Reduced Lunch: 14% Kennedy Middle School 4000 Gallant Lane Enrollment: 652 Free/Reduced Lunch: 67% Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School 500 Bilmark Ave. Enrollment: 950 Free/Reduced Lunch: 89% McClintock Middle School 2101 Rama Road Enrollment: 690 Free/Reduced Lunch: 83% Mint Hill Middle School 11501 Idlewild Road, Matthews Enrollment: 1,233 Free/Reduced Lunch: 42%

Garinger High School 1100 Eastway Drive Enrollment: 1,502 Free/Reduced Lunch: 83% Graduation Rate: 92% Harding University High School 2001 Alleghany St. Enrollment: 1,618 Free/Reduced Lunch: 80% Graduation Rate: 88% Hawthorne Academy of Health Sciences 1411 Hawthorne Lane Enrollment: 237 | Grades 7-12

Enrollment: 558 | Grades K-8 Free/Reduced Lunch: 94% Whitewater Academy 11600 White Rapids Road Enrollment: 690 Free/Reduced Lunch: 84% Winding Springs Elementary 6601 Horace Mann Road Enrollment: 771 Free/Reduced Lunch: 85% Windsor Park Elementary 3910 Sudbury Road Enrollment: 893 Free/Reduced Lunch: 87% Winget Park Elementary 12235 Winget Road Enrollment: 948 Free/Reduced Lunch: 38%

Westerly Hills Academy 4420 Denver Ave.

Winterfield Elementary 3100 Winterfield Place Enrollment: 660 Free/Reduced Lunch: 94%

Northeast Middle School 5960 Brickstone Drive Enrollment: 827 Free/Reduced Lunch: 64%

Ranson Middle School 5850 Statesville Road Enrollment: 1,108 Free/Reduced Lunch: 81%

Northridge Middle School 7601 The Plaza Enrollment: 802 Free/Reduced Lunch: 79%

Ridge Road Middle School 7260 Highland Creek Parkway Enrollment: 1,446 | Grades 6-9 Free/Reduced Lunch: 50%

Northwest School of the Arts 1415 Beatties Ford Road Enrollment: 981 | Grades 6-12 Free/Reduced Lunch: 44%

Sedgefield Middle School 2700 Dorchester Place Enrollment: 602 Free/Reduced Lunch: 82%

Piedmont Middle School 1241 E. 10th St. Enrollment: 952 Free/Reduced Lunch: 42%

South Charlotte Middle School 8040 Strawberry Lane Enrollment: 940 Free/Reduced Lunch: 23%

Quail Hollow Middle School 2901 Smithfield Church Road Enrollment: 918 Free/Reduced Lunch: 68%

Southwest Middle School 13624 Steele Creek Road Enrollment: 1,425 Free/Reduced Lunch: 54%

Randolph Middle School 4400 Water Oak Road Enrollment: 1,194 Free/Reduced Lunch: 43%

Whitewater Middle School 10201 Runnings Rapids Road Enrollment: 891 Free/Reduced Lunch: 84%

Free/Reduced Lunch: 93% Graduation Rate: 66%

International Business and Communication Studies at Olympic 4301 Sandy Porter Road, Suite C Enrollment: 421 Free/Reduced Lunch: 55% Graduation Rate: 86%

Hopewell High School 11530 Beatties Ford Road, Huntersville Enrollment: 1,726 Free/Reduced Lunch: 43% Graduation Rate: 87% Independence High School 1967 Patriot Drive Enrollment: 2,205 Free/Reduced Lunch: 56% Graduation Rate: 84%

International Studies and Global Economics at Olympic 4301 Sandy Porter Road, Suite A Enrollment: 412 Free/Reduced Lunch: 60% Graduation Rate: 76%


Mallard Creek High School 3825 Johnston Oehler Road Enrollment: 2,262 Free/Reduced Lunch: 43% Graduation Rate: 95%

North Mecklenburg High School 11201 Old Statesville Road, Huntersville Enrollment: 1,628 Free/Reduced Lunch: 56% Graduation Rate: 88%

Providence High School 1800 Pineville-Matthews Road Enrollment: 2,015 Free/Reduced Lunch: 11% Graduation Rate: 95%

South Mecklenburg High School 8900 Park Road Enrollment: 2,558 Free/Reduced Lunch: 44% Graduation Rate: 88%

William Amos Hough High School 12420 Bailey Road, Cornelius Enrollment: 2,108 Free/Reduced Lunch: 18% Graduation Rate: 92%

Math, Engineering, Technology & Science at Olympic 4301 Sandy Porter Road, Suite B Enrollment: 525 Free/Reduced Lunch: 38% Graduation Rate: 93%

Performance Learning Center 1400 N. Graham St. Enrollment: 123 Free/Reduced Lunch: 39% Graduation Rate: 96%

Renaissance School at Olympic 4301 Sandy Porter Road, Suite D Enrollment: 479 Free/Reduced Lunch: 47% Graduation Rate: 84%

West Charlotte High School 2219 Senior Drive Enrollment: 1,818 Free/Reduced Lunch: 83% Graduation Rate: 71%

Zebulon B. Vance High School 7600 IBM Drive Enrollment: 1,728 Free/Reduced Lunch: 75% Graduation Rate: 81%

Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology 1430 Alleghany St. Enrollment: 1,626 Free/Reduced Lunch: 68% Graduation Rate: 92%

Rocky River High School 10505 Clear Creek Commerce Drive, Mint Hill Enrollment: 1,737 Free/Reduced Lunch: 63% Graduation Rate: 93%

West Mecklenburg High School 7400 Tuckaseegee Road Enrollment: 1,893 Free/Reduced Lunch: 74% Graduation Rate: 77%

Myers Park High School 2400 Colony Road Enrollment: 2,776 Free/Reduced Lunch: 33% Graduation Rate: 86%

704-786-6191 Superintendent: Dr. Barry Shepherd

Cabarrus County ELEMENTARY

37 Schools 30,113 Students


Graduation Rate

A.T. Allen Elementary 3939 Abilene Road, Concord Enrollment: 266 Free/Reduced Lunch: 57%

Beverly Hills Elementary 87 Palaside Road, Concord Enrollment: 340 Free/Reduced Lunch: 58%

Charles E. Boger Elementary 5150 Dovefield Lane, Kannappolis Enrollment: 781 Free/Reduced Lunch: 31%

Cox Mill Elementary 1450 Cox Mill Road, Concord Enrollment: 1,286 Free/Reduced Lunch: 7%

Mount Pleasant Elementary 8555 North Drive, Mt. Pleasant Enrollment: 691 Free/Reduced Lunch: 35%

Bethel Elementary 2425 Midland Road, Midland Enrollment: 628 Free/Reduced Lunch: 34%

Carl A. Furr Elementary 2725 Clover Road, Concord Enrollment: 750 | Grades PK-5 Free/Reduced Lunch: 43%

Coltrane-Webb Elementary 61 Spring St. NW, Concord Enrollment: 486 | Grades PK-5 Free/Reduced Lunch: 47%

Harrisburg Elementary 3900 Stalling Road, Harrisburg Enrollment: 854 Free/Reduced Lunch: 11%

Patriots STEM Elementary 1510 Holden Ave., Concord Enrollment: 700 Free/Reduced Lunch: 29%





Where Performance Meets Potential

â&#x20AC;Ś and have been doing so for the years. past


Countryside is the only independent school in North Carolina offering the complete cycle of Montessori education from Toddler to college preparatory High School. Campus tours each Wednesday at 9:30am

Serving Students with Specific Learning Disabilities Since 1982. w w w. c o u n t r y s i d e m o n t e s s o r i s c h o o l s . o r g

8500 Sardis Road | Charlotte, North Carolina 28270 | 704.365.4658 | EDUCATION GUIDE 2013 -2014


Cabarrus County





Pitts School Road Elementary 720 Pitts School Road SW, Concord Enrollment: 365 Free/Reduced Lunch: 26%

Rocky River Elementary 5454 Rocky River Road, Concord Enrollment: 761 Free/Reduced Lunch: 53%

W.M. Irvin Elementary 1400 Gold Rush Drive, Concord Enrollment: 782 | Grades PK-5 Free/Reduced Lunch: 63%

Weddington Hills Elementary 4401 Weddington Road, Concord Enrollment: 846 Free/Reduced Lunch: 59%

R. Brown McAllister Elementary 541 Sunnyside Drive SE, Concord Enrollment: 308 Free/Reduced Lunch: 50%

Royal Oaks Elementary School 608 Dakota St., Kannapolis Enrollment: 365 Free/Reduced Lunch: 74%

W R Odell Elementary 1215 Moss Farm Road NW, Concord Enrollment: 1,045 Free/Reduced Lunch: 19%

Winecoff Elementary 375 Winecoff School Road, Concord Enrollment: 821 Free/Reduced Lunch: 60%

C.C. Griffin Middle 7650 Griffin’s Gate Drive SW, Concord Enrollment: 1,029 Free/Reduced Lunch: 52%

Harold Winkler Middle 4501 Weddington Road, Concord Enrollment: 1,006 Free/Reduced Lunch: 43%

Hickory Ridge Middle 7336 Raging Ridge Road, Harrisburg Enrollment: 1,140 Free/Reduced Lunch: 18%

Mount Pleasant Middle 8325 Highway 49 N., Mt. Pleasant Enrollment: 669 Free/Reduced Lunch: 35%

Concord Middle 1500 Gold Rush Drive, Concord Enrollment: 926 Free/Reduced Lunch: 64%

Harris Road Middle 1251 Patriot Plantation Blvd., Concord Enrollment: 1,109 Free/Reduced Lunch: 16%

J.N. Fries Magnet 133 Stonecrest Circle SW, Concord Enrollment: 487 Free/Reduced Lunch: 18%

Northwest Cabarrus Middle 5140 NW Cabarrus Drive, Concord Enrollment: 910 Free/Reduced Lunch: 45%

Cabarrus-Kannapolis Early College 1531 Trinity Church Road, Concord Enrollment: 202 Free/Reduced Lunch: 38% Graduation Rate: >95%

Concord High School 481 Burrage Road, Concord Enrollment: 1,169 Free/Reduced Lunch: 45% Graduation Rate: 86%

Hickory Ridge High 7321 Raging Ridge Road, Harrisburg Enrollment: 1,426 Free/Reduced Lunch: 16% Graduation Rate: >95%

Mount Pleasant High 700 Walker Road, Mt. Pleasant Enrollment: 853 Free/Reduced Lunch: 32% Graduation Rate: 90%

Central Cabarrus High School 505 Highway 49 S., Concord Enrollment: 1,156 Free/Reduced Lunch: 41% Graduation Rate: 84%

Cox Mill High School 1355 Cox Mill Road, Concord Enrollment: 1,283 Free/Reduced Lunch: 17% Graduation Rate: 95%

Jay M Robinson High School 300 Pitts School Road SW, Concord Enrollment: 1,351 Free/Reduced Lunch: 35% Graduation Rate: 86%

Northwest Cabarrus High School 5130 Northwest Cabarrus Drive, Concord Enrollment: 1,022 Free/Reduced Lunch: 37% Graduation Rate: 92%

Wolf Meadow Elementary 150 Wolf Meadow Drive, Concord Enrollment: 554 Free/Reduced Lunch: 73%

For the most up-to-date list of education options and schools go to directories

Performance Learning Center 133 Stonecrest Circle SW, Concord Enrollment: 124 Free/Reduced Lunch:40.46% Graduation Rate: 87%

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5146 Parkway Plaza Blvd. • Charlotte, NC 28217 • 704.365.5490 •


Crosland does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, age, marital status, disability, religion, creed, or national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational programs, admissions, financial aid policies or employment practices.

Gaston County


Belmont Central Elementary School 310 Eagle Road, Belmont Enrollment: 679 Free/Reduced Lunch: 32%

Chapel Grove Elementary School 5201 Lewis Road, Gastonia Enrollment: 453 Free/Reduced Lunch: 74%

Bessemer City Central Elementary School 1400 Puetts Chapel Road, Bessemer City Enrollment: 324 Free/Reduced Lunch: 76%

Cherryville Elementary School 700 E. Academy St., Cherryville Enrollment: 436 Free/Reduced Lunch: 63%

Bessemer City Primary School 1320 N. 12th St., Bessemer City Enrollment: 329 Free/Reduced Lunch: 80% Brookside Elementary School 1925 Auten Road, Gastonia Enrollment: 526 Free/Reduced Lunch: 73%

Edward Sadler, Jr. Elementary School 3950 W. Franklin Blvd., Gastonia Enrollment: 467 Free/Reduced Lunch: 96%

Carr Elementary School 307 S, Pine St., Dallas Enrollment: 677 Free/Reduced Lunch: 77%

Forest Heights Elementary School One Learning Place, Gastonia Enrollment: 410 Free/Reduced Lunch: 89%


Catawba Heights Elementary School 101 Ivey St., Belmont Enrollment: 337 Free/Reduced Lunch: 64%


Costner Elementary School 353 Old 277 Loop, Dallas Enrollment: 613 Free/Reduced Lunch: 48%

Gardner Park Elementary School 738 Armstrong Park Road, Gastonia Enrollment: 629 Free/Reduced Lunch: 74%

704-866-6100 Superintendent: L. Reeves McGlohon H.H. Beam Elementary School 200 Davis Park Road, Gastonia Enrollment: 566 Free/Reduced Lunch: 55% Hawks Nest Intermediate School 3430 Robinwood Road, Gastonia Enrollment: 164 Free/Reduced Lunch: 37% Kiser Elementary School 311 E. College St., Stanley Enrollment: 443 Free/Reduced Lunch: 59% Lingerfeldt Elementary School 1601 Madison St., Gastonia Enrollment: 455 Free/Reduced Lunch: 93% Lowell Elementary School 1500 Power Drive, Lowell Enrollment: 533 Free/Reduced Lunch: 58% McAdenville Elementary School 275 E. Wesleyan Drive, McAdenville Enrollment: 143 Free/Reduced Lunch: 65% New Hope Elementary School 137 Stowe Road, Gastonia Enrollment: 514 Free/Reduced Lunch: 30%

Belmont Middle School 110 Central Ave., Belmont Enrollment: 760 Free/Reduced Lunch: 41%

Cramerton Middle School 601 Cramer Mtn. Road, Cramerton Enrollment: 862 Free/Reduced Lunch: 30%

Holbrook Middle School 418 S. Church St., B61, Lowell Enrollment: 758 Free/Reduced Lunch: 63%

Bessemer City Middle School 525 Ed Wilson Road, Bessemer City Enrollment: 596 Free/Reduced Lunch: 77%

Grier Middle School 1622 E. Garrison Blvd., Gastonia Enrollment: 710 Free/Reduced Lunch: 76%

John Chavis Middle School 103 S. Chavis Drive, Cherryville Enrollment: 483 Free/Reduced Lunch: 57%

55 Schools 31,775 Students North Belmont Elementary School 210 School St., Belmont Enrollment: 372 Free/Reduced Lunch: 68% Page Primary School 215 Ewing Drive, Belmont Enrollment: 337 Free/Reduced Lunch: 38% Pinewood Elementary School 1925 N. Main St., Mount Holly Enrollment: 529 Free/Reduced Lunch: 50% Pleasant Ridge Elementary School 937 S. Miller St., Gastonia Enrollment: 235 Free/Reduced Lunch: 94.85% Rankin Elementary School 301 W. Central Ave., Mt. Holly Enrollment: 644 Free/Reduced Lunch: 56% Rhyne Elementary School 1900 W. Davidson Ave., Gastonia Enrollment: 429 Free/Reduced Lunch: 99%

Enrollment: 742 Free/Reduced Lunch: 49% Southwest Middle School No. 1 Roadrunner Drive, Gastonia Enrollment: 827 Free/Reduced Lunch: 78%

Mt. Holly Middle School 124 S. Hawthorne St., Mount Holly

Stanley Middle 317 Hovis Road, Stanley Enrollment: 548 Free/Reduced Lunch: 57%


Graduation Rate Robinson Elementary School 3122 Union Road, Gastonia Enrollment: 353 Free/Reduced Lunch: 49% Sherwood Elementary School 1744 Dixon Road, Gastonia Enrollment: 627 Free/Reduced Lunch: 73% Springfield Elementary School 900 S. Main St., Stanley Enrollment: 463 Free/Reduced Lunch: 62% Tryon Elementary School 2620 Tryon Courthouse Road, Bessemer City Enrollment: 311 Free/Reduced Lunch: 81% W.A. Bess Elementary School 4340 Beaty Road, Gastonia Enrollment: 628 Free/Reduced Lunch: 34% W.B. Beam intermediate School 401 E. First St., Cherryville Enrollment: 230 Free/Reduced Lunch: 55% Woodhill Elementary School 1027 Woodhill Drive, Gastonia Enrollment: 401 Free/Reduced Lunch: 95%

W.C. Friday Middle School 1221 Ratchford Road, Dallas Enrollment: 663 Free/Reduced Lunch: 61% York Chester Middle School 601 S. Clay St., Gastonia Enrollment: 374 Free/Reduced Lunch: 91%

Ashbrook High School 2222 South New Hope Road, Gastonia Enrollment: 1,411 Free/Reduced Lunch: 61% Graduation Rate: 88%

Cherryville High School 313 Ridge Ave. Cherryville Enrollment: 556 Free/Reduced Lunch: 53% Graduation Rate: 90%

Forestview High School 5545 Union Road, Gastonia Enrollment: 1,141 Free/Reduced Lunch: 39% Graduation Rate: 90%

Highland School of Tehnology 1600 N. Morris St., Gastonia Enrollment: 547 Free/Reduced Lunch: 28% Graduation Rate: 99%

North Gaston High School 1133 Ratchford Road, Dallas Enrollment: 1,013 Free/Reduced Lunch: 57% Graduation Rate: 81%

Bessemer City High School 119 Yellow Jacket Lane, Bessemer City Enrollment: 563 Free/Reduced Lunch: 67% Graduation Rate: 63%

East Gaston High School 1744 Lane Road, Mount Holly Enrollment: 1,454 Free/Reduced Lunch: 43% Graduation Rate: 80%

Gaston Early College High School 201 Highway 321 S., Dallas Enrollment: 114 | Grades 9-13 Free/Reduced Lunch: 55% Graduation Rate: 96%

Hunter Huss High School 1518 Edgefield Ave., Gastonia Enrollment: 919 Free/Reduced Lunch: 72% Graduation Rate: 65%

South Point High School 906 S. Point Road, Belmont Enrollment: 1,249 Free/Reduced Lunch: 35% Graduation Rate: 91% Stuart W. Cramer High School 101 Lakewood Road, Belmont Enrollment: 500 | Grades 9-10 | EDUCATION GUIDE 2013 -2014


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SOUTH CHARLOTTE 10516 Park Road Charlotte, NC 28210 704.541.9080





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Educating Mind, Body, and Soul

With an accelerated Not Represent Actual Size. Ads designed by Charlotte Parent are the property of Carolina Parenting Inc. and nurturing curriculum environment, SouthLake Christian Academy prepares students to excel in academics, athletics, and the arts while inspiring them to ly become your fa i m a f m ily our live their lives with wisdom . Let and moral integrity.

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United Faith Christian Academy is an academically rigorous Christ-centered college preparatory school for grades TK-12. Also, preschool age children get a great start in their education through UFCA’s Little Learners program. 8617 Providence Road, Charlotte, NC 28277 | 704-541-1742




w w w. s o u t h l a k e c h r i s t i a n . o r g w w w. s o u t h l a k e e a g l e s . o r g

Celeste Henkel Elementary 1503 Old Mountain Road, Statesville Enrollment: 535 Free/Reduced Lunch: 65%

Lake Norman Elementary 255 Oak Tree Road, Mooresville Enrollment: 593 Free/Reduced Lunch: 13%

Scotts Elementary 4743 Taylorsville Hwy., Statesville Enrollment: 410 Free/Reduced Lunch: 68%

Lakeshore Elementary 252 Lakeshore School Road, Mooresville Enrollment: 707 Free/Reduced Lunch: 21%

Sharon Elementary 880 Sharon School Road, Statesville Enrollment: 303 Free/Reduced Lunch: 52%

Central Elementary 4083 Wilkesboro Road, Statesville Enrollment: 339 Free/Reduced Lunch: 45% Cloverleaf Elementary 300 James Farm Road, Statesville Enrollment: 943 Free/Reduced Lunch: 62%

Enrollment: 650 Free/Reduced Lunch: 27% Cool Spring Elementary 19969 Mocksville Hwy., Cleveland Enrollment: 459 Free/Reduced Lunch: 51% East Iredell Elementary 400 E. Elementary Road, Statesville Enrollment: 607 Free/Reduced Lunch: 78%

Coddle Creek Elementary 484 Presbyterian Road, Mooresville

Harmony Elementary 139 Harmony School Road, Harmony Enrollment: 471 Free/Reduced Lunch: 73%

Brawley Middle 664 Brawley School Road, Mooresville Enrollment: 734 Free/Reduced Lunch: 15%

Lakeshore Middle 244 Lakeshore School Road, Mooresville Enrollment: 593 Free/Reduced Lunch: 31%

East Iredell Middle 590 Chestnut Grove Road, Statesville Enrollment: 538 Free/Reduced Lunch: 67% Collaborative College for Technology and Leadership (Early College) 500 W. Broad St., Statesville Enrollment: 227 Free/Reduced Lunch: 35% Graduation Rate: >95%

Graduation Rate

Enrollment: 521 Free/Reduced Lunch: 85% Troutman Elementary 220 S. Main St., Troutman Enrollment: 774 Free/Reduced Lunch: 55% Union Grove Elementary 1314 Sloans Mill Road, Union Grove Enrollment: 271 Free/Reduced Lunch: 62%

Third Creek Elementary 361 East Barkley Road, Statesville

North Iredell Middle 2467 Jennings Road, Olin Enrollment: 620 Free/Reduced Lunch: 48%

Statesville Middle 321 Clegg St., Statesville Enrollment: 430 Free/Reduced Lunch: 89%

West Iredell Middle 303 Watermelon Road, Statesville Enrollment: 753 Free/Reduced Lunch: 64%

Mount Mourne 431 Mecklenburg Hwy., Mooresville Enrollment: 528 Free/Reduced Lunch: 5%

Northview 625 Carolina Ave., Statesville Enrollment: 421 | Grades 6-9 Free/Reduced Lunch: 28%

Troutman Middle 305 Rumple St., Troutman Enrollment: 417 Free/Reduced Lunch: 56%

Lake Norman High 186 Doolie Road, Mooresville Enrollment: 1,946 Free/Reduced Lunch: 9% Graduation Rate: >95%

Free/Reduced Lunch: 38% Graduation Rate: 86%

Statesville High 474 North Center St., Statesville Enrollment: 1,096 Free/Reduced Lunch: 62% Graduation Rate: 87%

North Iredell High 156 Raider Road, Olin Enrollment: 1,193


Forest Park Elementary 1333 Forest Park Drive Enrollment: 600 Free/Reduced Lunch: 67%

Fred L. Wilson Elementary 1401 Pine St. Enrollment: 360 Free/Reduced Lunch: 84%


Kannapolis Intermediate 525 East C St. Enrollment: 834 | Grades 5-6 Free/Reduced Lunch: 75%

Kannapolis Middle 1445 Oakwood Ave. Enrollment: 824 Free/Reduced Lunch: 71%

Lincoln County | 704-732-2261

Catawba Springs Elementary 206 N. Little Egypt Road, Denver


Woodland Heights Elementary 288 Forest Lake Blvd., Mooresville Enrollment: 978 Free/Reduced Lunch: 8% | 704-938-1131

Battleground Elementary 201 Jeb Seagle Drive, Lincolnton Enrollment: 311 | Grades K-3 Free/Reduced Lunch: 79%

Shepherd Elementary 1748 Charlotte Hwy., Mooresville Enrollment: 507 Free/Reduced Lunch: 48%

N.B. Mills Elementary 1410 Pearl St., Statesville Enrollment: 454 Free/Reduced Lunch: 90%

Enrollment: 530 Free/Reduced Lunch: 24% Childers Elementary 2595 Rock Dam Road, Lincolnton Enrollment: 436 Free/Reduced Lunch: 49%

South Iredell High 299 Old Mountain Road, Statesville Enrollment: 919 Free/Reduced Lunch: 32% Graduation Rate: 86%

Visual & Performing Arts Center 474 N. Center St., Statesville Enrollment: 173 | Grades 9-13

8 Schools 5,369 Students

Superintendent: Dr. Pamela Cain Jackson Park Elementary 1400 Jackson St. Enrollment: 470 Free/Reduced Lunch: 76%



704-872-8931 Superintendent: Brady Johnson

Kannapolis City


35 Schools 21,354 Students

Iredell-Statesville County

Superintendent: Dr. Sherry Hoyle

Free/Reduced Lunch: 34% Graduation Rate: >95% West Iredell High 213 Warrior Drive, Statesville Enrollment: 1,004 Free/Reduced Lunch: 47% Graduation Rate: 86%


Graduation Rate

Shady Brook Elementary 903 Rogers Lake Road Enrollment: 395 Free/Reduced Lunch: 74%

Woodrow Wilson Elementary 800 N. Walnut St. Enrollment: 428 Free/Reduced Lunch: 84%

A.L. Brown 415 E. First St. Enrollment: 1,432

Free/Reduced Lunch: 58% Graduation Rate: 85%

24 Schools 11,573 Students


Graduation Rate

F.D. Jack Kiser Intermediate 301 Jeb Seagle Drive, Lincolnton Enrollment: 319 | Grades 4-5 Free/Reduced Lunch: 72%

Iron Station Elementary 4207 Highway 27 E., Lincolnton Enrollment: 476 Free/Reduced Lunch: 43%

North Brook Elementary 642 Hwy. 27, Vale Enrollment: 373 Free/Reduced Lunch: 54%

G.E. Massey Elementary 130 Newbold St., Lincolnton Enrollment: 257 | Grades K-3 Free/Reduced Lunch: 63%

Love Memorial Elementary 1463 Love Memorial School Road, Lincolnton Enrollment: 281 Free/Reduced Lunch: 55%

Pumpkin Center Intermediate 3980 King Wilkinson Road, Lincolnton Enrollment: 274 | Grades 3-5 Free/Reduced Lunch: 34% | EDUCATION GUIDE 2013 -2014


Lincoln County ELEMENTARY

Pumpkin Center Primary 3970 King Wilkinson Road, Lincolnton Enrollment: 235 | Grades K-2 Free/Reduced Lunch: 34% Rock Springs Elementary 3633 Highway 16 N., Denver

S. Ray Lowder Elementary 350 Kennedy Drive, Lincolnton Enrollment: 234 | Grades K-3 Free/Reduced Lunch: 57%


East Lincoln Middle 4137 Highway 73, Iron Station Enrollment: 655 Free/Reduced Lunch: 27%

Lincolnton Middle 2361 Startown Road, Lincolnton Enrollment: 647 Free/Reduced Lunch: 57%



East Lincoln High 6471 Highway 73, Denver Enrollment: 891 Free/Reduced Lunch: 23% Graduation Rate: 84%

St. James Elementary 1774 St. James Church Road, Denver Enrollment: 547 Free/Reduced Lunch: 23%

Union Elementary 4875 Reepsville Road, Vale Enrollment: 250 Free/Reduced Lunch: 45%

North Lincoln Middle 1503 Amity Church Road, Denver Enrollment: 737 Free/Reduced Lunch: 28%

West Lincoln Middle 260 Shoal Road, Lincolnton Enrollment: 612 Free/Reduced Lunch: 51%

Graduation Rate: 92%

West Lincoln High 172 Shoal Road, Lincolnton Enrollment: 842 Free/Reduced Lunch: 40% Graduation Rate: 89%

Enrollment: 656 Free/Reduced Lunch: 24%

We are growingNorth smaller Lincolnton High Lincoln High 803 N. Aspen St., Lincolnton 2737 Lee Lawing Road, Lincolnton 852 985 toEnrollment: serve you Enrollment: better. Free/Reduced Lunch: 47% Free/Reduced Lunch: 21% Graduation Rate: 86%

Mooresville Middle School 233 Kistler Farm Road, Mooresville Enrollment: 915 | Grades 7-8 Free/Reduced Lunch: 32%

Superintendent: Dr. Mark Edwards

Rocky River Elementary 483 Rocky River Road, Mooresville Enrollment: 609 | Grades K-3 Free/Reduced Lunch: 26%

South Elementary 839 S. Magnolia St., Mooresville Enrollment: 546 | Grades K-3 Free/Reduced Lunch: 56%



Park View Elementary 217 W. McNeely Ave., Mooresville Enrollment: 645 | Grades K-3 Free/Reduced Lunch: 47%


Mooresville Graded | 704-658-2530

Mooresville High School 659 E. Center Ave., Mooresville Enrollment: 1,588

8 Schools 5,745 Students East Mooresville Intermediate School 1711 Landis Hwy., Mooresville Enrollment: 679 | Grades 4-6 Free/Reduced Lunch: 39%

Looking for a neighborhood school? Find the best neighborhoods for families in our 2013-2014 GPS publications

90.3% Graduation Rate

Mooresville Intermediate School 1438 Coddle Creek Hwy., Mooresville Enrollment: 763 | Grades 4-6 Free/Reduced Lunch: 36%

Free/Reduced Lunch: 30% Graduation Rate: 90%

Arboretum 8045 Providence Rd., Suite 300 704-341-9600

Asthma & & Allergy Allergy Asthma Specialists, PA

Mallard Creek 10310 Mallard Creek Rd., Suite A 704-503-4888 Opening March 2012 Matthews 855 Sam Newell Rd., Suite 206 Opening February 2012

Specialists, PA And the forecast calls for sneezing with a chance of runny nose and watery eyes.

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Mallard Creek


8045 Providence Rd., Ste. 300 704-341-9600

10310 Mallard Creek Rd., Ste. 101A 704-503-4888

855 Sam Newell Rd., Ste. 206 704-321-2793

Focus is a new solution for the treatment of ADHD. Our doctorsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; dedication and emphasis on the whole patient help move your family from frustration to focus. Contact us for more information or to make an appointment.

Dr. R. Derek Brugman, DO Board-certified Pediatrician L. Jade Wright, PA-C

704-900-0252 Douglas T. Johnston, D.O.


Hugh R. Black, II, MD

C. Thomas Humphries, MD, MBA



Vandana K. Patel, MD

William S. Ashe, Jr., MD

309 S. Sharon Amity Road Suite 204 Charlotte, NC 28211

Union County




704-296-9898 Superintendent: Dr. Mary Ellis

53 Schools 41,018 Students


Graduation Rate

Antioch Elementary 3101 Antioch Church Road, Matthews Enrollment: 834 Free/Reduced Lunch: 12%

Kensington Elementary 8701 Kensington Drive, Waxhaw Enrollment: 818 Free/Reduced Lunch: 9%

Porter Ridge Elementary 2843 Ridge Road, Indian Trail Enrollment: 592 | Grades PK-5 Free/Reduced Lunch: 47%

Sardis Elementary 4416 Sardis Church Road, Monroe Enrollment: 549 | Grades PK-5 Free/Reduced Lunch: 56%

Walter Bickett Elementary 830 M.L. King Blvd., Monroe Enrollment: 691 | Grades PK-5 Free/Reduced Lunch: 92%

Benton Heights 1200 Concord Ave., Monroe Enrollment: 685 | Grades PK-5 Free/Reduced Lunch: 89%

Marshville Elementary 515 N. Elm St., Marshville Enrollment: 472 | Grades PK-5 Free/Reduced Lunch: 73%

Prospect Elementary 3005 Ruben Road, Monroe Enrollment: 468 Free/Reduced Lunch: 49%

Shiloh Elementary 5210 Rogers Road, Monroe Enrollment: 578 | Grades PK-5 Free/Reduced Lunch: 39%

Waxhaw Elementary 1101 Old Providence Road, Waxhaw Enrollment: 606 | Grades PK-5 Free/Reduced Lunch: 46%

East Elementary 515 Elizabeth Ave., Monroe Enrollment: 468 | Grades PK-5 Free/Reduced Lunch: 96%

Marvin Elementary 9700 Marvin School Road, Marvin Enrollment: 681 | Grades PK-5 Free/Reduced Lunch: 4%

Rea View Elementary 320 Reid Dairy Road, Waxhaw Enrollment: 735 Free/Reduced Lunch: 3%

Stallings Elementary 3501 Stallings Road, Stallings Enrollment: 593 Free/Reduced Lunch: 28%

Weddington Elementary 3927 Twelve Mile Creek Road, Matthews Enrollment: 661 | Grades PK-5 Free/Reduced Lunch: 8%

Fairview Elementary 110 Clontz Road, Monroe Enrollment: 489 | Grades PK-5 Free/Reduced Lunch: 29%

New Salem Elementary 6106 Hwy. 205, Marshville Enrollment: 314 Free/Reduced Lunch: 28%

Rock Rest Elementary 814 Old Pageland Monroe Road, Monroe Enrollment: 606 | Grades PK-5 Free/Reduced Lunch: 91%

Sun Valley Elementary 5200 Rogers Road, Monroe Enrollment: 677 | Grades PK-5 Free/Reduced Lunch: 37%

Wesley Chapel Elmentary 110 Potter Road S., Monroe Enrollment: 557 Free/Reduced Lunch: 17%

Hemby Bridge Elementary 6701 Indian Trail Fairview Road, Indian Trail Enrollment: 572 | Grades PK-5 Free/Reduced Lunch: 31%

New Town Elementary 1100 Waxhaw Indian Trail Raod, Waxhaw Enrollment: 880 | Grades PK-5 Free/Reduced Lunch: 9%

Rocky River Elementary 500 N. Rocky River Road, Monroe Enrollment: 791 | Grades PK-5 Free/Reduced Lunch: 61%

Union Elementary 5320 White Shore Road, Wingate Enrollment: 415 | Grades PK-5 Free/Reduced Lunch: 61%

Western Union Elementary 4111 Western Union School Road, Waxhaw Enrollment: 402 Free/Reduced Lunch: 55%

Indian Trail Elementary 200 Education Road, Indian Trail Enrollment: 720 | Grades PK-5 Free/Reduced Lunch: 34%

Poplin Elementary 5627 Poplin Road, Indian Trail Enrollment: 668 Free/Reduced Lunch: 31%

Sandy Ridge Elementary 10101 Waxhaw Manor Drive, Waxhaw Enrollment: 880 Free/Reduced Lunch: 3%

Unionville Elementary 4511 Unionville Raod, Monroe Enrollment: 724 | Grades PK-5 Free/Reduced Lunch: 37%

Wingate Elementary 301 Bivens St., Wingate Enrollment: 601 | Grades PK-5 Free/Reduced Lunch: 84%

Cuthbertson Middle 1520 Cuthbertson Road, Waxhaw Enrollment: 1,193 Free/Reduced Lunch: 13%

Marvin Ridge Middle 2831 Crane Raod, Waxhaw Enrollment: 1,380 Free/Reduced Lunch: 3%

Parkwood Middle 3219 Parkwood School Road, Monroe Enrollment: 726 Free/Reduced Lunch: 47%

Porter Ridge Middle 2827 Ridge Road, Indian Trail Enrollment: 1,411 Free/Reduced Lunch: 31%

Weddington Middle 3903 Deal Road, Matthews Enrollment: 1,086 Free/Reduced Lunch: 10%

East Union Middle 6010 W. Marshvill Blvd., Marshville Enrollment: 810 Free/Reduced Lunch: 73%

Monroe Middle 601 E Sunset Drive, Monroe Enrollment: 935 Free/Reduced Lunch: 90%

Piedmont Middle 2816 Sikes Mill Road, Monroe Enrollment: 973 Free/Reduced Lunch: 29%

Sun Valley Middle 1409 Wesley Chapel Road, Indian Trail Enrollment: 1,337 Free/Reduced Lunch: 40%

Central Academy 600 Brewer Drive, Monroe Enrollment: 855 Free/Reduced Lunch: 26% Graduation Rate: 99%

Forest Hills High 100 Forest Hills School Road S., Marshville Enrollment: 932 Free/Reduced Lunch: 67% Graduation Rate: 82%

Monroe High 1 High School Drive, Monroe Enrollment: 921 Free/Reduced Lunch: 85% Graduation Rate: 84%

Piedmont High 3006 Sikes Mill Road, Monroe Enrollment: 1,136 Free/Reduced Lunch: 24% Graduation Rate: 90%

Parkwood High 3220 Parkwood School Road, Monroe Enrollment: 903 Free/Reduced Lunch: 39% Graduation Rate: 84%

Porter Ridge High 2839 Ridge Road, Indian Trail Enrollment: 1,453 Free/Reduced Lunch: 28% Graduation Rate: 94%

Cuthbertson High 1400 Cuthbertson Road, Waxhaw Enrollment: 1,295 Free/Reduced Lunch: 14% Graduation Rate: 98%

Marvin Ridge High 2825 Crane Road, Waxhaw Enrollment: 1,456 Free/Reduced Lunch: 2% Graduation Rate: 100%

Sun Valley High 5211 Old Charlotte Hwy., Monroe Enrollment: 1,314

Free/Reduced Lunch: 35% Graduation Rate: 87% Union County Early College 4209A Old Charlotte Hwy., Monroe Enrollment: 339 | Grades 9-13 Free/Reduced Lunch: 39% Graduation Rate: 100% Weddington High 4901 Monroe Weddington Road, Matthews Enrollment: 1,366 Free/Reduced Lunch: 8% Graduation Rate: 99% | EDUCATION GUIDE 2013 -2014


Reaching the Gifted BY LISA HASSELL

Changes to challenge top students 40




t is not uncommon for parents to feel that their academically or intellectually gifted children are being underserved by their schools. In education lingo, academically or intellectually gifted (AIG) falls under the umbrella of special education because AIG students’ needs can’t be met by the regular education program. Yet a school’s focus is often on helping struggling students succeed while the unique needs of the top students go largely unmet. North Carolina is trying to address this problem by making changes that create more learning environments to challenge AIG students. Beginning in 2014, middle and high school students in public schools will have the option of taking an exam and completing a project in lieu of sitting through a semesterlong course. The goal of this program, called Credit by Demonstrated Mastery (CDM),

is to put students who already have a deep understanding of the basics into classes where they can focus on deeper thinking and not just additional work. The CDM plan came not out of AIG students’ needs, but out of the needs of all students. “It’s important that we realize students learn at different paces,” says Sneha Shah-Coltrane, director of gifted education and advanced programs at the NC Department of Instruction. “We already have differentiated learning in classrooms, but this is for the really advanced child who just ‘has it.’ We want to make sure his time is most effectively spent.” Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is making its own changes in the 2013-14 school year as well. Elementary schools in CMS will screen all second graders for eligibility into gifted programs. Children can test into the program in either math or reading, rather than the previous requirement that they must demonstrate giftedness in both subjects. “Our goal is to meet the needs of these kids, [which includes] identifying economically disadvantaged or ESL students

who aren’t labeled as gifted but are,” says Trinette Atri from CMS’ Horizons program for highly gifted students. “We need to catch [those students] and not lose them.”

Meeting Your Own Child’s Needs Joy Goforth is mom to two children in Union County Public Schools — a sixth grader who has been in AIG classes for three years and a third grader who will be tested for AIG later this year. She is receptive to new ideas for teaching gifted children. “I feel as though I’ve always had to fight for [my daughter]. The schools just aren’t set up to support academic giftedness.” However, she raises some valid questions about the changes. “Who will be doing the assessments? Is what it takes to skip a class at one school the same as what it takes at another?” Shah-Coltrane says that each local school system determines its own way to evaluate a student’s mastery of a particular course’s content. The purpose of this plan is to give students and their families the opportunity to choose what is best for them long-term, which

might mean quicker access to upper-level coursework. For the area’s exceptionally gifted students, the best education may be found in an alternative school setting, such as homeschool, a private school, or a public charter school. The Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy in Charlotte is exclusively for students whose IQ score is at least two standard deviations above the mean, or roughly 130 or above. The curriculum moves at an extremely accelerated rate and students finish eighth grade with some high school credits. Horizons is part of CMS and offers a very individualized and advanced program for students needing more than the regular classroom can offer. Regardless of the state’s changes or the plan for your child’s individual school, you as the parent are the strongest advocate for his or her education. “Just remember,” says Goforth, “nobody is going to stand up for your child like you will.”

Lisa Hassell is a freelance writer and a former teacher in the Union County Public Schools. She currently stays at home with her 4-year-old son in Indian Trail.

MENSA: More Than Just Academics Charlotte/Blue Ridge Mensa is a local chapter of American Mensa, which is a part of Mensa International, the oldest and most reputable high IQ society that admits members with IQs in the top two percentile. Matt Tiller began serving as the Gifted Youth Coordinator for Charlotte/Blue Ridge Mensa in August 2012. Tiller recognizes that the social aspect of raising a gifted child is just as important as academics. “Children need to relate to like-minded peers, just as their parents do,” he says. “Many gifted kids prefer to talk with adults instead of people their own age because their peers often don’t understand them; however, they are still kids and relate to the world as such. Our group seeks to foster a community of intellectual friends in and around the Charlotte area.” “We try to plan activities once a month but the dates and events vary,” says Tiller. “All of our events are open to the public, meaning neither the parent nor the child need be a Mensa member in order to participate.”

Programs are offered for ages 3-17. For more information, email Matt Tillerat | EDUCATION GUIDE 2013-2014



























Huntington Learning Center crossway pediatric therapy

Huntington Bolsters Charlotte-Area Students’ Success t Huntington Learning Centers, the focus is on giving every student the best education possible. Whether working with kids struggling in school in general; students in need of exam prep help; high school students who’ve hit a roadblock in just one course; or even just kids in honors courses grappling with hours of homework each night, Huntington individualizes instruction to suit each child’s needs. Owner of two Charlotte-area Huntington Learning Centers, Jackie Pace, is a Charlotte native with an undergrad degree in math education and a graduate degree in educational administration and supervision. Pace opened her first center in Charlotte in 1992. Since then, she and her staff have been working together to partner with students and their parents in bearing the weight of educational challenges. “I wanted to do something that would make a difference in kids’ lives,” she says, “and that’s what I have done…We change lives!” Huntington’s back-to-basics approach works, as evidenced by their results: Most students improve approximately two years in growth in about two months’ time at Huntington and most SAT students improve their scores by about 200 points. Recently, an evaluator from the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (with whom Huntington is accredited) stated simply that Huntington “works” and indicated Huntington’s efficacy over that of many other tutoring services. For Huntington, helping kids means teachers individually interact with them at all times. No group instruction is offered; the use of calculators is withheld until algebra; they teach phonics, handwriting,





spelling, grammar, and punctuation; and they forgo the use of worksheets and computers for instruction. “We teach kids that the process is more important than the product,” Pace says. No contracts are involved, and the staff welcomes the opportunity to answer parents’ questions, either over the phone or with an in-person appointment. With these values at the forefront, the current Park Road location, along with the Huntersville location at the corner of Sam Furr Road and Highway 21 (which Pace co-owns with her daughter Kathy), are two of the most successful Huntington Learning Centers in the country. That’s why, when Charlotte-area parents reach out to Huntington for help, Pace says, “We become their educational partner. They can consider us their educational resource forever – even after their child ‘graduates’ from Huntington!” With its accredited educational expertise and warm, personal approach, both parents and kids can look to Huntington Learning Centers to partner with them for academic success.

Charlotte 4701 Park Road (Pfeiffer University Campus), Charlotte, NC 28209 (704)522-7511

Huntersville 9601 Holly Point Drive, Huntersville, NC 28078 (704)896-9699

Academic and Home-School Resources


Criss Cross Mangosauce Locations throughout Charlotte | 3-10 years Theme-based program that uses arts as a tool to introduce the Spanish language and Latin culture in a fun and educational way. Ecole du Samedi St. Ann Catholic School, 600 Hillside Ave. 704-629-8314 | 3-12 years Empowering children to learn the French language and create a French speaking cultural environment. Classes each Saturday. Foreign Language League Mecklenburg and Gaston counties 704-500-0143 | 18 months+ Offers classes in Spanish, Mandarin and ESL to children as young as 18 months old to adults. Great Wall School of Education Huntersville Presbyterian Church, 201 S. Old Statesville Road, Huntersville 704-728-2679 | Grades PK-12 Nonprofit organization providing simplified Mandarin Chinese language instruction. Classes meet for two hours on Saturdays. Lake Norman Language Academy 104 Trotter Ridge Drive, Mooresville 704-253-3361 | 3+ Spanish, ESL, French, Mandarin Chinese and Portuguese classes and tutoring. Private classes at your home, school or office.

Language Academy of the Carolinas Inc. 2110 Ben Craig Drive, Ste. 200 704-548-0048 | 4-12 years After-school Spanish immersion program for children. Sessions conducted almost entirely in Spanish; children learn vocabulary, play games and sing songs. Les Classes de Charlotte 15440 Prescott Hill Ave. 704-733-9068 | 3+ Small independent school that specializes in French language and culture classes for children. Classes available for both non-French and French speakers. Ole for Spanish Throughout Charlotte area 704-881-4165 | All ages Mobile classes in conversational Spanish and ESL lessons. Private, shared and group classes available. PlaySpanish 8722 Lorraine Drive 704-442-5616 | 6 months-14 years Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French, Italian and German instruction for children through games, music and other activities. Locations throughout greater Charlotte. Yes! to Spanish 704-562-5138 | 3-12 years

On-site Spanish classes for children with activities to stimulate minds, body and love for learning another language.


Carolina Courts 7210 Stinson Hartis Road, Indian Trail 704-882-1115 Offers home-school fitness classes and a basketball league. Cedarwood Academy 704-281-6694 Offers home-school enrichment classes in an outdoor setting. Charlotte Fine Art Gallery and Studios 7510 Pineville-Matthews Road, Ste. 12A 704-541-0741 | 7+ Classes, camps and workshops available for children, teens or adults. All media of art available. Charlotte Homeschooling A member participation site for homeschoolers in the greater Charlotte area that provides support groups, activities, classes and networking information. Charlotte Strings Academy 329 Sunnywood Lane 704-315-5944 | 3+ Offers group or individual violin, viola and piano lessons.

Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Theatre of Charlotte Imaginon, 300 E. 7th St. 704-973-2800 Offers creative dramatics, acting, musical theatre and improvisation classes. Community School of the Arts 704-377-4187 Offers music and art classes for all at various locations throughout Charlotte area. Creative Pathways Virtual Learning Academy 980-202-9132 Offers high-quality online curriculum and educational support to students of all ages. Elon Recreation Center 11401 Ardrey Kell Road 704-540-2426 Offers home-school physical education classes and special events. Enrich A nonprofit organization serving homeschoolers in Cabarrus and Mecklenburg counties; founded in 2001. Grades PK-12. Expanding Wisdom 704-615-9945 A holistic approach to learning for the Christian classical family. Services include homeschool consultations. | EDUCATION GUIDE 2013 -2014


Full Circle Academy 980-224-3221 Offers supplemental education classes, clubs, workshops, forums and field trips for home-school students in grades 3-12; Christian affiliation; college prep. Gifted Home Scholars A group for parents who are educating their gifted children at home to network, share experiences and bounce ideas around.

North Carolinians for Home Education 919-790-1100 Private, volunteer organization serving N.C. home-schoolers. Operates on the basis of Biblical principles.

Zion Academy of America 425-640-3311 A private school founded in 1985, serving grades K-12, nationwide, with a complete distance-learning, home-school program.

Mallard Creek Recreation Center 2530 Johnston-Oehler Road 704-548-8234 Offers home-school physical education classes.

Simmons YMCA 6824 Democracy Drive 704-716-6610 Offers home-school physical education programs for ages 5-17.


Mint Hill Arts 11205 Lawyers Road, Suite A, Mint Hill Offers custom ongoing or one-time arts classes to home-schoolers.

Grow Your Mind Classes 704-231-6554 Classes delve into a specific subject, incorporating science, writing, art, math, history and geography in a hands-on approach.

Academic Resources

Matthews Playhouse Fullwood Theater at Matthews Community Center, 100 McDowell St. E., Matthews Offers year-long acting classes beginning with grade TK.

Njoy Science 704-706-2271 Offers year-long, home-school science programs with hands-on experiments with a creationist point of view for ages 6 to 11, and the Apologia science courses for ages 12 and older.

Growing Scholars 704-394-2165 Full service home-school consultation, including administration of end-of-year testing and curricula consultation. Homeschool Alliance of North Carolina Open to all independent home-schoolers registered with the N.C. Department of NonPublic Education.

N.C. Division of Non-Public Education 919-733-4276 Administers the requirements of non-public schools, both conventional non-public and home. Offers home-schooling articles, resource guide, support groups and discussion forums.

N.C. Loop Members are free to share their ideas, questions and concerns relating to home-schooling.

The Homeschool Gathering Place 919-571-8106 Sells new and consigned curricula and homeschool and family resource materials.

NCarolina Homeschool Online, all-inclusive support group for homeschooling families or those who are thinking of home-schooling in N.C.

The Home School Legal Defense Association 540-338-5600 Nonprofit advocacy organization established to defend and advance the constitutional right of parents to direct the education of their children.

NCSecularNetwork Provides information on home-schooling curricula, activities of interest, and new homeschooler questions. New Life Christian Academy 704-784-8808 Partners with home-school families by offering the opportunity for students to attend the academy on Wednesdays and take part in daily activities and field trips. Must commit to program for one full school year.

The Homeschool Room 704-821-2662 An educational consignment store with more than 25,000 gently used books, games, toys and consigned curricula at budgetfriendly prices.




Siskey YMCA 3127 Weddington Road, Matthews 704-716-4200 Home-school classes and activities, including Spanish, music, creative writing, math logic, fitness and theatre, designed for ages 4-17, as well as special events for home-school families. Southeast Academy 276-496-7777 Works with home-school families to offer a strong core curriculum for PK-12. Christian affiliation. The Old Schoolhouse 888-718-4663 Provides helpful articles and online information. The Writerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Toolbox Classes Classes held at various locations in Harrisburg, Concord, Matthews and Indian Trail 704-236-1249 Offers variety of writing classes for homeschool students. Town of Huntersville Home School Classes 704-766-2220 Provides educational, athletic, and recreational classes. WINGs Homeschoolers Association Wise Instructors Need Group Support is a community for home-schoolers that offers helpful tips and information. Woodside Learning Center Located in Waxhaw Online and face-to-face learning for homeschool students in grades 2-12.

A+ Tutoring 1924 Dugan Drive 704-849-2367 | Grades PK-5 Focus on phonics and reading readiness for preschoolers; reading, fluency, writing skills, math and test prep for elementary-school age students. Academic Achievers/S&L Consultants 904 E. 8th St. | Grades K-11 980-355-0968 Provides reading, math, writing and languagearts tutoring. Academic Advantage Center at Ballantyne 13850 Ballantyne Corporate Place 704-542-2042 | Grades K-12 One-on-one or group tutoring in all subjects, plus test prep. ALOHA Mind Math 10230 Berkeley Place Drive, Suite 250 704-909-7980 5113 Piper Station Drive, Suite 101 704-909-7963 5-12 years An after-school, instructor-led, small-group learning program focused on math, reading and writing. Bella Tutor 120 Greenwich Road 704-749-3546 | 6+ Private and group sessions for ACT/SAT prep, writing, reading comprehension, homework support, math and science. Brinkley Learning Solution Center 16607 Riverstone Way, No. 200 704-243-7327 | 5+ Provides learning support for struggling learners, including individuals with attention challenges and learning disabilities.

Charlotte Test Prep Inc. Several locations in the Charlotte-metro area 704-877-8762 | 14-19 years Academic tutoring and SAT/ACT. Club Z! Tutoring Services 11212 Mallard Creek Road 704-594-9934 | 5+ Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest in-home tutoring service serving Mecklenburg, Union, Cabarrus, York, Gaston, Iredell counties: All K-12 subjects including math, reading and SAT/ACT. College Nannies and Tutors Huntersville 704-947-8687 Tutoring services provided through one-on-one role model tutors and tailored to each studentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s individual needs.

College Visits 800-944-2798 Offers the college bound student a first-hand look at colleges and universities throughout the U.S. Arranges meetings with admission representatives, student led campus tours, lodging, meals, transportation and activities. The Davidson Center for Learning 452 S. Main St., Suite 110, Davidson 704-892-4533 | Grades K-12 Services include subject tutoring, building study skills, diagnostic tutoring, and homework help. ETC Test Prep 366 George W. Liles Parkway #120 855-258-7737 | Grades 9-12 Specializes in providing test preparation for SAT, ACT and other standardized tests. G-Whiz Kids 704-231-3913 | Grades PK-8 Offers handwriting development, fine motor strengthening, reading/math enrichment, study skills and time management.

Huntington Learning Center 4701 Park Road | 704- 522-7511 9601 Holly Point Drive, Huntersville 704-896-9699 Offers academic support in reading, writing, math, algebra, phonics, vocabulary, sciences, spelling and test prep. Kennedy Academic Learning Center Locations in Charlotte and Huntersville 704-547-1151 | Grades K-8 Offers reading, writing, math, study skills, computer literacy and personal homework assistance. Kumon Learning Center Locations throughout Charlotte region 800-222-6284 | Grades PK-12 After-school math and reading programs that empower students to become self-learners. Lazar Center of Learning and Achievement 5126 Park Road, Suite 2E 704-726-8236 | Grades K-12

A privately-owned after school tutoring center, which creates individualized curriculum for each student. Learn Strategies 120 Greenwich Road | Grades PK-6 704-749-3541 Offers small group and individualized instruction in literacy, math, handwriting, book clubs and test-taking strategies. Learning Charms 316 Lillington Ave. 980-819-8458 | Grades PK-5 Enrichment-based occupational and speech therapy, handwriting tutoring, Interactive Metronome Training (sports, ADHD, academic, processing). Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes 4419 Sharon Road 704-362-4556 | 4+ Research-based, one-on-one instruction that supports reading, language comprehension, and math, and is especially successful with children previously diagnosed with dyslexia, hyperlexia, and autism spectrum disorders. | EDUCATION GUIDE 2013 -2014


Academic Resources

Camden Learning Center 6404 Bannington Road Ste. A 704-752-4234 | 4-19 years Tutoring, study skills, ACT/SAT prep.

Academic Resources

Lindenwood Learning 1833 Dickerson Blvd., Monroe 704-635-8268 | Pre K+ Provides remediation and enrichment in reading, math and writing, study skills and SAT Prep, plus one-one help with upper level math and science.

Reading Connection/The Mind Gym 5800 Monroe Road 704-535-5305 Academic tutoring services: reading comprehension, study skills, test prep, organizational skills, Orton-Gillingham language instruction, phonics and SAT prep.

Terrific Talkers 11535 Carmel Commons Blvd., Suite 100 704-541-3737 | 18 months-18 years Offers speech, language and communication services with certified speech pathologists within a fun learning environment for children.

Mastery Tutors In-Home Tutoring Charlotte 704-248-2816 | Lake Norman 704-408-2652 In-home tutoring for college prep, gifted and talented, international baccalaureate, international studies, learning disabilities and special needs.

Sharpening Your Skills Mobile tutorial services serving Mecklenburg, Gaston, Cabarrus and York counties. Offers homeschool tutorials and individualized instruction.

The Brain Trainer 11030 Golf Links Dr., Suite 204 704-541-1373 | 3+ An evidenced-based brain training and speechtherapy center with one-on-one support to aid in cognitive skills.

Tutoring Club of Charlotte 16131 Lancaster Hwy., Suite 110 704-542-2322 | Grades K-12 Individualized tutoring programs in math, reading, writing, study skills, SAT/ACT test prep. Uniquely Perfect 704-299-1834 | Grades PK-12 Individualized educational programs for students as well as training and guidance for parents.

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Swan Learning Center 427 Sharon Amity Road, Suite A 704-442-1718 Academic tutoring: school readiness program, academic coaching, reading, writing,Telephone: math, study skills, SAT prep and Orton-Gillingham.

WyzAnt Tutoring 877-999-2681 Private, one-on-one, in-home tutors. Network of more than 400 certified tutors in the Charlotte area.

The Reading Promise Plus Plus Tutoring 704-607-7951 | Grades K-5 Grades K-12 Orton-Gillingham trained reading specialistFax: to ssue: From: In-home tutoring, study-skills training, exam include screenings, phonics, written expression, n Guide 2013 704.248.5226 704.344.1983 preparation and college-planning services. and fluency. Students with learning disabilities For a full list of Sylvan Learning Center welcome, including dyslexia, ADD, and ADHD. educational resources Charlotte Matthews,two University, Ballantyne, Waxhaw, ppropriate boxPrep below and note changes, if any. (Maximum proofs.) for children with special Concord Lake Norman, Rock Hill and Mooresville Tutor Doctor d return via fax noted above or e-mail no later than 877-675-7453 OCTOBER 9, 2013. 855-258-7737 | Grades PK-12 1600 Windy Ridge Road needs, check out the s and you will be billed accordingly if changes or approval are not submitted by return date noted above. 704-774-6240 | Grades K-12 digital edition of our Provides SAT and ACT test. Offers tutoring for academic subjects, APPROVED AS IS APPROVED w/CORRECTIONS NOTED SUBMIT NEW PROOF Exceptional Child Guide homework support and test prep. One-on-one, in-home tutoring in academic at subjects and test prep.



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ADHD? Learning disability? Autism? Don’t address the symptom. Address the cause.

______________________________________________ __________________________ ________________________________________ Your child will receive the utmost care, expertise and sensitivity from the speechlanguage pathologists at Child Language and Developmental Speech, PLLC. Date Website address The Brain Balance Program® helps children overcome their Through one-on-one intervention plans, we work to: behavioral, academic and social challenges with a drug-free, P understand your child’s unique speech and language needs whole child approach that goes beyond the symptoms. Pdetermine if your child has a speech or language delay Poffer you fun activities to do with your child to strengthen speech and language skills

For more information, call 704.845.0561 or visit “Not only did my son’s speech therapist help him with his speech difficulties, she was always knowledgeable, friendly, and most importantly, patient with us.” — C. Sanders, homemaker, South Charlotte

Sensory & Communication Therapy in an Innovative Classroom Setting

Call today to schedule an assessment for your child!

Preschool • Summer Camp • After-school Classes Parent & Caregiver Workshops • Teacher Training

The Speech Garden INSTITUTE 46



Brain Balance of Cornelius


20601 Torrence Chapel Rd. Suite 104, Cornelius, NC 28031

Brain Balance of Pineville


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APPROVED w/CORRECTIONS NOTED SUBMIT NEW PROOF Spanish, Mandarin and ESL! A fun immersion program for YES! I want to reach 39,000 web-savvy parents this month on! kids 18 months old up to adults! AMERICA’S FASTEST GROWING IN-HOME SERVICE Please contact me about web advertising! K-12 TUTORING / WE COME TO YOU! Serving Schools, Day cares, After school programs and small Groups 704-594-9934 n 704-333-8113 MECKLENBURG, UNION, CABARRUS, GASTON, YORK ___________________________________________________________ __________________________ ________________________________________ Classes for children age 3-12 and Signature Date Website address

their parents in all proficiency levels from 9:30am to 12pm.

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St. Ann’s Catholic School 600 Hillside Ave., Charlotte 28209

contact us From: 704-629-8314 • frenchschoolcharlotteTelephone:


PO Box 11935, Charlotte NC,704.248.5226 28220


Southern Park Music School

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704-500-0143 704.344.1983


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Charlotte’s Premier Private Music School Since 1964

invites you to PlayNEW Languages with Us! APPROVED w/CORRECTIONS NOTED SUBMIT PROOF Private Individualized Music Lessons GET STARTED ON THE PATH TO for All Ages and Abilities FOR THE MONTH FOR $50! COUPON ON CHARLOTTEPARENT.COM


n will be online for one full month AND on the bottom of our monthly e-newsletter. Piano, Guitar, Violin, Cello, String Bass, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Brass, Drums French, Italian & German

and Percussion, Voice and more!

Instruction for children as young as six months old.

______________________ __________________________ ________________________________________ Date Website address Locations throughout the Greater Charlotte area!

Music Brings Us to Life. resent Actual Size. Ads designed by Charlotte Parent are the property of Carolina Parenting Inc. Call 704-442-5616 for information!

HuHrTiohesOitriyginCaal HmH p C S SS S S S S




Science Classes Birthday Parties





704-942-8817 •

peace preschool

Looking for a preschool where children love to learn? 9am - 1pm, Monday - Friday children From 18 months to 5 years drop by or call for an appointment 4418 Rea Road, Charlotte 704.927.1687


“We Get Them There When You Can’t”

4805 Park Road, Suite 230, Charlotte, North Carolina Ad Proofs May Not Represent Actual Size. Ads designed by Charlotte Parent are the property of Carolina Parenting Inc.





Activities for pick up and drop off include: School • Sports Practice • CMS Magnet Shuttle Stops • Child Care Providers Summer Camps • Door-to-door Service We work well with learning disabled kids

coordination • imagination • confidence

We also do BIRTHDAY PARTIES for ages 2-5! Located in Historic SouthEnd

980-219-7020 • 704-333-3242

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Ad Proofs May Not Represent Actual Size. Ads designed by Charlotte Parent are the property of Carolina ParentingPARTIES! Inc. CHILDREN’S

704-248-1983 48



Bunnies! Ferrets! Turtles! Guinea Pigs! Lizards! Frogs! Snakes! Hamsters and more!



Classroom Instruction Sunday School Classes Special Events


GREG & DEBORA PAULES 704.814.9594

Davidson Day School Confident Independent Thinking

Speaking Spanish

◀ Compassionate Heart

Hands on Science


Davidson Day School Nurtures the WHOLE Child November 6, 2013 Age 2 to 12th Grade 6 p.m. January 14, 2014 Age 2 to 4th Grade 9 a.m. February 1, 2014 Age 2 to 12th Grade 10 a.m.


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2013-14 Education Guide