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index 3. Agency 4. Client 5. Issues 6. Solution 7. Objectives 8-9. Market situation 10 Swot 11 Competitors 12 Current audience 13. Target audience 14. Perception of the brand 15. Target media 16. Message of the campaign 17. Strategy 18-19 Tacticts 20. Press release 21-22. Media angle 23-24. Budget 25. Time line 26. Evaluation 27. Bibliography



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BlacKat PR is a London-based agency offering a wide range of communication services from creative, young PR professionals who all share as common objective to break the boundaries of traditional promotion. The agency focuses on answering the demand of creative industry companies, often positioned within the field of fashion. BlacKat PR prides itself for offering first class services in media relations, events management, digital media, celebrity product placement and innovative digital campaigns. Creativity is our leading value and our clients, our drive to succeed in facing new challenges..

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Katie Eary is a London-based designer, graduated from Royal College of Art in 2008. Eary early captivated the attention of the international fashion press with her striking menswear collections. Commercially established as a menswear designer since 2010, she launched her first womenwear line in 2011, closely followed by a swimwear line in 2012, which both share similar aesthetic values to the men’s line. Katie Eary describes her style as ‘glamorous street couture’. Edgy and daring, the bubbly Katie Eary designs for a young, exciting and eccentric audience – just like her. The uniqueness in prints and design has had the international press impatiently waiting for more each season. In 2012, her creations were spotted on Kanye West, Rihanna and Rita Ora, to name a few. While established in the UK, it is in Asia -particularly Japan and Korea- that Katie Eary found her most faithful audience.

Katie Eary A/W 13


The ISSUES CONFUSING BRAND IDENTITY While being supported by Fashion East and Newgen for over three years allowed Katie Eary to extensively experiment with her identity as a designer it also, as a consequence, confused the media on the creativer position of the brand. However, the recent urge for commercial success in a time of financial independence has led Eary to shift from an innovative artistic label to a more wearable- self proclaimed ‘street couture’ – label. ASIAN SUCCESS VS WESTERN NICHE Katie Eary’s most faithful fans are based in North Asia while Europe remains her creative niche base. The focus on commercial success in Asia has led to a lack of promotion towards the western market.


POOR COMMUNICATION The self-managed company has long lacked of consistency in the communication with its audience and poor attention has been given to the social media pages of the brand, which shouldn’t be underestimated in the age of digital promotion.


Customer complaints


The solution Katie Eary current objectives include attracting new stockists, increasing sale volume and reaching for large awareness of the label but the many problems defined in the ‘issues’ section are in need of being fix to Kanye West achieved such goals. The promotional campaign will need to showcase the uniqueness of Eary’s personality and expertise what the brand has developed throughout those past creative seasons; establishing within a specific market, and embracing the youth international market.

CLARIFY IDENTITY The recent establishment of Katie Eary as a ‘Street Couture’ label can be easily clarify by further associating the company with the culture of hip-hop, which as been greatly referenced over the past season. The very public relationship of Katie Eary with Kanye West can be seen as an opportunity to help clarify this market positionement with the support of the star. The campaign should be able to communicate with the youth market, sensible to the ethos of the label and of the Hip Hop culture - both sharing uniqueness, attitude and edginess as common values. RECTIFY COMMUNICATION WITH AUDIENCE Sensible to online social networking, this audience will be reached throughout a viral social media campaign on platforms including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. This will attempt to fix the communication issues outlined in the past.

Street couture style

FOCUS ON WESTERN MARKET The campaign will focus on targeting the youth Western market – educated by the media Street couture style to appreciate and desire celebrities’ lifestyle. If correctly approach, this could represent an opportunity to further position the label within the European and American street couture market which both have been left apart to the like of Asia, where Eary have met great success as of late.

Rita Ora



•Clarify and establish the value and ethos of the company •Generate ress coverage in previously unreached media with great emphasize on women fashion publication. •Attract interest from Europeans and American stockists European - 2 stockists American - 4 stockists •Increase sale by 30% for the SS13 & AW13 seasons •Raise awareness towards the label •Increase social media following Twitter + 300% Facebook +200% Instagram : 1500 followers •Re-link communication with audience



MARKET Competitive designer market The current time has proven to be a competitive environment for new designers to stand out as successful businesses. In fact, the industry is over loaded with talented creatives but only few emerge on the official scene. The threads faced by young designers are endless but often are linked to financial difficulties to produce goods. Luckily, the British Fashion council has understood, early enough, the financial need of emerging designers and now offers possibilities of fundings through loans and bursaries to the most talented ones. NewGen and Fashion East sponsored Katie Eary in the early days of the label. High pricing The local manufacturing of small businesses products often translates in high pricing of the clothes, which, in time of financial crisis, can hold the audience away from investing into the designer market. To reassure the public of the value of their purchase, companies such as Katie Eary will have to focus on promoting other aspect a brand – quality, ethos, ethical issues, brand values – in order to compensate the public investment

Key contries where designer manufactures products

Stockist Mintel studies report that department stores remains the most popular environment to shop for designer goods (43%). It also demonstrates that ‘the great success of Net-A-Porter and the increasing designer lines at ASOS show that consumers are keen on the method of online buying’ (20%) thus influencing a shift in luxury goods consumers shopping habits and offering emerging labels new perspective of retail space. Katie Eary has recently secured retail opportunities with both ASOS and Mr Porter and can rely on the establishment of those two online retailers to increase sale figure for the upcoming seasons. Men luxury online retailer Mr Porter



MARKET Purchase drive It has been reported that most designer goods consumers are ‘very media-savvy and keen readers of fashion and celebrity magazines as well as blogs etc’ (Mintel Designer upmarket report) and figures showed how media represent an important drive for buying into designer market. Moreover, many will purchase designer goods as self-indulgent treats while other will wait for special occasion. A shift into designer consumers habits also emerged as it was reported that seasonal sales have become the leading drive for designer purchase lately, which clearly outline the financial difficulties brought by the crisis in 2008. The audience Since the economic crash in 2008,western consumers have been rethinking their shopping habits. Many have trade down for lower market brands while other patiently wait for the seasonal sale to grab a bargain.Ultimately, prices represent the main purchase drive of today’s fashion consumer. Recent Mintel study reported that women mostly cut down their spending on designer goods in 2009, while men tend to continue on buying into the market. Men will also most likely buy into casualwear while women will prioritize formalwear when buying into high-end labels.

Key drive for luxury good purchase (Mintel)

The youth audience, targeted this campaign, are media savy and strong users of social media platforms which have become a place where fashion opinions are expressed. Moreover, the 15-24 are fashion conscious, interested in trend and easily influenced by trend leaders. They buy clothes frequently and dressing represents a strong financial priority in their life.The biggest fashion spenders appear to be the 14-17 audiences while the 18-25 tend to reduce fashion spending since facing many financial threads influenced by the rise in tuition fees and cost of living. Young people are most likely to be opiniated and create webpage/blog than other age categories




• • • • • • •

Unique visual style Large offer: Womenswear + Menswear + swimwear Strong designer personality Past celebrity endorsements Quality of clothes Strong Asian fan base Label taking off independently ( not funded anymore)


• • • • • •


• • • • • •

Price range Confusing brand identity Low European fan base Low social media following No online interaction with audience Few collaborations

Establishment within women swear market Music collaboration Clarify brand identity Improvement of the Social media platforms Improvement of official website Divided gender catwalk shows


• • • • •

Taste for controversy Known as a menswear designer European economic crisis Association with hip hop can be controversial Financial independency




House of Holland and Katie Eary share a common interest for striking colour and pattern in their designs which lead them to attract a similar audience.

We are handsome is a succesful swimwear label which met commercial success with a daring and bold digital print approach on summerwear. The recent debut of Katie Eary’s swimwear collection place them as a primary competitor in the market.

Cassette Praya is an eccentric London based label which produces mix gender collections. They are direct competitors to Eary as they share a similar position in the street couture market.


CURRENT Audience An expending Katie Eary fan base has settled through North Asia – South Korea, Japan, China. In Europe, Katie Eary remains considered as a niche designer, with a very specific target audience. She is also popular amongst hip-hop and r’n’b artists who have successfully contributed to the success of the brand by sporting Eary’s clothes during press events. 18-25 Male and Female- North Asia Student – young professional Upper middle class Fashionistas Bold and daring sense of fashion Eccentric Asian ethnicity Live in metropolitan cities of South Korea, Japan and China Sensible to European emerging designers 18-28 Male & Female– Europe Students - young professionals – artists Generation ‘cool kid’ – Free spirits Sensible to eccentric fashion Eccentric – outspoken - bold Strong sense of fashion Professional in the creative industry/ freelance/ artist/ student Middle Class Mix high street clothes with unique signature designer garment. Lives in urban area 20-35 Male & Female– International Multicultural ethnicity Celebrities and artists Uses social network daily Ambassador of the brand in media Hip Hop / r’n’b music scene Powerful personalities Eccentric Fashion icons Model of current youth generation Trend leaders


Targeted Audience While the campaign will have for aim to carry on establishing Katie Eary amongst its existing fan base, it will also intend to reach a new and larger audience.

18-30 Female – European and American Student – new graduate – young professional Middle/upper middle class Caucasian and mixed ethnicity Sensible to the ever-changing fashion scene Read sartorial publication including Vogue, Love and ELLE magazine. Influenced by celebrity fashion Interested in rich and famous lifestyle Live in metropolitan cities such as New York or Paris. Like to spend on unique fashion garments Shops at high street store but also enjoy visiting niche designer stores and designer sample sale

How she would perceive the brand

New, fresh and eccentric label from the exciting London scene lead by an interesting fearless designer. She would perceive the garments as pieces to mix and match with toned- down clothing from high street stores to create unique combination of fashion.

18 - 28 Male European and American Artist or student Middle class Not influenced by fashion trend – likes to wear what strike his attention Unconsciously influenced by hip hop fashion Fashion influencers include – Kanye West , Will I am and Tinie Tempah Young and careless Like partying an socializing Is recognized for his natural sense of fashion

How he would perceive the brand

A ‘dope’ label from the exciting London scene lead by an interesting fearless designer who hangs out with cool celebrities.Want to hold a garment because it looks cool – interesting and unique.


Brand perception



Target media The campaign will aim to generate a vast amount of press from celebrity and hip hop blogs to established fashion magazines.The list includes but isn’t limited to : Celebritiy blog Justjared Perezhilton Dailymail Fashion blog Style slicker Bryan boy Printed publication Nylon Id Dazed and Confused Vogue uk Love V Hunger Dazed and confused ID Newspaper The guardian New york times Daily mail



“THE FABULOUS LIFE OF KATIE EARY” This slogan sums up the essence of the campaign that will establish the identity of the brand by promoting the exciting lifestyle of Katie Eary –and by extension of the label - as fabulous, exciting and unique. The message follows the similar concept of the ‘Katie Rocks’ campaign introduced during the AW12 season and takes it a step further, this time aiming to communicate a lifestyle rather than fashion. It will target the interest of a young audience, sensible to the glamorous lifestyle of the rich and famous and interested -by extension- in new and eccentric fashion.

A/W12 campaign


STRATEGY Establish Katie Eary as a ‘it’ girl and fashion industry guru

Although Katie Eary met great recognition for the eccentricity of her designs since 2010, she also agrees that the identity of her fashion as a new graduate could have been foreseen as confusing. ‘The fabulous life of Katie Eary’ campaign has been designed to help clarifying the misunderstanding established between the audience and the brand in the past. The establishing of the brand within the ‘street couture’ market will also allow the reach of new, targeted audiences. The strategy will consist in a campaign celebrating the label brand’s values - Eccentricity,Youth and Attitude- to the existing audience as well as a larger youth audience, using an international online viral campaign. Katie fabulous and bubbly persona will be used as the face of the campaign and will aim to portray those values through the different tactics used. To help bringing awareness onto the event, the campaign will also benefit from the help of Eary’s friend and once collaborator, Kanye West. The technique

The campaign will consist of the promotion of the latest Katie Eary fashion film -AW13- using a viral social media campaign targetting the young consumers. A celebration for the event will also see Katie Eary associating with Roc Nation for an exclusive VIP party. This event will help associating Katie Eary to the exclusive hiphop culture while continue promoting her exceptional lifestyle. Meanwhile, the KeepingUpWithKatie blog will keep the viewer updated with the latest insight into Katie’s life as a designer. Overall, ‘The fabulous life of Katie Eary’ campaign will aim to celebrate Katie Eary eccentric aura in order to promote the ‘Street Couture’ exciting lifestyle of hers and of the label rather than the fashion itself. Katie Eary


Tactics 1. Launch date : February 2013 - ongoing Will cover the period of design of the SS14 collections’ preparation, the behind the scene of the campaign as well as enable the visitors to enter into Katie’s fabulous life. The blog, narrated by Katie Eary herself, will follow the designer into her exciting daily life, from the studio to the electrifying nightlife of London. From insight into the fashion studio, sneak peak of the collection to intimate interviews with Katie’s A-Lister friends, visitors to the blog will have the opportunity to witness the intimate yet fabulous life of the new ‘It’ designer of the British

2. Viral Fashion film Launch date : May 2013 The highlight of the campaign will consist in the release of Katie Eary AW13 fashion film produced in collaboration with Hunger tv. The 1-minute long – candid style- film will have for goal to promote ‘The fabulous life of Katie Eary’ campaign. The video will be the main tool for the viral campaign and social media contest (see page 19). Katie Eary will be featured as the host of a rather exciting house party and will take the viewer into the intimacy of the exciting event she is hosting.The appearance of Kanye West in the video wil have for objective to attract the attention of the international press on the film and nourish the excitement surrounding the viral campaign. The video will end on a close-up of Katie Eary’s face shouting ‘ Wanna Join’ as the hashtag to the contest (#RocWithEary) - that will enable 2x3 winners the access to the Glastonbury after party in collaboration with Roc Nation - appears on screen.

AW13 Fashion Film

A trailer for the video as well as the official announcement of Kanye West collaboration will be released a week ahead of the video official launch in an attempt to raise excitement within the audience.



3. Katie Eary and Roc Nation present Glastonbury after party at Rose club

The event will represent the opportunity for Katie Eary to finalize her brand positioning within the ‘street couture’ market by associating with one of the most powerful Hip Hop label: RocNation. RocNation, founded by Jay-Z is famous for the successful selection of hip hop artists it produces but also for the lavish glamorous lifestyle of its artists, which include Rihanna, Kanye West and Rita Ora amongst others. The party will see Katie Eary and Roc Nation partnering to celebrate the come back of Glastonburry 2013 festival, the Bristish musical event of this summer. The event, which will take place on Thursday 27th of June at the Rose Club in Mayfair, will only see a selection of carefully selected guessts and members of the press invited. The event will feature a red carpet area where guests will be photographed by the media. The lavish party, unique to the London scene, has for objective to be largely debate within the local and international press thanks to its A-list attendance and the uniqueness of the partnership between the American label and the British designer. Katie Eary & RocNation Glastonbury after party , June 2013

The party will be largely organized by Katie Eary’s label and will try to communicate the essence of the label trough element such as decorations, model, dancers and selection of drinks while roc nation will be largely sponsoring the event and enable Eary to reach for an exclusive guest attendance from the Hip Hop world. 4. Social media campaign

Launch of Instagram

Twitter The viral video heavily promoted on all across Katie Eary social networks will invite viewers to retwit the AW13 fashion film while ashtagging the party #RocWithEary. 3 x 2 winners will be invited to join the VIP Glastonbury after party event. Facebook Share the video/ like the page and win a Katie Eary t-shirt signed by designer Katie Eary and Kanye West as well as gain exclusive access to VIP Glastonbury after party event. 1x2 winners Launch of Instagram Will be updated by Katie Eary herself and shall content personal imagery from Eary’s daily life – from the studio to the clubs.. Aim to feature snaps with A-listers to attract more followers to the page Viral Twitter campaign


PRESS RELEASE Embargoed until 1stMay 2013

Katie Eary & Kanye West team up for AW13 fashion film

Over the lenght of the campaign three press releases will be sent to the press. MARCH 13 1st press release will aim to announce the launch of ‘the fabulous life of Katie Eary’’ campaign in relation to the AW13 collection collection without revealing Kanye West collaboration.

Katie Eary is proud to announce the collaboration of Kanye West in the Autumn/ Winter 2013 fashion film of the label. The film, set to be release in June 2013, will be the second collaboration between the designer and the sensational hiphop star. After the extraordinary ‘ The blood is the life’ AW14 show in January, critically acclaimed by the press, 2013 definitely seems to be the year of success for Katie Eary as the bubbly designer gets ready to launch ‘The fabulous life of Katie Eary’ campaign, a celebration of the designer achievement in the industry since 2008.

APRIL 13 2nd press release sent to press will announce the collaboration of Kanye West in the video campaign (pictures on the left).

After the much anticipated launch of Eary’s personal blog KeepinUpWithEary. which offers exclusive insight into the designer’s life and details about her A-lister lifestyle, she now teams up with long time friend Mr West himself for the AW14 video campaign of the brand.

MAY 13 3rd press release will announce the social media contest, the party in collaboration with RocNation as well as launch of fashion film with Kanye West

Katie Eary and Kanye West’s relationship takes root back in 2009 when the singer discovered the eccentric label and decided to contact Eary to express his enthusiasm for her designs. Katie recalls ‘ It though it was a joke’. Ever since, the two eccentrics built a strong bond over their affection for fashion, which led to their first collaboration for the rapper debut collection in Paris in 2011. The now second collaboration was instant ‘ when Kanye heard I was looking for a celebrity to appear in the campaign he immediately volunteered’ says Eary. The American star jetted in the UK past January to support his long time friend latest mix gender ‘The blood is the life’ collection, critically acclaimed by the press. With glittzy fabrics, a striking palette colour and daring ensembles of classic and contemporary cuts, the collection is a celebration of the forbidden pleasure that will attract the interest of consumer beyond the current niche audience of the label. ‘ I could wear everything’ claims West following the showing of the collection ‘Katie’s talent is just overwhelming’.

April 2013 Press Release

While the content and story of A/W13 film will remain a secret until its release, it is confirmed that the label will remain true to its chore values as a ‘street couture’ label. The teaser for the event video will be released in late May while the official video campaign will be released in the first week of June. For imagery or SS13 and AW13sample request, contact


Media Angle

Fashion Press Vogue online

Today I am wearing The New York Times online - Documentary

A day with Katie Eary Elle - Feature

Meet the London ‘it’ girl Stylist - Cover + feature

The coolest girl in town


Media Angle

Other Just Jared

Kanye West : Kate Eary campaign teaser ! Global 14

Kanye West team up with Katie Eary for desiner latest campaign


budget BLOG PAGE Blog hosting on wordpress Domain No advert Updating of Blog by intern – Free / expenses £6/day for 6 month VIDEO

free 13£ 30£ 1080£ 1123£

Location 200£/hour Models – 4x 500£/day Extras – 20x 50£/day Casting director Stylist Production team sponsored by hunger tv Beauty team 2xHair/2xmakeup/manicurist Extra Staff Catering Kanye West participation – Kanye West travel expenses first class return flight LAX – LHR GLASTONBURY AFTER PARTY IN ASSOCIATION WITH Sponsored by

2000£ 2000£ 1000£ 200£ 1600£ free 1500£ 500£ 800£ free 4000£ 13600£ ROCNATION

Invitations 1500£ Venue hire – Rose club 35000£ Decoration 1500£ Dancers 2000£ Entertainers 4000£ Snack catering 2000£ Staff 1000 Waiters INC in venue sponsorship Hostesses INC in venue sponsorship Security by EMS 1000£ Red carpet equipment 300£ Beverages Champagne by sponsors free Acohol 10000£ Soft 1000£ Goodie bags inc Katie Eary product + sponsor products 1300£ 61100£ Sponsors - 50.000£ Social media campaign Hosting Katie eary products and sample to press


Armand de Brignac - Champagne Elite- Model + 8000£ Grazia - Exclusive press coverage +6000£ Rose club - free staff Rimmel - make up for goodie bags + 6000£ RocNation - 30 000£ TOTAL SPONSOR 50 000£


11100£ Free 2000 2000



BLACKAT PR SERVICE FEES Campaign planning Viral social mdeio campaign sponsor research Party planning consultancy 400/month Evaluation




1000£ 1300£ 900£ 1500£ 2400£ 800£

7900£ 35723£

Time Line JANUARY •Video shooting in the UK with Kanye West guest appearance in collaboration with Hunger Magazine

FEBRUARY MARCH •Launch of blog •1st Press release announcing concept of campaign without revealing Kanye West collabo. •Video post-editing

APRIL •2nd press release sent to press announcing the participation of Kanye West in the campaign video •Follow up with press request and Interview demands •Draft of guest list for party

MAY •3rd press release announcing contest and launch of trailer

•Launch date of fashion film announced for MAY on Katie Eary website and social media •Party planning •Follow up with press request and Interview demands

JUNE •Party invitation for Glastonbury after party sent to press and guests

•Online campaign viral campaign start with trailer for the video – •Winner selection early may •LFW show •Launch of official video – mid may •Glastonbury Katy Eary and Roc Nation after party •Follow up with press for demand and interviews •Preparation of LFW and party planning


JULY •Follow up of press coverage And media presence •Evaluation of impact of the campaign over the company profit

EVALUATIOn The objectives of the campaign are to establish Katie Eary in the correct fashion market, increase awareness of the label beyond its niche audience and increase sale volume.The success of the campaign in those areas will be analysed thoughtfully by the BlacKat team during the campaign and for a period of 3 months following the end of it.The following areas will be investigated: Opinions

The public opinion will be a critical aspect to investigate in order to evaluate the change of perception over the brand after the campaign, which has for objective to clarify and establish the values of the company. It is foreseen that the social media pages of Eary such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram will dramatically increased following during the campaign while the blog and official website are also expected a strong increase of visitors, peaking in the May- June period. Such closure with Eary’s public will give us the opportunity to analyse the direct perception of the label and whether it encouraged the followers to buy Katie Eary products. Coverage

Press coverage will be analysed and recorded daily. A first amount of coverage will be investigated after the end of the campaign. The peak coverage is estimated to occur during the May, June and July period.The main success of the campaign will rely on whether or not the targeted press featured Katie Eary and in which format. This will therefore enable Blackat PR to estimate the impact over the the audience that has been reached. The investigation of the press coverage will continue for a period of 3 months following the campaign. Sale

The most significant evaluation of the success of the campaign will rely on the investigation of the sale volume during and following the viral campaign. The result will be compared with the previous season numbers. The intended increase in sale is estimated at 30% for the SS13 an AW14 seasons. It is also expected to see a rise in the amount of international stockist interest following the campaign with a minimum of two new stockist deal in Europe and four in America.


SOURCES Gray, S. Youth and social media statictics [online]. At : (Accessed on 7/01/13) Groo, S (2012) Face to Face with Katie Eary, V Man. 28/12/2012. [online] At http:// (accessed on 02/01/13) Mintel. (2012). Designer/Upmarket Clothing – UK – March 2010. [online] At: http:// (Accessed on 29/12/12) Minte. (2012) Youth Fashion - UK - December 2012. [online] At: http://myuca. (Accessed on 30/12/12) Dr Neri, Karra. (2008). The UK Designer Fashion Economy: Value Relationships – identifying barriers and creating opportunites for business growth. Centre for Fashion Enterprice Preston, L-J (2012). The power of Rap : brand analysis, WGSN [online] (accessed on 15/11/12)


Katie Eary pitch document  

Katie Eary pitch document

Katie Eary pitch document  

Katie Eary pitch document