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THE HISTORY OF FAIRTRADE BEN AND JERRYS 2006 was the year of change, a time when we introduced our first fairtrade ice cream: Vanilla. Four years on we have added CHUNKY MONKEY, CHOCOLATE MACADMIA and VANILLA TOFFEE CRUNCH to the list. By the end of 2013 our aim to get all your other favourites added to the list and so far things are going well.

The aim? To make the best possible ice cream in the nicest way possible. But how do we achieve this? 80% of the ingredients that currently go into your favourite tub is fair trade certified and by the end of 2013, our hope is for the remaining 20% to be eco friendly.

OUR PLAN FOR THE FUTURE The end of 2011 will no doubt come round fast and because we’ve set ourselves a deadline for making our products fairtrade, and because we obviously wouldn’t want to disappoint you all, we’ve created a rather special Picture Credits

ABOUT THE FAIRTRADE LABEL And now for the technical bit. The fairtrade mark is a registered certification label informing all you lovely consumers that the product you are buying is sourced




with the Fairtrade Foundation who will help us to complete the mighty fairtrade Ben and Jerrys conversion. around the world, each producing the necessary

is all about supporting sustainable development, people

Luckily for us we’ve embarked on a long-term partnership

We aim to link up with six different fairtrade cooperation’s

from producers in developing countries. Fairtrade helping


ingredients for our fabulous and rather tasty ice creams.


This will involve the help of more than 22,000 local people

by improving lives and creating opportunities.

in developing countries, creating new jobs and a brighter future for less fortunate people. So, from that marshmallow in your Phish Food to

Look out for the fairtrade label on your favourite flavour

the chocolate banana swirls in your Chunky Monkey,

WHY FAIRTRADE? Even though the products may cost our company more money we are more than happy to pay extra for

everything will be fairtrade and produced by developing farmers for their welfare and your enjoyment.

our coca beans and sugar if it means helping others. Our fairtrade certified products improve the lives of our dedicated farmers in developing countries such as India and Africa. After all, it’s only fair that we give them something in return for providing us

90% of our packaging is made

with top quality ingredients to go in our products.

of recyclable paper.


In April 2007 we went carbon





education and safe housing for their family allows us to sleep well at night knowing that we are helping out others less fortunate than us. …..So, now you can eat your Chunky Monkey knowing

6 March 2011 The Scoop

Its not just going fairtrade that’s important to us, here are some ice-iting eco friendly facts about our company







Guess scoop

are that’s into

doing a







for to


neutral from cow to cone.

Regularly defrosting your freezer can make it 30% more energy efficient. Over 50% of your ben and jerry’s tub is dairy, so, we keep our cows happy!

We’ve trebled the world supply of

We aim to cut emissions, investing in

Fairtrade almonds in preparation

carbon offsets costing in the region of

for our fairtrade conversion.

£1.5 million.

Going fairtrade may well be a long process but we know it will be worth it in the end. Ben and Jerry’s loves doing its bit for others and so should you….so go and stock up your freezer up with the best stuff and feel proud of the thousands of people your helping across the world.

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