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mondriaan foundation annual report 10/11

In 2010, the Mondriaan Foundation supported 673 projects with a total of â‚Ź18,853,108. 364 international projects and activities in 49 different countries were supported financially with a total amount of â‚Ź2,819,226.

supported projects


49 countries

364 international projects

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mondriaan foundation

12-17 facts and figures


exhibitions and publications




28-35 art and design institutions

art fairs

36-43 art work


international network programmes


Orientation trip

54-55 International exchange


state manifestations, venice biennale




further information

Forward The Mondriaan Foundation aims to

Africa. This is partly due to the Mondriaan

that have been visited during the

strenghten the international position

Foundation orientation trips to these areas

orientation trips.

of contemporary visual arts and design

and reflects developments in visual arts

If we can be of service to you or if you

from the Netherlands and to promote

across the world.

require further information, please visit our

international cooperation and exchange.

This annual report reviews the Mondriaan

website or

In 2010, a new crop of Dutch artists and

Foundation’s international activities in 2010.

contact us at our Amsterdam office.

designers once again attracted international

The website

Gitta Luiten, director Mondriaan Foundation

attention. Art from the Netherlands was

international activities offers a geographic

Office, Ms Gitta Luiten, director, Ms Coby

presented in a record number of countries.

overview of all the presentations financed

Reitsma, international visual arts and

The Mondriaan Foundation is pleased that

by the Mondriaan Foundation over the past

design projects officer, Mr Haco de Ridder,

there has been a consistent increase in

few years, people who have been invited

international visitors programme manager.

applications from Latin America, Asia and

in the visitors programme and countries


“In 2010, a new crop of Dutch artists and designers once again attracted international attention.� 9

Mondriaan Foundation “The Mondriaan Foundation operates with a board of four members, nine advisory committees comprising of about sixty members and a staff of twenty dedicated people.�





The Mondriaan Foundation aims to

international developments. To this end, we

activities in the field of cultural heritage,

encourage the appreciation of visual

support initiatives designed to bring foreign

publications and magazines, programming

arts, design and cultural heritage from

projects of topical interest, and news of

for artist run spaces, art and design projects,

the Netherlands. Contemporary art and

them, to the Netherlands.

exchange programmes and an art purchase

design from the Netherlands is exhibited

International projects supported by the

scheme for private individuals.

by renowned institutions all over the

Mondriaan Foundation include international

The Mondriaan Foundation has an annual

world. We are committed to strengthening

cooperation and exchange, exhibitions

budget of approximately â‚Ź 20 million.

international cooperation and exchange.

and publications of art and design from the

Every year more than a thousand

We endeavour to do this by offering

Netherlands abroad, gallery representation

applications are processed. Over one third

financial support to enable institutions,

at foreign art fairs, international visitors and

of the projects supported by the foundation

companies and authorities, both national

group programmes, and participation in

take place abroad.

and international, to reach their audience

biennials and triennials.

The Mondriaan Foundation operates with

and to extend this reach.

In addition to international projects, the

a board of four members, nine advisory

We also believe it important that artists,

Mondriaan Foundation supports other

committees comprising about sixty

professionals and the public in the

activities within the Netherlands such

members and a staff of twenty.

Netherlands have access to the latest

as acquisitions for museum collections,

advisory committees 11

Facts and Figures Interest in art from the Netherlands




















countries supported

Budget spent on international activities * International exchange Exhibitions supported

not included

€ 3,000,000 € 3,200,000 € 2,900,000 € 3,600,000

€ 3,100,000 € 2,800,000* € 3,100,000

€ 3,200,000

Art and design from the Netherlands should match international standards and keep

€ 2,100,000

pace with international developments. The Mondriaan Foundation therefore values contacts worldwide and reserves a substantial budget for the presentation of art and design from the Netherlands abroad. The foundation responds to international demands and can grant requests from foreign institutes. 13

Art, design and cultural heritage projects


Research and development in cultural organisations

Programming artist run spaces, cultural heritage Art purchasing scheme Other activities

National activities subtotal

Art, design and cultural heritage projects

Total Expenditure 14

International exhibitions with artists from the Netherlands Lofts Venice Biennale

Orientation trip

International exchange (including Arts Collaboratory) Visitors programme

International activities subtotal Art fairs


Art purchasing scheme

Research and development

Programming artist run

Art, design and cultural


in cultural organisations

spaces, cultural heritage

heritage projects




Art, design and cultural

Other activities

heritage projects



National activities subtotal €14,680,072



Venice Biennale

Orientation trip

Visitors programme





International exhibitions

International exchange

Art fairs

with artists from the

(including Arts






International activities subtotal €4,173,036

Total Expenditure €18,853,108 17





Slovenia China

Norway Estonia United Arab Emirates



South Africa



Czech Republic

Serbia Portugal

United Kingdom Hungary


Romania Lebanon Isreal Ireland

Brazil Belgium



Turkey Peru


South Korea

Kyrgyzstan Taiwan

Lithuania Indonesia France

Canada India Poland Albania

Australia United States of America



Denmark Benin




Exhibitions and Publications The Mondriaan Foundation supports galleries, museums and exhibition spaces that exhibit contemporary art or design from the Netherlands. The main criteria are an institution’s artistic standing and reputation, which are assessed on the basis of its exhibition programme. The Mondriaan Foundation usually helps to cover the cost of transporting works of art, plus the cost of artists’ travel and accommodation. We also co-support the cost of publications that provide contextual information about artists’ work. In 2010, we supported 201 exhibitions/publications in 49 countries. The list on the right page gives an overview of countries where the Mondriaan Foundation contributed to art and design presentations in 2010.



Germany, 14 presentations,

China, 4 presentations,

Nepal, 1 presentation,

support recieved €147,905

support recieved €69,334

support recieved €14,662

Thailand, 1 presentation,

Spain, 11 presentations,

Norway, 1 presentation,

support recieved €4,000

support recieved €98,264

support recieved €7,000


Slovenia, 4 presentations,

Finland, 2 presentations,

Switzerland, 7 presentations,

support recieved €9,809

support recieved €5,510

support recieved €37,282

Estonia, 1 presentation,

United Arab Emirates,

Italy, 9 presentations,

support recieved €1,095

3 presentations,

support recieved €74,897

support recieved €38,513 21

South Africa,

Macedonia, 1 presentation,

Pakistan, 1 presentation,

2 presentations,

support recieved €1,270

support recieved €1,600

Romania, 2 presentations,

Lebanon, 1 presentations,

Israel, 2 presentations,

support recieved €9,289

support recieved €2,000

support recieved €14,829

support recieved €41,250


Serbia, 2 presentation,

Portugal, 1 presentation,

Hungary, 1 presentation,

support recieved €13, 010

support recieved €14,575

support recieved €25,000

Ireland, 2 presentations,

Surinam, 1 presentation,

Slovakia, 1 presentation,

support recieved €10,965

support recieved €56,315

support recieved €3,051


Kyrgyzstan, 1 presentations

Taiwan, 1 presentation,

Cuba, 1 presentation,

support recieved €27,164

support recieved €3,000

support recieved €26,454

Poland, 3 presentations,

Albania, 1 presentation,

Denmark, 1 presentation,

support recieved €19,804

support recieved €7,500

support recieved €11,000


Indonesia, 1 presentation,

Canada, 5 presentations,

India, 1 presentation,

support recieved €10,000

support recieved €35,042

support recieved €8,680

Benin, 1 presentation,

Russia, 4 presentations,

Austria, 3 presentations,

support recieved €7,795

support recieved €104,660

support recieved €19,990


Australia, 2 presentations,

United States of America,

France, 10 presentations,

support recieved €25,200

41 presentations,

support recieved €81,103

support recieved €402,739

Turkey, 2 presentations,

Belgium, 9 presentations,

Brazil, 5 presentations,

support recieved €32, 843

support recieved €51,989

support recieved €38,250


Lithuania, 3 presentations,

South Korea, 3 presentation,

Peru, 2 presentations,

support recieved €17,040

support recieved €9,747

support recieved €14,380

Japan, 7 presentations,

United Kingdom,

Czech Republic,

support recieved €84,562

17 presentations,

1 presentation,

support recieved €99,926

support recieved €2,900 27

Art and design institutions countries that recieved support the rest of the world, these countries did not recieve any support



list of participants


Persijn Broersen-Margit Lukacs,

Egle Budvytyte, Inti Guerrero

Daya Cahen, Joost Rekveld,

São Paulo, Museum of

Bart Vegter

Image and Sound


Hasselt, Z33

Marjolijn Bloemmen, Wapke

Tirana, Tirana Institute for

Gabriel Lester

Feenstra, Luna Maurer, Koert van

Contemporary Art

Leuven, STU K

Mensvoort, Esther Polak

Kimberly Clark (Iris van Dongen,

André van Bergen, Sarah van Hee,

Josepha de Jong, Ellemieke

Barbara Visser

Schoenmaker), Aernout Mik, Erik

Mechelen, Contour

Olofsen, Stealth (Ana Dzokic,

Yael Bartana, Wendelien van


Marc Neelen)


Montreal, DHC/ART


Mechelen, MMMechelen

Adelaide, Adelaide Festival of Arts

Persijn Broersen-Margit Lukacs,

Geert Lovink, Praneet Soi

Yael Davids, Suchan

Woolloomooloo, Biennale of Sydney

Kinoshita, Micha Klein, Inez van

Christian Bumbarra Thompson,

Lamsweerde, Mark Manders,

Folkert de Jong, Steve McQueen

Erwin Olaf, Moniek Toebosch


Ostend, Ku(n)st

Linz, Ars Electronica Center

Tamar Frank, Niek Kemps,

Daan van den Berg,

Krijn de Koning, Marijke van

Levi van Veluw


Linz, Linz 2010 European Capital


of Culture

Porto-Novo, Association Chat Culture

Lara Almarcegui, Delphine Bedel

Remy Jungerman

Vienna, Generali Foundation


Willem de Rooij, Rob Voerman

Salvador-Bahia, Goethe-Institut


Belgium Antwerp, MuHKA Joke Robaard, Seth Siegelaub

Brussels, Argos Aernout Mik, Julika Rudelius Brussels, Wiels Melvin Moti Ghent, Courtisane 30

Meschac Gaba São Paulo, Espaco Cultural Vermelho Anno Dijkstra, Nancy Mauro-Flude São Paulo, Festival Internacional de Linguagem Eletronica Blendid (David Kousemaker, Tim Olden), Marina Chernikova, Het vleesgeworden videowoord (Albert van Abbe, Roel Dijkcks, Wim-Jan Smits, Ties van de Ven) São Paulo, Museu de Arte Moderna

Canada Guido van der Werve Montreal, Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal Yael Bartana Montreal, Studio XX De Geuzen Toronto, Alphabet City Media Anneke Abhelakh, Tracy Metz Vancouver, The Western Front Bik Van der Pol

China Beijing, Beijing Today Art Museum The Book of Social Energy: Contemporary Communication Design from the Netherlands Hong Kong, Microwave Company Limited Koert van Mensvoort Shanghai, Shanghai Oriental Cultural Development Centre The Third Eye, V2_ Shenzhen, Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism Lara Almarcegui, Go West (Michiel Hulshof, Daan Roggeveen)


Marseille, Triangle France

Atelier van Lieshout

Havana, Bienal de la Habana

Jennifer Tee

Hamburg, Subvision/HFBK

Liset Castillo, Inti Hernandez,

Nantes, Le Lieu Unique

Parachutartists, Service Garage

Remy Jungerman, Tirzo Martha

Atelier van Lieshout,

Kassel, Documenta und Museum

Czech Republic

Dré Wapenaar


Prague, Langhans Gallery

Paris, Galerie Air de Paris

Meschac Gaba

Erwin Olaf

Lily van der Stokker

Oldenburg, Edith Russ Site for

Art and design institutions

Paris, Galerie Anatome

Media Art


Christina Anderson, Di Maistone,

Paris, Galerie Kreo

Stijn Ossevoort, Gordan Savicic,

Wieki Somers

Maki Ueda

Paris, Musée d’Art Moderne de

Oldenburg, Edith Russ Site for

la Ville de Paris

Media Art

Jan Dibbets

Wapke Feenstra

Paris, Stationservice

Stuttgart, Künstlerhaus


Metahaven (Vinca Kruk, Daniel

Berlin, Autocenter


Leo Asemota, Lonnie van

Hungary Budapest, Studio of Young Artists


Denmark Ebeltoft, Glasmuseet Tord Boontje


Estonia Tallinn, Kumu Art Museum Katarina Zdjelar Finland Helsinki, Helsinki Design Week Dutch Design: Jorre van Ast, Gijs Bakker, Ineke Hans, Dick van Hoff, Sarena Huizinga, Hella Jongerius, Lotte van Laatum, Paul Timmer Helsinki, Pixelache Gijs Gieskes


Francisco van Benthum


Brummelen-Siebren de Haan, Jeremiah Day, Gert Jan Kocken, Renzo Martens, Sarah Ortmeyer Berlin, DMY Designhuis Eindhoven, Studio Makkink & Bey, Material Sense Berlin, Transmediale TeZ, Dewi de Vree, Rachida Ziani Bremen, Künstlerhaus Ahmet Ögüt Cologne, Projects in Art & Theory


Claudia Cristovão

Dunkirk, Frac Nord-Pas de Calais

Dortmund, HMKV

Daan van Golden

Joep van Liefland, Melvin Moti

Lyon, Biennale d’Art Contemporain

Düsseldorf, Kunsthalle

Bik Van der Pol

L.A. Raeven, Zeger Reyers

Marseille, Centre Design Marseille

Düsseldorf, Kunstverein für die

Droog: Jurgen Bey, Rody

Rheinlande und Westfalen

Graumans, Chris Kabel, Tejo

Renske Janssen, Germaine Kruip

Remy, Marcel Wanders

Essen, Museum Folkwang

van der Velden, Gon Zifroni)

Association NL–Nincs Lehetetlen|No Limit


India New Delhi, KHO J International Artists Association Geert-Jan Hobijn

Indonesia Yogyakarta, Cemeti Art House Tomoko Mukaiyama

Ireland Belfast, School of Art and Design, University of Ulster|ISEA2010 Laura Boffi, Nancy Mauro-Flude, Adinda van ‘t Klooster, Bart Koppe, Rob van Kranenburg, 31

Rosa Menkman, Anne Nigten,

Hiroshima, Hiroshima City Museum of

Lonnie van Brummelen, Fucking

Nadia Peek, Esther Polak, Renée

Contemporary Art

Good Art, Bob Gramsma, Alon

Ridgeway, Sander Veenhof

Tanja Elsgeest, Germaine Kruip,

Levin, Erik van Lieshout, Mark

Dublin, Pallas Contemporary Projects

Jochem van Tol

Manders, Jantine Wijna

Berndnaut Smilde

Tokoname, Inax Corporation

Vilnius, Public Institution Menu Vartai


Adriaan Rees

Atelier van Lieshout

Holon, Design Museum

Tokyo, Cibone

Niels van Eijk, Miriam van der

Maarten Baas, Piet Hein Eek,



Herzliya, Herzliya Museum of Art

Tokyo, Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial


Controllar, Yael Davids, Noa

Executive Committee

Giniger, Idan Hayosh, Anu Vahtra

Job Koelewijn, Tomoko

Skopje, Public Room



Milan, Rossanna Orlandi

Tokyo, Gallery Deux Poissons

BCXS Y (Boaz Cohen, Sayaka

Herman Hermsen, Susanne

Yamamoto), Nacho Carbonell

Klemm, Felieke van der Leest

Milan, The White Club

Tokyo, Wacoal Art Center

Klavers van Engelen


Naples, Blindarte contemporanea

Yokohama, Yokohama International

Berend Strik

Festival for Arts and Media

Naples, PR/Undercover

Edwin van der Heide, Steve

Maarten Baas

McQueen, Aernout Mik, Pauline

Prato, Galleria Gentili

Oltheten, Fiona Tan

Macedonia Sacha Lannoye

n Nepal

Kathmandu, Siddharta Art Gallery Desiree de Baar, Tony Monsanto, Osaira Muyale, Catalijn Ramakers, Maria Roosen, Darja Vos, Joncquil de Vries, Margret Wibmer

Venice|Amsterdam, Pleinmuseum



Dropstuff Venice Biennial 2010

Bishkek, ArtEast


Jodi (Joan Heemskerk, Dirk Paesmans) Rome, 1:1 projects Daniela Paes Leão

Venice|Amsterdam, Venice Biennial 2010 Saskia Bos (curator), Fiona Tan Venice, La Biennale di Venezia 2010 Moshekwa Langa, Falke Pisano Verona, Studio La Cittá David Lindberg

j Japan 32

Kyrgyzstan Cascoland


Lebanon Beirut, Zico House Susanna Brenner, Marta Pisco

Lithuania Kaunas, Kaunas Artists’ Support Fund, Kaunas Art Biennial Textile Mariëlle Videler Vilnius, Contemporary Art Centre Vilnius

Bergen, Bergen Kunsthall Ann Demeester, Marieke van Hal, Maria Hlavajova, Monica Szewczyk

Pakistan Karachi, Mauj Media Collective Suzanne Hogendoorn, Rob van Kranenburg

Peru Lima, Alta Tecnologia Andina Martin Butler Lima, LOT Asociacón para la investigación teatral La Otra Orilla Petra Blaisse, Aura Luz Melis


Modern Art

Dylan Graham

Bielsko-Biata, Foundation Centre of

Andrei Roiter

Seoul, I M ART

Photography Robert van der Hilst

Moscow, The Moscow Biennale Art

Jacco Olivier

Torun, Centre of Contemporary Art


Seoul, Ssamzie Space

Znaki Czasu

Lara Almarcegui, Juul Kraijer,

Dirk van Lieshout, Heidi Vogels

Persijn Broersen-Margit Lukacs,

Aji V.N.


Yael Bartana



Belgrade, Belgradeyard Sound

Aleksandra Kononiuk, Fiona Tan, Levi van Veluw Warsaw, Museum of Modern Art


Lisbon, Experimenta Design


Peter Bilak, Luna Maurer,

2562, Lust Collective, Optical

Jonathan Puckey

Machines, Sonic Wargame,


Telcosystems, Today’s Art Festival, Xavier van Wersch Belgrade, Museum of


Contemporary Art

Bucharest, Centre for

Bojan Fajfric

Visual Introspection


Jakub Ferrie, Ahmet Ögut

Bratislava, Design Factory

Bucharest, Rokolectiv


Nathalie Bruys, Katja van


Stiphout, Jonas Vorwerk

Ljubljana, Emzin Institute of Creative


Production Ben Bos, Bob van Dijk

Moscow, Boomboom

Ljubljana, International Centre of

Marc Bijl, Tudor Bratu, Nathalie

Graphic Arts MGLC

Bruys, Dennis Duijnhouwer, Klaas

Katarina Zdjelar

van Gorkum-Iratxe Jaio, Harmen

Ljubljana, Museum of Modern Art

den Hoop, Anna Lange, Erik

Katarina Zdjelar

van Lieshout, Wendelien van

Ljubljana, Skuc Gallery

Oldenborgh, Ottograph, Julika

Dyane Donck, Bojan Fajfric, Jake

Rudelius, Stealth (Ana Dzokic,

de Vos, Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec

Marc Neelen), Bert Teunissen,

South Africa

Rob Voerman

Cape Town, Michael Stevenson

Moscow, Design Act


Maarten Baptist, Louise Cohen,

Meschac Gaba

Drift Design, Lotte van Laatum,

Johannesburg, Nirox Foundation

Sander Lucas, Marko Macura,

Auke de Vries

Studio Simon Heijdens

South Korea

Moscow, Moscow Museum of

Seoul, Gallery em

Barcelona, Art Aids Otto Berchem, Gerald van der Kaap, L.A. Raeven Barcelona, Espai Ubu Anne Wellmer Barcelona, MACBA Museu d’Art Contemporani Irene Kopelman, Falke Pisano Barcelona, Sónar 2010 Evelina Domnitch, Dimitry Gelfand Gijón, LAB oral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial Jelte van Abbema, Driessens & Verstappen, GOTO 10, Luna Maurer Gijón, Teatro de la Laboral Marina Abramovic Las Palmas, Centro Atlantico de Arte Moderno Meschac Gaba Madrid, La Casa Encendida Petra Blaisse Madrid, Photo España Pages Vitoria-Gasteiz, Centro Cultural Montehermoso Irene Kopelman, Nathaniel Mellors

Surinam Paramaribo, De Surinaamsche Bank Artropa (Art Rotterdam Paramaribo)

Switzerland Bern, Kunsthalle Bradley Pitts Freiburg, Fri-Art


Gabriel Lester

Tarek Atoui, Hala Elkoussy,

Bart Koppe

Geneva, Centre d’édition

Sophie Ernst

London, The Aram Gallery


United Kingdom

Jair Straschnow

Erik van Lieshout

Bristol, Arnolfini Gallery

Sheffield, Sheffield

Winterthur, Fotomuseum

GOTO 10, Rui Guerra, Jodi (Joan

Contemporary Art Forum

Ad van Denderen

Heemskerk, Dirk Paesmans)

Frederique Bergholz, Ruth

Zürich, Artport_making waves

Bristol, Polar Produce

Buchanan, Yael Davids, Annie

Meschac Gaba

Evelina Domnitch,

Fletcher, Wendelien van

Zürich, Museum für Gestaltung

Dmitry Gelfand,

Oldenborgh, Katarina Zdjelar

Irma Boom

Staalplaat Sound System

Sheffield, Site Gallery

Zürich, Shedhalle

Cambridge, Wysing Arts Centre

Guido van der Werve

Barbara Visser

Bik Van der Pol,

United States of America

Libia Castro-Olafur Olafsson

Berkeley, Regents of the

Glasgow, Centre for

University of California

Contemporary Arts

Ahmet Ögüt

Bik Van der Pol

Culver City, Roberts & Tilton

Glasgow, Transmission Gallery

Delphine Courtillot

Ruth Buchanan, Rachel Koolen

Indianapolis, Indianapolis

London, Barbican Art Gallery

Museum of Art

Lara Almarcegui

Maarten Baas, Jurgen Bey, Piet

London, Camden Arts Centre

Hein Eek, Ineke Hans, Richard

Michael Raedecker

Hutten, Hella Jongerius, Joris

London, Cubitt Gallery

Laarman, Bruno Ninaber van

Istanbul, Bimeras

Willem de Rooij, Vincent Vulsma

Eyben, NPK, Satyendra Pakhalé,

Andrea Bozic

London, EUNIC

Philips Design, Bertjan Pot, Tejo

Istanbul, Istanbul Foundation

Pieke Bergmans,

Remy, Wieki Somers, Studio Job,


Demakersvan, Drift, Simon

Frank Tjepkema, Marcel Wanders

Culture & Arts/International Istanbul

Heijdens, Eric Klarenbeek

Miami, Design Miami


London, Gallery Libby Sellers

Maarten Baas

Vladimer Darakhvelidze,

Atelier NL (Lonny van Rijswijck,

Minneapolis, Walker Art Center

Wendelien van Oldenborgh,

Nadine Sterk)

Mark Manders

Hrair Sarkissian, Mounira al Solh

London, ICA

New York, 303 Gallery

Mariana Castillo Deball,

Wineke Gartz

Falke Pisano

New York, Anton Kern Gallery

London, Parasol Unit

Lara Schnitger

Maaike Schoorel

New York, Aperture

London, South London Gallery

Carel Balth

Ellen Gallagher

New York, Apexart

London, Southbank Centre

Will Holder

Mark Manders

New York, Artists Space

London, Takeaway Festival/Do It

Jeremiah Day, Cevdet Erek,

Yourself Media

Krist Gruijthuijsen


Taiwan Taipei, Netherlands Trade & Investment Office Lisette Haasnoot, Daniel Saakes

Thailand Bangkok, Arthub/BizArt Onno Dirker, Felix Mandrazo



United Arab Emirates Dubai, Art Dubai Khatt Foundation Dubai, Art Dubai Monali Meher Sharjah, Sharjah Biennal 2010 34

New York, Creative Time

Nollen, Erwin Olaf, Misha de

Koelewijn, Maartje Korstanje,

Guido van der Werve

Ridder, Jaap Scheeren

Alon Levin, Erik van Lieshout,

New York, Droog New York

New York, Performa 09

Serge Onnen, Daan Padmos,

Nacho Carbonell, Chris Kabel

Keren Cytter, Marina Castillo

Karen Sargsyan, Lara Schnitger,

New York, Eyebeam

Deball, Marije Vogelzang

Jennifer Tee, Rob Voerman,

Art + Technology Center

New York, Printed Matter

Marijke van Warmerdam

Jodi (Joan Heemskerk,

Werkplaats Typografie

Peekskill, Hudson Valley Center for

Dirk Paesmans)

New York, Tanya Bonakdar Gallery

Contemporary Art

New York Hasted Hunt Gallery

Carla Klein

Fendry Ekel, Folkert de Jong

Erwin Olaf

New York, Tanya Bonakdar Gallery

Pittsburgh, The Pittsburgh

New York, International

Mark Manders

Cultural Trust

Center of Photography

New York, The Project

Edwin van der Heide,

Jacqueline Hassink,

Aernout Mik

Marnix de Nijs

Julika Rudelius

New York, White Box

Pittsburgh, The Pittsburgh

New York, International

Ko Aarts, Erik Andriesse, Gijs

Cultural Trust

Center of Photography

Assmann, Atelier Van Lieshout,

Telcosystems (David Kiers,

Geert van Kesteren

David Bade, Hans Broek, Robbie

Gideon Kiers, Lucas van der

New York, Material ConneXion

Cornelissen, Karin van Dam, René


byAMT, Studio Jan Habraken,

Daniëls, Iris van Dongen, Marcel

San Francisco, California College of

Lucas Maassen, Unfold

van Eeden, Sidi El Karchi, Wafae

the Arts

New York, Museum of Arts & Design

Ahalouch el Keriasti, Hadassah

Edgar Cleijne, Ellen Gallagher

Simone van Bakel, Jurgen Bey,

Emmerich, Iris Frerichs, Lotte

St Louis, Contemporary Art Museum

Esther Derkx, Dick van Hoff, Hella

Geeven, Lenneke van der Goot,

Falke Pisano

Jongerius, Chris Kabel, Miriam

Arjan van Helmond, Rosemin

Washington, Arthur M. Sackler Gallery

van der Lubbe, Jo Meesters, Vika

Hendriks, Sharon Houkema,

Fiona Tan

Mitrichenka, Ted Noten, Parc

Boukje Janssen, Job Koelewijn,

West Hollywood, MAK Center for Art

Editions, Frederik Roijé,

Juul Kraijer, Arno Kramer, Marijn

and Architecture

Koninklijke Tichelaar

van Kreij, Harold Linker, Erik

Babak Afrassiabi,

New York, Museum of Arts & Design

Mattijssen, Bas Meerman,

Nasrin Tabatabai

Célio Braga, Dylan Graham, Ferry

Rik Meijers, Marc Nagtzaam,

White Plains, International

Staverman, Studio Libertiny

Serge Onnen, Silvia Russel,

Contemporary Furniture Fair

New York, Museum of Modern Art

Charlotte Schleiffert, Sandro

Bert & Dennis

Bas Jan Ader, Stanley Brouwn,

Setola, Roland Sohier, Aam

Jan Dibbets, Ger van Elk

Solleveld, Berend Strik, Koen

New York, Museum of

Vermeule, Henk Visch, Bas de Wit

the City of New York

New York, Whitney Museum

Daniëlle van Ark, Morad

Yael Bartana

Bouchakour, Wijnanda Deroo,

New York, Yancey Richardson Gallery

Rineke Dijkstra, Charlotte

Hellen van Meene

Dumas, Hendrik Kerstens, Inez

Peekskill, Hudson Valley Center for

van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh

Contemporary Art

Matadin, Hellen van Meene, Arno

Marc Bijl, Dylan Graham, Job


art work from creatives 36

we have supported . . . 37



















1 Indonesia, Yogyakarta, Cemeti Art House, Tomoko Mukaiyama, Wasted 2 United Kingdom, Cambridge, Wysing Arts Centre Bik Van der Pol, Untitled (gold), 2010, photo: Wysing Arts Centre 3 United States of America, Miami, Design Miami, Maarten Baas, 4 Slovakia, Bratislava, Design Factory, Re:cycle (Bicycle Phantasy), photo: L’ubomír Dait, Design Factory 5 United States of America, New York, Aperture, Carel Balth, Madrid, photo: Wysing Arts Centre 6 Nepal, Kathmandu, Siddharta Art Gallery Darja Vos, (Rashimal Shakya poses before an image of herself painted by Darja Vos) 7 United States of America, New York, Performa 09, Alicia Framis, Lost Astronaut 8 Israel, Holon, Design Museum, N iels van Eijk, Miriam van der Lubbe, Godogan table 9 United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Art Dubai, Khatt Foundation, Typographic Matchmaking in the City: V2.0 42



10 Spain, Las Palmas, Centro Atlantico de Arte Moderno Meschac Gaba, Games room, photo: Nacho GonzĂĄlez 11 Italy, Venice, La Biennale di Venezia 2010, Falke Pisano, Silent Elements (Figures of Speech) II, photo: Giorgio Zucchiatti 12 United States of America, Washington, Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Fiona Tan, Saint Sebastian (video installation) 13 Brazil, SĂŁo Paulo, Espaco Cultural Vermelho, Nancy Mauro-Flude, Paraphernalia: Dances With Her Shadow (2010), photo: Ding Musa 14 France, paris, Galerie Anatome, Thonik, photo: Philip Provily 15 23 Italy, Venice, La Biennale di Venezia 2010, Moshekwa Langa, Temporal distance (with a criminal intent), you will find us in the best places, photo: Giorgio Zucchiatti 16 France, Paris, Galerie Kreo, Wieki Somers, Frozen, Hogweed, photo: Fabrice Gousset


Art Fairs The presentation of art and design from the Netherlands at leading international art fairs has proven to be an important promotional tool. These fairs are a valuable source of international contacts for the participating galleries and artists. They create opportunities for new exhibitions and lead to acquisitions by collectors and museums all over the world. The Mondriaan Foundation supports participation in art fairs by contributing to the rental of stands. A gallery can get a refund for half the rent of a stand if at least half the stand space is used to present art from the Netherlands. A number of relevant art fairs are selected each year. In 2010, the selection comprised Arco Madrid; Art Basel; Art Basel Art Statement; Art Basel Art Unlimited; Art Basel Liste; Art Basel Miami Beach; Art Forum Berlin; Collect London; Design Miami; Design Miami Basel; Fiac Paris; Frieze Art Fair London; Nada Art Fair Miami; Paris Photo; Sofa Chicago; Sofa New York; 44

The Armory Show New York.

Art Statement Art Basel 2010

Art Unlimited Art Basel 2010

Art Basel Miami Beach 2010

Art Forum Berlin 2010

Sofa Chicago 2010

Sofa New York 2010

Fiac 2010

Design Miami Basel 2010

The Armory Show 2010 Frieze 2010

Art Basel Liste 2010

Arco 2010

Art Basel 2010

Paris Photo 2010

Design Miami 2010 Collect 2010

Nada Art Fair 2010

participation in art fairs 45

Art Statement Art Basel 2010

Art Unlimited Art Basel 2010

Art Basel Miami Beach 2010

Galerie Juliette Jongma

Bob van Orsouw Gallery

Ellen de Bruijne Projects

Ellen de Bruijne Projects

Michael Stevenson Gallery

(with Balice/Hertling Gallery)

Slewe Gallery The Breeder Zeno X Gallery

Fiac 2010 Ellen de Bruijne Projects

Design Miami Basel 2010

Galerie Akinci


Galerie De Expeditie

Vivid Gallery

Galerie Diana Stigter

Zeno X Gallery

Galerie Lumen Travo Galerie Martin van Zomeren Galerie Nadja Vilenne Monitor Gallery


Art Forum Berlin 2010

Sofa Chicago 2010

Sofa New York 2010

Ellen de Bruijne Projects

Ornamentum Gallery

Ornamentum Gallery

Galerie Jette Rudolph Galerie West Klemm’s Slewe Gallery Tulips & Roses Gallery

Frieze 2010

The Armory Show 2010

Art Basel 2010

Galerie Catherine Bastide

Galerie Akinci

Annet Gelink Gallery

Galerie Diana Stigter

Galerie Diana Stigter

Bob van Orsouw Gallery

Galerie Fons Welters

Galerie Martin van Zomeren

Galerie Paul Andriesse

Galerie Juliette Jongma

Zeno X Gallery

Zeno X Gallery

Galerie Paul Andriesse Zeno X Gallery


Art Basel Liste 2010

Arco 2010

Galerie Diana Stigter

Annet Gelink Gallery

Galerie Martin van Zomeren

Galerie Akinci

Wilfried Lentz

Mart House Gallery Mirta Demare RonMandos Slewe Gallery

Nada Art Fair 2010

Collect 2010

Galerie West

Galerie Louise Smit

Mart House Gallery

Galerie Marzee Galerie Rob Koudijs Galerie Terra Delft


Paris Photo 2010

Design Miami 2010

Galerie Akinci


Antiquariaat L. van Paddenburgh

Ornamentum Gallery

Flatland Gallery


Galerie Cokkie Snoei

Vivid Gallery

Galerie Van Kranendonk

Zeno X Gallery

Galerie Van Zoetendaal Motive Gallery Torch Gallery


International Network Programmes Visitors programme With a view to promoting art and design

professionals to offer greater insight into

programmes of visits to museums, galleries,

from the Netherlands abroad, the Mondriaan

contemporary visual arts and design

artists and designers.

Foundation organises special visitors

from the Netherlands and to strengthen

The aim of these visits is to encourage

programmes for foreign visual art and

international ties and promote the

international exchange projects.

design professionals. Visitors programmes

exchange of ideas. Professionals are invited

are organised for curators and other

to the Netherlands for uniquely tailored

Orientation trip In addition to the individual visitors

Group members Brazil, Argentina and Peru.

Brussels, Jos Van Den Bergh, programming

programmes, the Mondriaan Foundation

Participants from the Netherlands, Emily

coordinator MuHKA, Antwerp, Thibaut

organises orientation trips together with the

Ansenk, director Kunsthal, Rotterdam,

Verhoeven, curator Smak, Ghent, Baoju

Prince Claus Fund, the Flemish institute for

Xander Karskens, curator De Hallen,

Wang, curator Art Today, Museum, Peking

visual, audiovisual and media art BAM, and

Haarlem, Meta Knol, curator Centraal

On behalf of, the organisers, Fariba de

the Office for Contemporary Art Norway

Museum, Utrecht, Maxine Kopsa, journalist

Bruin, project manager Prince Claus

OCA. These orientation programmes focus

Metropolis M, Utrecht, Willem Velthoven,

Awards, Amsterdam, Dilara Kanik assistant

on certain regions, and aim to intensify

director Mediamatic, Amsterdam, Other Per

Prince Claus Awards, Amsterdam, Maaike

the exchange of knowledge, vision and

Gunnar Eeg-Tverbakk, artist and curator,

Lauwaert, national grants officer Mondriaan

perception between professionals working

Oslo, Kossi Hemadzro Assou, artist, designer

Foundation, Amsterdam Gitta Luiten,

in these areas. In 2010, Brazil (São Paulo),

and cultural, entrepreneur, Rencontres et,

director Mondriaan Foundation, Amsterdam

Argentina (Buenos Aires) and Peru (Lima)

Résidences Internationales, d’Arts Visuels,

Els van der Plas director Prince Claus Fund,

were visited. Previous trips were made

Lomé, Agoeng Koerniawan, artist and

Amsterdam Haco de Ridder international

to Bangladesh, India and the United Arab

curator Kedai Kebun Forum, Yogyakarta,

visitors programme manager Mondriaan

Emirates (2008), Mexico and Curaçao (2007),

Solveig Øvstebø, director Kunsthall Bergen,

Foundation Amsterdam.

South Africa and Senegal (2006), China

Bisi Silva, director Center for Contemporary

(2005), and the Middle East (2004).

Art, Lagos, Dirk Snauwaert, director Wiels,


“Visitors programmes are organised for curators and other professionals to offer greater insight into contemporary visual arts and design from the Netherlands . . .�


“The Dutch government believes that the contribution of Dutch art and culture is important� 52

State Manifestations The Mondriaan Foundation is responsible

Saskia Bos, Dean of the School of Art at

and their journeys led her to explore the

for the Dutch entries at a number of cultural

The Cooper Union for the Advancement

biographies of famous merchants and the

manifestations, such as the Venice Biennale.

of Science and Art, as curator of the Dutch

desire to acquire new experiences and

State manifestations are commissioned by

entry at the 53rd International Art Exhibition

possessions. Her project Disorient attempted

the Dutch government and are implemented

in Venice. She chose the artist Fiona Tan to

to bridge the centuries by creating

by the Mondriaan Foundation and a

represent the Netherlands.

connections with both contemporary day-

number of other organisations. The Dutch

Born 1966 in Indonesia, Fiona Tan is the

to-day reality and with the symbolic past

government believes that the contribution

daughter of a Chinese father and an

that every visitor to Venice wants to grasp.

of Dutch art and culture is important for

Australian mother. She has been living and

Together with a number of other works that

reasons of cultural politics.

working in Amsterdam for more than twenty

were shown in daylight, her presentation

Venice Biennale

years. With a new audio-visual installation

offered an alternation of dark and light

The Mondriaan Foundation has been

for this Biennale she referred to Venice’s

spaces in the Rietveld Pavilion.

responsible for the Dutch contribution

pivotal position in the history of geostrategy

The Venice Biennale was held from 7th June

to the Venice Biennale since 1995, and

in the time before the discovery of new

to 22nd November 2010 and drew a record

appoints a curator for each biennale. In

routes to Asia diluted the city’s power.

number of 370.000 visitors.

2008, the Mondriaan Foundation appointed

Tan’s fascination with geography, travellers


International Exchange The Mondriaan Foundation also supports

and design. And Dutch journalists were

supported, including Blown to Life: Nairobi

international activities in the Netherlands.

supported in covering important events in

Meets Leerdam, a cooperation between the

The main aim is to present international

other countries.

Glas Museum in Leerdam and glassblowers

developments to the Dutch public and

Kunstbeeld Magazine for instance published

from Kenya. Made in Mirrors in Maastricht

to encourage the participation of the

articles on biennials, art fairs and other

received a contribution for the expansion

Netherlands in the international circuit.

cultural events in Havana, Joburg, Kobe,

of its network of small-scale presentation

Activities supported in this context by the

Moscow, Porto Allegre, San Juan, Sharjah,

organisations on four continents with the

foundation in 2010 include, for example,

Turin and Vienna.

Townhouse Gallery in Cairo. It can also

the international research, publishing and

Three years ago, the Mondriaan Foundation

work the other way round, i.e. that foreign

exhibition project Former West 2010-2010

founded the Arts Collaboratory network

organisations seek to cooperate with the

of BAK Basis voor Aktuele Kunst in Utrecht;

jointly with Hivos and the DOEN

Netherlands. For instance, Khoj in Delhi

the international project Bint el Dunya

Foundation. This is a collaboration between

received support for a residency and a

with Mediamatic in Amsterdam, and the

more than twenty artists’ initiatives

presentation by Geert Jan Hobijn, and LOT

manifestation Brazil Contemporary in the

in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The

(La Asociación para la Investigación Teatral

Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam.

Mondriaan Foundation does not support the

La Otra Orilla) received a contribution for the

Funding was also provided for journalists’

organisations themselves, but the exchange

participation of Petra Blaisse in an exhibition

travelling expenses. Journalists working for

between Dutch organisations, artists,

in Lima.

major international journals and newspapers

journalists and curators. The network was

were enabled to visit the Netherlands

established to stimulate cooperation and

to report on Dutch contemporary art

exchange. In 2010, thirteen projects were


“The Mondriaan Foundation also supports international activities in the Netherlands. The main aim is to present international developments to the Dutch public...�


Lofts The Mondriaan Foundation has two New York lofts that can be rented at low cost for short term stays. These are available to artists, designers, curators, critics, gallery owners and other representatives of the Dutch art world who are visiting New York for exhibitions, workshops or networking.


Jowan van Barneveld


Jasper de Beijer

C ontemporary Art)

Chris Berens

Ruud van Empel

Fendry Ekel (Office for

(Bik Van der Pol)


Melanie Bonajo

Peggy Franck

Michael van den B esselaar Liesbeth Bik

Marjoleine Boonstra Inge Borsje (Van Abbemuseum) Morad Bouchakour Celio Braga Dennis van der Burch (Bert & Dennis)

Wiro Felix Iris Frerichs Michaela FrĂźhwirth


Teun Hocks Philippine Hoegen


Jeroen Jongeleen Karlijn de Jongh (Rene Rietmeyer) Claudy Jongstra


Iris Kensmil Wafae Ahalouch el Keriasti Carla Klein


Wineke Gartz

Jaap van de Klomp

Dylan Graham

Katrin Korfmann

Wijnanda Deroo


Jeremiah Day Linda van Deursen (Mevis & Van Deursen) Paul Devens Duzan Doepel Harm van den Dorpel

Bert van der Grift (Bert & Dennis) Kees de Gruiter

Gabriel Lester Tim Leyendekker Erik van Lieshout

Joan Heemskerk

Annick Ligtermoet


Annaleen Louwes

Raymond Hendriks (Trik) BenoĂŽt Hermans




Pablo Pijnappel Jan van der Ploeg Jos van der Pol

Lucas Maassen

(Bik Van der Pol)

Mark Manders

Katja Prins

Christien Meindertsma


Peter Mertens

Michael Raedecker

Armand Mevis

Misha de Ridder

(Mevis & Van Deursen)

Dirk Jan Roeleven

Aernout Mik

Willem de Rooij

Melvin Moti

Silvia Russel

Raquel Maulwurf Hellen van Meene Rik Meijers

Julia van Mourik (Lost & Found) Jan van Munster

n o p

(Art Affairs)

Monica Nouwens

Serge Onnen

w z

Guido van der Werve

Edwin Zwakman

Thomas Raat


Gilian Schrofer Lucas Silawanebessy Tanja Smeets Alice Smits Roland Sohier Tjalf Sparnaay Ferry Staverman Martine Stig


Nienke Sybrandy

Lidwien van de Ven

Dirk Paesmans (Jodi) 57


Further Information For information about applications to the Mondriaan Foundation, please visit our website The website offers a geographic overview of all the international activities financed by the Mondriaan Foundation over the past few years. If you have any questions regarding international project support, please contact: Coby Reitsma For information about the international visitors programme, please contact: Haco de Ridder Phone +31 (20)676 20 32 Fax +31 (20)676 20 36


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