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By Charlotte Humnicki

The affluent buyer

The luxury buyer • Heritage oriented • Tends to be over 30 • History • Customer service • Product quality • Emotion linked to the purchase of a product  Purchases display wealth or heritage

…versus the affluent buyer • Environmental-oriented; “green marketing” • Charity conscious • Sport and competition (athletic) spirit • Cultural awareness • Artistic values • Younger • Self-made fortunes Purchases convey personality

Similarities • Both seek excellent service – Luxury clients: emphasis on customer service quality in line with historical values – Affluent clients: expect an experience associated with the brand in addition

• Both seek differentiation – (luxury clients differentiate through display of wealth, affluent clients do it through display of values)

Digital marketing for the affluent: Offer online experience based on: – Interests and personal values of the customers – Engaging in community-related events – Being mobile for the younger generation – Not underestimating the arts and cultural heritage – “More than just a product, more than just a brand; a means to express oneself”

Affluent buyers  

How they are different from luxury clients...