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write group papers, or gossip at the mealtime. Mostly, we are fond of squandering time together. The collection of the second “NCCU & Me” English Creative Writing Contest 38

The nymphs make not only the scenery changed but my narrow eyesight, monotonous thoughts, as well as invariable life different. On a meaningful day, they drag me out of the dormitory as an otaku and carry me to take the gondola at Moukong. The sun smiles at us. The food is so delicious. The trail from Moukong back to the dorm is not so far. Really. It only takes about one hour and more. It is not so long. We are so youthful. They are explorers, and I am a pioneer in my life. Supposed twinkling stars shining in the sky, they may persuade me that it would be such a pity if I miss the beautiful night. I am usually convinced and go upstairs lying on the top floor of our dormitory for stargazing. Right. I am going with the flow, but the return, spiritual relaxation, is worthwhile. At the midnight, we sit on stairs chatting or lie on the bench near the school side entrance counting stars—one, two, three…, singing songs conveying others’ inspiring, romantic, or mournful stories, and disguising as uninhibited vagrants. Why can I spend so much time and precious youth with these nymphs and not feel exhausted? I confess myself not a social person, but they speak the same language as I do. There is nothing we cannot talk about. We can chat from the evening to the dawn at the common room, talk about topics from music to astronomy, and even have a heart-to-heart talk that I have never uttered to a living soul. The nymphs are rather influencing to me. With endless changes, I am still changing. When is the completion? There are no definite answers. One year passed, and another would follow.


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