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NCCU & ME 佳作 (99)

The collection of the second “NCCU & Me” English Creative Writing Contest 37 Prose (non-native) 佳作 Special Prize 林佳琪 Lin, Chia-Chi 英國語文學系 Undergraduate Program in English

More Than One Year One year passed. Is there anything different? The hall is still facing the fountain. The restaurants for students are still crowded with people. The lawn in the center of the playground still spices the air with some youthful smell. The trail lined with maples are still spreading romantic atmosphere. The scenery seems to be the same, but they, the maple nymphs, make it different. They change their make-up and dressing according to the seasons—light-green tender shoots and tiny twigs in the spring, luxuriant leaves in the summer, then those leaves dyed with brown hues in the autumn, and leaving them and all the burdens in the winter. I enjoy the moment when I climb down the slope from the hillside alone. Stepping down some hundreds of stairs of Hao Han Slope, I am embraced by breathtaking scenery. Trees standing sentry along the trail are harmonious with the spacious azure sky. Houses at the foot of the hill are as small as building blocks as if I could rearrange them as long as I reach for them. After pondering and taking a deep breath, I keep treading down. Sometimes I just cannot help but to stop myself to appreciate the waving with the wind, to smell the sweet scents, or to listen to the sounds the maples. They strike up a conversation with me. We become friends. I have never thought that we can be such close confidantes. We share numerous firsts, at least my new undertakings. Like most college students, we discuss homework, 17

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