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In the one room, there are pieces of cookie crumbs and the dust on the floor.

The dust try to catch by his hand in a few times. Finally he is caught by a clip. The dust name is "Lint".

Lint try to eat cookies crumbs.

But he drop it it be surprised by Fuzz.

Fuzz is eaten cookie crumbs. Lint is sad.

Then Fuzz and Lint found a piece of cookie crumbs and see it.

Fizz goes to cookie crumbs and invite Lint. But Lint hides in a foot of chair.

The other dusts laugh cowardly him. But Fuzz was depressed.

Lint noticed something.

Just then open the entrance of a house and housekeeper come to clean room.

Lint notice her and say to then "Escape!!". But they don't sense it.

She startes cleaning with vacuum.

They try to escape from her. But it is too late, they are cleaned by vacuum.

Dust eating cookie is inhaled into the vacuum.

And Fuzz is cleaned too.

Lint is very sad.

Lint holding clip by his hand cheers up myself to save Fuzz.

He tries to pull out plug of the vacuum.

Lint success to pull out. The housekeeper go to plug.

Daring it, Lint go into the vacuum to save Fuzz and other dusts.

Lint arrives at inside of vacuum.

Lint is very surprised because many dusts is mixed.

Lint success to remake Fuzz's body when the housekeeper pull up the vacuum.

Lint and Fuzz remake the other dusts together.

Lint and Fuzz escape from the vacuum

with the housekeeper turn on the vacuum.

Lint is inhaled. But Fuzz catches Lint's hand. Fuzz success to save Lint from the vacuum.

When housekeeper look back at vacuum, she notice Lint and Fuzz.

Lint and Fuzz are state of battle to housekeeper on the vacuum handle.

The battle start soon.

The vacuum which are controlled by Lint and Fuzz go to toward the housekeeper.

Housekeeper's foot catch on the vacuum cord.

She lose her balance and fall down.

The housekeeper are breathe in the vacuum.

Lint and Fuzz win.

Other dusts reflected one one's conduct.

Then they enjoy to eat cookie together.


Dust Buddies  

By Asa, Naho and Yoshiki