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Fashion Branding and Communications Portfolio


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The idea behind this concept is to creeate a sense of escapism and nostalgia within an immersive event for the online platform Farfetch Vintage, this is a reflection of trends and consumer demand for a reinvented retail space. The future of retail will be creative and powered by technology to improve customer experience and overall atmosphere of stores. The space will include texture, warm colour pallette and make the audience feel transported to the future of retail within the Farfetch store.

THE LUXURIAN tribe OUR VISION At Farfetch we want to change the way that luxury fashion is perceived and make an enjoyable experience for all. We aim to do this by altering you typical boutique and including other outlets within your time at our concept store, not only can you browse through the designer collections, but enjoy our nostalgic twist on the latest event. With a variety of 80’s inspired arcade games that give you the opportunity to win our farfetch vintage products. Bring you Farfetch coin for 10% off a variety of products and make sure to let us know how your day went at our store. Your personal needs within a retail environment are at the core of what our company is about, developing a stranger connection with our audience means we can constantly adjust the surroundings so that you enjoy your time with us. The evolution of fashion retail is becoming something that our company want to embrace and adjust our practise within the industry to suit this change. Brick and mortar establishments are continually evolving to suit new technology that is being introduced to retail to engage with the consumer and capture their attention. Store of the future is part of farfetch’s plan to reinvent the average shopping experience whilst still maintaining the values of the brands under our guidance to help them cater for their consumer. We pride ourselves in listening to what the customer want adn use technology to help us achieve this. To be able to ease our customer into the future of retail.


Age:35-45 Acorn classification: Modest Means City sophisticates Steady neighbourhood Lavish lifestyle

Highly educated and passionate about being exposed to other cultures around the world. They seek depth-in the experiences they commit to, jumping from aesthetic to indulgence. They have had a comfortable upbringing and don’t struggle financially and are in a position to spend there money on things that they enjoy in life. They care for creativity and personnel meaning in brands also. This tribe d not buy into fast fashion as it goes against their ethical values, preferring up-cycled or vintage pieces. Luxurians use technology for information and practicality in a digital world. This consumer enjoys that of a millenial mindset, to explore and experience all there is within the modern society, finding new ways to escape through the latest, popular activities to gain a fresh perspective on their well being. They want to invest their time and money into activities and products that add to their life in a positive way , not just for materialistic factors. Always on their feet in inner city areas and have a desire to travel to upbeat areas with bars, restaurants and high end stores such as Bicester Village. Although enjoying a life of comfort and luxury, they also appreciate the creativity within their work and the places and experiences it takes them to. They have an impressive work ethic but it also tends to dominate their life and would be labelled as ‘workaholics’. Being fully established in their career they have the advantage of a reasonable amount of disposable income therefore have the option to invest in luxury clothing and investment pieces. They tend to enjoy an aesthetically pleasing cafe or restaurant when they have time for an informal social outing.

Identity Farfetch is a luxury, omni-channel online platform, the brand aim to inject creativity, community and technology into the future of luxury and fashion retail environments. We pride ourselves in being a community of designers and boutiques across the world that will move onto the future of retail together. Our brand is not about being better than another but working with each other to create a universal platform that our consumer can browse from a large scale of products. Our current project will provide a retail experience for our customer that will be far from the norm of their typical luxury environment.

Values Creating this immersive retail environment for our conusmer will allow them to be transported to a space that is not what they are used to. This experience is meant to provide an outlet for our customer and engage their escapist needs within retail. Mimicking the act of being able to completely escape within creative imagination like they were able to do as a child. The fast paced lifestyle of our customer means that they have less time to do this, therefore attending the event will allow them to indulge in luxury retail and immerse in the new direction of the fashion environment.

Personality The aesthetic of the brand is why our consumer are loyal to our label and shop with us. Being able to view thousands of designer brands on one site and deliver there purchases to locations around the globe is what makes us so accessible to such a large audience. When you shop with Fafetch you are being provided with a personal service, being able to view the latest trends and look at inspiration for the next season. This fresh content is important-to our consumer and what they look for in luxury online retail. Therefore with our newest pop-up event projects, they will have this service but in reality, communicating with our dedicated staff to find what they are looking for from us. These pop-up stores will develop into a successful outlet inspired by fashion technology that will sculpt fashion retail of the future.

Essence Using these outlets as n escape fro the present into the near future will be an alternative experience to what we we currently provide for our audience. For those that are overwhelmed and unsure of fashion technology in their typical shopping experience is why we are so passionate about it, this event will educate our customer and they can get first hand experience of what the future entails for this environment. Although the idea is to take people away from a screen and into a physical space to remind them that technology shouldn’t dominate or overtake their life, it is also about finding a balance with the digital world. Using technology as a tool to enhance their experience, creating a more beneficial aspect of retail that can also be appreciated and admired for it’s beauty and elegance in both fashion and technology.

Farfetch is an online e-commerce platform for luxury designer goods, the rapid growth of the brand over the decade it has grown increasingly popular and excelled into the industry. Connecting fashion and technology like no other, we plan to move into the next era of fashion retail and reinvent the typical shopping experience. This will become an environment driven by creativity, innovation and technology, becoming the future of retail.



The e-commerce shopping platform, Fartfetch is at it’s peak popularity, it provides vintage designer labels with price ranges starting from £300 and up. The online brand want to develop their interaction with consumers by revolutionising the way they shop with the help of illusive technology that engages the customer with their products before making the commitment to purchase them. This virtual technology is what will change the way we shop in the 21st century and will continue to become more advanced. Increasing the interaction, not only between consumer and product but also with sales assistants, this will be key in how the customer see the brand and associate them with good customer assistance and providing itself for the consumer not just for profit. By placing machines in the store so the assistants can give advice and influence on the customer instead of having to check the stock frequently , meaning there’s less time for the customer. Not only is the store of the future for existing brands but also for brands that want build awareness and be able to use it as a platform. There are no boundaries for the future, much like the pop-up store.

Being an online based platform, this could limit the demographic to 25-35 and a consumer that have a high disposable income for the expensive, luxury items. Providing a pop-up, immersive store, means that the brand can engage with a demographic that prefer physical interaction with their clothing before purchase. Meaning the demographic can open up to an older generation of 35-50. As well as an older generation wanting a physical store presence, there is also the element of paying online, which some do not feel comfortable with when paying for expensive designer products. The introduction of pop-up stores, means that extra expenses will need to be made for stores, that the brand would not have to pay , being an online brand. This would be a case of having categories specifically for the pop up stores, such as accessories, this means altering the expenses in order to allow for the pop-up stores budget. A brand with more physical stores, mean more running expenses such as renting a space, staff , promotion ect.


By providing a physical store for an online platform, this shows the consumer that the brand are trying to connect with their customer and give them access to physical merchandise. Because of the creative nature of the pop-up event, the consumer can interact with the brands personality and not just the products that are trying to be sold. The audience can come to the store and take pictures of their surroundings to post on social media, this means that the brand will become more dominant online and reach a wider audience. As a business proposal of developing physical stores, this could gradually bring a lot of their products away from online, therefore over the next 10 years, the websites could be just for advertisement and written content, including lookbooks, collaborations for events. Also opportunities to collaborate with influencers doing appearances for the launch of the event. Having the stores in diferent locations means that the brand can connect wiht different subcultures and generations, noting which demographic was most successful in each location.


During the first pop-up events, there will need to be months of organising and development to make sure it is successful. By which point, the need to escape within a retail environment, may have moved on to a different trend. Meaning, that the consumer will attend the event once, but not see the need to return once they’ve seen what the store has to offer. This could be a case of changing the theme of the stores every few months or each season, based on trend forecasting and consumer demand. The events will have to be an indepth analysis of trending months before it is apparent in retail and online. There will also need to be different places for pop-up stores in order to reach different people across the UK otherwise this limits to be people based in the busy city centres. Because the first planned event is on more of a creative and experimental level than just a mainstream environment, this may not be of interest to an older generation, therefore there needs to be areas that aren’t so intense, or stating clearly that this is a environment that will provoke nostalgic elements and it is designed for a large consumer.

Strength (EXTERNAl)

Weaknesses (Internal)

Opportunities (External)

Threats (External)

• Luxury fashion e-commerce platform. • Send to 114 countries • Global • Fast growing • Run by a computer engineer. • They are passionate about using the developing fahsion industry and technology to their advantage and growing their brand through this. • Experimental luxury acknowledgements and want to add narrative to their products and their setting. • Millenial audience who have high income and purchase expensive garments.

• Directed at a younger generation means that this will make an older consumer shop at specialised luxury retailer. • Currently menswear dominated. Their womenswear is to increase in future campaigns. • Only just started to curate physical spaces in the past year. • Having collaborations with brands for millenials such as converse would deter older generation who what classic and elegant style. • Not a vintage section for Nestalgian tribes. • Contemporary items that are futuristic on website.

• Increasing development of brick and mortar store concepts will engage their physical connection with consumers. • This could open up innovative stores for early adopters and those interested in innovative fashion. • Gen Z will engage with this brand because of social media influencers who sponsor designer brands that ESSENCE sell. They will follow rending from this brand to mimic styling from influencers. • Street style and casual wear is popular with younger millenials and Gen Z currently, this trend editorial on their website will be profitable. • They pay attention to what the consumer dmeands and what they look for in the brand to keep them coming back to the site.

• E-commerce is increasingly popular with millenials. Estimated at a $800 billion platform, this measn increasing competition alongside other luxury e-commerce. • Locations for pop up stores being international to the UK and Uk based innovators that want to develop technologies. • Uk based stores will be part of future development and wont be immediate as the headquarters is based in Canada. • Strong competition from other online luxury brands.

P • Due to Brexit having an impact on the economy over the past few years, import and export rates to international ports from UK based brands. • Lack of government support for mental health and well being. • Fiscal policies mean less government spending to reduce taxes and increase employment to encourage economy growth. •

Economy is currently unstable and the future is uncertain. This creates anxiety for how the government will handle recent political events.

• Means more expenses for imports and eventually will increase on deliveries for our customers. • Because of an increase in awareness towards in ethical fashion production, this means that people are happier to pay more for their clothing in order to eliminate an unsustainable work environemnt such as sweat shops.

E • Foregin exchange rates increasing. • Inflation will affect costings for company connected to UK brand names. • The 2008 recession still has an impact on what people are choosing to spend their money on if they fall into the lowincome category. • Meaning that they will spend money on items they need and not items that they want. • High profile individuals are spending money on highering luxury clothing instead of buying, this means that they are returned when they do not want to wear it after one use. • Geographically, means locating an area for the stores where there is a higher employment rate and income statistics but still encouraging low income and starters out to attend the event. • Large team needed from different creative industries .

S • First world countries are gravitating more towards a belief system within science, such as well being and mindfulness and taking care for yourself with what you put in your body and you daily activities. This will make audience more attracted to this event because it is creative and helps to escape from stresses of daily life. • The stereotypical social status of luxury labels and brands is changing, this means that luxury companies want to ultimately remove the idea of one demographic and appeal to all. • Increase of inflation that isn’t matching an equal increase in pay rise means that this will add stress to people who are on a low income. • this creative environment will attract an alternative, creative audience as well as new talent. • Millenial demand for escape and experience


• The increase in popularity for the convenience of online shopping means that this will benefit Farfetch’s online platform for international clients. • This type of access to luxury fashion means it is highly accessible for all that have a computer or mobile screen, being able to view the styling advice or discounts that are available from the brand. • Technology to enhance a retail environment is what the consumer are expecting in future retail to make their experience as efficient as possible and get the most accurate advice or fit for their clothing. • The music industry plays a big part in what a younger generation want in regards to labels also, music videos with singers and artists wearing designer label means they buy into this and create a similar high-end look.


Price range- £200-£8,000 Consumer- 25-40 Access- online platfrom Social Media- Large Instagram following.

Price range- £200-£2300 Consumer- 20-35 Access- Online

High-street physical store/ online

Price range- £150£6,000 Consumer- 30-50 Access- online platform, Magazine subscription, fee gves access to all online digital content. Social Media- 3.5m Instagram following. High-end online

Social Media- 765k Instagram following.

platforms Price range- £10-£5,000 Consumer- 20-30 Access- Online Social Media- 1.5m Instagram

Price Range- £30- £1800


Online retail platform & stores in Brick lane, Camden and Covent garden. Consumer- 20-30

Price range- £5-£280 Access- Online platform Consumer- 18-30 8m Instagram following


37k Instagram following

Farfetch is an online, omni-channel e-commerce platform for luxury fashion, they act as a third party for the consumer to purchase high end products online from their designer partners. They are also known for putting local, luxury boutiques on a global market and helping to widen their demographic. This brand already has a large following and is the most vastly growing online luxury platform in virtual history. Their long list of designer clients products across the globe in as little as a day. Farfetch pride themselves in establishing connections to smaller businesses to broaden the potential for the brand and help other companies to grow with them.

PRODUCT PEOPLE Macro Trends- Interiror retail retail market

Macro environment- The Convergence Economy

A lot of content on LSN is related to the increasing demand for advanced technology in daily life and how we need sustainability and efficiency to complete daily activities. This has been evident in the macro trends I have found, that relate to my concept. This article emphaisse the need for an alternative environment that the conusmer want to experience an is influenced by futuristic and technological elements. All aspects of daily life are expected to change to suit this craving for different spaces that can be worked in, relaxed in or used as part of leisurly activities.

‘Retailers are realising that their stores are assets and not liabilities... having a physical infrastructure to serve the online shopper has never been more prevalent than it is today.’

The idea is to combine the personalisation of the online shopping experience with the retail environment, a customer will be able to walk into a store and be informed of the items they will want to view based on history and the ir favourites items, still having the efficiency of an online platform. This will develop into a macro tredn after the success of the micro trends that companies and brands will use as a way to engage their customer and bring them into a physical environment. These micro trends are ‘ immersive brand touchpoints’, an examples from an LS:N article is ‘BingoBox’ which is a completely technological experience, you use a self checkout, pay through an app and if you try to steal items from the shop you aren’t allowed out. This will stay as a micro trend as it can only be successful on a smaller scale, these stores are for food and drink instead of expensive clothing products, therefore being used fo prroducts of less value.

Luxurians are my direct consumer for the event, this is due to them seeking an aesthetic within their retail environment and one that reflects there lifestyle. Having a larger disposable income means that they can attend freely and be able to buy products. They will show there time at the event on social media and to work colleagues ect to advise (early + late majority). This increase of intrigue and popularity means that farfetch can reach out to doing collaborations with other brands to create collections and future events.


To m ake p eop le aware of the event, we will b e creating a p ress p ack with all the relevant inform ation and p rom otional op p ortunities once at the event. As well as p rom oting the event on social m ed ia to inform the d em ograp hic that have access to a m ob ile. T he p rom otion will b e a reflection of what is in store for the consum er at the event.


T he p op -up is free to enter as p art of the launch event. T he consum er will p urchase item s on sale insid e the vent to m ake sales on stock. W hen the vent is d evelop ed into a series of regular events, there will b e d ifferent d ep artm ents for ech p op up such as cafe’s, restaurants and galleries that will b e connected to the store to b ring in ex tra sales and m ake the events p rofitab le too.

At this farfetch im m ersive event, we are p rovid ing a new retail ex p erience for the consum er and the typ ical way they shop . U sing the id ea b ehind b eing ab le to escap e to an im aginative world in child hood , and using this id ea of escap ism in the form of nostalgia. T here will b e arcad e gam es in the store that give the consum er the op p ortunity to win Farfetch p rom otional item s and use the Farfetch currency. the consum er can walk through several corrid ors in the 17,000 sq uare foot, concep t store and m ake there way through the warm lighting and tex tiles throughout the event.


This series of smaller concept stores will be popular in the short-term for a majority younger audience of millennial due to the aesthetic of the event. An older generation will attend because of the product as a pose to the surroundings. The immersive retail environment will compliment and work alongside the developing virtual reality macro trend and aid to the consumer need of an escape from reality. The brand already has a forward thinking attitude towards luxury fashionand technology, this means they have established these ideas with there consumer in their brand essence and personality.


The social media content for the brand on platforms such as instagram will only hit the demographic that are seeking the content from Farfetch. This will mean targeting the non-millenial and nonluxurian consumer with marketing and promotional content that tehy are familiar with and will engage with. Some customers that are online based may not se the use in the event when they can purchase from home.


The pop up event will be held at the Truman Brewery in Shoreditch. This will engage a creative audience that are familiar with the environment and atmosphere of this particular area. Once the development of the event is in process, they will be hosted in a variety of locations around the UK in inner cities.

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The Bower, 211 Old Street, London


Contact number: 03069 990627 Email address: 85 Brick Lane, London E1 6QR


Farfetch vintage


Farfetch is one of largest global, luxury omnichannel networks, we provide a service that is not challenged by distance or scale and can bring your luxury purchase to you anywhere and anytime. Our passion is to guide our customer and clients into the future of fashion and technology with different surroundings but familiar products. The exciting future of retail environments is what we aim towards and what is at the core of our brand.



For the promotional elements of the event there will be alternative logos for Farfetch to engage with the indirect consumer. These will be featured on the Farfetch tshirt that will be inside the claw machine at the event. The colouful alternative designs are inspired and linked to the colour palette for this project and the event. Inspired by 80’s themes which is linked to the nostalgic undertones of the project.

Our latest project is about creating immersive environments for our customers as a form of creative escapsim and becoming interactive with their surroundings through a series of concept stores across the UK. Promoting our Vintage sector of the company and placing a list of your designer contacts products in these pop-up stores for you to browse through during your time in our store. These events are about becoming more connected to our customer in a digitally dominated society, therefore sustaining these physical stores so they are creatively engaging, means that the Brick and mortar establishments and physical presence of brands will continue to thrive. Your thoughts and queries are important to us, therefore after you have finished browsing, we want to know what you thought of the experience and if you would like to see more, as part of the future fashion concepts. This is about embracing new technology in a retail environment and being eased into what will become the norm in the near future. This event will engage your senses with an aesthetic that isn't what your typical retail experience has, this about altering the way you think about shopping and being able to acknowledge other aspects of this experience.

The pop-up store will take place in the Truman Brewery in London this July, it will be on for 6 weeks and then we will be appearing again to somewhere near you during the winter period. You can come to our event from 8.00am until 6.00pm for the duration of the six weeks. Our team have created this immersive experience with the use of juxtaposition within the space to display the products for our customer. To create these surroundings to suit the escapist concept of the store, there have been collaborative influences from interior architecture in order to have a complimentary balance of colour, props, set design and lighting. As well as this, there have been a team behind the promotion of this event and achieving an aesthetic that appeals to our existing customers and the new market of millennials that we intend to branch out to. This is to appeal to a demographic that want to invest their time into an experience and come away from their screens.

To see what will be at the event, go to www. farfetch/ or go to our instagram account to see sneak peaks of our event.

Using elements of escapism in from my FMP to create an environemnt for and educational space for a younger audience (6-12) to be held at the V&A museum in London. This will be a 6 week installation for this younger audience to attend and interact with colour and shapes to experience a fun and positive way of engaging with creative spaces. This will mimic a playground and other environemnts that a child enjoys to spend their time with their friends and family, being inspired by creativity and art installations whilst not feeling as though it is a chore to take part in such educational activities.

In some of these installations they are suspended from the ceilings that the audience can relax in and socialise, we really liked this element for our own event for the collaboration and wanted a concept were this could be provided for the audience. This would create a relaxing environment and having several areas for the audience to look and interact with will emote well-being in the space.

As part of this ollaboration with interior architecture, the artist Ernesto Neto was an inspiration for his interactive fabric installations for his audience. They are created to engage ‘social spaces’ with ‘organic spaces‘ ( (2019). His minimalism and use of natural materials is what creates such an organic and interesting environement for his audience. We took this element of interactivity and engagiment to be applied to our own space for MediCinema.

medicinema Victoria and Albert Museum Cromwell Road, London, SW7 2RL

The charity is small in comparison to other charities, meaning it is not funded by the government or the NHS. The MediCinema theatre in hospitals can only hold so many patients because of the scale. Lack of funding from government means it relies on volunteers. Lack of funding means less experiences for the patients and helping to improve well-being whilst involved in treatment programmes. Expenses of MediCinema programmes mean that it would have to stay local to the UK until more funding is gained from the government.

Inflation increases prices for specialist equipment and in turn, on site locations for the patients to be involved in the charity.

The connections that the brand already have with the film industry are strong and therefore means the brand has the potential to expand potential Large team needed for transport and reach a wider audience. of equipment and facilities for events. Trained staff needed MediCinema provide a for assistance , meaning extra positive experience for the expenses for the event for said staff. patients involved in the charity and can transform the Volunteers needed for patients to an imaginative construction for event to create world with the power of film. the space for the charity. Based in locations across Health and safety will be needed hospitals in the UK. and suitable conditions for families in regards to installations. Celebrity patrons help raise awareness for the cause meaning direct connection to film industry.

The nature of the event and collaborative work with the charity mean that technology will help create these spaces in future. As part of future projects and development, these will be available in hospitals as part of a well-being escapism for patients and families through the charity. These events will help to gain a better understanding of the charity and this awareness will help improve funding and in turn technology for the patients experience.

The press release for the event will be sent out in the weeks building up to create awareness s and engage with people who want to help with fund-raisers for the event. This awareness would captivate those who see it as a beneficial cause for those involved and want to be a part of helping the patients of the charity. Hosting the event at a well know gallery means that other organisations cn become involved and volunteer to host other events like this one.

We are a small charity that provide a film escape for our patients, this gives them the opportunity to have a brief escape from there time at hospitals during treatment. During this time they can watch screenings of their favourite films and be transported to their imaginations, whether that’s being a princes or a superhero for the day. We have provided film experiences for over 20,000 patients across the UK in our 20 years of voluntary work and bringing films to our patients. Our dedicated patrons have helped also, some even from the film industry business, they have helped in fundraising and creating awareness for the cause so that we can expand the charity and help as many as possible. These events held at several art museums across the UK will help us to create an immersive environment for the patients and add a creative element to the event. The patients will be able to experience the MediCinema outside of a hospital environment to help improve well-being of them and their families after attending the event. We also hope to increase awareness so as to improve funding to be able to put on more events like these in future and provide escapism through film.

This recognition could be a key point for the charity to get as much awareness as possible.


020 7188 3697


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The first event will take place at the Victoria and Albert Museum in the Dome room. This open spce is a great location because of its scale means we can create an immerisive cinematic experience for our patients through the charity and make a difference.

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medicinema ESCA

With a dedicated and hard-working team of creatives and patrons, this seires of charitable events for the patients of Medicinema foundation, we aim to create a space for the patients at the Victoria and Albert Museum. These visuals will be bright, colourful and tactile because we believe that every child should be able to feel like a child. Our audience can watch their favourite films and can escape to their imaginations through stories, whether thats to become a super hero or a princess for the day.

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Why ...

To fund this event, there will be fundraisers leading up to the event in partnership with existing corporate funding as well as the Virgin London Marathon and several other contected fund raiser events of which donations go straight to MediCinema to keep providing these amazing events. Our list of high profile celbrity patrons will help raise awareness for this new experience for our patients, meaning the events can be in several different locations across the UK and help as many people as possible to have a cinematic escape.

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This MediCinema collaboration would involve hosting an event at the V&A in the Dome room to create visuals and installations for a younger audience as part of a fun and lighthearted environemnt to give them and their families as an escapism from their daily lives. This cinematic escape will be part of these new experiences, however it will also incorporate activities and entertainment for patients to partake in if they wish after the film showing.

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B D A C ef



medicinema We are pleased to invite you to an event in collboration with the Victoria and Albert museum that will take place on the 14th August 2019. No admission fee required Location Rd, London



020 7188 3697

MediCinema is a dedicated charity that provide on site film expeirences for our patients across the UK. MediCine-

ma are a small charity that aim to bring joy to those involved in the charity, this new programme is about creating and engaging expeirence with film and installations from local companies for patients and their families. We hope to increase awareness for our dedicated team and volunteers so that these events can reach out to as many individuals as possible. All information about the event can be found on our website, as well as contacting our helpful team.


Cromwell Knightsbridge, SW7 2RL

Our event begins at 8.00am- 5.00pm there is no admissions fee’s so you’re free to enjoy the event at your convenience. MediCinema aim to provide immersive experience’s for our patients and educate others to the scale of the charity and how we aim to expand in the future. We hope the event brings enjoyment and a brief creative escape.

Whilst in collaboration with interior architecture, the working illustration show how the scale of the space and the interactivity with installations will be another elements to the film showing at the event. Working with this scale inside a specified area means we can figure out how the art can be suspended form ceiling and fixtures to make sure it is safe and secure for the audience. Adding texture to the walls and fabric that is sourced from local fashion brands to recycle for these installations. This encourages a no waste event and recycling materials to create artwork that is part of a god cause for the charity. Using imagery that was sourced from secondary resources to give an idea of what the space will look like in-terms of texture, scale and colour palette.

Creative concept- Charlotte Holland Illustrations and interiors -Tash Fry

My collaboration partner and I felt the V&A was the perfect site for the project; as one of the world’s leading museum of art and design, it is especially notable for its fashion Galleries which host a series of stunning temporary fashion exhibitions. The dress collection covers four centuries of European fashionable dress, from the beginning of the 18th century to the latest creations of the 21st century, and from the ornate richness of a court mantua to the minimalism of contemporary couture. Additionally, the entrance space known as The Dome Room is accessible via a step-free entrance on Cromwell Road, where a wheelchair

MediCinema is an independentlyfunded charity who work to give patients and their families a break from the ward, and all the difficulties of being in hospital through the transformative power of cinema. They do this by building, installing and running cinemas that maintain a real and immersive cinema experience away from the wards for patients and their families: “we believe in the power of cinema – a good film enjoyed together makes everyone feel better”.

Visuals and theory in collaboration with Tash Fry Interiors

This collaborative fashion project aimed to promote the benefits and potential opportunities of upcycling materials to commercial retail and fashion brands, in order to overcome the ever-growing world-wide issue of waste in the fashion and fast-fashion industry. I designed an immersive play and cinematic space, for my client MediCinema, a charity who provide opportunities for children in hospice to be able to be ‘children’ again. I proposed the possibilities of working with recycled fabric to create a new, exciting immersive play areas for these children to have fun again, aiming to show the fashion industry the fantastic potentials of re-use within their brands. By adopting this approach and becoming a member of projects such as these they would have the opportunity to improve children and families lives all over the world by simply putting their waste into a greater cause, whilst in turn improving their brand ethos and name to paying customers worldwide.

The first opening of the event will be for patients involed in the mediCinema charity to provide an escapism for them and their families. After the first event, the programme will be opened up to the general public for all to enjoy the crative aspects of ealry learning and bein in a artistic environment.

I have worked heavily with the idea of child’splay and immersive installation for this project, creating interactive installations throughout the space that will enable connections between children, who would usually only be surrounded by a hospital space unable to share experiences outside of this environment. I have considered the needs and psychology of my user and created a layout within the space that will enable children to easily break off from one activity and change to the next. I have focused on creating a central cinematic space for the children, inspired by a classic child’s ‘den’, emulating the feeling of using duvets and bed sheets to create an intimate space where the children can sit together and enjoy a film. Around the edges of the room surrounding the central Den area, sit different immersive and interactive installations for the children, including: the interactive wall allows children to play together or sit and relax, and a climbable crocheted structure and sheer tunnel maze promotes problem solving and tactile play. From personal experiences and first-hand research working with autistic and sensoryimpaired children, I have been able to design an environment focused around the sporadic mood-changes and preferences of each individual child, dependant upon their disability. These zones of play overcome the difficulties of processing disabilities such as ADHD and Autism, as they ensure the right type of mood within each space and provide an easy entrance and exit between each one, since the children can freely choose to come and go as they please.

Iluustrations and interior architecture- Tash Fry Creative concept- Charlotte Holland

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LocationArial Way, White City, London W12 7GF Westfield London Centre

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-Jewel-Celeste Gerlings ~Footsteps.

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“Footsteps is a reliable publication based on travel and fashion. Tying the study of the Proust effect and psychogeographical theory together to produce its biannual content of perspectives, recommendations, advice and influential stories. It aims to empower readers through shared ventures from all travellers around the world. Whether the intent is to discover themselves or purely to experience different cultures, they will find themselves immersed in different environments, becoming adaptable and simultaneously learning more about their own capabilities. The more one allows themselves to expose their mind and venture into new surroundings the wiser they become.�

This is the existing colour pallette for Footsteps publication, taking this on board to decide how they can be applied to the event components and create the deisred aesthtic of modern and natural. Brochure and press release created by Footsteps brand to promote the event and tell the audience the details. Information will also be available on the brands social media and through word of mouth. The pastel tones of the brand create a complimentary balance and tone for the elements of the event shown in the illustrations.

The what , the how , the why...


Ariel Way, White City, London W12 7GF - Westfield London Center Date

June 14th 2019 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

The Event A Pop up launch event will take place in the centre of Westfield. Where ‘footsteps’ will offer a photo booth, organic juice bar, live music, a prize wheel, interview panel and a merchandise stand. Step into the world of ‘footsteps’, get invloved and find out what we can offer you.

‘footsteps’ is an emerging brand, placed in a travel and fashion publication sector. Using the products to simultaneously stay adventures and organised. From world wide collaborations, footsteps focuses and values reliability and honesty, becoming the new journal and guide-like feel that everyone needs. Whether the intent is to discover themselves or purely want to experience different cultures. It discuss the dangers you can come across and the culture restrictions in some countries and advises how to feel confident, comfortable and stay respectful for the country and its culture as well as environment without culturally appropriating and still feeling fashionable. Offering solutions and alternatives and catering to the consumers travel intentions.

Small juice shake voucher

Developing not only culturally but mentally, the behaviours change in a way as there is more respect for minimal aspect in life itself. Allowing to expose your mind to the world and become adaptable.





Creative Director/Founder

bam Office: 01202 194746


Press Enquiries

Danger is all around us and if we restrict our self because of the fear of something, then we are not able to see the true value of many aspects of life itself. So no matter what, the message that ‘footsteps’ wants to bring across to consumers is that you need to experience real life by going out there, even if there are difficult situations to face. To learn how to adapt and handle various real life scenarios and become more open to everything. To grow as a person as well as extend their own capabilities. Not to sit at home and try experience the world through a screen.



In celebration of the launch of ‘footsteps’, join us at our pop up event this coming summer.



-Jewel-Celeste Gerlings

Pop up launch event.

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The event will allow audiences to get to know the brand more and find an interest of the area that the brand offers. Creating a pop up event for the launch and future upcoming projects will allow the brand to connect physically to the consumers. Creating an open community for anyone to come and join and share as well as appreciate what the brand tries to create and aim to do.”

Real People. Real Stories. One Community.

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he plan is to create a pop up event that will allow the emerging brand footsteps to gain more exposure of its audience. To enable a buzz around the brand by word of mouth and promotional marketing strategy. From planning the event to designing the tickets, posters and elements of the actual features that will go on at the event. The aim is to keep the consumers in future consumers engaged and become loyal to the brand. By using interactive stations that allow consumers to not only enjoy their time but subconsciously share their time and knowledge of the brand through their social media.



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For the Footsteps pop up event there will be series of screens, both on iPads and interactive versions that the audience can interact with to browse through products, social media and other online content for the brand and upcoming events. Creating an aesthtically pleasing and modern scenery for the event and brand is what will engage the target audience.


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Organic and locally sourced confectionary for the audience to take a striped Footsteps candy bag and fill up on a variety of their favourites sweet treats. This adds to the fun and light-hearted eleemtns to the event that the audeicne can carry around with them whilst looking into the brand and the products on display. We wanted to create a n informal yet informative environmen for the audience .


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Once inside the event, the audience will be f=given wristbands with the fotsteps logo and location on them also, this is a small part of the event that the audience can document on social media to show what they were doing during their time at the Footsteps pop-up event. Qr code o

Pic ‘n’ Mix

Screen plynths for the audience to see what the brand intends to do and what they stand for in the specified market. As well as upcoming events around the UK that they can also attend. Including plants and natural materials reflects the essence of the Footsteps brand and shows the conusmer that the brand are passionate about not creatng wasteful, one use produicts for their events products.

P hotobooth


The juice bar for the launch event will create a social atmosphere and modern aesthtic for the space at Westfileds shopping centre. This is were the audience can have refreshments from the bar, of which are created from reused materials, this one in particular is a recycled shipping containor that would be painted accroding to the appropriate colour palette of Footsteps brand. The drinks are made from organic ingredients and sourced from local businesses.

Collect your PhotoÕs

This element of the event will provide a documentation for the audience, these photobooth images are a fun and engaging way to have another piece of the event to take home or put on social media to promote the Footsteps brand and create awareness. There will be props for inside the event that can be used as a gimic for the photos and run a similar theme to the travel element.

Profile for Charlotte Holland

Portfolio design futures  

Portfolio including Final Major Project, and two mini projects of collaborative work with fashion communication and interior architecture.

Portfolio design futures  

Portfolio including Final Major Project, and two mini projects of collaborative work with fashion communication and interior architecture.