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Photo Edition - Varsity Special April 2012

Photo By Miguel Torena

Welcome to Platform Photo Edition March 2012 Showcasing the best photography this term at Trent! This sporting special is crammed full of sports photography from the entire Varsity games so far this term. CONTENTS Photography Focus on‌ Music - Brand New and Matt Cardle Fashion - NTU street style and Vintage Wonderland Varsity Sports Second Year Photography Shows

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Photography Focus On... A little glimpse at some of Nottingham Trent University’s photography talent.

Hollie Buxton “I’m a third year student and am specialising in fashion photography. I love working with different models, stylists and makeup artists to create fashion images that entice the viewer, making them want to buy the clothing as well as wanting to view the photographs. More of my work can be seen at”

Jenny Wickens I’m a second year who interests lie with re-presenting the everyday, either in a very surreal way or though a different perspective.

Liv Williams I am a First Year Graphic Design student at NTU. Photography is something I mainly do for fun but do I try to fit it into my coursework where possible. I mainly focus on architecture and the urban environment but I am particularly interested in how nature and people affect the city. This is just a small selection from previous shoots but for more photography see:

Hayley Green I am a second year Photography student at NTU primarily working in analogue and alternative processes. I enjoy creating portraits but have a varied body of work including conceptual and fashion still and moving imagery. I love utilising photography to create tactile (or even multisensory) outcomes which engage the audience using a combination of methods. In the future I would like to work in art direction or print design. For more of my work take a look

Music Brand New @ Rock City 6.2.12 Photography By Sam Bingham

Matt Cardle @ Royal Concert Hall 7.3.12 Photography By Liv WIlliams

Fashion NTU Street Style

Our photographers snapped the coolest clothes at Trent this term! Photography By Liv Williams, Ryan Laxton and Sally Williams.

Jessica Bonarius



Boots - Ebay Coat - Ding Dong Vintage Leggings - Bargain bin at Clothes Show Live Hat - Gift from previous Art teacher Tights - American Apparel Scarf - Charity shop

Jacket –Zara Trousers - The Kooples Shoes H by Hudson

Jake Bullock

Luya Wang

Shirt - H&M Jumper - H&M Jacket - River Island Jeans - APC, France Shoes - Office

Shirt - Charity Shop Cardigan - Given by Friend Skirt - Charity Shop Necklace - Juicy Couture Pendant (actually a ring) - Charity Shop Shoes - China

Harriet Best

Joe Bavis

Shoes - Dr Martins Cardigan – Oxfam Dress - Topshop.

Coat - H&M Shoes – Charity Shop Hat - Topman

Dinah Berger

Darren Ralphs

Cardie – Vintage Top – Oxfam Shoes - Underground

Hoodie - American Apparel Jeans – Vintage Shoes – Nike Tshirt - COW

A Vintage Wonderland Photography By Hollie Buxton, Assistants - Laura Seaman and Charlotte Hickmott As students, many of us struggle with tight budgets and ever-dwindling funds. Throw in the want to spend most of your money on new outfits in order to keep up to date with the latest trends and you may think you’ve found yourself in a real dilemma. If you’re someone who thinks you can only shop the latest trends in high street shops such as Topshop, Miss Selfridge and H&M then that may be where you’re going wrong. Vintage clothing is a trend that been growing in popularity over the past few years, and Nottingham has a wide variety of vintage stores on offer. There are small shops such as Wilder and COW, right through to the ever-expanding Vintage Warehouse. It is no surprise that there is a huge popularity with vintage clothing among people in Nottingham, and in particular among us students. If you were to stand outside the Bonnington building on Nottingham Trent’s city campus for as little as 15 minutes, you’re almost certain to see a number of students wearing some form of vintage clothing and each styling it in their own unique and individual way. And it is because of the great range of vintage shops within Nottingham that we are able to add our own take on the latest trends.

The Vintage Warehouse is one destination that every lover of vintage clothing should visit. Located in Nottingham’s city centre, it is overloaded with everything from skirts and shirts, to bags and shoes- for both boys and girls. The Vintage Warehouse is filled with everything you could want to create a head to toe vintage look, or if you’re just looking to add a little something small to complete a high street outfit. The Vintage Warehouse is a haven for anyone that has become a slave to the vintage trend, and with garments selling for as low as £5.00 you’ll no longer have to suppress that want to spend your student loan on updating your wardrobe. By Brogan Lipman

Varsity Rugby League, 18th February Photography By Luke Crabb and Sam Bingham

Varsity Ice Hockey, 20th February Photography By Will Douglas and Sam Bingham

Varsity Swimming, 29th February Photography By Will Douglas and Jonothan TerryBrooke

Varsity American Football, 2nd March Photography By Will Douglas

Varsity Hockey, 16th March Photography By Will Douglas

Varsity Lacrosse, 21st March Photography By Luke Crabb

Varsity Men’s Basketball, 21st March Photography By Luke Crabb

Varsity Women’s Basketball, 21st March Photography By Luke Crabb

Second Year Photography Degree Shows Nottingham Trent University’s second year Photography students had the chance to exhibit their work in various venues across Nottingham city centre for a week in March. Their hard work certainly paid off and an impressive visual array of varied photographic techniques and styles proved that there is some great talent on Trent’s Photography degree! Here are some photos from the opening nights of the ‘Sentenia’, ‘Insight’ and ‘Any Questions?’ shows… Photography By Charlotte Hickmott, Cathy Martin and Irene Yap.

‘Any Questions?’ Opening Night 9th March

‘Sentenia’ Opening Night 12th March

‘Insight’ Opening Night 13th March

Platform - Photo Edition, April 2012  

Photo edition of Nottingham Trent's student magazine, Platform

Platform - Photo Edition, April 2012  

Photo edition of Nottingham Trent's student magazine, Platform